Don’t Let the Babble Bury Kavanaugh’s Many Flaws

By Karen

I watched all of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s and Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judicial Committee last week. Republicans seem thrilled to limit their vetting to a possibly unprovable he-said-she-said scenario of attempted rape.

Matt Damon dropped by SNL for a parody of the Kavanaugh hearing. It’s hilarious but terrifying because it’s only a mild exaggeration of what happened that day.

Brett Kavanaugh has displayed so much more about his unfitness for the Supreme Court that his underage drinking and rape aspirations in high school are the least of it. While writing this, I discovered another Yale classmate, Chad Ludington, has just joined the growing list speaking out about Kavanaugh because they know firsthand that he’s lying about his behavior. Here are some other red flags we must not forget…

Sense of Entitlement – Kavanaugh talks about the Supreme Court job as if it’s owed to him. (Tough shit, Merrick Garland.) Trump’s so desperate for a justice who believes the president is above the law, you have to wonder how much smoke he’s been blowing up Kavanaugh’s ass.

Belligerence – Demanding Senator Amy Klobuchar tell him her drinking habits was so obnoxious, someone must have persuaded him during a break to apologize, even though he was only using Trump’s deflection technique. Kavanaugh also behaved like a peevish brat in refusing to answer Senator Dick Durbin’s question about whether he’d want an FBI investigation to clear his name. I could write all day about Kavanaugh’s displays of arrogance and disrespect to the Democratic side of the committee.

Partisanship – He actually managed to drag the Clintons into his opening statement, as if they have anything to do with anything. Kavanaugh’s impatient, almost sneering contempt for Democratic questioning conveyed that he will be anything but impartial if he manages to get through this. He all but said to them, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Alcoholism? – From his flushed face and constant water-gulping, it appeared Kavanaugh may have been drinking earlier that day. And what other SCOTUS nominee has spent so much time talking about beer? Heavy drinking seemed to be his part-time job for many years, so how do we know he’s doing doing it now?

Lying – Following another Trump example, he lied about easily verified things, such as the meaning of boofing and a Devil’s Triangle, and that he could drink legally in high school (he was only 17). Other examples are too numerous to list here.

Gambling? – Since the latest hearing was about attempted rape, there was no mention of the $200,000 credit card debt Kavanaugh racked up mainly on baseball tickets but managed to quickly pay off before his federal judgeship although he didn’t have that much money in the bank. Was he betting on games?

Financially Compromised?Kavanaugh’s funding sources are almost as murky as Trump’s. His ($220,600) and his wife’s ($66,000) salaries seem a tight fit for their lifestyle. They bought a $1.2 million house Kavanaugh described as a “fixer-upper” that’s expensive to maintain. They joined a country club with a $92,000 entry fee and $9,000 annual dues. They have two daughters attending a $10,580-a-year-per-child private school. He seems to be getting extra cash somewhere, but it’s not revealed in his financial disclosures.

Contempt for Women – Four women have shared stories of Kavanaugh being an aggressor or of doing nothing while his friends gang-raped girls. He’s anti-abortion and considered most likely to overturn Roe v. Wade. He seems to see himself as a privileged white master of the universe, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.

In addition to whatever the FBI finds, I think we’ve seen and heard enough about Brett Kavanaugh to know he’s the last person this country needs on the Supreme Court. May the FBI interview enough people this week and corroborate descriptions of this despicable man to not only keep him off SCOTUS, but to kick him off the bench altogether.

38 Responses to Don’t Let the Babble Bury Kavanaugh’s Many Flaws

  1. Dingobeast says:

    He is the worst SC nominee I have seen. Even worse than degenerate Clarence Thomas, Miers or Bork. Lying, aggressive, and the rape stories keep coming out. He is purely political operative who has obviously been purchased for one reason and one reason only. The Gamble case coming before the SC in October, which would allow Trump to pardon and dodge state level offenses, like RICO-related ones.

    Also, that man is a current alcoholic. I can tell.

  2. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, Kavanaugh is making Clarence Thomas look like a Boy Scout. We were so innocent back in the day when a pube on a Coke can was a scandal. Anita Hill never described Thomas whipping out his junk and dangling it in her face.

