Asia Argento’s Claim of Talent: Deceitful Above All Things

By Karen

Still trying to wrap my head around Asia Argento’s alleged statutory rape of Jimmy Bennett in 2013, and Anthony Bourdain’s alleged participation in the cover-up earlier this year, I just watched the movie that spawned the whole mess. In 2004, Argento cast Bennett in The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things when he was 7 years old. It’s available for free on Amazon Prime.

Bennett plays young Jeremiah, and Argento plays Sarah, his drug-addicted prostitute mother. Argento also received script credit and directed the film, set in West Virginia.

How Argento got the rights to this “JT Leroy” story by sleeping with the woman who masqueraded as Leroy, and then cheated on Leroy to “his” face by sleeping with a man is a story in itself. Basically, it’s another example of Argento’s now well-recognized schtick of using people for her own ends before shitting all over them.

Back to the movie. Here’s the trailer (Bennett is the youngest boy)…

In badly fitting blonde wigs, Argento’s hit-or-miss Southern accent is the extent of her acting. The rest is pretty much her typical behavior as she’s posted it on Instagram for years.

In a nutshell, the story celebrates child abuse in myriad forms. Sarah makes Jeremiah her captive audience to watch her smoke, drink, do drugs, and have sex with strangers whenever he isn’t being tortured.

The photography includes lots of shots of Argento on all fours poking her barely-clad ass at the camera as if she considers it her best feature.

Jimmy Bennett looks scared, sad and finally numb throughout his portion of the film. Fortunately, his gig is done and he’s replaced by two older twins before a man rapes the Jeremiah character.

The rape scene may be the film’s most tasteful bit, with Argento stepping in to play Jeremiah’s fantasy that he’s Sarah. What, you didn’t think for a moment Argento would have a sex scene in her movie without her, did you?

Afterward, the only indication of “how it went” is Jeremiah trying to wash blood from stained frilly panties.

In one climactic scene, Sarah makes this speech to Jeremiah. It’s easy to imagine Asia spitting these words at Tony during one of their arguments…

“You think I need you? You’ve done nothing but ruin everything. Always. I sacrificed so much for you, you shitty bastard. I could have been something. I had to give it all up for you. By myself I’ve always landed on my feet. Never forget that.”

Making the film gave Argento an opportunity, in the name of art, to experiment with destroying a child. Four years later, in 2008, she gave birth to her son, Nicola. In 2013, before Nicola was 5, Argento allegedly had sex with Jimmy, the boy she knew best when he was only 7.

We’re left with 97 minutes of film showing how coarse, cruel and slutty Argento can be. It boggles the mind to think Anthony Bourdain ever watched it and found it impressive work.

Jimmy Bennett’s upbringing must have been nightmarish for his parents to allow his participation in this travesty, and then to allow him to keep in touch with the woman responsible.

BONUSES: Here’s a 2006 review still available online by Jeremy C. Fox at Pajiba that discusses the Leroy book and gives the movie and Argento much more credit than I do, but he’s ultimately disappointed.

Snippets of dozens of professional reviews are at Rotten Tomatoes, but I found most full versions no longer accessible.

Oops! Just found another one from 2006 by Ty Burr at The Boston Globe. Enjoy — or puke!

182 Responses to Asia Argento’s Claim of Talent: Deceitful Above All Things

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. Mira says:

    You deserve a medal for watching that movie. I shudder at the thought of even clicking on the trailer. This is a depraved world. I definitely do not have a dark side…I’m going to stay away from this for the time being and watch Disney cartoons and pretty travelogues ( I actually was going to say Disney movies, and then quickly swapped to cartoons, as even the sight of a child actor brings horror associations…)
    Jees, this brings me full circle…the reason I got obsessed with this whole psychodrama in the first place, is that a few months ago , I went in search on Youtube of a nice relaxing No Reservations, and stumbled on the fresh news of his violent death…

  3. catsworking says:

    Mira, funny you should mention Disney. The twin boys who played older Jeremiah, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, went on the following year to star in a Disney sitcom called The Suite Life of Zack & Cody that ran for several years.

    I can see how all three boys might still have nightmares about their film shoot with Argento, just like the children who starred in Mommie Dearest with Faye Dunnaway as Joan Crawford.

  4. catsworking says:

    This just in… AA is being dropped from X Factor Italy. She had already filmed audition episodes that will air, but as of Oct. 25, she’s out.

  5. Dingobeast says:

    It is so disappointing that Bourdain was so deeply, thoroughly, suckered by that greasy grifter. It is hard to even look at the shitty stills from that movie, you can see how incredibly stupid it is from those alone. I really think it was deep disillusionment and disappointment in himself for choosing that rank old skank that sent Tony to suicide.

    He actually thought she was talented, which is laughable. I can only imagine the sad life her kids live with such a dysfunctional person as a parent. I hope the dad of that little boy she has is able to use this to get custody of him.

  6. Katherine says:

    Just in: AA FIRED FROM XFACTOR! Made my day! This travesty of a human is imploding and I’m popping corn ringside!

  7. Donna Pavone says:

    OMG this trailer REEKS! How much bleach did you have to pour in your eyes after watching the entire movie? How could AB admire her as a talented actress (though druggie whore isn’t a stretch)?

  8. Lenora says:

    Karen, We all owe you a libation of your choice for suffering through that movie.

    The general consensus still is what the hell did AB remotely find appealing in this horrible woman. She isn’t a great beauty and her only talent seems to be a pretentious Euro-trash grifter. How could he not see through it all. Now this sordid mess with an under age troubled teen. Here is something to ponder if she knew he was troubled why the hell did she ever meet in a hotel room alone? This is all just so grossly revolting.

  9. catsworking says:

    Donna, as bad as she behaves, I really hoped to find SOMETHING — one teensy, tiny thing — redeeming about AA that might explain in some way Tony’s obsession beyond that she knew the same trivia. This movie wasn’t it. She has zero talent, even when she’s playing a character who’s essentially herself.

    Now that she’s lost her job, she can start planning her migration to Africa where no one gives “a fuck about her shit,” is how I think she phrased it. But somehow, I don’t see her ever getting there.

    I sincerely hope her ex-husband Michele Civetta can get custody of Nicola. Her daughter Anna will be 18 next June, so she’s probably toast. AA never married Anna’s father, although in the X Factor story I linked to, I think they referred to him as an ex-husband, as did Bourdain at least in one interview. Even the media feels obligated to try to clean up her trampy history.

  10. Pinktenaj says:

    Watching that trailer was disturbing for me let alone a young child who is filming that crap..take after take. I have often wondered about the “older”Sprouse twins that played the part after Jimmy. Do they have any stories to tell. Are they paid off to keep quiet as well. After all they were cute blond young boys..or was it just her “connection” to Jimmy that ended in this debacle.

    Have seen some comments from J.T. Leroy who started this whole girl that was a boy that was really a girl or something like that. Anyway she states she “really” knows Argento and calls her side of this sordid story B.S. Says she was there and saw what was going on. Maybe more reprehensible stories to come about this woman..and I use the term loosely. Maybe “lot lizard” as someone else said is more appropriate.

    I do think she threatened Tony with spilling all the dirt that she brought to their relationship. Dirt he tried to help her clean up, as I’m sure she represented herself as the victim in all cases. That’s what psychos do..poor me…save me…. And being in love with her..he couldn’t help believe her side of the story..until he just couldn’t anymore. And we are all paying for that sad realization.

  11. jellyblue says:

    I don’t consider my viewing habits to be of a high standard in the least.. but 10 years ago I disconnected from Cable and haven’t looked back.

    Karen- I don’t know how you sat through this movie.. maybe if the insomnia hits strongly one night I may succumb.. honestly though the thought fatigues me.

    So they get this letter from Jimmy’s lawyer and they go through the process of figuring out what to do.. whatever she says to him to justify her behaviors etc.. why though not step back from the Metoo positions?

    The timeline with the first lump sum payout and when the letter was sent- Bourdain could of taken a back seat.

    What would of happened had they not settled?

    Just goes to show sometimes we just cannot help who we fall in love with.. He made poor decision after poor decision.. after he’s with her.. He drank more, as I’ve read – started drinking earlier in the day. What a fucking vortex of destructive behaviors.

    Maybe I have it wrong. Tony contributed in a meaningful way and it is just so sad that he is gone. Having said that I don’t know how he could of kept it up.. seemed like it all took its toll.

  12. catsworking says:

    Pinktenaj, what an interesting point you brought up. Did AA keep in touch with the Sprouse twins for possible future sexploitation?

    Since they got the Disney sitcom the following year, Walt apparently didn’t hold their gig with trailer trash against them, and it would seem their parents quickly steered them to more wholesome work.

    So to answer my question, I’m guessing they weren’t allowed to accept AA’s nude selfies as they grew up, and they’re keeping themselves out of this mess now, although if they’re still acting, you’d think the question would be asked at some point. I haven’t done any research on them.

  13. Morganlf says:


  14. Pinktenaj says:

    Just saw Katherine’s post that she got the axe from X factor….great news for all who have been forced to endure her on air antics..which I’m sure are eye-popping.! I think Tony had something to do with her even getting that gig..he brought nothing but good into her life..and she in turn cursed his.

  15. Lily says:

    I’m SO happy to know the skank is off X Factor!!! My God, she is so debauched, so immoral… is it she still has anyone on her side?

    Every day I ponder, how could Tony, a man of such high caliber, such a sensitive soul, been attracted to her even the least bit, let alone in love with her? It seems to me when I look at her face the first instinct any man should have is to run not walk away. And yet Tony was drawn to her and saw good things in her that simply are not there. I will NEVER understand this.

  16. Lynn says:

    So happy to see some karma coming Ashtray’s way. Just catching up with all the comments and Attorney, I agree with you re: your post on the last thread. It would seem that either AB believed there was no sex with Jimmy (hard to fathom given the photos), believed AA that it was consensual and she ‘forgot’ or didn’t realize Jimmy wasn’t of age; or believed Jimmy jumped her and she ‘froze’. My guess is option #2, and because he was so besotted, he figured Jimmy wanted it, enjoyed it and then was looking for a payday. That AB seemed to give little thought to how this might play out re: his career, reputation, and relationship with CNN BEFORE deciding to make that payoff is disturbing.

