Argento Tries Patching Her Crumbling World with Lies

By Karen

From a page out of Donald Tump’s playbook, Asia Argento’s latest strategy is, “If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again — and hire a new lawyer.”

Page Six has reported that Argento is reneging on her deal with Jimmy Bennett to send him $180,000 in monthly $10,000 installments until she pays off the $380,000 settlement to which Anthony Bourdain contributed $200,000 back in April.

The story states that Bennett has so far received, $250,000, so the math implies he got checks for May, June, July, August and September.

Page Six isn’t a paragon of journalistic integrity, but I would guess that, without access to Bourdain’s wallet, Argento is strapped for cash.

(BTW, media reports are now jumbling all these numbers. I’m sticking to figures provided by The New York Times in August; they received and authenticated the legal documents.)

Argento has been dropped from X Factor Italy, her only steady employment I’m aware of. She will appear only in initial episodes already filmed.

Also, CNN has pulled from streaming all episodes of Parts Unknown Argento was involved in: Rome, Southern Italy and Hong Kong. She was shooting in Florence with Bourdain two weeks before his death, but that one’s apparently toast because it’s not in the seven-episode “Final Season” CNN will air this fall.

Returning to Page Six, one bit they nailed is that Argento has replaced her lawyer Carrie Golding with Mark Jay Heller, a celebrity ambulance-chaser who has represented Lindsey Lohan (whatever happened to her?) and many others.

Heller wrote a statement about his newest client that’s featured on his homepage. (Don’t miss the video at the top showcasing what a sleaze he is.) The title: “Asia Argento Launches Phase Two of the #MeToo Movement.”

It’s hilarious because Argento has been persona non grata with #MeToo since her romp with 17-year-old Jimmy Bennett came out in the NYT.

But what exactly is “Phase Two”? Heller explains…

“Phase Two of the #metoo movement dictates that the voice of a victim, even one with a history that may be in question, should be heard and she is hopeful that in the Court of Public Opinion it will ultimately be determined that Asia never initiated an inappropriate sexual contact with a minor, but rather she was attached by Bennett and might even be suffering the fallback of a smear campaign by those already accused who may have a vested interest in their accusers being denied credibility.”

Heller includes a little “smear campaign” of his own on Jimmy Bennett by mentioning that in 2014 (after Argento assaulted Bennett) he was allegedly charged by the LAPD with “unlawful sex with a minor,” “stalking,” “child pornography” and “child exploitation.” Heller also gratuitously mentions Bennett’s lawsuit against his parents for allegedly stealing his earnings.

Argento’s schtick now is that she was unequivocally raped by Bennett. Forget that spider-poised-to-strike selfie of breathless anticipation she posted on Instagram before he arrived for their rendezvous.

To make matters even more confusing, Rain Dove, the significant other of Rose McGowan (Happy 45th Birthday, Rose! Your suddenly gray stubble-do looks fab on you!), has been feuding with Argento on Twitter today.

The Daily Mail has published texts of Rain and Argento discussing Bourdain’s death not being suicide, and Argento drops the bomb, “there was a witness.” But it’s unclear if she’s talking about Bourdain’s death or about Rain not sharing with Argento related documents s/he supposedly has (how?).

If you’re drinking anything right now, please swallow before reading this last paragraph of Heller’s statement about Argento…

“When the true facts are clarified, we know Asia will return to her International prominence as an award winning and acclaimed Actress, musician and Director.”

The “true fact” we know about Asia Argento is that she will say or do anything to get what she wants, and then betray whoever it takes to cover her misdeeds.

Again, straight from Trump’s playbook.

148 Responses to Argento Tries Patching Her Crumbling World with Lies

  1. takouris says:

    Hi Karen: I have to tell you, this latest news about AA and those texts with Rain Dove really disturb and confuse me. Is the implication that Tony was murdered? Or is the implication that Tony was using again and maybe he overdosed and someone (or more than one person besides Tony) was in the room with him? Will you eventually (or do you now) have any more insight into this?
    This is really getting messy. This woman is like an onion: the more you peel the layers off, the more she stinks.

  2. Ida says:

    I shouldn’t be reading these tweets between RD and AA, but I’m so disturbed. Part of me wants to believe it’s some kind of sick performance art, because who posts shit like that. Unfortunately, it seems like this is real, and it’s a very twisted reality. These people seem genuinely sick – creepy reading:

  3. catsworking says:

    takouris, I’ve been seeing stuff here and there about conspiracies to murder Bourdain almost since he died. I don’t put any stock in them whatsoever.

    It was a small hotel in a small provincial town. He was in the best shape of his life, 6’4″, and knew how to take down anyone with his MMA training. I just don’t see ninjas sneaking into his room and trying to make it look like a suicide. He had enough reasons to do it himself.

    AA jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon is probably another tactic to deflect blame from herself. If we’re talking about Hillary Clinton’s Pizzagate child trafficking goons going after Bourdain, we’re not talking about AA cheating on him the week before he died, even as she was bleeding him for hush money to cover her statutory rape case, right? And every time she makes a new claim, she gets a headline, which isn’t a bad thing for a toxic, unhirable actress/director/musician/house painter, whatever she’s calling herself these days.

    With Rain, I think s/he’s seized an opportunity to insert s/himself into a news story and grab a little of the spotlight. I think it was in the People article I linked to that Rose mentioned Rain met AA for the first time three days after Tony died. They hardly know each other, yet AA’s pouring out her confessions to this person? Rain’s milking the situation, without a doubt.

    What would put a stop to so much of this speculation would some definitive statement from Bourdain’s family about how it really played out. But they could be muzzled right now because of ongoing legal issues with the estate, with Tony’s many business interests, or even with AA making trouble. I have no info on that. I’m just spitballing.

    Yes, I agree that an onion is a good way to describe her. She’s like the ones that sit around in my fridge too long and when I cut into them, the centers have rotted all black and slimy.

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh no. She is baaaack. Posted an Instagram story of herself driving and singing Bob Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street,” which includes the lines “you’ve got a lot a nerve, to say you are my friend.” Oh boo hoo. Bob should sue her for copyright infringement for using his song! Obviously directed at Rain Dove and Rose. I knew she couldn’t keep quiet for much longer. And those tweets between herself and Rain..why does she keep dragging Anthony into her messes. Even when he is dead. Sickening. She probably was texting Rain that Weinstein had something to do with AB’s death and Rain was humoring her. Per gossip columnist AJ Benza, Asia supposedly was spreading rumours that AB was using heroin with a prostitute when he died. If that’s true she is sicker and more twisted than I could imagine.

  5. jellyblue says:

    1) Switch to a fame whore lawyer.
    2) have fame whore lawyer post a public statement on his website
    3) Blame the dead guy again that he forced you to settle hush money you have no free will in the matter.
    4) you didn’t have a sexual encounter with minor
    5) but said minor did in fact rape you
    6) you go public that you aren’t paying the remainder of the hush money since it was AB’s idea meanwhile settlement was between AA and JB. So when a victim is raped herself it’s common for the victim to pay her attacker.
    7) lawyer paints you the victim
    8) AA will be rehabilitated and go back to status quo living while maintaining her place as head of phase two Metoo
    9) same day lawyer posts public statement make sure to have public twitter spat with Rain Dove
    10) on Twitter allude to a scandal of secrets about Bourdain’s real cause of death which would negate your RM post death statement
    11) the French Authorities had some kind of coverup in ABs death (And why would the French police do this? for what reason?)
    12) mission accomplished you managed to extend your 15 minutes and get my attention.

    So much self contradictory lawyered up bullshit. I hope they get slaughtered in the court of public opinion.

    BTW- Great article Karen.

  6. M’lynn says:

    Sounds like she’s still banging (pardon the pun) on about Tony, heroin, asian hookers etc etc in his idyllic, quaint hotel room. Also ‘award winning’? The fuck??!

  7. catsworking says:

    Thank you, jellyblue, and thank you for the very nice summary of how AA has ceased to make any sense whatsoever, except in that her need for attention is insatiable.

    Mark Jay Heller is going to rue the day he agreed to represent her. If he has even a shred of cred as an attorney, that flushing sound I hear is it going down the toilet.

    What frosts my cookies is the breathtaking show of nerve it took to anoint herself the queen of “Phase Two” of the #MeToo movement. Especially when P2’s whole purpose is to make room for liars like herself whose shady sexual histories make their claims of being abused dubious. I hope that bunch slaps her down hard. She’s got it coming.

    She’s fine with destroying men, but not so much when she behaves like them and justice dictates that she be destroyed.

    The simple fact that she tangled with Harvey Weinstein, slept around a lot, got pregnant twice, but then somehow couldn’t figure out how to fend off a horny teenager, yet now walks around with her fist in the air like some badass renders her beyond ridiculous. And she doesn’t see it.

  8. catsworking says:

    M’lynn, she’s got a few awards under her belt, but nothing really since 1996. Here’s the bit from Wikipedia:

    Asia Argento began to act at the age of nine, when she was cast in a small role in a film by Sergio Citti. When she was 18, she starred in her father’s film Trauma (1993). She received the David di Donatello (Italy’s version of the Academy Award) for Best Actress in 1994 for her performance in Perdiamoci di vista, and again in 1996 for Compagna di viaggio, which also earned her a Grolla d’oro award.

  9. takouris says:

    Karen, in response to your comment on my comment I appreciate you basically knocking some sense into my head. I fell into that trap of believing what AA was saying about Tony’s death (the heroin and hookers was just insanity). She’s opening up old wounds and making them raw again. I can’t speak for others in this online community, but I, for one, was coming to terms with Tony’s death and feeling a little better about things. I thought this had calmed down.
    But now that she’s got a new lawyer all that is off the table. And this toxic twosome is dredging up a lot of shit once again.

  10. Lynn says:

    “settlement was between AA and JB.”

    Do we know this for sure? I don’t get how, if this is true, she can suddently just state that she’s no longer paying JB/no longer upholding her end of the agreement. Wouldn’t there need to be a lawsuit to get her out of the contract? Hate to say it but given AB’s cult mentality re: Ashface, it wouldn’t suprise me that much if he agreed to have the agreement with JB under his name, in which case she could claim that AB’s estate owes Jimmy, not her.

    Didn’t the lawyer’s statement include something about JB forcing or manipulating Ash-vaj into sending JB nude pics of herself? How exactly does an underage boy ‘force’ a 40-something woman to do this? Even in the reverse, how would he force her to accept nude pics of him? And then force her to say nothing to his parents or the authorities? Insane.

    Karen – don’t forget the part about AA being sooo tough and badass yet needing Rose to speak/lie for her immediately after AB died. Oh, she was just too broken up, losing her sugar daddy and all.

    I saw the episode of The Chew the other day that aired right after AB’s death. I hadn’t seen it before. Michael Symon cried on camera recounting how “magical” AB was and saying how gracious he was to all the employees at Symon’s restaurants, even the dishwashers. And said he was an introvert in person. Carla Hall commented that she was terrified having AB judge her food on Top Chef because she wanted so badly to make a good impression on him.

  11. Jellyblue says:

    Lynn- wasn’t it in the NYT article stated that Goldberg was Argento’s attorney and the agreement was between JB and AA.

    I thought I read somewhere that AA retained Goldberg.

    The new USA article Hellar alludes to Goldberg being AB and AA lawyer.
    Not sure about that.

  12. catsworking says:

    takouris, I honestly hadn’t heard that AA was talking about Tony doing heroin with a hooker before he died before today, here. That’s some crazy shit.

    I was coming to a place of acceptance myself, but now that AA is apparently defaulting on her agreement with Jimmy Bennett (that’s what this is all about — money — it’s not about getting to the truth about Bourdain’s death), she’s going to stir up all the dirt she can to paint herself the victim. And if it means dragging her “love, rock, protector” through the mud and blaming him for everything, she will.

