Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Wins Six Emmys

By Karen

FINALLY, after eight previous nominations (as tallied by Variety), Anthony Bourdain posthumously won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing. Ironically, it was for the Southern Italy episode of Parts Unknown, which CNN has pulled from streaming and reruns because it features Tony hanging out with his former girlfriend, Asia Argento.

Tony’s longtime Zero Point Zero producer Lydia Tenaglia accepted the award on his behalf.

If Tony hadn’t killed himself on June 8, several days after seeing photos of Argento spending the weekend in Rome with French journalist Hugo Clement, Tony and Argento might have appeared on the red carpet again together. Tony might have even pulled her up on stage with him to accept the award for the episode they shared.

In Argento’s fondest fantasies, Tony would have turned over the mic to her so she could launch into what we now know would be a totally hypocritical diatribe against Harvey Weinstein the sexual predator, as she did at Cannes, with the man bankrolling her own statutory rape coverup standing behind her.

In reality, Argento’s unemployed and trying to dodge accusations that she has sex with underage boys.

Back to the awards, here’s the run-down of all the Emmys the Parts Unknown crew took home last night, and who they beat…

Outstanding Writing for a Nonfiction Program

  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown • Southern Italy • CNN
  • The Defiant Ones • Episode 1 • HBO
  • Icarus • Netflix
  • Jane • National Geographic
  • Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like • PBS
  • The Vietnam War • Episode 8: The History Of The World (April 1969-May 1970) • PBS

Outstanding Informational Series or Special

  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown • CNN
  • Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath • A&E
  • My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman • Netflix
  • StarTalk With Neil deGrasse Tyson • National Geographic
  • Vice • HBO

Outstanding Picture Editing for a Nonfiction Program

  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown • Lagos • CNN
  • The Defiant Ones • Episode 3 • HBO
  • Jane • National Geographic
  • Wild Wild Country • Part 3 • Netflix
  • The Zen Diaries Of Garry Shandling • HBO

Outstanding Sound Editing for a Nonfiction Program (Single or Multi-Camera)

  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown • Seattle
  • Blue Planet II • Coral Reefs • BBC America
  • The Defiant Ones • Episode 1 • HBO
  • Jane • National Geographic
  • The Vietnam War • Episode 6: Things Fall Apart (January 1968-July 1968) • PBS
  • Wild Wild Country • Part 1 • Netflix

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Nonfiction Program (Single or Multi-Camera)

  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown • Lagos
  • The Defiant Ones • Episode 1 • HBO
  • Jane • National Geographic
  • The Vietnam War • Episode 6: Things Fall Apart (January 1968-July 1968) • PBS
  • Wild Wild Country • Part 1 • Netflix

Outstanding Short Form Nonfiction or Reality Series

  • Anthony Bourdain: Explore Parts Unknown • CNN (
  • The Americans: The Final Season • FX Networks
  • The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story: America’s Obsessions • FX Networks
  • Jay Leno’s Garage • NBC (
  • Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen • Bravo (

The only category they didn’t win was Outstanding Cinematography for a Nonfiction Program for the Lagos episode.

Variety spoke backstage to Explore Parts Unknown executive producer Nathan Thornburgh and reported him saying that public support has meant a lot to those who worked with Bourdain…

“‘The one thing about this loss is it’s not ours alone, like everybody knew that guy,’ Thornburgh said. ‘Everybody had a selfie with him, but more importantly I think everyone felt like he had spoken to them over the years and that’s helped a lot, to feel like we’re not alone.’”

The 12th and final season of Parts Unknown begins September 23. Here’s the trailer…

112 Responses to Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Wins Six Emmys

  1. AdelePrass says:

    So happy for the wins, but I choked up this morning. He should be here. I’m still haunted,imagining the despair that overcame all the love he had.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, I would have liked to see him get that trophy for his writing at last. What gets to me in the trailer for the new season are all the shots of him laughing and enjoying himself. Things were so bad for him, he chose death instead of to continue enjoying his place in the world.

    It will be interesting to see if AA tries to claim any credit for the Southern Italy Emmy. If she’s even tempted, I hope she reconsiders.

  3. Adele Prass says:

    Karen, do you think she’d dare? I do think she’s probably tried to milk CNN for more credit on the Hong Kong episode, which is why they pulled it. Interestingly, both Southern Italy and Rome are still on CNN On Demand; in fact, I watched Southern Italy the other night, and AA’s presence notwithstanding, it was beautifully written.

    On another matter, my heart aches for Zamir. AB’s death seems to have really hit him hard. I’m not on Twitter much these days, but I do get notices about people i’ve followed. And I think Eric Ripert’s Bhuddist faith is what sustains him. Remember, drinks at the Old Town Ale House are on me, if you ever make it to Chicago.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, someone posted that Zamir was missing from Twitter for a while, or seemed very down, so I tweeted him and he responded. I’ve been following him, and he just started following me.

    I wouldn’t mind watching the Rome episode again, just to return to the scene of the crime and check things out knowing so much more about the situation. I watched the Southern Italy episode not too long ago myself. I’ve got a slew of them on the DVR, but I really only want to see the ones where he was with friends and in places I want to see, so I’ve got some weeding to do.

  5. L Villeneuve says:

    Zamir is drinking alone on his twitter and sounding pretty depressed, “the last countdown” of watching Tony. Let us offer him our support.

  6. feijicha says:

    Hesitantly watched that trailer. Wow. Brought me to tears. Such a loss of an amazing talent. Is it wrong to have the thought that the world would be so much better off if AB and AA’s places were reversed?

  7. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I’ve certainly had the same thought, even though I know it’s bad.

    I just watched the Rome episode online. My CNN On Demand omits all but Buenos Aires in Season 8, and Seasons 9 and 10 completely for some reason.

    Picked up some interesting little clues about AA that I’m trying to follow up on. There’s one scene where Bourdain’s eating alone and says, “I could die in Rome,” meaning the food is so good. He also says in the opening voiceover that “you can fall in love with Rome.” How about “in” Rome?”

    Really gut-wrenching to watch him stumble into the beginning of his end and his obvious fascination with that skank, who seemed on her very best behavior trying to make a good impression on him. She doesn’t even smoke.

  8. Morganlf says:

    Too little too late. Southern Italy one of my least favorite episodes. The Defiant Ones was brilliant and a formidable, adversary.

    I’ve been keeping CNN on in the background as I go about my business, or read and now and again I look up and see the promos for the last season of Parts Unknown…Karen your right he’s always smiling…my mind gets confused…who’s that? Oh yeah it’s Tony…then ..

    He’s gone.

  9. gettngclear says:

    Oh boy. That final episode is gonna be a tear jerker. Just watching the footage without his voice narrating gets me tears eyed. I’m glad that he not only won for writing, but lots of his crew were recognized too. What a ride. Rip AB. ❤️

  10. catsworking says:

    gettngclear, I’m wondering how those final four episodes without Tony’s narration will play. Will we be glad we saw them or not? I know the ZPZ crew will do the best with what they have, but they are sailing without a rudder.

    When I see the blurbs of him laughing and happy, it plunges me into how he must have felt in that French hotel room and wish he’d been able to stop, calm down, and remember the good times so we wouldn’t be having this sad discussion today. So many what ifs and regrets he left us with…

  11. Joanne says:

    I actually cried watching the trailer not sobbing but I teared up. He had a amazing smile, so handsome . Just had to comment

  12. Angela May says:

    Interesting to read all this information. I just remembered a scene from maybe No Reservations?- it was a while ago, I think. There’ a show where Tony visits a guru in India and the guru tells him something like he isn’t enough of an “animal” in bed, so he can expect disappointment in love. Then Tony makes a jokey comment like, “Oh great, I can spend my declining years with some gold digger hanging on to my arm” -kind of like his jokey comments about hanging himself in the shower. when I remembered that show, it gave me the willies!

