Three Christmas Wishes for Trump

By Karen

Evidence of the Trump gang’s corruption is gushing in such a torrent, I feel like I’m being waterboarded with it. And Special Counsel Robert Mueller hasn’t even shared his festering treasure trove of crimes uncovered.

The stench of Trump’s desperation is pervasive as he tries to keep such chaos churned up that we give him a pass because we can’t comprehend the sheer volume of his vileness.

But I think the best approach is to let the subpoenas fly. First, arrest and indict everyone who enabled Trump and lied about it — Stone, Kushner and Don Jr. for starters.

With them should be Trump himself. His orange slime is oozing through every tentacle of this whole mess. He incessantly confesses to it on Twitter by projecting his own guilt onto everyone around him.

Trump has fans who would still like to paint those who have flipped — Cohen, Manafort, Flynn and others — as liars. But they probably wouldn’t have flipped if Mueller hadn’t shown them solid paper trails documenting the felonies they’d committed on Trump’s behalf.

As Mueller assembles this 100,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of greed, corruption and treason, you can see Trump flailing as if he feels Mueller is the one building a wall, methodically entombing Trump behind it, brick by brick, layer by layer.

Mexico will be laughing its ass off at the irony.

This country was founded on rebellion against an unstable, unjust king. Yet we’re sliding into dictatorship while debating whether a common crook can be indicted because —through our quirky voting process, not because he earned the most votes — he lucked into a job title he’s proven himself incompetent to fulfill.

Besides, Trump’s a tax evader — he bragged it proves he’s “smart.” A fraud — Trump University. A thief — stiffing suppliers and contractors. A money launderer — Russian and Saudi grossly overpriced real estate deals.

Then we have brazen obstruction of justice and witness tampering, well-documented in interviews and on social media. Not to mention treason — violating his oath of office by approving of Russia’s and Saudi Arabia’s aggressive attacks to destabilize the U.S.

Every day, Trump’s businesses profit from foreign governments openly patronizing his properties to bribe him.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Trump is a walking crime against humanity.

Trump rightfully should have been behind bars years ago. If he hadn’t wandered into the White House and hit greater scrutiny because of his misuse of power, he and his idiot kids probably could have gone on cheating and swindling people indefinitely.

If anything, the law should apply to Donald Trump harder and swifter BECAUSE he’s the president. And because he’s disgraced the office by gleefully spitting on his responsibility to model honesty, integrity and morality.

It’s time to throw Trump on the pyre of evidence against him and light the match.

Once Trump is behind bars for life, removing him from office through impeachment becomes moot, a no-brainer. Congress can rubber-stamp it.

My three wishes for Donald Trump for Christmas are: indictment, conviction and impeachment.

60 Responses to Three Christmas Wishes for Trump

  1. Margeaux says:


    Yes, Trump is really running scared right now with everything tumbling down around him. Interesting to see the carnival continuing with Cohen also unable to lay low. But it is said that things that are like attract one another. Cohen is as emotionally stupid as Trump is. Giuliani is no better.

    Melania better invest in a case of Kaopectate for Donny, because if he doesn’t need it right now, he will very soon. HAAH!@!!!!
    Merry Christmas Melania, your husband is the gift that just keeps on giving!!

  2. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, have you seen Melania lately? Strangely, she has gone blonde. Is she trying to boost her cred by looking like a Fox bimbo? Hoping the Great Cheeto mistakes her for Ivanka and makes a pass at her? Who knows.

    Trump has always surrounded himself with low-lifes because they’re the only ones who ever fawned all over him. But even they are running scared now. Chris Christie, unemployed has-been governor, turned down the chance to work in the White House as Trump’s diaper-changer closest adviser!

    Cohen undoubtedly thought his Trump connection gave him prestige and believed Trump would protect him because he was willing to do the dirtiest work. Wrong.

    Until he goes to jail, Trump’s going to be watching Cohen on TV telling anyone who will listen what a shitface Trump is.

    When Mueller starts rolling out his findings, many other Trumpers who have been spilling secrets will hit the talk-show circuit as well. And write books.

    There’s no way this ends well for Trump. He’s committed so many crimes on so many fronts, I don’t see how he can possibly escape jail time for something. Or, more likely, he’ll end up strapped to a bed in a dementia ward somewhere. He’s digging his hole deeper by continuing to lie. It’s just more evidence of how deeply, profoundly stupid he is.

