Anthony Bourdain’s Final Graphic Novel Available Oct. 2

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain left behind a stash of polished writing for fans to discover and savor after his death on June 8. Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts represents his final foray into the graphic novel genre with food-centric horror stories. The 128-page full-color hardcover is being released under the Berger Books imprint of Dark Horse Comics in Portland, Oregon, on October 2, retailing for $13.49.

The book is a compilation of the four-story miniseries by the same name that Bourdain had published previously (which I haven’t read), as well as five new stories.

The posthumous publication, illustrated by various artists, will include a tribute written by his collaborator Joel Rose, a full-page portrait of Tony, and five new recipes.

Comic books were Bourdain’s first love, so it will be bittersweet to add this volume to the shelf beside his two Get Jiro! graphic novels.

Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts is available for pre-order from And don’t forget, CNN begins airing the 12th and final season of Parts Unknown on Sunday, September 23.

11 Responses to Anthony Bourdain’s Final Graphic Novel Available Oct. 2

  1. RD says:

    I am not going to read these. His end was because of darkness. I’m not going to marinate in that darkness. Thanks for the information, though!

  2. catsworking says:

    RD, I gave a pass to the first four Hungry Ghost comics myself for that very reason, thinking he’d go on to write more palatable things. I wasn’t wild about the two Get Jiro! novels, either. People getting heads and limbs lopped off for dipping their sushi in soy sauce just isn’t my thing.

    But since this is the last chance to see the dark places his mind went, I’m wearing protection and going in. I pre-ordered the book on Amazon yesterday. I’m also curious to see the recipes. Will they be reasonable, or be all guts and gore?

  3. Ida says:

    I’ll leaf through it in the store and make up my mind whether I want to buy it or not. I’m unfortunately not big on graphic novels – even the ones that are supposed to be indisputably good. I guess it’s just not a format I like too much – I prefer, either reading or watching animation. I’ve got the two Get Jiro-graphic novels/comics, but have only leafed through them. Maybe I should make the effort to read through them both from start to finish 🙂

    Does anyone recommend his novels/fiction? I read about it but it didn’t really make me want to read them, but maybe they’re better than they sound?

  4. catsworking says:

    Ida, I’ve read all of his fiction not because of the plots, but because I like his writing. His fiction as I recall is all about organized crime against the backdrop of the restaurant business, with a chef at the center of it all.

    The Jiro graphic novels the same, but it’s a sushi chef.

  5. Morganlf says:

    Haven’t and won’t read Jiro or other somesuch. It’s Bourdains thing. Not mine,like the Eagles music.

    Ida, I read one novel and tried another from the 90’s, before he hit with Kitchen Confidential.

    Formulaic and cheesy, there is a reason they never sold. I dare you you to read them without getting a shuddering case of douche chills.

    Tony’s writing skills crystallized in the first person memoir. Like the often poignant and always meticulous narratives on all his shows.

    As he became more familiar with the TV Medium, he refined his accent, Jersey and NYC..and his voice and narrative became …soothing.

    And ever so fucking Smart.

    I’m gonna watch the final season on CNN. They are hyping it so hard.
    I admit I wandered off the last few years, his show was always on against other heavy hitters.. from HBO, Showtime et al.

    When I caught the shows on demand they had lost his early” No Reservations” sense of wonder and heavy sarcastic asides, but were still entertaining. Even as he hosted the primo de ultimo primo: Coppola, Obama…this man has chops!!!

    May I say again Coppola? The man who directed the most brilliant,beloved movie of all time!!!!

    I tweeted to him what a great .”GET” along with a picture of my brothers paycheck from Godfather 2.(he was an extra)

    I will conclude by saying he was always cool when we met. But his wife Ottavia was THE GOODS.

    I attended a Major Food & Wine Event in NYC, I’d been tweeting Ottavia I’d be there. EVERY Culinary Star was there and the end of the night “showstopper” was of course Tony.

