Biden’s Accusers: #MeToo or Just After Their 15 Minutes?

By Karen

First, let me clearly state that I believe every woman who’s come forward saying Joe Biden touched her, however, whenever or wherever it happened. Most have photographs of themselves that capture Biden in the act. What’s weird is that they’re usually smiling.

When I went to bed last night, Biden had four accusers. This morning, when I saw it’s up to seven, I blew a gasket.

I am not one of those who “applaud their courage” in coming forward, nor do I consider them “survivors.”

Survivors of what?

Finding a gentle hand on their back or shoulders? Receiving a platonic kiss on the head? Hearing a whisper of encouragement or reassurance in their ear?

If they hated it so much, we should all be asking, why didn’t they set Biden straight in the moment?

Their stock answer is that they were too shocked, awed or intimidated to speak up. But years later, when Biden’s considering a run for president, they suddenly muster the courage to reveal themselves to print reporters and appear on nationally televised talk shows.


The media bears some blame for what seems to be its chronic inability to separate shit from serious stories. The overblown way these women are being covered makes Biden come off just shy of serial rapist.

I believe it was Lucy Flores who first popped open this can of worms. Her interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper really pissed me off. In 2014, Biden apparently traveled to Nevada to support Flores’ campaign for lieutenant governor (proving no good deed goes unpunished).

Summoning all the lurid, trashy-romance-novel detail she could muster, Lucy describes how Biden kissed her head and, presumably, scarred her for life. See for yourself…

Flores says she was unable to “process” what happened with Biden for all this time, but now considers his behavior disqualifying as a presidential candidate. So, now we’ve established her motive.

I believe Lucy hadn’t “processed” because she knows there was nothing to process. She’s being disingenuous to grind some political axe she doesn’t have the guts to admit she’s holding.

Another accuser, D.J. Hill, is also trying to make nothing something. She and her husband met Biden in 2012. While posing for a photo, she claims Biden had his hand on her back until her husband stepped in to distract Biden. She appeared on Fox calling her freshly-minted bravery her “civic duty,” and they show the photo in question. See how miserable she looks — NOT — after Biden’s brazen “assault” on her…

Here’s another one…

Sofie Karasek met Biden after the 2016 Oscars, where she appeared with Lady Gaga as one of a group of sexual assault victims. Later, off-stage, she dissolved in tears and Biden tried to comfort her. Here’s the photo and story of how this encounter was reported at the time. Karasek said only that she was “surprised” by Biden’s reaction, which in the story’s context seemed to mean surprised by his great empathy. Otherwise, the photo should be of her slapping his face.

Today, reacting to all the accusations against Biden, Karasek told the Washington Post that Biden in his Twitter video (see below) “still didn’t take ownership in the way that he needs to.”

Ownership of what? For listening to her and showing he cared about what she’d been through?

Biden’s definitely a touchy-feely kind of guy, but these women will have him walking around with oven mitts duct-taped to his hands before this is over.

What I’m seeing is people digging for evil intent where there isn’t any. Their whining about having their personal space “violated” makes a mockery of women who have been truly violated by sexual assault and who don’t deserve to have that minimized by this nonsense.

In response to all this, Joe Biden posted this video on Twitter, and some are upset that he never apologizes, but instead just says he “gets it”…

I get Joe, and I’m firmly on his side on this one.

14 Responses to Biden’s Accusers: #MeToo or Just After Their 15 Minutes?

  1. bassgirl23 says:

    thank you Karen for commenting on this…I’ve been seeing bits and pieces of this story and my initial reaction was “oh no, not him as well”…but then started to read details, and then wondered what the uproar was about given it seems he was being accused of….being too nice?! wtf?

    I do think the overreactions of some are making it really difficult for legitimate victims of rape and violence to come forward. Not trying to minimize anyone’s feelings – everyone’s experience is their own – but I’ve definitely experienced what these women have accused Joe Biden of doing. A hand on the shoulder, a comforting pat from a male co-worker or superior – if you look to the intention, context is really important. I don’t think he was doing this out of an abuse of power, or to intimidate; I believe he was just trying to be a good human.

