Outraged at Balvenie’s Emmy Tribute to Bourdain? Get Over It.

By Karen

In February 2015, Anthony Bourdain partnered with The Balvenie, makers of handcrafted single malt Scotch whisky, to host a series of short videos called Raw Craft. It was notable because Bourdain always said how much he loathed celebrity endorsements. But in this situation, PRNNewswire quoted Bourdain changing his tune…

“For me, there is deep satisfaction in seeing people, with a particular skill set and a real passion, produce a beautiful thing which is why I’m excited to be a part of these programs in partnership with The Balvenie. There is no doubt for me, that if you can have it, you want the stuff where people have taken their time, paid attention to and personally care about how it was created. It is very important to me that these kinds of crafts continue into the future and we value artisans who make the decision to choose quality over quantity.”

This statement is not inconsistent with the philosophy Bourdain always espoused. He went on to film a series of 14 videos for Balvenie, giving exposure to a variety of obscure but dedicated small business owners.

After the partnership began, Bourdain made waves in the whisky world by sacrilegiously saying he preferred his whisky on the rocks, proving he was no brainless shill for Big Booze.

During the Emmys (and I swear on a bible I saw this spot BEFORE the “In Memoriam” segment, not after — it must have replayed but I fast-forwarded through it), Balvenie ran a 30-second tribute to Bourdain. Twitter had a hissy. Here’s the spot so you can judge its tastefulness for yourselves…

Maybe Trump and the GOP have destroyed my sense of outrage, but I found nothing wrong with this. It was a tribute to Bourdain’s commitment to quality, and a thanks. Basically, they showed him explaining how he chose to live and work.

(Well, until 2016, when he met a certain Italian actress. That’s another story.)

I believe fans who think this was Balvenie’s cynical attempt to cash in on their Bourdain connection one last time got the motivation wrong. I saw a sincere attempt to honor a man who, in his own way, was every bit the craftsman they consider themselves to be.

Maybe I’m being played by Balvenie, but next time I visit a liquor store, I’ll probably buy a bottle (if I can afford it) just for the experience of trying something Tony believed in.

And call me a sucker but, shortly after Tony died, my car swerved into the drive-through of Popeye’s Chicken because I suddenly craved his secret guilty pleasure.

We can reread his books and rewatch his shows, but I think sharing the foods and drinks he enjoyed would probably please him most.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Totally agree, Karen. That spot didn’t bother me at all. Another example of the snowflakes needing something to get triggered over. They should all STFU and go hide in their safe spaces.

    I came upon this today and wonder why it’s too much to ask that we get the same type of news about AB’s memorial svc:


  2. catsworking says:

    Lynn, with the Emmys, I became increasingly annoyed with all the padding (Maya Rudolph and that nerdy guy were a waste). I whipped through the last 90 minutes skipping all the ads, banter, speeches and categories where I didn’t care who won.

    That was sweet of Sally Field to attend Burt’s service after all these years.

    What I WOULD NOT want to read is an item about AA sneaking into Tony’s private funeral through a side door, or slithering in UNDER the door, which would be more likely.

    And this just popped into my head: What kind of a service might Bourdain have had? I thought he was Catholic, he may have mentioned being an altar boy. But when he went to Israel, he said he was Jewish (on his mother’s side), and he said it again in another episode I watched recently. In the end, which was it? (Not that it mattered; he’d have probably preferred a clergy-free service, if anything.)

  3. Michelle M says:

    I Love you Blog- I have been reading for a while but never commented.I also share your love for Tony. I just cannot stop thinking abut him. Thank you for this.

  4. Donna Pavone says:

    Seriously? Twitter can kiss my ass, I think it’s a genuinely heartfelt tribute. He looks good here, bright eyed and healthy. That bitch sucked the life out of him so fast.

  5. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Michelle! Good to have you. There’s still a lot going on with Bourdain so a lot of us still can’t stop thinking about him.

    Donna, I saw that Balvenie ad last night for the first time, and was honestly shocked when I signed on to Cats Working this morning and saw there was backlash. I really didn’t see it coming. There are so many more worthy things to be indignant over right now.

  6. Anita says:

    I watched the Emmy’s and zipped through that ad too. It just brought me to tears. I’m certain the intention was good. Although AB coming up in the Memoriam caught me by my breath too. You barely knew they were starting it and there his picture was.

    Part of me loves Twitter, other part of me hates it. After all it did help elect President Twithead.

    As the saying goes “opinions are like a$$holes – everyone has one”. It seems there are a lot of a-holes on Twitter!

  7. catsworking says:

    Anita, I was bleeping commercials when I thought I caught a glimpse of Bourdain, so I backed up and there was the Balvenie commercial. I felt a sharp pang when it went to the black screen with that message. THEN when he came up first in the Memoriams, I was stunned again and thought, “No, wait, maybe it’s alphabetical.” But I think the name that came after him began with an A, so no.

    I thought Balvenie did a great job, actually, starting out with him saying something that seemed snarky that turned out to be a poignant statement about his life.

    I’m feeling like I need a trip to the liquor store…

  8. MicheleKim says:

    Thanks for posting the AB info and his connection to Balvenie. I’ve seen the ad a few times and I get goosebumps each and every replay! It was such a beautiful tribute … the Raw Craft series is beautifully produced — a real visual treat. I’ve seen about half of them via You Tube. AB is curious and thoroughly engaged in each one I’ve viewed. I agree that he’s still handsome, ‘hot’ … but, on some level, a little nerdy and geeky which makes me like him even more.

    Could kick myself because I was in Scotland in July and would’ve made the journey north to the distillery. I WILL buy a bottle in the near future despite the fact that I favor tequila and red wine. Cheers to AB!

  9. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  10. catsworking says:

    MicheleKim, I made the trek to the liquor store this afternoon in search of Balvenie. It was literally “top shelf” and $67.99, so I took a pass. They didn’t have any little overpriced airplane bottles, just to sample.

    So next I asked for Zamir vodka (booze by association is better than no booze) and the clerk had never heard of it.

    This is Virginia. The liquor (called ABC) stores are state-owned. When I cruise into the Caribbean, duty-free booze prices are staggeringly cheap. Or when I’m in Florida to find hard liquor in a Walgreens or supermarket. Ours can only stock beer and wine. ABC has a monopoly on the hard stuff so the state can tax the living shit out of it.

    I’d be interested in what Balvenie sells for in other states, if any of you would care to research.

  11. catsworking says:

    Every good blog has a resident troll with the caps lock on. Mine happens to be related.

  12. Lenora says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. That was lovely and made my heart sink a bit, again.

    On a humorous and I can have wacky dreams note ….

    I had a dream that I bumped into Asia and she was wearing a very tiny mini skirt made entirely of used cigarette butts barely covering her private parts. I blame this blog for that nightmare 🙂

  13. Lynn says:

    LMAO Lenora. Thanks for tipping me off to the Raw Craft series, Karen. I had no idea. It’s like getting extra epis of Parts, sort of. I see it was published on youtube in 2015, so that would be before he met Chlamydiasia. No wonder he looks so good! He looks 15 years younger in these first epis of Craft than he did in the final epis of Parts last season. Jeeebus!

    Also this may just be me being overly sensitive but I was pissed that AB didn’t seem to get much if any applause during the ‘In Memoriam’ Emmy segment compared to some others. Also why on earth was McCain included?

  14. catsworking says:

    Lenora, a mini made of cigarette butts would be exactly the thing AA would wear to a big awards celebration. Complements skin smeared with black ink so well. “And the designer is Philip Morris.”

    Lynn, I didn’t notice the volume of the applause, but I did notice what seemed a little gasp that Bourdain was first in the Memoriam.

    I was happy to find the link that looks like it includes all 14 episodes of Raw Craft. I’ll watch them now.

    As Bourdain had said, his career was like a bus, or something like that. Some people would skip some stops and that was OK. That’s how I felt about the comics, Raw Craft, Mind of a Chef and other stuff. I thought I could catch up later, if ever. Or jump back on when he was doing something more to my taste.

    Well, now is later and there’s no jumping back on. This is it. We can only enjoy what he left us, and I intend to do that.

  15. catsworking says:

    Lynn, thanks for those links. The essay by Kamau Bell was very touching. Bourdain was such a generous soul.

    And as for the AA-RMG feud, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis must be having a good laugh somewhere. THEY knew how to feud.

  16. L Villeneuve says:

    Somehow I got onto a reddit site that said Ottavia was a “redditor” there and has been posting for quite a while, even as recently as 6 days ago. Mostly MMA stuff, Eddie blowing out his knee, fighting techniques etc. and she does bite back if people are out of line. Pretty smart cat.

  17. Adele Prass says:

    About two years ago, a friend, who is quite the scotch afficiando, recommended Balvenie to me. It’s truly delicious, and I recommend it to any of you, who are scotch drinkers. I completely forgot about the Emmys, but I did read about the flap and saw the Balvenie thing — I thought it was fine. I remember when I saw the first Bourdain-Balvenie commercial, I was pleased as punch that I had a bottle of the Balvenie in the House. I may have had a short one just to toast him.

  18. Rachel says:

    Catsworking, I found this 2006 interview with AB and I found a lot of what he said very striking. Especially what he said about trying to describe a sunset he experienced alone and no one to share it with. He talks about the difficulty of trying to convey these experiences to other people. All in all, one gets the sense of someone who just had a hard time connecting.. even with close friends. I got the feeling of someone who would react with deep despair over being betrayed by someone he cared about. http://www.bookslut.com/features/2006_06_009085.php. I hope this link works..

  19. Peggy says:

    I’ve been reading here since June after I found you on Reddit though haven’t posted.

    For years my Sunday ritual was settling in with my carton of Haagen Daz and binge watching AB regardless of how many times I may have seen the episode. I always discovered something I may not have caught the first or 2nd time.

    I envy you all so much for being able to continue watching. Since his death I have not been able to get myself to watch even one show. If I see a pic of him I quickly scroll past. I can’t bear it. It’s mix of anger and such sadness. I think I still don’t want to believe he is gone. I’m not really sure what’s going on with me. All the silence surrounding his death doesn’t help.

    Anyway, hello to all. I love the blog and your writing ability Cat. I’m envious.

  20. Mira says:

    Rachel, I read the link you provided. It’s really funny – what strikes me in this interview from 2006 is how he was passionate, but in an ‘I don’t care what other’s say’, bundle of contradictions way…I know it will be almost sacrilegious on this blog site, that has almost got whipped into a frenzy of ‘lets hate Asia’, but it reminded me of the way Argento sounded in her interviews…I can see the common ground there and why they would click.

  21. catsworking says:

    Adele, if you have a bottle of Balvenie, you’re wealthier than I am. I don’t really care for scotch, so I just couldn’t see blowing $68 on a bottle I may never finish.

    Polly, we did see the news about Ottavia selling the condo, but thanks for the link. Tony’s apartment in the Time Warner Center has also been leased, presumably for the $14,200 a month asking rent.

    LV, I checked out Ottavia’s posting on Reddit sometime over the summer. I don’t think she’s used Twitter since 2017.

  22. catsworking says:

    Rachel, thanks so much for that link. In June 2006, I think he would have been dating Ottavia, and he hadn’t gone to Beirut yet. He was also talking about living in Asia to write a book about it, and said he had a novel coming out in 2007, which never happened. He talked about working on that crime novel for the rest of his life. I wonder how much of it he got done and if it could ever be published.

    I think his life became so consuming and interesting, he just let go of fiction because it probably paled in comparison.

  23. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Peggy. I feel a sense of shock every time I unexpectedly come upon a picture of Bourdain. His voice is in my head. It’s like he’s still here.

    I hope one day you are able to start watching his shows again. He left behind such a huge body of work, I find myself weeding out the ones where he’s in places I’m not that interested in because I’ll never get there (which would be the ones he loves most). And I like to see him with company, like Eric Ripert or Zamir or chef friends.

  24. Morganlf says:

    Troll, CAPS, related…..lol!

  25. Lynn says:

    Speaking of his body of work, I have never read ‘A Cooks Tour’ and don’t think I ever saw an episode of the show. I discovered him early on at Travel Channel and I’ve read all his other nonfiction books. So I’m reading Cooks’ Tour now. There’s an early chapter in there called ‘Back to the Beach’ where he and brother Chris go on this insane trip back to the same coastal part of France where they used to go with their parents as kids. At this point AB is in his 40s and his father has passed away.

    I can’t explain exactly why but I was crying half way through that chapter. AB seems so melancholy, describing his disappointment at thinking he could somehow recapture what it was like to be 10 again. Even the oysters he ate as a child didn’t do it for him. He and Chris go over the same areas where they played as kids, even do silly childhood things like set off firecrackers and roll down the dunes, which was cute and poignant, but still AB is left with an emptiness and longing for his dad, and the way he describes it just hit me in the gut. It also makes me feel horrible for his daughter that she has to deal with these feelings and loss for so much more of her life, rather than in her 40s/50s as most of us do with loss of parents.