    Trump is FRANTIC to stock the Supreme Court with judges who will protect him. Even if he gets Kavanaugh appointed, when Dems take back the House and possibly the Senate, he’s toast.

    I agree with you that he’s a practicing alcoholic. He looked like he’d been drinking before he testified. Not to the point of slurring, but a nice buzz that made him belligerent and confrontational. The Democratic Senators were lucky he didn’t fling any of his numerous water bottles at them.

  3. Dingobeast says:

    I am pretty sure that half those “water” bottles were straight vodka. I am from Maine and had a friend who used to do events for the Bush family down in Kennebunkport, and George Bush the elder would ask for glasses of cold, straight vodka with no fruit, ice or water because you don’t reek of alcohol I guess if you drink it straight? At least old man Bush thought so.

    Kavanaugh is the worst of the repulsive frat boys. We are around the same age and he is one of the guys that you stayed away from. Entitled, drunk and violent. I think Kavanaugh is done, though. It was always a race to get him on the bench before the bullshit caught up to him. It is too late. At this point he will be lucky to keep his other judgeship. Harvard has cancelled his class that he was supposed to teach. I wonder about his wife, I imagine she has seen the results of his drunken ill-temper plenty of times.

  4. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I agree with you that at least some of his water bottles were vodka or gin. I’ve been told by a regular vodka drinker that it somehow doesn’t show up later, but I don’t know that I believe that if you drink enough of it. Alcohol is alcohol, and it leaves a trace.

    So much has unfolded since I wrote this post, I am waiting for Trump to withdraw the nomination any minute, although he may lose interest and let Kavanaugh spontaneously combust on his own, as Trump usually does with people whose lives he ruins. Which is anyone who has had the misfortune of working with Trump.

  5. Mira says:

    Mat Damon is hilarious!… thanks for the SNL link, these Senate guys are ridiculous, the comedy just writes itself. I feel sorry for Dr Ford to have to be a part of that circus, but it’s good she testified, because the whole world got to see how vile and corrupt these people are.

  6. Adele Prass says:

    Frankly, I could live with a vile and corrupt justice (not one, who engages in sexual assault), who didn’t overturn Roe v. Wade or believe that a sitting president could not be indicted.

  7. Mary Hunter says:

    “entitled, drunk and violent” perfectly stated. I was actually surprised at how this arrogant, entitled background showed itself so ferociously in the hearings. It’s like he lost it, getting so angry. Jeez, he’s been entitled his entire life that now he’s pissed to be questioned. I read that he was being groomed for this position for years. So nice to see these a-holes finally being confronted.
    That being said, this is the only place on social media that I can talk freely. Unfortunately, even though most of my friends on facebook are of my same political persuasion, there are friends of friends, and if I make a simple comment about grammar, I get blasted so much, that it’s not worth it. Thank you Karen for this outlet.

  8. catsworking says:

    Adele, unfortunately, the two go hand in hand. Someone vile and corrupt believes in taking advantage of others, and that would most certainly include women. Men that think they have free rein to attack women are also the ones who paradoxically want to make sure that women are screwed for life if they get pregnant by making abortion and contraception unavailable. It’s all about power.

    I’m to the point where I can’t stand the sight of Kavanaugh or Trump. Republicans who think Kavanaugh was a mean nasty drunk just in high school and college, but turned into an angel after graduation are deluded. He’s probably the same drunken, rotten bastard he’s always been, just like Trump.

  9. catsworking says:

    Mary, even if none of the women’s stories about Kavanaugh were true (but they are; I believe all of them), the way he reacted in the hearing should have been disqualifying right there. He did everything but throw himself on the floor, kicking and screaming that anyone DARED to question him. He showed that he shouldn’t even have the judgeship he has now, and that maybe all his verdicts need to be revisited for malice.

    I have a Facebook account, but I seldom look at it and contribute nothing. I find the functionality absolutely baffling. It’s always been a smoldering pile of garbage to me.

