Saudi Solution is Simple: Show Us Khashoggi’s Body

By Karen

Trump and Kushner are still playing coy over whether they believe Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) ordered the killing of Virginia resident and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2.

One story is that Khashoggi synced his Apple watch to the iPhone he left with his fiancée outside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, which saved a file to the cloud of what the watch recorded happening inside the building. However, the BBC dissected the gadgets’ capabilities and debunked the likelihood of this.

Turkish authorities claim to have audio and video of Khashoggi’s murder. They’re reluctant to share this information and reveal the true extent of their surveillance practices. Understandable. But they’ve released plenty of gruesome details.

Meanwhile, the Saudis have been using Trump as their stooge to float a series of denials and fanciful lies, including that 60-year-old Khashoggi got into a fistfight and was accidentally strangled when somebody put him in a chokehold.

Based on Turkey’s revelations, it appears Khashoggi was ambushed by 15 Saudi men equipped with a bone saw, flown in specifically for the occasion. Once Khashoggi entered the consulate, he was tortured, apparently had fingers cut off, then drugged and dismembered while still alive by a man who told the others it was good to listen to music whenever butchering a person.

If none of this happened, the Saudis should be able to produce Khashoggi’s completely intact corpse.

But they haven’t. They can’t even say where it is.

Instead, there’s video of a body double wearing a fake beard and Khashoggi’s clothes (but not his shoes) leaving by the consulate’s back door with another man. Cameras also caught the double entering a public restroom and emerging in his original clothes, sans beard, then dumping a shopping bag (containing Khaghoggi’s clothes, presumably) in a dumpster.

A small handful of Republican senators (Paul, Sasse, Corker and Graham) have professed outrage, but we know they’ll be dancing in a chorus line behind Trump when he soon kisses MBS on the lips and declares his everlasting devotion to Saudi Arabia.

The truth is that Trump is personally terrified that sanctioning the Saudis will cut off the sweet, sweet flow of cash into his own pocket; instead, he feigns concern over losing a $110 billion arms sale that was tentative at best.

The world sees an impotent United States making excuses for unimaginable barbarity on a man Trump keeps reminding us only lived here on a green card, as if his life mattered less than any blond-haired, blue-eyed native redneck.

The Saudis may have done the killing, but this blood is all over Trump. Without his daily rants about the press being “the enemy of the people” and rally ravings about how he loves to see journalists body-slammed, encouraging his moronic supporters to hate the legitimate news media, he sends a deadly signal.

Bottom line: The House of Trump loves terrorizing journalists. The Saudis gave him the gift of showing what can happen to anyone who dares to question or criticize the powers that be. In Trump’s eyes, that’s a plus, not a problem.

101 Responses to Saudi Solution is Simple: Show Us Khashoggi’s Body

  1. Adele Prass says:

    Good summation, Karen; let’s hope that Trump doesn’t have enough staff to follow bloggers. Everything just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, luckily for the blogosphere, Trump doesn’t read. I’ve never heard him insult any “failing” bloggers. And even if he did read, his attention span is no longer than a tweet.

  3. Mira says:

    Grisly stuff. I always wondered how can anyone go and work in Saudi Arabia and similar countries, no matter how much they pay.
    It is nothing to them to liquidate, chop you up alive. Politicians are such hypocrites, they will do anything for a profit. Trump is not alone in this, other countries are also pitiful in keeping quiet.

  4. catsworking says:

    It’s a sorry day when Erdogan of Turkey comes off looking like the one on the moral high ground. Just read this new information…

    Interesting how the 18 men the Saudis arrested as suspects in the killing happened to be the same ones Turkey fingered. Yet MBS had NO idea what happened.

    Thanks to Trump and his never-ending lies, they’re all doing it and we’re up to our eyeballs in bullshit.

  5. Mira says:

    It’s all too horrible. I cannot bear to watch the news anymore.
    The sad truth, stuff like this has always been happening. It’s just that thanks to media, it is now being exposed. That’s why the journalists heads are on the chopping block.

  6. Mira says:
    It’s the psychopaths everywhere that are ruining it for everyone.
    If only there was a way to eliminate that factor.

  7. catsworking says:

    Mira, Trump is reveling in his fantasy of being king with life or death power over journalists, with killings carried out by the bloodthirsty tyrants he sucks up to. If the Democrats don’t regain some control of Congress (I’m holding out for both the House and Senate) to put the brakes on this madness, there’s no telling what other powers the Republicans will happily let Trump seize.

    I could easily see concentration camps in the desert for immigrants and anyone he doesn’t like.

    It has been very frightening to watch this country, supposedly the land of the free, slide into dictatorship under an ignorant bigot in less than two years, fueled by a majority of gutless traitors in Congress and the most stupid, racist people walking among us. They now call anyone who opposes Trump an “angry mob,” yet it’s the Trumpers who have all the guns and have no problem with violence, as long as they’re committing it against us.

    I can hardly wait until November 7 when the mid-term elections are over so we can see which way this is going to go. Trump HAS to be stopped.

  8. Mira says:

    Let’s hope so.

  9. catsworking says:

    Mira, great link to what is aptly named the “D-Factor.”

    Trump exhibits every one of the dark traits. He has shown over and over again that he has no empathy whatsoever for the suffering of other humans (with this Khashoggi case being the most recent example). They put words in his mouth to say the right things, but he parrots them without showing the slightest comprehension.

    If his path from the very beginning hadn’t been strewn with money and led to the pursuit of more, I have no doubt he could have ended up a serial killer, albeit a short-lived one because he’s too stupid to cover his tracks.

    He knows his financial crimes are all in the taxes and other financial records, and when they come out, we’ll have a more complete picture of what a greedy, sick monster he is.

  10. Lynn says:

    I can’t believe the infant is now at 47% approval. Nearly half the country is now okay with this shit?! It must be we are getting used to it. Or maybe it’s learned helplessness or Stockholm syndrome. God help me but yesterday I had a fleeting thought that scared me.

    I looked at my stocks and how well they’re doing, remembered that this year I get to deduct 20% of my self employement income, and I thought well most of his evil environmental decrees are getting slammed down in the courts, so other than the judges (which sucks but would have happened with any Repub prez), is it really so horrible? Especially if we can take the House. It was just a fleeeeeting thought, mind you, but I think more people are having those thoughts and that explains the approval rating. I hate him but maybe I’m just getting exhausted at being outraged every minute that I’m awake. Also that caravan is not a good image for Dems. I hate that it’s happening right before the elections. And I don’t think most Americans are cool with just letting them all in.

    Latest Parts Unknown: Not to get off topic here, but the West Texas epi was really good IMO. Unlike the Spain one, I didn’t miss AB’s narration. I barely noticed it was missing, or maybe I’m just getting used to it. It made me so sad to think I’ll never see any more of this show – a show so good it makes Marfa, Texas look cool, interesting and like a place I’d actually consider going (the nearby national park looks gorgeous).

    There is one scene where AB is interviewing a nerdy looking guy in a green shirt and glasses. AB looks like he is either about to drop from exhaustion or is high as hell on something. Like his eyes are literally struggling to stay open. Wonder if anyone else caught that.

  11. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I had major DVR overload last weekend and I don’t think the Texas episode will tape until this coming weekend, so I haven’t seen it yet. From the clip I’ve seen, he seems to be weighing in on the situation at the border from beyond the grave.

    I don’t put much stock in the polls because they represent such a minute fraction of voters, and probably don’t take into account what may be millions of new registrations in just the past few months. Personally, I think I’ve been getting polled out the ass but have never answered the phone once. I think outrage against Trump is high enough to stop him, especially among women.

    What I do know is that the full extent of Trump’s incompetence hasn’t been felt yet, and it will affect EVERYONE. I know every single one of my utility bills has risen. I was able to negotiate down a few of the increases (like having my security system going up only $5 a month instead of doubling by $20 a month), but by January I’ll be shelling out quite a bit more just to maintain the status quo.

    The tariffs haven’t really hit consumer goods yet, but when they do, hold on to your wallet because EVERYTHING will be more expensive. Kitty litter just went from $12.99 to $13.69 a pail, and I see it on groceries already. Eggs were selling for 27 cents a dozen. Now they’re 98 cents.

    Good jobs are NOT being created. Trump thinks everyone wants to work in a factory or a coal mine. He pictures the whole country as uneducated and unskilled because that’s what he sees at his rallies.

    What I hope the media does with the caravan, if it makes it to our border, is to focus on the inevitable clashes with good ol’ armed, pot-bellied, MAGA-hat-wearing Trumpers showing their “patriotism,” defending their racial purity by attacking hungry women and children who have WALKED across entire countries for a chance to have a better life. The Dems can pop some popcorn and just sit back.

    Personally, I think part of the caravan’s purpose is for these southern countries Trump enjoys spitting on and kicking around like a bully is to highlight for the world what an absolute, heartless despot he is. And they will succeed because he’s freaking out and trying to mobilize his base. The nutjobs near the border will answer the call, I have no doubt. They’re itching for a shooting war.

    None of this is real to Trump. It’s all reality TV. He throws around the word “carnage” but has no idea what it means.

    When the caravan becomes a bloodbath, all that blood, again, will be on Trump’s hands. He’s never to deal with a mass casualty situation he caused, and we know he’ll have a total meltdown. He’ll blame Dems, Hillary, Obama, everybody but himself. But we’ve got the video proving he led the charge, and he won’t escape the blame this time.