    And then we will feel compelled to condemn AA and defend him again because nothing he ever did in life deserves the abuse she’s continuing to inflict on him.

  13. Jellyblue says:

    Karen- your last comment is spot on.

    I too calmed down and started accepting his death. It’s painful but in some ways maybe he just couldn’t imagine living with this. I dunno.

    I think AA new lawyer’s spin on things
    Once again makes my head spin.
    It’s his job tho to go into the gutter and rationalize all this inconsistent behavior.
    It’s like he’s the one trying to connect the dots, spell things out in a way that palatable but really perhaps it makes more sense in terms of potential legal troubles..

    JB “Sexually attacked” her not rape. What’s the difference?

    Lots of spin.

  14. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, OMG. This new lawyer should be working for Trump. He’s got a real talent for talking out of both sides of his mouth. He ignores the photo of AA and Bennett naked in bed together. Irrelevant? Insists she was “sexually assaulted,” not raped. Why? If the kid had sex with her and she didn’t want it, she was raped. She thinks oral sex is rape. Why split hairs now?

    I’m not getting the business about the escrow account which is, oddly, controlled by a lawyer no longer representing AA. I suspect the truth is that AA doesn’t have the cash and doesn’t want to admit it, so suddenly there’s an escrow account.

    If Bourdain had the $380K liquid back in April, why not just pay the lump sum and be done with Jimmy Bennett? WHY drag it out for 18 more months, leaving room for the cover-up to be revealed at any time? That makes ZERO sense.

    Also, we learn lawyer Heller’s claim that Bennett was charged with “doing an Asia” in 2014 on someone else is totally unsubstantiated, supposedly from the mysterious 80-page “private eye” report Tony allegedly had done. Yet Heller puts it in his statement about Asia on his website as if it’s established fact. What reputable attorney DOES that? Seems like Bennett could claim defamation.

    Heller promises to make this even nastier and sicker before it’s over. There’s no way AA’s coming out of this with her reputation restored and job offers flowing in. She’s ruined. Just like Trump. Once he’s out of the White House, how ever that happens, he’s finished.

    I feel so sorry for Ottavia and Ariane.

  15. Lynn says:

    WOW. Un-freaking-precedented. If only we could now get something similar to this from a close friend or family member of Tony’s about what really went down:

  16. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, Richard Hofstetter was/is Bourdain’s lawyer. He was the one who initially received the intent to sue ($3.5M) from Jimmy Bennett because AA didn’t have a lawyer at the time. Hofstetter is still handling Bourdain’s estate.

    AA hired Carrie Goldberg to represent her. Any involvement Bourdain would have had with Goldberg would have been as AA’s boyfriend; he was not a party to the suit except in offering to pay the settlement. We haven’t heard how the final paperwork was drawn up, but it would appear it was between AA and Jimmy because she has continued making payments since Bourdain’s death, even though she has no legal standing. Ottavia controls his finances now.

    From the little bit I’ve seen Heller put out today, with his selective choice of facts, presenting of conjecture as fact, and semantic games, I’m already convinced he’s a lying shyster who will say anything. He’s the kind of lawyer that gives them all a bad name.

  17. jellyblue says:

    I’m totally stating the obvious but it helps me not get caught up in this web of lies.
    So Heller’s post on his website and this USA article he’s saying certain things that he may be lying about which then serves to confuse even further which I bet that is his intent.

    It’s Heller’s claim that Goldberg represented both- that was the first I heard of that which seems like utter bullshit which negates what we know from before.

    You’re right this escrow account story makes no sense. If AB had the money why not just pay it off? why put it in escrow?

    Maybe there is some legal minutia to this.

    This Heller guy is a fucking douche he should totally work for Trump. I’d bet he’d love that.

  18. jellyblue says:

    Wow Lynn.. thanks for posting this!

  19. fifi lune says:

    Karen, it is a fact about Bennett. Someone posted legal documents on Twitter showing the restraining order against him and reasons why.

  20. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, Mark Heller obviously wanted to start strong out of the gate by writing his big statement making AA the self-appointed leader of #MeToo who has the right to determine its future direction and posting it on his homepage right under his video homage to himself.

    He and AA are two peas in a pod.

  21. catsworking says:

    Lynn, this op-ed makes me so happy. Not only does it bolster the veracity of Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, but it lets us know that there are still some sane people in the White House.

    Trump isn’t going to sleep a wink tonight, and I bet he’ll be going bananas on Twitter before dawn. The identity of the author of the op-ed has got to be eating him alive.

    If the Republicans won’t investigate him or consider impeachment, and the cabinet is too chicken-shit to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him, maybe those closest to him can drive him stark raving mad by leaking to the press until he has to be taken out in a straitjacket.

  22. catsworking says:

    Aha! Thank you, Jellyblue. Jimmy has decided to fight back. I was hoping he would. After all, he fits the profile of the victim described in the statement for Phase Two of #MeToo. He has a shady past, but he deserves to be heard and believed.

  23. catsworking says:

    fifi lune, thanks for that info. If you come across a link to the documents, please share it with us. I’d like to see them.

    But as everyone was saying as an excuse for AA, her preying on Bennett was perfectly understandable after what had been done to her.

    Bennett got attacked by AA, then went on to attack another minor. Where’s the pity for him?

  24. Mira says:

    “Phase Two of #Me Too”….beyond farcical. What’s next?…Why don’t they all just pick up gardening, or pickle some turnips.

  25. Lynn says:

    I’m hoping Orange Jackass gets so angry over the op-ed he has a stroke or heart attack. heehee

    Interesting about JB: 1. that he’s now going to press charges and work with authorities and 2. his ‘alleged’ bad behavior with another party (though I would think this could be easily proven, either there are legal docs or there are not. I see there was a restraining order against him).

    Regarding escrow, I’m not a lawyer but perhaps AB’s lawyer advised that it would be wise to do that. It’s my understanding that this offers an additional layer of protection vs just paying a lump sum.

    My personal take is that JB and Ashtray deserve each other. Whatever happened in that room, they’ve both done shitty things to others. My gut tells me they’re both lying. Neither was raped or forced (btw how odd is that? “You raped me,” – “No…you raped ME!”)

    I think it was probably consensual (messed up consensual, to be sure, with all the mental issues they both have due to being sexualized at an early age, etc.) and he decided to get some $ out of it by strategically involving AB years after the encounter, perhaps assuming AB would just want to make it go away. It’s interesting he waited until Ashy was with Tony before making his move.

    But if JB can destroy Ashhead, go for it. I’ll be cheering him on. If the LA authorities find otherwise, I’ll eat happily eat crow because I’d love to see that woman charged with a crime, but the whole thing just smells to me. That photo of the two of them in bed – neither looks at all traumatized or even slightly disturbed. They look like they’re either in post-coital bliss or high. Prob both.

  26. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I agree with you that the 5/9/2013 encounter in AA’s hotel room was a fucked-up consensual, let’s-live-our-mutual-fantasies-fuck-fest would be blameless if Jimmy weren’t a minor. Now AA’s on the hook for that.

    Anything he did subsequent to that is irrelevant. In this matter, I am solidly in his corner.

    I know diddly about escrow, but since Bourdain’s net worth at death was $1.2M and his settlement was nearly a third of that, I’m believing he put up $200K and maybe pledged the rest against his future earnings. AA doesn’t have a pot to piss in, judging by the shitty appearance of her Rome apartment, and wasn’t a contributor to the settlement.

    I don’t believe Bourdain’s fame or wealth were big drivers of Bennett’s intent to sue. He had no idea how solid AA and Tony were as a couple. He was simply outraged that she portrayed herself as a Weinstein victim, knowing what she did to him. It was a trigger, and Bourdain was collateral damage.

  27. feijicha says:

    Newsweek covers the AA/RD spat here:

    Choice bits:
    Androgynous model Rain Dove is “a sick, pathological liar,” tweeted #MeToo activist Asia Argento in her latest swing against the model in their back-and-forth Twitter feud.

    The Italian actress, who was the girlfriend of the late Anthony Bourdain, was accused of sexually assaulting Jimmy Bennett in a hotel room when he was 17 years old. Rain Dove leaked their texts to police in which Argento seemingly confirmed the incident after saying she and Bennett didn’t have a sexual relationship. Her lawyer later explained they didn’t have a sexual relationship—it was just a onetime incident.

    After taking a break from Twitter for weeks, Argento returned to slam Dove, saying the model had fed her “hundreds of lies” about Bourdain’s death. The beloved celebrity chef took his own life on June 8 in a French hotel room while filming an episode for his show, Parts Unknown.

    “Why did you tell me you knew the truth about my partner’s death and pretended to be some sort of 007? You wrote me hundreds of lies, for over a month,” Argento tweeted at Dove Wednesday. “I have all the text messages. Now it’s time for YOU to tell the truth if you are capable. Your ex calls you a pathological liar.”

    Dove responded to Argento’s message, saying she needed to be honest. “Very funny coming from a sick pathological liar like you, who made money out of me by selling selected text messages in order to portray me for something I am not,” Argento wrote back. “Then tell me why did you invent that articulate, humongous, gross lie about you and your NETWORK knowing ‘the truth’ about Anthony’s death?”

    Argento shared a text message exchange the two had in which she and Dove apparently talked about Bourdain on June 26.

    “Are you afraid you went too far with your fake espionage stories? The world needs to know all the lies you told me about Anthony’s death,” Argento continued. “You can’t help yourself but keep lying, can you? You never sent me or showed me any documents. And remember, there was a witness.”

  28. Mira says:

    No, I actually recommend it as a better pastime, then sleeping with 17 year olds 🙂

  29. jellyblue says:

    There is a lot of twisted psychology in this sordid fubar tale. The AA HW relationship, the AA JB relationship. Who the fuck knows what happened. Certainly these folks can support many medical professionals for the rest of their lives.

    Jimmy was a minor at the time. When I see the post fucking pic Jimmy doesn’t look %100 ecstatic- he looks a bit “off”. She looks over the moon. That’s just my ignorant impression.

    On Social media she said she would give him a part, she also gave him alcohol. Plus she knew him since he was a child. It’s shady.

    It is completely farcical and Heller does speak from both sides of his mouth. It’s so inconsistent none of these players have any credibility.

    It doesn’t even occur to AA to care. She is making a mockery out of Metoo and honestly as much of a mixed bag as it is/was victims talking about assault and abuse is a positive thing.

    AB totally fucked up. Thing is the story gets even more fucked up when considering AB would pay off the boy that sexually attacked Asia. I still don’t understand the double speak of “sexual attack” versus “rape”

  30. jellyblue says:

    Mira- touche’

  31. Jellyblue says:

    Basically in this current version according to Asia;
    Bourdain forced Asia to settle with a 22 year old that was 17 at the time of when he sexually attacked her.

    So while positioning herself as head of MeToo, Bourdain would of been publically humiliated if the story came out that in addition to Asia’s HW story that a 17 year old sexually attacked her.

    It’s very sad to paint AB this way that he wouldn’t support “the love of his life” going public and cares more about his reputation than the truth of a sexual attack.

  32. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I have no doubt that there was a consensual element to the 2013 sex between AA and Jimmy. It was only after the fact, when he had a chance to do some processing and his adolescent hormones had a chance to calm down, that it began to dawn on him how fucked up it had been.

    And he didn’t make his move once he found out she had a probably-wealthy boyfriend. It was one month after her hysterical claim of Weinstein raping her appeared in The New Yorker. It brought up all his feelings of guilt and confusion from 2013 and made him realize what a hypocrite she is.

    And now that her lawyer is exposing every screwed-up thing the kid has ever done in his life, he’s going to the police to file a report. Tit for tat.

    I don’t believe he set out to extort anything from Bourdain.

