Bourdain Revealed Last Wishes in Indonesia

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain probably filmed Parts Unknown season 12 Indonesia in April 2018, about the time his $200,000 payment went to Jimmy Bennett in hopes of killing Bennett’s claim that Tony’s then-girlfriend, Asia Argento, had sexually assaulted Bennett as a teenager.

Bourdain filmed one scene at a Bali resort surrounded by sunbathing and swimming tourists while he braved the heat in jeans, sipping an umbrella drink, mocking Wagyu beef sliders, and seeming to hate every minute.

Then a one-eyed man named Lawrence ferried Bourdain to a former penal island, where they shared an enormous lobster and talked about death. Tony says, “I’ve thought about, as one does, how do I want to go?”

Lawrence suggests, “You want them all to cry, don’t you?”

Tony answers…

“No. Leave me in the jungle. I don’t want a party. ‘Reported dead.’ You know, what actually happens to my physical remains is of zero interest to me unless it can provide entertainment value. Throw me into a wood chipper and spray me into Harrods [London department store] at the middle of the rush hour. That would be pretty epic. I wouldn’t mind being remembered in that way.”

Two months later, Bourdain didn’t get his “epic” ending; he was cremated in France on June 13 and his ashes flown home to his brother Chris on June 15, ten days before what would have been Tony’s 62nd birthday.

But the rest of what he said is pretty spot-on. We know he killed himself by hanging with some alcohol in his system, but no suspicious drugs. Period.

Esquire just presented as fact that Tony’s family held a small private ceremony, but that statement is only based on a June 22 New York Times article that says…

“The family will likely have a small, private ceremony of some kind, said Gladys Bourdain, his mother. ‘He would want as little fuss as possible,’” she said.”

So, we still don’t know for sure. Many restaurants have been hosting special dinners in Bourdain’s memory, as on October 5 at Sardine in Madison, Wisconsin. It was ostensibly to honor Jacques Pepin, but when Pepin and his daughter Claudine arrived, they learned it was also a suicide prevention fundraiser.

Barring some new revelations in a CNN documentary and a biography scheduled for 2019 release, this could well be the end of the story. Except…

Tony’s ex-girlfriend, Asia Argento, used Trump’s well-known tactic of spreading lies by claiming “people are saying” to tearfully tell the Daily Mail details of a far-fetched tale about Tony’s death that she claims Rain Dove told her.

But, of course, Asia doesn’t believe it. Anything to paint herself as the victim.

As we’re watching Parts Unknown’s final episodes, it becomes clear Bourdain was increasingly preoccupied with death. Although Indonesia footage was edited posthumously with the benefit of hindsight, it includes THE most grisly scene I’ve ever seen on ANY Bourdain series, bar none. And I’m not talking about the whole pig roasting on a spit.

It’s a human funeral, beginning with a close-up of the deceased’s face as the body is being prepared for final rites. The public cremation includes the sight of the now-skinless, hairless blackening skull, fingers, joints and bones. Finally, the fragments and ashes are gathered into a cloth, several people wade into the nearby surf, and the remains are dumped into the water.

The cremation was supposed to be the mourners’ happy phase of the ceremony, and an off-screen voice explains…

“Time is circular. Death is but the beginning of another journey.”

One has to wonder if Tony believed that, and if those words came to mind in that hotel room in France, making what he was about to do seem not such a bad thing.

The episode ends with a bit of recycled voiceover (from Greece?), where Bourdain says…

“All stories should end on a beach. All the good ones do, anyway. Why should this one be any different?”

I wonder if it’s a clue for us that his family scattered his ashes in the Atlantic. I hope so. It seems fitting, considering how much time he spent living near it and flying over it.

PS: I started Bourdain’s last graphic novel, Hungry Ghosts, today. Stay tuned for a review. (So far, I’m impressed by its high-quality hardcover production for the amazing low price of $11.99.)

113 Responses to Bourdain Revealed Last Wishes in Indonesia

  1. Rachel says:

    I watched the Indonesia episode last night and found the cremation scenes to be very graphic and personally disturbing to me. I wasn’t expecting the body to be shown in close-up after cremation. And knowing that Anthony was cremated too…it was upsetting. The producers didn’t need to show so much, did they? As far as AA and Rose, they are both self-destructing at an epic rate. Despite AA’s crying and begging, X-factor replaced her with some young guy, an Italian indie rocker. I guess SKY Italia didn’t fall for her bullsh-t. Her IG posts are getting a bit pathetic too…her coffee pot boiling, thanking friends for taking her to a museum. She may be discovering what it is like to live in a relatively “normal”, everyday way for the first time in her concerts, no TV shows, no movies, no craziness…and no one caring about her and what she does. As for Rose, she lashed out at Hollywood and “Metoo” because she doesn’t get invited to lunches or get stories in women’s magazines. Another one who may not be able to function without a spotlight and might just melt away like the Wicked Witch. The only one doing okay so far is Rain..bopping around Europe and the US meeting with fans and seemingly having not a care in the world! And she may be the nuttiest one of all. Lastly, Ottavia Bourdain posted on her IG for the first time in months. Rather, she reposted from Big Gay Ice Cream’s post citing the 4 month anniversary of Anthony’s death…but it is a funny and cute photograph of a few years prior of herself, Anthony, Eric, a dog and the Big Gay Ice Cream guys eating a huge meal around a table.

  2. Donna Pavone says:

    I love Rachel’s comments.
    So….Jacques Pepin shows up at a dinner in his honor and finds out THEN that his party is also that? That’s weird!

  3. Suzan says:

    I absolutely felt the ending was a message that his ashes had been scattered out to sea and I can think of nothing more fitting. He looks so weary and fed up in these last episodes which makes them heartbreaking to watch. She robbed him of the things that brought him joy…..

  4. Anita says:

    I haven’t watched any of the shows yet. They are on my DVR in the “never delete” mode. I’m not certain when I will be ready to see this. Too much going on socially right now (family weddings and other things) and I guess I just want to wait until that is all over. A cold November rainy night with a glass or two of wine might be a good time to binge watch these. It’s still hard to believe.

  5. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the compliment, Donna Pavone! I do try to keep my posts somewhat amusing. Especially when I’m writing about witchy, bitchy and snitchy. Who is Who? Take your pick!😁

  6. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I haven’t seen Ottavia’s IG, but it sounds like a classy tribute and a sign that she still honors her late husband. I will check it out.

  7. catsworking says:

    Donna, I thought the Wisconsin tribute was a little weird, but maybe a misunderstanding of sorts? However, the Pepins were happy to roll with it and honor their friend Tony. They are class, like Eric Ripert and Jose Andres, and so many of Tony’s culinary friends.

    Unlike the D-list riff-raff he fell in with toward the end.

  8. catsworking says:

    Anita, I hear you. After I watched the French Alps episode of Tony with Eric Ripert, I made it permanent on the DVR because it was so sweet and funny, whenever I need a Bourdain fix, that’s what I want to see. Him having great meals in a beautiful place with his best friend.

  9. Anita says:

    Karen, that French Alps with Eric is one of my favorite shows. Love it and need to track that down and save it permanently too. That’s one of the shows I like to watch in winter. I also love the one in Marseille. I think it’s where it was. Maybe CNN could put together an Eric/Tony show compilation too.

    BTW, today is the 5th anniversary of my husband’s nephew suicide. The first biggest shock of my life, with AB’s suicide being second. The nephew had it all too, but became involved in something at work having to do with money and was caught. I think the guilt drove him to suicide too.

  10. bamboo.skewer says:

    Thank you for the episode review. I won’t be watching PU episodes right now. If I’m honest, I’m sad to say that the last few months of watching AA has deeply affected my view of Tony. That he was even able to be around that circus of people AT ALL, plus fall in love with her and get enough “into” her circle to help her friends. I know I shouldn’t judge. But I do. He judged plenty too, and if he can watch his last few years from above wherever he is, maybe he is judging himself.

    How he wouldn’t just get up and walk out and away from the figurative dinner table of those petty abusive narcissistic people, it’s so hard to understand. Why linger at the table for multiple desserts and become a part of it.

    My husband is from another culture where public cremation is common and the view of death doesn’t seem to be bad. His parents talk of their own future deaths often. They don’t believe death is so bad or needs to be fought. They think they’ll be back. It’s another cycle of life. If the cremation shown in the Indonesia episode was a Hindu ceremony, I get it. But I don’t want to see it!!

    I wonder how often the topic of death came up while filming PU episodes during previous seasons. And if there’s a fascination with talking about death all over the cutting room floor, because the topic wasn’t so relevant in previous seasons. Or, did death truly come up more often and more specific in the final months of his life? I wonder if that will come up in the biography. I wonder if people around him saw increasing pre-meditation or preoccupation. Meanwhile Asia claims it was a surprise and she had no idea he was thinking of death.

    Maybe some foretelling here is that we may want to see justice, but things fade away. People let go. People move on. I am cynical about how much price Asia truly will pay. I think she will go on with her life doing what she does. She will find more men to drain and abuse, and continue her cycle. She will survive just fine. One clue: I think the person who replaced her on Xfactor is her ex-husband? The same ex-husband who still pays child support to Asia? So … some Xfactor $ keeps flowing to her anyway? I saw Xfactor likes her recent Instagram posts about the show. She’s not cast out of her circles in extreme disgrace yet. Things are for show, to allow some to save face. Just like the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh. This is the world we live in. No wonder Tony wanted out. I am willing to face the narrative that we don’t really want to see.