  3. Dingobeast says:

    We are seeing the turning of the tide. Trump cannot escape, he is tied up like a fly in the web of his own criminality. Every thing that he and his grifter family runs is under investigation, no matter what sycophant he tries to appoint as an AG, the SC and the state investigations associated with it are pulling the entire family down.

    We just saw some master-class moron control from Mueller today with regards to Flynn. Flynn’s Friday sentencing statement was a hodgepodge of horse shit and pretending that the FBI somehow forced him to lie extensively about Russian contacts. Today, Mueller indicted two of Flynn’s Turkish accomplices in their conspiracy to try to snatch Gullen from the US for delivery to Erdogan. This worked to stifle Trump’s assertion that he was going to pacify Erdogan today by doing just that, which he cannot. Trump’s enormous ass is owned by so many it is hard to keep track.

    It is also a heads up to Flynn that he is gonna go to jail, and Mueller has other charges he can pull out if he so desires.

  4. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, you are so right. The tide IS finally turning. Flynn, in classic Trump style, after the sweetheart deal of no jail time recommended for him, tried to pull a fast one by claiming he “didn’t know” he wasn’t supposed to lie to the FBI. It’s like these people have a death wish or they’re so brainwashed by Fox they think they STILL can finesse the system.

    Lovely that Mueller went after Flynn’s associates. Flynn’s son is also up for grabs.

    When all these investigations begin to bear fruit (17 right now, and no telling how many more come January when the Democrats take over the House), it will be a miracle if Trump, his three darling kids, and Jared don’t end up doing some hard time.

    I think the history books will show that the colossal mistake of Trump’s long and shady criminal life was to get himself into the White House. (I will never say he was “elected,” because he wasn’t, nor will I ever call him “president” because he isn’t. He’s a criminal fraud, a traitor and a disgrace to this country. The sooner he’s behind bars or in a rubber room without his fucking phone, forgotten and silenced forever, the better off the world will be.)

  5. Ida says:

    “I think Tony died of a broken heart,” she said, echoing chef and friend Daniel Boulud’s thoughts. “I do. I think we all know it. And we saw it and we felt it very, very deeply that he was in the midst of something that was not good for him and it ultimately just crushed his heart, I think. That’s really what happened.”

  6. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Ida and L, for that link. I hadn’t seen that story yet.

    So, the truth is trickling out.

  7. Dingobeast says:

    You beat me to it, Ida. Such a good article on Bourdain. It still makes me so sad that he could see no way out, but he was just not able to see past his heartbreak. Again, the skank is merely alluded to and only as a negative force, with no name at all.

  8. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, referring to her only as “the skank” or “something that was not good for him” robs AA of the social media hits and recognition her fragile ego lives for. Even us calling her AA gives her no traction in a Google search because it’s the abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous (which it seems unlikely she would ever be affiliated with, since wine is her primary form of nutrition, along with cigarette smoke).

    But from this latest article, it’s becoming clearer that those who were in France with Tony know that what happened after he saw the photos of AA with Hugo Clement was a decisive factor in his decision to end his life.

    I’m a bit surprised how this portrait of Bourdain as a perfectionist pain in the ass about his show is emerging. But kudos to all for describing him warts and all.

    Last night I watched the Sicily episode, where he spiraled into depression after a scene where he was inundated with dead stunt squid. He made several other comments that seemed to foreshadow the end. He was still wearing his wedding ring, so he was still in a stable marriage, but he was having dark thoughts that AA played no role in.

  9. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, he seemed to have a streak that if he got disappointed in something, it went all the way through him and put him into a funk that could bring him down to a dangerous level. Even a shitty meal could do it, so imagine another failed relationship, and one in which his love is an actual hooker.

    I think that tendency to sink low when things were not good was what turned him into a pain in the ass perfectionist, because he could absolutely not deal with being a part of something that sucked, and again it went to his core. I think that tendency and his inability to do any sort of self care ultimately led to him taking his life.

  10. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, you said a mouthful. He simply wasn’t able to make lemonade out of that lemon.

    That the crew seemed a little bit afraid of sending him into a mood or displeasing him explains why there wasn’t an intervention, since they could all see she was poison.

  11. Donna Pavone says:

    This is all just too good! Delicious,juicy, no calories,no hangover! Fa la la la la la la la la!!