  33. Mira says:

    Just watched back to back the episodes with AA – Rome and Southern Italy. ( because they were banned by CNN, so of course its the first thing you want to watch…). And that was the first time that I actually saw her on screen.
    There are no surprises with her – what you see is what you get. Beer swivelling , cigarette and bottle in the same hand, vulgarities, total lack of any sense of irony, he would have to explain his flippant remarks to her, and meet her confused, slightly aggressive stare, with his slightly taken aback, awkward smile…at times it was cringe inducing.
    I feel sorry for the whole ZPZ bunch who had to shoot that couple together. He was so into her, it was embarrassing to watch. Having said, the cinematography of both episodes is great.
    I am against any kind of censorship, and I believe they should not omit them from the series. It is what it is.

  34. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I’m with you on Jimmy in the post-fuck photos. He looks slightly shell-shocked in all of them, trying to cover it with a smile. She looks like a spider who just ate a big, juicy fly.

    And let us not forget the selfie she posted BEFORE he even got there, where she was so fluttery and nervous and chain-smoking. What was that all about, unless she was anticipating some momentous encounter?

  35. Dingobeast says:

    Heller seems to be almost illiterate, not great for a lawyer. Good luck, Asshat! How does he think he will get paid? She is as broke as a joke. I am glad Jimmy is going after her, she richly deserves some payback.

    Poor Tony had two wives who would not work, and he thought his darling Asshat was some go-getter who worked a ton. She only worked when her cash ran out, and she depended on the kindness of her ‘clients’ mostly. Tony must have been so surprised to find out she considered him a client.

  36. Lenora says:

    I have nothing really to add this escalating shit show other than screaming into the void, “WTF Tony, WTF!”

  37. L Villeneuve says:

    AA’s new attorney defended Son of Sam killer way back when. Nice guy!

  38. Rachel says:

    I just want to point out that Heller is a highly disreputable attorney. Carrie Goldberg probably didn t want a controversial, pathological liar like AA as a client anymore, so AA had to find someone else. Heller once represented serial killer “Son of Sam”, who terrorized New York City with a killing spree on the late 1970s. So Heller is used to dealing with psychopaths! A perfect lawyer-client match!!

  39. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I was surprised by the poor writing and mechanical errors on Heller’s statement. It had an immature tone that didn’t sound lawyerly, and I wondered what kind of administrative assistance he must have to put out such a schlocky document.

    If AA can’t afford to pay Bennett, there’s no telling how she’s paying Heller’s fee now that she’s without a job. If he’s working on contingency, where’s that money possibly coming from? She’s not suing Bennett. She’s trying to slither out of paying him.

    Could she be going after a piece of Bourdain’s estate, or trying to make some case that the family owes her for something he promised?

    I’m just trying to figure out why Heller would take this one on, aside from getting himself in a few headlines with a D-lister. Is he that desperate?

    Lenora, you read my mind. “WTF Tony, WTF??!!”

  40. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, I would not put it past her to attempt to go after Tony’s estate. I think she will have about as much luck with that as she does in any of her endeavors. She is like a leech waving around on a stick trying to attach to the next host that happens by. It is very sad, still disappointed we lost such an amazing guy due to that skank.

  41. L Villeneuve says:

    I hope everyone knows I was being sarcastic about Heller!

  42. catsworking says:

    LV, don’t worry. We caught your sarcasm. 😉

    But seriously, I wonder how this Heller guy is NOT on Trump’s legal team. It wouldn’t surprise me if he replaces Giuliani on camera at some point. If you watch his video, he’s perfect, and Trump’s the type of sleazy celebrity client Heller goes after.

    And if Heller gets that gig, he’ll be going, “Asia. Asia who? You mean China?”

    Dingobeast, I’m sitting here LMAO at the image of AA sliming up and down a stick, waiting for her next meal ticket to wander by.

  43. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, I wish I were better with photoshop, I just imagine her smirking face on here:

  44. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, it’s so easy to picture that sly, scheming face on one of those things. I don’t know if she thinks she’s being sexy when she poses like that, but it makes her look demonic in all the photos that run with stories about her.

  45. Lynn says:

    I recently read that Trump’s inner circle is ‘windmilling’ trying to figure out who the op ed writer is. I love that image bc it calls to mind how children fight – arms going insanely around but not really landing blows. This is how I picture Ash-ass. She windmills. She gets in huge text and social media fights with people she supposedly cared about 2 seconds ago (Rain, Tony), and changes her story on a dime depending on which angle she thinks works at that time. I was raped, no I wasn’t, I froze, no wait, there was no sexual relationship. Like a rabid dog she tries to bite perceived enemies indiscriminately.

    LOL Lenora! And Karen – “Asia, you mean China?” LMAO

    “he didn’t make his move once he found out she had a probably-wealthy boyfriend. It was one month after her hysterical claim of Weinstein raping her appeared in The New Yorker.”

    But didn’t Ashtray come out with her Weinstein raped me story in fall of 2017, when she was with Tony? So at that point Jimmy would have known she and Tony were an item. And as for his not knowing how solid they were, he could have just looked at social media or read Tony’s blog in which Tony endlessly gushed about her awesomeness and posted numerous school-boy face lovey dovey pics of the two of them. It would be clear that Tony was head over ass for this woman. But maybe Jimmy thought Ashtray had some money.

    I’m not trying to vilify Jimmy – I’m on his side just as now I’m on Omarosa’s side in her efforts against Trump – but if you feel you’ve been assaulted, it’s just not a good look to demand $ versus going to the authorities. And then to flip flop and go to the authorities after all? Weird.

    As for Tony’s thinking on the payoff, all we know for sure is from the texts he sent AA if they are authentic. He clearly holds the view that JB is disturbed, a ‘donkey’ and trying to shake Ashtray down. However, he tells her he’s with her either way, pay off or not, so that’s hardly proof he pushed her to pay JB.

  46. Jellyblue says:

    I keep stating the obvious. I think because I care about AB as a fan I got invested in this story. When details come out I get caught up.

    Fact is Heller and AA, RM and RD are all publicly lying. They change their version of the story depending on where the tide flows to suit their own agenda whatever the fuckthat may be.

    I don’t know the details about JB but it’s a fucked up story.
    Asia has alluded (twice I think?) that AB hired a PI that wrote an 80 pg report on JB. I can see this if you are contemplating paying hush money.
    So basically AB hired a PI to investigate a 22 year old that sexually “attacked” Asia and then pays hush money.
    She just makes AB out to be this moron!

    It’s all complete non-sense.

  47. Jellyblue says:

    Lynn- seeing this Op-ed unfolding I kind of pinch myself “is this real?” It’s like watching the West Wing or something. Of course it’s great but it brings me back at where we’re at. Trump is a fucking disgrace.

    I mean Melania has to issue a public denial. I’m still convinced she wore that jacket to make his life a living hell.

    Everywhere I look it’s a shit show!

  48. catsworking says:

    Lynn, why do you think AA and Tony referred to Jimmy as “donkey?” Because he’s an ass? No, I bet it’s an inside joke between them about his genitals, sized either way.

    Jimmy didn’t go to the authorities for five years, and refused to cooperate with them now until AA forced his hand and claimed he attacked her. Now he’s got to defend himself.

    I agree that the pitch for money was an odd way to handle it, but I don’t think privately asking for monetary compensation as opposed to going public was totally off-base. And I still don’t see it as an attempt to extort Bourdain. Bennett had NO WAY of knowing how Tony would react, his gushing about AA notwithstanding. If he knew anything about Bourdain’s personality, I should think Bennett would have expected Tony to call him out and expose the whole thing. That’s what WE would have expected him to do, rather than wade balls-deep into this spy-vs-spy shit (hire a PI, if he really did) and risk destroying his own career. Tony had no reason to be secretive in the beginning. HE WASN’T INVOLVED.

    It just goes to show what a poisonous fucking stranglehold AA had over Tony.

    Bennett’s lawyer probably suggested the $3.5M to get AA’s attention that Bennett was pissed and it was serious. I do believe Bennett believed the money would come from AA, not Tony.

  49. catsworking says:

    Thanks for the link, Jellyblue. I just saw this myself. She gave Bennett no choice but to fight back. I’m glad he is.

    Now we know why AA needs a sleazy lawyer. She’s lost her “white knight” and has to face this round on her own.

  50. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, I find the whole notion that Bourdain “feared” Jimmy Bennett ridiculous in the extreme. It’s a David vs. Goliath thing. If Bennett did what AA claims he did, then Bourdain had ZERO reason to pay him a nickel. Like he couldn’t weather the PR about his girlfriend “being attacked” by a teenager five years ago.

    He made the situation infinitely worse for himself by getting involved and trying to cover it up. Or, in AA’s version, do the hapless, broke kid he never met a favor and hand him a huge wad of his hard-earned cash out of charity. On that, I call bullshit.

    AA IS making Tony out to be a total moron and it’s infuriating because he’s not here to tell her to STFU. But we are.

  51. Lynn says:

    Glad to see JB is donating the entire sum of money to #metoo. That dramatically adds to his credibility.

    I don’t think it’s that AB ‘feared’ Jimmy, but rather he was in a trance of luuuv for Ashtray and had white knight syndrome, wanting to ‘fix’ her problems. Perhaps his suggestion to just pay JB off was more bc he didn’t want to be bothered with JB and the continuing drama of the situation. Just make it/JB go away fast.

    But I do think we have to come to terms with the fact that bc of his brainwashing, AB was not himself when he was with this woman. Things he’d normally do or say don’t apply. It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. He looked and sounded like Tony but his mind was so far up shit creek with her, we may learn further details that make us cringe. Just sayin’. If he would fire a long-time quality cinematographer to ‘make it all better’ for her, that speaks volumes.

    RIP Burt Reynolds. 😦

  52. catsworking says:

    “we may learn further details that make us cringe”

    Lynn, I think that’s all we’re going to do with further details. I can’t think of anything reassuring that can possibly come out about Bourdain’s state of mind or actions to make this seem any better.

    I love the way Bennett’s lawyer Gordon Sattro tore into Mark Heller’s ludicrous statement. It does appear the gloves are off now and Bennett’s going for AA’s jugular.

    She’s already dug such a deep hole for herself with so many shovels, I don’t see how she can come out of this looking like anything but a fiend.

    I was very sad to hear about Burt Reynolds today.

  53. Morganlf says:

    I’m on the waiting list for the Woodward book about trump. I’m told it’s depressing page after page of imcompetence and unhinged Unmoored craziness. A man With emotional problems, and so ignorant he doesn’t know, what he doesn’t know.

    Mentioned to a trumper friend, crickets. What is wrong with these people??????????? Was is so bad to have a mixed race POTUS??

    I’m freaking out.

    We must take back the House. We must vote.

    Fucking Republicans, just so they can get 2 SCOTUS seats.
    Kavanaugh is evil and already a colluder. He’s lying openly.

    Pence is worse. Way worse. He’s possessed by religious fervor. He is no different than ISIS. His goal is a a Christian evangelical caliphate.

    JB even if he willingly participated is still a victim by law.

    Rain Dove’s pronoun isn’t he/she, it’s they which is what non gender specific prefer. Geez, doesn’t anyone watch Billions?

  54. Ida says:

    OK, this interview with AA is from before she met AB and has nothing to do with him, and crucify me for reading too much into it, but there were three things I picked up on from reading this:

    1) She is EXTREMELY full of herself and considers herself a poet (!).
    2) She says the phrase, ‘easy come, easy go’, a couple of times.
    3) (Quote from interview):
    I was in LAX airport – this was maybe eight or ten years ago – I’m at the boarding gate getting ready to board, and looking over near the corner there are four or five Japanese businessmen dressed in suits, and they’re all smoking. This is well after California passed their law. And I stood there for a moment in awe, just watching these guys smoking and talking…
    AA’s answer:
    [laughing] Those guys are rich, they can pay the $5000 fine.

