Feeling Some Post-Mid-Term Blues

By Karen

The mid-term election yesterday was supposed to reject Trump’s first two years of mocking and dismantling every constructive thing this country has ever achieved. I expected decent, disgusted people of all political stripes, women, millennials, new voters, LGBTQ and minorities to turn out in droves and tell the GOP loud and clear that “treason” is not the new word for “policy.”

WTF happened? Yes, the numbers were up, but what’s with the tepid results? Democrats won only 28 seats in the House and actually lost ground in the Senate.

Today, Dems should be able to tell Trump and his spineless enablers in Congress to “STFU. We’re back in charge. We’ve had enough of your bullshit. Don’t even try pushing through any more. Ain’t gonna happen.” But they can’t. And Republicans are gloating.

One bright spot happened in my neck of Virginia. Senator Tim Kaine (Hillary’s running mate) beat Corey Stewart by 16 points. Stewart’s a Minnesota-born Trump Mini-me who brands himself a Confederate neo-Nazi and promised to run a “vicious” campaign. In this victory speech, Kaine said voters had sent a message of “good over evil, light over darkness, understanding over ignorance.”


In my congressional district, VA-7, Democrat Abigail Spanberger beat Dave Brat, a Trump-loving, misogynistic tea party darling, in a satisfying upset. True to his name, Brat refused to concede, probably hoping for divine intervention from Putin.

And in New York, 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. But the district she won is already heavily Democratic. Whereas on nearby Long Island, racist misogynist Republican Pete King won his 14th term.

It was also gratifying to see Wisconsin voters finally kick their scheming, lying scumbag of a governor, Scott Walker, to the curb.

But in Montana, Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte who body-slammed a Guardian reporter, and who Trump proclaimed “his guy,” kept his seat.

In Florida, sharp, classy, articulate Democrat Andrew Gillum lost the governor’s race to Ron DeSantis, a bigot who urged voters not to “monkey up” the election by voting for a black man.

In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams should have easily buried Brian Kemp to become the country’s first black female governor. Kemp refused to stop overseeing the election he was a candidate in because he was too busy rigging it to disenfranchise minority voters every which way he could — and now the results are too close to call.

And probably the most stomach-turning result came in Texas, when that sleazy hypocrite everyone loves to hate, Ted Cruz, managed to beat Beto O’Rourke by 3 points and keep his Senate seat.

Whenever California manages to drag in its results, Democrats will probably pick up a few more seats, but not enough to assuage my disappointment with the bottom line.

I really, REALLY believed this country had enough good people to slam the lid on the Pandora’s box Trump has opened with his celebration of greed, ignorance, hatred and oppression, but it simply didn’t happen.

Either too many reasonable people stayed home in the mid-terms, or we really are eyeballs-deep in stupid, backward-looking racists who think their best interests are served by a con man who preys on rubes while he runs the country into a ditch to enrich himself.

The Senate is still poised to rubber-stamp whatever acts of treason Trump proposes. I hope that when the House committees investigating Trump’s myriad crimes switch to Democratic control (buh-bye, Devin Nunes!) they will crank up the heat to full-blast, get the subpoenas flying, and stoke Trump’s fears about spending the rest of his life jail until resigning seems a safer alternative to running for re-election.

And then there’s always Robert Mueller. Our last hope.

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  1. Anita says:

    Karen, honestly no more than 5 minutes before your email came through I was thinking about you and if you were going to write anything today. Your post is so well written.

    One thing I have learned about our Fellow Americans is they can be lied to directly and believe it. Are these people that optimistic and trusting or just plain stupid. Probably a little bit of both. How anyone can believe that lying sack of crap president is beyond me. I could not stand to watch that press conference this morning.

    I do think 20 years from now politics will be very different with more women getting involved. As someone on Colbert’s show said last night there wasn’t a blue wave, but there was a pink one. So there I is definitely hope for the long term.

    And then there’s always Robert Mueller.