  10. Iggi says:

    ^^My thoughts exactly. I see a lot of women calling Dr. Ford a liar. So even if her story can’t be corroborated, based on his behavior alone, he should NOT be sitting as a Supreme Court Justice. I am about the same age as Kavanaugh is, and I attended a University with a HUGE Greek system and have met many guys like him. Sober, those guys put up a great front and look like they have it together, pour a little alcohol into them and they turn into raging dickheads.

    I’ll bet he’s a functioning alcoholic and his wife has had to deal with him when things don’t go his way. I can only imagine the yelling that went on after the last hearing. Hope his kids were somewhere else when that happened.

  11. Adele Prass says:

    Karen, you’re right of course, but I’m becoming so cynical, that I’m willing to settle pretty low. I just had MSNBC on, and Stephanie Rhule was commenting that all the air the Kavanaugh stuff is taking up, prevents extensive reporting on the migrant kids, moved by dark of night to tent cities in Texas and other stories. It’s an ugly, ugly time.

  12. jellyblue says:

    It really is dark times. It’s like being in an episode of the twilight zone in an alternate reality.. I’m certain I will wake up from this hellacious nightmare just to realize it is in fact reality.. what have we devolved into? I can’t even believe these topics are up for debate in the first place. I can’t believe the gop advocates for Kavanaugh and most of these folks throw around the “jesus” card.. the stench of hypocrisy is so saturating.

    We have to clean house, get rid of the career dinosaurs, say no to any and all corruption, monopoly capitalism. If we stopped going to other peoples homes and bombing the shit out of them we wouldn’t have these various migrant crisis. There are political migrants and economic migrants all of this should be discussed to see our role in this.

    I just can’t believe that folks still believe that Trump gives a shit about people.

    I’m reading Fear its worse than I thought.. how is this fucking possible?

  13. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, Adele, Iggy, it’s true that we’re coming apart at the seams. A political party has been hijacked by a monster who appeals to their worst instincts. We live in an alternate universe where children are being kidnapped en masse and ferreted off to secret places after dark to hide whatever’s being done to them.

    Because some Americans willingly support this barbarity and participate in it, how long before Trump has them build concentration camps in the desert where he can throw anyone who opposes him, never to be seen again?

    It’s true about the news. Trump never-ending outrages are an all-consuming shit show that eclipse everything else.

    I just hope enough decent people realize we MUST vote enough of these demons out in November to have a prayer of getting rid of Trump, or at least cutting him off at the knees. The only other alternative is a killing war. Trump’s side would like that, but it’s too horrible to contemplate.

    Maybe once the tariffs kick in and suddenly everything’s 25% more expensive, the fucking rubes who think he’s doing great will feel the pain and realize the tariffs aren’t paid by China but by THEM.

    I’m reading Fear as well. All the books about Trump are telling the same story. He’s a stupid, unhinged maniac who understands nothing and operates purely out of revenge and spite. And he’s surrounded by evil people who enable him.

    And isn’t he overdue for his annual physical? His health is probably just as shady as his finances.

  14. bamboo.skewer says:

    For sure he’s getting $ from somewhere else. I’ve lived with similar income with a house half the value and we don’t even join our local “bath & tennis” club/country club wanna-be. There’s no way to afford what you listed. Plus he likely isn’t wearing cheap poly-blend suits. They have to maintain other things in life suitable to run in their circle — dining out, furniture, vacation, cars. No way on those salaries. Though apparently his wife works part-time as the village manager for a village with a couple hundred homes and 1 restaurant and that’s it? That’s actually a nice salary for doing that!

    I would love to know what current SCOTUS justices think about him. To be a fly on a wall in their homes!

    The day after the Ford & Kavanaugh hearing, I contacted the Democratic party in my state to volunteer to help get people to register to vote, drive people to the polls, get people to actually vote. Especially, I want to do something to help the heavily Hispanic area of my precinct. Help ensure they vote! My precinct is nearly 50/50 right now for our House vote, with a Republican incumbent who hides from his constituents and votes for Trump’s wishes 100%. This is enough. We all have to DO more than vent online to get a different outcome here.