  11. catsworking says:

    Anita, so, SO sorry for the loss of your nephew. Suicide, I think, is the hardest type of death to understand, because it leaves so many questions for the living.

    I have Marseilles on the DVR but have not rewatched. I suspect it may be a keeper a well. And there’s another one where he tortures Eric with Szeshwan, probably in China, that may be also gold.

    I want to savor anything with Tony and friends, particularly Eric and Zamir. I think those were some of his happiest shoots.

  12. catsworking says:

    bamboo, yours is a very thought-provoking post, so thank you.

    Yes, it does seem to be a great circle, where some get spun out and others continue to swirl, and maybe gain previous footing.

    I do hope AA has exhausted her fame in this life, since she’s only going to be an inked, wrinkly skank going forward. But you never know. Someone could write the perfect part where a perverted grandmother gives her grandson a blowjob and AA will be perfect for it.

    With any luck, no man with real money will follow Bourdain’s folly and sink a fortune into AA’s well-used fetid hole. She seems to have no earning potential at this point except as a has-been Italian movie star escort to aspiring Weinsteins.

  13. Rachel says:

    Bamboo, AA’s ex boyfriend, Morgan, was not her replacement on X-factor. That idea kept getting tossed around, but didn’t happen. I also cannot imagine anyone hiring her now. She looks like an absolute mess, head-banging on her IG stories in her car. I see her future as basically suing anyone who crosses her path. There are unfortunately many people like that out there…delusional people who can’t succeed at anything and blame everyone for their downfall. And she already has started down that path. The police report against Rain Dove she filed in Italy for “deceptive texts”? They were probably laughing at her in the police station. All her lawsuits are going to get tossed out anyway. And Rose? Probably going to end up in jail or on probation. Rain Dove..she/he/they will be fine. She can’t get sued for sending those crazy texts that stupid AA believed, no matter how horrendous they were.

  14. Mary Hunter says:

    Last night I was at a friend’s house for dinner and we got to talking about Tony, and one friend remarked that the Alps show was his favorite one, and I totally agreed. Tony always had such a great time with his good friend Eric, even though he was always clearly miserable anytime he went anywhere with snow!

  15. Ida says:

    Rachel –
    ‘I watched the Indonesia episode last night and found the cremation scenes to be very graphic and personally disturbing to me. I wasn’t expecting the body to be shown in close-up after cremation. And knowing that Anthony was cremated too…it was upsetting.’
    – Haven’t seen any of the new episodes yet. It feels weird. Maybe later. I do want to watch the one about Lower East Side – maybe that’s the next one?

    ‘As far as AA and Rose, they are both self-destructing at an epic rate.’
    – I look at Twitter/Instagram sometimes and yes, the shit that comes out of their accounts/mouths is indeed epic. Unfortunately, we live in times where being trashy and full of shit can work in your favour. They both seem to have many followers and defenders, some of whom you would think were intelligent enough to see through them, like Ronan Farrow and artists like Mark Lanegan and Anton Newcombe. They must really like the trash and shit – maybe they think people like AA and RM are ‘inspiring’ for their art. I mean, what better than to be able to write a record about a ‘friend’ who killed himself over a woman. I’m projecting now, and I’m not saying that this is how it happened, but I’m perplexed at how seemingly intelligent people can defend these two women. The Age of Shit and Trash indeed.

    Bamboo.skewer –
    ‘If I’m honest, I’m sad to say that the last few months of watching AA has deeply affected my view of Tony. That he was even able to be around that circus of people AT ALL, plus fall in love with her and get enough “into” her circle to help her friends. I know I shouldn’t judge. But I do. He judged plenty too…’
    – I agree with the above.

    ‘I wonder how often the topic of death came up while filming PU episodes during previous seasons.’
    – I feel like he talked about death a LOT right from the start, but in the same kind of way as his heroes, like Hunter S. Thompson or William Burroughs would do. I didn’t necessarily see it as him having a death wish, more like being the kind of person who likes to think about things like that. I feel a bit that way myself.

    ‘Maybe some foretelling here is that we may want to see justice, but things fade away. People let go. People move on. I am cynical about how much price Asia truly will pay. I think she will go on with her life doing what she does. She will find more men to drain and abuse, and continue her cycle. She will survive just fine…’
    – This, unfortunately, is most likely what will happen. In a year or two it will be, not forgotten, but not something people think about. Just another celebrity who died in a dramatic way. AA will probably escape unharmed – good for her – she will have her sex partners and sugar daddies and zero conscience or empathy, meaning she can stroll through life without facing any consequences. I still hope some news could emerge that would put her in prison or something, but I doubt it. Also, it won’t bring back AB, so, I don’t know what good it’ll even do. It baffles me that there are still people who are willing to defend her. There’s plenty of evidence that she has ‘blood on her hands’ in this case. Perhaps she can make a movie about it and cast herself in the lead role. Then she can cast her current sugar daddy in the role of AB.

    Catsworking –
    ‘Yes, it does seem to be a great circle, where some get spun out and others continue to swirl, and maybe gain previous footing.’
    – Very nice and evocative way of putting it. And unfortunately yes, that seems to be true. The world is hardcore and unforgiving and for some of us, that can be hard to hold on to at times. We may continue to swirl, but there’s the risk of getting spun out if you lose your footing.

    I think in my first post here I mentioned that my brother’s ex-wife was very narcissistic and controlling. And maybe it’s partly because of having witnessed her ‘hold’ over my brother, even after they got divorced, that made me extra sensitive to this AA/AB situation. It’s strange how AB and a select group of probably-not-that-close-friends can’t see through it, while the real friends and family can. Narcissists and sociopaths really know how hide in plain sight, and I guess it’s only those who REALLY care about someone, in this case AB, who could see that he was in trouble. Whereas, the group of people he seemed to hang out with towards the end, were all ‘friends’ perhaps, but not real friends. Not the kind of friend who would take you aside and ask what was wrong. He seemed to be seduced by the darkness that he was excited about. But I don’t think he was really a person who belonged in that darkness and he didn’t know what to do with himself once he got caught up in it. It’s sad to watch.

    Someone posted an article about the ‘sad lonely women of Tony’s Army or Justice for Tony’ who accuse AA of having been most likely the reason for him wanting to kill himself. It’s a very judgmental (and kind of silly) article and I don’t recognise the ‘descriptions’ in it as being accurate (by the way, I’m not in either group). But, Hey ho!
    View at

  16. Ida says:

    Mary Hunter –
    I haven’t seen the Alps show. Will have to try and find it. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an episode with AB in the snow. Maybe I’ve subconsciously avoided those episodes because I can’t stand snow and cold weather 🙂

  17. Mira says:

    Thanks Ida, for posting the link to that article. It’s a very insightful take on things. This preoccupation on internet with all things Bourdain/Argento related, is quite a phenomenon. I agree that internet stories can become an addiction, and people chase the high of new scandalous information, and pretend to be outraged, but in reality are so excited with any new morsel of ‘new information’.
    I myself have fallen victim to that preoccupation, albeit ‘willing’ victim, as I was desperate to escape much more painful personal tragedy.
    Dystopic world, indeed.

  18. MJ says:

    I truly, truly enjoyed AB’s work, but now I’m just annoyed and angry with him again for the preoccupation with the dark and dangerous and with death. Dammit, he could have pulled up, turned things around, and still been here for his daughter. Or maybe he could have with a different mindset, or Eric Ripert succeeding in slapping some sense into him (he may have tried but the recipient wasn’t ready for the message). People have lived through public embarrassment before.

  19. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for that link to the Medium story. I believe I had a brief brush with one of the social media characters talked about because of my Bourdain posts and attempts to report as much fact as I could find, but no liaison was ever formed because I’ve never had a dog in the fight. I’ve never blamed AA for Bourdain’s death, but do believe her behavior did nothing to help him, and I don’t buy her current line of bullshit that she had no idea he had a depressive personality. WE ALL KNEW IT.

    Again, she’s so Trumpian. When called out, deny, deny, deny.

    I follow Orange Janitor on Twitter because there was a time when it seemed more information would come out there. But these days I can’t make heads nor tails of the tweets. There does seem to be a “war” and bullying going on between certain factions but, over what exactly, I have no clue.

    I occasionally dip into Instagram if someone here mentions something interesting. That photo Ottavia recently posted was from the shoot they did for Tony’s cookbook, Appetites. I recognized what he was wearing from the book.

    We’ve still got maybe another year for this business to keep churning because the biography and the documentary will bring it all back to the forefront.

  20. catsworking says:

    MJ, I’m with you. When I’m watching Parts Unknown and he’s eating great food in some beautiful place, I want to scream at him for throwing it all away and not realizing how much he mattered.

    I’m reading his stories in Hungry Ghosts right now and it’s frightening that he took delight in writing them.

  21. catsworking says:

    Ida, wanted to point out one inaccurate assumption in the Medium article: The writer said that Bourdain died without leaving a note.

    The family has all his electronic devices now, and they’ve never said if anything was found on them, or if he left anything scribbled on paper in his room. We simply don’t know.