    It’s shocking that someone who prided himself on his street smarts, who wrote extensively about ‘rubes’ of different stripes in Kitchen Conf., would turn out to become the ultimate rube for day old roast beef served in an ashtray. It makes me sad I cannot see AB in the same way as before all this. In a way it makes him more human to me and more flawed. But then I never ‘loved’ him as some fans have said they did. My days of feeling that way about celebs ended after my teenage years. Ever since I found out at 16 that a celeb I worshiped, who had always claimed he was clean turned out to be a huge drug addict, I was done with the hero worship stuff. My sadness at AB’s death is more like what I would feel as a kid when I saw an amusement park being torn down. That I’ll never again experience that enjoyment – in this case, of Tony’s show and his writing.

    I also think often of Eric R. and what he must be going through. Anger, guilt, sadness of course. Going over and over in his mind little clues that he may have missed, thinking if he’d only done or said x or y, AB might still be here, even though there was probably nothing he could have done. I know I would be in his shoes.

    Also, off topic, I just want to say how vile it is that once again, the orange infantile POS in the White House doesn’t show common decency (in this case making a verbal statement about McCain and thanking him for his service) until there is a massive outcry. He just tonight made a statement 48 hrs after the man’s death.

    What does it say about the taste, patriotism and intelligence (or rather lack of all three) of this country’s voters that McCain never became President and this POS did?

  17. bamboo.skewer says:

    AA seems capable of only doing autobiographical movies.

    And, wow, Rose has clearly moved her relationship with Asia into “past tense” according to Rose’s words in today’s Bruce Cameron Elliott post:

    If I get so annoyed with Rose referring to Rain as they and them, and trying to follow her sentences, I think I’ll bow out of trying to follow the heart is deceitful movie plot!

    AA is not going to Africa or Brazil. She’s going to wherever she’ll find her next older wealthy male victim to support her. Watch out, men of the world …

  18. RD says:

    I can’t even finish that trailer. It’s horrific.

    I’ve been doing some more thinking. If Bourdain had given 200k – no small change – to Argento for the first payment, but she was expecting that he’d foot the bill for the 10k monthly payments for the next 18 months…And then she broke up with him, or tormented him, or cheated on him openly, and he finally told her that she wasn’t going to get another penny…

    And then if she threatened him with something dear to him if he didn’t pay. He might have thought death was the easiest way out, with the least harm to the ones he still loved.

    Pure speculation on my part, and I have no insider information about any of them. Just thinking through what fits.

  19. Mary Hunter says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments, and again Karen for giving us this platform. “Ashtray” ( a great name, btw) is so disgusting I have no words. I, also think of Eric Ripert and how awful that must have been. And Lynn, totally agree with your statements about the “T” ( I can’t even type his name!) and his basic indecency re McCain, a true American hero. Pretty bad when the President is barred from his funeral. Good for McCain, one of the few Republicans who stood up to the orange one.

  20. catsworking says:

    Lynn, “day old roast beef served in an ashtray” is such an apt description, I had to laugh.

    My interest in Bourdain started out with fascination for his wit and his writing talent. If I were ever to just meet him as a regular guy, the snark, smoking, earring, tats, and taste in music would have sent me screaming from the room. In fact, I realized recently that when I was 13-14, I spent one year living in Freehold, NJ, about 50 miles south of Leonia where he was growing up. He would have probably been in 7th grade and I was in 9th. I would have been terrified of him even then, I’m sure. Those NJ kids were a tough, street-smart bunch and I was a clueless innocent.

    What I’m going to miss most about him is the stories he still had to tell and his common-sense perspective on everything except AA.

    Off topic, do you watch Our Cartoon President, the animated Stephen Colbert series about Trump on Showtime? Just had the season finale and it was AMAZING. A few musical numbers, very dark. Trump is acting like a petulant 2-year-old regarding McCain. It’s like he’s doing everything he can to shift the focus back to himself, even if he disgusts people. And as usual, Repubs in Congress say almost nothing to stand up for their colleague. Their cowering is so far beyond disgraceful, we need a new word for it.

  21. catsworking says:

    bamboo, I’m with you on the ridiculous, confusing pronoun references. I’ve never even heard of Rain Dove before this, and Bruce’s pics are the first I’ve seen of him/her. Looks like a guy with tits to me.

    Instead of calling a singular person “they,” I’d suggest “s/he” or something similar. What I can’t imagine is what “dating” such a person would entail.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I really do think we, as a species, have jumped the shark when it comes to twisting gender in an attempt to create this society where everybody can be either at will.

  22. catsworking says:

    RD, the final text exchanges between AA and Tony may very well still be on his phone and answer all the questions about how she may have insulted or threatened him. If he was breaking up with her and cutting off her sugar daddy support and Bennett payments, I would imagine she totally freaked out, even though she still had her X Factor paycheck at that point.

    His family probably knows.

    She may have threatened to expose the whole Bennett situation and his role in it, jeopardizing his job with CNN. Of course, she’d play the victim who was raped and then “forced” to give in to extortion at Bourdain’s insistence. And after seeing those pics of her with Hugo, causing him shame enough, he realized she was totally capable of destroying his career and saw no other way out but death to protect everyone who depended on him.

  23. jellyblue says:

    I really loved his work on Parts Unknown.. I think they took it to another level of TV (yea! I’m also a Game of Thrones fan 😉

    So as fan I love him as a result but I’m not misguided about it.
    I really dig that his work contributed to the positive.. I’m not sure life was like behind the scenes..

    The whole Rose statement stinks.. the timing of it.. it’s just all so opportunistic, fake and contrived. *puke*

    As for gender identity I’m not sure I care.. as long as no one is telling me how to self identify.. I’m sure though I will get the languaging wrong with all of these pronouns and what-have-you.

    I must watch Our Cartoon President! so many have mentioned this to me.. the scariest part about the Trump world is that folks still support him.. I get it they bought the lie but to still buy the lie.. ohh the koolaid!

    Thanks for this platform to vent about this crazy tale.

  24. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, you’re most welcome.

    Almost forgot to mention to everybody that I discovered last night CNN is running a mini-marathon of Parts Unknown beginning Sunday night and into the wee hours of Labor Day Monday. Looked like maybe 5 or 6 episodes from all over the seasons. I didn’t study which ones, but didn’t see any involving AA. The blackout continues…

  25. feijicha says:

    I dunno… I’m left with the feeling that Tony just realized she didn’t love him, she was just using him. He had a moment of clarity about the manipulation and emotional abuse tactics she used and along with the Clement photos the shame was too much. Broken heart doesn’t really capture it. It’s just so sad he let this POS and her opinions of him (or anything really) matter so much to him. Has Clement resurfaced anywhere? He’s been laying low ever since….

  26. Mira says:

    Feijicha…you are right in your feeling. I totally agree. And I checked on Clement, he continues his work as a French reporter, he has a very active twitter account, but absolutely no mention of anything AA related. I think that AA fling was nothing for him.

  27. bamboo.skewer says:

    According to his Instagram, Hugo has been living life all over the place. I think the cheating wasn’t covered much in media, so it all blew away to his benefit. Plus while it seems he’s well-known in France, he’s not known in the U.S. so his name just never stuck here.

  28. catsworking says:

    AA and Hugo was a thing in Italy because she’s well-known there, and to Bourdain fans because he’d made such a fuss about how “magnificent” she was.

    Hugo is right to chalk it up to a wild weekend with that skank and keep himself out of it. If he’s smart, he’ll let her find another date to Cannes next year (unless she’s off hacking out a new life for herself in some African jungle).

    Rose sticking her nose in with her lengthy statement seems very self-serving. Who cares her boy/gf showed her the texts with AA? Who cares when she found out about Jimmy? It’s all just CYA. She’s got nothing to do with it.

  29. feijicha says:

    Of course, Mira, we will never really know. My fear, and to me the worse of the two scenarios, is that her hateful nasty comments to him somehow got “in” and he believed them, they made him feel unworthy, and that, combined with depression and other issues (self esteem etc) made him somehow feel HE’D fucked everything up and wasn’t worthy of continuing to live because he was such a “failure” at making her happy/fixing life for her.

    He just really felt like she was somehow, I dunno, “cinematic royalty” or something. I’ve looked back over some of his comments about her, and he is just sort of in awe, for lack of a better word, with the fact that “she’s been famous since she was a kid” and her father was a famous director (though is he that well regarded? I haven’t done any research on him. He did horror films, but that sounds very B-movie at best to me. But then that would appeal to Tony, wouldn’t it? The “cult classic” sort of director rather than the big, mainstream director), and that she wrote, she directed, she produced, she ‘sang’.

    We know (because he said so) that he loved that she could cite, as he put it, directors and movies and writers and artists that “I thought only I knew about”. Him calling her his “peer”. He was only looking at what she listed on her resume. He certainly wasn’t considering her influence on her profession — I mean, really, who the fuck cites her as an influence on their art?? On the other hand people all over the world were hugely influenced by him and his thoughts and his insights and his ability to communicate those through his skill with language. WTF has she left to the world? Nothing but the fucked up tangled perversions in her psyche….as someone said above, she can’t make a movie that isn’t autobiographical, and what a fucked up story they tell. From her fucked up childhood with her fucked up twisted parents. Her poor, poor kids.

  30. Mira says:

    Feijicha, you should see AA’s daughter’s IG account, it’s a cry for help. And where are the grandparents in all that? AA’s father in complete denial, saying its all a set up, AA’s mother happily tweeting art images etc., nonchalantly made a few comments, I can imagine her raising just an eyebrow at this ‘puritan’ outcry about sex with a 17 yo…

  31. bamboo.skewer says:

    “Instead of calling a singular person “they,” I’d suggest “s/he” or something similar. What I can’t imagine is what “dating” such a person would entail.”

    … I think dating “they” entails threesomes all the time???