  13. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Angela! I vaguely remember the scene you mention, but don’t remember anything he said. It’s so funny what jumps out at each of us and sticks in our minds. Like someone recalled that he mentioned Asia Argento in a South Beach episode of No Res back in 2006!

    In hindsight, it’s weird how so many of his jokes ended up foreshadowing what eventually happened to him. But if we were all filmed as much as he was, people would probably say the same about us after we’re gone.

  14. Lenora says:

    Not sure I can articulate why but I am not sure I can watch the last season. After his death I continued watching the current season. Maybe then it didn’t seem real to me. Now it feels very real and very sad. Seeing him very alive in the only way I know him but knowing his voice is gone forever will profoundly cloud the season for me. The whole season will reek of his sad death and I am not sure I will be able see past that.

  15. Ida says:

    About messages on Twitter between AA and RD:
    I don’t understand AA’s accusation that RD fed her ‘hundreds of lies’ about the death of AB. If RD never met AB, and AA had been together with AB for two years or so, how could AA even think that RD had something to tell her that she didn’t know about her boyfriend? This is all so weird – so many loose ends. And why do they keep bickering on social media anyway? If this is so important, how about AA go to the police to file her own report? And now there are people on Twitter tweeting stories that RD stole AB’s ashes – I mean, every time I think this story can’t get any more ridiculous, it does. And the stupid thing is, I wouldn’t waste my time on this shit, if it wasn’t for the fact that I find it sad that AB died and the circumstances surrounding his death are so murky. As for AA, RD and RM – they are of close to zero interest to me. But hey! They’ve really managed to insert themselves in a narrative that gives then more attention (and possibly money) than they could probably otherwise have hoped for. As for RM winning that GQ award; dear lord. That’s gonna be one of the ones they’ll regret having given away, one day

    Catsworking –
    ‘In hindsight, it’s weird how so many of his jokes ended up foreshadowing what eventually happened to him. But if we were all filmed as much as he was, people would probably say the same about us after we’re gone.’
    – That’s a good point. Also, I’d be a bit reluctant to accept his comments about suicide as him necessarily having a death wish – more like having a dark sense of humour.

    Leonara –
    ‘Not sure I can articulate why but I am not sure I can watch the last season.’
    – Know what you mean. I still think I want to see the episode about the Lower East Side though. I mean, Anthony Bourdain with Jim Jarmusch? Yes, please.

  16. Lynn says:

    I can’t wait to see the last season because I love the show. Of course it will be highly bittersweet, and jarring to hear someone else narrating some of them. Naturally everyone will be looking for ‘signs’ of a dark mood or depression, but in all liklihood he probably had a camera face and a camera mood that could have been very different from what he actually felt when shooting ended each day. So it won’t be that surprising to see him laughing and seeming to have a great time. And perhaps he was, in those moments, but still those moments were not enough to sustain him.

    I just wish they’d had more epis in the can before he died. His death would be much more bearable for me if we had more of his work left to see and read, if that makes sense.

    For those who are interested in learning more about Rain Dove’s life and thoughts on Ashbutt, this is a semi interesting read:

  17. catsworking says:

    Ida, are you KIDDING ME??!! Rain stole Tony’s ashes? Did s/he break into Tony’s brother’s house or something?

    The reason these stupid, STUPID rumors are starting is because there’s a vacuum of fact. We don’t know if/when there ever was a funeral or memorial service or what was done with the ashes. If final rites were held and AA was kept away, I don’t see why that information can’t be shared now unless the family did something totally bizarre they don’t want getting out there, which I can’t imagine.

    AA has a gift for hyperbole. Ex: Anyone who crosses her “ruins her life.” Accusing Rain of telling her “hundreds of lies” about Tony supports my theory that the text exchange wasn’t with Rain, it was with Rose.

    Agree that these three (AA, Rain and Rose) should not be occupying our brain cells for an instant, but like Trump, they keep saying/doing stupid shit that gets our attention.

    As for the Final Episodes season, bear in mind that some or all were probably shot during the months when he was in the throes of hammering out the Jimmy Bennett deal (Nov. 2017 — April 2018), when the full weight of AA’s hypocrisy probably came home to roost on him. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a laughing, happy Bourdain, but one who’s crumbling under the weight of covering the lies being heaped on him by his “soulmate.” That’s what’s going to be hard to watch.

  18. Ida says:

    Can I upload a picture here, or only links? I took a screenshot of this because I thought it was insane, but here’s the link to that specific thread:

  19. Ida says:

    Catsworking –
    ‘Agree that these three (AA, Rain and Rose) should not be occupying our brain cells for an instant, but like Trump, they keep saying/doing stupid shit that gets our attention.’
    – Well put. I look forward to some kind of closure (hopefully) so I can concentrate on AB’s legacy and never think of those three witch-narcissists again.

  20. catsworking says:

    Lynn, thanks very much for the link. That is a fascinating article about Rain. If the breasts are real and her original given name Danielle, it would seem s/he’s anatomically female, but has the face, height and build of a man, which a lot of people seem to think s/he is on first glance. It’s all simply baffling to me.

    Bourdain’s in a movie playing right now, Always at the Carlyle, but it will probably be considered too artsy-fartsy to make it to Richmond, or maybe for five minutes across town. Woody Allen movies pass through in a single weekend here usually. There’s also the bio in fall 2019, and the CNN documentary next spring or summer?

    AND he was working on another book of essays, with I don’t think any word yet on whether it was far enough along to have Laurie Woolever polish and publish.

  21. catsworking says:

    Ida, no on has ever uploaded a pic into comments, and I don’t know how to do it, so I don’t think it’s a feature. But thanks for that link! OMG, someone is claiming that Rain flew to the morgue in Colmar, France (after just making AA’s acquaintance in Berlin) and stole Bourdain’s ashes! These people are getting crazier by the minute. It makes zero sense. Was s/he planning to sell them to TMZ?

  22. Lynn says:

    Rain isn’t really all that complicated – she’s not trans, she’s a masculine looking woman. Her face looks like a dude’s and the man’s haircut only adds to it. And because she’s very tall and a bit muscular, she passes for male in clothing if she wraps her boobs down. She realized she could make good money with this “novelty” and is running with it (though it really isn’t so novel; Rachel Maddow could pass for male if you’ve ever seen her at her worst with no makeup on and there’s a correspondent on Vice News I had to google to figure out what she was). It beats doing freelance plumber work on Craigslist. Why she chose to insert herself into the Ashheap is another story and quite odd. And the biggest problem is that Tony’s family and friends won’t say anything, so all these insane conspiracies crop up.

    “We don’t know if/when there ever was a funeral or memorial service or what was done with the ashes.”

    I continue to be baffled by this. A simple statement that “his ashes were scattered at xyz” – why is this being treated like government classified info? I’ve never seen a celeb die before and then just nothing as to how he was mourned by his family/close friends. Not so much as even a ‘there was a private funeral held for AB on xxx in xxx’. This isn’t about his fans being ‘owed’ – it’s just weird as hell and makes no sense.

    Thanks for the tip on the Carlyle documentary! I hadn’t heard of it. Adding it to my list. I finally got around to see a performance at the Cafe Carlyle a few years ago. It’s a great “old new york” room.

  23. Lenora says:

    Regarding ABs funeral I have wondered that there truly was no ceremony. That was Tony’s wish and that was that.

  24. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I agree about Rachel Maddow. She definitely comes off an mannish when she’s just being herself.

    I know of one other celebrity who died and disappeared without a trace. That was Jonathan Frid, the actor who played Barnabas Collins the vampire on Dark Shadows. He died in Canada at age 87, had no relatives beyond two nephews that I know of. I think it was Frid’s wish to have nothing said about his disposition because fans of a vampire could be morbid creeps.