  12. Ida says:

    ‘There is one scene where AB is interviewing a nerdy looking guy in a green shirt and glasses. AB looks like he is either about to drop from exhaustion or is high as hell on something. Like his eyes are literally struggling to stay open. Wonder if anyone else caught that.’
    – Haven’t seen the episode yet and I have no way of knowing, but when you say that, I begin to onder if maybe he was back on some kind of drugs in the last few months and that was why he seemed so unlike himself and so ferociously defended AA without – seemingly – thinking of the consequences? This will always just be speculation of course. Just a thought. AA certainly seem to be on something in some of those videos she posts on IG

  13. Ida says:

    As for the Khashoggi situation – it’s just sad and scary beyond belief. Good point Mira was making a few posts back: ‘The sad truth, stuff like this has always been happening. It’s just that thanks to media, it is now being exposed. That’s why the journalists heads are on the chopping block.’ Yes, that unfortunately seems very accurately put.

  14. Mira says:

    Re AB and AA – there is no doubt, from the joint photos on some of their posts, they’re high on probably cannabis.
    And I don’t want to revisit old territory, covered so much, but in my opinion, he was struggling with a major depressive episode, and that is not something where you can pull your socks up and get over it.
    The last two seasons of PU are just painful to watch, you can see he is unwell and struggling. So little support for high functioning professionals who are struggling and trying to cover up mental health issues.

  15. catsworking says:

    Ida, the blood and urine tests after he died revealed nothing extreme in his system except some alcohol and an unspecified but normal dosage of some medication, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t revert to taking something stronger to deal with the double life he had to lead to stay tied to AA.

    As for her, we’ve probably never seen her sober. She’s said she uses white wine as a substitute for food to keep her blood sugar up.

  16. catsworking says:

    Ida, yesterday the Saudis turned the knife a little deeper by forcing Khashoggi’s son, who has been banned from leaving the country since they decided Khashoggi’s writing was too critical of them, to be summoned to a photo op to shake the hand of the man who undoubtedly ordered his father’s murder. And the fucking bastard didn’t tell the son where his father’s body is.

    Trump would LOVE to have the power to pick out, bully and terrorize private citizens in just that way for the cameras to show the world what a big dick he has.

  17. feijicha says:

    and today we have someone(s) sending explosive devices to prominent Dems. No doubt a Trumpster.

  18. catsworking says:

    feijicha, without a doubt a Trump lover. One of the bombs was delivered to the Time Warner Center in NYC, where Bourdain had his apartment.

    That bomb was addressed to ex-CIA Director John Brennan, who’s a contributor at MSNBC, not CNN. Just more proof it’s a Trump nut who ignores facts.

  19. Ida says:

    Italian celebrities seem to be out in force to talk supportive words of AA. The Argento dynasty is in full damage control mode, by the look of things. Nothing like having a famous and influential daddy to cover up for you when you’ve fucked up and don’t have the conscience or empathy to acknowledge it. I think this is it. I don’t think AA wil pay a price at all. She gets a lot of support. I guess people don’t care that someone actually died as a direct result of her careless behaviour. People fixate on the JB thing and seem to be split about 50/50 on whether they think it’s a bad thing or not, but I don’t even think is the most important thing here. AB DIED and people don’t seem to care. I guess AA is kind of untouchable anyway because of her famous father combined with her willingness to fuck her way to an income. Daddy will make sure his little girl will be alright no matter what big mess she’s created this time. To repeat myself, someone DIED because of her carelessness and sociopathy. And she’s just going around like the spoiled little brat she is. She’s probably never really faced any consequences in her life. She seems very protected from any sense of reality. Is that just the way it is? The leeches, snakes and sharks of the world, they win?!

  20. Ida says:

    I saw the picture. It’s absolutely terrifying what powerful people can get away with, even in full view of te whole world

  21. Adele Prass says:

    I made the mistake of watching news channels all day and became thoroughly freaked out by the number of explosives being mailed to various Dems. And what could happen with that migrant caravan really worries me. Things must be truly terrible in Honduras, and why so few Americans understand that the Latin American situation has had the US’s fingers all over it since at least the 1940’s, is beyond me. If things are so dangerous in Honduras, how about some UN peacekeepers and US aid — not in this climate, I guess.

    I teared up during the PU West Texas episode, when Tony was talking to the mayors of twin cities — one a Texas town and on in the state of Chihuahua,Mexico. The people get along; crime is relatively low,; US citizens go back and forth all the time (Mexican citizens can’t), and no one wants a wall. I hate that we’re deprived of AB’s voice at a time when we need it the most.

    And finally CW group, I can find the photos that AA posts on Instagram, but I almost never see videos — what am I doing wrong?

  22. catsworking says:

    Ida, you had me laughing at “Italian celebrities.” The only Italian star I can think of is Sophia Loren, and the rest are all dead.

    I’m picturing a lot of big fish thrashing around in a very small pond. Daddy’s low-budget, perverted horror flicks notwithstanding, Baby Girl is toast in the USA and many other parts of the world where Tony was loved. Bourdain’s fans WILL NOT forget.

    Besides, she’s only got a few fuckable years left before she starts drying up into a shriveled hag, paying the toll for decades of heavy drinking, smoking and lousy nutrition. It’s not going to be pretty, all those saggy tats hanging on a wrinkled bag of bones.

    If she stays in show business, she’ll probably end up being a cartoon of herself in even lower budget horror flicks. like, Whatever Happened to Baby Asia?

  23. catsworking says:

    Adele, there’s some part of Instagram for “stories,” which are actually little videos that I think are supposed to disappear after a time, but I don’t think they do. I saw some of Tony’s last ones after he died, where he was filming hotel room walls, but I would have no idea how to get there again.

    Trump had better keep his effing trap shut about physically attacking and “locking up” people or he’s going to incite something ugly on the border with the caravan. But the good news is that it’s still 1,000 miles away and not expected until December. So if the Dems take back Congress, maybe they can help to defuse the situation.

  24. Lynn says:

    Re: AB and drugs, I would think any decent toxo report would show narcotics in his system.

    “Is that just the way it is? The leeches, snakes and sharks of the world, they win?!”

    Sadly AB’s family, friends and colleagues are choosing to let Ash win by staying quiet on her role in his decision, which is probably clearly evident on texts/emails not to mention witnesses on set. Perhaps it will come out eventually in a tell-all, unauthorized bio.

    The silver lining to the explosives is they help the Dems and managed to get that damn caravan off the news. Eyes on the prize.

  25. MicheleKim says:

    Agreed, yes, good summation, Karen! Turned on CNN for about 30 seconds and could not stand to watch. Very scary and I, too, worry about the caravan when it does reach the border.

    I’ve seen clips of Trump’s rallies and wonder why all of those idiots behind the podium support him. I think it does boil down to TV news media perspective … on any given day compare top headlines of CNN, FOX, WAPO, HUFFPO … polarizing opinions and comments. You KNOW those folks are NOT listening to NPR or reading the ‘failing’ NYT.

  26. Mira says:

    I am watching the CNN rolling coverage of the pipe bombs , ( that is soooo boring, basically following a car with a chopper, and filling time with regurgitating the same commentary), and I cannot escape the feeling that something bigger is happening elsewhere, and this only serves to distract everyones attention.

  27. catsworking says:

    Lynn, good point about deflecting attention from the caravan. Now that the bomber has gone after Robert De Niro, I hope the consequences show up at the polls and the Dems take back the Senate easily.

  28. catsworking says:

    MicheleKim, apparently this morning Trump is blaming the media for the bombs. If only they would do nothing but sing his praises, none of this would be happening. The Dems brought it on themselves for daring to question him or suspect he’s a criminal.

    I’m waiting for video of the rally Trump presides over where his fans start chanting “Blow them up, blow them up!”

    Before this is over, I’m afraid that maniac is going to be drowning in the bloodshed he caused. And everyone in the White House and Congress who stood by with their thumbs up their asses and did nothing to stop him will be drenched as well.

  29. Ida says:

    I can’t believe what’s happening with pipe bombs sent to people known to be democrats and a republican president who in his public statements shows no sympathy and tries to deflect blame. These are scary times. There’s always been corruption and violence, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

  30. bassgirl23 says:

    The instagram stories can be accessed by clicking on the user’s icon daily (if there is a new story, there will be a highlight / circle around the icon). AA posts them daily and they are pretty narcissistic (big surprise). Luckily you don’t have to follow her to view them. The link to all AB’s archived instagram stories (I think someone here provided it – but can’t recall where) is a collection that goes back to, I think, 2017 or so. There are hundreds of them. The archive contains many videos of his views from his NY apartment, on-location shots, etc. and is quite a glimpse into his daily life. It’s interesting to go back and view because the earlier stories do seem much less “dark”.

  31. Morganlf says:

    Trump is getting what he wants. Journalists murdered, pipe bombs to his enemies…soon interment camps, oh wait he already has those. And he’s gonna win the mid terms.

    This is a nation of racists, we built an economy on it.

    McConnell essentially admitted the repugs are gonna fuck with entitlements to pay for the deficit caused by the tax cut for the wealthy. Magats will vote for right wing candidates and spite themselves, just to express their racist rage.

    The entire trump MAGATmovement is a reaction to Obama. They seethed at a NIGRA in the White House.

    That caravan? A get out the vote tool if ever I saw one. Wouldn’t be surprised if some right wing extremist groups were responsible for rallying the caravan with some well placed dollars. The migrants are now at 4 or 5k down from the 7k. They seem particularly aggressive, waving Honduran flags..just a bit stagey. Right in time for the mid terms.

    Playing to the base…and their fear of Hispanic hordes coming for their jobs and daughters!!! The toothless will hit the polls hard.

    All this, hate speech, crazy Nazi rallies, cowing to murderous dictators and the Dems can’t get their shit together! They’re gonna run that shrill idiot Warren, and that old man Biden.