  26. MicheleKim says:

    Peggy: I find it fascinating how everyone is having different reactions to AB’s passing. I am having the opposite reaction as you, I cannot watch or read enough about him! For a week or so, I was replaying an older episode of Parts Unknown before bedtime. (Nothing else on TV was interesting to me!) Ready to start reading A Cook’s Tour … Sunday night’s season premier is all I look forward to on cable this weekend.

    Catsworking: I’m just outside of Philadelphia and was in New Jersey just over the Delaware River bridge and stumbled upon a Joe Canal’s liquor store just last night. Treated myself to the cheapest Balvenie 750 ml bottle — $59.99 plus NJ state tax. It WILL last a long time, but NEEDED IT for Sunday night!

    I saw the listing for the E 94th Street Open House … ironically, this Sunday in NYC. Hope that Ottavia and Ariane are settling in well wherever they’ve moved. It looks like the apartment is staged OR very much stripped down from looking like a lived-in home.

  27. L Villeneuve says:

    I traced my steps from yesterday and if you type in Eddie Cummings, there’s a subreddit under “communities” where someone criticized Eddie and Ott jumped to his rescue in no uncertain terms. Also talking about keeping her name as Busia-Bourdain when asked. Several of these entries are within 7-14days ago.

  28. catsworking says:

    Lynn, A Cook’s Tour was the FIRST Bourdain book I read. I’d just recently discovered him on No Res, and when I saw CT at a remaindered book sale thought, “Oh, that guy from TV wrote a book!” I knew NOTHING about him. I found out about Kitchen Confidential because it was listed in CT.

    I LOVED Cook’s Tour so much (although I could reread it today like it’s the first time — no memory of it), it inspired me to learn as much as I could about Bourdain, which led me to read ALL his books. A Cook’s Tour happened to be rerunning on TV, so I captured the whole two seasons on tape (and tracked down the elusive Nancy in two episodes). At some point I did a blog post about him here, and the rest is history.

    Amazon just notified me that my copy of Hungry Ghosts will arrive on Oct. 2, the day it’s supposed to just become available, so they’re shipping out advance copies. Sad to think there’s no chance of ever getting his autograph in it.

  29. catsworking says:

    MicheleKim, I’m assuming Ottavia and Ariane are gone, unless they crammed every possession and most of the furniture into the 3 bedrooms the pics didn’t show. I would imagine they stayed in NYC for Ariane’s school and the Renzo Gracie Academy for Ottavia.

    The Balvenie was on a top shelf and packaged in beige tubes, and the clerk was standing right there, so I didn’t really get to check it out. But now that I know where it is, I’ll look again. I was hoping for a bottle smaller than a fifth since scotch isn’t my thing. Or maybe next time I’m cruising in the Caribbean, I’ll see if I can find it duty-free. I don’t usually schlepp booze back even though it’s way cheaper, but I’d make an exception.

  30. catsworking says:

    LV, I’m worse at figuring out Reddit than even Facebook, but I just moseyed over there and saw Ottavia’s comment from a week ago that she’d taken 3 months off from training but was back at it now. She must have had her plate full all summer wrapping up Bourdain’s loose ends — and moving.

    I believe she and Eddie Cummings started out as grappling (sparring?) partners, I don’t know the lingo, so they’ve been working as a team for a long time. She was also very protective of Tony. Back in the day, she was the one Googling around to find out what, if anything, people were saying about Tony online and found Cats Working.

  31. Shannon says:

    Karen, regarding Ottavia on Twitter… She hasn’t posted since 2017, but she has liked posts. If you go to the Likes tab on her profile, the most recent was just last week from CNN about the PU season premiere.

    I hope that reading the outpouring of love for her and her family gives her some comfort.

  32. Mira says:

    Why is everyone obsessing about this scotch,…Bourdain did not even like drinking whiskey that much, hence they made this tenuous link with the craft bit of it, so he can advertise it.
    I absolutely enjoy watching every episode of his travelogues. For the first few weeks after his death, I just watched several episodes a day, it became an obsession, but in a good way.
    Now I savour them, and see one at a time, not that often, and treat it as a special treat.
    I am not a foodie at all, and I watch them for the travel aspect, for the documentary aspect, for his commentary, and just his magical presence…and there are beautiful little nuggets in all of them, the last re run I saw was the PU from Libya, a few years after Gaddafi was killed. There was this cutest scene with him meeting impromptu a group of Libyan boy scouts, at some Roman empire colosseum ruins, he did the whole scout speech, and they saluted him, because he was, once upon a time, a boy scout himself…priceless.

  33. catsworking says:

    Mira, we’re not “obsessing” about the scotch. It’s just one more link, like the books and the TV shows and Popeye’s chicken and mac and cheese.

    I remember that scene from Libya of him with the Boy Scouts. Once he had a child of his own, he seemed to like hanging out with kids.

    My DVR has a bunch of episodes still to be rewatched.

  34. catsworking says:

    Shannon, Ottavia has been reported to have also liked posts on Instagram. It seems she’s confining her own social media involvement to comments about MMA on Reddit (which is wise while AA is still on the loose looking for anyone to blame), but she’s still keeping tabs. I do hope she sees all the support she has. In the end, Bourdain’s decision to die ended up landing on her and her daughter like 10 tons of bricks. I’m sure they never saw that coming, and certainly didn’t deserve it.

  35. Shannon says:

    AA is breaking her silence to DailyMailTV in a 2-part interview on Monday and Tuesday!


  36. Rachel says:

    Haha, what silence? There has been tons of bullcrap spewing out of her since AB died. Now if someone close to AB, such as Eric Ripert, or someone on the Parts Unknown crew, finally broke their silence, that would be newsworthy. AA will just be doing her usual lying and spinning.

  37. catsworking says:

    Shannon, good work and thanks for the link. AA is aging fast, by the looks of her (unless she’s trying to be like Diana in that interview where she went too heavy on the eyeliner to make herself look haggard and said there were three in the marriage). Will be interesting to see how AA “breaks her (never-existed) silence” and who she lashes out at to deflect blame from herself.

    Hope Trump and his kids are watching and taking notes. They’ll need some pointers on deflection, now that Cohen and Manafort are singing to Mueller like canaries about the Trump crime family.

  38. catsworking says:

    Rachel, totally agree.

    Shannon, thanks for another piece of the puzzle. Will be interesting to see what Jimmy has to say. As always, AA is looking for a way to recoup whatever he’s been paid by declaring him a liar. Her lawyer Mark Heller is probably hoping for a paycheck gleaned off of some technicality.

    It’s pathetic to watch how the wannabe famous try to feed on each other for their livelihoods, like sharks circling in a tank that’s too small and neglected.

    I wonder how AA’s move to Africa is coming along. They don’t give a “fuck about her shit” there, according to her. She could live free in the bush forever, living on the occasional warthog anus, cigarettes and white wine.

  39. Peggy says:

    AA really picked a doozy of an attorney. He was suspended from practicing law for 5 years. He was brought up on 38 counts of multiple violations and found guilty of 18. I know he loves getting his face in front of the camera so he’s probabaly doing it pro bono. Especially since her cash cow isn’t around anymore.

  40. Mira says:

    Well, you might not be obsessing, but Balvenie must be rubbing their hands, all the publicity they’r getting, just proves their is no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to marketing.
    By the way, AB’s favourite drink was a Negroni cocktail….cheers.

  41. Lynn says:

    Ashie apparently gives an Oscar worthy perfomance in the upcoming interview, breaking down and crying when the topic of AB comes up.

    Speaking of publicity, it’s pathetic how even Lisa Ling is using AB to publicize her season opener that follows Parts. Her promo says something about “like Tony, I am passionate about showing other cultures and we share a …” blah blah blah, so watch me because I’m on after him. Shameless.

  42. Tony also posted on reddit under the pseudonym “NooYawkCity”.


  43. catsworking says:

    Mira, ah, yes, the negroni. Unfortunately, if gin were the last liquor on earth, I’d stay stone-cold sober. That’s one booze I never developed a tolerance for. It takes like liquid Christmas tree to me, and not in a good way.

  44. catsworking says:

    Peggy, you said it about Mark Heller! I didn’t read the whole thing in detail, but this list of charges is enough to make anyone sane think, “Rut roh. This guy’s a crook.”

    The charges allege that respondent had engaged in a pattern of misconduct involving misrepresentations, deceit, abusive treatment of clients, fee gouging, neglect and willful failure to return unearned retainers to his clients. This pattern of misconduct occurred during the period 1989 through 1992, and involved respondent’s mishandling of the matters of 12 separate clients.

    On the other hands, those are “skills” Trump would probably find attractive. It’s a shame Heller is wasting his time on a small potato like AA when he could be burning up Washington.

  45. catsworking says:

    Lynn, who the heck is Lisa Ling? I don’t watch CNN much, but I would imagine there’s going to be a mad scramble to fill his shoes. I think Zimmern comes closest, but he lacks the writing chops.

    ADDED LATER: I just saw the teaser for AA’s interview where she breaks down. At least she looks like she washed her hair for a change.

    There was a show on PBS a few years ago called I’ll Have What Phil’s Having that was really delightful. It starred Phil Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond), and he said he pitched it as a Bourdain-type food and travel show — if Bourdain were afraid of everything. The show has since been renamed and moved to Netflix (which I don’t have) and I was sorry to lose it.

    Rosenthal has a great sense of wonder and humbleness, like early Bourdain, but he’s funny without being snarky.

  46. catsworking says:

    Clem, thanks very much for that link. It appears that Bourdain got first involved in BJJ about 5 years, ago, which is further back than I realized. So he was more like 57 when he took it up.

    Boy, I wish he’d kept his free time occupied with that instead of screwing around with AA and sliding back into his old bad habits.

  47. Morganlf says:

    How lovely tonight’s episode in Kenya was. He seemed his old self. He did look aged…but still quite handsome.
    I’m now getting so bummed…
    I really hope Ottavia & Arianne are ok.

  48. bamboo.skewer says:

    What is even remotely offensive? I don’t see or hear anything offensive or cashing in. Though I am confused because he says contradictory things. I think when he says “do that,” he is speaking of passion. After he says it’s not a good idea to follow your passion. He follows that opening statement by launching into words that, to me, describe passion. Am I misunderstanding something?

  49. Adele Prass says:

    Morgan, i’m with you. Kenya was lovely, and I’ve lost my world traveling companion. The narration was great, although, I thought I detected some of the same world weariness that marked most of last season. I thought of Ariane and Ottavia throughout the show.

  50. bamboo.skewer says:

    The Kenya episode was beautiful. I was on the edge of tears several times while watching. Mostly out of sorrow that this world lost such a wonderful ambassador for humans which we so sorely need. And as always I learned new things.

    As a vegetarian I am also always sad about the poor animals and their burnt faces, edible eyes and arterial blood! Ugh! Why!! But I now think he liked to push buttons and maybe the animal footage comes from the same place that liked to talk about genitalia on film.

  51. Lynn says:

    Karen, Lisa Ling used to be on the View eons ago. She has had a show on CNN for a few years now called This is Life that covers everything from LA gangs to 40 yr old male virgins.

    I enjoyed Kenya very much – well the last half hour when they got out of the city and into the wide open spaces. Could have done without the blood drinking but overall it was great to see a place that I enjoyed traveling in so much. I felt like Kamau didn’t contribute as much as he could have because he was too in awe of AB, but it was still very touching. And I surprised myself in that I got so lost in it I ‘forgot’ that Tony’s gone, if that makes sense. It wasn’t until the last 20 mins or so that my mind snapped back to “oh right, he’s not here anymore.” I don’t think that will hit me fully until I see an episode with someone else narrating. 😦

    It’s chilling that someone could be talking about how he wants to pinch himself with gratitude for what he does for a living and a few months later could be in so much pain he ends his life. It just shows we still know so damn little about mental illness and how to deal with it.

  52. gettngclear says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat. I don’t think my last post finished posting as I ran out of charge. Just wanted to weigh in on what an astounding program Kenya was. The cinematography, narration, and using tv as a bearer of Peace overcame me. Somehow, Tony’s look of fatigue, or was it depression? Wasn’t sure at the end of last season either. He hung in longer than probably comfortable, and produced this, and what I suspect will be four more masterpieces. What a great teacher, interviewer, and artist. Nobody should die in despair. Surely as a species we can figure this one out. I think the Buddha had it right. Compassion. Love to every soul tonight. 💕

  53. Peggy says:

    I didn’t think the JB interview in Italy was going to go smoothly.


  54. MicheleKim says:

    The Kenya episode was beautiful both happy/sad that I watched. After the Lisa Ling ‘This is Life’ episode CNN replayed the PU Hanoi episode with Obama and I was sucked in … exhausted now. Missing both of them. 😦

    Peace and love to all!

  55. Ida says:

    I really hope the upcoming interview with Daily Mail (that says it all really, they probably paid her well) isn’t too cringeworthy and too abusive of AB, but I fear it will be.