    Frid also had an extensive website with photos, dramatic readings, interviews and videos, a real treasure trove of information about him and his performances. It was pulled down almost immediately, which seemed such a waste. It was his final gift to his fans, and now it’s lost.

  25. catsworking says:

    Lenora, you could be right. But it’s hard to imagine that a man with a wife, daughter, brother, nephew, niece and mother would have them all agree, “OK, he’s gone. He wouldn’t want a fuss, so, Chris, just dump the ashes in the trash and we’ll consider it done.”

    Of course, they’re entitled to honor him however they wish and it’s none of our business. But he was a public figure and, in the absence of closure, crazy theories about what happened to him will continue to spawn as long as he’s remembered. He called himself a storyteller, and now we may never know the end of HIS story, which just feels weird.

  26. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, I think it entirely likely that they either had a very very small memorial for him with just close folks, and probably haven’t yet decided what to do with his ashes (and you can get a bunch of wee urns and everyone has some), or they are waiting to do something bigger when everyone can deal with it better. Remember what a shock it was to us, and magnify it to infinity for his loved ones.

  27. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, you’re probably right. If we ever find out what happened with his ashes (other than the bizarre rumor that Rain snuck over to France and stole them), I hope they are scattered somewhere he loved, rather than divvying him up for people. That always seemed icky. The morbid part of me would be wondering what body part I’d got. Eek.

  28. Rachel says:

    Meanwhile, ever since it was announced that Anthony and ZPZ won 6 Emmy awards on Sunday, AA has been posting teary eyed Instagram stories. The last one said something like “my love for you is like wine I get drunk on in a crystal glass” with a sad-eyed photo. I guess it may have actually hit her what she has lost due to her incredible selfishness and stupidity. She could have been on top of the world with a wonderful, loving partner in AB if she could have been capable of appreciating a good, decent mature man. She realizes that she could have been with him at the Emmy awards and even shared the Emmy for the Southern Italy episode. Instead she has lost her “partner”, her job, her reputation, the respect of the world, everything. It’s interesting that she is posting these pathetic videos only now, 3 months after AB’s death (because she really feels sorry only for herself) and not right after Anthony died. Then she was posting nasty videos like the one that said (really this is true) “life’s a bitch and then you die.”

  29. catsworking says:

    Morgan, thanks for the link. As always, Bruce is brilliant. So many good lines. This was one of my favorites…

    “No one could ever accuse Super Slut of elegance or gentility. She’s a down and dirty Italian gutter fighter. Sadly, I think that’s what Anthony liked about her.”

    I agree with him that the messes AA dragged Tony into probably sealed his fate. He couldn’t see any other way out. And in killing himself, he gave her an all-purpose excuse for her behavior at his expense that he’s no longer here to refute.

  30. Morganlf says:

    Karen, Bruce had it right. Tony always wanted the darkest, most dangerous things…gutter people disguised as avant-garde intellectuals and fighters…he ADMIRED that pig!!!

    He was raised in a leafy suburb of NYC, and attended a prestigious private school; you should see it, it’s quite the campus, it’s a few towns over from me.

    In spite of this privilege, in his words “he always wanted to do the most dangerous drug in the room”.

    We all did, but heroin was for abject losers. Even in my wildest New York escapades..that led from CBGB, Mudd Club, to 54, dope fiends were pariah.

    Bourdain was smart but weak. I am sure, the victim of a mommy thing. That really made him woo the nasty, the ugly, the dark.

  31. bamboo.skewer says:

    If Asia is indeed truly a narcissist, I don’t think she can comprehend that not being on top of the world right now and at the Emmy’s is due to her behavior. In her world, everyone else did this to her. She is the victim of everyone else. Everyone on the Internet, Jimmy Bennett, Asian hookers with tequila, etc. Real and imaginery people caused this problem for her, not her herself.

    Just like Trump has opportunities on a daily basis to do the right non-narcissistic thing. It’s a choice. But he doesn’t. Instead he lashes out and problems ensue and the problems are always caused by someone else, not him. The two, from our view watching their ways in the world, are very similar.

    I think she’s finally posting because she knows more people are visiting her Instagram right now and she wants to make people feel sorry for her. Note how she doesn’t issue a hardy congratulations to former colleagues (or did she and I missed it). It’s always all about her.

    Her Insta numbers also keep rising, especially since the pedophile rape story. Really? Are thousands of people really wanting to follow her NOW? Or is she buying her followers? I think she should probably save her money for more important things. Like food. Antiperspirant. Tampons. Cigarettes.

  32. catsworking says:

    Bamboo, to her shopping list I would add shampoo.

    Without a doubt she is trying to build her base, just as Trump thinks he’s doing with his stupid, wasteful rallies.

    Woodward’s book is selling more, the more Trump whines about it.

    As I was typing that last paragraph, got an alert that Trump now says the 2,975 deaths on Puerto Rico are fake. The man is a pure monster. May the whole GOP rot in hell for enabling him.

  33. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I haven’t checked her Instagram lately, but I think you’re right. She’s been shut out by Tony’s family and ZPZ in celebrating their well-deserved Emmy wins. It’s got to be galling to her to be unable to claim credit for his personal win for Southern Italy.

    Instead of his grieving, loving girlfriend who inspired him on that shoot getting up on stage to maybe share a memory of it and pay homage to him, his producer did the honors because AA has rendered herself unfit to be in the company of those he worked with, and because you never know what feckless, hypocritical tirade she’ll launch into next when she has an audience.

  34. Rachel says:

    Cats working, I can’t seem to stop myself from looking at her IG stories…I am always astounded by the crazy stuff she posts! Anyway the last one had a photo of her bony hand with a black ring on it and an Italian saying “Sei con me per sempre” which in Italian means: “You’re with me forever”. Eek. I think she is trying to conjure up AB’s ghost….She really cannot let him rest in peace. However, even after she posted all these tearjerking stories, yesterday TMZ had a photo of her getting out of the car of an “Italian director friend” after attending a house party overnight. Nothing stops her from partying.

  35. L Villeneuve says:

    Addition shopping list: Holland Tunnel size tampons!

  36. Lynn says:

    I guess I am lucky that I cannot or don’t know how to see her IG stories? When I go to her page all I see is the really old last photo she posted, but then I’m not logged in. I was able to see AB’s without logging in, though.

    “she should probably save her money for more important things. Like food. Antiperspirant. Tampons. Cigarettes.”

    Intensive psychotherapy. Singing lessons. Acting lessons. Directing lessons. Rehab for her booze problem. Rehab for her attraction to underage boys. Or better yet, just large quantities of opioids and a bottle of white wine.

    Someone posted in comments on a story a while back that AB got a sense of validation and self esteem from the women he was with. I think in addition to weakness he just was attracted to gross, dark, dangrous stuff – in art, in bars, in countries, in people, maybe as a means of escaping his clean, privilleged upbringing. He seemed to be repelled by happiness in general (hence his hatred of ‘happy’ places like Denmark).

    Wow just saw Orange Baby’s tweet about the 3,000 PRico deaths. He says when he left the island after the storm it was “much lower,” incapable of understanding that deaths after a storm can happen much later from lack of food, water, infection, etc. What a total idiot. And everyone who voted for him is a gullible idiot. I’m just waiting for the day when he tells his cult followers to drink the poison kool-aid. We’re gonna need a lot of body bags.

  37. catsworking says:

    LV, might one be mistaken for a roll of Bounty?

  38. catsworking says:

    Rachel, hahahaha! Tony’s with her forever until she finds the next fool with money to take her to bed, where she’ll latch on to him (or her) like a tick.

  39. jellyblue says:

    How does someone steal ashes from a morgue in france?

    I don’t think I will watch the last season of Parts Unknown. Karen, good point to think about what what going on in his life during this timing. What a fucking heart ache.

    So trump tweets this about Puerto Rico (what a vile piece of shit. My friend is very active in PR post disaster).. he lies about Florence before it even hits. Diverts FEMA money to the border.. how can anyone respect him?