  32. Lishona123 says:

    Hey you catsworking, you should check the No Reservations episode in South Florida where Anthony makes a wish to meet Asia Argento. This occurred 12 years ago. Very interesting. It’s on daily motion and the time stamp is ~ 18:00 mins

  33. catsworking says:

    feijica, very good analysis. My impression is that AA knows a lot of pop culture trivia and a lot about obscure movies because her father made them. She doesn’t convey the impression that she’s well-educated or even well-read. For Bourdain to call her a “peer” was to sell himself totally short.

    And I do agree with you that she may have preyed on his self-esteem issues and insecurities to make him feel like she was the superior one. On some level, maybe he wanted someone to tell him he was a POS to cofirm his own beliefs. It’s beyond sad.

  34. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Lishona123! Someone mentioned this a while ago. It was 2006, he was dating Ottavia at the time, and they were probably in South Beach together. But he was thinking about AA, whom he was still years from meeting. How creepy is that?

  35. Lynn says:

    I’ve never seen an Ashtray film and while I usually go for dark stuff, :…Deceitful above all things” just sounds vile. I don’t want to see a kid being abused. Is this the one where she tongue kisses the dog? I had never heard of her before the Rome episode. I didn’t even know her father Dario had any kids.

    I’ve seen one episode of Cartoon President but I didn’t stick with it. I have seen most of the episodes of The President Show on Comedy Central. That guy looks and sounds so much like Trump it’s eerie.

    I agree on ‘they and ‘them’ being totally annoying re: Rain Dove. She isn’t trans. She just figured out that she can pass as male and is making a career off it. Is that revolutionary? There’s tons of highly masculine looking women. I notice Rose says ‘the being I’m seeing’. Ugh. Being? It sounds like she’s screwing an alien. I envy Rain tho. I’d love to be able to pass as a man. I could travel more freely alone and not have much to worry about safety wise beyond getting mugged.

    Rose just doesn’t seem too bright. From getting naked in a hot tub alone with Weinstein to her ‘be gentle’ BS about Ashtray/Jimmy, only to walk it back with another statement kicking Ashtray to the curb once she gets more info. Her loyalty level is on par with President Orange Babyman. I wonder if she now feels like a total idiot having put that “open relationship” statement out right after Tony’s death. Did she lie for AA or did she actually believe that at the time? Either is totally possible. And I have to wonder what kind of texts have passed between Ashtray and Rain about the last day’s of Tony’s life?

  36. gettngclear says:

    When you’re in love, u see the best in another person. I never had heard of AA until Tony died. The bit I’ve seen of her, I can understand what Anthony saw. She’s very intelligent, a powerful speaker, from the bit seen in Rome, she seems to be a very loving mother. She shared Tony’s infatuation w punk. I think she’s attractive. She seems very quick witted. In one of the photos taken of them standing up somewhere (perhaps Florence) she looks like she cares for him.

    I’d like to give Anthony credit for not falling for someone with no value. Imagine growing up with a father who put u in horror films. I suspect Tony could see the damage she lived with, which may have increased his desire to protect her.

    I don’t believe anybody knows what went on inside of that relationship. And Tony appeared to me to look burnt out in recent episodes, which tragically intersected with whatever was going on between them.

  37. Janet says:

    No, I think the movie where she made out with the rottweiler was a film of her father’s.

  38. catsworking says:

    Janet, I happened to check my phone this morning and your comment was the first thing I saw and almost died laughing. I’m still laughing! You couldn’t say that sentence about any other actress on the PLANET.

    It just goes to show how sick her father is to think of putting his daughter in that situation, and how sick she is to have agreed to do it. Desperate for attention, approval, whatever. My heart goes out to that poor dog.

  39. catsworking says:

    gettingclear, I didn’t really have a problem with AA until she cheated on Bourdain in public and then three days after he found out, he was dead. I wish I could give him credit for not having been duped, but he was. She played him from beginning to end.

    If you look at her Instagram posts and read her interviews, she comes across as neither a good mother nor an intelligent person. And she always looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in a month.

  40. catsworking says:

    Lynn, The President Show is another brilliant parody of Trump. That guy goes very deep into Trump’s twisted psyche and it’s terrifying.

    Stephen Colbert says Our Cartoon President takes the slant of being more about relationships and inside the family, but in the later episodes it was also going into Trump’s head.

    As for Rain Dove, I’m just confused. I don’t think “being” is the right term for s/he either. The closest word we have is “it.” Let’s face it, the English language hasn’t figured out a way to deal with this stuff.

    Rose is simply an opportunist who will piggyback onto any situation she has any remote connection with to grab a headline for herself. I personally don’t give a shit what she thinks about the AA/Jimmy thing or when she knew. It doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with her except to highlight her poor taste in picking friends.

  41. jellyblue says:

    As a fan, the news of Bourdain’s suicide just hit me. Since that moment I have been asking “why” and trying to figure all of this out.

    Many intelligent folks have stated we just don’t have all of the details.. I am sure AB’s digital trail reveals a lot.

    It’s disgusting how AA and RM are able to manipulate me into paying attention to what they have to say. I engage because I am trying to understand his suicide.

    Fact is I don’t trust their narrative at all.. the timelines, the details.
    If Rain Dove is such a good soul why only come fwd with this now?
    RM in her statement at some point iterates “you must” to rain dove about going to the authorities with the AA texts. What a load of hogwash. Why be so public about everything?

    Fact is AB got caught up in this destructive torrent of these peoples lives that seem to attract drama and negativity every which way they turn and don’t give a flying fuck who they use, destroy and take down with them..

    Why wouldn’t AA report to guardians and authorities a 12 year old is sending her nude selfies? because he’s a “failed” child actor and she feels bad for him? wtf is this??

    It’s beyond unfortunate AB got caught up in this mess. I think he realized the series of very poor decisions and it all became too much.

    Maybe there is something to this theory he cut AA off, AA skips the 10k payment to Jimmy.. He says “fuck it” sells the pics and here we are.

  42. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, totally agree with you that there’s ZERO rationale for AA to receive nude selfies for YEARS and not tell his parents or his agent or somebody. That she didn’t just illustrates her unfitness as a parent. Would she be OK with her own son sending nude pics of himself to, say, Rose?

    The way I see it, here’s how it stands with Rose and AA right now:

    Rose is facing trial in Virginia for cocaine possession. I think she’s due in court early next year. It seems a slam dunk. Authorities found her Chanel wallet with coke in it, which she left on a plane. She made no attempt to recover the very expensive wallet from the airline, presumably containing her ID, credit cards, etc. Instead she claims Weinstein’s “people” planted the drug on her and she had no clue.

    Depending on how much AA has pissed off Jimmy with her lies and denials, he could press charges in California and have her on the hook for statutory rape, giving liquor to a minor in order to rape him, and underage porn. A the very least, she would be unwelcome in the U.S. indefinitely, so no Dancing with the Stars gig in her future here.

    Rain Dove is a latecomer to the drama and seems clean, unless the texts s/he turned over to authorities were doctored or edited in any way. But s/he can now join the growing list of people AA claims have “ruined my life.”

  43. jellyblue says:

    The AA/Jimmy relationship is twisted that’s for sure.

    I am not sure RD is so “clean”.. When the AA allegations first came out remember when RM tweeted “be gentle” or something along those lines?

    We don’t know exactly who knew what and when all we have is their word and to me it’s untrustworthy and suspect as they have a clear track record changing their version of events when it suits them.

    In context to RD it seems they are trying to put RM in a good light but if RM learned from AA in Berlin that AA is being extorted and later this story comes out… when exactly did RM learn about the RD/AA texts? At one point I think RM said just a few days ago but at the same time RM told RD “you must” go to the authorities.. So all of this was very recent? but they didn’t connect it to the AA berlin story of being extorted? they only connected this later? bullshit. why the “be gentle”?

    Seems to me they are all in cahoots together. They are making money and they are saving their own skins due to the optics of rampant hypocrisy.. not to mention this tragedy playing a role in AB’s mental state including AA’s bullying of him…

    If anything I can learn from this tale how we treat each other matters.

    RM and RD make a marked point in both their statements that AA can rehabilitate herself. It just all seems very convenient and orchestrated to me to try and play the optics to make all of this look a little better for all of them including AA… especially considering that vile statement RM made with AA blessing after AB death.

    It’s like they scramble to figure out a script to explain their crazy and then make a public statement to explain it. None of this seems like an organic unfolding. The only organic event is AB’s suicide..

    I think Asia’s initial denial of the Times story has more to do with legalese. Her admitting publicly to sex with a minor, giving him alcohol in the state of California opens her up to a lot shit so it’s her lawyers advice for sure.. so she denies it.. but then her “friends” release these texts blaming that it’s AB’s idea to pay Jimmy off, that Jimmy is twisted since he has been sending nude selfies to her (again she’s the victim) and I think it’s all done because of the photos that got released to the press.

    AA and RM did the same shit when they claimed that AA is a “free bird” and have an open relationship. Ultimately it’s none of my business but they open themselves up when they go public with such a claim that is a blatant lie all to make AA look better due to the Clement photos.. She went to AB favorite hotel in Rome with Clement. Who does that?

    Uggh I am invested in this story and I disappoint myself that I give RM and AA so much attention.. they get exactly what they want and I feed it.

  44. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I’m with you. I feel slimed every time I think about it, but it’s like a bad tooth you just can’t stop poking with your tongue to see if it still hurts. Ouch!

    Let’s not lose sight of the timeline here. Rose said she and Rain took AA to Berlin to grieve right after Bourdain died. That could have been as early as Saturday, June 9, because by about June 12 or 13, AA was back in Italy (in Turin, I think) filming X Factor. So Rose and Rain have known Jimmy existed for over 2 months. But if they believed AA, they thought he was extorting her. Hard to believe they’d be so naive.

    The texts between AA and Rain didn’t happen until after the NYT story broke. Wasn’t that Sunday, August 19? In those texts, AA confessed to Rain that she had sex with Jimmy, but made it sound like he raped her and she froze. Remember, Rain suggested several ways to cast AA in a better light, like get paperwork to prove Bourdain paid the money.

    A few days after the NYT story, AA issued her statement saying she never had sex with Jimmy.

    So was Rain’s motive in turning over the texts to show that AA was raped and a victim?

    It’s Rose who has said it was wrong of AA to have sex with a minor, as if she believes AA the aggressor. And she’s cut her loose as a friend. All to save her spot with #MeToo, I’m sure.