  2. catsworking says:

    Anita, thank you.

    I watched a show on (HBO?) by Alexandra Pelosi (yes, Nancy’s daughter) where she drove around the country talking to Trump supporters. They’re not only delusional, but totally immune to facts. This one woman was standing before a backdrop of factories spewing tons of smoke while claiming humans weren’t doing anything to the climate and the air was fine. Then she said, “Well, there is a sulphur smell, but that’s okay.”

    And they talked about what a great businessman Trump is and how that’s what we need, ignoring all his bankruptcies, failed products, and fraud lawsuit he settled in the Trump University case.

    They say he’s honest, when it’s public record he cheated on all his wives, and most of what he says every day is provably false with audio and video of HIM.

    The only description for people like that is willfully blind and stupid.

    I agree that the best hope for our politics is more women. They don’t have to prove they have the biggest dick. It will make a huge difference.

  3. Morganlf says:

    trumps performance at his presser today nothing short of jaw dropping. His rude berating of CNN reporter, stalking away from the podium lower lip jutting out, orange hue deepening into stroke red..visibly shaking with anger, screaming at black woman reporter to sit down, rudely calling out foreign reporters pretending to not understand their accents at least 3 times.

    …I hope that episode took 10 years off his life.

    The ignorant, man baby with swirling, Aquanet beehive hair. stomping & huffing – screams “I have no testosterone and a tiny squatty mushroom dick.”

    He name checked republicans that lost in the house, that he felt had shunned him…he literally ran down a list of his own party members taunting them! What a cunt!

    Inbreeds take note, here’s your brilliant business man deal broker:

    *paid $400 mil for Plaza repossed by the bank.
    *paid $29 mil for yacht repossed by the bank
    *built 4 casinos cost 3 Billion filed for bankruptcy. Went out of business , stiffed contractors & employees.
    *trump airlines never made profit planes repossed by Citibank
    *trump university, vodka, steaks all out of business

  4. Anita says:

    Morganlf, I’m watching MSNBC and just saw Katy Tur and her commentators. and just saw some of the lowlights of that press conference. I could not watch it in real time. What an embarrassment.

    Can you imagine when Trump gets booted out November 2020?? He will likely pay Russia to rig the voting machines in the Dems favor so he can then say the Dems rigged the election because he knows he will lose the election anyway so let’s have someone to blame. What sense does that make? Yes, that’s Trump Logic and like Karen said his idiot supporters are stupid enough to believe it.

  5. Morganlf says:

    Anita, like Karen said last night should have been a blowout…I’m not sure he’s going anywhere 2020. He’s is the process of dismantling Mueller now, firing Sessions and Rosenstein is on the way. He appointed anti Mueller probe toady Matt Whitaker as acting AG…..
    That bloated orange penguin is a mobster and the inbreds…just-don’t-care.

    On deck, constitutional crisis.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan and Anita, I just caught a few minutes of Trump insulting Jim Acosta and Peter Alexander. Seems like a good time to share my cherished fantasy of how Trump needs to go…

    Trump’s at one of his rallies in some backwoods state with a gutted healthcare system — no hospital in a hundred miles. He’s up there ranting, really working himself into a lather. The crowd is loving it, cheering, egging him on.

    He starts inexplicably slurring his words like we’ve seen him do several times. Then his already-tortured sentences devolve into pure gibberish, his face droops, and he starts jerking around, the same way we’ve seen him mimic that disabled reporter, only this time it’s for real.

    His goons rush in while the crowd is chanting “Lock her up!” It takes precious minutes for the rescue squad to show up with a stretcher; meanwhile, they try to prop him up because the optics of carrying him off like a ragdoll would be terrible. That lag time is when most of the brain damage happens.