    Were screwed.

    Lynn, I have long maintained Tony was back into drugs, likely at Argento’s urging, contributing to his death spiral.

  32. catsworking says:

    Welcome, bassgirl23, and thanks very much for that tutorial on the Instagram stories. I never would have figured that out. 🙂

    So it sounds like they don’t go poof after a certain amount of time. In Bourdain’s case, I’m glad. At least his family seems to have left up all his social media accounts so we can check back and relive the “good old days,” which I consider to be pre-2016.

  33. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I read this morning that the caravans are shrinking because the walkers just can’t take it anymore, especially the kids. The GOP would like nothing more than a trail of dead bodies that stretches from Honduras to the Texas border that they can pin on the Democrats.

    I still maintain that Trump’s base doesn’t have the numbers to save him in the mid-terms. There’s no fucking Electoral College this time, just pure votes. Especially in the states where the GOP is rabid about suppressing the vote, I think people will be disgusted enough by the in-your-face cheating to turn out in droves and overcome it.

    The fact is that NO Republican has legitimately become president since the first Bush in 1988. Bush II and Trump lost the vote, but had the job handed to them anyway.

    The racists are the ugliest screamers, but they AREN’T the majority and their agenda isn’t the way this country wants to go. Trump’s reaction to Khashoggi and the bombs has got to be pissing off anybody with a shred of decency, and fingers crossed they go and vote Democratic.

    And how about that blonde bimbo Megyn Kelly pulling out her old Fox racist playbook on NBC and getting her ass fired? FINALLY, JUSTICE.

  34. Morganlf says:

    I hope your right…but I don’t think so. I have had a revelation. There is simply no way ANYONE who can reason would vote for trump.

    Yet my friends, some relatives here in deep blue NJ love him. They are racists deeply so, but won’t admit it. Right leaning means racist.

    Trump said,” I am a Nationalist” this week to roars of approval, that’s dog whistle code for “I hate people of color.” trump is a coward service avoider…like all trump generations before him, who never ever, served in US Military,Teutonic twats.

  35. bassgirl23 says:

    Thanks, have been reading your site for a few months now as I stumbled across it when looking for answers as to what happened to AB (and finding little reliable information out there). Finally figured out how to comment just recently! 🙂

  36. catsworking says:

    Morgan, there are basically two types of people who support Trump: racists, and those who refuse to admit they are wrong or made a mistake. Often, they’re a combination of both.

    He will definitely get the pure racist vote in a landslide. But it’s still a minority. 30%? They get all the attention because they’re a train wreck.

    There’s some hope for the ones who won’t admit they were wrong. They defend him to save face, but maybe when they vote, they’ll do the right thing.

    I found an interesting guy on Twitter yesterday, @hotchkiss_jon of Flip The House, who has been going to a few Trump rallies, and he’s getting video lately of people streaming out just minutes into Trump’s speeches. The thrill is gone. He just repeats himself endlessly, says nothing new. Their lives aren’t any better since he took office. They’re seeing prices go up. They’ve seen him kidnap kids with no idea what to do with them next except make them the next generation of terrorist orphans. They’ve seen him lick Putin’s, Kim’s, and MBS’ asses.

    The people standing behind Trump at rallies are under orders to go nuts for the cameras. A few weeks ago there was a young guy (“flannel shirt guy”) who didn’t, looked skeptical of what Traump was saying, and they kicked him out mid-speech and replaced him with two cute, perky girls. The rallies aren’t total reality.

    These people won’t admit it to us, but they’re probably sick of being on the defensive. Every comedian on TV makes fun of them. Videos of their peers’ racist rants on Twitter get ripped to shreds by comments. The only channel they can safely watch without being dogged is Fox. They may just be getting sick of Trump in their face 24/7 like the rest of us are.

    Some of the more educated ones MUST realize this is a fight they can’t win. If they don’t yet, when the House does flip in two weeks, they’ll get it. And maybe they’ll drag their bigotry back into the closet where it belongs.

  37. catsworking says:

    Glad to have you, bassgirl23. We’re still standing by in case some new intel surfaces. I still think he must have left something written behind for someone.

    And I’ve got to write my review of Hungry Ghosts, which I finally finished the other night.

  38. Mira says:

    The people who voted for Trump last time, will keep voting for Trump. There is no mistake there.
    The only hope is that the complacent ones , that stayed home and did not vote last time, will vote against him.
    People who refuse to say they made a mistake, if anything, they dig their heels in, and just continue in the same vein, to spite others.
    They’re of the same ilk, like Trump, or AA, they never admit their mistakes , because narcissists are incapable of it.

  39. Lynn says:

    “Magats will vote for right wing candidates and spite themselves, just to express their racist rage.”

    Totally right, Morgan. I read a great article last year that talked about this phenom – how MAGATS would rather upset the left than improve their lives. It’s okay not to get what they want (e.g., heatlhcare) as long as libs are crying.

    re: AB and drugs, I just dont get how the toxo missed them. It sure as hell didn’t with Belushi or Farley or Ledger or PS Hoffman.

    “the caravans are shrinking because the walkers just can’t take it anymore,”

    Not to be an asshole but that just made me think of the Walking Dead. In a way it’s a fitting comparision as the right basically sees them as the zombie walkers they must destroy. I’m increasingly seeing most people this way. I don’t really want all those migrants coming in. Likewise there are tons of Americans I want out. Too bad we can’t deport right wing trailer trash.

    “They’re gonna run that shrill idiot Warren, and that old man Biden.”

    LOL. Warren always sounds way over caffeinated and the Native American thing is a joke. I actually like Biden. I think if he had run instead of Billary he’d have won. Let’s face it, where is the young rockstar candiate to emerge like Obama did out of nowhere? I don’t see it happening.

    “Their lives aren’t any better since he took office. They’re seeing prices go up.”

    And yet dems are not seizing on this message. It’s still all about how horrible Orangey is, all the un-PC things he says, identity politics. Hillary tried this and failed. Can dems not learn from past mistakes?? I do think they’re doing a decent job making the msg about healthcare but they’re not getting tough enough.

  40. Morganlf says:

    Lynn French toxo…was clearly a smoke screen. Arranged by loyal friends and or family..and I don’t blame them.

    The immediate disposal via cremation is a huge tell.

  41. catsworking says:

    Morgan and Lynn, agree that nothing about the aftermath of Bourdain’s death passed the smell test. What we don’t know is why.

    Just read an article about how the caravan is passing through small, poor villages in Mexico, and the residents are turning out to share as much food and water and accommodations as they can to help the people along. I don’t think we can really wrap our coddled heads around the poverty and violence that compel people to embark on a dangerous, probably hopeless trek like this, giving up what little they had and dragging their children along.

    This right-wing bullshit that they’re all freeloaders and criminals is seeping in as fact, when the vast majority end up doing menial, back-breaking jobs that Americans don’t want.

    I’m not saying just open the border and let everyone stream in. But we shouldn’t demonize them all en masse without FOLLOWING INTERNATIONAL LAW first and giving them a chance to apply for asylum.

  42. Morganlf says:

    You mean like the people who traveled thousands of miles from rural European shtetls to escape brutal pogroms? Or poor illiterate Italian immigrants who bundled up their rags to travel to America to die early in the coal mines of PA….or the starving Irish hordes escaping the famine? Or cowards who came here to escape military service to Germany during WW1?

    Everyone of the Trumpers including the maga bomber came from somewhere else, as part of a despised wave of mostly, illiterate, poor immigrants. Even the crazy religious zealot Puritans came here to escape.

    BLOTUS chooses to lie and he’s stupid…if you believe him your stupid. It means you don’t know the history of your country. It means your an anti-patriot.

  43. Adele Prass says:

    Karen, Morgan and Lynn, you said a mouthful.My father came here in 1921 to escape pogroms and Antisemitism. Except for one brother, the rest of his family was killed in the Holocaust. Had he waited 2 years, the US would have clamped down on Eastern European emigration. The most galling thing about the situation in Central America is that the US has had its dirty fingers in destabilizing those countries at least since the 1940’s. Lack of knowledge of history is a terrible thing.

    And the uglier things get, the more I miss Tony’s voice.

  44. L Villeneuve says:

    Adele, well said. I miss Tony so much and wonder what he would think of all this b.s.

  45. Morganlf says:

    Adele…Properly said. I need to look into the US destabilizing of Central America …it’s a little known agenda.

  46. catsworking says:

    Like destabilizing Central and South America is EVER a good idea for our national security. WTF is WRONG with that moron?

    Idiot said an hilarious thing the other day to whip up terror about the caravan. Something like, “They’re streaming in from South America and even farther south than that!”

    Stephen Colbert translated that into a band of penguins with assault weapons called “ICES.”

    My great-grandparents on both sides came to this country from Sicily and England, and a grandmother from Ireland. Who knows? If they’d all stayed put, I could have been born in Italy, be a big star, and be playing AA’s mother in low-budget horror flicks today.

  47. Ida says:

    – Why do you think there’s something shady about the French toxo? And why do you think AB’s family would keep it secret, even if it was a drug overdose? I don’t feel I have reason to believe it was anything other than officially stated (suicide by hanging), but maybe you see something else in this than I do?

    I do think it’s plausible he did drugs with AA but maybe not all the time and not when not with her, which would explain no drugs in toxo at the time of death, perhaps.