  12. Dingobeast says:

    Yes, catsworking. After Zach was fired for displeasing Asshat, I am sure everyone was on eggshells around him. I watched that last PU in NYC, and I saw a tense, depressed man. I couldn’t even finish watching it. He was so far from the guy he was just a couple of years ago. His soul was worn as thin as a spider web.

  13. catsworking says:

    Donna, I was PISSED that Flynn didn’t get sentenced yesterday. Trump needs to see his hand-picked little stooges going in for some hard jail time. Papadopoulos only got 2 weeks. A slap on the wrist.

    The only saving grace was that the judge made it pretty clear Flynn WILL be joining Cohen in the slammer in March unless he’s still got some gold up his sleeve that he hasn’t revealed to prosecutors yet.

  14. bassgirl23 says:

    I came across this today –
    always enjoy reading articles etc. by the people who really knew him. Haven’t listened to the podcasts yet but they look interesting as well.

    Also I get all the comments about AB’s perfectionism – I work for a perfectionist and yes, it’s really trying sometimes – but at the end of the day it elevates me and my work as well. You just have to separate the person from the “work” and not take it personally, and realize that they’re doing it because they truly care, not because they’re trying to drive everyone insane! They are also usually harder on themselves (more so than everyone else).

    Karen, agree that Flynn should have been sentenced but looks like they’re letting him continue to cooperate (and perhaps give him the incentive to do so). Love how that Fox hag Jeanine Pirro had previously lauded the judge via twitter – talk about her words coming back to bite her. He’s a Republican appointee so at least they can’t whine about favouritism (although am sure they’ll try).

  15. Adele Prass says:

    Suicides are almost always the wrong people. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I amuse myself by picturing the Donald choking himself with one of his grossly long ties on one of the four posts on the bed in the Lincoln bedroom. Then Pence comes in, trips over the Donald’s lifeless body and suffers a traumatic brain injury (all though, in his case, it might be difficult to tell).

    Just some happy holiday thoughts from Chicago/

  16. catsworking says:

    Adele, it’s too bad we can’t have a national pool for how Trump will ultimately bite the dust. Someone could win a fortune. There are so many colorful scenarios to contemplate. I sometimes picture him, after stroking out, hung in the public square by his feet, a la Mussolini, red tie dragging on the ground, on display like a fatty side of beef. The country spontaneously erupts into a day of celebration.

    His funeral, as opposed to the recent sad and dignified send-off of George H.W. Bush, will be a searing roast by all the comedians telling their best Trump jokes about how stupid and evil and greedy and corrupt he and his whole family were. With a special appearance by Putin, hosting the world premiere of the Pee Tape. Yes, it exists.

    The next happy holidays this country will ever have are the first ones we are finally free of the putrid infestation of the Trump crime family. I hope that year is 2019, but we’ll see. It may take until 2020 to jail them all.

  17. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, thanks for the link. I will read this when I can concentrate on it. I really want to see Laurie Woolever’s experience.

    Now I will share something I haven’t ever expressed in public. In my working life as a manager in corporate America, I think I was the perfectionist that people probably feared. A few have told me later that I raised the bar and made their work better, but the rest probably just remember me as a crazy, demanding bitch.

    I always love it when Jeanine Pirro has to eat her words. Talk about a crazy bitch…

  18. catsworking says:

    NEWS FLASH! In the byline at the end of bassgirl’s link, it says Lauri Woolever is working on TWO books about Bourdain. We know one is the bio. BUT WHAT IS THE OTHER ONE? Is she trying to finish the book they had started working on, she has said, shortly before he died?

  19. Margeaux says:

    WOW, Mattis’ letter was heavy, wasn’t it?
    Finally……someone had the guts to say the truth, instead of just bowing out like some of the cowards who have, keeping quiet in order to protect their corrupt club in government and the White House.

    So I wonder is government going to shut down? I haven’t turned on any news yet today.

    Happy Winter Solstice Everyone!~

  20. Margeaux says:

    Well I was trying to access the link for Laurie Woolever.
    I couldn’t, however read another very good article she wrote about her path leading to the opportunity to work with Tony.

    Then I happened upon something on the sidebar entitled,
    Anthony Bourdain, Unknown Website. Clicked on it, which took me to a facebook page of his. There were some of his favorite quotes,
    all of them that had that Tony humor. One in particular had me in stitches. It said, ” If things get too much, Just put a bucket on your head.” This was accompanied by a picture of someone (looks as if they may have been in a kitchen) with a bucket on their head. Who knows, maybe it was even Tony.

