To Robert Mueller: WTF?

By Karen

I have to keep reminding myself: WE HAVEN’T SEEN MUELLER’S REPORT YET.

Our latest pathetic excuse for an attorney general, Bill Barr, wants us to believe there’s nothing “special” about Robert Mueller after all. According to Barr, Mueller thinks conspiring with Russia and obstructing justice to hide it are fine hobbies for a president.

Before ambling off without a peep, Mueller’s biggest mistake was to give his 22 months of work to a guy who’s been in the loop only a month, and who became AG by assuring Trump it’s not possible for a president to obstruct justice.

After two days of speed-skimming Mueller documentation, which should include testimony from over 500 witnesses, Barr whipped up his own little quick reference, which says…

  • Nobody conspired with Russia
  • Trump didn’t obstruct justice (although Barr let slip that Mueller’s report didn’t “exonerate” Trump, either)

With nauseating predictabilty, Trump and his enablers spiked the ball in the end zone while declaring Trump fully exonerated, and Trump called everybody else a traitor.

In response to what has to be twisting of his own conclusions, we hear from Mueller, as always, crickets.

I’ve been in a slow-rolling boil of fury at Mueller. And at the media.

First they willfully conflated “collusion” and “conspiracy” all along, giving Trump the loophole of insisting “collusion” isn’t a crime, which it isn’t.

Now they’re calling Barr’s pathetic letter the Mueller report, letting MAGA morons think they’ve already heard Mueller’s findings, which they haven’t, and they’re a nothingburger.

It seems the only relief from Trump possible before 2021 is for him to suffer a health catastrophe that leaves him unable to speak or tweet. Otherwise, there’s no stopping the lies, gibberish, infantile taunting and insults, and ape-like assaults on decency.

That is, unless a glacier-sized chunk of criminality breaks loose in any of the dozen-plus investigations of Trump still underway and indictments start flying.

I think Mueller has given Trump a boost toward re-election. To overcome it, Democrats must settle on a candidate they can all agree to support. They also must overcome Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression and disenfranchisement. And then there’s Russia’s ongoing Trump-approved brainwashing of mentally feeble voters who get their “news” from Fox and Facebook.

Mueller’s report undoubtedly contains damning information about Trump that Barr is feverishly scrubbing. If it didn’t, Trump would be demanding the public see Mueller’s own groveling words admitting that Trump is and always has been a saint.

Trump and his minions know they’re guilty or conspiracy or they all wouldn’t have piled lies upon lies trying to cover their tracks.

Fortunately for them, they committed crimes for a disorganized, demented buffoon in a manner so random, clumsy and uncoordinated that Mueller couldn’t stitch together a prosecutable conspiracy.

But that doesn’t make it OK. Trump shouldn’t be allowed to think he can continue having secret tête-à-têtes with Putin.

Congress needs to keep demanding that Barr turn over the unabridged report NOW so the truth can come out well before 2020.

Letting Trump strut around this week thinking he’s untouchable has already emboldened him to try destroying health care again, as if screwing most of us on taxes and inflating the price of just about everything with tariffs hasn’t inflicted enough damage. Not to mention the psychological carnage he continues to commit by kidnapping and caging immigrant children at the southern border.

Mueller has exposed our government as incapable of prosecuting blatant treason. It’s also incapable of stopping an increasingly senile, incompetent and ignorant wannabe dictator from destroying democracy to make Russia happy.

It’s depressing beyond words. So here’s a song. Randy Rainbow captures how many of us feel with this parody from Stephen Sondheim’s Follies

12 Responses to To Robert Mueller: WTF?

  1. Donna Pavone says:

    I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. Will THIS never end? I’m down to no news on TV, no online news and IT still seeps in like a toxic gas

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, I find myself grinding my teeth nonstop since Sunday. I’m working on another post about how I’m coping with Trump. You and I are kindred spirits.

  3. muller says:

    why do they call him MULL-er. With that e after the u standing in for an umlaut it’s MOO-ler. and I should know!
    well all a big anti-climax….

  4. catsworking says:

    muller, that’s a good question.

    Why did we call former Speaker of the House John Boehner, Bay-ner? Because he was too embarrassed to go by the phonetics, which would be Boner, probably.

    I’ve never seen anything about Mueller’s interpretation of his name. Without European punctuation, I’d pronounce it Myu-ler.

    And I do believe this 300-page figure that’s now being thrown around for the length of his report is the page count AFTER Bill Barr and Lindsey Graham are finished trashing it to remove anything negative about Trump.

    What I wonder now is at what point will Mueller say enough’s enough and speak up to Congress or the public to set the record straight. Or will he sit there and let Republicans flush the last two years of his life’s work down the toilet while lying to cover up that they did it, and still never make a sound because it would compromise his “integrity?” He’s left us precisely where we started with the whole Russia mess, but given Trump every reason to gloat over the fact that he’s getting away with more crimes right to our faces.