    The last glimpse the world gets of Donald Trump (taken on many cellphones in the crowd and broadly shared on social media) is him being carried away, hair flapping down on one side, eyes glassy, a trail of drool coming from his mouth. He stroked out. Because they had to take him back to Air Force One due to no good local ER in town, he’ll never regain his speech or much awareness of anything. He’s sent his last tweet. He’s done. And it happened in front of an adoring audience, live, on multiple cameras from many angles.

    BTW, he’s due for his annual physical in January. That should be interesting. His color is getting worse by the minute.

  7. Morganlf says:

    Rapturous writing! What a scenario….running it slowmo in my mind….ahhhh if only…

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, every time I see him standing behind a podium, I say a little prayer… The shape he’s in, it’s only a matter of time.

  9. Anita says:

    What a great scenario. Maybe Jim Acosta will be the one to push him over the edge. Mentally and physically. Looked liked it almost happened today.

  10. L Villeneuve says:

    Maybe we should introduce Trump to AA? I’m sure they would like each other!

  11. L Villeneuve says:


  12. MicheleKim says:

    Karen: Your commentary is so well written! My biggest disappointments were FL and TX. Beto was so close, I thought he could cross the finish line with a victory.

    I love Morgan’s Trump presser summary and the ‘inbred’ comment. Needed a good laugh …

    I’ll resume my binging of Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 tonight …. super scary and so well done! Am late to the game here, but if you haven’t seen it —- start now!

  13. bassgirl23 says:

    Everyone – we’re watching all this from the (Canadian) sidelines and feeling very sorry for you all – WTF is right.

    Based on the media we see here, we too thought it would be a much larger blue wave. All my colleagues were floored when we saw how close many of the races were. The only explanation we could come up with is that Trump’s populist messages play on fear, and when the majority of “average” voters, especially outside urban centers, may be struggling (financially, physically, etc), those are the messages they’ll remember and respond to.

    It’s that gut reaction they have to all his warnings – “MS13! Invasion of borders! No healthcare!” – Oh no!!! We’re doomed! – But look! here’s Trump with a solution. Even if it’s as stupid as a border wall.

    Believing Trump as their saviour is the easy way out. That fear turns them inwards and it becomes all about “am I going to be ok”. And he’s the only one yelling “yes” – loudly – making them feel better.

    They think, so what if Trump [insert outrageous action here] – it doesn’t affect me directly, and besides, he promises he’s going to [save my job, keep me and my family safe]. And that’s the end of the thought process when it goes to what’s most important to them.

    From where we sit, unless the Democrats come up with a better strategy and find a way to address those fears, we don’t see how they’ll succeed when you combine Trump’s crap with all the voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc. – it’s really frightening to watch. If what he’s done so far hasn’t turned them off, maybe it’s time to look differently at how to get the message across.

    Karen, your fantasy scenario re Trump’s exit is probably how it will go down. He’s bloated, angry, and unhinged – not a recipe for good health. All we can do is hope that the right message is getting out to the younger voters (which seems to be the case). The GOP is full of old white racists, but hopefully they won’t be around forever.

  14. Donna Pavone says:

    How can we get him to eat more Big Macs? What else does he like-is it KFC?

  15. Donna Pavone says:

    And Morgan,as a joke I put on Facebook that a man was seen carrying a bonesaw into the White House and some of my Trump loving fucktard…uh….Friends….were angry and accused me of spreading fake news

  16. Dingobeast says:

    Don’t despair. The fact that we got the House back is amazing. The only reason we didn’t get more seats and also get more Senate seats was due to the fact that gerrymandering and voter suppression is off the charts. Texas, Florida and Georgia are messes, but at least there is a run-off happening in the Abrams/Kemp election and a recount with Nelson/Scott.

  17. Karen, love your scenario but the lag time for a stroke is actually around 3 hours. I only know this because my father had a stroke and did not get the “shot”–the good shot. It can actually reverse all stroke symptoms to where you can’t even tell the victim had a stroke.