    Oh….I saw the Melania blonde brassy look. It was terrible.
    Made her face look puffy.

  21. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I’m glad that Bourdain’s presence has remained online for us to find. It makes it feel as if he’s not totally gone.

    The government HAS shut down and Congress has got Trump treed in the White House for now while they try to work out something. With any luck, he’ll be there all alone for Christmas eating cold takeout while his rotten family celebrates his absence from Palm Beach.

    In addition to now having overprocessed hair that just makes her look like one of Trump’s mistresses or Fox crushes, Melania’s face does look like she’s packing on some pounds. Stress eating, perhaps?

    I keep hearing about all these sealed things in various courts. Trump may be in far more trouble than we know, but they’re keeping it under wraps until they sort out whether he can be indicted while president. It would certainly explain his desperate lashing out in all directions to create ever bigger, international problems to distract from his legal issues.

    If he keeps messing with military operations, destabilizing efforts that we and our allies have sunk years and a fortune into, somebody, somewhere, has got to say enough’s enough and then it’s going to turn really ugly. Trump’s probably playing Russian roulette with his own life at this point, but he’s so drunk with power he doesn’t even realize it.

  22. Ida says:

    On another note, Merry Christmas to everyone here. For those who don’t mind saying, where are you celebrating? I’m in Norway for Christmas and we are having a white Christmas. My first white Christmas in years.

  23. muller says:

    I’m in a London pub!

  24. catsworking says:

    Ida, I am green with envy. I would LOVE to be in Norway for Christmas, or any time of year, for that matter. Never been there, but it’s a dream of mine.

    Muller, a London pub would be in my top five, too!

    I celebrated Christmas in good old Richmond, Virginia, at my parents’ house. We had a Christmas Eve luncheon at my house.

  25. Ida says:

    Muller – sounds good with a pub in London. I live in London and I’m back from Norway now. No more white Christmas 🙂
    Catsworking – sounds good being with family in Virginia too 🙂 Norway is very pretty, but I could never live there. It’s too cold for too many months of the year. Also, a little bit boring. But beautiful nature. Did AB ever do a show in Norway? I haven’t seen one.

  26. catsworking says:

    Ida, Norway was the place I wanted Bourdain to go, but he never did. Too clean and orderly for his tastes, I suppose. He did go to Denmark to visit the restaurant Noma. Not sure about Sweden.

    I once had a boyfriend who lived in Norway. He spent a weekend here with me in 1993 and said that Virginia was as green as Norway and he could see himself living here. (He never did. He went back home eventually and that was that.) He was also amazed when we visited the local mall to buy some jeans that no one pushed and shoved. Is that something they do in Norway in stores? I’ve always wondered. All the Norwegians I’ve ever known were so polite and spoke very good English.

    Was reading today on TMZ that Jimmy Bennett never filed charges against AA in California and has pulled a disappearing act. So it appears AA walks away scot-free from another heinous crime against a man who trusted her (except for losing her gig on X Factor, which she is still saying she should get back).

  27. Adele Prass says:

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Chicago was unusually warm. Karen, to keep from thinking about Trump, I watched “Always At The Carlyle,” tonight. Seeing AB made me sad, but I loved the film. Now I want to go to the Cafe Carlyle, but 40 years ago, when all the great acts were still there, and I could still wear high heels.

  28. Adele Prass says:

    Oh, and AA seems to be DJ-ing (I get this from Instagram) and looking more dissipated by the day.

  29. muller says:

    Ida, it was only a Wetherspoons in Bromley which closed early but got me out of the house. Cheap n cheerful!

  30. catsworking says:

    Adele, I hear ya about high heels. I think I’ve got a couple of pairs with about 2″ heels and I haven’t worn them in years. I’ve got a bunion on one foot that is making the fit of ALL shoes problematic these days.

    I’m sorry that Jimmy Bennett flaked out, but I understand it. He got a tidy sum out of it, even if AA reneged on the balance, and at this point it’s a “he said, she said” situation, although their facial expressions in the post-coital photos depict the opposite of her as a woman frozen with terror and him as a triumphant rapist. Plus, they’d never get her over here to face trial.

    As for AA and Bourdain, it’s now a waiting game to see if any other shoes drop with the CNN documentary or the two books Laurie Woolever is working on. Ripert is firmly keeping mum on whatever he knows. He just appeared on the Today Show and spoke admiringly of the good times with Tony when Hoda brought Bourdain up (playing the incisive journalist).