    I never saw any of his ‘Stories’ on Instagram until mentioned a few posts above. So I Googled them and found them (dating back to early 2017). They are 10-15 seconds long. Most of them are of places, hotel rooms, the view from his apartment (I think), airports, some beaches, a place with a wonderful view in Rome, which might be a fancy hotel, and very few with friends/colleagues in them. I think there are 3-4 of AA. Lots of his favourite music soundtracking his video clip. What struck me was, that most of these videos seem to be through the eyes of a very lonely person. Maybe I wouldn’t have felt that way about them if I’d seen them while he was still alive, but still, the vibe I got, was melancholy, sadness and loneliness. Of course, they are only short videos and maybe after having filmed he might have gone straight out and had a laugh with whoever was around at the time, so maybe he wasn’t sad. But the videos themselves are sad, I think.

  48. Morganlf says:


    The French released a report NOTHING found in his system, a few days later, they changed it to say :
    From NBC:
    “Anthony Bourdain drank significantly the evening before his death, a local French prosecutor told NBC.
    Christian de Rocquigny, the prosecutor investigating the celebrity chef’s death, would not disclose the amount of alcohol, but said there were signs he had drank significantly the night before he died. He added that there were no narcotics in his body; only a “therapeutic dose” of a nonnarcotic medication. He would not disclose the name of the medication.
    De Rocquigny said there were signs of a “repas arrosé,” a French term typically translated as a “boozy dinner.” He said “it remains likely” that Bourdain had “a high consumption” of alcohol the night before his death.
    He has already said that Bourdain’s death did not seem suspicious, and added that there was no indication that his previous findings had changed. “

    From Wikipedia:
    “On June 8, 2018, Bourdain was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging in his room at Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberg, France. He was 61 years old. Bourdain was traveling with his friend Éric Ripert, who became worried when Bourdain missed dinner and breakfast. Christian de Rocquigny du Fayel, the public prosecutor for Colmar, said that Bourdain’s body bore no signs of violence, that toxicology tests would determine whether drugs or medications were involved, but that the suicide appeared to be an “impulsive act”. Christian de Rocquigny later disclosed that Bourdain’s toxicology results were negative for narcotics, showing only a trace of a therapeutic nonnarcotic medication. Bourdain was working on an episode of Parts Unknown in nearby Strasbourg.Bourdain’s body was cremated in France on June 13, 2018, and his ashes were returned to the United States two days later.

    So which is it? Boozy dinner? Or did Ripert become worried when he missed dinner?

    The French story is full of holes.

  49. L Villeneuve says:

    I call bullshit on the French report. He wouldn’t do that in the middle of shooting PU. We are not getting ANY truthful reports and its frustrating as hell.

  50. catsworking says:

    Ida, the Instagram stories done back in early 2017 would have been a few months after he moved into his own apartment after spending his first Christmas estranged from his wife and child (although they probably still spent Christmas together, I assume). The big announcement that he and AA were officially an item appeared in February 2017. So, if his personal postings seemed melancholy, that goes against the image of a man who’d just found his soulmate that he was trying to project.

    As for drugs in the week leading up to his death, he was with Ripert all week, so I feel confident he wasn’t doing anything serious with drugs, if only not to cheapen himself in Eric’s eyes.

    We learned on a Friday morning that Bourdain was dead, but it would have been six hours later in France, so mid-afternoon Friday there. As Morgan said, he missed dinner Thursday night, and it was when he missed breakfast Friday morning that they decided to check on him.

    So his last “dinner” would have been Wednesday. Unless the prosecutor meant that he had a big boozy lunch on Thursday, which would have been his last full meal. Entirely possible. It may have been for the show. Maybe it was that lunch we’ve seen pictures of, where he and Eric are sitting by a huge window.

    If that’s the case, and he didn’t die until the wee hours of Friday morning, he must have been drinking in his room Thursday night while fighting long-distance with AA (because she has pegged his death as Thursday night because he went silent on her) or you’d think wine from lunch would have worked it’s way pretty much out of his system.

  51. catsworking says:

    LV, I would describe the French reporting as perfunctory and dismissive. “He’s dead. Hanged himself with his bathrobe belt. Nothing to see here. Case closed.”

    I know we Americans watch too many crime shows, but the dearth of detail and lack of basic follow-up on the death of someone internationally well-known seems suspicious in itself. UNLESS Bourdain left written instructions on how he wanted it to be handled, including, “Do not reveal that I left any kind of suicide note.”

  52. Lynn says:

    Watched the lastest Parts where ZPZ heads Chris and Lydia with various crew show raw footage, behind the scenes stuff and give their takes on working with Tony. It kind of felt to me like they were focusing more on his difficult, dick behavior. I almost wanted to say to them um you do know he’s dead, right? But I’m sure the last thing he’d want is to see his crew shedding tears for him on CNN so the tone was fitting.

    It also just blew my mind all the more that, given what an apparent stickler he was for the highest quality work and how strongly opposed he was to stuff like second takes and even suggestions from producers for things he should talk about on cam, he put up with AshyAss’s sorry excuse for ‘directing’ and, if true, drunkenness on set. Another reason why you should never shit where you eat.

  53. Ida says:

    Lynn – haven’t seen the latest/last episode yet. In fact, I haven’t really watched much of any of the eps of the last season, just a few clips here and there. As for AA, I saw a few clips of her on Italian XFactor, both as a judge and ‘behind the scenes’ and she seems like a right Biyatch to work with/be around. Daddy’s little rich spoiled girl who must always have her way. Another thing I wondered was, AB who was so opinionated. I’d imagine he wouldn’t be a fan of something like the XFactor, which is completely against anything he ever stood for. Yet, his girlfriend was going to be a judge on that horror show – I wonder what he thought of that. She probably spun it in a way so he thought she was oh so punk for ‘hijacking’ a show that’s the very definition of the establishment.

    And AA going on about ‘making art every day’. I looked at her IG and there’s precious little evidence of making art, just a lot of ‘stating’ that she’s making art. Where is this art that she keeps talking about? She also got AB to quote that on his IG: ‘Making art every day’. How on earth could he not see he was being taken for a ride? It’s baffling. It’s like she became his mouthpiece or something. I also noticed her following has risen massively since AB’s death – so she’s definitely benefited from her association with him and pretending to be the lost little girl in the aftermath of his death. Smart move.

    But back to the ‘art’ – there’s hardly any evidence of it. A few guest appearances on other people’s records, mentioning some installations but we never see her work, some DJ’ing, sure she directed a film or two (both shit, I’ve checked) but primarily a lot of posing and hanging out. I suppose she thinks that she is an artwork in herself, in which case, I suppose it’s kind of true in its own way that she makes art every day. But quite frankly… What a poser. And for someone who’s so concerned with ‘making art’ – what the fuck is she doing on XFactor? Fraud!

    I go back and forth between thinking, oh well, I never knew AB so it shouldn’t matter to me, and being extremely angry about how much damage this spoiled girl has caused. I look forward to the day in the coming months when I let it go and don’t think about it anymore. But that day hasn’t come yet. AB’s downfall still saddens me and I still find AA’s ‘showcase’ of psychopathic behaviour very disturbing.

  54. catsworking says:

    Ida, I fixed your post and a couple of tweaks and broke it up a bit for easier reading.

    On AA: While Bourdain was alive, I basically accepted his word that she was a class act, although she never looked like one. We really heard very little from her aside from the New Yorker article about Weinstein, which was really my first clue that he’d hooked up with a drama queen.

    Whenever we saw her, she was with him, and he was doing all the talking. If you think about it, he totally molded her public image as his girlfriend.

    It was only after he died and we learned a bit more about the relationship and she started speaking out that I realized what a trailer trash train wreck she is on every level. As time goes by, I increasingly wonder what the FUCK he was ever thinking to let himself get taken like that.

    Her IG account may have gotten a boost from the Bourdain association, but it’s only temporary. Once his memory fades, so will that contingent of her followers. She’ll drop back to her D-list status, with a reputation for shitting on or killing every man who has ever crossed her path until she drinks and smokes herself to death.

    There’s nothing more damning than for her to be excluded from the final episodes of Parts Unknown featuring people who worked with him. She was sharing his work AND his bed for his final two years, and yet she’s ignored? It speaks volumes, and makes me believe CNN knows something about her involvement in his death that’s being kept under wraps, probably to protect his image or out of respect for his family.

  55. Lynn says:

    Ida you’re forgetting her “art”ful music vids and “singing”. lol

    “I’d imagine he wouldn’t be a fan of something like the XFactor, which is completely against anything he ever stood for.”

    I don’t think he’d have much room to talk after doing The Taste.

  56. catsworking says:

    Lynn, have to laugh at The Taste. I suffered through all three seasons, which were more than it deserved. My thing was that people don’t cram a whole meal onto one fork, but I’ve since realized that, yes, it’s possible to attempt that. Mashed potatoes with a little dressing and turkey on one fork? Eggs and bacon? Salad, multiple veggies in one bite? Sure.

    That said, I still thought that show was bullshit, but he seemed to enjoy mentoring, and it was nice to see him back into cooking.

    I’ve never seen one moment of AA’s output, beyond some of her scenes with Tony on Parts Unknown where we know it was all about seduction, which would qualify as “art.” Her movies are garbage.

    She grew up in a home where her parents believed that any sort of mental diarrhea they produced was art, so she can’t totally be blamed for thinking her every bowel movement should be preserved for posterity.

    Like Trump, she exhibits signs of woefully misguided toilet training.

  57. Margeaux says:

    Last night I saw something called “Left Overs,” on YouTube, about Anthony Bourdain. It’s really good, of him & ZPZ during their “No Reservations,” era. I used to watch Tony on that a lot, and just absolutely loved it. He looks so handsome during this time, and I’d forgotten how young he looked back then, still had lots of dark hair.
    He was slender, but looked great!! Debonaire!! It was so funny too, and you could still hear a rather strong Jersey accent going on, so cute!! Can you tell I liked him?

