For Trump, How Many Crimes Does it Take?

By Karen

Now that House Democrats chair committees and have subpoena power, it feels like we’re back to square one, trying to uncover EVERY crime Trump has committed in his life. Why can’t we just wrap up by nailing Trump on some crimes we already know about that would have destroyed any other president?


Why is there still debate over whether Trump can be indicted? My hair stood up when I read Trump’s peeps say he wants to run for re-election because he thinks it will keep him from being indicted. That means Trump’s got the system fucked up so badly, the country’s highest office is where criminals can find asylum.

Delaying a president’s indictment and arrest puts Trump above the law, giving him free rein to continue committing crimes — as president.

Last week Cohen provided a check Trump wrote — as president — to reimburse Cohen for buying Stormy Daniels’ silence. Cohen pled guilty to a campaign finance felony and is going to prison. Trump’s named as Cohen’s unindicted co-conspirator. Let’s nail Trump on that.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s eerie silence may be the prelude to his investigation’s cataclysmic finish, with indictments flying against Don Jr., Jared, Bannon and anyone else around Trump who has conspired with Russia. But I’m no longer counting on it. Mueller may turn up too little, too late.

Here’s my short list of crimes Trump commits daily, right to our faces…

Kidnapping. Anyone who steals a child from its parents, stashes the kid in an unknown location and has no intention of ever returning it is a kidnapper. Trump has ordered this crime thousands of times at the southern border.

Theft. Every time Trump visits a Trump property, taxpayers pay the tab for the Secret Service who must stay there with him, with profits going directly into Trump’s pocket because he never fully divested himself from his businesses.

Accepting bribes (aka, emoluments). Every time foreign officials or corporate executives stay at Trump properties, most notably Trump’s hotel in D.C. so they can tell him how much they love it when they meet with him, those profits also go directly into Trump’s pocket.

Treason. Trump has sided with Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea when they have attacked this country’s elections and killed people Trump swore an oath to protect. Trump aids and praises brutal dictators while discrediting American intelligence agencies. Trump has had meetings with Putin whose purpose he refuses to reveal.

So far, nothing known or proven about Trump’s crimes has been anything other than what it appeared to be. We’ve seen no mastermind’s grand plan; no long-term secret strategy; no sophisticated network of covert operators covering his tracks; no plausible, noncriminal explanations.

Trump’s a simple-minded crook who has always lived as if laws don’t apply to him — lying, cheating, stealing, swindling, defrauding — and he continues to do it in the White House. Why are we still letting it happen? Haven’t two years of being his victims been enough?

I believe the Southern District of New York will end Trump’s life of crime years before Washington ever holds him accountable, and his whole crime family will go down like common gangsters.

The real tragedy is that Trump’s reckoning comes much, much too late. When details of the financial felonies go public, we’ll realize Trump should have been in prison years ago. We could have avoided the past two years of watching him rage and rampage like a senile Tasmanian Devil.

The only positive aspect may be that the longer Republicans willingly gaslight themselves while clinging to delusions of power, they won’t be looking for someone competent to run in 2020. At the very least, charges from SDNY and Mueller could make Trump’s life so impossible that running again becomes out of the question.

Then a Democrat can move back into the White House, get out the mop and start cleaning up after the elephant that left shit all over the place.

23 Responses to For Trump, How Many Crimes Does it Take?

  1. MorganLF says:

    Elephant so apropos, he’s 300 pounds…making his hands and feet appear even more tiny. Like a penguin.

    It’s time to impeach. He’s dangerous. That the SDNY will bring down his criminal organization is a given.

    He needs to go to prison.

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Trump’s head also looks smaller the fatter he gets. That, or what’s left of his brain is shrinking.

  3. Donna Pavone says:

    Hahaha,Karen,I thought the exact same thing! HOW is his head getting smaller?

  4. Mary Hunter says:

    I keep telling my husband when he gets so outraged, Trump could murder someone in the street and get away with it. Just so unbelievable, all of it. On a more shallow note, for someone with such wealth, he sure dresses like a pig. His clothes don’t fit and look cheap on him.

  5. muller says:

    manafort seems to have got off lightly

  6. catsworking says:

    muller, Manafort got away with murder. To top it off, Judge Ellis had the NERVE to say Manafort has led an otherwise “blameless life.” Yeah, he got off on 10 felonies because of ONE stupid bitch on the jury who wouldn’t find him guilty.

    But Manafort has another sentencing next week in Washington, with the same judge who has been getting jerked around by Roger Stone. His sentence there could be 10 years. I hope she tries to make up for Virginia’s biased pro-Trump sentencing and throws the book at him and makes the sentences CONSECUTIVE rather than concurrent so he stays in the slammer until he’s in his 80s.

    And I suppose there’s a chance Mueller could still indict Manafort for conspiracy with Russia. All these previous trials have been about his financial crimes, I believe.

  7. catsworking says:

    Mary, Trump dresses like a slob because he’s cheap and fat. He wears his cheap suits baggy to hide his gut and bulges. He wears his tie long enough to catch in his fly because he thinks it makes him look thinner. When he looks in the mirror, he probably sees Adonis, beautifully tanned, with a full head of a luxurious hair and six-pack abs. He’s that’s divorced from reality.

  8. muller says:

    oh dear, if he’s getting the roger stone judge i don’t envy him at all! any opinions on rep omar?

  9. catsworking says:

    muller, I have deliberately not read anything about whatever Omar said this time. I liked what I saw of her at first, but I’m beginning to wonder about her motives.

    All I know is that she said something anti-Israel and got all Democrats in Congress in a lather over it. She seems to be a pot-stirrer, and I wish she would learn to pick her battles and not send everyone off on tangents when there’s so much shit right under their noses they need to be paying attention to.