  22. El says:

    OK, so I watched the 2014 Russia episode from “Parts Unknown”. In it, he insults Putin, compares him to Donald Trump (in 2014 – weird, right), and then comments multiple times about how “bad things seem to happen to critics of Vladimir Putin”. I wonder, was he murdered and it was made to look like a suicide?

  23. catsworking says:

    Welcome, El. Several bizarre and untrue conspiracy theories are floating around about Bourdain’s death, and this would be one of them.

    New Yorkers know Trump as a crooked scumbag real estate developer who talked for years about running for president. Putin’s been shooting, poisoning, and pushing his enemies out of windows for years.

    Trump went to Russia in 2013 to do the Miss Universe pageant. This may have been close to when Bourdain was there. The Russia show first aired in 2014, but would have been filmed many months earlier.

    So, not such a stretch to put the two together.

    Bourdain once off-handedly joked that if he ever cooked dinner for Trump and Kim Jong Un, he’d serve them hemlock. He later said he got a visit from the Secret Service or FBI to check him out.

    Bourdain had opinions, but he never even pretended to be a player in politics. As a Trump/Putin critic, he’d be way down the list of targets who have said a lot more, a lot worse, including Cats Working.

  24. L Villeneuve says:

    El, I kind of in your camp in the murder theory. I know he was depressed but I don’ think he would hang himself. In some weird way, his death would be easier to digest if he died from murder or overdose. Just sayin…

  25. Caitlin says:

    Joel Rose was on the Chauncey Devega Show recently and talked alot about his friendship with Tony. It’s a really good interview. It starts about 21 mins in –

    Also, he wrote an essay talking about the inspiration for Hungry Ghosts –

  26. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Caitlin, and thanks for the links! I have read the essay, but I’ll listen to the interview tomorrow when I can give it full attention. I’m catching up on Madame Secretary tonight. 🙂

  27. Lynn says:

    Funny all I could think about during the cremation scene in Bali was ‘yikes, how bad is that for your health to be breathing dead body smoke!?’ Not really surprised by what Tony said he wanted – ‘reported dead’. He basically got his wish – beyond he’s dead, the method, and that he was cremated, we know nothing.

    I too have stopped hoping to learn more. While I still find it mind blowing that a celeb kills himself 3 days after seeing his celeb girlfriend with another guy, and yet there is no real digging or media coverage, I’ve accepted it. Perhaps AB’s friends/family really are terrified of a lawsuit from Ashie.

    But I can tell you for sure 2 things. 1. I have no doubt if he’d never gotten involved with her he’d still be alive. Perhaps he’d have offed himself some time in the future over something or someone else, but he’d be alive right now. And 2. If I was someone close to AB who knew the truth about her role in all this, I’d be doing an anonymous NYT op-ed like the Trump staffer spilling all.

    I have zero problem believing AB hanged himself. He talked about it too often, including mentions of the shower and shower rod, no less. I recently watched the documentary about Alexander McQueen, who hanged himself (after taking drugs) on the eve of his mother’s funeral. But that made more sense – his mother had just died and he was HIV positive.

  28. Rachel says:

    Vanity Fair magazine’s October 2018 issue featured an in-depth article about Rose McGowan’s former manager Jill Messick. It was sympathetic and well-researched article about her life, her career, history of depression and her ultimately tragic end, taking her own life after being falsely accused by McGowan of colluding with Weinstein in Rose’s” assault.” And I have no doubt, we will see an article or book just like this one day about Anthony Bourdain and I think the truth about what ultimately led to his suicide will come out. And no, I don’t believe he was murdered. I simply think that there are things about his life, his relationships with important people in his life (yup including Asia) that we don’t know about but which will “explain” why this tragedy occurred.

  29. Morganlf says:

    Ida, I can tell you that Orange Janitor knew of that article on Wiki Vic and chose not to post it or respond, so as not to give the blogger more attention and hits. I agree with that decision.

    This nutty paranoia,trolling, lawsuiting, is I hope dying down. Orange gathers data as factually as possible on IG and posts it.

    Didn’t see the cremation episode yet..don’t know if I will fancy ever doing so, but I did love Alsace and the Sichuan episode with Eric.

    I will reiterate what the flawed French report on Tony’s death said, that it showed no signs of preparation. It seemed spontaneous (paraphrasing).

    This I agree, after all the Argento hi jinks…the money he spent on the house, the extortion by a underage teen, the rending from his wife and child…he must have entertained a notion. But a guy who shot heroin and coke and whatever else, if chronically depressed had plenty of opportunities.

    Was he ashamed he’d been cucked by a trollop with a 26 year old nobody? Probably. But to the extent he went to? I’m confused. I agree with Lynn had he not met her he’d still be here.

    I almost need to believe there was something else. Look at how he looked!! Although Karen confirmed through an unimpeachable source that he’d recently had a thorough medical once over, after a scare and he was found to be A OK. I’m not sure he was truthy to his friends and family.

    He was a needle heroin addict. What if he had HIV? Managed for many years….but it caught up to him and he was keeping all on the down low…then Argento fucked him and he thought now is as good a time as ever.

    Don’t all scream at me. I just can’t understand why one dirty, body desecrating, daddy issue having, disturbed pig should hold such sway over a man like Anthony.

  30. Lynn says:

    “I almost need to believe there was something else.”

    Yes, I would love to learn there was something else – kind of like I mentioned re: A. McQueen or like Robin Williams. It would be so much more comforting. I get how he’d feel humiliated not only by the Hugo photos but the extent to which he’d gone to defend her, and perhaps there were threats to out his hush payments to Jimmy, which would have been tough to explain. I keep going back to Eric’s comment that Tony’s mood had turned dark fairly recently while shooting in France. If you have an illness that’s been there a while, e.g. HIV or cancer, unless you get additional bad news about it (it has worsened, spread, etc), why would your mood suddenly ‘turn dark’?

    It sounded like people were concerned about him specifically bc of Ashface’s actions. It doesn’t sound like they were thinking ‘wow, what’s wrong with him?’ but more like, ‘that bitch is driving him crazy, let’s keep an eye on him.’

    The other reasons I think it could have been as simple as heartbreak are the suicidal feelings and half-assed attempts to kill himself (driving fast while drunk on the crazy roads of St. Martin) after Nancy. Granted, that was a long-term spouse vs. a two-year dumpster fire crawl.

  31. Morganlf says:

    I know a bit about this, my sister in law had a brother who in his misspent youth was a junkie.

    He recovered, married had a child. He died of HIV. His wife and child are healthy.
    I agree the heartbreak Did him in.

    The “half assed attempts to kill himslef while drunk on the crazy roads of St. Martin” seem like a literary device. Clearly he knew how to build suspense for the reader, it never rang true to me.
    Certainly he KNEW how to do it.

    I must believe there was shit going on that contributed to his snap decision. Could it really only be that ghoulish succubus?

    If he didn’t look so dissipated…

  32. catsworking says:

    Wow, these are a lot of interesting comments. To sum up where I’m at right now…

    1. I do believe he committed suicide on this own and it wasn’t pre-planned. If he’d only gone down to dinner Thursday night and had a few laughs with Eric, he’d be alive today.

    2. I do believe had he never met or fallen in love with AA, he’d be alive today.

    3. I believe in hindsight he realized that the payment he made to Jimmy Bennett was a HUGE, possibly career-destroying mistake, and he felt increasingly torn about sacrificing his livelihood and his family’s financial security to protect a woman probably capable of assaulting boys. He KNEW, after seeing her with Hugo, that she’d betray him on this matter if she thought it would give her the advantage. Maybe she used the threat of exposing him to keep him in line. After building his career on total transparency, drug use and all, he now had this terrible secret to carry, known by a woman he couldn’t trust.

    4. Even though I was told he was healthy, his appearance said more. I believe there was something medical going on. HIV? Hep C? Who knows? Or maybe the stress of this new double life AA sucked him into wore him down fast.

  33. El says:

    Regarding #4, I remember thinking the last time I saw a photo of him with AA that he must be on steroids or growth hormones or something like that. Like he was trying to get physically fit and younger looking in order to fit with his younger girlfriend. Also, being on steroids could definitely enhance impulsive decision making.

    I’ve noted too that he twitches a lot on some episodes and not at all in others…

  34. catsworking says:

    El, intriguing observations. Bourdain took up MMA when he was about 57 and I think he lost 30 pounds within the first year, which would have wrinkled his face. He was already in the best shape of his life before he met AA when he was two months from 60. There’s a photo floating around of them on a beach somewhere and he was sporting a perfect six-pack.

    I don’t believe looking younger was a thought he ever had at any time. He was the opposite of vain about his appearance. He kept getting tats because he said it was like adding dents to an already old car. Had he been self-conscious, he’d have bought himself perfect teeth, but never did.

    With AA, he took up smoking heavily again, and I think his MMA practice dropped off toward the end. He just seemed tired.

    The twitch has been mentioned and never explained. He used to fidget with his fingers. I recently watched an old interview (early 2010s I think) of him on some lat-night show and he was doing it then. It may have just been nerves.

  35. L Villeneuve says:

    She probably gave him HIV.

  36. jellyblue says:

    With Robin Williams and the Parkinson’s diagnosis he was on a medication that if a person is already pre-disposed to depression and suicidal thoughts this med can enable one to follow through with the act.

