Trump-Russia Mystery, Not So Mystifying

By Karen

Trump’s involvement with Russia has been obvious all along. We’ve only lost perspective in the confusion roiled by the media and pundits trying to fill 24/7 news cycles with speculation, rather than restating simple facts. Here’s how I see it…

Trump has been flirting with (Miss Universe Pageant – 2013) and accepting boatloads of loans (as Junior & Eric said) and real estate deals (public record) from Russia for years.

But during the campaign, Trump realized Americans – especially the “Ruskie”-hating rubes he courted – take a dim view of hobnobbing with Moscow, so his negotiations for Trump Tower Moscow went on the down-low.

Simultaneously, he told Junior, Jared and his campaign staff it was OK to continue soliciting and accepting whatever help Russia offered, but not to link Trump to it in public.

Behind the scenes, staff briefed Trump in person (no paper trail) and he directed their efforts because he’s a known micromanager. Trump was only forced to get involved when Junior muffed everything about the Trump Tower meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump himself had to concoct a lie to conceal its purpose.

This strategy is hardly new. Remember Chris Christie and Bridgegate in New Jersey? I have no doubt Christie instructed his team to “Get back at that guy, this way, and leave me out of it.” Now he’s doing talk shows flogging his new book, Let Me Finish, calling the convicted aides who followed his orders low-level underlings who went rogue unbeknownst to him. Yeah, right.

Similarly, Trump claims he had NO CLUE his minions had at least 100 verifiable contacts with Russians.

In the end, Russia’s interference helped get Trump into the White House. A downside was that Trump has to shelve his Moscow tower temporarily. But he got a YUGE compensation prize…

As president, there’s no more need to hide. Trump believes he can conspire openly with Russia because talking to foreign leaders is what presidents do. Trump thinks he can hang with Putin as much as he wants – and he does.

Trump just has to hide what they discuss because the Ruskie-haters might freak out if they hear he’s selling out the country for his own profit. But he has a simple fix…

Don’t let another American listen in when he and Putin are chillin’.

Trump has done it five or six times so far (I’m losing count, since the Financial Times just revealed a previously unknown convo at the G20 in Buenos Aires in November 2018).

Trump’s bro time with Putin is more than previous presidents have felt compelled to have with any Russian leader – EVER.

The only rational explanation for Trump’s secrecy is that Trump is betraying the U.S. for his own enrichment, not that he and Putie are swapping pictures of the grandkids instead of talking business.

If Trump were really being tough on Russia (as he claims) and gaining the upper hand, he’d have The New York Times, Washington Post and every major network’s cameras covering it.

Meanwhile, just like Chris Christie, Trump lets his underlings get indicted for shielding him and he feigns total ignorance. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has yet to reveal how much they’ve confessed about Trump’s actual involvement, which will be eyeball-deep. Mark my words.

That’s the Russia situation in a nutshell. As it stands today, Donald Trump openly conspires with Putin for personal profit while concealing from the American people what degradation of our government he promises to Putin in return.

In doing so, the awe-inspiring vista of Trump’s stupidity is revealed. While creating no CYA documentation for himself, Trump allows Putin to record and film everything. Putin can use it against Trump whenever he chooses. And if the truth of Trump’s treason isn’t damning enough, Putin can Photoshop it until it is. We’ll never know the difference, thanks to Trump.

Trump has literally dropped the U.S. government into Putin lap. Putin now has the power to disgrace us and make us the pariah of the planet so he can pick up the pieces and try to make Russia the world’s dominant power.

What’s a thoroughly screwed country to do?

Optimally, we’d arrest Trump TODAY on suspicion of treason and he’d sit in prison while we assess the damage. But that won’t happen as long as Russian tools like Mitch McConnell are in the Senate protecting Trump.

The NSA could bug all of Trump’s phones – if they haven’t already.

Twitter could close Trump’s account, like they would any other Russian bot disseminating propaganda.

If any souls left in Trump’s White House aren’t co-traitors, they could see that Trump is never again alone with Putin, hiding behind the drapes with a recording device, if necessary.

The media can air all Trump comments and speeches on delay and edit out any praise or pleas for help Trump may make to Putin, like: “Russia, if you’re listening…”

The bottom line is that we need to quarantine the president of the United States from all contact with Russia. If Trump refuses and continues to seek out Putin, he reveals his criminal intent and makes indictment, conviction and impeachment the only recourse.