    Mayo Clinic:
    This injection of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), also called alteplase, is considered the gold standard treatment for ischemic stroke. An injection of tPA is usually given through a vein in the arm. This potent clot-busting drug ideally is given within three hours.

    A better outcome for any who may be cherishing a fantasy is a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. A person can die from SCA in MINUTES if it is not treated right away.

    In Ohio…I can barely type his name–the Republican weasel Mike DeWine won over Richard Cordray. Ugh, I’m embarrassed to say I am an Ohioan.

  18. catsworking says:

    LV, good idea, although AA is a little long in the tooth for Trump. On the other hand, he seems like the perfect mark for her.

    If the stroke thing doesn’t work out, at least he’d probably contract a nasty venereal disease that his aging system might not be able to cope with.

  19. catsworking says:

    bassgirl23, I am truly impressed by your grasp of American politics. What’s so absolutely bonkers about Trump is that these racist fears he’s stoking in the rubes in the wide open spaces is — the chances of them ever coming to pass in those places are pretty much ZERO. All this bullshit about MS-13 or whatever coming to town and raping all the women and children is absurd.

    Immigrants want to be where people are, where they can blend in, find homes and work. They don’t want to be roaming the vast wasteland that comprises most of this country, where most of Trump’s devotees live.

    I was looking at a map of Virginia today, where Senator Tim Kaine beat wannabe-Minnesota-redneck Corey Stewart by 16 points. At least 80% of the state looks red for Corey, but the people are mostly in the north (DC suburbs), central (Richmond, state capital), and east coast.

    Trump probably looks at a similar map of the U.S. and thinks, “Gee, most of the country LOVES ME. Look at all that red,” but he’s looking at vast expanses of nothing. In the areas where the greatest concentrations of people are, he’s hated.

    The fact is that he LOST the election by nearly 3 million votes. What’s so galling is that the disenfranchisement of that many people really didn’t translate into the vicious punch in the dick he had coming to him in the mid-terms because people wimped out.

    The only way we have a shot at ridding ourselves of Trump is for his health to fail in a public and spectacular fashion. Anything else will be spun by the GOP into an assassination attempt by the Democrats. So I say, let him stuff his fucking orange pie hole with all the cheeseburgers, shoe-leather steaks, and ice cream he can hold. He’s 72. He’s never exercised (golf is bullshit). He’s under tremendous personal stress 24/7. It’s got to work in our favor at some point.

  20. catsworking says:

    Donna, KFC is good, too. He also loves McD’s Filet-o-Fish. He has the palate of the three-year-old.

  21. Lynn says:

    I don’t think anyone expected a takeover of the Senate. Beto was behind the whole time in Texas and stupidly didn’t use a pollster and even stupider ran too far left. Umm, it’s Texas. He needed to run more to the center and try to pick off Repubs and Independents who don’t like Cruz. The salve on that is Dean Heller lost in Nevada.

    Trump’s people are in a cult. So if he tells them get out and vote, they do. Most Repubs either like him, or they like his policies and ignore everything else he does and says, so they vote Repub. Most Repubs are not, sadly, Joe Scarborough or my man Steve Schmidt. And factor in the voter suppression and gerrymandering, too.

    I think the Dems screwed themselves out of a blue wave with the Kavanaugh hearings. That and the caravan. Dem’s response on immigration cannot simply be that anyone who wants a strong border is racist. Good luck winning with that message.

    We got the House, as expected. We got 6 governors. We ..(actually I’m an Independent, so I prob should not say ‘we’, but anyone who opposes this Pres right now are my people). We have more women than ever (112-ish) in Congress. I’m happy with all that. ALTHOUGH I think Dem’s having the House will prob help Trump get re-elected. Dems will overreach just as R’s did with Bill Clinton, and Clinton became even more popular. But at least this blocks his vile legislation from passing. Hopefully the courts can continue to reverse or block many of his pathetic Exec Orders.

    And meanwhile who can beat him in 2020? I see NO one. Bernie? Oh krist. Biden? Jeez.