    Here are some passages and quotes from an old AA interview from 2002 (my comments in parentheses):

    – For several years, no less a figure than Harvey Weinstein has been a supporter of Argento’s move into the English language market. He secured her a significant role in Patrice Chéreau’s adaptation of Dumas’s La Reine Margot (1994), and the lead as a tomboyish cat burglar in B.Monkey, Michael Radford’s ill-fated follow-up to Il Postino, a movie so lifeless that it was shelved for two years and then sneaked out to cinemas in 1998. Argento recently invited Weinstein to a preview screening of xXx, which predictably stormed the US box office on its release there last month, in order to show him that his early faith in her had more than paid off. Evidently, xXx director Rob Cohen also spied something special in Argento. He cast her on the spot at a hastily arranged audition last summer, remarking later that she reminded him of Ingrid Bergman. ‘Her intrigue,’ he said, ‘wasn’t in her cleavage but in her IQ.’

    (Yep, Weinstein was sure useful as long as it suited her. I wonder what exactly made Rob Cohen ‘see something special’ in her? Was it really her IQ, or was it her willingness to sleep her way to get the part, like she’s done with HW?)

    – With Argento, there is no pretence or illusion: what you see is what you get. Self-assured and chatty, she draws you into her confidence with candid off-the-cuff confessions, couched in her seductive, smoky voice.

    (I like how the journalist writes that there is no pretence or illusion, and then in the next sentence states that she draws people into her confidence and is seductive. Well, that’s it in a nutshell isn’t it; she gives the impression of being oh so real, but she’s just a massive player – nothing ‘real’ to see here)

    – Severely depressed and unable to look after herself, she moved back into her father’s house and shut herself away in the room in which she grew up as a child;

    (Always looking for a ‘daddy’ to take care of her)

    (In summary:
    I can see she’s had a troubled upbringing but the problem is it’s hard to feel empathy for her when she then goes on to take advantage of others herself. She probably doesn’t know any better, and she’s learned from a young age to lure men/people in with her combined perceived vulnerability and ‘rebellious’ streak (the type of ‘rebellion’ that only privileged people can get away with). I guess she can be fun to be with it for a while, though she also seems like exhausting company. I can see she’s physically attractive (or she used to be), but she is so arrogant and nowhere near as intelligent as she pretends to be (that becomes clear very quickly when reading her interviews). But she clearly has developed the skill of ‘drawing you in’ and then using you for her benefit. I bet a lot of men wanted to ‘fix’ her but she seems beyond fixing – she only seems to know how to use people. This is of course an observation from a distance – but she really seems sick. What a mess).


  56. catsworking says:

    I’ll be watching Kenya tonight.

    bamboo, I leave the room when the show strays into slaughtering and guts. I just can’t take it. Bourdain definitely did like to remind us where our protein comes from in the most graphic ways he could.

    On the Balvenie ad, Tony starts out saying that if you have a passion but discover you’re not very good at it (maybe thinking about himself as a wannabe comic book illustrator), you’d probably do well to give it up and try something else. But when you find something that grabs you and others in wondrous ways, go for it. And then the black screen at the end says that’s what Bourdain did, and thank you for the journey.

    I paraphrase, but that’s about it.

  57. catsworking says:

    Peggy, thanks so much for the link to the article. I didn’t understand a word Italy’s “Anderson Cooper” was saying, but it looks like Jimmy walked into an ambush. What was he thinking?

  58. Ida says:


    Seriously? AA claims AB abandoned her and her kids? Ah, no he didn’t. The only ones who can claim he abandoned them are his family. OK, so they were together for two years and yes it must be upsetting. But they weren’t married and he didn’t adopt her children. They can’t even have spent that much time together considering his hectic schedule. Considering how AB’s family and close friends haven’t supported AA against the media storm she’s been facing, tells me all I need to know. Again, AA manages to show zero empathy and make it all about herself.

  59. catsworking says:

    Ida, thank you for that link to the 2002 interview. Wow! You guys really do some digging!

    When I look at AA, the LAST person who comes to mind is Ingrid Bergman. Might as well compare AA to Julie Andrews. I think Bourdain had it right when he included scenes of Anna Magnani in the Rome episode as a sort of comparison. Magnani’s persona was more the Italian guttersnipe AA seems to aspire to.

  60. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for the fresh link. The Daily Mail is a little loose with the facts (one ex: Ariane is 11, not 13), but the clip of AA blubbering over Tony’s death is probably the finest moment of acting of her career. Judging from the overall redness in her eyes, well-rehearsed. He abandoned her kids? My ass. She traveled all over to be with him, leaving her kids — with who? She filmed X Factor in Turin, presumably while the kids were back in Rome.

    Just love how she trots out the kids when she’s looking for sympathy or needs props for her pics and videos, but they’re less than an afterthought in her daily life.

    And as far as the “hole” that can never be filled. Having a recent sleepover with some engaged director/producer friend (again, leaving the kids home alone overnight?) would seem to indicate her “hole” isn’t going empty.

    I can only imagine what Ottavia thinks if she’s seeing any of this disgusting “Wah! Wah! It’s all about ME! Feel sorry for ME!” behavior.

  61. Dingobeast says:

    Asshat’s desperate flailing around for another host are hilarious. She has no class, no grace. Somehow the loss of an amazing man like AB is ALLLLLL about her. She didn’t care about him, only what was in his bank account. The fact she has no sympathy or words of empathy for his ACTUAL family are all you need to know about that rancid pile of trash.

  62. MicheleKim says:

    Hmmm … just viewed part 1 of AA’s interview on DailyMailTV. She claims she cheated on him, but HE cheated too! Hmmm …… ugh.


  63. catsworking says:

    Aw, MicheleKim, you’ve got to be kidding. (No, I know you’re not.) I suspect what she meant by “cheating” was that he would return to the States and spend time with his wife and daughter.

  64. Lynn says:

    “She claims she cheated on him, but HE cheated too”

    And yet only one of them was photographed hugging and kissing the person they were cheating with. Also the 2 are not mutually exclusive. Plenty of men who cheat on their women freak out and can’t handle it if the woman cheats on them. It’s a stupid double standard but it exists.

    She uses the word ‘cheating’ yet if it was an open relationship there would be no cheating. That’s the whole point of an open relationship. The stupid interviewer doesn’t mention this.

    This interviewer sucks – no questions about the t-shirt or ‘f you all’ Instagram post and why she took it down, no mention of the Hugh pics, no questions about allegations that she pestered him constantly with angry calls, didn’t ask if they had broken up right before he died, was it a turbulent relationship, and what was the last thing she texted him. Was their final text exchange a fight? Also no mention of the Penthouse article and what Ashtray’s explanation is for why Eric’s wife and Ottavia have ‘liked’ posts about it, as well as likes and follows of others like orange janitor who have anonymously posted criticism of her. Of course she wouldn’t have answered theses but just watching her squirm would speak volumes.

    She got a short call from AB’s manager. That right there proves she was persona non grata. If she was the grieving current girlfriend in good standing, Eric or someone on the crew would have called her. Further evidence that she was hated by everyone who cared about him because she was treating AB like shit.

    And of course, nothing about the whole Jimmy situation which probably played a bigger role in his decision than any humiliation/heartbreak he felt from her cheating. Such probing questions, Daily Mail.

    It’s hard to ‘see it’ Ashtraysia when you’re a malignant narcissist.

  65. Ida says:

    Lynn – interesting how you observed that AA was let off lightly in her tabloid interview (Daily Mail is the worst of the worst and probably let her get away with doing things her way because that’s probably the only way she’d agreed to do the interview) – whereas Jimmy Bennett was put through hell in his interview on Italian TV. Hmm, quite a contrast. And yes, how could AB and AA ‘cheat’ on each other if it was an ‘open relationship’? Even if it was an open relationship, which I have my doubts about, it doesn’t take away the fact that she’s a narcissist who by all accounts treated AB like a cash cow. And by the way, she really shouldn’t talk about her sexual ‘arrangement’ with AB in public – he does have a daughter who may not wanna hear these things, but of course, that’s not something AA gives a fuck about.

  66. Lynn says:

    Ida – about his daughter, totally. Notice how Ashtray does not once mention Arianne. She mentions only how AB ‘abandoned’ HER kids. I’m sure her kids liked him, perhaps even grew to love him, but given his traveling schedule how much time could they have spent with him? And they’ve no doubt seen so many sugar daddies come in and out of her life, they’re probably used to her relationships not lasting. The crying was a nice touch but I’m not buying it. That bitch can act (badly) on a dime.

  67. catsworking says:

    I watched the Kenya episode last night, and I really hope I can find the interviews with both AA and Jimmy Bennett (although his is in Italian for the most part, although “Italian Anderson Cooper” spoke some English. He was obviously playing to his audience rather than his guest, the fucker).

    Sounds like the Daily Mail interviewer neither did any homework or was under orders to just lob softballs at AA.

  68. Dingobeast says:

    I find the giant cross on AAs neck super hilarious. She is trying to play the wronged, grieving widow.

  69. Rachel says:

    Catsworking, just go to DailyMailTV and you will find her interview. I just watched part of it. She is obviously playing for sympathy and she wasn’t asked any difficult questions. She sounds like such an ass when she said “I cheated, but he cheated too. It wasn’t a problem for us.” What bullsh-t. She NEVER mentions any of HIS family, his mother, his little girl, his wife, his friends. Nope; it’s all about her, as usual. I think she just wants X Factor to take her back, since she says that working on the show “saved her life ” I know that some day, hopefully soon, Anthony’s true loved ones will come forward to call her out on her lies. I don’t know how they can continue to let her drag him down in public this way.

  70. catsworking says:

    Rachel, thanks for the lead to the “interviews.” After all the hype, expected more than about 9 minutes. Yes, the big heavy cross you couldn’t miss was a nice touch, and she wasn’t covered in spiders for a change (although the earrings made an appearance in her clip from X Factor).

    She confirmed the duration of her thing with Bourdain as beginning in April 2016 (when he went to Rome to shoot) by saying they had a 2-year anniversary 2 months before he died.

    When she said all wide-eyed and innocent that Tony had cheated on her, I’m now certain she was referring to Ottavia.

    And she didn’t miss an opportunity to throw Jimmy under the bus by mentioning a girlfriend had accused him of child porn, and how shocked, SHOCKED she was that he thought of her sexually (apparently forgetting the selfie she published right before he got to her hotel, all aflutter at what she knew was about to happen).

    My sympathy is still with Jimmy. But he’s an idiot for getting lured to Rome for a real grilling, in Italian no less, on national TV. THAT’s the interview I want to see.

    I don’t think AA changed anybody’s mind with her disingenuous little performance.

  71. Lynn says:

    “When she said all wide-eyed and innocent that Tony had cheated on her, I’m now certain she was referring to Ottavia.”

    But unless he slept with O, that isn’t cheating. Wtf is she talking about?


  72. catsworking says:

    Lynn, exactly. Being with his own wife wasn’t cheating except to a sicko like AA. Once Tony moved out, she didn’t want him to speak of Ottavia, nor Ottavia to speak of Tony. She wanted to pretend the marriage never existed, which explains why she never mentions his family now. Still in denial.

    I forgot to mention that in the DailyMailTV interview, she’s croaking like a frog from all the wine and cigarettes. Shouldn’t be long now for nature to take its course with her health.

    Thanks for the link to Bruce. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t go after AA’s interview harder.

  73. Ida says:

    Question – how do you know that AA didn’t want AB to talk about Ottavia? Is that something someone has said in an interview? Just wondering. Either way, that interview is a trainwreck and doesn’t change my opinion of her.

  74. Ida says:

    What the hell is THIS?
    Seriously, someone tell me this is all just a sick joke – I’m in utter disbelief of these people – all three of them (RM, AA, RD) – they’ve created such a mess and people have died/or are in serious trouble because of their actions and carelessness:


  75. Lynn says:

    OMFG! Is Rain Dove like insane or what? If these texts are real I cannot imagine what the motivation was for spinning such a BS story unless she wanted to somehow get even with Ashie for something? But even then, a hijab wearing hooker? Never heard of such a thing. Why would anyone inject in their neck if they wanted to conceal that they were using? (Toxicology showed no heroin, but what’s a minor detail when you’re certifiable. I see that Rain claims that was a fake toxo, and she has the actual one.) Also ‘hanged himself because he didn’t want it to be known he overdosed’? Umm, if you overdose and don’t die you’re still unconscious, thus you wouldn’t be able to hang yourself. Laughable. Also I would think that the medical examiner would notice a needle stab in the neck if that had happened.

    Sounds like Ash is claiming that RMG’s ‘statement’ on her behalf was part of a ‘publicity stunt’ so I’m wondering if Rose even ran it by Ash, or just wrote it and put it out? At the time it sounded like she had run it by her at the least.

    Stolen ashes?! Autopsy, investigator and toxicology reports? This is the most believable in that I suppose a disreptuable French medical professional with access could have provided the reports for a price (or a screw).