  31. Ida says:

    Catsworking –
    Yeah, maybe AA paid him the full amount in secret, or maybe JB got so ridiculed doing that interview in Italy that he feels the humiliation is not worth it. Having seen AA in action, she is fucking mental hardcore. I think a lot of people would be scared to be in her bad books (probably including AB). She is a proper sociopath and pure poison.

    Amnesty has released a video with clips of women who apparently are worth celebrating for their efforts for women’s rights. Wouldn’t you know, there’s a brief clip of AA in it. It’s embarrassing. Someone at Amnesty has not done their homework. How can anyone at this point think that AA was involved with MeToo for any other reason than her own ego and self-interest? She is NOT an activist. Never has been, never will be.

    The fact that she gave up on her ‘activism’ as easily and quickly as she did speaks volumes. It was a perfect moment for her to get her career semi-going again. I looked at her Instagram and Twitter and can see the amount of people who Liked/Favourited her before MeToo and getting publically involved with AB have severely mulitplied. MeToo and AB has been worth gold for her – literally. MeToo has won her new gullible fans. AB paid her expenses. Good deal for her. There’s an account on Twitter now called CuntDracula that some people seem to think is her. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But whoever that person is, is definitely VERY defensive of AA and has also ridiculed AB about not being able to use his dick properly. Whoever has that account is a sick individual for sure:

    But yes, it looks like AA is off the hook. Lucky her. The deranged vulture/shark/snake/spider gets its evil way once again.

  32. catsworking says:

    Ida, I think Jimmy took what he could get and called it a day. Bourdain paid him $200,000 in April. Jimmy was supposed to receive $10,000 a month for 18 months until it hit $380,000. He reportedly received those installments in May, June (from Bourdain before he died, perhaps), then July, August and September (presumably from AA) and then she cut him off. So I’m assuming Jimmy received $250K of the promised $380K.

    After AA put it in the media that she was reneging on the payments, she had no reason and it would make no sense to slip him the balance in secret. If she paid him in full, she’d want the world to know she’d been extorted by her “rapist” after her “lover, rock and protector” was no longer around to shield her.

    I will say I’d never heard of her before she entered Bourdain’s orbit. And given how my blog gained attention from people seeking information on Bourdain, it doesn’t surprise me that her social media presence benefited for the same reason.

    I have had some contact from a CuntDracula on Twitter. I can’t remember the context; I’d have to go back and see. My tweets for months have pretty much all been political. But the Cunt has found CatsWorking. Interesting…

    UPDATE: Just checked Twitter. @CuntDracula follows me. Must be a cat-loving Democrat.

  33. Ida says:

    Catsworking –

    Norway is a clean and orderly country indeed – and boring. People there tend to polite but also on the verge of being quite nationalistic. There’s a kind of smugness among Norwegians because they got lucky with their oil money. They got their beautiful nature. But other than that I wouldn’t say Norway has got that much going for it (I’m half Norwegian btw, but have never lived there). I would imagine it might be too boring for AB. I don’t think the Danish episode was one of the better ones. I’m pretty sure there was a Swedish episode but I don’t even remember that one.

  34. MorganLF says:


    (All caps on purpose)

  35. catsworking says:

    Aw, Morgan, thank you. I couldn’t do it without pithy commenters like you. Happy New Year!

    Ida, Norwegians I’ve met all were proud to be. Compared to the crooked shithole of unbridled ignorance this country is fast becoming, they’ve got good reason.

    I’ve always had a thing for Norway and suspect I must have been Norwegian in a past life.

    Like you, I agree there was a Sweden episode of No Res or Parts Unknown at some point, but I remember nothing about it.

  36. Dingobeast says:

    Did anyone see Trump at that meeting yesterday with what appeared to be an Adderall rock fly out of his nose and either drool or snot on his lapel? Thank heavens we got the House back.

  37. bassgirl23 says:

    Happy New Year!

    Dingobeast I caught part of that. Trump has completely lost it. The stuff coming out of his mouth didn’t make any sense at all…Afghanistan, the wall, etc. – unhinged. He must be really worried about what will start to happen this year.

    Karen I checked out the @CuntDracula account. Weird. I wonder if it’s AA’s daughter? Or one of AA’s friends. Her instagram has been really bizarre lately. Completely narcissistic. She’s DJ’ing regularly (which I guess is her only income now?) and looks like she’s trying to act like a 20 year old rather than her age. Maybe she’s heading for a breakdown. You can’t live on wine and cigarettes alone for long. I feel sorry for her kids but not sorry for her – she made her bed long ago.