    Orange Baby’s presser today was hilarious. Clearly his diapie was chafing. He knows his base will orgasm over him taking on reporters, and Jim Acosta gets accolades out of it as well. So now they’ve taken Acosta’s pass. Natch.

    “every time I see him standing behind a podium, I say a little prayer… ”

    LOL I wish for a heart attack. It’s quicker. Who would rush to give him mouth to mouth? Aunt Lydia Sanders? Pence? – no way. I don’t even think his kids would haha. But he seems to have super human health. He never even gets a cold! He can go like the Energizer Bunny on 4 hrs sleep a night. Has this man ever been ill in his life??

    Sessions is out, not surprising, and his replacement is anti-Mueller, so clearly they’re trying to up the corruption as much as poss before Dems take the House in Jan.

    Also anyone notice how the Saudi murder of the journalist is totally gone now, like it never happened? So…. they got away with it because our media is like a puppy and can’t focus on more than 1 thing at a time.

    Karen – watch Rachel Maddow’s opener tonight it will make you feel better.

  22. L Villeneuve says:

    And he’s fat as fuck!

  23. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I do think that Adam Schiff is going to become Trump’s biggest nightmare once he kicks Devin Nunes out as chair of the House Intelligence committee, if Mueller doesn’t turn on his fire hose of criminal charges first.

    And you’re right. Considering all the cheating and rigging the Republicans have done to seize control after losing elections, the Democrats did pretty well. But I really wanted to achieve a good kick-in-the-teeth majority in the House.

  24. bamboo.skewer says:

    My district in Illinois flipped to D and so did the district further west of us. This is R country. Two wins for the House here! Woo hoo.

    Here’s the thing. Buckle your seatbelts, because I don’t think Trump is going anywhere in 2020. After the last two years if there are still people die-hard supporting him publicly, how many more are supporting him privately? I’m surrounded by people making money here. Everyone is making money. People are happy with their growing retirement accounts. Business is good. Everyone’s finding new jobs when they want one. Expensive private airplanes are selling. So you have these people who are benefitting. Why would they risk losing this for LGBTQ or rights of people different than them? Or even health care? (Until that affects them.) Please know this is not ME speaking. This is what people think. No, they don’t care as long as their lives are better, and there’s a lot of those people. The R’s probably rigged the tax package so it will deliver through 2020. Count these people as not wanting to shake the status quo.

    Then there are the single issue voters on abortion, guns, etc. These people will never change their minds. They’ll die thinking what they think. Just like I’ll probably die thinking what I think.

    Then the people who are hurt, who aren’t making more money, the people left behind. Did the Democrats do enough for them? These people are cynical because they didn’t benefit enough during Obama’s 8 years. Is that short-sighted thinking? Yes. Is that overlooking how Obama saved the economy after the 07-08 crash? Yes. Are these people hurting from problems that have been many decades in the making? Yes. But all they can see is, their lives didn’t improve under a Democratic administration. Their lives also probably didn’t improve under a Republican administration. Doesn’t matter. They need to blame someone and before Trump, Obama was the last one.

    And here comes Trump. Who understands propaganda probably better than we realize. Who knows how to manipulate brain chemistry. This isn’t just stupidity. It’s brain chemistry. He’s tapping into something very powerful, chemical, biological. He’s getting better at it over time. Enough have fallen under his spell. They feel good when he talks. I can’t understand this, because his press briefing stressed me out so bad today I had to shut it off after the burgundy-dressed woman tried to grab the microphone from Acosta. I can’t listen to Trump any longer than 140 characters.

    I think we have to try to understand these people having tough times. Democrats have to start trying to understand. Maybe even pander. Not the racist, misogynist stuff. Hell no to that, we gotta keep shutting that down. But the economic concerns. If we just dismiss people and call them stupid, we’re gonna keep losing, or not winning as much as we want to. I don’t think Hilary really understood them.