    Quite a lot of the side of her personality that she now shows us all on Social Media and in her ‘statements’ are really foreshadowed here in an interview from 2013. ‘Easy come, easy go’ – yep, we noticed. AB was entirely dispensible. ‘Those guys are rich, they can pay the $5000 fine’ – yep, that too. I KNOW, this has nothing to do with AB and in some ways it’s out of context, but in so many ways, this is SO telling.

    She seems to have mainly male friends – perhaps they find her attractive, but that would also explain why some of those ‘artists’ who one would have thought might have reacted in AB’s favour, certain musicians whose names I won’t mention here (all people who knew AB a bit and, it seems, knew AA better), all seem to support AA, or at the very least still follow her on Twitter. They probably think she’s really edgy and cool. They probably quite frankly all think with their dicks. Just like AB unfortunately did, until it was too late. Sorry for being crude.

    Here’s what former partner, Vincent Gallo had to say about her (it has probably already been posted, so sorry if this is a repeat):

    ‘I was close to Asia Argento, but we were never engaged. I do remember though threatening Harvey Weinstein for what Asia claimed he did to her. That created a real enemy in Harvey who certainly went out of his way to marginalize my work and my opportunities as much as he could. By calling him out then I was his enemy and no one from the press would repeat any of my claims against him. My clash with him was costly to me in a real way.  Naturally, it felt bad when, instead of speaking out along with me, Asia then denied and changed her story and went on to work with him, carry on a personal relationship with him, and repeat additional things I said about him to further enrage him against me. Her appearance in recent press regarding Harvey is very uncomfortable for me.
    What if, instead of taking a $100,000 payoff to remain silent, Rose McGowan filed charges against Harvey Weinstein at the time of her incident? How many future incidents would she have prevented?
    Harvey Weinstein is a brutal pig, yes, but I really wish it wasn’t those two particular girls getting glorified for now saying so.’

  55. Ida says:

    Lynn –
    That’s fantastic. Never heard that phrase before. I wanna start using it 🙂

    ‘…However, he tells her he’s with her either way, pay off or not, so that’s hardly proof he pushed her to pay JB…’
    Good point.

    Jelly Blue –
    ‘I think because I care about AB as a fan I got invested in this story’
    Same for me, most ‘celebrity stories I wouldn’t ‘invest’ myself in, but this is a really sad one, for a reason I don’t even know yet. Maybe we all felt in our guts that something wasn’t right about his death. I don’t know how to explain it, but it seems most people here thought something was ‘off’ even before these stories started.

    Catsworking –
    ‘AA IS making Tony out to be a total moron and it’s infuriating because he’s not here to tell her to STFU. But we are.’

    Also, don’t know if you’re aware of Michael Ruhlman on Twitter. He was a friend of AB and he was alluding to something being wrong with this whole picture in July:
    And another very recent tweet:

  56. fifi lune says:

    To hell with that pc crap. Rain Dove is a she as far as i’m concerned. A butch looking woman but a woman nonetheless. One of my friends feels that he is a wolf, and he even howls at the Moon. No one refers to him as it.

  57. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I watched the first season of Billions, but they were talking gibberish when it came to the finance stuff, so I tuned out.

    Rain Dove and other nonspecifics don’t get to dictate a new meaning for pronouns. Their attempts to communicate also come across as gibberish and don’t help their cause. I’m sticking with my s/he.

    We’re going to take back the House, and maybe even the Senate. Trump just needs to keep tweeting. Any bets that he’s going to tweet, “I KNOW who wrote the GUTLESS NYT op-ed. Do you?” in a childish attempt to get the guy to out himself.

    If Kavanaugh gets onto SCOTUS, we are well and truly fucked and will have irrefutable proof that all the GOP members of the Judiciary Committee are traitors.

  58. Mira says:

    I don’t think Morgan was dead serious about the correct pronouns, it sounded like an ironic comment to me. Going off on a tangent, is Billions worth the subscription to Stan? It frustrates me that there are so many different internet things I need to subscribe to, to watch a new show…
    …I checked out the AA interview on Quietus ( the other links I’ve gone through before, and I think this blog covered them all)…she started smoking at the age of 9….this is not typical of a regular Italian upbringing….she does like to brag, she is very contradicitng in her statements ( manages to contradict herself in the same sentence), and the author of the text was just so happy to talk to a dedicated smoker…I started to cough just reading it….dear Lord. Such a boring woman.

  59. Donna Pavone says:

    I have a reeeaaallly dumb question-where does a …..person….like RainDove model?

  60. Donna Pavone says:

    This is so bad!

  61. Donna Pavone says:

    She is so laughable

  62. catsworking says:

    Donna, I have no fucking clue. Certainly not anywhere where I would be looking for clothes (if I were young and hot). I find this fringy push to neuter us all highly offensive, and I say that only as a female who was born that way and have had no problems with it (except that periods and menopause have been a bitch).

    I have no problem with these people doing what feels right for them. I don’t care who they marry. I approve of and support their rights. But don’t try to turn the rest of us inside out to morph gender to suit them. We are all what we are. I will keep using male and female pronouns. I will not refer to singular people as “they” just because they have dicks or tits they don’t want. Fuck that. It’s TMI for me.

    “They” need to accept that. We all have limits.

  63. catsworking says:

    Mira, I haven’t checked the links provided tonight, but I will on the big computer. Agree that TV has become a minefield. I got a deal with Verizon Fios for HBO, Showtime and Starz for $30 a month (a discount I have asked for and retained for years), and I have Amazon Prime. I forego Netflix. I am looking into cutting the cable in the future. I pay a premium for sports shit I NEVER watch. Fuck all sports (except horse-racing, which gets underplayed).

    If AA started smoking at 9 then we can hope it begins to take a toll before she turns 70, when most smokers develop lung cancer. (Was that too mean?) She seems to have this ’40s image that being framed by cigarette smoke makes her more sexy, when it really only makes her smell like an ashtray (reference an homage to Lynn :-))

  64. Lynn says:

    “he started smoking at the age of 9….this is not typical of a regular Italian upbringing”

    That’s true. Normally it’s age 5. 😀

    Donna, Rain has walked the runway at NY Men’s and Women’s Fashion Weeks for several designers, not sure which ones. She was also in a Kenneth Cole campaign.

    LOL at that Ashtray interview:

    “My grandmother is 85 and she smokes three packs of Marlboro Reds a day and her brain is fine, she also drinks white wine. When I go to visit her we drink white wine and we smoke a ton of cigarettes, and I’m not gonna die young. I mean, I’m not gonna die because of cigarettes, that’s for sure.”

    We shall see, beyotch.

    ‘I make art every day.’

    Unless bowel movements count, that’s total bullshit.

    “I owe a lot to cigarettes for this voice of mine which scares people. I’m like a witch with this voice I inherited from my mother and my grandmother, the great smokers, I can do wonders with this voice…It’s comin’ from the cavern, it’s a voice not from the dead, not even the living dead, it’s a voice of a male-female-he-she-wolf.”

    Actually it sounds like the background voice sound effects from The Exorcist.

    “I’d rather die than kill someone.”

    Does indirectly count?

    “I smoke in airport bathrooms.”

    Maybe she and Orange Babyman can have simultaneous strokes? If she got throat cancer and had to talk through one of those voice machines, it would actually be an improvement.

    “I’m such a nice person and people really like me – goddamn, people like me [laughing]”

    “Fuck ’em all, kill ’em all”

    Oh man what a human dumpster fire. Seeing her taken away in handcuffs would be even more fun than Weinstein.

  65. takouris says:

    This is the best part of your comment:

    I’d rather die than kill someone.”

    Does indirectly count?

    Thank you for writing what many of us are thinking. You’re awesome!!
    I hope that Ashtray rots.

  66. RD says:

    I’m 100% positive there are Trump supporters here, who also loved Bourdain’s work, and want to see justice for him.

    Just a reminder.

  67. Mira says:

    Karen, it is embarrassing how much of my time I waste on this endless cesspool of filth, and how much I know about them…I keep trying to wean myself off it. I could’ve learned another foreign language in these three months,, instead of delving into the world of AA’s and RMG’s and the rest…
    Wish me luck 🙂

  68. feijicha says:

    geezus Donna……that video…… she makes Yoko Ono sound like Aretha Franklin

  69. Janet says:

    yeah that video…..she’s talk-singing and it’s poorly shot. a cheap piece of “art”

  70. catsworking says:

    Donna, OMG, OMG, how did you find this? I’m laughing so hard right now. She seemed off-key through the whole thing. I barely understood three words she was singing. And it was posted by her husband.

    I’ll tell you who she reminds me of: Luann de Lesseps from The Real Housewives of New York. She also considers herself a singer, and probably also due to years of heavy smoking, but she can’t carry a tune.

  71. catsworking says:

    Ida, I’ve got work to get through today and don’t have time to read these very long pieces, but I did pick up that AA began smoking at age 9, smokes two packs a day, and drinks a lot of white wine because she barely eats and thinks the sugar in the wine helps with that.

    She’s clearly one of those women who can’t have female friends because she’d shred them as soon as a man walks in. She has to be the center of attention. She doesn’t trust other women. She only knows how to relate to others through sex, which other women resent but men love.

  72. catsworking says:

    Ida, I’ve seen Ruhlman’s tweets. He’s obviously still following Bourdain’s story, as I’m sure everyone who knew him is.

  73. catsworking says:

    RD, yes, there may be some Trump supporters following the Bourdain story here. But this is my blog, I get to choose the content. I hate that fucking orange asshole Trump and want to see him rotting in jail for what’s left of his pathetic life, NOT sitting in the Oval Office drinking Diet Cokes while he spews lies about everything, and no one will ever find a kind word written about him at Cats Working.

    If that offends, so be it. The Trumpbots offend me with their very existence. Their blind allegiance to that greedy, ignorant grifter and his whole disgusting, no-class crime family have disgraced this country in the eyes of the world.

    If Trump supporters fail to see the many, many parallels between Asia Argento’s totally sick and twisted personality and behavior and Trump’s, then they’ve been watching too much Fox.

  74. Mira says:

    Leah McSweeney wrote a follow up piece for The Penthouse.
    She would’ve thoroughly enjoyed rubbing this into the self-righteous faces of AA defenders.

  75. Janet says:

    Good for you! Hated to see him bash McCain when his daughter was right, all he has done is live a cushy life with a bad spray tan

  76. Lynn says:

    That Ashtraysia video – I’m amazed the camera person was able to hold the camera still what with all his or her convulsive laughter.

    “The Trumpbots offend me with their very existence. Their blind allegiance to that greedy, ignorant grifter”

    Amen. I think the Trump cultists need to ask themselves how they could do this to their country. It’s like allowing a disturbed juvenile delinquent with no prior babysitting experience to watch your kids. They thought Clinton was corrupt so they picked someone who is 1,000x more corrupt plus ignorant, mentally unfit and with an allegience to one of our nation’s biggest enemies (who has also attacked the country)? Great move. Dereliction of duty.

    I saw a Youtube vid the other day of McCain’s daughter’s eulogy and the comments were full of Trump bots saying McCain is a commie, how dare anyone criticize their cult leader Trump at a funeral, McCain betrayed his country, etc. All kinds of vile nonsense. The only one betraying the country is an orange buffoon who kneels before Putin and does not care that Putin attacked the US.

    You can say what you want about Hill and prior presidents but no one has ever had to write the equivalent of an SOS from INSIDE the administration. Trump’s cult would stick by him even if he joined ISIS. The only good news is that they are the minority.