    AB was also on some kind of non narcotic prescription med. The autopsy report did not state which one to the public. It would be interesting to know if it was also the kind of drug that can enable suicide. Some chemistries are just like this.

    This would make the most sense to me that AB had struggled in his life with suicidal tendencies at different times but the AA situation pushed him and perhaps he was on the right type of suicide enabling med that pushed him over the edge even further.

    To me in recent years he just doesn’t look great even with the ripped six pack.. he looks wiped and haggard.

    I hate to be a devils advocate but it seems AB did get to experience some kind of intense love with AA a type of love he had not experienced prior (no matter how destructive). To me he seemed like a very loyal and passionate man so all of his loves must of been intense for him. I’ve read some opinions though in context to addictive personalities and sometimes they feel most alive on a tumultuous roller coaster in a love relationship like it’s a high in of itself.

    Regardless of social media, we as an animal seem to be intoxicated by gossip.. it’s interesting it’s one of the 10 commandments.

    This story with AB’s suicide kind of took everyone by surprise and it bred a life of it’s own.. who knew the crazy that would be born out of this tragedy?? there is a lot of interest because suicide leaves survivors lingering with “why’s” and he has a lot of fans.

    I am not really sure about this idea in context to AA and justice. What could actually be done? perhaps AB’s family did release the encrypted file to the times as that was a form of justice for them? something tangible?

    AA taunted him and bullied him- terrible acts but he killed himself. Should she be cyber bullied? I don’t think so. She certainly cyberbullies others but as they say two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I am not really sure what justice or punishment would look like beyond what she has already experienced?

    People get into shitty situations and relationships it sucks but it is just life. It certainly does hurt and is sad that he is dead.

  37. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, you’re probably on to something about the intensity of Bourdain’s relationships. He portrayed himself as a bad-ass who didn’t give a shit about anybody, but he had a marshmallow center when it came to women, particularly his daughter. We’re learning that he was WAY more sensitive than he ever would have wanted us to know.

    1. He followed Nancy to Vassar and became one of the first males, if not THE first, to get accepted there. Not sure how long he stayed, but it was a year or two, and by then he’d working in a restaurant and transferred to the CIA to become a chef.

    2. He and Ottavia were just dating when he got trapped in Beirut in 2016. The minute he got home, they conceived Ariane.

    3. We all know how it went down with AA.

    I don’t think AA deserves to be directly cyber-bullied, but discussing her online is certainly not off-limits. She’s a voluntary public person (and craves to be even more recognized) so she’s fair game.

    Yes, she has paid a price in losing her X-Factor gig, her prestige with #MeToo, and the international facetime she got from being Bourdain’s arm candy, and she’s been outed as a probable sexual predator. But she’s done a lot of truly terrible things to MANY more people than Bourdain. Maybe her run of luck is truly over this time. Karma’s a bitch.

  38. jellyblue says:

    Karen, interesting facts 🙂

    I do believe she is fair game as well. It’s especially true if a person puts themselves out there. Which AA most certainly has. Learning about her history (I barely knew anyhing about her until his death- I just read her name here and there) her manipulations twds people, what different people in and out of her life have said about her it’s all pretty horrific… some of the shit one cannot even write like the JT Leroy story so peculiar!

    It’s just stuff like going to one of her social media accounts and reading some of the shit people post is certainly cyberbullying. She does it herself to other so does Rose and her “army” it’s entirely hypocritical and disgusting.

    Who knows what happened behind the scenes and if anyone close to AB had sort of like interventions/confrontations about AA? it’s possible.

  39. L Villeneuve says:

    I wonder what faithful ex-wife Nancy is thinking about this whole shit show and if she would have imagined Tony’s life turning out as it did. Probably just shaking her head…

  40. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I think there was an article that came out soon after his death that talked about his friends seeing red flags and regretting that they DIDN’T stage an intervention.

    I’ve looked at AA’s Instagram (she’s blocked me on Twitter) and the comments are pretty vicious. The anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in some people.

    On the other hand, I’ve been trolling Trump and Melania on Twitter since at least 2016. 😉

  41. catsworking says:

    LV, Nancy has always stayed mum. I think I’ve only seen her quoted in one article, where she talked about how Tony contacted her after having a health scare when he was traveling alone in France a few years ago.

    Tony didn’t divorce Nancy until Ottavia was pregnant and they decided to get married. I’ve always thought that he and Nancy left the door open to reunite at some point if the TV stuff ended. I believe she helped him write his book about Typhoid Mary and would have been his sounding board and editor if his career wound down to be mainly writing.

    But then Ariane came along and everything changed.

    And then when he split with Ottavia, he didn’t divorce HER. It was almost as if he always needed a fallback relationship. Had he been divorced, there’s no telling how AA would have ravaged him to grab as much as she could of his assets.

  42. Rachel says:

    Aaaargh. AA just gave ANOTHER interview on Italian TV. Another article in the Daily Mail about it. With more photos of her crying and saying that she spoke to Anthony the night of his suicide, but he just said he ate and drank too much. How could that be, if he never came down for dinner, as Eric Ripert noted? And no mention of their epic fights and angry phone calls the days leading up to his suicide (as reported by crew members on the original JusticeforTony Instagram page, now deleted), nothing about Hugo Clement, nothing about the now-infamous “Fuck everyone, you know who you are” IG post with the Sid Vicious t-shirt the night he died..she is the biggest liar I have ever seen. And she has nothing to do with herself which is why she keeps giving interviews to keep herself in the public eye. UGH. Please can’t she just SHUT UP.

  43. Ida says:

    Rachel –
    Yes, and she, as always, manages to make it all about HER feelings:

    ‘I thought I was the depressed one, he always supported me. I have sometimes had very bad thoughts, depression is a very serious mental illness and sometimes alien thoughts come,’ she said.

    As spoken by a complete narcissist. It’s ALL about her. She actually makes herself (unintentionally?) sound like she never even cared about how he was doing. It sounds like she kept him real busy putting all his energy into caring for HER and fighting HER battles. But of course, that will eventually leave him with no energy for himself. And then she makes sure to say she has a mental illness – perfect way of rejecting all responsibility; ‘It wasn’t my fault, I was mentally ill’. She is actually just stopping short of blaming him for not looking after her quite well enough. She probably dictated half his social media messages, encouraging him to defend her, knowing very well that he couldn’t say no to her.

    Again, just Daily Mail – no proper news outlet wants anything to do with her:

  44. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for the link to that interview. It makes me about as furious as anything she’s ever said to this point.

    ‘I’ve never had a person like that. He took care of me and my children. He left me a void that nothing can fill, this pain never goes away,’ she said.

    No shit. Every time she looks at her dwindling checkbook balance, she feels the “void.” If there’s any justice left in the world, no other man will ever stupidly come along and try to fill it.

    Bottom line is this: Bourdain’s career was going very well. He was involved in many side enterprises that he loved, working with people he liked and supported. Ottavia and Ariane were doing fine and making no waves. The only never-ending dramatic shit show going on in his life, sapping him emotionally and financially, was ASIA ARGENTO.

    She had “no idea” how depressed and hopeless he must have felt. Bullshit. And now she’s pouncing on every opportunity she gets to whine and weep and play the wronged party in all this, while his WIFE is trying to settle all the details of his myriad business affairs and his 11-year-old REAL daughter is coping with life without the dad who adored her.

    I hate that leech on two legs so much, words fail me.

  45. Lynn says:

    Ash’s interviews – All the more reason why someone who knows the truth should come forward.

    “Who knows what happened behind the scenes and if anyone close to AB had sort of like interventions/confrontations about AA? it’s possible.”

    Exactly. That would be justice for me. An encrypted email suddenly appearing with the final texts between Ash and AB, or perhaps someone he spoke to before his death, someone he confided in about how she was driving him insane, maybe threatening him with outing the Jimmy payment.

    I’m sure she played up her depression and ‘suicidal tendencies’ to get more sympathy and $ out of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she threatened to kill herself more than once as some sort of revenge, perhaps during a text fight (if they had one) about the Hugh photos. She’s a sick bitch. I can see it now: “Ok, OK, I KEEL myself! Will that make you happy?!”

    Re: AB’s health. Sadly his family didn’t see fit for an autopsy, which I would certainly have wanted if I were his mother or Ottavia. I would want to leave no stone unturned. I’d want to know if he had HIV, cancer, etc. I’m still rather shocked at how quickly they seemed to just want him burned up, ok done. I wouldn’t trust “French authorities.”

    He was IMO too thin. Granted, it was athletic thin like a runner, all muscle (yes the 6 pack was amazing for his age), but still. When you’re that thin you have little reserve should something like pneumonia or worse hit you. He blamed the MMA, but Ottavia has never been that skinny despite how much time she devotes to MMA. She EATS. When you’re exercising that much, you need to eat more than normal. On one of the Raw Craft episodes when he was getting a jacket custom made, I remember thinking ‘damn, AB, eat!” The tailor noted that he was ‘thin’ – and he said it in a way I could tell he thought maybe too thin but didn’t want to say. Perhaps the travel, stress from Ash Heap, and smoking kept his appetite low so he simply wasn’t taking in enough calories.