    This just popped into my head: Do we know for sure the texts were exchanged between AA and Rain, and not AA and Rose? When I wrote my post about it, I know I had no idea who the other person was. Could Rose have gotten AA to admit stuff and then get Rain to claim the texts so Rose could pretend to be shocked by it all? (Could that work? I don’t know how someone turns over texts. Is the actual phone involved?)

    I was just looking at some photos and IG posts of Rain and s/he seems a bit pitiful. Like an alien trapped on the wrong planet. It’s unfortunate that s/he got mixed up with that pair. It can’t end well.

  45. jellyblue says:

    Karen, teeth lol! you’re really funny.

    Thanks for repeating the time line.
    It all seems “staged” to me. AA has to deny the allegations publicly and in text blames AB and JB. I’m not sure how it works legally if they can prove AA sent those texts?

    Rain is just covering their asses since it’s public and they know TMZ has pictures.
    Rain Dove has a statement on Twitter.
    It all seems too convenient to me.

    And ya- anything is possible.

  46. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, yes, “staged” is definitely a word that could describe the behavior of all three of them.

    I just hope AA is stocking up on khakis and getting fitted for a pith helmet for her relocation to Africa.

    PS: I just read Rain’s statement on Twitter, and I must say s/he seems to have s/his head screwed on straighter than who s/he’s been hanging out with. Most notably, s/he read AA’s draft NYT statement denying sex with Jimmy, THEN received the texts admitting AA had, but THEN AA still sent the original statement containing the lie to the NYT. That’s what tipped the scales against AA with Rain. Her nakedly deceitful intent.

  47. Jellyblue says:

    lol.. ya! Entitled Westeners 😉

    RD’s statement is contrived. Did JB ask for justice? didn’t his statement say he wanted it to remain private? RD also claimed that it is JB that sold the pics to tmz. How does RD know this? And that RD did not sell the texts to tmz just handed it over to the authorities. So the authorities sold the texts to tmz? Convenient. I think RD appeared on the Today show? It’s great publicity and it’s good money and it looks good to package it up like this meanwhile is RD in contact w JB?

    Fucking actors this is why people despise the Hollywood.

  48. Unrelated. I’m watching season 9 of Parts Unknown, Portugal and there’s this tiny part where the hosts are talking about feeling hopeful for happy times they’ve had in their past and Tony is just shaking his head like “nope, no more happy times like that”. He was dead serious, not “Jokey Tony”. This is after he began seeing AA, afaik.

  49. feijicha says:

    HobBulge that is the crux of the problem– Tony was on a downer from the time he was with her, regardless of his comments about falling in love and all that. Her outlook on life appears to be grim, cynical, dark. Tony already had those tendencies, and for balance he needed (or benefitted most) from being with someone who offset that with a little bit more optimism or hopefulness or lightness of some kind. It’s like the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”…. her darkness mixed with his darkness led to a the darkest of black holes for him to fall into and get swallowed up by. It could never lead to a happy outcome. She reinforced all the negative, dark impulses he might have had.

  50. feijicha, I agree with everything you’ve said. I have since moved on to my hometown episode, Newfoundland and it’s impossible *not* to see the drunken, detached Bourdain. There are *no* interactions with natives and as his companions from Quebec have since remarked that it was a “dark time” for Bourdain. And this was autumn, 2017. I can’t help but feel that if he were in a better place when he was here, the show would have been that much better. It was *amazing* but if Tony was Tony? I can’t imagine.

  51. catsworking says:

    Ow! Jellyblue, you’re making my fillings hurt!

    You have given this Rain angle a LOT more thought than I have. I have wondered how TMZ came to possess the pics and texts. I sincerely doubt that Bennett sold them the pics because he’d already been paid handsomely to give them up. Surely he knew how stupid it would be to double-dip on profiting from them. And he did say he wanted to keep it private.

    Which leaves Rain. I don’t get sinister vibes off this person, but I’m open to it being as you say. The chance to draw attention to her/himself was too great to pass up. The selling of materials could have had two-fold motive: profit and doing AA a dirty. She has it coming in spades on many, many fronts. We’ve well-established that if AA isn’t stabbing you in the back now, it’s just because she’s sharpening the knife.

  52. catsworking says:

    Hob, I watched a Portugal episode recently and I don’t recall that bit, but Tony could have been feeling down because of Trump getting elected and whatever was going on with AA.

    feijicha, agree totally that she fed into his dark side and made it darker.

    Much as I miss him, I’m kind of relieved he’s not around to see what a shit show is swirling around him right now, thanks to his “magnificent” GF.

  53. Karen, I never figured Trump into the Tony thing during that episode. I really felt it was personal. Like “fuck that, life is shit”. I think that he worldview may have been skewed, he still made that show in West Virginia. I think he was deeply depressed to the point that CNN may be culpable. Like, they knew, but he was their biggest draw.

  54. Can I just say, that the “swim bladder” Tony ate in Newfoundland wasn’t a bladder. It’s a “swim bladder” because it helps keep the flish afloat. Sorry, inner Biology Major. Tony described it as a urine bladder.

  55. catsworking says:

    Hob, do you feel better now? 😉 I don’t remember this “swim bladder” you speak of, but you’re reminding me of Scottish haggis for some reason. Any relation?

    We all know that Bourdain was looking like hell for quite a while, and he mentioned recently having a bout of deep depression that was relieved by a hug (jokingly?) in one of his later interviews. I don’t know how much the brass at CNN saw him or could have known he was spiraling down fast.

    For him, it was a Catch-22. His job required him to stay on the road, even if it was killing him. It may have been a pride thing not to ask for help because it would have disrupted everything with ZPZ. Shortly before he died, he did say he expected to die “in the saddle.”

  56. Wow, Karen, I don’t mean any offense here. That’s all I’ll say for now. I’m sorry?

  57. Caitlin says:

    RainDove said this on their twitter:

    “It was my mistake in interpreting the texts. You can tell even when I’m writing to Asia I thought she meant that he had been sending nudes since 12. But indeed it’s 17. Still underage nudes received. That was my mistake. I clarified today in the press and owned that.”

  58. L Villeneuve says:

    The episode in Georgia, the country, featured a beautiful blonde official who looked like she was flirting with AB and he was really in to her. Why did he go for the Italian slime ball? He was WAY too good for her and would be alive for his daughter and fans had he not met her. Eric Ripert has not said word one?

  59. jellyblue says:

    LOL hilarious!! your fillings your fillings 😉

    I find this whole situation with Rain Dove to be absurd. Just like the RM statement post suicide. It’s actually offensive in a way.

    Rain Dove on her Insta feed says it (is that correct terminology? I know I’ll fuck it up) came fwd because the texts were leaked and others were accused of being the person behind the text so she wanted to clear things up for the sake of others reputations. RD says “they” wouldn’t of come fwd publicly otherwise.

    How convenient.

    First off JB is 22 right- he is no longer a minor. If he wanted public justice so badly he could of done so himself. He’s in California NDA’s don’t apply in such cases if I understand CA law properly. Did RD ever ask JB if this is what he wants? Is RD is deciding what is best for another being wtf?

    It’s all a smoke screen.. isn’t it an invasion of Jimmy’s privacy?
    Doesn’t all of this negate his public statement?

    Also, the texts are like entrapment of Asia. Who gave RD this job?
    RD a narc on 21 jumpstreet?

    Trust me I am no AA fan but fuck to make a public spectacle of rehabilitation is like the past time for celebrities every little thing they go to rehab.

    And so RD is being applauded for bravery etc.
    If JB required justice why not go to him directly with authenticated texts? why play this out in the media?

    It’s business, it’s jobs, speaking fees, tv fees, publicity and many people will just eat this shit up instead of just seeing more crass, narcissistic, opportunistic behavior.

    It’s disgusting. Sorry everyone the whole thing makes me angry and we lost one of the good guys as a result.. complicated and dark human and incredibly flawed and he fucked up big time.

  60. Jellyblue says:

    Karen- I’ve read a few times now that RD confirmed that JB sold the pics to TMZ. Why would RD confirm this?

    Perhaps JB did this because he didn’t get his payment.

    So Convoluted!
    They can’t bitch because now they are all in the public arena and are “fair game” ugh.

  61. catsworking says:

    Hob! I should have put a smiley face or something. I was just kidding with you. I thought your observation was good! I didn’t catch that at all. 🙂

  62. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Caitlin, and thanks for this clarification. It changes a lot. So, Jimmy WASN’T obsessed with AA since age 12 and sending her creepy nude selfies. Credit to Rain for admitting the error.

  63. catsworking says:

    No, LV, Eric has not said a word, and has since had to deal with the death of his own mentor, whose name escapes me at the moment.

    Yes, if Tony had only had a thing for tall blondes he’d have spent more time in Scandinavia with sensible people and would probably still be alive today. (I kid, I kid!) But I get your point. I really do see AA as a rebound reaction to the breakdown in his relationship with Ottavia.

    Nancy was also a brunette. And he had a thing for the actress Louise Brooks, another brunette.

    Nigella Lawson would have been yet another brunette. She was my dream girl for Tony.

  64. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, let me first say I really do admire how you have studied this whole Rain angle. I’ve considered that person sort of a tangential force in the situation, but clearly s/he has inserted her/himself very deeply on social media.

    I don’t know that we are safe to take Rain’s word for it that Bennett sold the pics to TMZ. However, as tit for tat on a missed monthly payment, I would buy it that he did as a distinct possibility. AA’s the one who looks more compromised in them because she’s glomming all over an underaged boy.

    Yes, these people deserve all the scrutiny and criticism and disdain that comes their way because they have chosen to play this out in public. Make yourself a public figure, make yourself fair game to us judgmental “entitled Westerners.”

    I don’t know where this goes from here. AA has had her say (both ways). Maybe the next move comes from the L.A. Sheriff’s Office, announcing whether or not they are going to charge her with statutory rape and other related crimes.

    And to Rain I say, get a grip on your fucking pronouns. Nearly everything you write is rendered nearly gibberish because in English all individuals are not “they” as if they have multiple personalities. Make up a new goddamn word for “gender neutrality” or “fluidity” or whatever the hell you call what you’re doing. Sheesh.