    I Stepped outside to get some air.

    There were THOUSANDS of people on a pier that was raw space. I got claustrophobic.

    Thing was, every time you went outside, you had to stand on line and get inspected to get inside…a long tedious line.

    Shit! I had no idea I’d have to wait on a 30 minute line just to get back in!

    As pure luck would have it right then, a black SUV pulls up..Out steps Tony, Ottavia in a print wrap dress and her friend Tanya.. I called to them.. she recognizes me as does Tony, they kiss me..and give me a hug like we Sardinians do…

    I bypassed the line, imagine that! As the crowd mumbles “ who’s that?”

    Ottavia,. I Fancy your buddy, BGIC…we bonded over a 1970’s wood paneling product…

    I respect your circumspection.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I haven’t read the Bourdain novels in years, but I do remember laughing out loud at things in them, which makes me remember them fondly. If not for Tony as author, that’s not my genre at all. Speaking of laughing…

    If you can access it, watch the French Alps episode, Season 10:2, first aired 10/2/2017 (so probably filmed early in the year, when he and AA first went public with their “romance”). He’s there with Eric and it’s fucking HILARIOUS. Bourdain at the top of his game. They are a brilliant comic team. I set aside for an hour that Tony’s gone and laughed my ass off. Stunning locale, great food (very heavy on the cheese and wine), nothing but good times. Bourdain whined about being out of shape, but it was Eric who looked bloated. They both just had a blast.

    Lots of jokes about death, though. In one scene, Eric discusses with his mentor the various ways he’d like to kill Tony. And there’s a couple of scenes done as cartoons where Eric dies. Very dark humor, but at the time, very funny.

    It makes me wonder if the episode they were filming in Strasbourg, France, was supposed to be a redux of that carefree spirit, but Bourdain simply couldn’t deliver because of all the shit AA was putting him through. Knowing he was letting his crew and Eric down may be another reason to throw on the pile of why he did it.

  7. suzan sweatman says:

    OMG I rewatched the French Alps one last night and laughed out loud all the way through it. First time I’ve laughed at his humor since June 8th. ” I’ve got a piece of cheese stuck in my colon ” lmao!!! I’m so glad I came across it, it lifted some of the heaviness I’ve been feeling for him xxx

  8. catsworking says:

    Welcome, suzan! I know! It was great. All the cheese jokes. Although he said he hadn’t skied in years, Bourdain seemed to be very adept on the slopes. But then there was the scene where he face-planted and slid into the snow blower(?), with blood and guts spewing out and splattering all over the snow, and Eric screaming. Gruesome, yes, but at the time it was like watching Loony Toons. Bugs and the Road Runner did all sorts of gory stuff when we were kids and we laughed.

    Or like Itchy and Scratchy on The Simpsons.

  9. suzan sweatman says:

    There was some irony also…..Eric planning to kill Tony in his hotel room. For all the people he knew, I got the impression he didn’t have friends, per se. In this episode you can see he and Eric were buddies and that was so nice to witness. God I miss knowing he’s somewhere in the world 😦

  10. L Villeneuve says:

    I just saw an episode of The Layover where Tony is taking a guided tour of dead celebrities in Los Angeles. He is smiling and excited about the ones who were “creative” in their suicides. Kind of gave me the chills. It sounds like this was a recurring theme for him over a long period of time. So sad that a person would think this way. Still upset three months later.

  11. Ida says:

    Hi Morganlf –
    Sorry, I only saw you addressed me in your post now:

    Ida, I read one novel and tried another from the 90’s, before he hit with Kitchen Confidential.
    Formulaic and cheesy, there is a reason they never sold. I dare you you to read them without getting a shuddering case of douche chills.
    Tony’s writing skills crystallized in the first person memoir. Like the often poignant and always meticulous narratives on all his shows.

    – That’s kind of the sense I got. I’m not so interested in his crime stories, but I love his first person-writing. I think I’ll stick to that 🙂

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