  46. M’lynn says:

    If you look at Bobby Fishers instagram in September, he posted a photograph of a dinner table and scattered announcement cards which read ‘Anthony, friends and family’ this would indicate a farewell get together of his nearest and dearest.

  47. M’lynn says:

    Ida: thank you for the link! I like Laurie, she has a killer sense of humor, it’s easy to see why Tony liked her. She appears in the race track scene in the Queens episode of P.U.

  48. Rachel says:

    I don’t think anyone with HIV would be allowed by a doctor to travel all over the world eating all kinds of food from everywhere. Not to mention insurance issues. He went into many dangerous areas like Beirut for example. He and the crew had to have massive insurance coverage.
    No, It’s just not possible.

  49. Ida says:

    M’Lynn –
    Hadn’t heard of Bobby Fisher, but it seems like it might be the same ‘event’ as Sandra Ripert referred to on her Twitter at the same time – hope his family and friends (the real ones) are doing OK and learning to live with their loss:

  50. M’lynn says:

    Ida; Bobby took the photographs for the book ‘Appetites’ it’s why I started following both he and Laurie. My apologies too for stating the obvious about Laurie in the Queens episode, she says that in her article! Which after reading, I think is a lovely tribute to Tony and how encouraging and helpful he was to her.

  51. Ida says:

    M’Lynn –
    Ah, I see, thanks. No need to apologise – I have never seen the Queens episode, so I will definitely try and find that now 🙂 And yes, a lot of people seem to have enjoyed working with him

  52. Ida says:

    And now AA accuses Ronan Farrow of lying in his article which is about a year old. So, everything is everyone else’s fault. How convenient. What a way to live your life, knowing that you never do anything wrong and that it’s always someone else’s fault – hmm, maybe I should try that approach ;):

  53. catsworking says:

    Rachel, very good point about the insurance. But I was also concerned by how skeletal he became in his last few years. As Lynn said, no reserves.

  54. catsworking says:

    M’Lynn, Ida, you guys are amazing at connecting the dots! Yes, it would appear that they had some sort of celebration and I’m glad they did. Somehow, it makes me feel better to think of his family and friends sitting around, having a good meal and swapping stories. He probably would have been grudgingly OK with that.

    Read the CNN article, but haven’t had a chance to watch the 54-minute video embedded in it, or the followed the link given earlier here. Maybe this weekend I can catch up.

  55. Rachel says:

    His friends had a dinner together a few weeks ago. David Simon made a really nice comment on Twitter about it:

    The Indonesia episode hit me especially hard because a pen-pal of mine from Jakarta died just a little over a week before Tony (as did a relative of mine). I’m actually glad they showed that cremation scene, even though I found it hard to watch, because the communal aspect of it was such an important thing in that culture. One thing I’ve always respected about this show is their willingness to show things that might make some people uncomfortable in the interest of accurately representing the places they visited.

    I’m still kind of in disbelief that they just happened to shoot that episode when they did. That convo on the beach with the anthropologist was especially hard to watch (though that comment about being sprayed into Harrod’s still made me laugh. Oh Tony…) I don’t think we can read too much into it, but I understand the impulse. We all wish we could understand what happened.

    BTW, just so there’s no confusion, I’m not the same Rachel who’s commented earlier in this thread lol, though I have commented on several other posts on this blog.

  56. catsworking says:

    Rachel, hope I haven’t confused you with the other. Thanks for pointing that distinction out.

    The Indonesian cremation was foreshadowing at its finest, although I think a professional cremation in France would have been at higher temp and a bit more thorough. Nevertheless, it gives us all food for thought.

    I can’t see an image of Bourdain now without thinking that he’s only ashes, and God-knows-where. It’s an entirely different feeling than watching someone on TV and knowing they still exist somewhere. Like watching an old movie and realizing that all the people you are seeing are dead.

  57. Rachel says:

    Don’t worry! You didn’t confuse us!! Here is poor, devastated Asia, who can barely leave the house, she is so distraught about Anthony, trying to dry her tears with the help of a 31 year old guy: She looks absolutely bereaved, doesn’t she? Thank you Daily Mail, for keeping us up-to-date on the daily struggles of the widow Asia.

  58. Rachel says:

    Here is another day that Asia could barely get out of her depressed state of mind: I mean, no one to wake her up in the morning..No one to say goodnight to her…no energy to do anything…oh wait..!

  59. Rachel says:

    Whoops. My mistake. He is 29 years old. At least that’s older than Hugo Clement (28) and Jimmy (17) and Andrea (16? 15?)

  60. Lynn says:

    Those pics of Ashcrotch with her new human vibrator, er, boy toy lying on the grass are nauseating. It’s just a revolving door with this woman. Do her current lovers find old watches, rings, cig butts and wine corks from past lovers in her tunnel-sized canal? And just like with Hugo, she knows damn well she’s being photographed. She likes it! She desperately craves the attention. Look how many men I can get, I’m so hot! He seems a perfect match for her – 2 gross pasty bods covered in tats. You know how a glob of vanilla ice cream looks after it’s dropped on the ground and gets covered in dirt and ants?

    Re: David Simon’s tweet “Had the honor of attending a gathering last night in which family, friends & colleagues celebrated the extraordinary, one-of-a-kind journey of Anthony” — once again guess who wasn’t there? If she was the grieving girlfriend in good standing, if their relationship was just dandy when he died, she’d have been invited. That his entire circle of friends, colleagues and family want nothing to do with her says it ALL. I wish one of these so called journalists had to balls to ask her ‘why don’t his friends/family want anything to do with you?” “Why hasn’t even ONE of them come to your defense?” Logic and facts are stubborn.

  61. catsworking says:

    Rachel, thanks for the link. Did you catch this little line from the article…

    ‘Thank you for hopping museums with me in Firenze & for all your support in these difficult times,’ wrote Argento on Instagram, posting a photo of he two after a day spent seeing the sights of Rome.

    They weren’t in Rome, they were in front of the Duomo in Florence, the last city where she spent time with Tony. Nice backdrop to make sure nobody misses her latest “Here’s me spitting his eye” gesture. That feckless cunt.

    I clicked through all 70 photos at Daily Mail and didn’t see any hugging, holding hands, kissing, or looking too snuggly, which is nice since he’s got a THREE-MONTH-OLD BABY back home. But he did go for a romp in the park half naked where they could be sure some paparazzi would spot them together. That should please his girlfriend — back home taking care of their baby — no end.

  62. catsworking says:

    Rachel, where did you find Franco’s age? The article says he’s 31. Even so, she just can’t resist fishing in the kiddie pool, can she?

  63. catsworking says:

    You know how a glob of vanilla ice cream looks after it’s dropped on the ground and gets covered in dirt and ants?

    Lynn, you are hilarious!

    Probably fearing that no paparazzi caught them seeing the sights in Florence, she dragged this kid back to Rome and into a public (hahaha! I accidentally typed “pubic” — Freudian slip!) park where she could be sure SOMEONE would recognize her skanky ass. If he goes home and faces the wrath of his baby mama for stepping out on her, that will just be icing on the cake for AA.

    And I’m sure you’re right. If the people around Tony had accepted AA as someone in his life who’d been good for him, I’m sure she’d have been welcomed into the circle of grief. But it’s the opposite.

    She’s got to hang out with young guys because that’s where her own mentality is, and she’s just shown us how she burns through girlfriends. Who needs being reported to the police and sued?

  64. Rachel says:

    Catsworking, I posted a second link above which was from an Italian gossipy news article. That article had photographs from a DIFFERENT day than the photos in the park which are in the Daily Mail article. On the other day, it was raining and the bereaved and grieving Asia is walking around under an umbrella with Elias Franco. There are photographs which show them hugging each other around the waist. No KISSY photos that I have seen…but Italian articles call him her “new love” (at least this this week) and said he is 29 years old. …and like Lynn said, she must know she is being photographed and doesn’t care ’cause she is desperate to keep herself in the news (three interviews and counting so far). This is her new “profession” since she doesn’t have a real interviews and crying about Anthony, then the next day running around with her latest boy-toy. The funniest post, however, are on the ‘antonio_luisi_official’ IG, which is some kind of publicity site IG for her (also her Dad Dario but frankly he doesn’t do much these days except talk about his 40-year old horror films). They posted a video of her on X-factor before she got kicked off. X-Factor made them remove the video for copyright infringement, haha! She can’t keep milking X-Factor forever..they are DONE with her lying ass.

  65. L Villeneuve says:

    They also said this Luisi guy has a new baby with his girlfriend.

  66. Rachel says:

    The Daily Fail got it a bit wrong. Elias Prince Franco’s Facebook page shows had a photo of his pregnant girlfriend in 2016. So unless they had a second baby, I think he would have a 2 year old child. And Facebook shows his relationship status as “single.” And I found another article from two years ago (not linking it) that says he is 27..So he is 29 years old now. Perfect Asia victim! Except don’t think he has much $$$ so I doubt this will last long! And he will have to spend all his meagre cash flying to Rome to visit AA cause I doubt she is coming back to the US anytime soon, with the Jimmy crimimal charges she is facing here.

  67. catsworking says:

    Brilliant sleuthing, Rachel. Daily Mail has been loose with the facts all along, getting things wrong here and there that were well-reported elsewhere. So it would make sense for them to pad Franco’s age a bit as a favor to AA for being such a font of content.