  77. catsworking says:

    Janet, Trump’s behavior over McCain’s death should have had his whole family totally mortified. Playing games with the flag on the White House. Going off to play golf while other past presidents gave eulogies at the services. I was shocked that Ivanka and Jared had the gall to show up. Trumpbots complained about them not being seated in a prominent enough place in the church. Fuck them! SHE has no role whatsoever in the government except to drain taxpayers for her security, and she was seated with John Kerry and others from past administrations.

    Omorosa said Trump snuck a tanning bed into the private residence of the White House, but he looks sprayed to me. The orange, the white borders around the edges. All as fake as he is. I wish he DID have a tanning bed so there’d be a chance of him falling asleep in it and getting really toasted.

  78. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I love your never-ending creativity with variations on Ashtray! Ashtraysia. Brilliant!

    Have you see the guy standing behind Trump’s right shoulder at his rally last night in Montana? Goatee, plaid shirt. He was making faces of disbelief until a girl showed up, made him leave and took his place. A man and woman standing beside him were also kicked out and another woman came. They stood grinning like idiots and gave us video proof that Trumpbots are hand-picked to make his rallies look like real love-fests. Notice how they never show the whole room to make it seem he’s speaking to multitudes.

    Here’s video at that rally of Trump having another denture failure or brain burp (your pick) on the word “anonymous.” It’s the second video on the page. You can see plaid shirt guy. The video at top where Trump’s babbling about Lincoln must have happened later because the grinning idiots in black and blue dresses are standing behind him.

  79. catsworking says:

    Mira, I admire Leah McSweeney a lot for refusing to back down.

  80. Lynn says:

    Ha, thanks Karen. I just cannot type her real name.

    No I didnt see that because I can’t watch his inane rallies. To see the cultists cheer while their mad king rambles is just too sad and pathetic. I used to wonder, when I would see archive footage of Hitler and Mussolini looking and sounding insane from the podium while their loyal subjects screamed approval below them, how so many could fall under a cult trance like that. Now I get it. And can you imagine if after winning Obama had continued to do ego-feeding rallies? I can only imagine the howling from the right about his ego mania and why isn’t he doing his job instead of acting like a rock star? But it wouldn’t surprise me that Trump’s are hand picked, at least the ones on camera. I wonder how many leave in the middle (off cam, of course) when he starts being incoherent.

    I acknowlege this phenom is not only on the right. The Bernie cultists were almost as bad. An old fuck who’d never accomplished anything of note suddently appears at age 74 promising them all this free shit without any plan for how to pay for it and they second-coming-of-Christ-ed him. I’ve never felt anything close to that level of hero worship for any politician and can’t name a single one that I’d wait in line to see. Including Hillary. I don’t even like her – I just knew she wasn’t stupid, insane or a Putie puppet.

    “I wish he DID have a tanning bed so there’d be a chance of him falling asleep in it and getting really toasted.”

    Or melanoma. 😀 I’m amazed there’s a tanning bed that will support his weight.

    My only issue with McSweeney is she seems to suggest that because Ashface lied we should always be skeptical of women’s accusations. The statistics show that the overwhelming majority of women who accuse a man of rape, assault or harrasment are not lying. So while we shouldn’t blindly believe, we should give women the benefit of the doubt until, like Rose and Meth Den Vagina, they show themselves to be untrustworthy.

  81. Jellyblue says:

    Hillary supporters aren’t cultists?
    Seems to me as long as it’s your guy/gal (fuck pronouns 😉 it’s not a cult.

    Fact is Hillary was corrupt while holding office of Secretary of State. She always had presidential aspirations so why not wait until your political career is over instead of engaging in pay for play?
    Why do the rules never apply to her?

    Trump will never go after Hillary, because it’s a bro code. They all abuse so they take care of each other. If anything trump fuels his koolaid drinkers with this speak so that no one will go after him!

    This is what we’re reduced to what corruption is worse. To me- corruption is corruption.

    Trump and Bernie were smart. Yes, smart. Unlike Hillary who looks down on voters they went directly to the people to talk to them. Hillary just ignored entire states.

    If anything people are sick of career politicians.

    If we don’t learn from this Trump will win.

  82. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, you nailed it with the words “career politicians.” We built this trap for ourselves by letting politics become a career that’s all about money and power. That’s what attracted Trump and most of the rest of them of both parties. You can’t be an “honest” politician (meaning you think you’re going to do good things for people) and survive anymore. It’s going to be interesting to see how all these newbies who are winning primaries fare once they get into the snake pit with the pros.

    I have no love for Hillary and don’t think she has many honest bones in her body, but of the entire bunch that ran, she was most qualified and she’s a smart over-achiever who loves doing her homework. But now she’s finished. At least she has the sense to realize it, whereas Bernie doesn’t.

    I liked that Bernie was pro-Medicare for All, which is something I’ve been begging for for so many years, I’ll qualify for actual Medicare next year. But that’s about it. Free college is just dumbed-down college where kids can hide out to avoid growing up for four more years. Yes, college costs too much and that should be controlled, but free? No.

    I think it really started under George W. Bush, this tribalism, which has now morphed into cult worship. Obama unwittingly made it worse by being half black, so now it’s racial.

    I hope when all the corruption finally comes crashing down on Trump, we can all come together and clean up the mess to save our country. But I don’t know how you reason with racists and gun nuts.

  83. jellyblue says:

    I’ve lived in other countries. Education does not need to be free however it can be affordable. 3k a year plus books is plenty to charge (like some other countries) the problem is many places will avoid a CV if you don’t have a designer college. This must change.

    Obama should not of instituted the affordable care act under executive order. The abuse of EO has been happening for many administrations which means the next term if it’s not “your guy” in office god knows what will be done under EO. Obama also gave a free pass to big pharma, under his admin prescription drugs have sky rocketed. I needed an antibiotic with insurance they wanted over $900 meanwhile my dad lives overseas and the same exact thing was $7. This is the kind of shit real people confront. Ya! I have taken that antibiotic in the past in this country no where near that price. What we have in this country is socialized medicine at private prices! I’ve lived elsewhere I have been able to compare. It’s fucking insane.

    Of course Hillary was most qualified! however she also was also corrupt while in office. People pay attention to this.

    I liked how Bernie gives a shit about young people. I don’t need to agree with everything the man says.. never have. He did get out the vote. Sadly, the DNC decided to ignore this. This fuck fest is their fault!

    Can’t reason with racists.. No one needs a semi automatic weapon.
    I think though we must look at cops killing people in this country- why do corrupt racist law enforcement get all the guns? but hey! I am for complete denuclearization on the entire planet!

  84. Lynn says:

    Jelly I am not going to defend Hill except in the sense she was not a Putin apologist. She couldn’t inspire a tic to bite her. That was my point – her crowds were far smaller than Bernie and Trump’s. She did not inspire the kind of rock star/god adulation that they did (which I choose to call cult behavior bc people bought B and T’s BS). I would argue most of her supporters were lukewarm in their enthusiasm at best. People like me who would never go to see her speak, but simply saw her as the chemo needed to fight the Trump cancer. I was always fully aware of her issues. The flipside of that cult-leader status is that those candidates get voters to the polls. It’s just sad you have to way overpromise to get out the vote and that people buy what these politicians sell them.

    Yes it’s pathetic that it was corrupt vs more corrupt; sexual predator vs. wife of a sexual predator. Agree she had an arrogant, “I got this in the bag” attitude and made the same stupid mistakes that she made in 08. She learned nothing. She was a lousy candidate. But between her and Trump, he was definitely worse.

    I hate Obamacare. What I had before was far better. My doctors started pulling out in droves. I heard from many receptionists in NYC docs offices say ‘people are getting screwed’ by O’care. Thankfully I found a non-Obamacare plan a few years ago and it’s superior in every way. Cheaper for the same coverage. I no longer get a zillion bills for my portion of the costs each time I see a doc and more things are covered in full before I meet the deductible. It’s ridiculous Congress can’t come together and figure out a better alternative.

  85. takouris says:

    Holy. Hell. She is the worst kind of predator.

  86. jellyblue says:

    Lynn, I actually don’t have “Obamacare” I’m just referring to what Obama did to medication costs across the board. It’s fucking shameful.

    This is exactly what Bernie did, expose the corporatists- I can’t say I agree with his solutions.

    Trump and Hillary are huge corporatists- no difference on this level between the two of them. Crazily, trump does not show one fucking iota about believing in free market principles- his type of flip flopping”republicanism” is so far from the philosophy.. and no I’m not a republican… his bs is just drivel and nonsensical. It’s sad people believe his sensationalist garbage.

    Bernie went to a lot of universities to speak- it’s smart. I don’t think people really schlepped out to see him in the early days. He went to them. Why dems cannot do this astounds me. It’s because they don’t give a shit about people.

    I’m tired of mega corporate welfare. It’s socialism for the corps.
    As for Russia, it’s entirely astonishing to me that people are getting brainwashed into thinking that Putin is “good” it’s like living in the twilight zone. It’s also scary following the money trail in the Trump and Kushner worlds and their connection to this part of the world’s money.

    Having said that, the US is entirely hypocritical because we have been meddling in others elections and business or how long?

    Hillary does not get a free pass in context to the Clinton Foundation corruption.

    They all do it.

  87. jellyblue says:

    dingobeast- did they post the picture in this article? I was not able to view it. OMG I really hope this is sensationalist and she didn’t prey on a 14 year old.

  88. Shannon says:

    jellyblue, the article didn’t show the photo, but gave the date on which it was posted to Instagram. This is the photo:

    View this post on Instagram

    😘 @mattia_spangaro

    A post shared by asiaargento (@asiaargento) on

    I also really hope for the boy’s sake that she didn’t use him too, legal or not.

  89. Dingobeast says:

    That is a very young boy.

  90. Dingobeast says:

    Shannon, that post is identifying a potential underage rape victim.

  91. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, the shit just never stops with her. And this boy is STILL a minor. She met him while with her daughter, which makes you wonder what Anna’s role in the whole sordid mess was. A menage a trois so Mom could coach her in how to molest boys?

  92. catsworking says:

    On Obamacare, I will just say that it fucked me royally from 2010 when it first passed (but wasn’t implemented until 2014) until this year. My income was such that I didn’t qualify for a subsidy, so I took it in the ass on premiums spiking every year with Anthem for individual coverage. It’s all in the archives here.

    But last year I lost my largest client and had a huge drop in income that qualified me for a subsidy, so this year I am getting wonderful coverage through Cigna (the only insurer available in my area now) for a pittance (I’m talking low two figures a month) because I got a HUGE subsidy. And I’ve realized how truly worthless and crooked my exorbitantly expensive Anthem coverage was all those years while they wrung every penny they could out of me.

    I’m doing better with business this year, so I may take it in the ass again on my taxes, having to repay some of the subsidy. But at least I’ve been given one year to breathe and not feel like the bulk of my income is going to fucking health insurance that covers nothing. And in October next year, I go on Medicare and I hope the GOP doesn’t gut that.

  93. Shannon says:

    dingobeast, valid point. My apologies. Please delete my post if it is out of line.

  94. Rachel says:

    I looked at the boy’s Instagram and not long after that photo with AA was taken, he posted several photos of himself all moody and smoking a cigarette just like her…I am getting a bad feeling from this. That’s not the only young boy she has invited to her house ..there are photos on her IG of another good looking teenager (forgot his name) with her son and daughter. All of these boys kind of look the same too..delicately handsome. Her husband Michele and Hugo Clement look like these boys grown up. I am seeing patterns here…She is also back doing her stupid Instagram stories. Yesterday she was singing to Bob Dylan, today she was head-banging to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” I was watching this and thinking THIS WOMAN IS SO NUTS. Her life is falling apart (because of her own unhinged, reckless behavior)and she is posting herself lip-syncing on Instagram. It is like watching a car crash in real time. Some other random thoughts..I found an old article which says she invited Harvey Weinstein to the premiere of her “Triple X” action movie with Vin Diesel. That would have been in 2003 I think. And the Weinstein Company produced her own father’ Dario Argento’s movie, “The Mother of Tears”, which she also starred in. Need I say more about this mutually beneficial “relationship” they had with each other?