  5. muller says:

    he was pretty quick to correct buzzfeed a few weeks back.

    Boehner would be BUH-ner in germany. No way should it be BAY-ner. I can see why he wouldn’t want to be called boner obv.

    there’s a french actor name pronounced ghee for-zhay. spelt Guy Forget!

  6. Donna says:

    We are kindred spirits! Randy Rainbow proves it!

  7. Margeaux says:

    I agree Karen, this is absolutely disgusting all of this.
    First that Judge, I’ve forgotten his name who let Manafort off really easy. Then the Mueller thing going to this Barr guy. Later that day,
    I then heard about Jusse Smollett getting off so easy also. WTF???? I’m finding all this to be collusion of sorts.


  8. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, it was Judge Ellis who first sentenced Manafort and he’s in the Eastern District of Virginia, I’m sorry to say. He showed evident bias against the prosecutors throughout the trial and practically wore a red MAGA hat during the sentencing. He’s a tainted disgrace who needs to retire.

    I feel certain Barr is busy scrubbing the Mueller report of everything that doesn’t support his exoneration of Trump. Democrats need to subpoena the unredacted version before it gets shredded.

    I think the situation is as I said. There was plenty of collusion going on, but done in such a chaotic fashion that Mueller couldn’t pull it all together and pin it on Trump. All these clowns knew what Trump wanted and tried to give it to him. Trump kept his skirts clean. It’s like Chris Christie and BridgeGate in New Jersey all over again. Call your minions rogues and let them take the fall for doing your evid bidding while you go on your merry way.

    Jussie Smollett was indeed another WTF?! moment.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Barr was hired after he auditioned, with his 19 page “memo” exculpating trump, a hide in plain sight criminal.

    Why would he would scuttle his reputation?

    Clearly Barr has a soft underbelly and was a stooge recruited and paid off.

    Barr probably has money issues, and having been a former AG for the dummy Bush he was given a slick skate into confirmation. This dude is tainted bigly. It’s quite evident. He’s looking for a comfortable retirement. I doubt he’s been thoroughly vetted, and I believe the “memo” was solicited…juuust follow the money..

    Mueller found shit that was so damning, so foul, so corrupt, so perverse, so evident…that he chose to present the facts and let congress take over.

    Due to Ken Starr, and the damage he did to innocent bystanders, the role of special council was rewritten. Reports used to go to a panel of judges, now they go to the AG…which is why Jay Sekulow recruited the prime stooge, Barr.

    Mueller was hip to all this. He had constraints. While I am terribly disappointed with him, he had no choice. He was boxed in. trump ain’t smart but his lawyers are, and they are criminal.

    Mueller left a yuge hole though…he did not EXONERATE criminal trump from the worst crime, obstruction.

  10. catsworking says:

    Morgan, totally agree with you on Barr. I’m so glad now that people who worked with Mueller on the investigation are starting to speak up. It’s only a matter of time before they come out on the record.

    It’s 100% obvious that the ONLY reason Barr won’t release the report is that the shit about Trump is so bad, it will force Congress’ hand on impeachment, so Mueller didn’t have to bring charges and start that court battle.

  11. MorganLF says:

    Like you said. A matter of time…he’s gotten out ahead with Barr’s complicit help on an exoneration tour that his idiots believe.

    So the minority’s opinion has not changed. They ARE THE MINORITY…but they vote.


    Barr is a criminal defending a criminal..not because it’s right…wonder why?

    He knows this potus is beyond criminal. We all do.

  12. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I agree that Barr’s bizarre zeal to protect Trump would indicate Barr’s got some shit in his closet he needs to keep hidden. Probably financial ties to Russia, like all of them.

    What really infuriates me is that so much of the current filth we’re being subjected to is self-inflicted by Congress. THEY had the power to keep all the scumbags out of these high offices, yet they rubber-stamped them all. I can’t look at any member of the GOP anymore and not think, “TRAITOR!” The whole lot of them. They are propping up this disgrace of a president using every criminal he sends their way.

    To what end? To maintain this delusion of power? Do they really think they’re going to be masters of the universe who have everything, and the rest of us will bow down as their penniless slaves? Do they remember nothing about how this country responds to tyranny?

    Trump is never going to be competent. He’s never going to do anything worthwhile except to cram as much money as he can into his and his enablers’ pockets. He’s going down in history as the biggest mistake the country ever made.

    And he’s going to end his days in some form of incarceration, either penal or mental. After all his lying and striving to be the most powerful human being who ever lived, the obsessions of global thought, there’s going to come a day — probably soon — when Trump won’t remember any of it, or even who he is or was. His mind is rotting like a mushroom and he’s positioned himself up so the whole world can watch it happen.

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