  65. Mira says:

    I am ‘channelling’ AB right now, and imagining him hearing all this noise and not really caring.
    I have come full circle.
    AB was deeply clinically depressed, he could not deal with anything anymore, especially hysterical females,
    He should’ve gotten medical help, but he was not the kind to ask for it,
    and being a celebrity and earning money for everyone around him, his coworkers would’ve been enabling him to continue with work.
    He depended on this wretched AA for emotional support and she failed him.

  66. Caitlin says:

    Thanks for the welcome 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few months and have learned alot.

  67. bamboo.skewer says:

    CNN is finally making Karen’s dream come true (I say that fondly!) and sharing all the news fit to print! Another article about AA, linked prominently on the home page.

    CNN indulged Rain Dove and uses the “them” and “they” pronouns and even explains why. Still hard to follow.

    Anyway Rain Dove now says … okay I have to do it? they … didn’t want to be complicit in a crime. Just like gender fluidity, there is reason fluidity, explanation fluidity, the whole world is like water swirling around and around, head spinning.

  68. catsworking says:

    Mira, I wonder what term Tony would have used to describe Rain. I feel like he would have said, “Pick a fucking pronoun, dude, or chick, or whatever the fuck you are. Eunuch? Neuter? Spay? We label animals by what we do to render them incapable of procreating. But they don’t come back claiming to be the opposite sex just so they can enjoy having it both ways. Tell us what you’ve you got, what works, and stop dicking us around (pun intended). This is bullshit.”

    Did I channel Tony? (Be brutally honest.)

  69. catsworking says:

    Oh, wow, wow, wow! CNN is finally doing its job. This is my dream come true, bamboo! Thank you for that link!

    The question now is… Why is Bennett refusing to talk to the L.A. Sheriff? Is he trying to protect AA from prosecution, or has he done something (like sell pics he didn’t own to TMZ) he’s trying to cover up?

    CNN, DO YOUR FREAKING JOB AND FIND OUT!! Trump’s crimes have been there for decades. They can wait.

  70. catsworking says:

    Caitlin, your quote clarified the discussion, so it was valuable. Coupled with bamboo’s link to CNN tonight, I feel like maybe — MAYBE — we at Cats Working are steering the dialogue to the truth by tracking down and analyzing (sometimes to death) all the available information.

    We’re not bound by blind loyalty like Rose’s Army or AA’s coven of witches or whatever the hell they are. We just want the truth to give Bourdain a fair hearing and resolution.

    I feel like CNN actually reporting on this is a HUGE breakthrough for us.

  71. Lynn says:

    CNN will not cover this on TV, only online. Grrr

    “She went to AB favorite hotel in Rome with Clement. Who does that?”

    A cruel, narcissistic bitch with some mental issues who wanted to punish, shame and/or make AB jealous. I am sticking with my theory that he tried to break it off with her (or did something she didn’t like) and that was her freak out/revenge.

    Agree on the Rain pronouns. Why use ‘they’ for people like Ashtray and Rose who are not gender nonconforming? Gee, can I just choose to be income tax nonconforming? How dare you call me a “taxpayer” or “citizen”, IRS. I declare that I am neither. And again, Rain is NOT trans. I still say the pronoun shtick is a gimmick since she is profiting from being born with a very male-looking face. Yet I think Tony would have deferred to whatever Rain wanted to be called since he was so under the spell of AA, Rose and their whole gang. Remember he told Bruce Elliot to lay off Rose on Twitter. *cough* brainwashed/cult *cough*

    Rain’s actions beg the moral question – if a good friend or a good friend of your boyfriend/girlfriend admitted to you that they committed a crime, do you report it?

    I think it’s also possible some cop in LA may have leaked the Jimmy stuff to TMZ. We still don’t know who the original encrypted email sender was for the NY Times article.

    Karen – you can take screen shots of texts and text or email them so no handing over of phones would be needed.

    “Why is Bennett refusing to talk to the L.A. Sheriff?”

    It certainly makes him seem more like someone who’s only after money, not a good look.

    I read that the statute of limitations in CA is such that Ashtray is highly unlikely to face prosecution.

    One piece of good news – Sarah Palin was not invited to McCain’s funeral. Love it.

  72. Mira says:

    🙂 Karen, yes, you are ‘channelling’ the old Tony….before he got involved with these idiots.
    I leave it to you to continue with the sleuthing, I had enough of this ….( insert your descriptor, and pronoun, and whatever…)
    Life is too short to spend it on this crap. Better plan your girl’s reunion, somewhere nice, where they serve decent cocktails 🙂

  73. jellyblue says:

    LOL LOL crying! Bamboo skewer and karen. Cracked me up.
    I don’t understand the usage of “they” for 1 being/body. What am I not comprehending?

    Lynn, I think it depends on the circumstances and the crime.

    I don’t believe Rain Dove’s motivations are pure because in this circumstance I think theres an obligation to speak with the victim JB directly and see what he wants. JB isn’t talking to the sheriffs office perhaps it is because he chose to settle…

    It seems more to me that RM and RD are trying to clean up a PR mess and using this to make it seem like it’s for the “greater good”- once this sordid tale went public it shined a light on AA, RM and Metoo that isn’t so bright.. who gets to decide was is the greater good? The Metoo movement is a mixed bag and they know it. Look at RM’s behavior after the AA story came to light or that director she defended.. so when it is your friend’s due process it’s ok?

    All of this is bolstered by AB’s fame that is why the interest is 100 fold.

    To me they are all a bunch of fame whores.

  74. catsworking says:

    Lynn, the only thing I hold against McCain is his unleashing of Sarah Palin on the world. Without his acceptance of her as a running mate, we’d never have ever heard of her. But I’m glad that a line was finally drawn and she’s sitting out the funeral, along with Trump. Right after McCain died, I saw some shit about Sarah complaining about something to do with him, but now I can’t remember what it was. Somebody lied to him or something.

    Agree that Bennett dodging the police looks dodgy on him.

    Good to know about the texts. So, it’s possible they could have been on anyone’s phone (like Rose’s) and no one could trace them without seeing the actual phone. I find it a little odd that Asia would be confiding all this stuff in Rain, a person she just met, instead of Rose. And I don’t buy for a moment that Rain is this world-renowned confidante of the rich and famous who guides them through sticky situations with his/her brilliant strategies.

  75. catsworking says:

    Mira, I agree that we have hashed this thing over beyond all reason.

  76. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, actually, “they” has been misused for years now to refer to singular entities. It’s sloppy grammar or an avoidance of writing “his or her.” You see it all the time. For example: Every student shall turn off their cellphone before the test.

    But calling individual identified people whose gender isn’t in question “they” is just stupid and confusing.

    “Fame whores” is a good description for what’s going on.

  77. jellyblue says:


    My grammar sucks so I am not one to talk!

    It should be “every student shall turn of his or her cellphone before the test” ?

    Ya, it is very confusing to refer to someone else as “they” it’s like reinventing language all by yourself and expecting everyone else to follow suit. I think you are right that new words need to be invented. fuck it makes my head spin.

    It would be interesting for me to understand the intention from their community.

    I still don’t understand the difference between gender fluid, non binary and other terminologies.

  78. Mira says:

    I did some googling for you…

    “As of right now, LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA seems to hold the mantel for discerning the multifarious number of sex and gender identities. To spare you from switching screens, it stands for: Lesbian, Gay,
    Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Curious, Asexual,
    Pansexual, Gender-non-conforming, Gender-Fluid, Non-binary, and Androgynous. There are others too, an “ally” or “skoliosexual” or even “two-spirit” – which ostensibly serves as a blanket term for Native Americans who may possess both genders or fulfill qualities
    that satisfy such a requirement.”

    Gender Neutral Pro Nouns -( I tried to copy this , but my computer illiteracy stopped me…)

    “…..For example, instead of saying “He went to the library to study;” you would say “Ve went to the library to study;” or “Zie went to the library to study;” or even “They went to the library to study,” if that individual feels that their lived experience as one sex, hasn’t fully conformed to their transitioned one.”

  79. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I’m with you. I have nothing against people who aren’t plain old male or female, but I don’t need them forcing us to come up with a whole new language to talk to or refer to them.

    Now, if someone you don’t know well mentions a husband or wife, you have no idea if they’re referring to a man or a woman, and so run the risk of calling a “he” a “she” or vice versa. Innocent bystanders shouldn’t be put on the spot like that.

    Yes, the example I gave, if kept singular, would be: Every student shall turn off his or her cellphone before the test.

    But the simpler fix is to make the whole thing plural: All students shall turn off their cellphones before the test. Voila! No gender issue at all.

  80. catsworking says:

    Mira, OMG. The world has gone absolutely bonkers. I don’t even know what some of that stuff means.

    I recently discovered that I’m a cis female. It means I was born female, I’m OK with it and act like a female. You’re a cis male if you’re good with being a dude.

    So someone has even made up labels for those of us who don’t have issues with our gender!

  81. jellyblue says:

    Mira- bless your heart for looking to Google god but honestly I cannot comprehend it/keep track.

    I’d like to think that I would take a que from the person directly as to however they choose to self identify even if it is in a grey zone but at the same time I find tremendous difficulty using words that have clear definitions and redefining them.

    Karen- thanks for explaining.
    About “cis” what does this stand for?

    Ok! so now all this minutia needs to be spelled out. What’s the reason for this? so we won’t assume what someone “is”?

    I am not trying to be insensitive or mock anyone I just don’t understand how to keep up with all of this.

  82. Mira says:

    Yes. I wonder how our period will be described in some future history and sociology textbooks. This is a confused generation, and I have no idea what is going on.
    And I’m not talking only about the Alphabet soup nonsense, but also the hashtag activism, and the metoo hysteria, god forbid you roll your eyes at that twitter ‘movement’, you get immediately accused of being some sort of monster.
    Its like you wake up one morning and suddenly you have to double/triple/quadruple check that what you say does not offend someone….Where are the modern day Kafkas and Orwells?… We need someone to explain it to us, put this in perspective….I feel lost.