    This morning I read a thread on twitter (sorry, can’t find it now) by a female senator who recalled how she had lost her husband and child in an accident shortly before being sworn in. Biden had experienced similar circumstances and was there to greet her when she came offstage at the ceremony. Her description of his empathy and how he treated her was just lovely. It certainly doesn’t prove he’s never done anything untoward, but I think it helps show his character and intention.

    Really sad to see all the hatred, as it just continues the divisiveness….pick your battles, people.

  2. catsworking says:

    bassgirl23, I totally support women who had men intimidate them or physically harm them and would go to the mat for them. But I’m rebelling against this notion that any woman who comes out with any BS accusation against a man is a saint who can’t be questioned and the man should go burn in hell.

    Mika had a rant about this on Morning Joe today and I was glad to finally see a woman speak out. I think Whoopi Goldberg also questioned why the women didn’t speak up sooner. NONE of these situations rose to the level of shameful or traumatizing violation except in the women’s fertile imaginations. And I think they ALL happened in company, so it wasn’t like Biden was secretly preying on them.

    I think this group of women choosing to pile on Biden NOW doesn’t pass the smell test. Lucy Flores seems out to destroy Biden politically. Jake Tapper got out of her that she was a Bernie supporter in 2016 and has been to a Beto rally recently. She used her brush with Biden to get the ball rolling She lost the election he supported her in. Maybe she’s trying to make a comeback now.

    We’ve all seen pics of Biden touching people for years, so Lucy took a gamble that other women craving some spotlight would follow her lead, and they took the bait.

    I hate to see these women with hidden agendas using #MeToo to tear down men who don’t deserve it, making it harder for the women deserving to be heard and believed to get justice.

  3. Margeaux says:

    I’m completely in agreement with the fact that some women I believe are just taking these claims about someone touching them a bit too far. O.K., I do get that if there has been some kind of touch ing say of those head butts I was hearing about the last two days, well that is just a tad odd. But all in all when I’ve heard some of the complaints about Joe Biden, I too thought…..well he is a guy from an older generation. Things seemed different/rules were different when it came to what people engaged in regarding being I guess a bit more expressive when it comes to hugs, pats on shoulders, etc..

    Yes, & it is rather questionable that this Lucy came out precisely now, as well as others. I heard her yesterday & she is really going out of her way to make it appear way more dramatic than it is.
    Could there be just a bit of smearing going? I’m suspicious.

    The first thing I thought was, well look at that. Clinton did what he did w/Lewinsky, and he gets kind of like idol status years later.
    Orange man has all kinds of dirty sexual laundry left, front & center,
    and many people seem o.k. with that. So if we can all turn our heads when it came to these two, by contrast…..gee Biden IMO, shouldn’t be judged like he’s some criminal.

    Joe Biden is acknowledging what he’s done, and wants to respect women’s spaces. So that’s good.

  4. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, Lucy Flores seems to have enough self-awareness to realize that what she’s saying is ridiculous, which is why she’s doing her best to make it sound as lurid as possible.

    I agree that it’s a generational thing in that before people became obsessed with their little handheld contraptions, they used to look each other in the eye and talk and make physical contact. This new obsession with the inviolability of “personal space” is just a manifestation of the phenomenon that people prefer to isolate themselves from humanity by hiding behind their tiny screens. Dealing with people in any other way is just too much for them.

    They couldn’t confront Biden to his face when he was touching him, but they’re fine talking to someone remotely about it on a split TV screen, or into a camera lens on national TV. It’s so passive aggressive.

    And the fact that at least 1/3 of the country is OK with Trump’s long, long history of abusing women but goes after Biden for trying to show warmth and empathy is downright sickening.

  5. muller says:

    Another masterly analysis. And did you read amazon’s justification for pulling the plug on woody Allen contract? Pathetic. Seems to even try to defend accusations is not allowed.