    Also what CCTV are they referring to? There is no CCTV in the room (unless it’s Russia and your name is Trump hehe). CCTV would be in the lobby perhaps (like with Princess Diana and Dodi the night she died) but there is no sound.

    Yes Ashtray looks soooo in shock in that photo in bed with Jimmy. Puh leeze. If he got on top of you and you froze, it’s rape, so why are you “reluctant” to call it that? And why did you deny there was any sex at all?

  76. catsworking says:

    Ida, I was told directly that AA didn’t want Tony to talk about Ottavia shortly after he died by someone close to him whom I trust and who is in a position to know. It’s never appeared in any stories or interviews because those close to him have said nothing.

  77. Dingobeast says:

    Thanks, Ida-that article from the Daily Mail might have been the most enormous pile of reeking horseshit I have ever beheld. Sandra Ripert retweeted someone saying how awful it was that Tony’s family had to hear about shit like that, now I know what she was referring to.

    RainDove is some sort of complete nutcase. That story doesn’t even make any sense and sounds like the coke-addled ramblings of a complete fabulist. Shooting heroin in his neck and then somehow hanging himself???? It also sounds like Asshat believes it or at least did. I wonder if Tony’s family has any legal recourse here, that is straight up libel.

  78. catsworking says:

    Ida, holy fucking SHIT!! So now we know what was discussed in the rest of the interview with DailyMailTV. What a crock of steaming shit. There’s so much wrong with the whole story, I can’t even begin. Lynn touched on some of it.

    Clearly, Rain is a certifiable loony with a rich fantasy life. Unclear how much involvement Rose has, but she’s probably eyeball deep in it and keeping her skirts clean as long as possible.

    What this incredible tale fails to address is that Tony and AA were ARGUING over her photos with Hugo in the days leading up to his death. She pretends that he started acting “weird” for no apparent reason and wouldn’t tell her. Bullshit.

    Also, Tony was with Eric Ripert, not to mention the crew. Can anyone really think Tony would be traipsing some hijab-wearing hooker through that little hotel to his room under Eric’s nose? It’s beyond ridiculous, and shame on AA for smearing Bourdain’s memory by repeating it.

    And it’s TOTALLY absurd that Bourdain would be pissed at CNN for trying to paint him as a “reality TV star” when he wanted to be a “humanitarian.” That sounds like some shit AA would have tried to plant in his head because she’s got Trump syndrome, complete with delusions of grandeur. Tony certainly wasn’t showing any dissatisfaction with his job when he told Kamau Bell in Kenya that he had to “pinch himself” at how lucky he was.

    This is all so disgusting and untrue, I can’t even process it all. But it shows that AA’s desperation has gone to the next level. If she thinks these revelations are going to make her marketable again (anywhere but on seedy street corners), she is mistaken.

    Oh, and she’s going to get a fucking dot tattoo on her ankle (the only inch of skin not already ink-smeared) removed because she did it with Rose. Like THAT’S the tat everyone notices. Puleez.

  79. Dingobeast says:

    That article also really drives home the complete firehose of lies that she is capable of spewing as easily as breathing. No wonder Tony was a wreck, drinking heavily, smoking and unable to keep body and soul together. He had been absolutely smothered in an avalanche of horseshit from which he could not surface.

  80. Rachel says:

    OMG. Can we get all three of them-AA, RM and RD- into straitjackets and escort them to Bellevue Hospital? Because they are clearly textbook psychiatric cases. AA was messing with Anthony’s head. RM and RD were messing with AA’s head. They are all narcissistic sociopaths and need to go far away where they can no longer cause damage. I think RD also latched onto RM to get famous too.

  81. Ida says:

    Catsworking – thanks for explaining. Well, that’s just sad, if AA didn’t want AB to even mention the mother of his child. How on earth was that going to work long term?

    I’m very saddened by this development. I know that Daily Mail is trash but anyone using the publication as their mouthpiece is equally trash. They might have paid the last of her bill for JB for her? It saddens me that she actually confirms that AB paid thinking that she was the one who had been assaulted by JB and AB seems to try and help both AS and JB by just paying up. If AA had been a decent person she would have refused for AB to pay. Since everything else is so fucked up about this (claims of spies, stealing ashes, hookers, all sorts of unverified weirdness), is it too far of a stretch to suggest that JB and AA were in on it together all along and are sharing the money AB paid, and just playing along with the narrative for the public? I know this is an unlikely scenario but they’re both so trashy and both in need of media attention, I wouldn’t put it past them how unlikely it might sound. Just to clarify, I don’t really believe this to be the case, I just couldn’t help thinking it because everything else is so bizarre and f*cked up

  82. Ida says:

    Catsworking – about what you wrote:

    And it’s TOTALLY absurd that Bourdain would be pissed at CNN for trying to paint him as a “reality TV star” when he wanted to be a “humanitarian.”

    – I think maybe AS has an agenda against CNN because they either didn’t want to work with her or because they pulled the episodes of her. Now it’s payback time, and what better way thanto drag AB in and claim that HE was unhappy with CNN. She knows that’s the only way she can hurt them, using AB’s name, because she doesn’t have anything to offer herself that can hurt CNN – but she’s got her association to AB and she’s using it for all it’s worth

  83. Mira says:

    Beyond bizarre. A donkey situation indeed. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable. I couldn’t help but laugh at the – ‘wanted to be a humanitarian’… It’s like when Newman told the judge that Kramer wanted to kill himself because he could not fulfill his wish to become a banker…

  84. catsworking says:

    Ida, good point. This fight is totally between AA and CNN now that Bourdain is gone. She’s such a psycho, she has no clue how ridiculous her claim that CNN was trying to paint Tony as a “reality TV star” is. It’s like she doesn’t even understand what that term means.

    Anyone who watched Parts Unknown knows there was NO change in format over the years, except in his final season, Bourdain seemed unwilling to travel alone. Kenya – with Kamau Bell. Spain – Jose Andres. Florence – AA. France – Eric. I haven’t researched the other two destinations.

    CNN has clearly distanced itself from AA, most likely because of what they heard from the ZPZ crew about her behavior on shoots. But so what? Did she really think she had a career as a CNN producer waiting when her whole resume consists of sleaze and a couple of awards she won as a child?

    Again, like Trump, with her latest claim about CNN not letting Bourdain portray himself as a “humanitarian,” she jumps the shark in order to burn a bridge with CNN and piss on the ashes because she feels CNN has wronged her.

  85. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, I think I recall reading on the Justice for Tony page in the early days after he died, Asshat was calling CNN incessantly and pestering them. Probably trying to get herself installed in Tony’s job, trying to get money? They cut bait on her as quickly as they could, they only allowed Tony to ‘hire’ her because they were trying to keep him happy. I do like that they are editing her on purpose from the series, they are not about to pay that bint one more dollar.

  86. Lynn says:

    “paint him as a “reality TV star” when he wanted to be a “humanitarian.”

    Also to call himself humanitarian would be anathema to AB because it reeks of arrogance and pretension. In all his interviews I’ve never once heard him utter the word and say that’s what he wanted to do/be. He wasn’t even comfortable calling himself a journalist! He used to say he wasn’t sure what he was, but that ‘storyteller’ seemed the best fit.

    And how exactly would humanitarian even fit or make sense? If AB had wanted to be a “humanitarian”, he’d go do what Bono does and meet with Presidents – sans cameras and a show. He put a spotlight on certain situations, like the hungry kids begging for food in Madagascar, but it’s not like after the shoot he said okay how do we help these kids let’s start a foundation or build a school. That’s not a slight against him, it’s just a totally different arena. I never once heard AB mention charities he supports, not that he didn’t, but that would never be something he’d want to flaunt.

    Clearly Ashia didn’t really know AB despite their 2 years ‘together’. If she had she’d have known Rain’s tale was BS. Malignant narcissists are incapable of truly getting to know others bc it’s all about them. He could have confessed his deepest fears to her and she would simply have said ‘When can I direct another episode?’.

    What makes less sense is how AB with all his savvy could have thought the whole mess with Jimmy and the payoff would stay secret. He should have been savvy enough to not get involved.

  87. Jellyblue says:

    It’s been a while since I commented.
    My last post was kind of out of line.
    Sorry about that.

    I can’t believe how this has taken an even more deranged turn. I cringe at the thought of “what next?”

    So RD is part of an elite group of covert lesbian non gender assassins? What was the point of all of this.

    I’d be interested in knowing how much the Dailymail paid AA for the interview.

    They just keep driving and twisting that knife into his loved ones hearts.

  88. Ida says:


    Sorry in advance for this lengthy post. As much as it pains me to read this Daily Mail drivel, I just had to try and ‘mini-analyze’ some of the paragraphs. This whole thing bothers me so much. I’m no psychologist or criminal investigator but this shit is explosive and I will be very disappointed if AA doesn’t at some point have to pay the price for this – not money (though it would be nice if she paid AB’s daughter back the money she owes her), but jail time. I feel that this interview proves AA is a sociopath:

    ‘…One month after the New Yorker article Bennett wrote to Argento, who played the role of his mother in the 2004 movie The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. In his letter he threatened to make public a sexual encounter between them that took place in California when he was 17 and she was 37…When me and Anthony were together we told each other everything and I told him also about this experience that happened in 2013.’

    – Lie. They did clearly not tell each other everything, since she herself has stated she had no idea AB was suicidal and in so much pain.

    ‘I was the one who was assaulted [so getting the letter] was painful.’

    – ‘I was the one who was assaulted’ – I, I, I, Me, Me, Me, JustMe, MeToo

    ‘…But Argento retains some sympathy for her accuser…: ‘I understood why [he made his approach] at the time when it did because it was right after the article had come out talking about Harvey Weinstein and the whole MeToo tsunami exploded. ‘So it was calculated. Also I was going out with somebody whose wealth and fame far exceeded my own so it was clear that it was an attempt to get money from him.’

    – If AA was the one who was assaulted how could she ever justify not only paying JB off, but accepting someone else to do it for her? It’s funny how ‘aware’ she is of JB being ‘calculated’ and that she was going out with someone ‘whose wealth exceeded her own’ and that she retains ‘sympathy’ for JB. Well, yeah, she is of the same ilk as JB, so of course she relates to his manipulative methods. She knew JB longer than she knew AB. For all we know, It suited her fine being ‘extorted’ – just as long as she didn’t have to pay for herself. In a way, this is a perfect way to control her boyfriend, to make sure he pays. Like keeping her adoring boyfriend on a leash.

    ‘Asia said that her strategy was not to deal with this ‘terrorism’ but to simply let it out. At first, she said, Bourdain went along with her decision… ‘But then he told me it was better for him [to pay Bennett]. We understood because there was some PI investigation that he had problems financially. …’And in a way it saddened me even though he assaulted me. I felt sorry for the child I had met, that I cared so much about. I knew in my heart he was in pain and he needed money.’

    – This part is murky and I’m not fully convinced she’s telling the truth. I think she gave AB no choice but to pay or to lose her. But let’s just assume for a moment that it really was AB’s idea to pay the man who (allegedly) assaulted his girlfriend off – the only logical explanation is that AA fed AB a story of how sorry she felt for JB (which she pretty much admits in the quote above) and how he’d been like a son to her and she felt sympathy for him, thus appealing to AB’s empathy and protective nature (didn’t she call him her ‘protector’ when he died?). I think that would have been enough for AB to think it might just be a better idea to pay, and not only help his girlfriend but also this young man who his girlfriend still sympathised with.

    ‘I was going out with somebody whose wealth and fame far exceeded my own so it was clear that it was an attempt to get money from him.’

    – If it was clear that it was an attempt to get money out of her richer boyfriend, then why the hell go along with it?

    …’This guy had problems financially… he had been accused by an ex-girlfriend of child pornography child molestation so in a way it saddens me even though he assaulted me’

    – There are so many red flags in that sentence. JB had been accused by an ex-girlfriend of child pornography and child molestation. Why on earth get involved in this? Why feel sad for him if he’d been accused of child molestation? Could it be that she knew that he had something on her?

    ‘So Tony said ok let’s give this guy money so that he will leave us alone in our relationship.’

    – Right here, she (unknowingly?) admits that it WAS her decision to pay JB off. She just cunningly made it seem like it was AB: She appealed to AB’s empathy by expressing sympathy for this young man who’d been like a son to her, knowing very well, that AB would go along with whatever she wanted. After all, paying JB would be like helping out family, right? AA’s family, the young man who’d been like a ‘son’ to her.

    ‘Bourdain agreed to pay Bennett $380,000 though Argento insisted that there be no non-disclosure agreement because she did not want to be accused of silencing anyone.’

    – If she even thought there might be a problem with paying him off, why on earth putting the man she loved (or did she love him?) through a potentially illegal ordeal? You don’t do that to people you love or care about.

    ‘It was a gesture of goodwill she has lived to regret.’