    I didn’t scroll down far enough in the Italian article to see the umbrella photos but, yes, it looks like they were together for two days (with a sleepover perhaps?) because of change of clothes.

    And if Franco’s kid is really two, maybe he is really single and fair game as a casual playmate. He must have rocks in his head to let himself be seen hanging out with her, or doesn’t care if he ever works again.

    AA’s got to get serious and find herself another older guy with deep pockets if she wants to continue living the lifestyle her blood-sucking has accustomed her to.

  68. Lynn says:

    I enjoyed tonight’s Why Anthony Mattered epi of Parts but jeez, they couldn’t find more than 3 people to talk about him, one of which is a blogger who looks 12 that I’ve never heard of?

    Very telling what Joel Rose says re: AB’s emails to him in his final weeks as they were finishing Hungry Ghosts, going from effusive to 1 word answers.

  69. catsworking says:

    Haven’t watched the “impact” episode yet because the DVR was overloaded and I had to catch a later airing. Will be interesting to see who the blogger is. I didn’t think there was anybody else out there who’d been following him for as long or as closely as Cats Working, but whatever. Connections are everything.

    Ida, thanks for the link. That was a good interview with Joel Rose. I’m still working on Hungry Ghosts.

  70. Dingobeast says:

    Asshat is so pathetic. To get those kind of ‘casual’ paparazzi shots, you call the pap and tell them where you will be. Fairly certain she did that with those pap shots right before Tony died. I am sure this is something she has done to make herself appear desirable, and not the walking embodiment of crotch rot, narcissistic personality disorder, and aging skank that she actually is.

    On another note, just re-reading Kitchen Confidential and truly miss that man’s voice, as someone who worked in restaurants around the same time. He was obsessive in what he was into, and he obsessed over Asshat to the point of blindness and suicide. If there was an individual not worth killing yourself over, it was that beast.

    I can’t watch any of the last shows, too sad to see that absence still.

  71. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, no doubt AA is seeking reputation rehab, but she invariably chooses to behave in ways that keep throwing lighter fluid on the dumpster fire.

    Just hope all these men she’s been parading around with are up to date on all their shots.

    I would like to reread a bunch of Bourdain’s books, but with so much new material pouring in every day, who’s got time? Just finished Bob Woodward’s book about Trump, Fear, and thought Trump came off looking not as wack as I expected. The one message that did run throughout was that, if Trump’s mouth is moving, he’s lying about something.

  72. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, I have Fear loaded on my Kindle. I haven’t braved it yet, as it just makes my ulcer worse. It is kind of nice to hear the voice of this person who was so happy to be where he was heading, who survived the grind of kitchens with his creativity intact. It does kind of highlight that he was perhaps not the smartest in relationships. He became dependent on Asshat as only someone who has an addictive personality can be.

    I am guessing that some of the men she has paraded are getting paid for it, because eww. Everything that Asshat spouts kind of underlines that she actually didn’t know Tony much or even care for him at all, the relationship was all about her and whatever melodramatic horseshit she conjured up.

  73. Adele Prass says:

    Dingobeast, “walking embodiment of crotch rot” really gave me a laugh. And Lynn, I agree that CNN could have found more people to reminisce about Tony on last night’s “Impact” show.

    But Karen and gang, I have a question. Other than David Simon’s tweet, is there any more info on who attended Tony’s “memorial” dinner? I’m curious, and based on what some of you are saying, it sounds like there’s more out there. Thanks.

  74. catsworking says:

    And, Adele, don’t forget, when the embodiment of crotch rot walks (imagining herself the Girl from Ipanema, with everyone going “Aaah!” as she passes by), with every step she leaves a trail of cigarette butts, wine corks, men’s rings, tongue studs that fell out when guys were “doing Weinsteins” on her, used condoms, and tampons she forgot were up there.

    I haven’t seen anything about David Simon’s dinner anywhere, but I would imagine he invited Ottavia and the Riperts and maybe crew and writers who worked with Tony.

    Just finished watching a 1:14:00 video of Bourdain interviewing Jacques Pepin at the 92nd St. Y on November 19, 2015. So, about five months before Tony tumbled into AA’s fetid hole. His marriage must have been iffy, but he did mention visiting Italy often and seemed in good spirits.

    Pepin’s wife Gloria seemed to be in the audience because he looked her way every time he mentioned her but, unfortunately, she wasn’t shown.

  75. jellyblue says:

    Thanks for this 92Y link I will watch it.
    I haven’t read Hungry Ghosts yet but it is here.
    I am about 2/3rds thru Fear.. I must say it is not what I was expecting.
    What’s terrifying for me is the real time / human side Woodward paints of Trump and his erratic White House. What that means to me is not this orange haired caricature that’s distilled down to jokes rather that Trumps way of making decisions, impulsiveness, twitter usage all of these things are calculated approaches for Trump.. What is terrifying is learning how all of these trade deals are lumped together with all these national security implementations.. it’s like how bills are written.. I did not know this!
    Bannon, Sessions thinking trump winning is God’s will.
    Ugh I ask why am I human. Couldn’t I pick a planet made out of sparkly crystalline structures with unicorns and great background music where no food allergies exist? lol..

  76. Adele Prass says:

    Karen, thanks for the embellishment to crotch rot. I couldn’t stop laughing. In the middle of guffawing, I hoped that Ottavia happened across it — I think it would give her a much needed laugh.

  77. Adele Prass says:

    Oh, and the Pepin interview is great!

  78. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, you nailed it on Fear. What I found most disturbing about the book was that Trump DID NOT come off totally as the cartoony buffoon he seemed in Fire & Fury and probably in Omarosa’s book (haven’t read it). Aside from the rants and temper tantrums, he thinks being president is a reality show where he does nothing but make deals, keep everyone watching, and keep increasing his ratings. He has no interest whatsoever in learning the facts about anything, but trusts his own shifty gut and beliefs he formed 50 years ago.

    I sincerely believe what we have with Trump is a reincarnation situation. I think in a former life he was an historically horrible, totally inept king, emperor, or pharaoh who ruled absolutely and without question. He’s attained that same status again in this life, and he’s baffled as to why it’s not working the same way.

    He has no idea how to lead except to bully, belittle, throw tantrums, and order people around, an indication he was raised as royalty and never had to get along with anyone because he could order servants to do everything. He expects some one to satisfy his every whim. He demands absolute loyalty. He thinks every penny the government has is his to spend in any way he wants. He thinks he should have the job for life. He expects the world to bow and scrape before his magnificence. He identifies most closely with other leaders who behave like similar throwbacks.

  79. jellyblue says:

    Karen, I haven’t read Fire and Fury. Fear is the first book I was interested in reading about Trump.

    You are absolutely correct. Your first paragraph is entirely spot on!
    If I take away all of the bullying, loud mouth, obnoxious, hateful behavior what I disrespect about Trump the most is his unwillingness to learn. The privilege he comes from and now what he lives in exposes him to every form of learning imaginable and yet he has no fucking interest whatsoever. What the fuck?!?!?

    He thrives on the chaos this to him creates varied opinion- non group think… he thinks everything is about not showing weakness he doesn’t care how many lives are at stake if he is perceived as “weak”

    The lying to his own people and staff is just bananas.

    I had no idea the Chinese make 96% or was it 99% of the antibiotics on the planet.

    Clusterfuck of epic proportions.

    Can you believe I dropped the book as I was reading on my forehead and it bruised me, pierced skin and I bled LOL
    “Beware reading about trump will not only inflict emotional trauma but also bodily harm not limited to bleeding” 😉

  80. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I’m trying to imagine what position you could have possibly been reading in to have dropped that heavy book on your forehead. Were you doing yoga?

    Recently I had a bottle of seltzer water fall of the top pantry shelf, hit one of my boobs going down, and gave me a huge bruise that looked like I’d tried to stuff the whole boob down the garbage disposal.

    Minus all the heinous qualities that make Trump a most vile human being, what we’re left with is a man of profound ignorance and racism who thinks they’re his greatest strengths, with not a speck of the charm or sense of humor of George W. Bush. And NOBODY around him to give him sensible advice that he’ll listen to. Bush at least had his dad, who was an idiot in his own way, but he wasn’t purely evil like Cheney.

    Trump’s VP is just there to change Trump’s diaper.

  81. Jellyblue says:

    Karen, careful w the seltzer bottle before your boobage looks tatted up like Argento!

    It’s just ridiculous how these things happen. I on couch laying back feet up leaning against big pillow. I guess it was one of those fluke positions as my arms were holding the book up high and I lost grip and it crashed into my forehead. I have a small indentation between my eyebrows. Looks lovely right at home near the “teenage” breakout.

    Always great looking disheveled when one is about to travel. Not enough dealing with these tsa bozos.

    Pence is purely staying out of the way.

    So whenever Trump experiences extreme stress the Whitehouse is barely functional.
    This can last weeks? So what I’m understanding is it’s barely functional as it is ugh. I’m not sure if this is good or bad?
    Seems the entire MO is to stall him and his antiquated ideas. Interestingly, that he doesn’t forget. It’s like brainwashing.

    So we know he’s purely a gut instinct guy, refuses to read or learn anything new, lies to
    Govts and his own people, taunts dictators on twitter, seems to think he can rewrite history. Has a messiah complex..