    So now AA thinks public mourning is appropriate. She is looking for the sympathy vote. She is so vapid in her contrived calculations.

  40. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, someone says there’s a rumor that Rain stole the ashes, but I think I saw something where AA seemed to be also accusing s/her of stealing the paperwork documenting Tony’s death.

    I forget who it was on Twitter (Stephen Colbert maybe?) who suggested that anyone displaced in the Carolinas should go to Mexico and come back in from there, where ICE will pick them up and give them lodging and transportation.

    I hope to God Florence isn’t as devastating as they’re saying (we dodged a bullet in Virginia, only expecting a few inches of rain and 20-30 mph winds tomorrow). But the Carolina coastline could be wiped out. Trump has let Puerto Rico suffer for a YEAR while sneaking money out of FEMA to build more PRISON CAMPS. WTF??!! He’s actively contributing to citizens’ deaths, not to mention all the children he’s literally driving insane by caging and making orphans.

    WHAT will it take to stop this rampaging monster?

  41. jellyblue says:


    I ask such obvious and ridiculous questions and I can be quick to type before being fully articulate.

    Why the fuck would RD steal paperwork pertaining to ADs death? and how exactly did s/he do this?!?!?

    Hurricane season is just brutal I am glad you are safe and I hope everyone will be ok.

    I don’t know what people believe to understand the spin in such a way to justify Trump’s actions. We’re at a precipice on many levels.. there are many that believe it all has to crash and burn before it gets better. I don’t know what to say to that.

    Colbert is funny.

  42. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, someone said that AA has put forth the theory that Tony was doing heroin with a hooker in his room before he died, so I it was a natural leap from that wacko thought to claim Rain stole the death certificate to see if it was recorded. Stealing the ashes makes zero sense unless they were planning some satanic ritual.

    And how is a bizarre-looking person like Rain going to waltz into a small French village, break into its morgue, and commit all this crime without anyone noticing?

    In the absence of fact about how Tony’s last night played out, all this nonsense spawns like mushrooms after rain. I don’t believe any of it. They’re all nuts.

    As for Trump, I have this image of him tied to a stake surrounded by firewood, screaming his bloody head off on Twitter about how innocent he is.

    Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort are nearby, holding gas cans. Well, Manafort’s still filling his, working a plea deal. Once they both have their deals, they start dousing Trump. Then Mueller steps in with a match, lights ‘er up, and Trump ends up a melted puddle of orange goo smelling of burnt hair.

  43. Ida says:

    Hmm, according to AA’s mother on Twitter, AA’s ‘dedication’ on her Instagra mstory, was not directed at AB but at her grandmother – as far as I understand it:
    But of course, that AA doesn’t clarify that and just post those pictures and words without saying who the words are for, makes people think it’s for AB – and she knows that. Manipulation at play once more methinks.

  44. jellyblue says:

    You crack me up. burnt hair lol.. with such grace you add that in there lol lol lol!!

    In the gazillionth of a chance this heroin hooker story were true- why on Earth a coverup? we know ABs heroin history.. so he relapsed and who gives a hoot about a consensual hooker? the narrative would be the Clement pics broke him and he relapsed. It would be a far bigger PR story if he were alive..

    I find it odd they don’t release the info for the prescription that was in ABs system. I’m not sure how it works though and if they normally release this info and if different countries release/withhold diff info.

    Perhaps RD has a cloaking device that renders s/her invisible and thats how s/he stole the ashes and documents. Absurd!

    Crazy whack shit people believe!

  45. Lenora says:

    Yashar Ali Twitter may have answered the question regarding AB mobile phone. Yashar sent AB a text recently. I believe the txt was sent when AB won the Emmy. I can’t find the tweet on his feed for some reason. Probaly my own inabilities. However Yashar texted Tony letting him know how much he as missed. When Yashar looked at the texted he sent it was marked as delivered. So AB mobile phone is still very much working and someone from his family has access to the content. I would assume.

    Just a thought maybe all this talk of ash steeling is cover for Ashtray’s band of misfits trying to steel AB phone, computer etc in attempt to get rid of any incriminating evidence on Asia. I know it’s really far fetched but this gang continues to surprise me.

  46. bamboo.skewer says:

    Yes add shampoo to the list. LOL.

    Came here to share this link which I thought many might appreciate – what it was like to work with Tony and his team on an episode in Seoul:

    Maybe this has been shared before, if so, here it is again.

    So now we have fake deaths. This has gotta stop. I’m getting involved in getting out the blue vote. I heard friends talking last week about how the Republican party is targeting parents of Millennials when the parent is Republican and adult child is a Democrat. The Republicans are telling these parents to use their kids’ absentee ballots, like when kids are away at college. ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF. Rob your own kid of their right to vote, just to keep Rs in power?!

    I would NEVER think to do something like that, that blows my mind. All I want to do is help ensure that Dems who moved to my precinct do indeed register to vote here, and I want to do something to help protect the rights of more vulnerable people here to vote, people who might be targeted and minimized by the Republicans. Doing anything illegal is out of the question. It’s disgusting.

  47. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for the link. I just realized that AA has blocked me on Twitter. 🙂 I’ve been discovered!

    I saw the picture of her with the black ring in a retweet, looking doleful. If something happened to her grandmother, that’s sad. But you’re probably right, why be clear who you’re mourning when you can play the grief card twice?

    jellyblue, the French were so laissez-faire about what they reported on Bourdain’s death, who knows what else they left out? Apparently, they had no idea how his death would seize the attention of so many people around the world.

  48. Ida says:

    Lenora –
    here’s the link:
    you’re right, it was hard to find in his feed, I had to google it. Having said that, Yashar clearly is one of those who likes and supports AA. I really wonder how these ‘friends’ can not see that AA is poison.

  49. Ida says:

    Catsworking –
    Hmm, do you think maybe it would be a good idea to keep this blog for members only and closed to public? Just a suggestion?

  50. jellyblue says:

    Leonora, it’s a small village in France but still if caught stealing this type of stuff that’s major trouble. I doubt these people have the resources for this. If so they’d have to hire someone local but what would they of gotten?

    It was reported that ABs personal items were sent to his brother which means that Ottavia and ABs bro are on good terms because I think normally it would be sent to her since legally she is still his wife. If the cell phone is in use now- they didn’t get that.. and if documents are stolen that’s absurd because they can just make new documents and if they wanted info why steal the actual documents? So that leaves the ashes. Why go through all that trouble to steal ashes? it’s just not worth it.

    I don’t get the need to explain AA is grieving her grandma and not AB- why does her mom need to clarify that? because there was criticism that it is in poor taste? everything this woman has done is in poor taste.. it’s normal after an international shit storm when your way more famous BF died by suicide (questionable if he was her bf at time of death but lets say that is true) everyone would associate you with AB.

    It’s like a bunch of headless chickens running around.

  51. catsworking says:

    bamboo, thanks so much for that link. I’ve never seen that story before. It’s amazing! And really fills in how grueling and frustrating those episodes must have been to shoot in that part of the world, even though Asia was Tony’s favorite.

    I’m writing postcards to people to beg them not to forget to vote. I really do think the Dems have got the momentum this time. If Hurricane Florence is as bad as they’re predicting, and Trump plays his denial game about it, or tries to make himself look like a big hero when we know he’s actually been undermining FEMA, the Republicans are beyond screwed in November.

    The shit against Trump is piling up so fast now it’s impossible to track, with close aides turning on him, damning books all confirming what an ignorant maniac he is, multiple investigations in NYC about his shady business and foundation (which alone probably have potential to put him in jail for life). And Mueller hasn’t even made a peep yet.

  52. catsworking says:

    Lenora, that is very, very strange, if true. Unless Tony’s plan was paid upfront for some long period and is still in force. I don’t text much, so would “delivered” mean the text was viewed, or just made it to the phone?