    I have my fingers crossed that Kavanaugh won’t be approved and appointed, but not holding my breath because I’m too cynical. There’s too much at stake for Trump and the Republicans and they will do anything. Imagine the behind-scenes conversations and promises and compromises going on in order to get enough people to vote. Y’all watch House of Cards? I think we can figure out how Kavanaugh got to where he is, and what’s going on now to be sure his reputation isn’t hurt too much by the FBI investigation and ensuring he’ll have enough votes. It’s SICK.

    I was sickened to find Kavanaugh behind the Vince Foster murder theory shit. That’s been an enduring conspiracy theory that even still pops up now in regards to Anthony Bourdain — that AB joined a long list of people “killed by the Clintons.” Give me an f’ing break! To find Kavanaugh involved in THAT — PLEASE Congress do not let this extreme political operative on SCOTUS. Because that’s what he is — he participated in rabid prosecution of the Clintons. I will never forget reading 20 years ago about what a freaking cigar did to Monica Lewinsky in my FAMILY NEWSPAPER, thanks to the party of family values, the Republicans, with help from Kavanaugh and Kenneth Starr. So gross.

    He does not belong on the Supreme Court even before the Dr. Lord testimony.

  15. Peggy says:

    I think we have some house cleaning of our own to do also and I want to start with Pelosi. So even if they put this lying POS in as a SCJ, according to Nancy, even if the Dems retake the house in the mid-terms, impeachment of Kavanaugh isn’t the focus. It would divide the country. The fucking country is already divided you old crow. Sorry, I just can’t hold back. She thinks everyone is suddenly going to be united? Of course why would I think anything else when she chose to let war criminals Bush and Cheney off the hook. She NEEDS TO GO!

  16. catsworking says:

    Peggy, agree that Pelosi is a cancer who needs to be cut out. She has long passed her sell-by date and her reactions to the outrages happening now seem disjointed, like she’s suffering from dementia. Time for the next gen to move in.

  17. catsworking says:

    bamboo, we are in a sorry state when it doesn’t enter our minds that enough Republican senators will be disgusted by Kavanaugh’s lies and temper tantrums to give him a thumbs down. And the three that everyone’s hoping for seem on the fence STILL. We are all so worn out by Trump’s daily two-year-old routine, it’s become normal behavior in DC.

    Trump mocking Christine Blasey Ford last night at his rally veered into flat-out lies, as always (“Was it upstairs? Downstairs? I don’t know!”) and the brainless bumpkins in the crowd cheered.

    It disgusts me that we have to put up with a president who publicly insults private citizens he’s supposedly the SERVANT of.

    Good for you on your volunteering. I’m writing postcards but what you’re doing is great.

    My House district is up for grabs, even though it’s been heavily red for years. We’ve got a woman Democrat (ex-CIA) running against Repub. Dave Brat, who doesn’t seem to realize he only got in because Democrats crossed over and voted for him in the primary to oust that odious little weasel Eric Cantor, who had Kavanaugh Complex, believing he would be next speaker of the house after Boehner.

    Brat has kept his nose far up Trump’s ass, so he needs to go. The polls are running neck in neck, so I hope this Kavanaugh bullshit sinks Brat. He’s been especially hostile to women who question him at his town halls, complaining that they get “up in his grill.”

    Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts arrived yesterday, but I think I’m going to wait to open it until my birthday next week.

  18. Lynn says:

    “Stephanie Rhule was commenting that all the air the Kavanaugh stuff is taking up…”

    This is what outrages me the most. Who is causing it to take up so much space on air? The networks! They are no longer about news. They’re about info-tainment. They are on all day and night but can only cover 2 or 3 stories each day? Pathetic. The night time shows are even worse. Rachel Maddow at least attempts to cover other things (e.g., she has been talking about the devastating pollution in NC post hurricane thanks to Duke Energy (coal ash), pig farms (untreated pig shit) and other big polluters that local politicians won’t hold to account). But for the most part it’s always Trump, and even in the Trump news universe, it’s just a couple of the most sensational stories each day.