    Honestly, Jr is a delight comparing to Trump.
    I cringe at the thought!

  82. Lynn says:

    I cringe that the Senate will remain in Repub hands and that smarmy shit Ted Cruz is looking like a sure win against Beto. Sigh. Taking the House will still be huge, though, if dems can manage to keep Hillary (“Bill didn’t abuse his power by screwing an intern”) and Eliz “I am one one-millionth Native American so by all means let me blab about it and take media attention away from the issues” Warren quiet. WTF? Did you read her DNA report? It makes me wonder why she ever mentioned having Native American heritage at all before knowing how much.

    She’s at least 95% white, and the report notes ‘high probability’ that it’s greater than 95. Her Native American DNA is so low they couldn’t even put it in a percentage. Mine showed I am .03% Italian — also known as not Italian. How has she benefitted from this other than giving Trump a funny name to call her? She’s the whitest looking woman I’ve ever seen barring albinos.

    The worst thing about Orange Infant to me is the brazen lying that’s so easily disproven. He claims not to have said things when we can easily pull up the 1. tweet 2. video/audio or 3. interview transcripts. At least try to fool somebody. And now he’s helping the Saudis cover up the murder and dismembering of a Wash Post reporter whose kids are American citizens. He knows they did it but hey, can’t piss em off and lose that $$$. They look ridiculous – umm this was an ‘accident’. Oh yes, our envoy just happened to include an autopsy expert carrying a bone saw but he always travels with that in case he wants to whip up some tasty beef bone marrow soup. Bitch please.

  83. jellyblue says:

    Lynn, these politicians don’t realize what a fish bowl they live in and how out of touch they are. They just all sound bonkers.. it’s like a pre-requisite. Plus all of them lie.. the way Trump lies is so fucking blatantly out in the open he just doesn’t care if he’s caught.. his whole MO is deny deny deny. Say what needs to be said at that time so it suits him so he appears strong- he pretty much admits this.

    I think he desensitizes us with this.. It works. People get tired of it after a while believe it’s part of the course and just accept it.. its like corruption.

    I live in NYC- I was following the governors race. I could not believe what I learned about Cuomo corruption and the MTA understanding why the subway has deteriorated to this state. I really hope they don’t push him as the dem candidate.

    Hillary just needs to shut the fuck up! Sadly, she only helps Trump but she is such an egomaniacal narcissist that she doesn’t give a shit.

    I did a DNA report everyone has a tiny tiny tad bit of something.

  84. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, the bruise is completely gone now, but it took about 3 weeks to disappear. It felt as if that liter of seltzer deliberately punched me in the boob as hard as it could. I was seeing stars. Now I’m afraid to open the bottle because after it fell from about 7 feet to the floor, I know it’s going to explode.

    I think we are best off when the White House is nonfunctioning and Trump is doing nothing but watching TV, tweeting and golfing. Trump remembers things from his youth like the racism his father beat into him, like most dementia patients, but can’t remember a piece of paper someone just swiped off his desk. It’s classic. But fine. As long as there’s someone keeping him distracted from minute to minute so he can’t follow through on anything.

  85. catsworking says:

    Lynn, totally agree. Hillary and Warren are NOT helping things at this point and should STFU. Just hope Dems are furious enough at Trump to ignore the bitches (forgot to include Pelosi) and go vote anyway. We MUST take back the House. Period.

    By the day, it’s becoming more impossible to hide what happened to the WaPo guy. His fingers didn’t just “fall off” and his body didn’t “spontaneously deconstruct” during interrogation. I just heard that they had a cleaning crew in the embassy before they let in the Turkish investigators, and walls were painted.

    What I wonder is why the fuck they thought they needed to chop him to pieces on the spot. There was nowhere more private they could have taken him? And why be so grisly in the first place? There were a lot less incriminating ways to do it. Putin could have sent them tips.

    And 15 guys. It was like they’d never killed anybody before. It seemed like a hit squad hand-picked by Trump himself, which wouldn’t surprise me.

    I know from sad experience with the late Yul’s tale amputation saga that you can’t paint over blood. I tried, and I still have spots he spattered on the wall coming through years later.

    I really don’t know why Warren is flogging this whole Native American thing. Even THEY are getting pissed at her now. My grandmother used to tell me that she had an Indian in her background somewhere, which was probably true, but who cares? (BTW, my father was adopted, so that grandmother was not biologically linked to me, so I make no claims there. As far as I know, I’m half Italian, and probably 1/4 English and Irish each.)

  86. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, the incessant lying is wearing down this country like a Chinese water torture. People are tuning out, which is normalizing it. When you hear nothing but lies, lies become the new reality.

    It’s impossible to maintain the high state of outrage demanded by every word out of his mouth and every tweet. I am very surprised that no one has cracked and made a serious attempt to take him out at one of his stupid rallies. But I think we’re going to see an uptick in the suicide rate during his presidency, and not just famous people.

    He’s sunk us into a state of national dementia. He babbles and drools and we just nod and accept it, oblivious that he’s doing everything he can to flush the country down the toilet like a toddler playing with mom’s car keys.

  87. L Villeneuve says:

    CW-nailed it!

  88. Suzan says:

    I’m a Canadian…at my last doctor’s appointment, I mentioned that I was feeling ” down ” and he immediately asked me if I was following American politics. Told me there was a direct correlation to depression and Trump’s presidency, throughout the western world. Said he attended a freaking conference about it and that medical journals are being written about the phenomena. Vote this asshole out. Please. He’s making the world sick ( literally )!!!!

  89. Mira says:

    It’s not Trump that is depressing – it’s the rampant racism and sexism within the American population that got him elected, that is depressing.
    (Please note, the same thing is happening around the world, right wing extremists are getting elected and that is the real worry, maybe it is some domino effect, but I am no political scientist.)

  90. jellyblue says:

    I think Trump in this country has enabled this festering racism and sexism to come up to the surface, out in the open..

    Trump is very loud and he commands attention every single nano second and because of his shock antics he gets exactly all the attention he wants. It’s very effective for him.

    Like Asia Argento the best thing we could possibly do with Trump is completely ignore him. Sadly, the man can make long lasting decisions that unlike his businesses can have a domino chain reaction on the entire planet.

  91. jellyblue says:


    I’m glad the seltzer bottle injury finally healed yeek!

    It’s not like it’s Non functioning whitehouse versus functioning. Decisions will be made.. This Mueller November surprise can’t be wearing well on Trump.. the stress and instability and then he lashes out and antagonizes. It’s a recipe for complete and utter disaster.

    That is a perfect way to describe it “state of national dementia” true that!

  92. Lynn says:

    “And why be so grisly in the first place?”

    Because they’re Arabs and that’s how they roll. They love chopping off heads and other body parts, and don’t get me started on the stoning, acid throwing, etc. In Saudi Arabia they cut off hands for stealing. What a sick culture. They love the number 15. 15 of the 19 hijackers on 911 were Saudis.

    Consider their cover story that this was an ‘interrogation’ gone wrong. 1. Why are you interrogating a journalist? That right there shows your culture is in the stone age. 2. Why would you do anything during this ‘interrogation’ that might kill the person? Even their cover stories are idiotic. Trump cares only about money. I shudder to think what his response would be if this journalist was an American. Probably no different.

    Oh and his latest idiocy about global warming? OMG. He claims a relative of his was a scientist, and even though he never actually spoke to this relative about global warming, he has a ‘natural instinct’ for science and knows that it’s cyclical. That’s like me saying my uncle is a doctor tho I have a ‘natural instinct’ despite no medical training, so I’ll just go ahead and diagnose you. He knows more than the scientists, the generals – he knows more than everyone.

  93. catsworking says:

    Mira, thanks for that article link. I do think Trump is having a domino effect. Other countries see our scum crawling out of the sewers, proudly able to proclaim their racism, sexism, homophobia, and pure hatred of anybody who isn’t white and stupid like them, and think, “Gee, if America can do it, so can we!” The cleanup after Trump will be like Germany after Hitler. It’s going to take decades to live down this total shame, not to mention restore all the laws and protections he’s demolished.

    Climate change: It may be cyclical, but the moron doesn’t realize mankind will be incinerated before the planet returns to the Ice Age. Letting pollution run rampant to save jobs is bullshit because there won’t be anybody to need them. It’s all about money, and he’s too stupid to grasp that saving the environment creates new jobs. He thinks everybody wants to work in a coal mine or a factory.

    I felt generally depressed during George W. Bush, but he wasn’t in my face every day. I became more so when he got RE-elected, disbelieving it could ever happen. But that was nothing compared to now. I have days where I CANNOT look at or listen to him for ONE MINUTE. I scream at the TV all the time.

    Trump was elected by a sizable minority of registered voters. The Electoral College disenfranchised 3 million voters who didn’t vote for him. That whole system needs to go because it’s essentially gives MORE voice to rubes in sparsely populated placed than to those in cities. When it comes to elections, it should be one person, one vote, both count equally no matter where you live.

    I hope enough Democrats and decent people stay furious until November so we at least take back the House. Trump will spend the next 2 years buried under so many Congressional investigations (not to mention whatever Mueller produces), he may decide he doesn’t want another term. His health could also fail at any minute. (A debilitating stroke that leaves him vegetative would be my preference.) He’s looking worse by the day, and using more spray tan can’t hide it. If you compare pictures of him during the election, you’ll see he’s aging fast. Even his hair is noticeably thinning.