    The news reports said that Tony’s brother Chris got all his personal effects and electronics. Hard to imagine anyone trying to steal them from there. Besides, it’s been so many months now, there’s no reason to think whatever content may be saved hasn’t been forwarded.

  53. Ida says:

    just googled this:

    ‘If the phone is off, it will not say delivered. However, if the recipient has an iPod, iPad, or Mac with the same Apple ID and iMessage activated on it, then the message will say delivered even if the phone is off.’

  54. catsworking says:

    Ida, thanks for looking up that “delivered” question. So it would seem somebody has been able to get into his laptop or phone.

    I’m not closing off the blog. I’ve said before that I’m not worried about AA. But I have been getting spammed like crazy by some car business in Australia and others. WordPress is very good at weeding those out.

    Lynn, good to see AA’s apparently not letting any cobwebs collect in her fetid hole.

  55. Lynn says:

    “Lynn, good to see AA’s apparently not letting any cobwebs collect in her fetid hole.”

    Bwaaaahahahahahaha! No self respecting spider would be caught dead in that rat trap. I really hope she’s reading this. “My hole is not fetid! How dare you! What fetid mean?”

    That was a great read about the Korea fixer. I don’t get why so many restaurant owners refused to let ‘foreigners’ film there. Hello?! Massive exposure on CNN to millions globally? More moneeeeey for your restaurant? So odd.

    Reading that made me wonder how much AB was in the loop during the planning and scouting. Did he have to approve all the locations? And if the director decided to nix a shoot in favor of something/somewhere else, would that have to be run by AB as well? Sounds like the choice of having him join those 3 men who just happened to be in the bar was totally spur of moment, like AB shows up and is told okay you’re be crashing their after-work soiree now.

    I know he was an EP but the way this is written makes it sound like the fixers/producers/director are making most of the decisions on what/where to shoot. Not that it matters, I’m just always super curious about how these things are done.

  56. feijicha says:

    I can’t recall where I saw it now, but somewhere in the media since his death I remember reading a piece where someone (from the crew?) said that he’d gotten to the point where he was like “just tell me where and when to show up” and he’d show up, do his bit, and be done. Like he was kinda burned out on it all. Maybe it was related to what they were doing in France? Maybe someone will recall better than I.

  57. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I remember him saying something like that myself about just showing up. From what I’ve read of the process (and that article about Korea was the most in-depth reporting I’ve ever seen), he may have checked blogs to see what people recommended and passed the info on to his crew as suggestions, but they were the ones on the ground setting things up. He was the talent. I feel like his involvement was more heavy in the early stages, when they were just spitballing what they’d like to do in a place and in what style to shoot it. Then he left it up to them to work out the details.

    Let’s face it, he had too many other irons in the fire beyond the show to be wrangling permission to film in little holes in the walls. Had he done so, I doubt the owners would have backed out at the last minute. Would YOU double-cross a 6’4″ dude like Bourdain when he was standing right there?

    I’m sure Bourdain had veto power over what they did, but essentially he trusted them, and they’d worked with him long enough to know what he would or wouldn’t do. Occasionally they’d push the envelope with fishing or dancing scenes, and he’d gripe in the voiceover, but it was for the show of it.

    Lynn, I think the mind-changing and cancellations had more to do with Asian culture than anything. Europeans are just more on our wavelength, and he probably would have had the easiest logistics filming in the tidy, orderly countries he claimed to hate, like France. Especially when Eric Ripert was with him. What French restaurant wouldn’t the right to say it had fed Michelin-starred Ripert?

  58. Dingobeast says:

    Ewww, looks like Asshat is back to working the streets and sheets for money. Too bad she can’t help herself and breaks all her toys. Reading how the Korean show was done made me stressed! I don’t know how these folks do it. Good heavens.

  59. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I agree with you. All the on-again-off-again of that Korea show would have had me turning in my office keys. Bourdain had an incredibly dedicated group of people around him. No wonder they took his death so hard. They’d worked their ASSES off in foreign countries where they often didn’t speak the language for YEARS. It’s a wonder they aren’t all gray-haired.

    “Working the streets and sheets” is brilliant! Already feeling sorry for the dumb schlub chauffeuring her around Rome in his big black SUV. Hope he’s up to date on his shots and keeps an eye on his wallet.

  60. Dingobeast says:

    I think the Italian folks know that she is really just an escort with pretensions, so one would hope that guy is up to date on his vaccinations for the advanced strains of herpesyphillgonnorhea that she is carrying.

  61. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I hope Tony also had his shots (not that it matters now).

    I’m still trying to reconcile the description of her home in a 2015 article as a “compound” where she invited that 14-year-old kid who stayed there unescorted for 10 days with the way Bourdain described her home in the Rome episode. He said she lived “modestly in a middle-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome.” And in another scene he called the area “Roma Nord,” North Rome.

    While they were watching the fight, AA said, “My daughter, she goes to a private school but it’s not expensive. It’s a nun school.”

    Then there was a scene of them shopping for ingredients for the meal they were going to make at her place in a grocery store (seemingly her regular store) and it looked seedy, like my Food Lion before it was renovated. The camera guys seemed fascinated with other shoppers who were dressed like hookers (big hair, lots of makeup, tight dresses, high heels), reinforcing the impression they were in a dodgy neighborhood — unless that’s how Italian housewives do grocery-shopping.

    They seemed to be deliberately downplaying AA’s “image” as this famous Italian movie star (maybe because she hasn’t been since she was a teenager?). Her hair was shorter, she looked like she’d actually washed it in the past month, and seemed downright demure compared to how she’s been presenting since they became an item. And NOTHING like her social media presence — ever.

    All I could think was, “She’s the spider, he’s the fly.”

  62. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, she may have rented a place for the summer vacation. Not uncommon for folks in Europe. I thought that that scrappy apartment was her sisters, I don’t think she had her own place at any time until Tony bought her one, which jives with how she seemed to live her life.

    She would work just enough to survive, and squeeze old men like Weinstein for money in between in exchange for access to her well-worn lady business. Looks like that is her current life plan. She absolutely played Tony from the beginning and deliberately portrayed herself as another kind of person, and as someone else stated, masks slip.

  63. Ida says:

    Dingobeast –
    ‘She would work just enough to survive, and squeeze old men like Weinstein for money in between in exchange for access to her well-worn lady business. ‘
    – Seems about right. I can’t help thinking that AB kind of was AA’s most recent HW. Does people here even believe HW raped her? I’m beginning to doubt it.

  64. Dingobeast says:

    I think he probably did force himself on her, because that behavior is his total MO. She certainly didn’t seem to hold a grudge about it, she relied on his money for years.

  65. Ida says:

    (Not that I in any way admire or like HW, btw – I just have a feeling that some of the most vocal people in MeToo, like AA and RM, might possibly be some of those who were least affected by him, but simply knew how to turn their relation to him into a transaction).

  66. Ida says:

    Dingobeast –
    You might be right. Of course, I don’t know. What I do know, is that I don’t believe a single word AA and RM say – they both seem to be making up their life stories as they go along…

  67. Dingobeast says:

    I agree, catsworking. They are bullshitters of the highest order.

  68. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, you may be on to something. It was her sister’s house in the Rome episode. Because there’s a picture of her in an interview sprawled across a kitchen table with an overflowing ashtray in a dingy-looking kitchen that’s supposed to be HER home. So they decided not to use her place on the show because it was too dumpy. That would mesh with what he said about her “modest” lifestyle.

  69. catsworking says:

    Ida, Weinstein didn’t rape her. She said he forced oral sex on her (meaning, he did it to her – he didn’t force her to give him a BJ or anything). She said she pretended to enjoy it “to make it stop.” She’s been calling it rape. Then she dated and slept with him for years. People are understandably confused.