    I know the border and immigration are getting a lot of attention, but I sense it’s a purposeful distraction. Every moment we’re talking about the border, we’re not talking about corporate power and how that’s hurting people’s futures and families. The Democrats have gotta find a way to truly benefit Main Street not mostly Wall Street.

    We’re not gonna change the single-issue abortion and NRA voters. We may not change the people who like all their money so much that they don’t give a shit about what happens to other people. We may have a chance with the people who are looking for a solution, anything, even anything as gross and low as Trump, to make them feel better. For all the hate he has for drugs, he IS a drug.

  25. Morganlf says:

    Donna, extra-crispy KFC.
    Lynn, you so right!

    Golly, look at him he’s sooooooofattttt!Looks like a penguin, tiny hands n feet, big fat man gunt

    We are in Taft territory….For the inbreds Taft was 300 lbs…

    Not to be creepy…it is said he blows up the presidential John on the regular…

  26. catsworking says:

    bamboo, everything you say is right on, but I believe the people who are benefiting at the moment (aside from from the uber-wealthy and corporations getting the huge tax cuts) are living in a bubble. Once the effects of the tariffs and all the trade deals Trump has destroyed take effect, we’re headed for another recession. Inflation will be through the roof. We’re already seeing it now, but the media is too busy dissecting Trump’s demented tweets to report it. When the little Trumpbots find most of their paychecks eaten up at the grocery store and the rest taken by health insurance (my premium for 2019 went up 640% — no exaggeration — while my deductible was increased from $850 to $3,3550 — and that’s in spite of a big subsidy from the ACA), they may finally realize they’ve been played for suckers and they’re screwed. It will take years to recover from Trump’s economic carnage.

    Unless Mueller has unearthed crimes so egregious that prison would be the obvious only option for Trump, we’re going to have to rely on failing health to take him out. If he regularly shits his guts out, as Morgan says (and I believe her because his normal sitting posture is as if he’s taking a shit), there could be some underlying medical condition he’s hiding along with his taxes. Let his greasy, fiber-free, red-meat-based diet do its work.

    I’m also holding out hope that the cumulative effects of that orange shit he slathers himself in will prove poisonous. He’s not using a tanning bed because that doesn’t turn anyone neon orange.

    And I’m with you, bamboo, on having a low tolerance for the sight of him. I find myself spewing the worst swear words I know and making punch-in-the-face motions at the TV whenever I see him blabbering. I wish all the media would limit showing him to when he’s saying something sensible. We’d never see him.

  27. gettngclear says:

    Minnesota is bluer than ever in my 20 years of living here. Tina Smith, who replaced Al Franken, was voted in. She is an energetic progressive who has participated in a few dozen new bills. I’m most excited about her work with technical colleges and businesses to get jobs for ppl w 2 years of college. Also, I think the voter suppression in Georgia and Florida is more obvious than ever and I think those days will soon be over. Very diverse female presence is a huge shift. And I think Gillum in Florida and Beto O’Rourke are not going away.

    The racism is so blatant in elections that young millennials and Generation Z won’t put up with it any more.

    So, while I was crestfallen as the Senate didn’t ride the same wave as the House, I think the old racists are going to die out.

    And the new Mn Governor (first time we’ve gone blue 3 elections in a row for governor) wants to make recreational marijuana legal for adults, as long as it’s grown here. 🙂

  28. catsworking says:

    gettingclear, ditto here in Virginia. My district has not had a Democrat in the House in 50 years, and now we’ve got Abigail Spanberger. In fact, Democrats had a clean sweep of all offices for the first time I remember in my 46 years living here. And we’ve got a Democratic governor. The last Republican was Bob McDonnell, who narrowly escaped going to jail for accepting bribes. It was a fact that he took them, but the Supreme Court let him off on the technicality that Virginia hadn’t specifically passed a law making how he did it a crime.