  38. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I was just trying to see that little emission in a video clip on Twitter. Trump’s mental state is worsening by the day, and probably not helped by snorting anything. Now he’s summoning the whole cabinet to come listen to him babble about nothing. He thinks he’s got it bad now, but a whole new batch of Democratic women just appeared on the scene to help Pelosi make his life a living hell.

    Not to mention Adam Schiff and the the other new committee chairs who will be investigating the holy fuck out of everything Trump has done.

    bassgirl, AA is probably pretty much an empty-nester at this point. Her son lives in the U.S. with his father, last I saw, and her daughter will be 18 in June. So, AA can cavort around acting half her age. I’m counting the days until menopause hits and her wine and smoke diet catches up with her. If she’s not totally broken by then, waking up one morning fat and dried up should do it.

    And Mueller hasn’t even made his contribution yet. As Trump likes to say, “people are saying” that 2019 is shaping up to the worst year of Trump’s whole stinking life.

  39. Ida says:

    Muller –

    I don’t know if it’s particularly characteristic of Norwegians to bully kids (and indeed adults) for having red hair and freckles. Unfortunately that happens everywhere, and is somehow socially accepted, which is a shame. Never heard of this guy but have heard of the other Norwegian football player who’s mentioned in the article, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who, according to the article, has a different personality from this Riise-guy. I don’t think Norwegians bully more than in other countries, but there’s a sense of being better than the rest of the world for sure. I also, generally, find that Norwegians are not capable of making fun of themselves, only of others, and are very sensitive to criticism of their ‘perfect’ country. This is my experience, having grown up in a half-Norwegian family and knowing many Norwegian people and visiting Norway every year. As long as you accept their feeling of superiority towards other countries, and accept them making fun of others but don’t try to make fun of them in return, if you can accept these ‘guidelines’, the Norwegians I have met and known are generally nice and pleasant people. This is of course only my experience and I’m sure there are other variations of Norwegians than the ones I’ve known. I like to visit but I don’t see myself ever living there.

    2019 will bring a few less cultural personalities to admire, some of those we lost in 2018 (Bourdain, Aretha Franklin, Steven Hawking, Penny Marshall…). The people I’ve admired over the years are certainly disappearing fast, and not many are new ones are popping up. This is probably partly an age thing and a generational thing, but I also think times right now are not so interesting as previously, perhaps partly because of this thing that allows me to send this very message to the blog – the internet. I think the internet has made life less interesting, but I also acknowledge that the internet is a big part of my job and the most useful means to keep in contact with friends and family. However, I did have a job before I used the internet and I did stay in touch with family and friends before I used the internet. In a way I curse the internet. One of my resolutions for 2019 is to spend less time on the internet. Apart from work and streaming a film now and again, I want to get to a point where I only use the internet one hour a day. I wonder how I would feel about the whole AB/AA-thing if the internet didn’t exist. I may very well not even be aware of it. It might have been written about in an article somewhere, that I may or may not have read, and then what? Then that would be it and I wouldn’t waste any time on it. Two famous people I’ve never met – one that I admired, one that I don’t admire. One whose work I enjoyed and liked, one whose work holds nothing of value as far as I can see. Unless something new comes up in this case it’s pretty much done and dusted. It breaks my heart that something that stupid could occur, but nothing can be done, so that’s that. I used to have a look at Twitter every day to check if there was something new, now I will maybe have a look once a week, but all I see are AB fans and AA fans arguing over whether AA is the cause of AB’s demise or not – and there will of course never be an agreement. I know which camp I’m in, but there’s nothing that can be done so it’s pointless.

    As for Donald Trump (DT?). I don’t even know what to say about him. He is so far removed from anything I could ever admire or respect. It would be good to see him impeached, but I would also worry that whoever took over would be of the same ilk, only less obviously and transparently so, and therefore, potentially even more dangerous. But just for the sake of not having him in the news all the time and considered of any importance, it would be good if he just went away. Unfortunately, I don’t find it unfeasible that he would be re-elected, but fingers crossed he won’t.

  40. muller says:

    Norway wouldn’t be on my list, I don’t fly for starters, but I’m sure it’s very picturesque. that oslo-bergen train ride looks great. but if they can’t make fun of themselves it doesn’t sound like fun. mind you my USA aunt wasn’t impressed at my mild criticism of US when i visited as a kid (long time ago! I flew then).