    Vice News Tonight (HBO) covers more in 22 minutes (including international news) than CNN and MSNBC do all day. How many god awful things is Trump doing ‘behind the scenes’ while this Kavanaugh soap opera plays out? How many environmental regulations has he shot down? I was pleased to see a judge has blocked Trump + fish and wildlife’s attempt to remove grizzly bears in Yellowstone from the endangered list so that pieces of shit like Trump Jr can shoot them. Thanks to the judge’s ruling, a hunt that was to happen this fall will NOT happen.

    And this is just one example. How do I know this? I saw it on the CNN CRAWL. Yes, the real news good and bad is in tiny print at the bottom of the screen these days. I’m not saying don’t cover Kavan-UGH. But speculation (will senator x vote yes or no? Will the FBI uncover xyz in time to ….) is most definitely not news. Tell us the latest and then move on to something else. They are incapable of that.

  19. catsworking says:

    Lynn, you’re right. I used to watch BBC World every night for a different take on things, but somehow I got out of the habit.

    You’re right. While Trump has the media endlessly chewing on his biggest turds, he’s undermining the country in countless little ways, undoing regulations, opening up protected lands to exploiters and killers, moving kidnapped children to secret places after dark.

    His evilness has so many tentacles, there’s no keeping up with all of it.

    For starters, I would like to see the media stop reporting and trying to dissect Trump’s tweets. They’re the witless ravings of a babbling maniac to distract us from what he’s really doing. That would free up MANY hours of air time for what’s important.

    Since Trump became president, it’s like news from the outside world ceased. As if Americans need help being any more ignorant about their relative insignificance on the planet.

  20. Lynn says:

    Cancer could have been cured, you would never know it watching cable news. The only non-Trump coverage you’re going to see is 1. major terrorist attacks 2. major natural disasters. In both cases they will wallow in that shit for days despite nothing new to report.

    Oh one thing to switch gears slightly re: the most recent Parts Unknown. Did anyone else find it super eerie that chef Andres was talking about Tony as one might do after someone dies? How shy he is, what a great friend he’s been, etc. How he is not at all in person the brash swaggering guy you might think he is based on his writing. At first I thought, did they go back and ask Andres to speak about Tony after his death? It was a perfect, if sad, fitting tribute to include in the episide. Just seemed almost too perfect to me….almost like how did they know?

  21. L Villeneuve says:

    Nothing in mainstream media about the huge Women’s protest in Brazil?

  22. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I did feel like they had Andres fill in some narrative holes after the fact because what he was saying was more like memories than things he would have said in the moment. And the show did feel kind of hollow without Bourdain’s voiceover. Andres is such a large presence, he compensated for a lot, but I wonder how it’s going to go down in Indonesia this Sunday.

  23. catsworking says:

    LV, this is the first I’m hearing about a women’s protest in Brazil. Today the news is full of Trump’s faux wealth, all sucked out of his father, apparently. But we knew he was a fraud.

    I remember when CNN started, it seemed like a wonderful thing to have a channel devoted to nothing but news so you could find out what was going on at any time (I’m sure this must have been pre-internet).

    But now we have SO MANY 24-hour “news” channels, they just fill the days churning the same old shit and repeating themselves. And replacing actual news with opinion. It’s been very corrosive to the overall quality of the news.

  24. Morganlf says:

    Beer muscles Kavanaugh is about to get confirmed. Flake caved and that GOP shill phony democrat Manchin will too. Dems should not give that man a penny!

    Kavanaugh is an intemperate drunk. An impotent weenie wagger, a screaming, spitting, entitled frat boy.

    He’s going to allow trump to stomp the constitution and with Pence repeal Roe. He is the worst SCOTUS nominee, ever.

  25. Jellyblue says:

    What a dark day.
    This means that the Dems are gonna sweep in Nov.
    So they’ll cock block trump and then he’ll do everything under executive order.
    All of this a slow and steady way to increase executive power and take the
    Power away from the people.
    These career dinosaur democrats have gotta go. I wouldn’t call myself a progressive but we require new blood.
    It’s just too horrible to contemplate.

    I got rid of cable. It’s one of the best things I ever did for myself. The news
    cycle is utter garbage and it’s propoganda and brainwashing. It’s really bad here in the States. The media here is total poison.