  10. MorganLF says:

    To be clear Omar did not say anything anti Semitic. She addressed serving two masters. As a US citizen you can’t split loyalty to Israel.
    Either your American or not.

    Her comments were not anti Semitic tropes. She is Muslim and naturally a bit on edge with the Palestine situation. I am not pro Muslim per se, especially the radicals.

    But, I think the Palestinians got a raw deal. 2000 years they live in that desert then someone comes alomg and tells them to beat it, this is our homeland.

    Rather like a native American knocking on my door and telling me he’s reclaining his land.

    American sinks trillions into Israel. Netanyahu is a criminal thug.

    Karen you are right about trump’s boxy 1980’s suits and overly long ties….he’s attemting to hide his hugeness. Omelette bar anyone?

  11. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I did some research after getting the question from muller and I don’t have a problem with what Omar said.

    What I do have a problem with is how anyone who dares to criticize Israel in any way is immediately labeled an anti-Semite. The Jewish people and Israel are NOT the same thing. It’s totally possible to disapprove of a government while having no quarrel with its people.

    Agree 100% that the Palestinians got screwed and continue to be and don’t deserve it. I sympathize with the Israelis who are being threatened from all sides, but I don’t believe the land belongs to them and they are entitled to unlimited expansion based on something written in the bible. The bible could have been the first science fiction novel ever written, for all we know. (I used to date a Jewish guy who used that as justification for whatever they were doing on the West Bank and it used to drive me crazy.)

    I was THRILLED when Netanyahu got indicted, and I give Israel a lot of credit for that. He’s a monster who undoubtedly inspires Trump in some ways. It was as if they were sending us the message, “If your leader is a soulless crook, deal with it.” Maybe Bibi and Trump can share a cell in Siberia.

  12. MorganLF says:


  13. muller says:

    Morgan and Cats with you on the Palestinian raw deal and remarks not antisemitic. Progressive Americans! Unbelievably in today’s UK my saying this would get me thrown out of UK Labour Party under its most progressive leader since ww2. Mccarthyite times

  14. muller says:

    I’m not in the party BTW

  15. catsworking says:

    muller, thanks for the link to that interesting article.

    Yesterday I read something about Palestinians using kites to transport coal embers across the Israeli border to start fires. Israel retaliated with jet bombers. I couldn’t find the exact article, but here’s some information about it.

    Once again, it’s Palestinians rebelling against what they see as occupiers, using rudimentary tools because that’s all they have, and Israel responding with over-the-top force. Like when a Palestinian kid throws a rock at an Israeli soldier, and Israel sends in bulldozers to flatten every house on the kid’s street.

    This incenses other Arab nations, who then attack Israel with their better-equipped forces. The U.S. arms Israel with even MORE force to defend itself, and Israel responds with even more excessive aggression. Everybody stays pissed off and the madness never ends.

    Either the Israelis and the Palestinians figure out a way to live together or somebody has to go. Israel will never be able to obliterate the Arab world and, if it tries, it will be seen as doing the same thing Hitler tried and face the same worldwide retaliation.

    The only possible choice is two states. Unfortunately, we’ve got the incomparably ignorant and greedy Jared Kushner keeping things mucked up while seizing his golden opportunity to get both Jews and Arabs to stuff his pockets with loans and business deals before he ends up in jail. Trump sees Israel as another prime market for arms deals, like he claimed he had with Saudi Arabia. He’ll sell weapons to anybody if he thinks it makes him look strong and presidential, and the consequences to global stability be damned.

    We’ve got to get rid of Trump, and soon.

  16. MorganLF says:

    Here’s the thing the giving over of Palestine by the brits in 1947 a direct result of the murdering, godlessGerman regime.

    So when the Germans hideously murdered MILLIONS of their own citizens, who were Jews ..why didn’t we carve out a homeland where they actually lived…Germany? And force them to retreat from their homes?

    Did Palestine murder millions of Jews and burn them in camps?

  17. catsworking says:

    Morgan, exactly. The Palestinians happened to be in the the wrong place at the wrong time when land was being given away, and they’ve suffered for it ever since.

    Had the Germans paid the price they really owed the Jews — by giving up part of their country and displacing themselves — things would be a lot different. (I won’t go so far as to say there would be peace in the Middle East because I think they’d have found other reasons to fight with each other.)

    What I don’t understand is the Israeli government becoming oppressors and abusers themselves and expecting the world never to question it, and even to enable it.

  18. muller says:

    I suspect if they were alive today that Hitler’s victims would be thoroughly disgusted by the Israeli state’s behaviour since 1948.

  19. muller says:

    Another sentence for manafort well below what prosecutors wanted, but the guy has lost everything

  20. catsworking says:

    muller, I was disappointed that the judge in the second trial didn’t max out Manafort’s sentence to 10 years. She low-balled it, and let 30 months run concurrently with his Virginia sentence. With good behavior, I’ve heard he could be out in 7 years.

    BUT… New York has filed new financial charges against him. AND… he hasn’t been charged with any crimes involving Russia during the campaign (although his idiot lawyer and Trump keep insisting he’s being found innocent of collusion — when NOTHING about either trial has been about collusion), so Mueller may also have some indictments still up his sleeve.

    As you said, Manafort has lost everything and he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison, even if Trump pardons him. All we’ve seen are line drawings of him in court because no cameras are allowed. I’d like to see an actual photo of how gray-haired and pathetic he’s looking these days for both judges to have gone so easy on him so far.

  21. muller says:

    yes trump can pardon federal offences but not the new york ones.

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