    She said in an interview (maybe the one where she was sprawled across the dirty table) where she said she liked to live paycheck to paycheck rather than have steady work. She’d take one gig, then goof off until she ran out of money.

    So, if she could latch on to a sugar daddy to support her, she could goof off full-time and never work. I thought Bourdain’s claim that AA could never spend more than a few days lazing on a beach before saying she had to “do something” was bullshit. It seemed he would say anything to prop up his fantasy of what he wanted her to be.

  70. catsworking says:

    Ida, they “simply knew how to turn their relation to him into a transaction.” Exactly. That’s the prostitution business model.

    I don’t recall what happened to Rose because I didn’t know who she was and didn’t care when I read Ronan Farrow’s article, but I’ve seen mentions that she willingly got into a hot tub naked with Weinstein, and then she got paid $100,000. So I assume something happened in the hot tub. Gee, who would have thunk?

    AA essentially did the same thing, although she played arm candy for him and let him spread the payments out over several years.

    And AA was doing the same thing to Bourdain in exchange for the pleasure of her company. Although in addition to paying for AA’s upkeep, he ended up paying the kid whom AA did a Weinstein on. So Tony was a double sucker.

  71. Lynn says:

    Well I would argue AB was used to that because both his wives chose to ‘goof off’ and not work, too. One was doing drugs and one MMA – also raising a child, but still, millions of women who have a child also work outside the home. I think he was fine with that because money didn’t matter to him, as he said. (He had complained that Nancy wouldn’t get a job, but notice that was back when they were broke.)

    He was so deluded by Emphysemasia, she could have lounged all day on a beach and claimed to be writing a new script in her mind, and he’d think “look at that genius at work!” Think about how deluded you’d have to be to deny that your lover is drunk on set and not directing jack shit (if that accusation is true). And then fire a great cinematographer who’s been with you for years because he dares disagree with her? That man was more brainwashed than Trump’s base. And that plus generosity and not caring much about money are a perfect storm leading to used-loser-ville.

  72. L Villeneuve says:

    I find it hard to believe a man like Bourdain never “conceived” a child before 2007 with all the shenanigans he got into or that some calculating female never staked her claim.

  73. feijicha says:

    I needed to watch a mindless movie last night after a really hard week at work. We ended up watching Always at the Carlyle about the Carlyle Hotel in NYC. There I am chilling and whose voice do I hear commenting about something, Tony. And then they cut to him, sitting in the hotel’s bar natch, talking about the famous artwork on the bar’s walls, and all the famous people that hung out there, and the vibe of the bar and how old school it is, etc. He was sprinkled throughout the movie. He looked so refreshed and rested and was smiling etc. It was like a shock.

    btw, I would say that anyone forcing ANY kind of unwanted sexual activity on someone is in fact rape. If you say that because he did it to HER rather than forcing her to do it to HIM, well, then, one could say the same about any activity. If your argument is that he forced oral sex on her, he forced his mouth, tongue on her genitals, but didn’t force her to put HER mouth on his genitals, well then one could argue that intercourse was him putting his penis wherever, not forcing her to do it. Makes no sense.

    As much as I despise Ashole, forcing any kind of sex on someone is rape. No ambiguity.

    What is odd is her ongoing consensual relationship with him for years. And the mixed message it sends to the abuser, that it wasn’t rape and/or that you’ve forgiven them even if it was. I get why some women who are abducted submit, and I get why women who are financially trapped submit…..but this is a woman who could get other work, and who could remain geographically far away from him, like, in other countries. To be brutally frank one gets the sense that HW wouldn’t have had to force much of anything on her, he could have just asked. She seems more than willing. In fact, I’m surprised she wasn’t coming on to him, Mr. Big-Rich-Producer that he was.

  74. Dingobeast says:

    Feijicha, I saw something with him just a couple years ago and it is shocking how much better and healthier he looked, compared to the Tony of the last two years. Very sad, it was exactly as if his life force was being drained away visibly. His poor family and friends must have felt so powerless to help.

  75. Lynn says:

    First clips from upcoming Parts Unknown Kenya and thoughts from Kamau Bell. I can’t wait to see this one as I went there recently. The part where Tony says he has to pinch himself when he’s working, it still blows my mind how love for his work and his child wasn’t enough to chase away the suicidal tendencies.

  76. catsworking says:

    Lynn, you always crack me up. “Genius at work!”

    I don’t know about Nancy, but Ottavia was working long hours full time as a manager for, I believe, Geisha restaurant when they met. I don’t know when she left that job, but it made sense when they were first married (with a newborn) for her to quit so she could travel with him whenever and take care of the baby.

    I was once in a long-distance relationship with a man who traveled extensively and wanted me to join him for 2 weeks at a time “whenever.” I believe I got fired from three full-time jobs as a result, even though I was taking earned vacation.

    It’s easy to say Ottavia could have worked, but the nature of Tony’s job made her situation a bit more complicated, especially since she knew how it turned out with stay-at-home Nancy. In her shoes, I’d want to keep my time loose, just in case he needed me somewhere, since he could afford not having me work. But whatever.

    LV, I will be very surprised if some love child of Bourdain ever surfaces. However, with Trump, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Apparently, there once was a housekeeper… according to the doorman.

    Speaking of which, bad news…Stormy Daniels was supposed to perform at Paper Moon here in Richmond on two nights ago but she canceled because we thought we were having a hurricane, which never materialized. It veered south.

  77. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I can totally see Weinstein having a “WTF??!!” moment when he read the New Yorker article after all the time and money he’d lavished on AA.

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I were in AA’s position and some guy forced me to submit to oral sex (after I’d pounded and kicked his head to a pulp), I wouldn’t go around telling anyone I’d been “raped.” Sexually assaulted, yes. To me, it’s degree of invasiveness. If you kiss a guy and he suddenly shoves his tongue down your throat, is that rape?

    I think AA said she went to his hotel room expecting a lot of people to be there, but they were alone. I suspect her initial reaction wasn’t dismay, but, “Oh, good! I get him all to myself so I can (fill in the blank) to further my career!”

    I feel fairly certain that he wouldn’t have pounced on her if he didn’t think he had a green light. First, she was there. She didn’t try to leave. They were probably drinking. She may have let him kiss her thinking it would help her chances. One thing led to another.

    I will give her credit for this: She didn’t just strip bare and jump into a tub with him like Rose did. (If we believe AA’s story.)

  78. catsworking says:

    Lynn, that clip makes me want to cry. Makes me think that the Jimmy Bennett and Hugo situations and AA’s general shittiness hit him like a one-two punch to the gut if he was still feeling that positive about doing the 12th season show.

  79. feijicha says:

    Karen, anyone putting anything in my vagina is rape. I mean, HW’s tongue? Not enough baths in the world. And diseases can be transmitted through saliva. Absolute violation.

  80. Lynn says:

    Fejicha – you’re right if you’re in certain states. I find this fascinating so I looked it up. Legally states define rape differently. Some like NY and Calif (among many others) say rape is penis only, while penetration with other things or forced oral is sexual assault; however, the penalty is the same for all and they’re considered equally horrid. Thus, if Harvey had forced oral on her in these states, he wouldn’t be charged with rape, but would get the same punishment as if he had penetrated her with his probably miniscule schween. In other states, the punishment is less for anything that isn’t isn’t penile penetration. Some states don’t define rape legally at all…

    Morally, is it equally vile to forcibly penetrate with fingers or tongue as it is dick? I’d argue yes. If it had to happen to me, would I prefer fingers to dick – yes, but only because you won’t catch an STD with fingers. The emotional trauma would be the same regardless. Some women may feel differently.

    I dont see why HW would need a green light to assault Ashie any more than he would with the others he assaulted with no green light. I can easily believe he assaulted her; but her choice to continue a consensual relationship with him is what blows my mind. Either her self esteem is nonexistant or she figured let’s milk this for all it’s worth.