  26. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue and Morgan, I’m so depressed and furious about this Kavanaugh shit show. Susan Collins and Flake are dead to me. They pretend to stand up to Trump just to get their stupid faces on TV, then cave every time.

    The past few days, I’ve been unable to have the TV on in the morning because I can’t take the 24/7 Trump Never-Ending Circus anymore.

    Once the Dems take back the House, I don’t think Trump will be doing much of anything except tweeting lies and denials. Mueller’s investigation will deliver results, as will the others looking into his finances, and Trump will be up to his eyeballs in litigation, fighting off prosecutions. Staying out of jail will become his full-time job.

    Does anyone realize Melania is off wasting taxpayer money pretending she gives a tiny shit about kids in Africa — while kids are languishing in tents at our border because her husband kidnapped them? I’m so glad that her stupid trip is being totally ignored. Be Best my ass.

    The Democrats really do need to clean house, and maybe the mid-terms will launch a new generation into Congress to start pushing out the dinosaurs. But it all just takes SO LONG!!!

  27. jellyblue says:

    Karen- what the fuck happened behind the scenes for them to approve of him? It’s all out in the open that the investigation into Kav was a complete dog and pony sham. White House counsel advised as such.

  28. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, what we’re seeing is a strain of partisan evil so breathtaking there’s no word for it. Republicans are LYING TO OUR FACES that the investigation was “thorough.” I hope Kavanaugh’s old classmates and co-workers keep pouring out of the woodwork with tales of his disgusting behavior and lack of integrity right up to the present. And I hope the other SCOTUS justices sit him down on Day One and tell him his entitled frat boy shit isn’t going to fly. And he WILL recuse himself if any of Trump’s crimes come before the court.

    And when the Dems take back the House, I hope they impeach his ass off the bench forever.

    In the meantime, I suspect Roberts may be pushed to the left to balance out the bullshit. Surely, these guys realize that Kennedy cold-bloodedly stabbed them all in the back by giving Trump another pick for the court.

    Forget about the handful of “undecided” chickenshit senators who will slurp the orange Kool-Aid while they vote for the pig. It’s beyond horrible that there aren’t three or four others with consciences who have laid low and will vote no and kill this farce.

    What we’re seeing in Congress is treason on a mass scale. They are sneaking around, covering shit up, and lying about it while they undermine everything that makes this country a democracy. They want Trump as dictator for life, and all government agencies to be his flying monkeys to do whatever comes into his addled brain.

    And somehow, they think this is going to make THEM richer and even more powerful. They don’t seem to realize that Trump will never share and will crush them all because he thinks he’s master of the universe.

  29. feijicha says:

    Susan Collins is bullshit artist. She does this every time such that I think she’s just an attention whore. Keep everyone hanging on til the last possible second and then, like Lucy with the football, she yanks it away just as Charlie Brown goes to kick it. Maine is a more left leaning state, so her constituents aren’t the same Repubs in the hard core base. But that’s who’s in power in DC and they pressure her. Why the morons she represents keep re electing her is a mystery. But then I wonder the same about Graham, Pelosi, and good ole turtle nuts, McConnell.

    I have Apple tv and you can watch Sky News, Reuters, The Economist News, even CBS, NBC news online are real news and not like the over-air versions. And BBC America thru my cable provider. THere’s a lot more going on in the world you can learn about, and you get a take on the US shit show that has some intelligence behind it.

  30. catsworking says:

    feijicha, yesterday I happened on a BBC news channel on Verizon FIOS that was subscription-only. I need to click around and find out what else is out there because the American “news” media is driving me out of my freaking mind. Now they are blaming Michael Avenatti, of all people, for Kavanaugh getting confirmed. He represented the woman with the most serious story, put Kavanaugh and Judge at the scene, had scores of classmates willing to testify as corroboration, and the FBI totally blew her off. Holy shit.

    I think you pegged it with Collins. Attention whore. That’s exactly what she is, and she’s played that “I’m so undecided!” card for the last time. I think she may have finally tipped her hand in Maine with her two-faced bullshit. Women are pissed, and they won’t forget this.