  41. catsworking says:

    Ida, your comments about Norwegians are very interesting. The one man I knew very well was the opposite. If anything, he seemed to have an inferiority complex personally and believed Norwegians were dumber and less sophisticated than the rest of the world. The others I’ve known, we really didn’t go there, so I can’t say.

    Over the last week, I began idly Googling some of my former teachers whose full names I could remember and discovered that four died last year, ranging from 6th grade to high school, and a former lover died way back in 2005. And I thought he was living happily ever after on the Costa del Sol.

    The internet has certainly turned many people’s lives into cesspools of misinformation. No argument there.

    I’m just glad we have finally come through the long tunnel of “People We Lost in 2018” and will never have to see Bourdain on one of those lists again. There seemed to be one everywhere I turned, and it was painful to see him every time.

    And as for Trump, no matter who follows him, I think the one thing we will NEVER see again is a president who uses the office for his own personal glory and profit. Congress is already working on legislation to put a lid on that shit, and nobody but a maniacal narcissist with delusions of billionairehood like Trump would ever dream of behaving that way. There’s never been a president before who took the oath of office having NO CLUE what it entailed, and NO INTENTION of doing the job in any recognizable form. And we’ve never had a president who was an active agent of Russia, which is the only explanation for Trump’s blind obedience to Putin.

  42. catsworking says:

    muller, what I’ve always wanted to do is take the Hurtigruten (it’s a fleet of working ships that also take passengers) from Bergen up the west coast. Not sure if I’d go all the way to the North Cape and back, but if I had the time and $$, I’d do it.

  43. Ida says:

    Catsworking –

    I have to be fair, I’m sure there are many Norwegians who are diffrent from the majority of those I’ve met and known – just like any nationality. I have never travelled on Hurtigruten, but I went on Norway in a Nutshell through the Fjords near Bergen last year, and it was magical.

  44. muller says:

    sounds like a nice trip catsworking, hopefully hugging the coastline bcs the north sea can get very rough

  45. catsworking says:

    muller, Hurtigruten ships carry goods and possibly mail(?) up and down the coast, so they stay near land and make many stops. It’s not like a conventional cruise at all, and the ships don’t have pools and slides or any of the amusement park gimmicks you see on cruise ships today. I’ve been fascinated by them for a long time.

  46. muller says:

    Yeah i just looked them up. They look great, the itineraries are interesting, and not expensive, stopping frequently. Definitely something out of the ordinary. I’m tempted. I could “do” germany denmark sweden en route (by train of course). for trains see for trains to anywhere. i can see this happening.

  47. L Villeneuve says:

    OK, so I guess we are all done about Bourdain are we?

  48. Ida says:

    Personally, I’m not done with Bourdain, but I am not aware of anything new recently. So I guess there just hasn’t been anything to say. That could change.

  49. Margeaux says:

    L Villeneuve,

    It depends what you mean by being “done w/Bourdain.”
    I’m not done with him. I watched Parts Unknown last weekend, and had some good hard laughs. Interesting to watch some of the episodes again, because I find that there were lots of details in the far recesses of my memory I got to watch. I appreciate everything but more so now, believe it or not. One episode was the one where Tony ended up kissing a trannie performer in a she boy cabaret in Thailand. Tony and his travel partner were really tying one on for the evening bar hopping. The next day Tony said, that he’d kissed Ernest Borginine, (referring to the trannie). It was so funny!

    Maybe people are just taking a break from trying to over analyze his death? IDK, but personally I have to say I’ve kind of lost interest in the lot lizard stuff, of which I’m glad. Enough energy already IMO for myself went in that direction. Sure it has served to sort out facts about our very admired and loved Tony’s, untimely passing.

  50. Margeaux says:

    I will say though…..I’m sure people still want to talk about anything connected to Tony’s passing, ad that’s o.k. too. I’ll probably chime in on that note. Nothing is absolute! Understand that.

  51. L Villeneuve says:

    Sunday’s are still hard…

  52. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I remember the trannie-kissing incident. In the last few years, had he many moments that made me laugh out loud.

    I don’t think we’re done with Bourdain as much as we’re done with AA. She can go back to pretending she’s a big fish in her little Italian pond, and may we never hear of her again.

    Rose McGowan got a plea deal in her felony cocaine possession charge in Virginia. She pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and will pay a fine with no jail time.