    – Well, surely AB ‘lived’ or rather died to regret it 😦

    ‘Both she and Bourdain wanted to ‘get him out of our lives,’ she said.
    Ultimately Bourdain had paid Bennett $250,000 at the time of his suicide at the beginning of July. Argento has since stopped any further payments.’

    – Of course she’s stopped the payments. She never paid him anything in the first place and would never have done so if it hadn’t been for the boyfriend whose wealth exceeded hers. I would not be surprised if Daily Mail has paid whatever is left for her to pay JB. So in other words, her mess, was fully paid for by other people; a sleazy trashy tabloid (possibly) and a man who’s now dead, most likely because of her mess.

  89. Ida says:

    On another note – does anyone know of any Behind the Scenes/Outtakes/Making of programmes of either Parts Unknown or No Reservations? And if so, where to find them?

  90. Mira says:

    The saddest thing was reading his texts to her..how completely deluded he was, with his love for her….

    …..”Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces….”

  91. catsworking says:

    Lynn, you’re right. Bourdain supported a lot of charities, particularly relating to hunger, but he never advertised his involvement. I and several readers traveled to DC two years to see him emcee an annual for the DC Central Kitchen.

    I find it very hard to believe that he offered to pay off Jimmy, “just because.” More likely, AA convinced him it was the only way to silence the kid and save both their reputations with the #MeToo movement and he went along. Remember that we have only AA’s account of how that whole thing went down, and she’s shown herself fully capable of throwing him under the bus to save her own skin.

  92. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, no worries. I don’t even remember what your last post was about. 🙂 I just take the comments as they come and don’t dwell.

    I like the description of Rain’s group, “covert lesbian nongender assassins,” but you forgot “wealthy.” That’s how they finance their operations. Just a bunch of Real Housewives who swoop in when a celebrity dies under mysterious circumstances and dig up all kinds of dirt — who knows why? A hobby?

    I bet AA made the DailyMail cough up extra $$ for the tears. After all, she’s a mom with kids (when she remembers she’s got them) and needs to work.

  93. catsworking says:

    Ida, I reread that article myself today, and I’m getting increasingly pissed off that AA seems to be getting the last word, and it’s all throwing shade on Bourdain.

    Since she’s a Trump clone, I think we can assume that whatever actions she’s ascribing to Tony were actually hers. She convinced him to pay Bennett the money to keep HER reputation with #MeToo intact and to keep Bourdain from losing face for supporting her. She may have threatened to leave Tony if he didn’t pay up. But he knew what he was doing was “suicide” career-wise if it ever got out.

    I simply refuse to believe that he feared this kid with the failed acting career, and that he thought making one payment wouldn’t lead to demands for more for more because the kid now had blackmail fodder. Tony wasn’t that stupid. He just wasn’t. But AA is, clearly. She thinks she’s a fucking witch, for god’s sake.

    Anyone who would believe any of that shit that Rain supposedly told her about the circumstances of his death isn’t of right mind, and I don’t buy the “crazed with grief” claim. She’d just CHEATED on him and they were fighting, maybe had even broken up.

    To top it off, AA supplied DailyMail with the freaking ashes Rain supposedly gave her. There’s a picture of them. I wonder how many overflowing ashtrays she had to dump to create that prop? I can’t think of anything more heinous than letting a tabloid publish a picture of your loved one’s ashes, fake or not.

    The more I think about this latest bullshit, the madder I get.

  94. catsworking says:

    Mira, we don’t know for sure if those texts were really written by Bourdain, or are the product of AA’s twisted mind. At this point, I don’t trust the veracity of any of the insane texts we’ve seen because they’ve all come from AA, Rose or Rain, and they’re all bat-shit crazy.

    What I don’t get is why they’re still manufacturing increasingly unhinged drama over this, except to keep their stupid faces in the news. How they think this is going to benefit them career-wise in some way is a mystery.

  95. Mira says:

    Karen, no one is really taking her seriously. No one really cares what she says, or what any of the other attention seeking lunatics in the tabloid/social media circus have to say…she is just flapping around like a beetle stuck on its back, that’s about to be flushed down the drain…

  96. Mira says:

    P.S. I wrote the last comment before I saw your reply, but basically that’s how I see it. She is just panicking, there is no logic to it, she has lost the plot.

  97. catsworking says:

    Mira, instead of flushing her down a drain, I’d rather see her stepped on. Bet she’d make a nice crunch.

  98. Lynn says:

    “I’m getting increasingly pissed off that AA seems to be getting the last word.”

    Well there are numerous people who could put a stop to that by getting the truth out but they won’t do it. Hell do what Trump’s people do – leak the info anonymously. Orange J. and JFT were a good start but didn’t go far enough. Let’s see some ‘leaked texts’ between AB and Ashia in the final weeks of his life. That would clear up a hell of a lot, I’m sure. What, we have to wait until Ashie drops dead before the truth comes out? Like only now are we learning that Burt Reynolds treated Sally Field like shit 40 years ago (according to her book).

    And for those who will say oh that will hurt AB’s daughter, please. Her dad killed himself, there is talk of hookers and heroin, stolen ashes, and the fact that AB paid off a guy who either raped or was assaulted by or had a consensual affair at 17 with the last woman AB loved. It’s already awful. At least with the truth there would be a counter balance to that narcissist media whore.

  99. Ida says:

    Catsworking –
    ‘Since she’s a Trump clone, I think we can assume that whatever actions she’s ascribing to Tony were actually hers. She convinced him to pay Bennett the money to keep HER reputation with #MeToo intact and to keep Bourdain from losing face for supporting her.’
    – That sounds very likely.

    Lynn –
    ‘At least with the truth there would be a counter balance to that narcissist media whore.’
    – I agree, and like you I’d hope that his family could somehow counter this circus, but must have their reasons for not making a public statement about it 😦

    Mira –
    ‘Karen, no one is really taking her seriously. No one really cares what she says…’
    – In a way I think that’s accurate, it’s not that we care what she says, it’s that she’s a reminder of why AB is not here. Before he died I didn’t pay much attention to her and didn’t care that he was dating her, but because of this mess she’s now made herself more visible than she really should be. And speakingg for myself, I guess I pay more attention to her than what I would like for one reason only, to find a glimmer of indication of what really happened.

  100. Rachel says:

    Lynn I agree with you. What is happening here is such a disgrace to Anthony’s memory. AA and the side circus of RM and RD is so disgusting, there are no words to describe it. AA’s last Instagram story was her pouring herself a glass of champagne and toasting herself! She is so deluded from her narcissistic and borderline personality disorder, she probably thinks she just put one over on everybody with her performance on these interviews. Why can’t one of AB’s friends or co-workers, someone who REALLY KNOWS THE TRUTH, go on a respected show (like 60 Minutes) or give an interview to a decent newspaper, to say something such as, “We are very upset about these lies which are being said about Tony. We know that he did not think he was in an open relationship and he was devastated when he found out AA was cheating on him. We know that these texts messages which AA claims she received from RD are complete fabrications. These lies are hurting us, Tony’s family and friends.” Why can’t that happen? It’s like a gag order went out on Tony’s friends and family and at this point I don’t understand why….

  101. catsworking says:

    Rachel, Ida, Lynn, exactly. It’s like you’re all saying. WHY isn’t anybody standing up for Bourdain? Every day of silence just makes the crazy stuff seem more plausible.

    AA has COMPLETELY buried the fact that pics of her and Hugo were published three days before Tony killed himself and that they were fighting about it. So much for her “open relationship” nonsense.

    Between AA and Trump (I’m watching the Kavanaugh monkey trial right now – Chuck Grassley needs to crawl under a rock and die like the slithering vermin he is), I’m tearing my fucking hair out. It’s like the world has lost its mind.

    Ida, I’m with you on AA’s profile. She was a nobody to me before she met Bourdain, and continued to be until she made his death all about her. Once the full story is known, I hope she never gets hired again and sinks into the obscurity she deserves. But I still think she’s going to wring a book deal out of this. And probably Rose, too.

  102. Rachel says:

    The only person close to Anthony who has really said anything accurate about what truly happened is Bruce Cameron Elliott on his blog, but only about three people seem to know about It!! Even AB’s CNN producer (Michael Steed? I forgot his name) agreed with Bruce. But It’s too obscure a blog and lately there have been no comments at all. So frustrating!

  103. Dingobeast says:

    This is going to sound weird and apologies in advance, but those are not cremains in that picture on the Daily Fail. Human cremains are much lighter. They actually have to put them in a blender to break down the bones, which are quite white. Human cremains are very light in color, pale to medium grey. Those just look like a weird cake of ashes. Even if you dampened them they would not be almost black.

    I think that they Bourdain family is going to mostly ignore irrelevant Asshat and probably mention her destructive influence at the end of his life in his biography that comes out next year. The quiet we are hearing from them is intentional. Don’t roll around with pigs, you just get covered in shit and the pig likes it.

  104. Rachel says:

    Dingobeast I’m not sure there really has been complete silence from the Bourdain camp, because I am still convinced that someone with access to his personal effects leaked the original story to the NY Times. It had to be someone from his side. It definitely wasn’t Bennett or even Weinstein. They wouldnt have access to all of the details of the payments and how they were being made. Those were confidential legal documents. Settlements are reached all the time on legal cases but those documents are never made public. You can’t access them on court websites. Someone from his side wanted the world to know what a lying hypocrite AA was…but whoever leaked had no idea of the Pabdora’s box of Rose and Rain that would come flying out! Who knew that crazy Rain Dove would become part of this story. Seriously, if it was my loved one, I wouldn’t be able to take this anymore. I’d be on CNN saying “F-ck this sh-t! All three of them are crazy liars!” Isn’t anyone close to AB fed up yet?? If we are this outraged can you imagine what his real family feels after reading this deal and being shown what are supposed to be his ashes in England’s version of the National Enquirer??? It’s time to stop being silent and speak up! (Sorry Catsworking, need to vent).

  105. Adele Prass says:

    Just watched Kavanaugh’s performance. Looked like he took a leaf from the AA playbook.

  106. Dingobeast says:

    I thought it was Bennett that came forward, Rachel? He also would have had access to details of the payments, correct?

  107. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I don’t get why Bruce’s blog hasn’t gained traction since Bourdain died because there seems to be a lot of interest online. Perhaps it’s because there’s a warning about explicit content.

    What we need is an interview with someone who was in France and knows how things went down.

  108. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, thanks for that information. I had heard that ashes can be gravely (I guess if they aren’t put through a blender), and the light color totally makes sense. Whenever you see them portrayed on TV, they’re very pale or light gray. My vote still goes to cigarette ashes. They’d be most readily available.

    Yes, I hope the biography will have the answers, if only to finish the story.

  109. MicheleKim says:

    Yes, this is a day to VENT! Found myself shouting at the TV — STFU! (Not my personality at all!) God help us all. Kavanaugh is a smug, entitled white boy, not Supreme Court justice material.

    RE: AB. I am enjoying pulling up The Layover episodes for late night viewing — good therapy!

  110. catsworking says:

    Rachel, a leak to the NYT from Tony’s side was my first theory as well, and everything you say makes sense.

    But the other person with all the same material was AA. Could SHE have done it to get herself headlines, thinking she would be able to deflect the charges against her by laying it all at Bourdain’s feet, feeling sure nobody from his side would refute her and admit he was complicit?

    OR someone close to AA who knew about the situation and had access to the materials. Rose? Rain? Did AA show them what she had in Berlin to back up her story about Jimmy, and they hacked into her device and got the files?

    But… the fact that it was leaked to the NYT makes me go back to the Bourdain camp. Rose and Rain probably would have gone to TMZ or DailyMail.

  111. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, we first learned about the whole Bennett situation only after someone leaked the legal paperwork to the NYT. At the time, Bennett was getting his monthly $10K after the initial $200K, so he had no reason to kill the golden goose.

  112. catsworking says:

    Adele, I’ve had the Kavanaugh thing on from beginning to end. Trump will be proud of Kavanaugh’s belligerence, but I think his blubbering will be his doom. Trump hates a crybaby. It won’t surprise me if Trump dumps him in a tweet tomorrow morning.

  113. feijicha says:

    re Kavanaugh, I sadly expect they will steamroll his nomination through and he’ll get on the court.

    Interesting moment when one of the Dems (male) was interviewing him (not sure who, I had just gotten in the car to go somewhere and it was on so I missed the name and couldn’t see who it was) and Kavanaugh got haughty with him and was trying to just do that thing of saying for the umpteenth time his prepared talking point that four people cited by Ford had said the event never happened and was just on robot repeat of that…..the senator just continued over him and asked his question and finally Kavanaugh snapped at the senator something along the lines of “What do you want?” or some such and then, caught himself, and tried to soften it “um, I didn’t mean it quite like that, what I meant was…..” But it was like, yep, there is is, what he’s really like under that smarmy fake facade. The mask fell for a minute there.

  114. Mira says:

    Fascinating senate hearing, I thought I ‘d just check out a brief video clip of it, but I ended up watching it all on You tube, still have to see the Kavanaugh questioning…
    I know it’s a case of ‘he says she says’, but I believe her testimony, I have no doubt in my mind that she is recalling a true event, and she did not hesitate in identifying him as the assailant.