  95. Dingobeast says:

    Rachel-I agree she absolutely has gone after these little boys. She is as much of a predator as HW. Their relationship was a transactional one, which is obvious. Poor Tony thought he had a true love, but she looked at their relationship as transactional as well, and squeezed the life from him. She much prefers the very pretty boys who are younger than her.

  96. Donna says:

    Karen-right on with the Countess reference! Even as shitty as she sounds, it’s better than Ashtray (couldn’t help myself) Was this one of the “talents” AB admired her for? I cringe for his soul

  97. catsworking says:

    Shannon, you’re fine. Thanks for posting that link. One more instance of AA preying on a minor. If this is what dear old dad did to her, she’s just carrying on the Argento legacy. I fear for her children.

  98. catsworking says:

    Rachel, I think you are on to something. She may have a type in underage meat. Which might make Bourdain an attractive victim only for his money.

    With all the charges and litigation and accusations flying around right now, you would think she would be keeping her trap shut. Again, like Trump, she won’t listen to her lawyer. Mark Heller is going to have a lot of egg to wipe off his face.

  99. catsworking says:

    Donna, I hope Tony wasn’t so tone-deaf that he thought she had any talent as a singer. On the other hand, I think his taste in music was for shit, so I’m not qualified to judge.

  100. Rachel says:

    Catsworking, the other boy who is in several of her IG photos is named Andrea. In one photo, she calls him (shudder) “my son.” And we know what happened to her other “son”, JImmy. He has the same full lips as Jimmy but nicer features. Omg. Doing a little amateur psychology here, but from my observations of her social media, she has the emotional maturity of a sullen 16 year old girl…which explains why she might be so attracted to teenage boys and incapable of maintaining a relationship with a mature man. Unless she needs money, of course. Then she can fake it for a while.

  101. Ida says:

    Someone called ‘Geronimo’ posted a comment underneath an article-interview with AB shortly before he died. The comment is from June 29. Don’t know who ‘Geronimo’ is or what he knows/doesn’t know, but I thought it was interesting. Does anyone know what he means by, ‘Goes to his house, press reports anger as she leaves…’?

    Narcissistic nobody who was a C actress with F ratings (check reviews). Used Bourdain for everything…she wanted international fame – she always said so! Goes to his house, press reports anger as she leaves ( seen smoking 7 cigarettes and pissed as she left) wanted more controll and he refused because he likely felt used. Then gaslights him as all narcissists do to get him jealous with a man she could care less about. Then she puts up the FU T-shirt and he blocks her cuz he saw that pic and the other pics. Then she removed after learning of his death. Then tells everyone Open Relationship!! Close friends say Anthony was obsessed and deeply in love. He felt humiliated and used after seeing her pics with Hugo …she went to him asking for more that day…more control …opportunistic narcissist. Textbook behavior. Eric Ripert will tell all… he was last person to see him. Wait for it. Just a matter of time.

  102. Ida says:

    Rachel – that’s just creepy. I fear you could be on to something, though I kind of hope not. Good observations.

  103. takouris says:

    Ida: this comment is explosive. Thank you for sharing. It seems to confirm what we suspected. She was probably extorting him for money and he’d had just about enough. He was so obsessed with her for so long that her mess of a life got to him in the end.
    I wish he never met her….

  104. Anita says:

    Karen, I’ve been absent for a while because every time I read about AA my left eye starts twitching. To the point I am seeing double vision sometimes. Is this AA Derangement Syndrome?

    Regarding healthcare, I worked in the IT portion for many years and have a friend (that now I really don’t because she is a Trumper) who’s best friend was an ex-wife of the CEO of one of the major national insurance companies. In the divorce they had to split up seven homes. SEVEN! I was appalled that a supposed “non-profit” CEO had seven homes. He made millions of dollars a year.

    Our healthcare system is definitely broken and I do like the Medicare For All. I’d be more than willing to pay for Medicare coverage. My husband is on Medicare now and we are doing a jig. I have a few years to wait and I do qualify under Obamacare but I have to be very careful not to earn one penny more than the allowed.

    I screwed up last year and sold too much stock and it put me over the limit by less than $10.00. I had to payback the entire amount, which was $15,000. So please be careful with finances.

  105. catsworking says:

    Rachel, what struck me about this boy’s (Andrea’s) lips are how similar they are to Bourdain’s.

  106. catsworking says:

    Ida, this interview was posted June 3, just 5 days before his death. So the whole Jimmy Bennett deal and done and paid for and he was still singing AA’s praises for being such a #MeToo badass. It’s beyond disturbing.

    Geronimo’s comment is also very interesting. Remember, when they did the Hong Kong episode, Bourdain joked that he would like to use AA’s services more often but they couldn’t afford her. My guess is that she wanted to be hired on with ZPZ for the money, perks and distinction of being professionally tied to Tony and CNN, but he at least had the sense to say no to that (probably because the ZPZ crew would have mutinied).

  107. catsworking says:

    Anita, thanks for the heads up. I don’t think I’ll be earning enough this year to put me out of subsidy range (or else I’ll cut way back on working after the holidays), but if I had to pay it all back, it would be about $11.5K. I had a friend who was unemployed for a long time and got her insurance on the exchange. Then when she got a job she was making a ton of money again and had to pay back the whole subsidy, which was thousands.

    I am so thrilled that the country is finally shifting to support Medicare for All. It’s the only thing we haven’t tried yet, and the only thing that will be fair. (Actually, they need to make employers stop providing insurance as a benefit business and make the entire country pay into and have the same plan.)

    There’s a bill that’s been sitting in Congress for many years (first put forth by Dennis Kucinich) without a vote – HR 676 – that would do the trick. It’s only about 13 pages long, but it kicks insurers completely out of the equation, which is what needs to happen.

  108. Anita says:

    Karen agreed to your comment 1000%.

    “Actually, they need to make employers stop providing insurance as a benefit business and make the entire country pay into and have the same plan.”

    At least when crazy terrorist or gunman attacks happen in other countries – England, France, Canada – all of those citizens have health insurance. Not here. As a wounded victim, you are on your own to pay for the cost of your rehabilitation.

    As I read somewhere GoFund Me is now how American’s pay for health insurance. That is truly disgusting.

  109. Lynn says:

    Wow I dont know which is more disturbing – that Tarantula has a ‘compound’ in Italy (I thought she was broke?) or that apparently she is a female Michael Jackson without the talent. How many young boy ‘sleep overs’ has she had? All she needs is a freaking Webster to carry around on her hip.

    Even though I bristle at some of the dem socialist ideas, I am more and more coming around to wanting the same system Canada has. I’m tired of worrying about how I will pay for a catastrophic health event. I’m lucky that I can afford my $550 a month premium for Cigna (it’s an association plan) bc I’m not getting a subsidy. My shitty O’care premium was going to have been $711 when I dropped it. In NY we have several O’care options but they all blow.

    Karen you answered my question before I could ask it – I was wondering what Geronimo meant by ‘she wanted more control’ but I think you’re right, she probably wanted to officially join ZPZ, likely as an Exec Producer on the show.

    I think you guys are all spot on in your psychanalysis of her immaturity (Skankosaurus Rex, LMAO). She doesn’t seem to give a shit about herself or other people. Zero empathy. Her life attitude in all things seems to be who gives a fuck/fuck you all (just like the t-shirt said). She probably doesnt give a shit that Tony killed himself bc of her; she’s either flattered by it or sees him as weak for having done it. Sad to say but I think she pegged him as a weak easy mark from day 1. I’m frankly amazed she didn’t con him into naming her in the will or establishing a trust for her brats.

    She clearly seems messed up sexually, no doubt bc of how she was raised. She’ll bang anyone, any age, any gender, any SPECIES, any time. She seems to think her only or main value is sex and she uses it as both a weopon and currency.

    Btw my Trump voting mother commented the other day that she saw a pic of Ashhead and thought she ‘was very attractive’. Figures.

  110. Morganlf says:

    Karen veteran of Ocare here. In fact I am an expert. The supplement is tied to income…it is meant to be affordable. In NJ we don’t have an exchange governors fatty refused, so my subsidy came from the government. I’ve had great care very reasonable. I dropped off this year but was on it or 3 years. No complaints.

    Here’s what you do. At the end of the year when you get whacked for earning more than declared, tell your accountant to figure your taxes with an IRA deduction. Thus instead of paying $8k in taxes I paid a few hundred, varies every year. Some years you have to put the whole amount allowed I think 3k…some years less you have to put less, play with the formula.

    Anita I did the same thing with stock this year and my accountant was kid your screwed…until I reminded him to income reduce with the IRA..I ended up paying $800 and my premium was cheap and I was on a Silver plan with only 300 deductible. I changed plans 3 times each time reducing my rate. It takes work and research, but worth it.

    Just make sure you have the cash on hand to fund the IRA. Also any other legal income reducing deductibles you can take.

  111. Ida says:

    Catsworking – Yeah, it’s disturbing. I really hope AB didn’t have a seedier side that we’re not aware of. But I do still sincerely believe that he was majorly duped/whipped by someone he couldn’t handle, and that manipulation and thinking with his dick got the better of him. I think the observations that she saw him more as a ‘transaction’ than a love affair, seem about right. This theory is strengthened by the fact that AB’s friends don’t seem to sympathise with AA at all, whereas the people who do sympathise with AA, are people who knew her just as well, or better than they knew AB, and therefore defend her. Mainly men, and mainly ‘artists’ who probably thinks she’s oh-so-free-spirited, a femme fatale, if you like. There’s a bit of a sense of a ‘cult’ about her – like a female Charles Manson or something; a bit ‘artistic’, very ‘free-spirited’, using sex as a method to get what one wants, but all based on who can be manipulated, and always at the expense of others.

  112. jellyblue says:

    Shannon- thanks for posting that instagram pic.
    Honestly, if I understand this boy’s father he’s saying not to make too much out of this photo? did I understand properly?

    To play devil’s advocate and trust me I do not like AA at all. I’ve never paid any attention to her only post AB death. I do not believe she is a good human being. She is an opportunistic narcissist. AA has no respect for AB’s family and I believe she taunted AB before he died which pains me deeply and makes me lose complete faith in humanity.

    Without facts though, I can’t jump to conclusions about these pictures. AA has done enough horrible things for me to despise her bullying behavior.

    Thanks everyone for sharing their health insurance stories. I have to make some changes for next year and it’s not easy.

    Karen- you’re totally right about abolishing employer based health insurance. We do have a hierarchal health insurance system in this country – the bigger the group the stronger the negotiator can be. Medicare for all is a good start. It’s such bullshit we don’t have waits. I had to wait 3.5 months to get a skin biopsy by a dermatologist.

  113. jellyblue says:

    this is conjecture but perhaps in some ways more clear..

    AB hired AA a few times for Parts Unknown .. by “control” she tries to gain more control over the show by being hired on a regular basis. About this AB puts his foot down.. she has a hissy and decides to get back at him with the Clement pics. I don’t buy it for one sec she was trying to keep this under wraps w HC because she went w Clement to ABs favorite hotel in Rome. AB is in France, they are already fighting, he see’s the pics and goes into a dark mood.

    By this time she already skipped the payment to JB? or not yet?

  114. jellyblue says:

    I’m trying not to read too much of this AA filth it depresses the shit out of me. So I was watching some AB videos and reading some interviews with him and his crew.
    Such interesting people anyway when I look at pics of AB in this past year and a half it’s really sad he does not look well at all.