  6. catsworking says:

    Wow, muller! Thanks for the lead on Woody Allen. I hadn’t heard about any of this until I just read about it. Amazon strikes again. It’s like they’re vying with Trump to be master of the universe.

    I must say that I read Woody’s self-defense on the allegations of molesting his daughter. He made sense and I believe him. Mia Farrow has always been a twisted woman on a good day. Does anybody else remember her chopping off all her long beautiful hair in a restaurant bathroom while she was dating or married to Frank Sinatra because they had a tiff or something?

    I have no doubt she brainwashed her kids against Woody after he hooked up with Soon Yi just for revenge. That isn’t to say I approve of him dating his stepdaughter, but he did marry her (the only woman he ever DID marry) and they’ve been together for many years now, so I guess it was real love.

    Woody has always had a thing for much younger women. It’s a theme in many of his movies, although throughout his life I think he dated women who were age-appropriate (Louise Lasser, Diane Keaton, Mia) until Soon Yi.

    At this point, I’m putting him in the same category as Al Franken. The punishment has been way out of proportion to the alleged “crime.”

    I hope some day his latest film gets released at some point. A Rainy Day in New York sounds like it will be beautifully filmed. I love New York!

  7. muller says:

    Im sure it’s another beautiful homage to new York, even the title is a winner. If a person as famous as he can be treated this way, well I’ve had it with amazon. Ay change is gonna come! In retail shopping…

  8. catsworking says:

    muller, I’ve got my own beefs with Amazon. Once upon a time, they stole published magazine articles from MANY writers and were selling them. They had no permission from the publications, they had no copyright rights, and they weren’t paying the writers any royalties. It was flat-out theft on a grand scale.

    I found a bunch of my articles, which had appeared in magazines but were never published on the web, for sale for $4.95 apiece. The copyright had reverted to me after publication, so I owned that work.

    I think some writers’ union filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon and they eventually took down all the material. I doubt they made much $$, if any, off old articles, but stealing the work of living writers en mass showed breathtaking audacity and criminality of Trumpian proportions.

  9. muller says:

    Looks like it’s Mueller-time!

  10. catsworking says:

    We’ll see how much of it is left. I’m not watching Barr stand there and lie about it right now. What’s come out recently is that Barr pulled EXACTLY this same shit back in 1989 when he worked in the DOJ, and the “summary” he wrote of a report turned out to bear almost no resemblance to what was in the report, which didn’t come out in full for three years, when the White House switched from Bush I to Clinton.

    So I would assume Barr has deleted everything that would refute his own lies. PLUS, we know he’s shown it to Trump because Trump has already written a rebuttal. WHY would he need to “rebut” if the report fully exonerates him, as he’s been screaming since Barr wrote his summary?

    I hope Congress drags Mueller himself in to testify and beats him with a rubber hose under hot lights until he tells the world everything he found.

  11. muller says:

    One of UK few respected journalists

  12. MorganLF says:

    The most corrupt presidency in our history, is trump’s.
    Barr is the most corrupt AG solicited to defend the criminal in charge.

    Mueller laid in out in black and white.

    Constrained by DOJ protocol to not indict a sitting potus…he gave us a roadmap.

    Sadly, there is nothing we didn’t already know.

  13. catsworking says:

    Morgan, when I’ve been reading bits and pieces of the Mueller report, I’ve been feeling like I’m seeing nothing new. It’s beyond insane that we’re strangled by our own fucking laws from dragging Trump off to prison NOW.

    I guess the best we can hope for is that the congressional investigations turn up and make public so many financial crimes he’s committing while in office (in addition to what SDNY is finding in his businesses from before) that if the GOP is stupid enough to renominate Trump for 2020, he loses bigly because his criminality has finally registered with the brain-dead moron base, and the minute he’s out of office, he’s arrested and tried on felony after felony after felony and spends what’s left of his miserable life in a prison for mental patients.

    I predict that by the time it’s curtains for Trump, he won’t even remember that he was president. His mind is rotting by the day.

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