    Anyway, I believe that in Europe there’s really a whole different take on forensics and as it relates to drugs. Remember when Lady Diana died? That investigation seems to have gone off the rails pretty early on. If I remember correctly, they did finally admit the driver to being very enibriated, which was partly the cause of the wreck. But at first they appeared to be putting a lot of focus on the fact the paparrazzis were chasing Lady Di & Dodi. I also tend to think that since drinking is such a part of French culture, they may tend to minimize some of the alcohol content to begin with.

    I once lived in Europe, Spain for three years, even there….there’s a whole lot of drinking that goes on thats so entwined into their food, culture you name it. So they don’t look at these kinds of factors the way we in the West do, especially as it relates to a contributing factor about death.

    O.K., just my take & tidbit about how they think in Europe.

  58. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, thanks for that perspective. Your comparison of Diana’s investigation and Bourdain’s is spot-on. There IS a different attitude with the French about drugs and alcohol and the details of a celebrity death in general.

    I think my favorite episodes of Tony will be from No Reservations as well, although the French Alps episode of Parts Unknown with Eric Ripert may stay on my DVR permanently.

    I just watched the “Under the Tarp” episode where the crew is remembering him, and he doesn’t come across as the shy, humble person he was in other aspects of his life.

  59. Morganlf says:

    By his own admission in his books Tony was very disciplined about work. I believe he was a task master. Not the kind who yells or screams, but one who lay on the sarcasm thick when displeased. In that episode it’s clear he didn’t suffer fools. No retakes. No usual travel palaver. No visits to the pyramids in Egypt.

    But we knew that. The eye rolls, the caustic wit. No one wanted to get on the wrong side of THAT.

    No matter, I still loved him.

  60. Mira says:

    Yes, above all , he always wanted to maintain that image of being ‘cool’. And that meant not caring about the usual tourist attractions, not wanting to look laboured in the takes; it had to appear casual, not contrived…It’s actually quite exhausting when you think about it…I remember an old Greek episode, somewhere on an island, he looked so uncomfortable as others were dancing in a traditional way, holding hands in a semicircle. You could see him squirming, at least 100 meters away, clutching a drink, and just wishing he was somewhere else.
    It is something I can relate to, not being quite that generation of punk/rock irreverence, but close enough. I grew up with that tyranny of forever having to appear cool, to not show too much enthusiasm about anything. You can see the instances when he breaks out of that role, and occasionally flashes a genuine smile.

  61. bassgirl23 says:

    Lynn I agree with you re the latest (and earlier) Parts Unknown – not one mention of AA, anywhere, from anyone who really knew him on a day to day basis. Any instagram posts, interviews etc. with his crew or close friends all seem to go out of their way to avoid the topic if they don’t disparage her outright (but many do offer condolences to his daughter and / or his family).

    It was interesting to hear the crew’s descriptions of him, too, and his line “only pet the baby while it’s sleeping” (or something like that!) was telling – he really didn’t suffer fools, and it sounds like he didn’t hand out praise very often either.

    Amateur psychologist here…but all that sarcasm and wit is often a self defense mechanism for feelings of inferiority. In some way or another he always said he couldn’t believe his luck, kept looking in the rearview mirror…even with all the arrogance he projected, I don’t think he ever really felt very confident. Maybe that’s why he appealed to so many people, because it’s possible he really wasn’t that dick (deep down), but he felt the need to keep playing the part because that had always worked for him, and sometimes those lines blurred.

    Also agree that AA took him for a ride. I can’t see what about her “work” (and it’s a stretch to call it that) appealed. She tries to be edgy but all I see are trashy, neurotic, narcissistic posts. She can be attractive in some of her photos here and there, on the surface, but I don’t see any real kindness or empathy in anything she does. I haven’t heard her ever make reference to AB’s daughter (all the while whining about how he left her and her kids – as if he’d adopted them or something), which initially struck me as odd. Maybe initially he thought he had met a kindred spirit (hard shell on the outside, soft inside) but by the time he realized what she was it was too late.

  62. catsworking says:

    bassgirl23, you just gave me a thought. Now that we’ve learned what a strict taskmaster Tony was with the crew, maybe what sticks in their craw now about AA is how she emasculated him — in front of them. Maybe they watched him sacrifice his high standards and bend to her whims when she was playing “director,” and they hated her for breaking him, and for the compromises he made to keep her happy.

    They hated having to stand by and watch it and there was nothing they could do to save him. To speak up and try to get him to see the red flags and defend himself against her emotional torture would have been suicide for them. Zach may have been the one who tried because he thought he and Tony were close, and he paid the price by getting fired in Hong Kong.

    So now, the only way they can strike back at her is with total silence, to pretend she never existed. To disavow everything she ever did on Parts Unknown. Being ignored is like a stake in the heart of a narcissist like her. Maybe that’s what’s going on.

    And they undoubtedly have more insight into the role she played the last week of his life because they were there to see him taking the phone calls and texts as she tried to downplay screwing around with Hugo. They KNOW the effect she was having on him, and how he finally reacted to it.

  63. L Villeneuve says:

    My favourite line from the last PU episode is when Chris said about Tony, “he’s a dick, but he’s our dick!” Lol.

  64. Ida says:

    ‘She said: “It’s been a tragic event. We had been together for two years. He was depressed but didn’t let other people see that.”’

    Is AA for real? Anyone who’s watched AB’s shows or read his books will know that he has suffered from depression from time to time.

    Several people have said after his death that they had conversations with him sbout being depressed or feeling down.

    Also, what happened to AA’s remark that she and AB told each other everything, in which case he clearly didn’t trust her enough to tell her everything, since he could clearly talk about it with other people!?
    So which is it? That they told each other everything or that she didn’t know he was depressed?

  65. Ida says:

    …also, isn’t it a bit too convenenient to blame his suicide on depression? Lots of people with depression don’t kill themselves. And when they do, often there’s something or someone that pushed them over the edge, like the loss if a loved one, losing your job or perhaps getting caught up in someone else’s mess and having to clean it up for them.

  66. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for the link. Had to laugh that the interview appeared on EWN (my emphasis on the Ewwww!)

    Time’s going on and she’s still out there spinning her own version of the story, making herself the victim, with her destructive behavior toward him and public betrayal having nothing to do with why he was depressed.

    Like Trump when one of his flying monkeys gets shot down and indicted, she’s pretending she hardly knew Bourdain. Couldn’t see he was exhausted and aging by the minute. Had NO CLUE anything was bothering him, even as he was draining his own cash on hand behind the scenes to bail out her boy-fucking ass and keeping her damn secret at the risk of his own reputation and career. She’s Trump all over. The ultimate user.

    Makes me want to puke that she wants to “fall in love again.” We all know she means “My bank account’s empty, I’m unemployable, and I need to find another sugar daddy fast.”

    I can’t express how much that lying, gold-digging, predatory skank disgusts me.

  67. Dingobeast says:

    OMG, Ida-that friggin’ EWN article. She says it is impossible to rape a man, that Jimmy raped her. The law, and many raped men and boys disagree. Narcissists ALWAYS project what they have done on other people. She is so full of evil bullshit, I do like that every time she opens her mouth, she proves what an awful piece of filth she is.

    She drained Tony like a vampire, there wasn’t anything left of the guy. I hope that any poor slob she has her sights on runs away. He killed himself because he finally figured out what everyone already knew about Asshat, that she is a user, and a vile lot lizard.

  68. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, not sure what a “vile lot lizard” is, but I like it. Sort of a reptilian junkyard dog?

    You know AA is desperate when she’s ADVERTISING for man barely five months after Tony’s death. “I hope to fall in love again,” is such bullshit when she’s proudly declared she never loved anyone, is incapable of it. She screws, gets bored, then abuses. Douche and repeat.

    Unfortunately, her lusts run to the young and broke. Let’s hope any mature, wealthy man would know better than to hook up with an ink-stained, dirty-haired drunk who reeks of tobacco. Not to mention the risk of catching virulent crotch rot, considering the volume of random traffic running through that fetid “love” tunnel.

  69. L Villeneuve says:


  70. Ida says:

    ‘Lot lizard’ is a reference to the JR Leroy books, where a ‘lot lizard’ is a prostitute who hangs around truck stops in search customers. Maybe the term is not by Laura Albert but she used it in her books

  71. Adele Prass says:

    “Lot lizard” I love it! I’ll probably never read anything by JT Leroy, but I’m filing that one away. Gave me a hearty laugh in what’s been a grizzly two weeks.

  72. Lynn says:

    Ashface was the Yoko Ono of those shoots. I’m sure it was tough for the crew seeing AB suddenly brainwashed like some zombie while this incompetent ‘director’ was drinking and bumbling around on shoots doing shitty work. And I get why they want to ‘ignore’ her in terms of her episodes not being aired, no mention of her in the tribute episode, etc. But it doesn’t explain the silence other than a couple of anonymous people who claim to have been on those shoots and posted online about how ‘monstrous’ she was to AB.

    “How can you make a guy have an erection without him wanting to?”

    Wow you’d think a skank ho would have at least a basic understanding of male anatomy and how it works.

  73. catsworking says:

    Ida, I’ve never read any J(T?) Leroy, so this is a new one on me. So, a lot lizard makes a junkyard dog a noble creature in comparison. That sounds like AA.

  74. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I got a good laugh at AA claiming it’s impossible rape a man. She’s probably done it so many times in her life (suck until it gets hard, then jump right on and go) that she probably considers it normal sex.

    I suspect that whatever communications may have been found on Tony’s phone or whatever from AA were so monstrous, to reveal what she said would undoubtedly launch a lawsuit by AA and just drag Tony even deeper in the mud, so they are keeping it under wraps. Also, to protect Ariane.