  115. Dingobeast says:

    Ah, thanks Catsworking. That does narrow it down quite a bit.

  116. Rachel says:

    Bennett’s lawyers hammered out a settlement deal with AB’s lawyers. The payment was arranged by lawyer Richard Hofsteter, the money was to be paid by AB. Bennett was a 22 year old kid. At that time not a minor, but still an immature kid. His lawyer would have kept the settlement documents and arrange for the payments to be deposited in Bennett’s bank account, most likely, so he could pay his rent and living expenses. There would be no reason for his lawyer to give him copies of the settlement papers. Plus, he said he had no idea exactly where the payments came from. AB and his lawyer Richard Hofsteter arranged everything. AA wouldn’t want to be have any part of it. She was probably thrilled they were taking care of her gross mess and she frankly is not the brightest bulb (I believe she dropped out of school while a pre-teen) so she probably wouldn’t even bother to read the documents, let alone retain copies of it. The only one with access to these legal documents were AB and his New York lawyers. Plus the NY Times article said the documents that were sent to them were encrypted in some way. Did everyone forget that AB’s mom worked at the NY Times? What if the documents were found in his papers after death by his mother or brother? She no doubt still has friends and contacts there. It’s just speculation, but to me it makes the most sense.

  117. Rachel says:

    For the record, I work in the legal field, so have a good grasp of how these things work. I’m pretty confident about my theory.

  118. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I watched every minute of the 8 hours. Kavanaugh told innumerable lies about many thing. Just one example, the Devil’s Triangle. He said (to Blumenthal? who didn’t challenge him on it) it’s a drinking game. It’s actually a sex act with 2 men and one woman, which is exactly what Dr. Ford accused him and Mark Judge of trying to do. And he listed it as an accomplishment in his yearbook. But it didn’t happen, right?

    Just when you think the GOP can’t sink any lower, they are STILL intent on getting this belligerent drunk on the Supreme Court. I swear he was drinking before he testified, which would explain the dehydration, extreme thirst, uncontrollable blubbering, and cockily back-talking senators who far outrank him.

    And the GOP members were absolutely disgusting to the Democrats, especially Feinstein. Lindsey Graham totally blew a gasket, falling just short of throwing himself on the floor kicking and screaming. Although the Dems have REPEATEDLY called for an FBI investigation, the GOP kept saying, “Why didn’t you ever ask for an investigation. Of COURSE we would have done one!”

    Classic Trump. Whap them in the face with facts and they deny the facts exist.

    If the Dems take back Congress, if that bastard Kavanaugh is sitting on any court, they need to can him. He’s a liar, a predator, a smug, entitled asshole, and almost certainly a drunk. I pity any poor defendant who has him passing judgment.

  119. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I agree with what you’re saying. I would add that all we know is that Bourdain paid the first $200K in a lump sum. The remainder was 18 months of $10K payments, of which 5 were made from May until September, and then AA stopped them. If the full agreement had been hammered out up-front and Bourdain was legally on the hook for $380K, I don’t think AA could have stepped in and broken that contract just because she wanted to.

    Instead, it appears most likely that she became responsible for the monthly installments after he died and she could no longer afford to pay, or Ottavia reneged on the contract using her power as Bourdain’s executor. (Could she do that?)

    AA DID get a lawyer to represent her in this, who I believe worked with Bourdain to arrange the $200K payment. Her name was Carrie Golding. Bourdain’s lawyer Hofsteter received the original paperwork, but I don’t believe he was involved beyond that because Bourdain was not the one being sued.

    Hofsteter is handling Bourdain’s estate now, and he was aware of the Bennett situation. Ottavia must be working with him to settle things, so he could have given her the paperwork to account for the huge outflow of cash and helped her shut it down. Of course, AA would never reveal that. Better to make it seem like she has all the power and had a change of heart.

    Gladys’ relationship with the NYT is another good clue as to how the story may have ended up there. Good work connecting the dots there, Rachel!

  120. Dingobeast says:

    Thanks for your expertise, Rachel. Now I hope they they send a another anonymous arrow through Asshat. We know that those that loved Tony hated her, with very good reason.

  121. Lynn says:

    But all the more reason I ask whyyyy no one on Tony’s side will leak other info if they already leaked the Jimmy documents??

    Lindsay ‘I live in Trump’s ass now that my protector McCain is dead’ Graham (cough *clearly in the closet* cough) makes me sick. Clearly he was putting on the same ‘show for one’ that Don Jr. and all the others do constantly. I loved how he was calling out Dems for wanting to ‘hold the seat’ open till after the election in the hopes Dems take over the Senate, not seeing the massive hypocrisy given the Repigs held a seat open for a YEAR, not because of sexual charges, but simply because they wanted to hold out in case they won the presidency. I can only hope Dems do take the Senate so that if Trump has another opportunity to appoint someone in his final year, they can Garland his ass.

    By the way, Orange Ass could have avoided this whole mess if he’d had the decency to appoint a female. Ashtray aside, it’s not often you get a woman being accused of sex crimes.

    PS my relatives who voted for Trump think “someone paid” Dr. Ford to come forward.

  122. Rachel says:

    Catsworking, I went back and read the original NY Times article again. It did say that Hofstetter was representing BOTH Bourdain and Argento at the time. I still think that Hofstteter was the main engine arranging the payments and the settlement. Carrie Goldberg, a #MeToo lawyer, was the mouthpiece because Hofsteter was the connection to Bourdain. Bourdain probably didn t want his longtime lawyer Hofstetter sending the letters to Bennett’s lawyer, because that would connect him, Bourdain, to the payoff arrangements. Hence, the need for Carrie Goldberg, to make it appear that Argento was making the payments herself …whew. What a tangled web. Last point legally…if Argento’s new lawyers are really going to sue Rain and Rose, expect a REAL circus. You can bet on that. Because everyone will have to testify under oath and expect tons more shit to be revealed. ANOTHER last point. I think Rain, not Rose, wrote that letter on behalf of AA after Anthony’s death. The opening line, “Dear fellow humans” was all Rain….so she was in on that too.

  123. Mira says:

    Hi Rachel, I don’t think AA will go ahead and sue RMG, I checked on twitter, RMG has put out a statement, apologising for the false information ( 12 yo vs 17 yo issue), and AA accepted the apology on twitter.

    Re the Kavanaugh thing,…I ‘m watching the CCN coverage now ( instead of doing my housework…); I love watching TV legal dramas, but who needs it with what is happening for real…

  124. Peggy says:

    The last question he was asked was did you watch Dr Fords testimony? He answered NO but I plan to watch it later. A committee aid told WaPo he certainly did watch from a monitor in another room in the Dirksen Senate Building. Another lie.

    Trump was said to be very pleased with the way he came out fighting. Trump likes a fighter.

    My head is still pounding from watching the republican shitshow today. I’m fully confident his nomination will be rammed through with even Dem Manchin voting for him. I predict a 50/50 split with Pence casting the deciding vote.

    Don’t get me started about Little Lindsey with his rehearsed outrage.

  125. feijicha says:

    Kavanaugh is so obviously pissed that HE, over privileged spoiled frat boy that he is, has to go through this. He LOST it so many times. Buttfuck.

  126. catsworking says:

    Lynn, after watching 8 hours of that bullshit sham of a “hearing” yesterday and watching Lindsay “Pansy” Graham explode had me so upset, I couldn’t get to sleep until 3 a.m. And then I wake up to find out that Jeff “I’m SO Conflicted!” Flake is going to vote for Kavanaugh!!! It’s like Dr. Ford did it all for nothing.

    For them to claim she could possibly mistake the identity of a a boy LYING ON TOP OF HER WITH HIS FACE INCHES FROM HERS, is enough to make you want to go postal on all of them. Not to mention them refusing to make Mark Judge show his face and testify to what he KNOWS they did.

    I’m in such absolute fury this morning, I can hardly think straight.

  127. Ida says:

    I was wondering why AB, as one of the last things he did, not only unfollowed AA on social media, but also RM. Imagine being so distraught you wanna kill yourself but find time to delete, not only your girlfriend who was most likely the reason, but also her friend RM. He must really have associated those two with one another and thought they were both bad news. I wonder what he saw in RM that made him even bother to think of her enough to wanna unfollow her? The irony is that now AA and RM are apparently no longer friends, yet they’re still the same ‘bad news’. It’s like they’re both arguing with their reflection in the mirror. That RM apologised for the age difference (17 rather than 12) doesn’t change anything – we all already knew that and it had already been clarified by RD, so in my mind this doesn’t change anything about the problem. But yeah, back to my question, why did AB even think of RM enough to unfollow her on social media?

  128. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I haven’t read the article again since it came out, so I accept your analysis of how it went down. But that still doesn’t answer the question, would Ottavia have had the power, as Bourdain’s executor, to shut the payments down if the money was still flowing from Tony’s bank account?

    And ANOTHER amazing insight (you are on a roll this week, Rachel!) about the letter bemoaning Tony’s death addressed to “Dear fellow humans.” I agree it’s a clear giveaway. Rose and AA both present as female, with occasional lesbian lapses. That indicates Rain met AA earlier than they are admitting, and that she was in the situation much deeper than just the friend of a friend whom AA suddenly decided to spill her guts to about Jimmy.

    I will be VERY surprised if any lawsuits are actually filed among the Three Stooges. Once again, it’s AA using a Donald Trump move, threatening litigation to bully someone into silence or submission.

  129. catsworking says:

    Peggy and feijicha, I think our only hope at this point is for the media to keep pounding on the fact of what a blubbering crybaby Kavanaugh was, compared to the super-human composure of Dr. Ford (the actual attackee), and how will it look to have Kavanaugh bursting into tears on the bench anytime there’s dissent with his decisions.

    The GOP has gone so far off the cliff with putting corrupt, lying, greedy, power-hungry monsters in positions where they can seize ultimate power, they seem to be itching to start a civil war.

    At this point, I can’t even be in the same room with anyone who says they’re a Republican, voted for Trump, and approve of what’s going on right now.

    Oh, and I think Kamala Harris set Kavanaugh up as telling a provable lie by asking him if he watched Ford’s testimony. You KNOW he did, which is why he came right out of the gate spluttering with outrage and butt-hurt. And I believe he had a few good belts of booze with his lunch.

  130. catsworking says:

    Ida, VERY interesting question. How would Rose have been so deeply embedded in that relationship that Tony gave her a second’s thought before he died? Did those two bitches lure him into threesomes so they’d have something to hold over his head if he ever tried to pull away? It might explain a bit why he was looking so drained and exhausted.

    If you remember, Rose posted an over-the-top video of herself wailing and moaning right after learning of Tony’s death that seemed extreme for someone who was just a friend of his girlfriend.

    My bet is on some sexual blackmail they were pulling that he thwarted by dying. Once AA and Rose were no longer in cahoots milking Tony for all he was worth, they reverted to their original feral selves and went after each other. There could be some threatening undercurrent to all this of maintaining silence on exactly how they collaborated in manipulating him, which is why Rose caved and apologized for what she said about Jimmy.

  131. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the compliment, Catsworking! I don’t handle wills, trusts or estates. However, my educated guess, if the money was coming from AB’s bank account but it was NOT a joint account with Ottavia, I doubt she could shut down the payments. I highly doubt the settlement money was held in a joint account or even AB’s personal bank account. More likely, the money was deposited in some kind of escrow account in control of AB’s estate attorney, and he (Hofstetter) stopped the payments after AB’s death. At that point, any money left in the escrow account might revert back to AB’s estate.

  132. catsworking says:

    Rachel, when you’re right, you’re right! 🙂

    Agreed that the money wouldn’t have come from a joint account with Ottavia because then she would have seen what was going on, and that was probably the last thing he wanted. BUT, wouldn’t have all his personal accounts rolled into his estate upon his death, and then she’d have access to them as his executor?

    The payments DID NOT stop when Bourdain died in early June. It’s been reported that Jimmy has received a total of $250K: $200K up-front from Bourdain in April, then $10K a month to be spread over 18 months. Jimmy received $10K in May, June, July, August, and September (to account for the $250K total). Then in September AA announced she was ending the payments.

    So either Tony was kicking in $10K a month as it came due OR AA had to assume the payments upon his death, and by September she’d sunk in $50K, lost her job, and was tapped out.

    That’s why I’m wondering if Ottavia is somehow involved in the cessation of payments. If the full $380K was in escrow, as you said, it probably reverted to his estate so his daughter could inherit the remainder.

  133. jellyblue says:

    “elite group of WEALTHY covert lesbian / non gender ninja assassins” that just happen to infiltrate a morgue in bum fuck France to steal ashes to give to AA. One couldn’t write this shit.
    AA buying this story is particularly astonishing. WTF are ABs family feeling seeing all of this play out.. how terrible for them.