  83. Mira says:

    :)…’I recently discovered that I’m a cis female’…sounds like you were diagnosed with something! ( jellyblue, cis is I think a prefix stolen from chemistry, like cis or trans isomers…)
    It’s hard to not mock this, it is beyond ludicrous.

  84. jellyblue says:

    Mira- I hear ya and agree.
    I’m not really sure where all of this is going.. perhaps it’s just a pendulum that swings back and forth? I don’t know.
    When political correctness leads to self- censorship I think this is not headed in a good direction.
    I am so late in the game but I just learned that lots of kids and teens have “finsta” accounts.. a way to decompress of the pressures to make it seem one has a perfect life.
    Can’t imagine growing up in this.

  85. feijicha says:

    yes the current generation has grown up steeped more than ever in this world where it’s all about acting like a celebrity, of portraying your real life the way tabloids and the media portray celebrities. So you take what amount to sort of paparazzi-style shots of yourself with your friends doing even the most mundane things, you take stylized headshots of yourself (every.single.kid. I know under the age of 25 knows how to do incredible, amazingly professional looking makeup on themselves (male and females that is) and has perfected the art of posing for a photo, because they literally spend hours upon hours (ah, remember the days of free time?) taking pics of themselves, deleting the bad ones, taking a bunch more, to get the perfect shot. (I think it was Kim K. who said once that she typically had to take something like 60 photos to get the one that was good enough to put out online). Everyone is obsessed with creating this fictional imaginary life and wastes their real life putting hours and hours into it. It’s like the people who spent all their time building farms in Farmville. Or who, and this is the one that totally kills me, sit in front of their computers watching other people who are sitting in front of their own computers playing video games. The players (whom everyone else is watching) are actually getting ENDORSEMENT DEALS and making boatloads of money.

    we’re continuing to try and build all sorts of robots to do all sorts of things humans do/did… are regular working people going to do in a few years? it’ll be like that movie (was it the Tom Cruise one?) where the people are floating in tanks doing nothing. Or that animated one that (mockingly) had fat, bloated people sitting in reclining chairs being moved around on conveyer belts holding giant slurpees.

  86. Lenora says:

    So much interesting dialogue in these comments and a lot to process.

    The question I have was AA sending nude pictures to Jimmy too? Isn’t that way it usually works? I’ll show mine and let me see yours? It is odd a kid/young teen would send nudes without getting something in return? Did she encourage him to send nudes? Did she send nudes first? To me it is very unlikely that this kid out of the blue started sending nudes to her. They must have had some interaction that encouraged him to send photos.

    Transgender issue is such a hot debate on line. I am little sacred to even a toe into these waters …

    However, my husband is a biologist and whenever students use the word gender they get the red pen. The correct word is sex, sexes or sexed. When you identifying an animal in the field it is called sexing. For example, “sexing birds not in breeding plumage can be difficult.”

    I told him that these young college students are probably not making a statement gender is fluid in wildlife. Its more likely the word gender is used more now and they feel less awkward using gender than sex in formal writing.

  87. Shannon says:

    The Daily Mail (my guilty pleasure) did a piece yesterday on RD’s Today show appearance and this part was hard to read:
    One night, Argento explained that life without Bourdain would be difficult because of all of the ways he had helped her when he was alive.

    ‘Asia had mentioned that one of the things is difficult in their life right now with Anthony passing, there was a huge gap in that this individual had helped them out a lot in life and one of the things they he helped them out with was an extortion case in which an individual was extorting Asia for $10,000 a month,’ Dove explained.

    This makes me so sad and angry, that life without AB would be difficult for AA because she would no longer have his help (his money). What an utterly selfish person. She not only thought that but vocalized it. Ugh.

  88. jellyblue says:

    Mira- lol “diagnosed with something” hilarious. Thanks for teaching me that this is from Chemistry..
    It is difficult.. it’s mind numbing.

    feijicha- Holden Caulfield is rolling.. I’d be absolutely exhausted with all of this pretense.
    It’s funny you mention that animated flick because ya it’s prescient.
    I don’t know what will be left for people to do that is why all these billionaires advocating I forget the exact term but “basic life income” is another mind melt. If we didn’t continue this cycle of “out sourcing” (which really is about always moving to the next country of workers to exploit, raise the quality of life, gets too expensive, leave out source again etc etc)
    America is just becoming more and more service based jobs which will also be replaced by robots. This is how an orange anus gets elected.

    Leonora- it is very interesting taking the lead from science. I have to say I don’t know when the word “gender” should be used and when the word “sex” should be used?

  89. catsworking says:

    Lenora, people probably say “gender” because “sex” means an act to them, as in intercourse, and they think it could be taken as a no-no word.

    I’m pretty clueless about all this stuff. I did used to enjoy the series Transparent before Jeff Tambor got crushed by #MeToo. The title alone was the most perfect word to describe it.

    I was just reading an article out of England about how Generation Z is pulling out of social media because it’s too much pressure and too depressing. Personally, I’d like to see Facebook go away.

  90. catsworking says:

    Thanks for that links, feijicha. First time I’ve seen Rain speaking. For some reason, I thought s/he would have a British accent!

    So, Stephanie Gosk on Today also got the story wrong, reporting that Tony “paid” nearly $400,000 to Bennett, but also saying Bennett is getting $10,000 a month, which makes it sounds like an arrangement that could go on indefinitely and involve a lot more money. Is it really so hard to read the NYT and just repeat what it says?

  91. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I used to watch a show I’m ashamed to admit, called The People’s Couch. Can’t remember which network, probably Bravo. Every week, various groups of people (two sisters; a pair of girlfriends, one gay, one straight; a father and his three daughters; a married couple and their teenage son; and others) would sit at home watching certain TV shows on network or cable, and we’d watch their reactions and comments, which were usually funnier than the crap they were watching.

    It lasted for a few seasons and I was bummed when it got canceled. They even tried a spinoff using little kids watching TV and it was even funnier. But it was a TV show where you watched people watching TV. How sick is that?

  92. Jellyblue says:

    Shannon- gut wrenching display of extreme narcissism.

  93. Jellyblue says:

    Karen- Transparent really a brilliant title.

  94. Morganlf says:

    Rain Dove A model? Hahahahahahahahahahaha, those teeth!

  95. Mira says:

    That RD info about AA complaining that she depended on him for the monthly extortion payments, makes my blood boil.
    To imagine that she harassed the man for money, the man who loved her, the man who struggled with depression, the man who discovered (in earlyJune) her photos with other men plastered over internet, both Hugh Clement ,and Raz Degan ( the overcosy photos with him in Africa, they were doing a promo for the screening of joint documentary those days, that they made earlier in Feb)
    ,…I can almost see him in the hotel room, telling her to just leave him alone, switching off his media , and reaching for that bathrobe belt.

  96. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I would ask, a model for what exactly? The .00001 percentage of the population who wants to be completely free of gender? I get that this person wants to hook up with everybody and anybody so as not to feel rejected until the STDs kill her/him off, but I feel safe in saying the vast majority of us are “cis” and will remain so.

  97. catsworking says:

    Mira, I think from the beginning it was all about the money for AA. She probably thought she’d won the lottery when Bourdain contacted her about doing the Rome episode, and she wasn’t going to let him out of her clutches. She had nothing else going on and NEEDED a new sugar daddy. Bourdain gave her the confidence to burn her bridge with Weinstein and paint herself as some sort of Joan d’Arc for sexual victims.

    Sadly, your last paragraph is exactly how I picture his last hour, when he realized he’d been an old fool who had fed and encouraged a monster.

  98. Jellyblue says:

    This display of constant shitty behavior from the theater of these fame whores depresses the heck out of me.
    Why do people have to behave this way?!?!

    I’ve never been upset about a “celebrity” death but AB suicide hit me hard. I can’t even imagine how his friends and family feel.

  99. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, I feel like it’s a double dragging through the shit. This morning I turned on Morning Joe and then shut off the TV because I could not stand ONE MORE MINUTE of analysis of Trump’s morning Twitter ravings.

    Instead, I read the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which just raised its rate by 30% while it devotes the front page EVERY DAY to local murders and pervs and bullshit feel-good nothing and Civil War “news” while concealing Trump’s myriad crimes in the middle 2 or 3 pages.

    With this situation with AA and Bourdain, I feel like I am dealing with a parallel Trump. She’s fucking with the sanity of America. Don’t believe your eyes and ears. Nothing I do is as it seems. I am good and everyone else who says I am not is the enemy.

    It’s enough to make your head want to explode. We need to eradicate these demons by whatever non-violent means we can, or our world will devolve into total anarchy and these monsters will rule us all.

  100. Mira says:

    All we can do is call out the bullshit when we see it, and surround ourselves in our individual worlds with quality people, if we can…otherwise, just stick to our pets…

  101. Lynn says:

    Gee, Ashtray, it would seem you’re your own worst enemy. Did it occur to you that you’d be cutting off your human ATM machine when you humiliated AB and pushed him to suicide? If I had a cash cow like that, I’d be doing everything I could to make sure he stuck around.

    Sometimes I wish I’d been born earlier so I wouldn’t have to deal with social media at all. I think it’s a cancer on society. I was an early adopter of all of it – Twatter, Facepuke, Instavomit, Pinterest. After a few months I got so disgusted I abandoned them all. Sometimes I think my generation, X, was the last semi decent one. I realize everything thinks this, but at least I know about things that happened before I was born. Millennials and those after them seem proud that they don’t, particularly re: pop culture.

    I worked with a 22 year old a few years ago who actually sent her boss an email titled ‘my feelings’. We mocked her mercilessly behind her back for weeks before she quit. I was spoiled in my younger days but I can’t imagine as an entry level employee thinking my boss gave a rat’s crap about any of my “feelings”. Feel your way to the door, as there are a zillion others waiting for your job, she would have told me.

    Fejicha I recently read that computers like GE’s Watson will eventually be able to do things like write screenplays simply by having thousands of existing screenplays fed into them, omitting the need for human writers. Depressing, except for the fact that this would mean we won’t be subject to anything Ashtray writes ever again. One thing I’m really looking forward to are driverless Ubers. To be alone in a car in NYC without having to drive is my idea of bliss.