  75. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, a lot lizard is the last stop in the career of a hooker. The lowest echelon of sex workers, lot lizards work truck stops for clients, going from truck to truck peddling their raddled wares, so pretty much Asshat. I have never read any JT Leroy, this is a fairly common term.

    I do find it commendable and curious that NOBODY from within Tony’s actual family and circle has said a word about the old skank. I do think she was about to make his life an even worse waking nightmare than she already had, perhaps going after him legally.

  76. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, how did I ever miss ever hearing that term? Sounds like Italian truckers will very soon be in for a treat at their favorite truck stop when “Whatever Happened to Baby Asia” pays a visit to their big rigs.

    Once (or even before) Tony paid the $200K to Jimmy, AA probably realized she had Tony by the short and curlies blackmail-wise, should she ever feel a need to jerk his leash. No doubt it emboldened her to prance around Rome with Hugo for the paparazzi. And if Bourdain had a problem with that, she could just threaten to tell CNN he was paying to cover up an alleged female-on-boy rape while banging the alleged rapist himself while telling Mario Batali to get lost and pretending to be a champion of #MeToo.

    In the end, I think it was her betrayal and the realization that she’d dug him into a deep moral hole he’d have to hide in for the rest of his life or risk blowing up his career that were the two final straws.

  77. Dingobeast says:

    I think so, too, catsworking. He hated liars and bullshit and realized he was becoming one due to her. I think he was so worn down from her, it sounds as if she harassed him relentlessly. I hope we do get a real accounting of what happened. The rumors of her calling CNN constantly after he died are quite credible, I am positive she was trying to angle her mangy, used up ass into his job. Surprise, skank! They don’t even want to show the episodes that include her, much less hire her for anything. That tells you how awful she was, as that will probably cost CNN, but a far as they were concerned, totally worth it to not give her a damn penny.

  78. Ida says:

    Yes, JT, not JR – typo 🙂

    ‘In the end, I think it was her betrayal and the realization that she’d dug him into a deep moral hole he’d have to hide in for the rest of his life or risk blowing up his career that were the two final straws.’

    – You might have nailed it with that paragraph above. AB may have found himself in a situation where he didn’t feel he could face his friends back in NYC, after having had become involved with a fraud and hypocrite, and in the process he’d kind of become one himself. When he woke up and realised that, he might have found that to be overwhelming. Adding to that, AA seems like hard work to be with, and by the looks of things AB had to clean up all her messes for her and pay her expenses. He’d put so much energy into cleaning up her messes and protecting her, that he may have had no energy left to clean up the mess he found himself in and to protect himself. Realising that though he’d helped and supported her, she was never going to return that favour, staying alive, all of a sudden, might have seemed like too much hard work. I also think the comment Vincent Gallo made about her supports the idea that she is a menace to be in a relationship with, and that she’s is pure poison.

  79. YouShouldKnow says:

    People here should know that it was well known in the bjj community that his wife was cucking him with Eddie Cummings. You can see how it all unraveled on instagram. He and the world were watching his wife fall in love with another man and he was being relentlessly mocked and having his face rubbed in it. A man can only be publicly debased but so much before he decides to pull the plug entirely and walk away. Her and Eddie making it official as soon as he decided to do so only proves he was right to leave her. His only mistake was doing so with Asia.

    What Asia did with Hugo was mild in comparison. How do you think a 60 year old man felt when his 20 year younger wife moved on immediately with the man she insisted was like a brother to her, only a best friend. A man he had over his home, for holidays and vacations. The same guy everyone was mocking him and insisting his wife was cheating on him with. The same guy she preferred to travel the world with over himself. As a man, I can guarantee you fewer things can break a mans soul more.

    I think people want to build up this fantasy narrative where if Asia didn’t come into the picture than everything would be hunky dory. I don’t think that’s the case at all. You don’t leave the mother of your child and get with a walking red flag like her unless you’re already broken. I bet you part of the reason he was attracted to Asia was because she’s a perpetual victim. It gave him something to fix/take care of, which in turn probably validated his sense of masculinity(until she turned on him). His wife and her boyfriend were doing just the opposite – publicly, over and over again.

    I heard his wife was surprised when he decided to finally move out. I’m not sure why, because it certainly wasn’t to everybody else. They say ‘thwarted belongingness’ is an important aspect when someone decides to commit suicide. I think he felt that way in his real family before he ever met Asia and she just took a broken desperate man for everything he was worth.

  80. catsworking says:

    The relationship with AA undoubtedly added to Tony’s exhaustion in the last two years because he promised to be with her five days a month. That, on top of an already grueling travel schedule. But as long as he felt they were a solid team, he may have been willing to hang on as long as he could. He even said it wouldn’t “suck” to live with her some day.

    BUT, something must have snapped when he saw those pics of her with Hugo. He realized they WEREN’T solid and she was willing to throw all his devotion back in his face by being photographed cheating on him for all the world to see. His suicide coming four days after those photos surfaced is no coincidence.

    One piece for me that has never made sense is AA repeatedly calling CNN in the aftermath. We don’t know that for a fact, but why would she do it? Dingobeast, if it was to worm her way on the air permanently as some sort of replacement seems ludicrous, even for her ego. Was she making excuses, trying to distance herself from the tragedy? Whatever it was, it must have backfired to have CNN react by banning her, the women Bourdain was calling his “soulmate,” the woman who, just months earlier, directed the Hong Kong episode, which Bourdain proclaimed his finest work.

    In fact, even if she DIDN’T call CNN, she’s banned. CNN knows something we don’t, and it must be very damning.

    And CNN recently announced they will never air the final episode from France where Tony died. Well, DUH. But did you notice, no word about Florence, which HAD wrapped? (I know, someone here keeps saying they were planning to go back and film more on that, but I don’t buy it. That’s not how they worked. The schedule was too intense to leave unfinished bits to be picked up months later. I believe filming on that one was done. With AA.)

    Yeah, if Tony should had taken notes from Vincent Gallo, he might still be with us today.

  81. Dingobeast says:

    I wonder if she was threatening them, after her begging for Tony’s job didn’t work? Remember, this woman is entitled, and had been incredibly indulged by Tony, she is also deluded and thought they would want her. What explains the overwhelming silence from EVERYBODY? I have to imagine some legal stuff is out there. It is very much to their benefit to not mention her at all, as it gives her oxygen.

    Her default when she is mad at reality is to threaten legal stuff. I think she imagined she had WAY more access than she actually did. CNN paid her as a guest “director” grudgingly to keep Tony happy, but nobody liked her one bit. Apparently and hilariously, her fee was quite high. She thought she owned PU because she pretty much owned Tony and he fired people for her and bent backwards for her. Once she finally broke her toy, every one of those doors she assumed were open for her slammed in her lizard face.

  82. catsworking says:

    Welcome, YouShouldKnow. I wasn’t following Otavia and her BJJ career on Reddit and have no idea when she and Eddie took things to the next level. But because her daughter was right there, I have a hard time believing Ottavia was running around NYC openly with Eddie before her split from Bourdain was official. From what little I’ve seen since, she and Eddie do seem to be a couple, they share a big mutual interest, and I’m happy for them.

    I’ve always thought Bourdain took up BJJ at age 57 as a last-ditch effort to share her world and see for himself what was going on.

    For Tony, it could have been another “nail in the coffin,” so to speak, but not from “cucking.” Bourdain tried to spend 5 days a month with his daughter and maintain some semblance of family. We know AA was excluded, but Ottavia had no reason to hide Eddie after the separation, so maybe he was around and Tony got to know him.

    He saw his wife happy, in a stable relationship with an age-appropriate young man, while he himself was trying to keep pace with a narcissistic, psycho drunk about 20 years too young who was bleeding him dry financially. Maybe he realized he had fucked up a good thing by losing his home base, and it became increasingly hard to bear as AA’s demands increased.

    When Tony and Ottavia were together in the beginning, they were very, very good. I talked to her at length. She was totally supportive and grounded, two things he needed. But she was young and she needed to find her own passion, which turned out to be BJJ. Their eventual breakup was probably inevitable, given that he seemed to be compelled to travel so much and she was raising their child basically as a single mother. That must get old.

    He had so many irons in the fire project-wise, he probably could have cut back on the globe-trotting and nobody would have noticed, but he chose not to. He didn’t care about amassing a fortune, so it wasn’t the money. From her standpoint, would you want to stay married to a man who can’t bring himself to be in the same city with you and his daughter more than a few days a month?

    When Bourdain hooked up with AA, it looked to me like he was trying to recreate what he had with Ottavia, right down to picking another Italian. But as time went on, he realized how totally unalike they were.

  83. YouShouldKnow says:

    “But because her daughter was right there, I have a hard time believing Ottavia was running around NYC openly with Eddie before her split from Bourdain was official.”

    With all due respect I’m not sure why you would find this hard to believe. There’s plenty of talk and evidence out there for anyone who wants to go looking. In fact if you go back enough to comments connected to articles announcing the split, you can find not so nice comments basically saying, ‘good everyone knows she was sucking off Eddie’. I promise you, it was very blatant and obvious to anyone watching. Pictures say a thousand words, and both their instagrams are full of them. Ottavia also made it a point to like every. single. one. of Eddie’s photos going back years ago. She didn’t even do this for her husband, or anyone else. People who bothered paying attention knew it wasn’t going to last because Ottavia and Eddie were not subtle and a man can only be emasculated so much before he snaps. I’ll reiterate that there are places out there that quite scarily/sadly predicted the whole arch of this tragedy with great accuracy starting years ago.