    I watched Rachel Maddow’s Wednesday post-election recap just last night, and felt a lot better after seeing her summary of all the Republicans who went down in flames, mostly to a diverse bunch of women. I am looking forward to seeing them sworn in to start making the Republicans’ next two years living hell.

    Yes, the situations in Georgia and Florida are shameful. I hope they both get recounts. And I think more seats are belatedly flipping on recounts in other places. I need to read up on that online today because Richmond’s only daily newspaper has become an overpriced, pathetic joke.

    You have to wonder how Republicans live with themselves, having to rig the system and lie and cheat for everything they get because their stand on social issues is so hateful to anyone with a shred of decency.

  29. Dingobeast says:

    I like to think we are getting over an illness. The fever of fascism is passion through our country, and I think we are starting to fight it back. I am positive we pick up Synema in AZ, maybe Nelson and Gillum in FL, and likely Abrams in a runoff in GA.

  30. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I think you came up with the perfect metaphor. The mid-term results have given Dems the will to fight against the virulent mind-rotting infection of Trump. I want to see Abrams WIN in GA to send a loud, clear message to all the crooked GOP that they can’t lie and cheat to our faces and get away with it. Kemp should rot in a jail cell rather than serve as governor.

  31. Dingobeast says:

    I have noticed Fox News hasn’t tweeted since Nov 9, around the time McConnell met with Rupert Murdoch in an empty Senate. I think we are about to see the endgame start. Remember the intertwined nature of any of the indictments coming for Trump and his minions requires that they be unsealed at the same time. Whitaker cannot change the outcome of the investigations at this point.

  32. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I wasn’t aware the McConnell met with Murdoch, nor that the indictments had to be handed down en masse. Don Jr. has been saying he thinks he’s going to be indicted any minute, so they must know something is coming. I haven’t really seen much of a peep out of Giuliani, either.

    And what’s this BS about interviewing Chris Christie for the AG job? Trump taking another opportunity to make fat jokes and humiliate the guy while he still can?

    I did see on MSNBC last night that Whitaker confessed to someone that he got himself hired on CNN to spout shit about Mueller just to get Trump’s attention so he could possibly be appointed to a judgeship in Iowa. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, except that he’s so unfit for the position Trump has put him in, he’s doomed to become another carcass on the pile of lives Trump has destroyed on contact.

    When Trump goes from calling you a great guy to saying he doesn’t know you (which he has with Whitaker), it’s always a sign of bad things coming.

  33. Margeaux says:


    I’m enjoying everything you have written with respect to the mid-terms. Also, orange man’s sorry physical shape. It is pathetic. I was wondering whether wifey poo has anything to do with the orange slather he puts on. She once was peddling some kind of caviar crap for aging.

    I also noticed that Giuliani went silent, what’s up w/that??
    Another thing I’m paying attention to is the fact that poor Ruth Bader Ginzberg is in the hospital with some broken ribs. This means she’ll probably have to be off the bench while she recovers.
    Given her age……I hope it wont be a long one, but we can’t predict that. When I first heard this news, I thought….OH NO!! Would this give fatso the power to make another appointment?? I’m hoping for nothing but the best towards Ruth’s recovery, she is so admirable.

  34. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, thank you! Yes, everyone is pretty freaked out about RBG fracturing three ribs, but her nephew says she’s at home and working. She has until Nov. 26 before court is back in session, so with luck she will mend enough to be there. Trump must not be allowed to put any more assholes on the court.

    It seems that Trump’s flying monkey have gone quiet because they’re holding their breath. Mueller now has more motivation than ever to release his investigation findings before the big lug Trump made Mueller’s boss gets too comfortable.

  35. L Villeneuve says:

    Quick reminder that the very last Parts Episode of our lives will be on tomorrow evening.

  36. catsworking says:

    Yes, LV, Lower East Side of New York. Here’s the trailer…


    Tony ends up coming full circle.