  115. takouris says:

    jellyblue: i agree with your two comments. i think she did say something to Tony that was cruel and since he was already in a dark mood, that put him over the edge.

    when i first saw that they were dating my first thought was: “who the hell is she and what is she planning to gain from being with tony?” call me weird, but i had a gut feeling from the very beginning that she was just an opportunist, sinking her unknown claws into this celebrity so she could further herself. since her talents can’t get her very far on their own.

    to your second comment about how sad it is that tony didn’t look well in the past couple of years: last night CNN reran the Mardi Gras episode. i wasn’t going to watch any of it, his death is still very painful for me, but i watched about a half hour of it. yes, he looked tired, worn out, almost like he was sick and needed rest. but what really got my attention was how out of it he seemed when he was talking to those people during their Mardi Gras cookout. he was standing there with a beer in his hand and his attitude (to me, in my opinion) was: “how long do i have to stand here and make small talk with these people before I can just leave and be left alone for the day?” I got the same sense from him in one of the Africa episodes. I can’t remember if it was South Africa or a different one. He was on a safari with a guide and she was showing him milk or yogurt or something and he was just eh. ok.

    Besides getting mixed up with AA’s venom and her toxicity, i think he was also getting burned out by the travel, which clearly led to the breakup of his second marriage, and I think (maybe) that he just wanted to slow down or maybe take a longer break but felt he couldn’t; he would be letting the people from ZPZ down, the crew that he’s known for years and probably grew extremely close to, as well as the network which was paying him a big salary, I’m sure.

    His daughter is 11. Having two 9 year old boys, this is the prime time of when your kids want you around and they’re a blast to hang out with. maybe the fact, too, that he wasn’t around his daughter much and that AA pulled him away from her also led to his severe depression and death.
    i rue that day he met her.

  116. catsworking says:

    Morgan, this is a great strategy. I do my own taxes with TurboTax, but it always asks about IRA deductions, so this would definitely work.

  117. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, since the boy’s father was apparently OK with his son spending 10 days alone with AA, who had her reputation for being wild thing in 2015, he may have been hoping the kid got “lucky” and “initiated” into sex by this so-called movie star. And the boy may have seen it that way as well because that’s how he was raised to think.

    And as Lynn said, I do think she considers sex the main thing she has to offer. If most of her apologists are male, it figures. They’d all like to bang her.

    It’s going to be fun in a few years, if AA lasts that long, to see her getting long in the tooth. Once the estrogen conks out, she’s going to be a bony little skank covered with wrinkly tats who reeks like an ashtray.

  118. Jellyblue says:

    Karen- is this kid friends with AAs kids?

  119. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, AA already controlled Tony’s relationship with Ottavia by getting him to move out and declare his new love for AA. If there was any control discussion, it had to be about her involvement in his work. He probably felt bad about what he did to Zach, and he knew to bring her in even deeper would destroy his relationship with ZPZ.

    Bennett got his first $200K from Bourdain in April. Now they’re saying he has $250K, so he’s been paid 5 of the $10K monthly installments. At the time of Tony’s death, either he or AA were still making payments to Bennett, and they continued until this month, when she just said she’s stopping them.

  120. Jellyblue says:

    I haven’t seen this past season of Parts Unknown.
    It’s sad that his daughter wasn’t enough of an anchor for him as I’d imagine she brought him much joy. I was reading a compilation of quotes he had about fatherhood. Really wonderful.
    AB obviously felt something very powerful w AA I wonder if his addictive personality played a part in this.
    Its so intrusive of me but it’s such a big loss.

  121. Jellyblue says:

    Karen- so August was paid.
    Interesting. Why would JB be the NYT leaker if this is the case?

  122. catsworking says:

    takouris, you and me both on the ruing. I’m sure if anyone close to him could have known that hooking up with that monster would be the beginning of his end, they’d have staged an intervention and tried to save him.

    He seemed to be handling the travel pretty well before he met AA. It was his addiction. OK, after two seasons, The Layover in addition to No Res stretched him too thin. He admitted it and moved on. But remember, even while he was doing his TV show, in several years he sandwiched in personal tours around the U.S. that he said were pretty grueling, but they meant lots of quick extra cash he could set aside for retirement.

    When he started seeing AA, he promised to be with her 5 days a month. He also promised Ariane 5 days a month. That’s 10 days on two separate continents, leaving roughly 20 to get EVERYTHING ELSE in his life done. I think that’s what sent him into overload again, but this time there was nothing he could back out of to ease it.

    Had he managed to just calm down and get through that final night intact, I feel that he would have broken up with AA for good and regained his footing. The Hugo pics were obviously the last straw. Maybe he’d have pulled the plug on Parts Unknown after another season or two, maybe scaled it back to occasional specials.

  123. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, I’ve never thought Bennett was the NYT leaker. It makes no sense to me. I think it was someone else trying to expose AA’s hypocrisy in the #MeToo movement. I should think only a handful of people would have had access to the legal documents and the photos Bennett turned over. Those people would be the lawyers on both sides, probably Ottavia as Tony’s executor, and whoever AA may have shared them with (which you know she did – she can’t keep her trap shut about anything).

    My guess now would be someone in AA’s camp who turned on her, possibly because they felt she’d done Tony wrong and they liked him. Or maybe they were also disgusted with AA’s hypocrisy.

    The NYT did say they authenticated the documents they received with 3 people before they ran the story, so I’m guessing again that those 3 were among those I’ve named.

  124. jellyblue says:

    Karen- all very good points.

    Makes sense.. I don’t think JB leaked the story to the NYT and it is RDs claim that JB sold the pics to TMZ. I don’t trust RD at all.
    I have a hard time grokking that it is someone from AB’s camp because it really paints him in a bad light.. this convoluted story and ABs participation in it takes away from all of the good work he did which is not how most decent folks would want someone talked about after death.

    Reading about AA’s history, different dramas (JT Leroy for instance) or her comments by her ex husbands/partners- I’m inclined to agree and believe that it is someone from her camp leaking the story.
    Maybe this person knew what a trigger she was for Tony.

    I’m not sure what this would do for Weinstein given that AA isn’t part of the lawsuit.

    I hate it that the conversation about his suicide is so “black and white”
    on the one side- all those celeb whores dissing the original toxic femininity story (wtf Mira Sorvino? what she did to McSweeny on twitter is shameful) and sticking up for AA being cyber bullied etc etc..
    on the other side- blaming AA for AB death. fact is he chose to take his own life.

    I wish the conversation was far more nuanced than this. Yes, AB was an adult with free will but she had a profound influence on him.. she taunted him and bullied him and continually lied about him after his death.

  125. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, my first thought at who leaked to the NYT was Bourdain’s family, but I’ve reconsidered that for the reasons you gave.

    Rain Dove is not a reliable source because s/he was never directly involved. S/he met AA 3 days after Tony’s death, so I am assuming never met Tony and has no firsthand knowledge of his relationship with AA. Basically, Rain is someone who has no business accusing anybody of anything. I don’t even know how long this person has known Rose McGowan. What s/he knows about Bourdain’s death would have probably come through Rose’s filter.

    We don’t even know that those texts where AA confessed were with Rain. It makes more sense they were an exchange with Rose, and Rose had Rain turn them over so she could somewhat soften the blow of doing a 180 on AA and condemning her to save her own skin with #MeToo. I could see Rose thinking that was showing AA some kind of mercy.

    Weinstein doing it makes even less sense. He seems to be Rose’s and AA’s go-to scapegoat for everything. Rose is claiming he had someone put cocaine in her wallet. He’s probably laughing his ass off at the way AA is dragging Tony through the mud now and thinking, “Welcome to the club, buddy.”

    It’s true that Bourdain’s story is gray rather than black and white. But that’s the world we live in. People can’t stick around more than an hour for a crime to be solved before they move on and forget all about it.

    And we ended up with Mr. No Attention Span in the White House.

  126. jellyblue says:


    The texts haven’t been verified at all. So grain of salt for sure.
    Thing is Asia being Asia I think if those texts were not between her and RD, Asia would of exposed this already?
    Just yesterday or in the past couple of days Asia tweeted something about RM being wrong.. and when Heller had his brilliant statement on his own website that was the day Asia confronted RD publicly on twitter… in both of these instances Asia did not accuse/bring forth that the texts are between AA and RM so I tend to think the texts are AA and RD. Of course, it’s censored and truncated on both sides which will serve to paint whatever story du jour of the moment each on of them wants.
    Ya- you’re right that a lot of RDs info is through RM filter
    It’s all shady lying as you have pointed out in your poignant article title.
    RM would have a better claim with the coke being planted by HW if she didn’t behave like such a nut job. What I don’t get even if HW hired this Black Cube company with ex Mossad agents- what good does it do HW doing this to RM? She’s not in the lawsuit against him either and it only gives her publicity so she can be more noisy.

    Noise.. it’s like Trump’s reaction to this Op-ed piece. I too have pre-ordered the Woodward book perhaps I’m already malleable to read this.. It’s just Trump’s responses are so completely asinine that he only inflates the issue and gives it a lot of attention- is this what he wants? does he think it works out for him?? Thing is what I do not get about his supporters how do they look at his theater and buy it? Besides Trump being a fucking Nazi (family/child separation is straight up fucking nazi) and behaving like a tantrum throwing toddler (of course these are things to hate enough) I think we live in times that if someone wins office without this type of experience and background I would like to see that they would be open and willing to learn about history/the present. Trump has the ability to invite anyone to the white house and teach him things.. but no he chooses to stay ignorant and act like a fucking imbecile. How can anyone respect this?

    I remember my democrat friend saying that when Trump won he was hopeful because “trump has been in the game for so many years maybe he can fix it” and I just kind of found myself dumbfounded into a one way ticket to a state of depression that I have been stuck in since the man announced he was running.

    Trumps idea of fixing the economy is choosing a company from Pence’s home state and giving that company an individual bail out? how do real republicans stand behind these actions?

  127. Anita says:

    Morgan, thank you I forgot all about the IRA contribution. I had a great very fiscally conservative tax lady but I moved out the of area two years ago and have been doing taxes on my own. If that happens this year, I will definitely do that.

  128. catsworking says:

    Trump’s raison d’etre is to have every person in the world fixated on Trump 24/7. The Woodward book is going to be the most well-researched and documented reveal of Trump’s insanity yet (he has the tapes to back it up). If GOP in Congress choose to discount that and continue to defend Trump, they will be guilty of treason, because Trump is providing aid and comfort to an enemy of the U.S. – Putin. Period. Ryan, McConnell, Graham et al will be found complicit.

    This situation is so far from the norms of our republic, we can’t even describe it. When Trump gets thrown out of the White House, there must be people with handcuffs standing at the door to take him to jail for life, along with his whole crime family.

    And Pence will be right behind him as aiding and abetting. He will never be president.

    I don’t think AA has outed Rose as the person she confided in to save her own face. She realizes she would look like a total fucking idiot to have poured her soul out to this amorphous thing she just met. I don’t know chess, but Rose managed to checkmate AA in this particular game.

    I think we can count on another round of AA vs. Rose to determine who ends up with the most cred with #MeToo, since that’s the only gig either one of them seems to have in play right now to keep their faces in the spotlight. They have both rendered themselves poison to any legitimate project.

  129. Lynn says:

    Jelly – I’ve often wondered how otherwise reasonably smart people (those Trump supporters who aren’t straight outta Deliverance) could support him. Based on 2 of my relatives, both of whom are college educated, I can only say it’s kinda like how did Jim Jones’s people follow him blindly? Same with Koresh’s followers. How do so many people fall for Scientology?