    And for people who don’t think instagram photos and the like aren’t a big deal… we are talking about someone who spiraled and killed themselves over photos. So I’d say he was a sensitive person when it came to that. Who knows, maybe Asia knew it was a particular sore spot for him.

    I remember reading this article in the New Yorker awhile ago and this part raised a red flag for me then:

    “After the Vietnam trip, Bourdain had competed in a jujitsu tournament, in Manhattan, and had been defeated by a strongman who wrenched his head with such ferocity that he thought his fillings might pop. As an added indignity, Bourdain came away from the tournament with a skin infection that left him looking, he says, “like Quasimodo.” (Ripert is puzzled by jujitsu: “It’s supposed to be good for the body, but he seems to be in pain all the time.”)

    In a fit of self-exile, Bourdain flew to France and made his way, alone, to the oyster village that he had visited as a child. He had rented a big villa, with the intention of doing some writing. Bourdain cherishes the trope of the misanthropic émigré. “To me, ‘The Quiet American’ was a happy book, because Fowler ends up in Vietnam, smoking opium with a beautiful Vietnamese girl who may not have loved him,” he told me.

    But in France he found that he couldn’t write. His body was itchy and swollen from the rash, and he had a throbbing pain in his head. Because he looked hideous, he left the villa only after dark, like a vampire. Finally, Bourdain sought out a French doctor, who gave him a battery of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. After impulsively swallowing a week’s supply, Bourdain realized that he had not eaten in thirty-six hours. He drove to a café in a nearby town, Arcachon, and ordered spaghetti and a bottle of Chianti. He was halfway through the wine when he realized that he was sweating through his clothes. Then he blacked out.”

    Someone does not impulsively swallow a weeks worth of painkillers and anti-inflammatories without reason. He also mixed them with alcohol. That is not something a mentally healthy person decides to do. That’s deliberate self destructive/harming behavior. But why?

    I thought it at the time, and I think it even more so now. It sounded like a half hearted suicide attempt.

    The Vietnam episode was filled in May 2016, so this occurred shortly after that. This was before he announced his split. Before he gave up home base. This was before the pictures with Hugo. Before any payments were made. But it did occur after his wife was falling in love with another man and following him around while he was being mocked and ridiculed online over it.

    In October 2016 this interview is published where he makes this comment:

    “My household is an absentee wife, who pretty much abandoned me to become a professional jiu-jitsu and grappling expert”

    “he seemed to be compelled to travel so much and she was raising their child basically as a single mother.”

    More like the nanny was. She was compelled to do her own traveling. Only not with her husband, but with Eddie. I think it says a lot that there needs to be a nanny with one child. Doing bjj didn’t mean she had to follow Eddie around the globe like a lap dog, it was just something she wanted to do. Meanwhile Anthony is traveling the globe, earning actual money, in the same time span constantly dropping not so subtle hints about how lonely/depressed he feels. It seems he felt like his wife didn’t exactly want to be around him.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he ran off to France alone to ‘impulsively’ take a bunch of pills in 2016 and that he eventually actually took his life there. I’d also like to note that most people who commit suicide ‘impulsively’ aren’t actually doing it on a whim. It’s usually something that someone ruminates over and it becomes like a playing card they add to their deck, to be played on an impulsive whim. Most people who have suicidal ideation will drop hints as a subtle cry for help. He dropped A LOT of them. In fact he was practically screaming for help and one has to wonder if anyone ever tried to intervene in any meaningful way.

    I think Anthony spent many lonely nights wondering what his wife and Eddie were up to and I think it was a knife in his heart when they confirmed all his insecurities and self doubt. Hence his utter desperation with Asia and why he said he was basically dead inside.

  84. L Villeneuve says:

    So the Italian paparrazzi caught AA in the arms of criminal Fabrizio Corono who has a rap sheet a mile long. It hasn’t even been 5 months since Tony died. I am friggin speechless.

  85. Dingobeast says:

    YouShouldKnow, that WHOLE thing seems rather a stretch. I think it likely that they grew apart on both parts of their relationship, the nature of their lives would make it inevitable. Ottavia got Tony into martial arts (bribed with vicodin to take a class), and he seemed to really love it. Her aims for her life are as important as his, and he had his own goals for what he wanted for his life. It is pretty sexist to assume that Ottavia should be the one to be doing 24 hour child care. I would hire a nanny as well, if I could afford it. As I recall the nanny is basically a family member, and also inherited from Tony.

    I think Tony neglected himself and probably didn’t have great taste in women. He was also somewhat of a dick about the women he chose. I recall reading that he was disappointed in both Nancy and Ottavia for not really working and hustling, this is from things he actually said. The France passing out thing seemed more a feature of his extreme self-neglect (3 days without food!) rather than a deliberate attempt to die. A former heroin addict gobbling a handful of vicodin for pain isn’t a huge surprise. The account of his from when he and Nancy divorced and he was trying to crash his car felt more like an an oblique suicide attempt.

    I do think he was crushingly lonely, but it was more a function of his life and the kind of guy he was. I think he was a romantic who wanted this devoted, talented partner/wife, but he really didn’t have the space in his life for it, and also kinda bad taste, so he ended up with AA, who pretended to be that person he so needed.

  86. catsworking says:

    YouShouldKnow, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. If there’s a ton of photographic evidence that Ottavia washed her hands of Bourdain before their announced separation, I don’t try to refute it. I haven’t seen it, but I had no reason to look for it. Something ran the marriage into a ditch, and my guess is that Tony’s prolonged absences got old. Then Ottavia found someone else to fill the void.

    I loved him, but I can’t say that I condemn or blame her for anything because I don’t. It was a Catch-22 for both of them. He couldn’t/wouldn’t cut back on the travel and she got sick of being alone.

    I’ve followed Bourdain’s doings for years to the present. From my vantage point, Ottavia virtually disappeared I saw virtually NOTHING about her. But I wasn’t following her BJJ career. She seemed to keep her life separate from his, and I never saw any indication she was trying to “emasculate” Tony or rub his nose in her new relationship. I knew nothing about it. The Bourdains continued to spend holidays together as a family. When they announced the split, he said that their lifestyle wasn’t really changing; they’d been living separate lives for years.

    I agree he was desperately lonely. He made no secret of that. And I agree it’s a tragedy no one was able to help him deal with it, least of all AA.

    The New Yorker article you reference is the only place I’ve ever seen first wife Nancy weigh in, and she said that Tony contacted her after what may very well have been a suicide attempt when he was alone in France, to apologize to her. Clearly, he and Ottavia were finished, so he reached out to his first love.

    The more we dissect his life, the more inevitable his sad end seems to have been.

  87. catsworking says:

    LV, seeing your post, I found this:

    It’s in Italian so I have no idea what it’s about, but it was posted today and she’s with this guy Fabrizio. Some skanks never change.

  88. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, very well put! I was composing my response and didn’t see yours until just now.

    I read a blog post back in May 2016 (several months before the separation announcement in September – but a month into Tony’s affair with AA) that was my only indication a “Bourdain’s getting cucked by his wife” theory was out there, and I dismissed it for its misogynistic tone. Ottavia was vilified for posting photos of herself with the young guys from her academy, even though NONE of them were the least bit suggestive of any hanky-panky. She said early on that she most enjoyed grappling with guys for the challenge of it, and Tony was fine with that, even saying he was proud of her progress.

    Bourdain really was a paradox. He loved being a family man, but once his career took off, he couldn’t stay put long enough to do more than pass through. He had thousands of acquaintances, but Eric Ripert seemed to be his only close friend. In the end, Tony couldn’t even confide in Eric, who might have been the one person in the world able to calm him down. AND ERIC WAS RIGHT THERE!!

    You said it: “I do think he was crushingly lonely, but it was more a function of his life and the kind of guy he was. I think he was a romantic who wanted this devoted, talented partner/wife, but he really didn’t have the space in his life for it.”

  89. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, wow, Asia is going after someone more on her level of trash at least. I like to go and read her twitter for LOLs sometimes and she is def back on the stroll. Lots of new pics where she appears bathed, hair brushed, clean clothes.

    I think that Ottavia and Tony probably just could not keep it together, and I am guessing he wasn’t a monk himself. She was much younger than him, they got very serious literally on the first date and had a baby almost immediately. She was just a hostess at Le Bernardin, so I am sure she was utterly swept away and didn’t really know what that life was going to look like.

    I feel bad for Eric, I cannot imagine how helpless he felt. His family must have been so blindsided.

    I think at the end of the day Tony spun between his desperate need for connection with people, and his need to also run the fuck away from everyone. It is so so easy to disconnect when you travel that much. I remember reading a quote from someone who worked with him on one of his shows, one time Tony didn’t come down for breakfast, and this guy said he just KNEW Tony was dead, like it was expected. He came down at that time finally, but eventually there was going to be that time when he didn’t.

  90. catsworking says:

    AA has blocked me on Twitter, so I have no idea what she’s doing there.

    To set the record straight, Ottavia was working as a manager at Geisha when she met Bourdain. She had previously worked for Eric, and it was his wife Sandra who hooked up Ottavia with Tony. She went on a first date with him where they stayed up very late (maybe after she got off work). He called her the next day and asked to see her that night and she declined because she was tired. Then she didn’t hear from him again for at least several weeks because he was traveling, and she thought it might be a one-off. But when he got back he called her, and I think it was on the second date that they really clicked and became a couple. (I’m saying this from my recollection of what Ottavia told me directly. Her story is here in the archives, maybe November 2008.)

    I don’t have the dates at my fingertips (watching the election returns), but I want to say they had been “dating” (whenever he was in town) for at least a year before they decided to have a baby together, and marriage wasn’t in the picture until Ottavia was very far along (although Tony wasn’t divorced from Nancy). Ottavia told me he proposed to her out of the blue one night while she was watching Dancing with the Stars.