  102. Mary Hunter says:


    I totally agree with what you said about Sarah Palin. I was actually on the fence about McCain, but when I heard that she, a governor of Alaska said she did not believe in global warming–Hello Polar bears with no ice!!?? I decided right there and then that she was a total idiot!

  103. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I’m a baby boomer, and I can remember when Gen Xers were considered the stupidest people ever born. Now we’re buddies. 🙂

    I have mixed thoughts on Millennials. If they turn out in droves to vote Democratic in November, their stock will rise with me. But if they sit on their entitled asses glued to their smartphones, fuck ’em. They deserve whatever dystopian shithole world we leave them.

    Funny you mentioned Pinterest. I just remembered last night that I hadn’t looked at Pinterest in many months (and then didn’t look). I never could figure out what it was useful for. I just assembled a bunch of pretty pictures that make me feel good when I scroll through them. Just another time suck.

    Never could figure out Facebook. LinkedIn used to be a tad useful, but now it’s Facebooked itself and everybody’s loading it with crap just to keep their faces in mine. Never got into Instagram or Snapchat. Cats Working has a YouTube channel, but I haven’t posted anything since Roc was a kitten (he turns 3 on Saturday). We do use Twitter. In fact, I found out on Twitter that McCain had died.

  104. catsworking says:

    Mary, I’m so glad that Sarah Palin has faded into irrelevancy except for the occasional filler about some new scandal within her trampy family. How many illegitimate kids does Bristol have now, about six? Have Todd and Track murdered each other yet?

    We should be so lucky with Trump.

  105. JB says:

    cats working, seriously?

    “But if they sit on their entitled asses glued to their smartphones, fuck ‘em.”

    Seems to me that you spend an awful lot of time on your electronics based on the number of comments you post here each day to be making such a comment.

    Last time I checked, Trump’s boomer supporters outnumbered millennials by a fair margin. I plan to bring my entitled millennial ass out and vote Democratic in November.

  106. catsworking says:

    JB, I was rude. I apologize, truly. I do believe it’s going to be millennials and minorities who will carry the Democratic wave in November. White boomers got us into this mess in the first place. I’m ashamed of that.

    As for my electronics, I sit at a big old desktop computer working 9-5 and I’m self-employed, so I’m free to pop over here to see what’s going on throughout the day. Mainly I check to promptly approve comments that get hung up for moderation, like yours did, so the commenters won’t think they’re being censored. I could let everything stack up for days, but that’s how blogs die.

    I keep an iPhone SE in my purse, off 99.9% of the time because I spend my days sitting next to a landline. I have the cell mainly to make calls and text people who won’t communicate any other way. The GPS sometimes comes in handy.

    I use my iPad and laptop while I’m watching TV at night because my regular PC is too big to lug up and down stairs, but they’re pains in the ass to type on so I try to minimize that.

    JB, you have made me realize that even I, who can’t make any sense of Facebook or Instagram, have become a slave to my devices.

  107. Lynn says:

    I once left my cell phone at a friend’s house, who ended up Fedexing it, and it was 2 of the happiest days of my life.

    This is hilarious:

    Particulaly this part, re: RD:

    There are more unpublished texts, though Dove would not elaborate on them citing an ongoing investigation. But the gist of the remaining texts, Dove paraphrased, was essentially that Asia was hoping that everyone would burn in hell.

    “She felt like she was on the brink of getting away with it,” Dove said. “Her message to me was ‘I was so close and you screwed it for me’.”

    Everyone burn in hell. lol. If Asthray still has the “f you all” t-shirt, it would come in really handy right now.

  108. catsworking says:

    Lynn, thanks for that link. Rain is perhaps unwittingly doing Bourdain’s family a huge favor by revealing AA’s true nature. AA thought she was going to get away with statutory rape, and now wants everyone who thwarted her in that to burn in hell. Perfect.

    Maybe we should all be the ones wearing the T-shirt.

    PS: I’m not getting this whole Rain modeling thing. She looks like a woman in men’s clothes, and a guy in drag in women’s clothes. Who is this supposed to appeal to if someone is trying to sell clothes?

  109. Mira says:

    Karen, re – modelling, it is the fashion industry paying lip service to inclusiveness, they put in the show one older model, a couple of alternative looking ones, plus size one, and even thought the rest of the models are 99% superslim, they can pretend to be inclusive….

    In this day and age of ‘look at me’, wide spread selfie narcissism , I feel so lucky that my pay check has nothing to do with my looks.

  110. catsworking says:

    Ida, welcome! (I fixed the typo near the end of your post.) This is a VERY interesting comment. Thank you. I have’t been giving Rain much thought, but you have confirmed for me that AA did hightail it to Berlin (as opposed to asking Eric Ripert if there was anything she could do to help him in France — or maybe she did and he told her to get lost — Hahaha! We all know that didn’t happen) right after Tony died because I believe Rose said that’s where Rain met her.

    When you lay out all of Rain’s statements and posts so far, it does seem like s/he is claiming a lot more knowledge of the situation that the short acquaintance would warrant. And s/he would have never met Tony and would have no idea how much he did or didn’t love AA. S/he’d have to take AA’s word for it. I’ve always thought most of this stuff is coming from Rose through Rain.

    AA would be a total idiot to confess her crime in writing to a relative stranger the way she did. I could see her exchanging those texts with Rose, but not Rain.

    As for Rain’s modeling career… Designers who think Rain Dove is an asset to their lines are appealing to a narrow niche market. Any dress I saw a dude with tits prancing around in is a dress I would never want hanging in my closet. But I’m only a stupid cis. What do I know? 😉

    I just wonder if the upcoming biography or the feature documentary will make any effort to explain this or clear Bourdain’s name if it should be cleared. I do believe he was at heart a very decent person.

  111. Mira says:

    I’m reading the comments, and, off course agreeing with the already stated dynamic ( sociopath manipulating and using an unsuspecting victim), however, it seems people assign her a much higher IQ than she has. There seems to be this incredulity at how could she be that stupid to text someone that information, forgetting that she is the one who posts all this nonsense, on her own IG account, including postcoital photos of herself with other men, all the time over the years. If she was smart, of course she would not do that. She is very damaged goods and thinks she is entitled to do what she wants, and ‘get away with it’.
    It is all very textbook PD behaviour, predictable, and, not really strange at all. Just sad. The more a decent person you are, the harder it is to see their manipulative side, and it’s easier to get duped.
    It just proves how underneath that ‘streetsmarts’ of Tony, he was really just a decent, honest man, with tendencies to be the knight in shining armour.

  112. catsworking says:

    izzy, wow! Someone noticed what CNN has been doing, and now we have confirmation that they HAVE been deliberately doing it.

    I really don’t see how AA is going to recover from this. She’s being blacklisted just like the men. But unlike most of the men, she has no demonstrated talent or skill to parlay into a new career when enough time passes and memories fade, except possibly working the streets. But by then she’ll be in her 50s and the competition will kill her.

  113. catsworking says:

    Hi, Ida. I don’t know what happened either. Welcome back! Because your subsequent post came through with your blog name, it got caught in moderation and I had to approve you again.

    Good point about the absence of condolences to Bourdain’s friends and family. AA did make some gesture of scoffing at Tony’s mother, but I don’t remember the details. It’s been a truly Trumpian whirlwind of shit storm.

    Mira made a good point that we sometimes give AA too much credit for being intelligent when she’s shown time and again that her behavior is governed by her whims and emotions and sense has nothing to do with it.

  114. Lynn says:

    AA probably didn’t act like she lost a significant other because by the time Tony died I don’t think he was a significant other anymore (exhibit A the Hugh pics). And it seemed clear she never loved him as much as he did her, if she loved him at all. Perhaps she’s so screwed up she can’t accept normal love. She didn’t make any condolences to AB’s family and friends probably because she no doubt knew how they felt about her sorry ass. And the notion of putting that aside and showing common decency is as impossible for her as it is for Trump (as we’ve seen in McCain’s death).

    Karen you have it right – she is damaged goods. All her actions scream not only arrogance, narcissim and self entitlement, but hyper-sexualized and just amoral. Who sends nude photos to friends as a “joke” and doesn’t think that’s sexual? Who accepts nude selfies from an underage boy and doesn’t tell him to stop or tell his parents? Who sleeps with a woman who’s pretending to be a guy just to get the film rights to their book? She doesn’t give a shit about decency or, it would seem, anyone but herself and maybe her kids. Very Trump-like indeed.

    RD seems like Rose and AA – just happy to jump on board for publicity. Very few knew who Ashtray was before she hooked her wagon to Tony, and ditto for RD hooking hers to Rose.

  115. izzy1957 says:

    Ashtray’s daughter: Anna Lou Castoldi/Instagram account @blue.lou has been taken down. 17-year-old has found herself in hot water in Italy for graffitti on a transit bus, pictures of which she apparently posted to her Instagram account (happened approx. a month ago).

    “The municipal transport company in Rome has sent a statement in the power of attorney and the young woman will have to pay a fine of 1,000 euros provided for by article 639 of the Penal Code for ‘ disfigurement of the things of others ‘.

    The girl apologized publicly after the whole web has insulted her and offended her.” – but looks like she got ferociously attacked on IG and her account is down for the time being.

    Could be some loss in translation here but this caught my attention to say the least (especially the reference to “parents”:

    ” Anna Lou In an Instagram post Stories had written that she actually “did something she does not boast about” and “will ask forgiveness in a frank way with the head and heart to the people who offended”. (S)He will not apologize “to those who have nothing to do with everything that has happened and who only exposes himself to insult her and knows nothing of his(her) life”. Above all it is aimed at those who “do not know their parents well and what it means to be their daughter”.

    Two links to the story (use the Google translate):


    And Ashtray’s mother Daria Nicolodi has posted a picture of RoseMcGowan as a baby with her parents (spring 1974) to her IG account. She got it from here:

    You have to Google translate Daria’s comments and those who have commented on her IG posting, but it’s certainly not all supportive.

    Of course she’s making reference to Rose being raised in a “cult”. Talk of RM and RD, but nothing like shifting the narrative off of the AA story with JB. First time she’s really spoken out that I’ve seen. They must really be getting a lot of heat over in Italy!

    Let’s really hope Civetta goes after AA for 9-year-old Nicola.