    Someone recently tried to name a new strain of heart-shaped tomato after Anthony Bourdain, but his estate nixed it (why?). So the tomato will now be called Anthony’s Passionate Heart.

    A guy who was opening a restaurant, with plans for a chain of two, recently said it was a project he was working on with Bourdain. Given Tony’s repeated statements that he’d never be crazy enough to own a restaurant, it didn’t smell right to me, so I checked in with my source, who queried Tony’s agent. Apparently, there was no such deal.

    Now that he’s gone, any nut job can claim any connection.

    And Parts Unknown has been nominated for a couple of awards.

    So, little things have been happening on the Bourdain front here and there. I should have pulled them all together in an update post, but I’ve been so busy with work and year-end stuff and getting through the holidays that I know poor Cats Working has been neglected. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me.

  53. Margeaux says:


    That’s disgusting this person thought they were going to name a tomato after Tony. Could we be seeing more of this after the 6 month mark? Some people really have their nerve, the exploitation.

    Rose McGowan….not surprised she was able to rangle a plea deal.
    MeTooooooo?????? HAAH@! Is she still saying she’s part of that?
    What a joke some of those stars??? have made out of it. The entitled bunch who feign they’re thee ONLY women being taken advantage of by predatory people. They’re so fake.

    Well, hopefully Tarana Burke and the true people of the MT movement have distanced themselves from the Hollywood phonies.
    I’ve become really sick of these types who always have their careers to boo hoo hanging in the balance as collateral.
    The truth is that many of them aren’t all that as actors. They really need to get over themselves!

  54. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I didn’t mean to lump the tomato people in with the restaurant guy. The tomato was actually intended as a sincere tribute to Bourdain (like how someone named a rose after Diana). I was a bit surprised that Tony’s estate didn’t allow it because it seemed harmless enough. I don’t think it was an attempt to corner the tomato market. Whereas the restaurant deal clearly was. Who wouldn’t want to eat in a restaurant that was supposed to be owned by Bourdain?

    Changing subject a bit: Andrew Zimmern opened a Chinese (??) restaurant in Minnesota called Lucky Cricket and is getting himself in all sorts of trouble shooting his mouth off and poaching dishes, which he replicates poorly. A local chef here named Peter Chang showed Zimmern how to make dry-fried eggplant, which Zimmern placed on his menu, but his version is soggy and poorly seasoned. But he stuck Peter Chang’s name on the dish as an “homage.”

    And I think I read somewhere that Travel Channel has pulled the plug after he called Midwestern Chinese food “horseshit” compared to what he’ll be dishing up.

    I think the Peter Principle is at work on Zimmern. He’s hit his highest level of incompetence.

  55. muller says:

    Ah, “eggplant” or aubergine as we call it here. What is the point of this useless vegetable. Maybe I’m cooking it wrongly.

  56. catsworking says:

    muller, I think I’ve bought an eggplant once in my life. To make caponata one Christmas. The result was so disgusting, it all went down the garbage disposal before anybody saw it.

    My mother likes to make Eggplant Parmesan as a main dish at Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s soggy and greasy, but being smothered in sauce and cheese helps it go down.

  57. Margeaux says:


    I’m sure even if naming a tomato after Tony may seem innocent and well intentioned. However, if this person doesn’t have the proper permission there is no way they’d be able to do it. No matter what….there’s going to be a sale there, so that’s where the legalities come in.

    Eggplant……can’t be mastered in a few attempts.
    I’ve been making eggplant for about 35 yrs. Lot’s of prep to remove the water from it. Then there’s the “soaks up lots of oil,” factor if frying. Lots of calories, & really after all that work this kind of dish is so heavy. I now make a much lighter, easier version. Don’t fry it. Just bake if I’m making eggplant parmegiana. Still good, minus a lot of fuss. But I really have to be motivated to make this. HAAH!@

  58. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, you’re right. I really wasn’t thinking of the profit angle. A lot of these tributes that have been held were to benefit charities. I’d have to look it up. I honestly don’t remember where proceeds from sales of the tomato were intended to go.

    I don’t really like eggplant, so I’m not going to worry about perfecting my technique, and my mother is beyond changing her ways with it. Seems like baking it would be the only way to go.

  59. muller says:

    i tried caponata once too. with similar results. Jamie Oliver microwaved a couple aubergines on tv the other day and scooped out the filling for some recipe he was doing. it didn’t look appetising.

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