    I think about Eric. I’m sure his Buddhist faith is helping him cope with what happened, and he’s going on with his life with joy. Le Bernadin was just awarded 3 Michelin stars again. But he has the story of what happened that morning, and we don’t yet know if he’ll ever decide to tell it.

  91. bassgirl23 says:

    Dingobeast, I completely agree with your comments. Ugh, AA really has no class – she didn’t wait long did she? Yeah, she’s devastated all right. Regardless of whether or not Ottavia was seeing her BJJ partner (and he showed up a lot in AB’s instagram, so they seemed to be at least civil if not actually friends), I never saw any pictures of OB climbing all over him like a cat in heat.

    I see CNN has announced they won’t use any of the Alsace footage (which was pretty much a given), but they’re still completely silent as to the (completed?) show from Italy, presumably because it’s got AA in it. That too says a lot of what they (and I assume his family) think of her.

    Hopefully they will release more of AB’s essays / stories in the years to come. Obviously his fans will appreciate it, but it would be a nice legacy for his daughter too.

    For me, AB’s story has been compelling in part because my husband is also a chef (currently working in the film industry) – he works crazy hours, deals with all kinds of “celebrities”, and when I read AB’s Kitchen Confidential, the descriptions of the kitchens were pretty much identical to what he’d experienced. We also have one daughter, so I can relate in a small way to the “single mom” phenomenon that Ottavia had gone through. I see no issue with her having a nanny, especially when they could easily afford it – I think it was the smart thing to do and may have helped her keep her sanity, giving her time to do something for herself alone.

  92. catsworking says:

    bassgirl23, not only did (do?) they have a nanny, but the nanny has a son who became like a sibling to Ariane, according to Tony. So it has been nice that she’s had a playmate at home.

    I read an interview with Laurie Woolever recently where she mentioned that she had been working on a book of essays with Tony about his travels. I really hope he did enough work on it that she will be able to finish and publish it, because I would hate for Hungry Ghosts to be the last book we ever see from him. (I’ve been promising to review it, and I’ll get around to it. I need to study it a bit more.)

    I seen quite a few photos of Ottavia with her grappling pals, and NEVER in any one did she look anything more than happy and friendly. In fact, I remember thinking she seemed conscious of not embarrassing her husband or giving him any reason to worry.

    Unlike AA, who goes for that “just turned a trick” vibe in EVERY photo, whether she’s alone or not.

  93. pollyprissypants34 says:

    Margeaux – thank you for mentioning Left Overs from No Reservations. I was a devoted fan of NR, but don’t remember watching that episode. It was so nice to see Tony enjoying himself and being lighthearted. He seemed to become more serious as the years went by, and considering everything he was exposed to, it isn’t surprising.

    Catsworking – I’ve seen the same information about Ottavia posted on Reddit under a post about her and Eddie. As we all know, it takes two to tango in a relationship, and I can imagine Tony was not the easiest person to be married to. That doesn’t excuse anything, but relationships can be complicated. Add in the unorthodox lifestyle while trying to raise a child, and it’s understandable that things could change.

  94. catsworking says:

    Welcome, pollyprissypants34! Nobody knows what went on in the Bourdain marriage but them. At some point they grew apart, but they were on cordial terms with each other to the end. If there was any tension, it was AA-generated out of her jealousy and insecurity.

    I thought it was pretty nasty of guys her knew Ottavia in MMA to throw her under the bus and accuse her of cheating on her husband, like it was any of their business. Maybe they were jealous of not being in her circle of friends, getting some of that reflected celebrity glory? Who knows?

    She made Tony happy, gave him a daughter, and kept the home fires burning while he was on the road for quite a few years. Without her in his life, I suspect we would have lost him far sooner than we did because his taste in women usually wasn’t good. The Riperts set him up with Ottavia. They knew better.

  95. Lynn says:

    ““But because her daughter was right there, I have a hard time believing Ottavia was running around NYC openly with Eddie before her split from Bourdain was official.”

    “With all due respect I’m not sure why you would find this hard to believe. ”

    I agree. What woman, especially a hot blooded Italian born woman, is going to remain celibate once her marriage is over because she has a child? When AB announced that he and O had been ‘living separate lives’ for quite a while, that typically includes having sex with other people.

    As for O, I never got her going off doing MMA. Having a nanny if you’re working is one thing but having one so you can go play is not a good look IMO. I mean, if that was my mother, I’d have issues with having to spend so much time with a nanny because my mother was off doing her “hobby.”

    Ashtray – it’s a different man every week, and makes me all the more baffled how AB could possibly think she could be tamed. Maybe he was cool with her seeing other men. Maybe he thought he could change her. Or maybe he was attracted to the whole ‘Quiet American’ trope of the man desperately in love with a woman who didn’t return the sentiment.

    Even more baffling is how Ashie can do those interviews pretending to be the normal, grieving girlfriend and just ignoring the reality that CNN is refusing to air any episodes with her in them. I would love to hear her explanation for this. If she had no role in his death, even if they had split up before he died, why not air her epis? Or perhaps it’s more related to her unprofessional behavior while employed by CNN. And why has not one of AB’s friends/family reached out to her or mentioned her publicly? Why did Ripert’s wife and others ‘like’ and retweet that Penthouse article trashing her?! She’s like Trump, invent your own reality and your cult fans buy it.

    “pollyprissypants” – love it. Huge South Park fan here. I was hoping Ted Cruz would lose because that would have been a full “Scott Tenerman”.

  96. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I love South Park but haven’t watched it or The Simpsons in a long time. There aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with what’s on the DVR.

    Lately my thing has been animated animal movies. Marmaduke was great, and I’m not even a dog person.

    Agree that MMA is not the career path I would have liked to see Ottavia pursue. But she was at loose ends while he was always gone, they had the money for lessons, so there you go. If she does end up opening a school to teach girls MMA, then it will have been worthwhile on some level because she’ll have created something of her own and become an entrepreneur.

    And I wish there was a journalist on this planet who would do his/her homework and ask AA in an interview why CNN has banished her, instead of lobbing softball questions, accepting her lies as fact, and passing the tissues.

  97. Margeaux says:


    Your Welcome! Yes, he still was light hearted. Actually I forgot to mention that one kind of needs a strong stomach if you’re going to watch “Left Overs,” because they show that part eating whale, in the Eskimos’s kitchen. WOW, I had to look away to some degree watching that. But Tony is absolutely delightful. I loved those takes of him while he’s trying to get it together as a tv chef host, goofing up his lines. The whole crew looked as if they were having a really good time. The early days of his career! This is how I want to remember him.

    I completely agree with you, that it does take two to tango in a relationship. Haven’t we heard of this story before, where a man marries a woman 20 yrs. too young? I always had the impression that his marriage to Ottavia seemed rather impulsive. Don’t forget, he was on the rebound from his previous marriage. This never seems to be the best time for people to be making commitments to other people, while they’ve not finished previous matters.

    I really felt bad for Tony in this also, because deep, deep down inside it feels to me that he really wanted to be in a relationship.
    He found success at 44, and he just ran with the ball in that sense, of which we are so fortunate for this part.
    Traveling is very addictive.

    Just a side bar, that I find interesting……he was a Cancer.
    Now Cancer’s are known to be a sign that likes to be in their homes. He must have had some other very strong planets pulling him on his travels.

  98. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, Tony’s marriage to Ottavia wasn’t impulsive, it was driven by her pregnancy. They were living together at his place, and she told me they had no plans to marry. He hadn’t even tried to divorce Nancy. But when the baby’s birth was approaching, he had a change of heart and decided to make it all legal. I believe he and Ottavia were unable to be married until 11 days after Ariane was born because they had to wait for his divorce to be finalized.

    Similarly, he had no intention of divorcing Ottavia. It seems to me he considered his wives a Plan B he could fall back on if things didn’t work out. He expressed certain frustrations with both wives’ behavior, but never that he stopped loving them. In Nancy’s case, she wasn’t supportive of the whole globe-trotting TV star thing, but if he ever dialed it back to just writing books, if Ariane hadn’t come along, I bet they would have ended up back together in their old age.

    Of course, I was always holding out hope that Nigella Lawson would snag him. 😉

  99. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, forgot to mention… there were many, many times I left the room when Bourdain was killing or butchering some animal. In the Alaska episode, weren’t they all sitting on a blood-soaked floor eating that whale?

    AND this just in… Price drop on the condo he shared with Ottavia, from $3.7 mil to $3.49.

    If you’ve got the cookbook Appetites, the picture of Tony on the back cover was taken of him standing front of the tall white vase on the built-ins. All the stuff there and the dining room chairs are different, so I’m assuming Ottavia and Ariane had moved out and the place was staged before it was listed.

  100. IGlurker says:

    Like your site. Maybe already on here somewhere,; but it looks like all the parts unknown people have now stopped following AA on IG. I think the only ones left are a generic explore parts unknown and a roads and kingdoms website one, but no persons I don’t think. I celebrity-lurk IG and i noticed how one by one all the parts unknown team just slowly unfollowed AA over the last while. I dunno what it means, maybe nothing, but your site comments arequite good with sharing that kinda info so thats why I mention it here as maybe noone else has. I’ll post another comment if i notice those generic accounts unfollow AA too.

  101. catsworking says:

    Welcome, IGlurker. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the drop-off of AA followers on Instagram, but it doesn’t surprise me. The ZPZ crew has no reason to pay any attention to her anymore, and to do so would only serve remind them of whatever they know about her role in Bourdain’s death.

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