    Many women went to his hotel room because that’s where they were told to meet him. He’d request a biz meeting at a hotel and the woman would assume he meant the bar/restaurant, and then an assistant would come and say he’s in his room, go up. So they figured his asst is here, it’s okay. Or they went against their better judgement because they badly wanted the meeting. I have a harder time believeing Rose’s story, given that she got naked in the hot tub.

  81. Karen, here’s what Tony had to say about the grocery store scene. It was “a typical artisanal Italian grocery”. The “hookers” in the scene were:

    Also, the photo of Asia in her kitchen is, indeed, a photo of the same place used in the Rome episode. I can’t find the photo now but I remember examining it and it was *definitely* the same house.

  82. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Clem, and thanks for your research on that. When I saw AA sprawled on that kitchen table in the article, I thought it was the kitchen I saw in the Rome episode. But then went I watched Rome again, the house seemed nicer for some reason. Maybe it was the absence of the overflowing ashtray on the table.

    Interesting info about the grocery store customers. They’re not the types I see in my local Food Lion, but ‘burbs in the South are very different from the ‘burbs in Italy, I’m sure.

  83. catsworking says:

    feijicha and Lynn, I think this convo about what constitutes rape is getting me spammed. I see I’ve got 152 sitting out there right now, which I think is a record for one day.

    I see Virginia is one of the states that classifies rape as separate from other types of assault. The newspaper reports frequently say someone was charged with “object sexual penetration,” which leaves you wondering, was there a dick involved or not?

    I’m just speaking for myself, but after an unwanted bout of oral sex, I simply know I wouldn’t feel as violated as if the guy jumped on top of me, pinned me down and raped me with his dick. No comparison.

    Yes, it’s gross either way, but the guy would have to be a very large lizard to have a tongue capable of inflicting as much damage on a woman as a dick — or even fingers.

    Lynn, yes, many of Weinstein’s victims were lured to his room on false pretenses and didn’t realize it until it was too late. They’re the ones who have a legitimate #MeToo place. I’m basing my theory on how it “went down” with AA on the totality of her behavior that we’ve witnessed. If some big hot-shot producer invited her to his room, other people present or not, do you think she’d hesitate for a moment because of safety concerns after what she’d already experienced before she’d even hit 21?

    In justifying her assault of Jimmy, she’s said at 17 she was dating a 30-something-year-old guy. Platonically? Puleez. The bitch knew the ropes, and to suddenly go all virginal and claim gross violation with HW seems disingenuous and self-serving to me.

  84. feijicha says:

    Less physical damage? Probably. Mental damage? Violation? For me absolutely. Trauma. But everyone’s different.

    Did anyone else notice on the link to Tony’s twitter re; the Italian grocery store patrons, that AJ Benza practically licks Tony’s balls flattering Asia, and now suddenly he portrays himself as her greatest foe. Creep.

  85. L Villeneuve says:

    Everybody’s trying to make a buck on mentioning his name.

  86. Dingobeast says:

    Oh, look-the trash is fighting with the other trash:

    Funny thing is that people who threaten litigation NEVER do it. This betch is too poor now, she doesn’t have someone else’s earnings to spend. I hope she she continues her slide into oblivion.

  87. catsworking says:

    Dingobeat, OMG, it’s what I’ve been saying all along. Just like Trump. Threaten to sue anybody and everybody who says something negative about you. It’s like they were cloned from the same monster.

  88. Dingobeast says:

    It really is! She is an awful, lying piece of shit. She has no credibility, somehow this human trash is ALWAYS the victim, even when she is the perpetrator. I cannot imagine the shit she had lined up to chuck at Tony when he broke up with her, I imagine that is one of the reasons he killed himself. I bet the family has a lot of interesting correspondence between them, they literally have said not one word about Asia.

    Here is another article:

  89. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, it just gets Trumpier and Trumpier. What more classic Trump way to threaten to sue someone than via menacing tweet? Would a deadline issued over social media stand up in court? The Daily Mail is really into this story.

    I got my laugh of the day at the photo of Rose wrapped in tin foil like a human burrito, with Rain standing stolidly behind her as if saying, “I support Rose McGowan’s right to identify themselves as any food, any ethnicity.”

  90. Rachel says:

    I guess AA is trying to keep busy by threatening Rose in order distract herself from watching the Emmy Awards. They just had the In Memoriam segment. Her new IG stories are getting creepier and creepier too. She showed a phoyo of two of her black cats who are gorgeous but also a slo-mo video of herself set to weird music grabbing her cat’s fur. The cat looks terrified. I hope she doesn’t do anything awful to them. I really think she is going off the deep end. I hope her half-sister Fiore is around. Fiore seems to be normal and nice by her own IG posts. She loves animals and she posted some genuinely heartfelt tributes to AB after he died. Of all of the family, Fiore seemed to be the most upset about AB’s death.

  91. Lorelle Van Pelt says:

    Please stop the slut shaming it is contrary to everything the Me too Movement stands for and probably Anthony Bourdain as well.

  92. Mira says:

    I agree with you Lorelle re the slut shaming, it is never OK, but this is not a Me too Movement chatroom, and unfortunately Anthony Bourdain has decided on 8th of June that he does not stand for anything or anyone anymore, and he is a pile of ashes somewhere, or dispersed to his chosen corner/s of the Earth.

  93. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I DVRed the Emmys and haven’t seen the In Memoriam yet.

    I hope AA doesn’t hurt the cats. She seemed so unhinged right now, anything is possible.

    If you’re talking about the sister who was in the Rome episode, she did look pretty well-adjusted. I hope AA’s kids have at least one normal person in their lives.

  94. catsworking says:

    Lorelle, I agree with you on “slut-shaming” and wouldn’t think of doing it to someone who genuinely merits understanding and compassion. Like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who is being put through the wringer by the GOP right now for identifying herself as the girl Kavanaugh pounced on and tried to rape when they were teenagers.

    My biggest fear is that she’s going to tell her story, most in Congress will believe her but bestow on Kavanaugh the wannabe rapist a cushy, lifetime, all-expenses-paid seat on SCOTUS where he can deny women their rights to abortion, contraception, equal pay and opportunity, you name it. He’s a misogynist to his core.

    AA, by her behavior, has placed herself in a different category altogether. This isn’t about #MeToo. It’s about a predator, a liar, and a manipulator pretending to be a victim, whose actions by all indications contributed greatly to Anthony Bourdain’s decision to kill himself. The various sex acts are footnotes and mere symptoms of the deep dysfunction we’ve been discussing.

    Yes, yes, we’ve been calling her names and making jokes to help us process, but I view that as just venting and “locker room talk,” as a certain orange pussy-grabbing monster in the White House would term it.

  95. Lynn says:

    “It is contrary to everything the Me too Movement stands for and probably Anthony Bourdain as well.”

    Actually I recall a print interview with AB, wish I could find it because I think it was fairly recent, where he said something like look, in a perfect world people should be able to say whatever the fuck they want. I realize in later years AB mellowed a lot, but he rose to fame slamming any and everyone he saw fit, from Rachel Ray to Henry Kissinger, and I loved it. I shudder to think that in today’s climate he’d have been called out for his ‘hurtful’ comments. (This type of commentary is very different from sexual harrasment, lest anyone thinks I’m defending that.)

    If Emphasemasia is allowed to trash talk whomever she wants, it goes both ways. Also it depends on what you mean by ‘slut shaming’. If you mean the way rape victims are treated in court, ie you were less than virginal or dressed a certain way, you deserved it, that’s absolutely vile. But to suggest that a woman like Ashtray who screws everything that walks and uses them for her own twisted advantage should be ashamed, I see nothing wrong with that. Actually the list of things she should be ashamed of (from smoking while pregnant to her god-awful singing, most of her films, oh and the underage sex and lying about it) is too long for this space.