  37. Margeaux says:

    Did PU air anything last Sunday, I was not at home, plus we don’t have that component to record. IDK, maybe we do, but my husband actually won a flat screen tv back in May. I’m not very technical saavy so I really don’t know what we have now w/this flat screen set up. Yes, this will be the last episode, sad isn’t it!

    So I’m just wondering about when I’ve read other posters say that CNN made announcements about not airing some episodes. The ones w/that what was it you all call her? Lot lizard, rotten crotch, assbrains, etc. When I’ve read those they’ve caught me in moments of really needing a laugh! Anyway, was curious where people have seen these announcements. Thanks for the laughs everyone. I certainly hope we will keep posting here also, because it’s a great space to exchange ideas and information.

  38. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I think “assbrains” may be a new one, but seeing them all strung together like that still has me laughing!

    I’ve been getting a daily Google alert on Bourdain for years, and I think that’s where I get notified of the trailers. And it also tells me that Google hates me because my Bourdain posts never make the cut. Years ago, they did. Somehow I ran afoul of the Google algorithm and I have no idea how.

    I don’t think there was an episode last week. Maybe too close to the election. I know I tried to DVR the Texas episode about 3 times, but every time got coverage of a disaster or mass shooting instead. I finally found it Verizon On Demand.

  39. Margeaux says:


    Thanks for your reply about the alerts. Yes, I thought I’d chime in on a name for this horrible specimen of a thing who unfortunately met Tony.

    I thought this last episode of PU was kind of weird. I know it was about where Tony felt connected to. But it was very dark time in New York, even though there was the artistic aspect of it, like the music. I liked Debby Harry alot.

    I guess the ZPZ production group thought they had to edit this last show the way they did, with all these fast takes, and lots of noise.
    I get it……they probably thought that this is what Tony would have liked. IDK……I just thought this one and even that one of behind the scenes w/the crew was rather devoid and detached of true emotions and feelings about Tony. Well I guess I kind of understand that too. It’s just too damn hard for them having been the ones so intimately involved with him for many years.

    May Tony rest in ultimate peace & may his spirit soar very high!
    Love & respect you for the beautiful work you did!

  40. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I haven’t seen the LES episode yet, but it sounds like they might have been going for the fast-paced vibe of NYC itself.

    The episode with the crew talking about him did seem detached, but maybe they didn’t want to come off too gushy. Bourdain was a complicated animal. He seemed to hold everyone at arm’s length while at the same time seeming very open and friendly. Bottom line was that he was really private and introverted, but could go extrovert as his job required.

    The only person he was really effusive about was his daughter (and then AA, but he’d lost his mind by that point). Even with Ripert, you could tell they were close, but it was all about the jokes and insults.

  41. Morganlf says:

    They cross cut the episode because there was no narration. He was dead before he could do it. What they have are his actual interviews. Usually he does background over the scene, describing the food the history of the band filling in with anecdotes.

    Of which he must have had many. Instead there were captions about who the Voidoids were and Richard Hell and the Ramones..etc. He dined with Debby Harry and Chris Stein which he posted on his insta account, so the personal touch wasn’t there.

    Strange because this is as close to home as he’s ever gotten. If you read Kitchen Confidential he writes about that scene. It bonded me to him.

    I was around LES then a lot, had a boyfriend with a restaurant a few doors down from CBGBs…my best friend was the bartender, I knew the scene well and missed his commentary.

    Boy he looked old.

  42. Adele Prass says:

    I thought the ZPZ gang did a great job on the LES episode of PU. The cutting gave you an idea of the energy and the anarchy that must have been the ‘70’s and early ‘80’s. I held it together until they played a song, called (“I think) “You Can’t Hold Your Arms Around A Memory.” I’m not a huge punk fan, but I really lost it, only to find that Ariane sang on the song.

    Morgan, he did look old, with a sadness in his eyes. I felt like the LES show, intentionally, or not, completed his origin story.

  43. Morganlf says:

    Adele, I agree.

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