    He’s probably overdue for his annual physical and nothing’s been said. So, if he had one, it wasn’t good, and he’s too far gone to even lie about it or he would have.

    Tragically, we can’t even begin to recover from Trump until he’s permanently gone. And I mean dead. As long as he has a voice, he’ll clamor for 24/7 attention and keep stirring the pot. We need to ignore him, but our stupid media keeps feeding the beast and we suffer for it.

    If he’s not stopped, and enough other countries elect Trump wannabes, there’s going to be a WW III. If nuclear weapons don’t wipe us all away, then we’ll go back to Square One and a period of reason and decency will be the only option.

  94. catsworking says:

    Lynn, you’re right about the method. That it was so brazen, ineptly planned (15 guys with a bone saw in broad daylight? really?) and messy makes me think Trump gave it his blessing beforehand. Khashoggi worked for the hated WaPo and was Arab so he was a natural choice. Trump wouldn’t have to feign outrage over killing one of our citizens. Trump’s been itching to make some journalist an example of what he’d like to do to all of them.

    The Arabs were only too happy to help because they hated the guy, too. I suspect one of his fingers will surface soon. They’ve apparently already bumped off one of the killers in a staged car accident.

    Trump’s been a financial criminal for decades. As president, he’s living out his mob boss fantasies by teaming with despots to commit murder.

  95. Margeaux says:


    Hi, I really love to read all the posts here. Thanks for starting it.

    “Trump’s been a financial criminal for decades. As president, he’s living out his mob boss fantasies by teaming with despots to commit murder.”
    Trumps own father had a guy in his camp who was very connected to the people who went after people back in the day who ended up on the black list, during the Commie scare of the 50’s.

    It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it!


  96. Lynn says:

    ” His health could also fail at any minute. (A debilitating stroke that leaves him vegetative would be my preference.)”

    I’ve been hoping for a stroke or heart attack for 2 years. Or diabetic coma. I was telling someone the other day, as I sit here recovering from pneumonia that I got a few weeks ago out of nowhere, which ruined a planned trip (I’m so livid), how the HELL does this man manage to avoid so much as a cold or flu (he’s around lots of people), skin cancer (constant tanning bed use) and/or some diet related disease (since he eats fast food and lives on diet coke, a total GARBAGE beverage shown to increase weight gain and leech calcium from bones, among other lovely effects). Not even a sniffle!! Is he even human? Does all the hate fuel his immune system?

    “mankind will be incinerated”

    That would be great IMO, as long as I’m dead before it happens. This planet and the majority of animals would be far better off. There was a documentary a few years ago called ‘Life after Humans’ that showed scientists’ theories of what would happen after humans are wiped out, 1 year, 10 years, 50 years later, etc. Other than nuclear power plants having catastrophies with no humans to monitor them, there seemed little downside and they explained that the planet and life on it would recover even after the nuclear incidents.

  97. Mira says:

    “Après moi, le déluge” (“After me, the flood”) Louis XV….

    Probably Trump’s philosophy as well. That’s why he does not give a damn about climate change or anything.

  98. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Margeaux! Trump has been trying to live up to Daddy’s low expectations his whole life. He can never be greedy or racist enough to satisfy the old man.

  99. catsworking says:

    Mira, I haven’t done in-depth research to find the MOST idiotic ruler, but I have a hunch that Trump lived somewhere in the range of Louis XIV – XVI, so the quote is apt.

  100. catsworking says:

    Lynn, they say Trump is a germophobe, and you never see him shaking hands with his rally crowds of snot-nosed, disease-carrying worshippers, so that probably helps his immunity.

    I hope it’s the Diet Coke and cheeseburgers that ultimately bring him down, clogging his heart beyond salvation.

    I think roaches and carpenter ants will be the only species that want Earth after Trump is done with it. The rest of us will have moved on.

  101. Rachel says:

    An interesting update for you on AA…She is apparently in a Twitter war with her own mother, Daria Nicolidi. The Italian media is all over it, but I guess the Daily Mail finally doesn’t care. Asia has yet another new younger BF, the Italian, heavily tattooed, full lipped “King of the Papparazzi” named Fabrizio Corona. According the discrete Mr. Corona, he came to interview AA, and they had sex after 20 minutes. Now they are declaring their love all over Italy. Daria is not happy with this new man. She made fun of a photo of the two of them kissing in public. Nothing really bad..Daria called them “two gentlemen in hats”. Well that really pissed off Asia. She tweeted privately to her mom that “she was wearing a scarf, you know you are a horrible mother, f-ck you bitch!” Yes to her own mother. So can you imagine what messages she must have sent to Anthony that last night of his life? Daria made AA’s response public. She also said “We hope you are so innocent, a period in a clinic would not hurt you, we are all worried about you.” Then the kicker. Mom Daria revealed that in 2007 the Court of Milan gave her custody of her granddaughter Anna Lou, AA’s daughter with Italian rock star Morgan. She stated the Court ruled they were “unsuitable parents but did not give the reason. Wow. Does this really surprise anyone? AA was a confirmed drug addict back then. She’s a nympho as well. At least her son’s father is living with him in the States. There is still a chance he might turn out okay…She is such a sick woman with no self control or morals to speak of. Poor Anthony.

  102. Rachel says:

    Sorry for typos in my post. That should say “Twitter war” . Asia was “pissed off”. And Daria was awarded custody of Anna Lou in 2007. All of this info was translated from Italian articles from Nov 7th and Nov. 8th. Not in the English press yet.

  103. Rachel says:

    Fabrizio Corona is actually 44 years old. Not younger than AA. Wow. Maybe she forgot to check his birth certificate.

  104. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I was just reading a thread about all this on Twitter before I conked out for a little nap. Holy shit! Here’a a bit listed as trivia on Fabrizio from IMDB:

    Sentenced to 13 years and 2 months in prison for multiple extortion, multiple attempted extortion, bankruptcy fraud, corruption, possession of forged money and possession of firearm.

    From Wikipedia: Also, in 2009, he was charged over blackmail photos. In 2013 he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, became a fugitive but finally gave himself up after 4 days.

    He just got out of jail in February. Here’s quite a bit more about his crimes. AA must think he’s got money:

    And he was born in Catania, Sicily, which is where my mother’s family comes from. Maybe he’s my cousin!

    So, AA has found a new way to keep herself in headlines and her mother has finally had enough of her shit and wants her to go to rehab (or a mental institution). Interesting that AA lost custody of her daughter in 2007. Her son was born in 2008, so she probably conceived him out of pure spite against her mother.

    If she and Fabrizio are really a thing, I think we’re seeing the next layer of her downward spiral. They’ll probably self-destruct together.

  105. catsworking says:

    Here’s another little gem. He wrote a book when he was first arrested called My Prison, and he thinks of himself as a “reverse Robin Hood.” Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Fabrizio takes from the rich and gives to himself. This article gives me detail on his blackmailing of celebrities…

    Sounding more and more like a match made in heaven for AA.

  106. catsworking says:

    Here’s some more detail on Fabrizio’s criminal past. Back in 2009 when he was facing jail time, he was dating a 25-year-old Argentinian model and showgirl who said she’d wait “40 years” for him if he went to the slammer. Guess she didn’t. She went on to have an affair with Ivana Trump’s 4th husband. Small world…

    This is fascinating stuff. AA sure knows how to pick ’em. Maybe they’ll put their heads together and figure a way to blackmail Jimmy Bennett back.

  107. Rachel says:

    Catsworking, I didn’t get a chance to look up his sordid criminal history! Thanks for filling me in. They are both media whores and shady criminals, so this seems like a match straight from EHarmony. AA’s career has been reduced to DJ-ing at private parties and appearing on talk shows, so this is just the next step at keeping the spotlight on her. What is happening with all the lawsuits flying around? Haven’t heard anything further about Jimmy v. Asia, Asia v. Rain, etc.

  108. Good grief, *I’m* grieving Bourdain more than she is. She used him up and threw him away.

  109. catsworking says:

    Clem, you said a mouthful. I haven’t seen the final Lower East Side NY episode yet. I’m afraid it will be the hardest one to watch because it was Bourdain’s old stomping grounds. And in the teaser, I think I caught a glimpse of that painting he bought a few weeks before he died. It was titled something like, “The sky is falling. I’m learning to live with it.”

    Since all the duplicity around paying off Jimmy Bennett came to light, that painting takes on an eerie new significance.

  110. Hey Karen. At first I didn’t like the episode but now I think it was a perfect ending and Tony would have loved it. I don’t think this is a spoiler because most people wouldn’t notice. In the credits, it shows that the final song was a cover (won’t say of what) performed by Michael Ruffino with additional vocals by Ariane, Tony’s daughter.

  111. catsworking says:

    Aw, Clem, thanks for telling me that. How sweet! My DVR cuts every show off anywhere from 1-3 minutes before the end (I HATE that!! I miss the last joke on EVERY sitcom I watch.) so I probably wouldn’t have seen the credits.

    Ariane has quite the pipes, apparently. She was also singing in that heart-breaking photo Ottavia posted the weekend Tony died of Ariane wearing boots he’d given her. As she reaches adulthood, I hope we’ll hear more of her.

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