    Wouldn’t it be more likely that someone would have a fantasy of a hooker wearing a hijab and possibly paying more money for this fetish as opposed to an actual prostitute being in full on religious attire? LOL.. It’s a chuckle thinking this would be ABs request.

    The SCOTUS fiasco is basically just like the catholic church they are trying to legitimize really fucked up behavior that is unacceptable in our society it’s very black and white. They are distracting us with this shit show meanwhile why can’t there just be a zero tolerance policy against any and all sexual assault? what’s wrong with these people?
    There shouldn’t be anything like this in someones history- it totally taints the candidate.. true or not.. there are enough folks out there that don’t have this type allegation and that have admitted they wouldn’t indict a sitting president.

    Anyone who is supportive and defends this fuck fest is a horrible human being. It’s that simple.

  134. jellyblue says:

    Rachel- thank you for your comments it helps me understand some of the minutia as to how some of this story may of possibly worked/went down. I’m inquisitive and in wonder since I’m a Bourdain fan. I hate it that I give time to these salacious details and lies.

  135. jellyblue says:

    I’m not sure it matters but it certainly illustrates there was fighting;
    It’s a telling detail that AB unfollowed RM.
    I’ve seen various discussions questioning whether AB unfollowed AA or is she forced him to unfollow her..
    It’s just horrible to understand that RM was so deeply involved that he would unfollow her before his suicide.
    Deeply flawed, sensitive people kill themselves around these two.

  136. Rachel says:

    Catsworking, you are correct in pointing out that the payments to Bennett continued after his death. It should be made clear to anyone reading this, that legal obligations do not necessarily end just because a person dies. So I don’t think Ottavia could “shut down” the payments just like that. Tony, through his estate attorney and the escrow account, may have paid out his part of the settlement arrangement and then AA might have had to pay the reat. And we all know she spends whatever money she has partying, flying to Berlin and France and who knows what else. And maybe that was part of fight she supposedly had with Tony that someone else here wrote about, when she went to Tony’s house and was seen storming out in a fit of anger? I saw this mentioned on AA”s Instagram page early on, before she started deleting comments. Maybe she wanted Tony to finish the payments himself, and at that point he said no more. Anyway, I am glad you find my comments helpful!!

  137. L. Villeneuve says:

    Well I’m reading some nice stuff about the Bourdain family from S.Ripert’s twitter account with comments about certain rotten people riding on Tony’s coattails even after death. She is encouraging everyone to focus on what he accomplished, his legacy and not this vile rubbish from Ashtrash and co.

  138. jellyblue says:

    What’s the point of this crazy RD story?
    Even if RD ingratiated him/herself for AA’s favor?
    Certainly RM had to know about all of the RD claims to AA.
    I’m not sure what they get out of it.
    Plus there is this huge digital trail.
    It just doesn’t make any sense.

  139. Lynn says:

    RMG and AA were a set – you got one, you got both. Good friends (in so far as either of them is capable of this) in private and co-movement leaders in public. I remember Bruce Elliott saying Tony scolded him for going after RMG on twitter. So it makes sense if he’d had it with Ashtraysia he would have wanted to dump her evil twin, too. There was that one photo from where he cooked them both a meal in his apt. Or was it Rose’s apt? In any event, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a 3 way at some point, but even if not, I don’t think it would require a huge thought process to unfollow Rose when he unfollowed freak face.

  140. Jellyblue says:

    I don’t think it’s a leap.
    Did the unfollowing of AA and RD by AB at the same time? (although we don’t know if he unfollowed her or if it’s an instagram thing and she blocked him and it made it so that he unfollowed her)
    I guess as mentioned the disturbing understanding is that RM
    Was important enough to take up space in his thought process before he killed himself.

  141. Mira says:

    The only hope now is Jeff Flake ( if they go ahead with the FBI investigation, that might stall it to the mid Nov elections)
    Good luck to you all…

  142. catsworking says:

    LV, I think I’m going to follow Sandra Ripert right now. She sounds like a voice of reason. But what else would you expect from Eric Ripert’s “better half?”

  143. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, before Bourdain’s death, it was all about money — having access to HIS money and tapping into his generosity as much as possible.

    When the tap was suddenly and unexpectedly turned off, AA and Rose both went into total meltdown. We don’t know where Rain was lurking in this time, but s/he seemed to materialize in the immediate aftermath and dive in head-first.

    In the absence of the financial incentive, AA and Rose have resorted to tearing each other to pieces.

    I thought of my Three Stooges names for the bunch of them: Ashy, Baldy, and Confused.

  144. Mira says:

    Having said that, he asked for a maximum of one week investigation, ‘limited in time and scope’,…so don’t know that will achieve anything, just lip service. And even if Kavanaugh does not get the vote, Trump will have time to nominate another right wing judge…

    …and re- the whole AA-RMG-AB circus, after I started reading about flying nuns, and hijab hookers, and power lesbian secret service societies… this discussion has really jumped the shark….it won’t get any further traction from any reputable news source, just the trashiest of tabloids.

  145. catsworking says:

    Mira, Jeff Flake has been hearing from women on all sides since he said he’d vote for Kavanaugh to move forward. Women in DC today are going nuts. Let’s hope they are making enough of a stink to get the attention of the geezers running this shit show and force them to launch an FBI investigation.

    They keep saying there’s no evidence, when every day people come forward who knew Kavanaugh and vouch that he was a nasty, lascivious drunk. Probably still is, from the way he behaved yesterday. Not to mention the 3 other women who have come forward with assault claims.

    But they one they really need to beat with a rubber hose under hot lights is his BFF, Mark Judge, who is cowering in a beach house somewhere. He wrote two books about the debauchery, and now claims he doesn’t remember anything. But his old girlfriend says he confessed to her participating in one of the rape trains. How much you want to bet old Kav was right there with him?

    This is what our country has come to. Facts and decency mean NOTHING. You can bombard these fucking dimwits with truth all day and they say, “But there’s no proof!”

    That’s why we haven’t heard a peep from Mueller yet. He knows he has to have his ducks in a super-row and backed up by armies vultures in tanks before he makes his case. I’m sure his biggest fear is that Trump’s crimes are such a vast convoluted mess, no one will be able to wrap their head around them and Republicans will seize on the confusion and say, “See, you got nothing!”

  146. Jellyblue says:

    Karen- you’re too funny! I have tears in my eyes..
    Ashy, Baldy and Confused.

    Ya, I guess they’re able to sell all of this nonsense to the tabloids and make decent dough.

  147. Mira says:

    I’ve seen the elevator video, (J.F. being confronted by women), he seems like a decent guy.
    Dr Ford’s was such a credible and powerful testimony, I hope she does not feel it was in vain,I’m glad they televised it live; I think it will be etched in people’s memories, and it might be a good outcome at the next elections.

  148. catsworking says:

    Mira, if Kavanaugh gets onto the Supreme Court, Republicans up for re-election can kiss their asses goodbye in November in many states because women (who I believe outnumber men in this country) will vote in force. Republicans are already in the shitter with blacks, Hispanics and other ethnicities because of racism and persecution. All they’ve got left supporting them are rapey white males, racists, and rubes too stupid to realize they’re voting to screw themselves (and some of those are people who sat lots of classrooms but learned NOTHING).

    Flake the coward should be running for re-election this year, but he chose to retire, so he’s got absolutely NOTHING to lose by siding with women. It’s thought he intends to run for president in 2020 or 2024. He often says he opposed to whatever hare-brained thing Trump wants, just for the attention, then caves and votes with Trump. If he actually manages to get an FBI investigation launched, it will be a miracle.

  149. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, I agree that as long as there’s a sleazy tabloid willing to pay Ashy, Baldy and Confused to peddle lies, they will. And I still say there are books to come. But they’d better hop to it because they probably can’t milk this cash cow past 2019, when the documentary and the biography come out. Then it’s over.

  150. Lynn says:

    ” the disturbing understanding is that RM was important enough to take up space in his thought process before he killed himself.”

    Yes well we don’t know how long he was thinking about killing himself. I’m not sure of the timeline but I recall he unfollowed both of them within a day or so of each other if not on the same day. It makes sense – if I’d had it with someone I wouldn’t want to deal with their besties either. Even if he hadn’t died, it would seem odd to break up with someone and still follow their best friend, given that the friend would almost certain not be on his ‘side’.

    And if his suicide had more to do with the Jimmy situation than Ashtray’s cheating (perhaps Ash was threatening to expose his role in the payoff) and how over the top defensive of both those bitches he had been re: #metoo, it makes even more sense that Rose would be front of his mind.

    The one hope in this FBI investigation is Mike Judge. He no doubt has some incriminating shit on Kav. And since lying to the FBI is a crime he may miraculously find his memory has returned. It’s sad that Flake is the ONLY Repig with the balls to ask for an investigation of sexual assault charges – something that should be easy for any of them to do. They’re all so desperate for a conservative court the nom could be on video raping someone and they wouldn’t care.

    Kav’s clear display of entitlement/temper yesterday was disturbing. Imagine how angry he gets when he’s blitzed. If he gets on the court he’ll overturn Roe just for revenge out of bitterness.

    Does Lindsey Graham remind anyone else of a closeted squirrel-like elf? When he gets mad he reminds me of the angry oppossums that used to get trapped in our garage.

  151. Mira says:

    That Lindsey Graham display was the weirdest thing…I’m surprised everyone else kept a straight face, even Kavanaugh had the expression of incredulity, but he was probably very happy and relieved ; it took the heat off him and his 1000th attempt of trying to avoid a direct answer.
    If anyone in the future wants to explain to someone what ‘a ‘sense of entitlement’ means, they need to look no further, than this preppie boy’s outrage at someone withholding a toy, I mean Supreme Court seat…good grief…

  152. Mira says:

    BTW, my new favourite website is the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,
    I came across this apt description, that may resonate with most of the people who post here..

    ‘dead reckoning’-

    n. to find yourself bothered by someone’s death more than you would have expected, as if you assumed they would always be part of the landscape, like a lighthouse you could pass by for years until the night it suddenly goes dark, leaving you with one less landmark to navigate by—still able to find your bearings, but feeling all that much more adrift.

  153. catsworking says:

    Mira, yes, the definition of “dead reckoning” seems to apply to Bourdain, but it applies more aptly in our American vernacular to what we’re going through with Kavanaugh.

    Lindsey Graham’s outburst invited scrutiny into his background that is going to reveal he’s more than a “single man from South Carolina.” Let’s face it, when Trump realizes his attorney-general-in-waiting is a flaming poof, all bets are off.

  154. catsworking says:

    Lynn, Mike Judge has the facts to bury Kavanaugh and he knows it (source materials for his 2 books about their school days together), which is why he’s been hiding. But now that the FBI is finally involved, he realizes he’d better come clean or face prosecution himself. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t end up with rape charges from the girl(s) he train-raped. Maryland has no statute of limitations.

    It gives me serious icks that these creepy boys lined up to rape drunk/drugged girls. Thanks to the shared “venue,” hope their dicks are all rotting from syphilis and their wives are scheduling STD tests.

    It makes me want to puke that the out-of-touch geezers in Congress are STILL not taking this seriously. Another reason to vote in November to send them all into retirement, whether Dem or Repub. Hatch and Grassley, Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi and their generation all need to go. Enough’s enough.

  155. Mira says:

    Yes, the expression used is not intuitively the right one, but I like the way the author on this quirky website describes that feeling.
    I am watching CNN again, American politics is fascinating at this stage, all playing out in the open. ( I started watching CNN after AB’s death, and then just continued on and off, I switched to it again, trying to find the new Parts Unknown episodes, but it seems it’s not there on the international cable version, or I missed it.
    My feelings about the whole Bourdain thing veer from total detachment to a feeling of dread, and how horrible it all is, especially suicide.
    Such is life.

  156. Ida says:

    By the way, has anyone ever eaten at a Jollibee? They’re opening their first one in London in a few weeks and I intend to try it out 🙂 Mainly ‘cos I saw it on the Parts Unknown, Manila-episode which kind of intrigued me a bit. But the food doesn’t look that great – but maybe it tastes better than it looks?

  157. Mira says:

    To me it just looks like regular greasy fast food , just Asian style…
    by the way, if anyone can recommend which place I should visit in HongKong, I’m going next week…I can’t get out of my head all the depressive scenes with AB earlier this year..nothing nice stuck in my mind. I guess it was just too tragic watching him there with this curse of a woman. I might just stick to the conference venue . And hop on the ferry and stick to the sunny part.

  158. Dingobeast says:

    This is a random question, but I am heading to Nice next week and have never been there. I seriously want to demolish a seafood tower, pretty much as soon as we get there. Does anyone here have any ideas about any great places?

    Back to Bourdain, the Hong Kong episode felt labored to me. It wasn’t as enjoyable as most. Now of course it is awful to watch, like looking at the scene of a horrible crime. I haven’t really been able to watch any of the shows and I did try. I am revisiting Kitchen Confidential, reading seems easier.