    One of my relatives is lacking in street smarts and believes 911 was an inside job. Not too bright despite a college degree, so that kind of makes sense. The other went to an ivy league school. What I’ve noticed about them is they are very low information. One had never heard of Rob Porter or Hope Hicks. Neither is aware of 1/10th of the Trump shit most of us know. They voted for him bc they hate Hillary and one of them always votes Repub no matter what. They don’t read newspapers. Whatever you say about him they have either an excuse or what about-ism re: Hill or Obama. My fave response is ‘you don’t know that that’s true’. Very depressing but there are lots of sheep among us. And Fox is an endless pro Trump soundtrack.

    When I visit I’m forced to overhear Fox during those moments when I am not in my room. I swear Fucker Carlson is a moron. Just a few things I heard him say on my last visit to Trumplandia (aka anywhere south of D.C.): ‘No one is stopping women from getting birth control’. Re: banning plastic straws, “so, we are all supposed to drink from our hands?” (somehow erasing cups and glasses from the equation) and when told all male baby cows born in the dairy industry are forced into veal crates, “but that’s a separate issue; I’m asking you why dairy is cruel.” Unbelievable! He stares stupified into the camera open mouthed, his neck fat bulging against that bow tie like a bloated frat boy with constipation. Did I mention I hate this man? LOL

    Btw Les Moonves is out at CBS after 6 more women came forward with more serious allegations including forced oral sex, as reported by Ronan.

  130. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I know several people with educations who should know better buying into the Trump lies. And it’s true, when they get their news from Fox, they’re getting so little of the whole story, it’s like talking to idiots.

    On the bright side, Rachel Maddow is now the #1 most-watched cable news show, with Hannity next, and then Lawrence O’Donnell. So apparently there are some defections going on.

    And the other bright spot is that these brain-dead morons do NOT constitute a majority, so even if they come out to vote in droves, Democrats can still prevail. When you look at the raw numbers in some of these primaries around the country, you see the Dems are showing up in greater numbers than Republicans.

    With Obama out there working on the millennials, I think Dems have a chance to take over the House and the Senate. That would be so sweet.

  131. jellyblue says:

    Trump certainly is a prime example of complete of egomaniacal narcisism.
    There’s no way he is of sound mind.

    AA/RM/RD texts.. what you say is possible about it being texts between RM and AA. It’s just after this whole fiasco I would think that detail would come to light because who ever goes public with that first (that the texts are RM and AA) it really just paints the other person even more poorly and further digs the hole for all of them. If they are in cahoots about keeping that detail quiet that can mean they are working together which doesn’t make sense in context to going to the cops with the texts.

    I wonder why the authorities aren’t releasing the name of the prescription that AB was on? “non narcotic” they call it.

    Lynn- lol you’ll hate me.. but many details about 9/11 don’t add up! but hey! I believe we cannot be the only humanoid creatures in this universe so there ya go!

    I just don’t understand how people watch fox it’s basically hate speech.. but with this Les Moonves scandal CBS is no better than fox.

    Thankfully, I don’t have cable now for many years.. and when I travel I tend to just watch my ipad.

    The Emmies are most certainly bittersweet. They do such a tremendous job on that show.. It will be missed.

  132. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I think AA may actually feel outnumbered by Rain and Rose. After all the shit she’s taken over Bourdain’s death, she may not want the wrath of Rose’s Army against her. Rose may have also threatened to tell more of her secrets and bury her, because AA may very well have confided other dirt to her.

    AA may actually be painted into a corner in this. She knows she’s guilty on the Jimmy Bennett thing, so to bring more attention to with a pissing contest with Rose will just invite more scrutiny that can’t do her any good.

    I just don’t believe that Rose has walked away from the situation and delegated it totally to Rain.

  133. jellyblue says:

    Hi Karen- we give these bitches far too much thought.
    I don’t see RD as a complete puppet but certainly RM is pulling the strings. The two of them use far too much mumbo jumbo about “feelings” and “expressing themselves” that certainly they both put thought into their actions… that is if RM isn’t flying high on coke.
    To arm chair psychologize AA I see her as being completely emotionally inappropriate. So I can see AA forming an unhealthy bond with RD quickly so that she would indeed confide in s/he.. (brilliant! very difficult for me to wrap my brain around using “they” for a singular body. Perhaps if RD claimed multi personality disorder I could do the “they” in a more organic fashion! otherwise, it’s just a complete mind melt and my system malfunctions after a while.. if I had a close friend that insisted about this point I think I would try)
    Your points make sense to me…
    I don’t think we will ever get more details from reliable sources.. but for me I think I am coming to terms with ABs death and actually there are plenty of reasons why he did what he did.
    It’s all very sad.. the company we keep matters.

  134. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I agree with you. Too many brain cells wasted on this trio. I just read somewhere that Rose calls Rain her “Being Friend.” Sounds like an alien life form.

    The fact is that there are two genders in human: male and female. People can be a combo of those, but there are no other options, like someone with a big horn sticking out of their head that doubles as a dick, or someone who uses their ears as a pair of vaginas. So I see my “s/he” pronoun as all-encompassing and preferable to making singular persons a plural “they,” which is just confusing. Actually, the s/he construction has been around since the earliest days of when it became un-PC to refer to people in general as “he” and we started saying “mail person” instead of mailman. Or “flight attendant” instead of stewardess. S/he just never caught on because being amorphous wasn’t a huge “thing” back then.

    These younger people think they are doing something new and wonderful with language, but that ground has already been well-trodden and they probably don’t even realize it.

  135. jellyblue says:

    LOL Alien life form. Hilarious.
    I just never thought to apply s/he to this specific situation- so while I was malfunctioning you simplified it.
    Folks constantly think they are reinventing the wheel or need to solve “new” problems.. but it’s all been tried and tested.

    The Guardian has this interesting article how there is no need to give Bannon a platform to be heard. I agree with this.. He can go to a million places and speak his mind.. Early on I tried giving this man a chance but ugh what a biggot. I personally would not go to any festival that he speaks in.. that is also part of freedom.

    I thought about this.. every media outlet has their bias whether liberal or right or fascist or just complete bs.. uninviting him has nothing to do with free speech…

  136. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, Bannon is getting some of the blowback faced by Alex Jones, who’s been permanently kicked off Twitter. If ever there was a raving, fact-free nut job, it’s Alex Jones.

    I’m for free speech (obviously), but I do think there should be a line against advocating subjugation of races or seriously hurting or killing masses of people, no matter what means, whether politically or through sexual perversion or terrorism or whatever. In my book, both Bannon and Jones cross that line.

    With Trump, we’ve seen in this country alone enough weak-minded, easily led morons who are blank slates waiting to be brainwashed by such predators to get us into World War III if they had their way. Points of view that seek to destroy mankind deserve to be censored.

  137. jellyblue says:

    Karen- it’s a slippery slope with censorship.. Just sayin’..

    I’m not so sure at the time of the election that Trump supporters are that stupid. It’s a mistake to think this. People are angry. The two candidates were very poor candidates. People will defend Hillary to the death but in reality she was (and possibly still is) hated more than he is. It’s the reality. These days I think he is despised but I think it is a mistake to get cocky and going by conventional ratings/polling type info..

    People are hurting and at the face of it establishment politics is the enemy.

  138. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, yes, censorship is a slippery slope. But inciting subjugation or death based on race, religion, or gender are pretty clear limits, IMO.

    What we keep losing sight of is that Trump LOST the popular vote by 3 MILLION people. The Electoral College has got nothing to do with the mid-terms. The fucking Trump morons are too small a minority to keep the GOP majority in Congress now that Dems and a majority of Independents are fully disgusted with Trump. Sure, some Repubs will keep seats in pockets of the most abject ignorance, but not enough.

    Hillary is 100% irrelevant now, and it just shows the GOP’s desperation that they keep harping on her fucking emails (which have had NO repercussions that we’ve ever heard of). Yet they let Trump tear this country and the world apart right under their noses.

    I do believe that Trump digs his hole deeper every day with his digusting lies and enough people are sick of it to vote and bury his enablers. The Dems aren’t cocky, they’re fueled by rage. Ramming Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court before the mid-terms will just make it worse.

  139. jellyblue says:

    Karen- I agree with you on some levels.
    I was referring to how we are in the position that we are in.
    In this country one cannot separate the popular vote and the electoral college. This is how this country operates if we want to change that it means changing other things as well and perhaps it is time for that. Distilling everything down to the popular vote completely ignores how we work so it is a moot point.. it’s just hearing a bunch of cry babies.. if we want to have a real conversation about getting rid of it I am all for that but that is not what generally happens.
    Democrats are totally cocky. That is why I am not a democrat. Dems have a holier than thou attitude.. they are better than everyone else, dem corruption is overlooked for the “greater good”.. that no one is allowed to have a different opinion.. dems embody the ideal of “my way or the highway”.. dems do not represent the working class at all!
    Hillary did her email stuff to cover up her corruption.. trump brings this up to win brownie points and distract people.. but in reality no one will do anything because that would mean they would have to go into both Bush’s history, Cheney and so on..
    I’d agree with you that Hillary is irrelevant if DEMS didn’t keep bringing her up blaming everyone else why she didn’t win.
    Trump may be digging his hole but really it’s up to the Dems to listen to constituents and choose a viable candidate. If once again they choose a deeply flawed candidate Trump will win for sure.

  140. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I’m not going to continue this political discussion with you because what’s coming through to me is a lot of Fox. Democrats NEVER bring up Hillary’s emails, and it’s not hide her corruption (which I believe she is guilty of on various matters), but because she’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how many times we repeat that, Republicans will continue to harp on her to avoid facing Trump’s never-ending outrages and their own congressional corruption, which is so prevalent, there’s no way to keep up with it all. Yes, Democrats are criminals, too, absolutely. Anthony Weiner comes to mind. But right now, having total power, many Republicans in DC seem to think helping themselves to all the sex and money they can grab is their right.

    I have been a Democrat since I could vote (I was born in Lawrence, Mass., and went to school in North Andover, BTW, where buildings have been blowing up) BECAUSE it has been the party of working people, which I am, although pink collar. Democrats do NOT support kidnapping and caging children with no plan to give them back to their parents, giving the bulk of the economy to the wealthy in tax cuts, cutting food assistance and healthcare to the poor, elderly and disabled, ending regulations that keep the air and water clean, letting banks and businesses swindle consumers, OR being buddies with Putin. Those things are all coming from Republicans.

    But enough. Our focus is on wiping the floor with the GOP in November. And as long as its supporters keep their blinders on and let us devolve into a Third World dictatorship run by an idiot, we certainly will.

  141. Mira says:

    I’ve been catching up on your blog, and skipping through the political stuff and Trump talk, because I ‘m not from USA, and because he is just too revolting to occupy my mental space. I had this naive view, that surely, now that people have seen how hideous he is, he will leave the White House soon.
    But then I checked the odds for the next election, and it is scary.
    It looks like the whole world will have to watch his ugly face for the next term as well. Dear Lord. I hope the odds prove to be wrong.

  142. catsworking says:

    Mira, we’re still working on getting Trump out of the White House. It looks increasingly like he will be defanged and rendered impotent after the November mid-term elections when Democrats take back Congress. And it seems a certainty that the federal and New York investigations into his corrupt politics, business and “charity” are going to come up with lists of crimes long enough to send Trump and his 3 kids to jail for years. It’s just a matter of time.

    There’s NO way this is going to end well for Trump, and then we can all rejoice. He’s deep in shit and he knows it. Even if he manages to get his fellow sexual predator Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, he’s never going to walk away scot-free from crimes he’s been committing for decades. One way or another, he will be ruined. His dream of anointing himself Il Duce of the World will never happen.

  143. Mira says:

    Thanks for explaining it to me…never understood the US elections and how they work…but I love watching legal dramas, and all my knowledge of Supreme Court judges comes from The Good Wife!…and I know that it is a long term thing that he has appointed these right wing judges, if I understand that bit correctly…

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