    Speaking of sluts, apparently Trump’s got really messed up junk:

    “Yeti pubes”?? I cannot unsee that.

  96. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I haven’t commended you on your latest creation, “Emphasemasia.” 🙂

    I’d throw Paula Deen, Emeril and Guy Fieri onto Bourdain’s pile of roadkill.

    I’m sure the 24-hour deadline must have passed on the threatened lawsuit against Rose. Anyone heard if legal briefs are flying yet? (And I don’t mean AA ripping off Heller’s boxers to “barter” a discount on his fee.) I haven’t checked Twitter today.

    Thanks for the link on Stormy’s book. I knew it would include a description of Trump’s junk. I knew he’d be small, but didn’t imagine the mushroom head. So now we know his behavior isn’t caused by a repetitive head injury from his fist slipping while he’s jerking off to Fox.

  97. catsworking says:

    Thanks for the update, fromthepit! Googled Mishcon de Reya, and it’s a British-NYC law firm with 500 lawyers. What about Mark Heller? Have to wonder if she’s spreading out the litigation and having all these schmucks work on contingency so when nothing comes of it, she walks away scot-free.

    I should think proving “substantial damages” on someone whose prime source of income since 2016 has probably been her boyfriend will be tough.

  98. Dingobeast says:

    There isn’t a reputable lawyer or even a disreputable one that would take her work on contingency. She doesn’t listen, she lies and can’t/won’t pay. Every lawyer’s dream

  99. bamboo.skewer says:

    Mushroom head. ?!!!! I was getting hungry for dinner, but now …

    I would rather imagine the AB sausage photo.

    ANYWAY … watched the Houston episode yesterday which I believe was pre-AA? I don’t know in which order the episodes were filmed versus when they aired that year. I loved the message of the episode.

  100. Lynn says:

    How can Gonorrhea-sia afford all these lawyers?!

    Karen lmao you kill me!

    “So now we know his behavior isn’t caused by a repetitive head injury from his fist slipping while he’s jerking off to Fox.”

    “AA ripping off Heller’s boxers to “barter” a discount on his fee.”

    I love what’s happening with Kavannaugh at the moment. Hope the attempted rape charge at least delays this nomination. Gee, Donald. You could have avoided all this by nominating a woman to the court. But noo, you had 2 picks, both men. Naturally. Ashtray aside, it’s rare you’re going to have an 11th hour sex scandal emerge from a female, particularly a female SCOTUS pick.

    In AB news, apparently there is Twitter rage over a scotch commercial that featured Tony during the Emmy’s:

    And here’s a funny piece about how Tony used to tease Anderson Cooper about his eating issues. I can relate. Like Anderson, I rarely get a lot of pleasure from eating (chocolate the exception) and would love to not have to do it so often, especially when I travel and it interrupts things I’d much rather be doing.

  101. MicheleKim says:

    This is my first comment, but I consider myself a ‘sister’ and faithful reader of this blog for about a month now. Thanks, catsworking, for publishing, maintaining and monitoring this blog and its comments. I am a long-time AB fan and since June 8 have been asking: why? why? why? Reading comments here does give me some solace.

    I teared up at last night’s Emmy tribute and this morning stumbled upon this:

    HOW did I not know about AB’s endorsement of this scotch brand? Sorry if it’s been mentioned in an earlier post, but I could not help but share. Binge-watching the short videos now …

    (Trump penis descriptions are probably driving him crazy!!!)

  102. catsworking says:

    Lynn. I watched the Emmys last night on the DVR so I could zip through ads, categories and speeches I had no interest in, but did a huge double-take when I saw the Bourdain tribute by Balvenie. I haven’t read any of the backlash, but I thought it very touching and appropriate. He was making a series of videos for them about artisans in various crafts (I think I watched maybe one; they were online somewhere), and it featured clips of that. It wasn’t advertising Balvenie, for fuck’s sake.

    On a political note, if Kavanaugh had an ounce of integrity, he’d withdraw. Fucking asshole knows he did it, knows his friend is covering for him even though he laid out what a debauched group of punks they were in his books, but he’ll do anything to give Trump a chance at being crowned emperor.

    I’m so sick of the whole Republican party, I can think of no fate bad enough to befall every one of them in Congress that wouldn’t end up working in favor of the survival of this country as a democracy.

    And don’t get me started on Susan Collins. If Maine doesn’t bury her in her next election for being a squeazely, mealy-mouthed cunt (no matter which way she votes on Kavanaugh), there is no justice.

  103. catsworking says:

    PS to my comment to Lynn: Just read the link about the Balvenie kerfuffle. The ad may have repeated AFTER the memoriam segment of the Emmys (when I was FFing in overdrive to get through them), but I know I first saw it well BEFORE that segment because I was actually wondering when they were ever going to get to In Memoriam when Bourdain’s face suddenly popped up during commercials I was FFing, so I backed up to watch what it was about.

    And when they FINALLY got around to the remembrance on the Emmys, Bourdain came FIRST.

  104. catsworking says:

    Welcome, MicheleKim! It wasn’t so much that Bourdain was endorsing the Balvenie brand of scotch (as in, I don’t think Bourdain ever shot an ad specifically to shill the scotch like Bill Murray’s character did in the movie, Lost in Translation, for Suntory whisky).

    In fact, when the partnership first started, I think Bourdain said he wasn’t a scotch drinker, and he raised a shit storm when he said he preferred it on the rocks. But he agreed to work with them because he found it to be a brand made with real craftsmanship, and launched on this series of videos about other craftspeople doing their thing. I think the one I watched was about cast iron skillets.

    Sure, he was helping to sell Balenvie, but he was also giving exposure and tacit endorsement to small businesses making quality products, so for him it was a win-win.

    If there was one thing Bourdain was ALWAYS very careful about, and he said he’d been solicited by many, many brands and offered tons of money, it was attaching his name to just any old shitty product. That is, until he met Asia Argento.

  105. MJ says:

    Infrequent commenter here with a fun fact – I SWEAR that in the early No Res Tokyo episode (that focused on the nighttime “seedy underbelly” of robot stripper shows and, I think, talked to a dominatrix) AB and his team set up at least one shot where he sits at a bar talking to the camera, and it looks exactly like the hotel bar Bill Murray sat in for Lost in Translation, with AB in the posture Murray struck for the movie scenes. I rewatched this in the last month and that lept out at me. Early in the ep?

    Minor whiskey tie-in, major Lost in Trans tie-in…

  106. catsworking says:

    MJ, I know the episode you’re talking about and I haven’t seen it in a while, but there’s no doubt Bourdain would be doing the Lost in Translation schtick. He loved Bill Murray. And if they were in that hotel, it was a natural setup. I may have that ep on the DVR. If so, I’ll check it out.

  107. Rachel says:

    Today it was announced by several news outlets that Anthony’s Carnegie Hill apartment (which he shared with Ottavia) is on the market for $3.7 million. I am sure, in light of recent events, that Ottavia may have decided she needs money more than a huge apartment for just herself and her daughter. And she probably would like a fresh start and there are too many memories in that apartment.

  108. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I just saw this news myself. Here’s a link to the listing with 8 photos:

    It looks like Ottavia and Ariane have already moved out because the place is staged to be move-in ready. It doesn’t look anything like I remember the floor plan I saw when they bought it, especially the kitchen.

    But it’s five bedrooms and 3 baths, so probably more room than they need.

    One article also mentioned that Tony’s apartment went under contract this month.

  109. L Villeneuve says:

    Ok guys, who freaked out during the funeral scene in Bali on Parts Unknown last night. Boy did that hit close to home. No narration either, every day a little less Tony.

  110. catsworking says:

    LV, my DVR taped it in the middle of the night so I haven’t seen it yet. Will watch tonight. Now that he’s gone, it’s becoming kind of freakish how much of a role death, and jokes about death, played throughout the whole series.

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