    With regards to the violent shitbag Kavanaugh, his goose is cooked. He will not pass a cursory sniff test now that the veil is ripped away. He came off as a violent, sexist, intemperate, partisan who probably has severe alcohol issues. His friend Mark is gonna put it all out there. I spent the last two days feeling like my brain was in a vise, I just cannot believe how evil the GOP is, how little they care about governing.

  159. Adele Prass says:

    Dingobeat, re: Nice, i’ve had a drink at the Hotel Negresco (worth seeing in any case), and i’d be surprised if their resto didn’t have a seafood tower — but it will cost. While you’re on the Côte d’Azur, let me recommend loup de mer grillé aux fenouils.Fresh caught Mediterranean Sea bass, grilled over dried fennel fronds, finished by flaming with Cognac. And if you’re ever going to have bouillabaisse, you’ll be in the right place.

  160. Dingobeast says:

    Thank you, Adele-I am definitely heading for the Negresco for a cocktail. That sea bass with fennel sounds amazing, I plan on eating as much fish as I can stand. I live in a landlocked state and utterly miss decent seafood. Thank you also for reminding me about bouillabaisse, it is one of my favorites.

  161. MicheleKim says:

    Well, I’m exhausted from the past two days … also, watched CNN Kavanaugh testimony. Still shaking my head in disbelief, still angry and wondering what action to take to make a difference (if any).

    Thursday night after dinner we skimmed Netflix and other cable on demand films to find a ‘lighter’ maybe comedy show to watch to decompress from the emotions of the hearings. Stumbled upon this:


    Wasted! The Story of Food Waste produced by AB and NZN Productions. I knew that and love documentaries, so we did watch. AB narrates a lot of the film and delivers an introduction and sums it up at the end. If I remember correctly, he mentions hanging himself TWICE … even my partner was flabbergasted! Regardless, the film is great and is making us think twice about wasting food.

  162. Adele Prass says:

    Dingobeast, I’m living vicariously through your trip. Even if you don’t have a car, as i recall, there’s a train that runs from Nice to Cannes and beyond, and Cannes is definitely worth seeing, as is Antibes. In fact the best bouillabaisse is supposed to be found in Restaurant Bacon in Antibes. I stayed in Juan Les Pins and had bouillabaisse at a place on the Mediterranean, there; it was pretty damn good. Nice also has a great market, and as I recall a spectacular flower market.If you can, get up into the hills — the smell of lavender, wild thyme, jasmine (if it’s still blooming) and the Mediterranean is intoxicating.

    Between AB and the Trump mess we’re in, thinking about France is a soothing diversion.

  163. Mira says:

    Yeah, well…he killed himself in the idyllic France:(

  164. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for that link. I had completely forgotten about Jollibee. The spaghetti looks kind of gross, but the fried chicken probably isn’t bad. And I guess you’re better off with a cake of white rice than a greasy burger.

    My two favorite fast food places are Arby’s and Wendy’s. I don’t think I’ve set foot in a McDonald’s since 2012. I just went completely off it.

  165. catsworking says:

    MicheleKim, thank you for the link to the Waste trailer. I haven’t seen it. It’s so weird how many times in his work he talked about hanging. It seems like it was always somewhere in the back of his mind.

    I don’t waste a lot a food because “Sell by” and expiration dates mean nothing to me. I just finished up a jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce that said “Best used by March 23, 2016.” It looked a little darker than I remembered it, but it was fine.

    The cats, on the other hand, don’t get me started. Max is fine because he only eats dry and he cleans his plate 99.9% of the time. But Adele and Roc have me shoveling canned food down the disposal daily. It’s infuriating.

  166. Rachel says:

    Well if I were Rose and Rain I would be a bit concerned (if they are capable of dealing with reality because that’s questionable. I saw on AA’s most recent IG story that she tattooed a dagger with blood dripping from it over the “dot” tattoo she shared with Rose. (They got matching “dot” tattoos on their feet. At least it didn’t say ‘Rose Forever”). And she wrote an Italian saying which roughly translates to “Vengeance Complete” or “Vengeance will be Completed”. It was even commented on by Rose on her IG. Rose posted something about “Ignore disgusting people.” These two are not finished with each other. Also, AA is apparently giving another interview, per her publicist’s IG (Yes she has some kind of publicist. It is called ‘Antonio Luisa Official’ and it’s like a cheerleading site for AA. So heaven help us what other slime is yet to come out of her mouth…She is still trying to rally support to get back on X Factor, which is going live on Oct 5. I am devoting way too much time following this story…!

  167. catsworking says:

    Rachel, thanks for that update. No surprise that they’re still keeping eyes on each other. They know how treacherous they both are.

    Just what AA needed was more ink, this time about vengeance no less. That should look great when she’s 80. Oh, what am I saying? It’s unlikely she’ll never see 80, or even 50 at the rate she’s self-destructing. Smoking and drinking have reduced her voice to a frog croak that doesn’t bode well for her esophagus.

    The nastier she behaves in public, the less likely X Factor on anyone else will want any association with her. She’s poisonous. It’s a shame she’s already played her Dancing With the Stars card. Maybe she can get herself a spot on Survivor or Big Brother if they have Italian versions.

    Looking forward to seeing Bourdain with Jose Andres in Spain tonight. One of my favorite kinds of shows — with a friend in Europe. Jose just gave a very nice tribute to Tony at the Miami Book Fair…


  168. Mira says:

    Regarding that Antonio Luisi site, that’s actually just her father posting family news, but mostly now supporting his daughter. Having said that, there are other official X factor fan sites dedicated to her, petitioning to get her back. She is quite popular with the X factor fans, and they don’t really care about her past sex life or California statutory rape issues.
    I’m really embarrassed to admit how much I know about this sad case.

  169. Rachel says:

    https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/asia-argento-debuts-vengeance-tattoo-for-rose-mcgowan/ Well that made the mainstream gossip mags quickly! Wow she is such a psycho. If she wants to make herself look even more insane she’s doing a great job. Rose, time to hire a bodyguard. And she definitely gave another television interview today but it was on Italian television. I’m sure that will be hitting the DailyMail soon….

  170. Rachel says:

    OMG. I cannot believe her new interview is already discussed in the Daily Mail. And I was right. She wants to get her job back on X factor. Maybe getting a dagger tattoo vowing vengeance on your former best friend is not the best way to try to get your job back…https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6225015/Asia-Argento-reveals-pain-called-pedophile-sexual-assault-allegations.html. Is it a coincidence that this is the second interview that had come out on the same night as “Parts Unknown?”

  171. Dingobeast says:

    Thanks, Adele-we are planning on using the train. I get one good vacation a year and we try to go to Europe, this is our first time in southern France.

    Asshat is such a vile thing, a poisonous spider. It makes me sadder for Tony the more apparent it is that Asshat is and always has been a truly awful human. When that delusion that he had of her wore off, he must have sunk so low and so fast.

    She will continue to try and monetize the poor man and his death. Ugh.

  172. catsworking says:

    Rachel, a couple of interesting little tidbits come out in that TV interview. She’s still portraying herself as the pathetic, struggling mother of “young children,” when her daughter Anna will be 18 in June. She also said that her son is now living with his father in the U.S., which can only be a good thing for him. But it essentially frees her of responsibility and leaves her free as a bird to travel.

    And has anyone noticed how OLD her hands look? What’s up with that? She’s only 43 but her hands look 75. There’s one picture here, and it’s been shown earlier where she’s got her hands up to her face.

    I don’t know how much control she has over these appearances, but it would make sense she’d want her face out there the same days Bourdain’s shows are airing, just to remind us that they were an item. That association only resulted in positive things for her. Wish we could say the same for him.

  173. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, Asshat looks quite old for her age. I am older than her and I look younger. When you smoke, particularly as much as she does, it destroys the collagen not only in your skin, but also in your blood vessels, which is why it is not uncommon for smokers to have arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. It impacts healing really badly as well. The old lady hands are a pretty definite result of a lifetime of smoking.

  174. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I didn’t connect the hands with smoking, but you’re so right. What I thought of was anorexia, which also ages a person’s skin. She’s said she basically lives on white wine.

    So, she may think she’s maintaining the body of a teenager on the outside, but she’s rotting on the inside. If she manages to keep herself alive until menopause hits, she’s going to be adding that to the growing list of things that “ruin her life.”

  175. Dingobeast says:

    So odd that Tony went from a woman who loved food like Ottavia to a drunkorexic. That will not help her skin, either.

  176. Ida says:


    ‘In 1993 you turned 18. Is there any advice you’d like to give yourself at that age?
    I went to see Nirvana in Rome and Kurt Cobain came over and asked me for a cigarette. I felt like he was kind of reaching out to me because he sat down next to me. I wanted him to think I was cool so I didn’t speak a word to him – you know, youth stupidity. We just smoked in silence. And then the next day he tried to commit suicide for the first time. I always felt bad that I didn’t say, ‘Let’s go for a ride on my scooter, I’ll show you Rome,’ or something. He might have said no but it’s still my one regret.’


  177. catsworking says:

    OMG, where do you guys dig up this stuff? Ida, thanks for the link. Her suicidal effect on men has further proof.

    People, read the whole interview (it’s not long). It’s hilarious. Love what she said about Cannes — making absolutely ZERO sense…

    “I’m so tired of everyone dressing in stupid huge gowns and ridiculous hair and make-up – it’s so passé. My middle finger on the red carpet was a reaction to that. It meant, ‘I’m with you but I’m not with you. I’m part of you, I love you, but I’m creating a separation between us because I’m not like you.’”

    Yes, that’s exactly what flipping people off means. I happen to have that nasty picture of her on my laptop. She’s wearing bright red lipstick and looks like a total bitch.

  178. Rachel says:

    So, according to AA: “Rose lied. She only wants money. Rain lied. She only wants money and makes me sick. Jimmy lied. He only wants money and is a loser. Ronan Farrow lied! This is what journalism does to you! Everyone lied….except me. Everything I say is absolutely true. I’m the victim here!! X-factor, please hire me back!!” She is so, so pathetic. I guess she realizes that this is the last job she will probably ever have. And most men with money are going to run screaming in the other direction when they see her….The only thing I do agree with, is that Rain did a terrible thing by making up that beyond insane story about Anthony. Rain is getting very little backlash for that, as far as I can tell. A few comments here and there but not much.

  179. catsworking says:

    Rachel, who does AA sound like? “Don’t believe your lying eyes and ears. The world is wrong. I’M the only one telling the truth!”

    Trump, and now Kavanaugh. It’s not going to end well for them, nor AA. With their incessant lies, they have passed the point of return to any semblance of normalcy. There’s only one resolution to all three situations, and it doesn’t put them in a better place.

    As for Rain, s/he’s far sicker and more unhinged than we ever imagined. Trying to pass off soot or cigarette ash as Bourdain is so far beyond depraved, I can’t even describe it. There’s probably no backlash because people simply don’t know what to make of that crazy freak.

    AA may find she has no choice but to move to Africa or one of the poles for a fresh start in obscurity. She’ll never be a “star” again after being associated with so much scandal and depravity. When she was younger, she could be considered cute and rebellious. Now she comes off as an evil, desperate crone. Her sex appeal has a pathetic edge to it. Harvey Weinstein would probably look right through her today if she threw herself across his path naked. And talent is something she’s never had, except when it comes to making a ludicrous spectacle of herself.

    Sadly, the Barnum & Bailey Circus has closed forever, and with it AA’s last hopes of a steady gig as the Man-Eating Woman in the freak show.

  180. Rachel says:

    You are so right, Catsworking!!! By the way, what did you think of last night’s “Parts Unknown” in Asturias, Spain? I enjoyed the nice chemistry between Anthony and Jose, the beautiful scenery of gorgeous mountains and seas, and the food which looked delicious. But without Anthony’s narration as a guide to who he was talking to and what we were looking at, I felt a void. I didn’t learn as much about the people and the place as I would have liked. I’m so happy there was still a lot of “in the field” dialogue, so we still hear Anthony talking and laughing. That was nice to hear…

  181. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I just watched the episode with Jose Andres, whom I love. Agree that there was a void without Tony’s voiceover to describe and make sense of it. Spain was breathtakingly beautiful, and they had so many amazing meals. But that’s all it was. There was no historical context, which Tony would have provided.

    I give ZPZ props for making the most of what they have to work with. He would have hated the result, but he forfeited his vote on that. I’m glad we get the benefit of seeing his last few shoots. But I confess a morbid curiosity about what his shoot with AA (who cheated on him a week later) in Florence was. Will that film be destroyed, or ever be leaked?

  182. Mira says:

    I haven’t seen the new episodes, my international version of CNN does not seem to have them. Regarding the Florence episode, I recall reading somewhere, that it was just partially shot, and they were to finalise the shoot this autumn. So I doubt there would be enough material. I guess it was just an excuse for him to visit AA and Italy a bit more…We all get the picture anyway, it was pretty clear from the get go, what transpired. What we had in the last few months is just a few extra tabloid layers of filth added…

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