9 Responses to Trump-Russia Mystery, Not So Mystifying

  1. bamboo.skewer says:

    You write with such clarity that I wish you were writing the Mueller report! Or reporting on it for all major media when it’s released. I fear it will be written so convoluted and clogged with legalisms that it won’t be crystal clear to even MAGA Nation members.

    I don’t at all understand how it’s possible for a U.S. President to meet with the leader of another foreign power without ANYONE else from the U.S. present and recording it. Especially when the meeting involves a hostile foreign country. How is this even allowed? Congress should pass a bill (with enough votes so the President cannot veto, “obvs”) that prevents meetings without any U.S. record from ever happening again. Whoever the anonymous writer was for the “there are adults in the room” NYT opinion piece did not try hard enough. They did not try hard enough if Trump was allowed to talk with Putin even ONCE without others from the U.S. present.

    Finally, I wish Mitch McConnell and Ann Coulter would buy a deserted island and crown themselves king and queen of a new nation and run the damn place however they want. (I guess Elaine Chao also has to be in there somewhere.) Good luck to all who follow them there. They’ll need it.

  2. Donna Pavone says:

    I kinda miss the days when it was straight up unUhmurrikin to have anything to do with Russia. Spy novels haven’t been the same since

  3. Francis Alan Wormald says:

    Did you “copy” Mueller? Or does he “copy” you?

  4. catsworking says:

    bamboo, thank you.

    I think there are two reasons why Trump has been allowed to meet with Putin in secret. 1) They’ve always been on foreign soil when he does it. He probably throws a fit if someone tries to accompany him into the room. So, rather than have the “leader of the free world” lying on his face on the floor, pounding his arms and legs, and screaming himself blue, they just let him do it rather than make a scene for foreign press to capture. 2) Trump has surrounded himself with so many unqualified nitwits, they have no idea there’s a protocol and let him do whatever he wants. I don’t know if Trump has holdovers from previous presidents traveling with him, but he wouldn’t listen to them anyway just because they weren’t handpicked by him.

    The problem from the beginning has been that Trump thinks he’s a king and people have been bowing to his every whim. Previous presidents accepted the advice of people who knew the ropes. Trump makes his own ropes. With any luck, his ropes are about long enough now to hang him.

    Mitch McConnell is looking more every day like a Russian asset who planted his wife on Trump’s cabinet so they can report back to Putin if his boy Donnie gets out of line.

    I have no words for Ann Coulter except stick figure in a scare wig who should have her mouth duct-taped shut and be thrown into the back of a van, per Trump’s fondest fantasy about women.

  5. catsworking says:

    Donna, you are so right. Once we’re done with Trump, Russians in spy novels are going to be SO MUCH more evil. We used to think they were only into spying and killing. Now we know they have a total mind-fuck weapon in their toolbox.

  6. MorganLF says:

    Trump is so complicit as Russian stooge…it’s silly.

    The criminals on the right would rather lie and cover for him than let another black man in office…

    Even if he shot up Fifth Avenue.

    Nationalist-Racists that’s America.

  7. catsworking says:

    Morgan, agree with you 100%. Putin’s going to milk his asset for all its worth, but when Trump finally gets outed and is going down for the count, Putin may finish him off just to throw our government into total chaos by releasing just how much of a traitor Trump really is.

  8. Elaine says:

    An astute analysis, and I agree with every word.

  9. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Elaine, and thank you. I hope Northam becomes the “wall” against which Democrats can check their sanity and learn to hold their fire until they understand the whole story. The GOP is baiting them.

    Judging anything produced decades ago by today’s ultra-super-sensitive politically correct attitudes is a recipe for eliminating everyone from holding political office. Unless they’re Republican. Then, wrapping themselves in the Confederate flag and praising white supremacists is fine.

    Everyone makes mistakes. The focus needs to be on those who are inciting racial hatred NOW, rather than those who posed for stupid college pics decades ago.

    Republican Brett Kavanaugh got a pass and a cushy lifetime job on SCOTUS while revealing himself essentially to be a raving GOP partisan, an alcoholic since college, and a likely sexual predator, but Democrat Northam should have his career destroyed over a tasteless photo? Puleez!

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