    What happens next all depends on the mid-terms. If the Dems can make Trump a lame duck and take over the chairmanships of all the committees now pretending to be conducting investigations, it could be a game-changer. I want to see Adam Schiff drop-kick Devin Nunes past the curb and into oncoming traffic, preferably in front of the White House so Trump can watch that little butt-licking snitch become roadkill.

    Lindsey Graham has a good “outing” coming to him so Trump disassociates and he’s forced to resign in disgrace. If the Parkland generation and older millennials stay on the case, they will help us take care of Pelosi and McConnell in 2020.

    As horrible as things are today, I still feel like they are just fuel to motivate decent people to rise up and fix this. We outnumber the fuckers!

  31. Lynn says:

    I’m disgusted but not surprised. While I believe Ford, there was no evidence unearthed to prove her case other than the fact that she told more than one person Mr. ‘FFFFFF Beach Week’ Schlitz assaulted her years ago. I believe her mainly bc Schlitz proved himself a liar the second he said ‘Devil’s Triangle’ is a drinking game. But the FBI is a joke (as if anyone didn’t already know that after it helped elect Orange infant thanks to James ‘rules don’t apply to me’ Comey). So, no surprise their ‘investigation’ was ridiculous and gave Repubs cover to say what Collins did in her stupid speech – “I think Ford was assaulted but…” she’s ‘mistaken’ that it was Kav. Pathetic.

    I ask myself why Flake, who hates Trump and isn’t running again, couldn’t summon the balls to vote ‘no’ but at the end of the day, he’s still a conservative. And this is their wet dream – a majority conservative court. A little thing like an assault claim was not going to stop him. Collins is like all the rest – she cares about her own ass first second and third. What will keep me in my seat? What will keep Trump from mean tweeting me? I can only hope she loses her seat. It’s beyond vile that only Murkowski had the guts to vote no. Manchin is a Republican, always has been, so no surprise there (he’s pro life, is fine with the coal industry polluting all over the place with no restrictions, etc).

    The silver lining to this is that it fuels Dem anger and further drives them to the polls next month. If Schlitz hadn’t gotten confirmed, Repigs would have had an anger wave to ride but as it stands, they’ve gotten what they wanted. So I think it is still advantage Dem for the House. And if they win the House there will be further investigation into Schlitz.

    As for Roe v Wade, I’m not as pessimistic as others. The court has had SIX chances to overturn it and has not. Look at Casey vs. Planned Parenthood in the early 90s. That was a majority conservative court. In fact only 2 justices were seen as pro-Roe, yet Roe was upheld in a 5-4 decision. And the other restrictions in the case were labeled as an ‘undue burden’ on women by the majority. They argued that Roe is precedent and you need far more to overturn it than simply a change in the people sitting on the court. It’s more the religious liberty cases, chipping away at abortion rights, giving states more power to limit who can get an abortion, birth control cases like Hobby Lobby, and of course all the environmental cases in which they’ll side with polluters that worry me.

    Karen, I too wonder why people keep voting the same old fucks into the Senate, keeping them there for decades. I think it’s ignorance and laziness, coupled with a lack of quality challengers. We desperately need Senate and SCOTUS term limits! And of course a revoking of the electoral college system, which would be possible without a change to the constitution.

  32. feijicha says:

    Karen– the more I watched Collins’ performance the more convinced she milked this as another moment in the spotlight. She got a new outfit, a new hairdo and had far more makeup on than she normally does. C^nt.

  33. Morganlf says:

    Fiejicha…Collins is a cunt.
    Am I allowed to call Brett Kavanaugh a cunt?

    Such a devisive pick..why him? He is cloaked in controversy and we haven’t even seen his entire record in the Bush WH. No matter how may times the dems asked.

    What we know is he is a full throated writer of opinions that protect presidential privilege…
    A position he formed as he aggressively pursued Clinton as the disgraced Ken Starrs wing man.

    Starr resigned from Baylor due to the outcry of his partisan defense of sexual predators, yet tracked Whitewater …a nothing burger all the way to a blue dress..with a DNA stain. What a sham.
    Kavanaugh was all in. Hypocrites.

    We’re in for it. Trump is driving a dialogue that makes racism, misogyny, illiteracy the norm.

    If we all vote can we turn the tide on the toothless deluge?

    Will it matter, wrinkly nose, screaming crying, bully Kav is on the court. Groomed his entire beer loving frat existence for this moment.

    I believe he assaulted women. I’ve met his type, they always got an ashtray to the head from me, but then I was in my 20’s not 15.


  34. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you can call Kavanaugh a “feckless cunt” here and I won’t get upset. 😉

    Mitch McConnell thinks that Republicans will now turn out to the polls in droves in the midterms to cement their stranglehold over Congress. Bullshit. They largely represent the most ill-informed, ignorant people in the country (yes, I know some college-educated people have parked their brains under the porch to worship Trump) and THEY ARE A MINORITY OF VOTERS. Only 26% of voters identify as Republican, and there was nothing moderates or independents saw last week to make them go, “Ooh, Kavanaugh’s and Graham’s persecution hissy-fits were so compelling. Let’s have more of that!”

    They’ve got women royally pissed, blacks and Hispanics beyond pissed, and if the Parkland kids and millennials will only stay plugged into this (I have more faith in the Parkland first-time voter bunch), we’ve got this. A lot of deserving backward assholes are going down next month.

    I think their underhandedness and gaslighting have infuriated enough of the country to overcome their gerrymandering, voter roll purging, and disenfranchising, even if only enough to squeak out unexpected wins in tight races.

    As for Kavanaugh, I believe his new colleagues on SCOTUS will soon discover that he’s a drunk who’s obnoxious and demeaning to women, even on a good day. Wouldn’t surprise me if RBG gives him a smack upside the head at some point. And I’ve said it before, and I just read an article this morning to back me up (Google it — the fear is out there) Roberts is likely to move left now that he’s the judge in the middle.

  35. feijicha says:

    dear god i’m waiting to see how it goes with Bratty Bretty and Sonya and Ruth.

  36. Adele Prass says:

    And let us only hope that Ruth Bader Ginsburg lives forever, in full command of her faculties.

  37. bamboo.skewer says:

    What will it take to get back to the days when RBG was voted in with 96 to 3 vote? Can we even imagine that nowadays?

    Fourteen years ago, I was at dinner with someone I worked with. He lobbied at the very highest levels during the 1970s-2010s until he retired. He was a central figure in passing major laws in the 1970s and 1980s, laws that every single one of us reading here must abide by every time we drive or ride in a car. When he told stories of “Elizabeth” we all had to connect the dots and realize he was speaking of Elizabeth Dole. There was a movie, I forget the name now, about top lobbyists for alcohol, guns and another “vice.” The people in that movie, the Doles and everyone else in the federal government at that level, these people were his personal friends not just colleagues. Oh the stories I’m sure he could tell! Even 14 years ago, he was agonizing over the polarization and partisanship getting so severe. It was affecting our ability to lobby for the policies we wanted to see in safety. My profession is public health, for the good of the people. It’s a hard profession to be in right now. Whatever we fight for is always hard, because it runs smack into the “nanny state” accusations and the “fierce American independence” culture. It’s certainly easier when Republicans and Democrats work more together as they used to do. In the 70s and 80s we made huge advances in saving lives because Republicans and Democrats worked better together on those issues. How can we get back to the days when conservatives and liberals worked together with more unity for our country? What will it take? I fear nothing short of something enormous like a WWIII. Something external that threatens survival of everyone, so we can’t turn on each other and blame each other. Or who the hell knows, maybe a deadly flu virus and the federal government’s response to it will be our big battle.

    Regarding: “They don’t seem to realize that Trump will never share and will crush them all” … you see in House of Cards how anyone who steps into the air the Underwoods breathe, anyone who even gets in the same room with one or both of them once, their careers and lives are destroyed. They are all doomed. And they don’t see it coming. It’s the same with Trump.

  38. catsworking says:

    bamboo, what it will take is for Republicans to stop blaming blacks and browns for all the ills of the country and to accept that we all need to work together to solve them. HUGE strides on many fronts can be made once Republicans admit, accept and release their racism.

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