    Ths is the wrong family to be raised in. Daria also posted an IG pic 4 days ago saying all art is sex.

  116. jellyblue says:

    I’m in a completely different line of work (I’m a painter) and I’m a total slave to my devices.

    Mira- It’s true AA is given way too much credit. Good point! Her history of what she posts online, how she behaves shows she’s not discerning at all. All she cares about is attention. So ya, it’s entirely plausible she’d keep texting away.. ugh.

    None of these communications or texts are verified- we just have to take whomever’s word for it.. in the case of RD s/he (this makes the most sense to me to type RD out this way) only releases segments of texts? when did AA text about feeling betrayal and that she almost got away with it? in the same original cluster of texts? later? I ask because honestly it’s all bullshit- they just paint the picture they want and expect us to gulp it up… many things just don’t add up!

    Karen- I am gonna say something totally unpopular.. but honestly, I think the young generation is smart. Unlike my generation, they don’t seem inculcated to vote democrat -at all costs-

    The two party system is a complete and utter failure and if democrats want “to bring out the vote” they have to start listening and acting based on what their constituents are saying. The democratic party is just full of “establishment” dems just like the fucking republicans.. first thing the dems need to do is get rid of Pelosi. This will sure buy some good faith with the young.

    Young people face unbelievable pressures; record student loan debt, coming out of school not being able to get a job.. it’s horrible.

    Trump had years of experience learning the ratings game from TV.. he translated this to his campaign. The biggest myth about him is that trump is anti-establishment. In fact there is no one more “establishment” than Trump. He -will- win no doubt in my mind. I knew he would win when he started out.. I spent time in Upstate NY. I’d come back to NYC and everyone told me I was out of my mind.

  117. catsworking says:

    izzy, “all art is sex.” That’s a corker. I suppose Tony’s painting, “The sky is falling. I’m learning to live with it,” was about losing access to her daughter’s super-highway of a snatch. Sheesh.

    Very interesting that AA’s mom is going after Rose now. Would seem the family is circling the wagons around AA, for all the good it will do. The Italians have got her number and piling insults on top of what she’s done isn’t going to rehabilitate her public image.

    Over here she always was a nobody, and will resume being one once this all blows over. Having a hand in destroying Bourdain derailed her gravy train into the American market.

    No surprise that her daughter is already in trouble with the police. Next comes the unwed pregnancy.

  118. catsworking says:

    Lynn, good summary of AA’s growing list of outrageous behavior.

    It’s just like if you list all the things that Trump has been accused of, with evidence solid enough to be earning guilty pleas and immunity deals for those who participated (which Trump’s supporters still insist on claiming don’t exist — it’s all about Hillary’s fucking email), you have to ask yourself how on EARTH such a stupid common criminal ever managed to steal the White House and when he’s going to marched out of it in handcuffs.

  119. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I do give the millennials credit for not blindly following the herd, and I do believe they sincerely want to make the world a better place, but I think it’s going to be the generation AFTER them that sorts this mess out.

    Totally agree that Pelosi needs to be dumped ASAP. Replacing her would send a huge positive signal. I was thrilled about Andrew Gillum in Florida winning the Dem nomination for governor even though he was polling last. It bodes well for the blue wave coming. He’s saying what Democrats want to hear about how to move forward. Enough of this pussy-footing around Trump and the backward thinkers who want to keep anyone who’s not white and rich in the gutter.

    I also agree with just about everything Michael Avenatti is saying. Unfortunately, the revenge on Trump motivation isn’t going to play well. I could see him being a recognized politician’s VP (anybody but Bernie, who is too old) to help him learn the ropes and position him to run for prez in 2028 though (assuming in 2020 a Dem beats Trump or whatever other racist greedy pig the GOP picks).

  120. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, I thought of the Chantix angle when it happened, but he was talking about taking it six years ago, in 2012, well before he met AA and resumed smoking. My guess would be that Chantix was long out of his system when he died. I just don’t see him continuing to take it and then lighting up. He’d see the ridiculousness of that.

    What we don’t know is how long the side effects last, and if he ever suffered from them. Ottavia would probably be the one who might have some insight on that.

  121. jellyblue says:

    Hi Karen-
    I will pay attention to Michael Avenatti.

    I think if we choose to learn from Bernie- focus on the corruption, expose it, listen to the constituents, hear the needs be empathetic to the pain of the people. If they focus too much on trumpolitics it will blow up in their faces. Hillary completely fucked up that she totally ignored some states. It’s not a numbers game…

    I thought I read that Bourdain was currently taking Chantix because he wanted to stop smoking. Apparently he was on it on and off.

    Izzy- thanks for posting that. I just don’t understand why the entire family wouldn’t go on a media/social media black out??

  122. L Villeneuve says:

    Why was AB getting harassed by Clinton operatives?

  123. Rachel says:

    Am I the only one that thinks maybe she threatened Tony with exposing some crazy stuff they did together (besides the payoff)?

  124. catsworking says:

    LV, I believe that Clinton operatives were harassing Bourdain as much as I believe she was running a child trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza shop. It’s one of those far-fetched conspiracy theories by people who wear tin-foil hats and think they’re picking up alien transmissions through their fillings.

    Neither Clinton is ever running for anything again. She has no need to silence anyone. Every mention of her stupid email server keeps her in the public eye and probably pleases her because otherwise she’s just a retired grandma.

  125. Ida says:

    Just heard the new album by Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood. Though it’s probably nothing to do with AB, I can’t help thinking of him when hearing/reading several of the lyrics. Especially after I Saw Lanegan’s reply to a fan on Twitter, asking: ‘Was it recorded over the summer? Cause this was a weird, fucked up summer.’ Lanegan’s reply is: ‘It was written, recorded and mixed in 3 weeks during a massive heatwave in los angeles earlier this summer. The most spontaneous record I’ve ever been part of. And yeah, weird, fucked up couple of years.’

    Very likely nothing to do with Bourdain, but I can’t help thinking of him when hearing lyrics like:

    – Been from feast to famine
    And Maine to Mexico
    Collecting the damage
    Going straight through my soul

    – When the stars burn out
    As they hang by a thread
    When the whole world is blue
    And there’s blue fire in my head
    On my life
    I swear that I love you
    My shadow life
    I swear that I love, I love you

    – Won’t you miss me, baby
    When you’re alone and blue?
    Remember how you kissed me, baby
    Was a stone fool for you
    And I keep tripping, baby
    Every day and night
    I keep slipping, baby
    Between the dark and light

    – Pay the executioner
    He’s in league with Lucifer
    I know, I’m going out of my head

    – You’re a murderer, girl, you’re a murderer
    With animals all in my life
    Free of all the suffering and strife

    – Hangman, hangman
    Why you going to swing me so high?
    I’ve been working on fire all my days
    And it’s time for me to die
    Burning, burning
    Somebody better come, I’m burning
    Burning, burning
    Somebody better come right now

    – Got me staring in a one-way glass
    What was beautiful, what was sad?
    No more desiring any evil thing
    No longer hearing any evil ring
    It’s something lonelier
    Something lonelier
    Something lonelier than death

    Again, I can’t stress enough I don’t actually think these songs are about AB (also Lanegan seems to support and believe in AA), but strictly from a listener’s point of view, the songs sure make me think of AB, especially knowing they were written after he died 😦

  126. catsworking says:

    Ida, these lyrics give me goosebumps. There are so many elements that connect with Bourdain as if he’s speaking to AA from beyond the grave. If Lanegan wasn’t thinking of Bourdain, it’s a totally bizarre coincidence. Although his mention of the “spontaneity” points to channeling Bourdain’s spirit. Very eerie indeed.

  127. Lynn says:

    “Daria also posted an IG pic 4 days ago saying all art is sex.”

    LMAO Ashtray’s parents criticizing how crazy Rose’s parents raised her is rich, as they are just as, if not more screwed up.

    Are current college students Millennials or the next gen after them? I know the oldest Mills are now pushing 40. Whoever that generation is, their safe spaces and trigger warnings make me ill. If by not following the herd, you guys are referring to voting third party, I would point out that that is a big reason why we have the orange traitor.

  128. Mira says:

    Lanegan and Bourdain worked together, he was in one of the Parts Unknown, I haven’t seen the episode. Lanegan was devastated when Bourdain died. This song is most definitely about him.

  129. Mira says:

    P.S. Lanegan wrote the opening song for The Parts Unknown. And Tony sang the refrain….

  130. Janet says:

    Rachel, I concur. However, my thought this whole time was that regardless of who has his phone, they most likely cannot unlock it.

  131. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I hadn’t thought about the third-party voting, but do agree that it, James Comey, and Russia narrowly put Trump in the White House. I’ve always thought of millennials as being about 19-34 now. But here’s a good chart from The Atlantic on all the generations (to any millennials reading this, I’m referencing ONLY the years, not any of the critiques of the generations).

  132. catsworking says:

    Mira, I had seen somewhere that Bourdain sang in his opening theme but have never been able to pick out his voice.

  133. Mira says:

    Its the sha la la la bit that I can recognise his voice…I watched or read somewhere Bourdain talking about the making of it; he was quite excited about it.
    There’s no way anyone can unlock an iphone. I know it has been an issue with governments trying to force Apple to do it, and Apple refusing. I don’t know about other phones.

  134. Janet says:

    The iphone debate was what came to mind. After a mass shooting in California, the FBI asked apple to unlock the suspect’s phone and they refused. It was my understanding that Apple will not unlock.

  135. catsworking says:

    Yes, I remember the debate over Apple unlocking its phones. Seems it shouldn’t be a totally black and white policy, but I never heard how it all played out.

    That doesn’t mean the family can’t be trying to crack his password. Or possibly that he left a list of his passwords with someone he trusted, knowing that something could happen while he was traveling and someone might need to get into his devices. Seems that might be a standard operating procedure with anyone working for CNN and going to dangerous places.

    We simply don’t know.

  136. fifi lune says:

    Well if there was any doubts whether AB knew about AA and Hugo Clement, this awful tweet confirms it.

  137. catsworking says:

    fifi, thanks for this link. It looks like it needs big translation. It’s much easier on my desktop PC. (This fucking laptop has already deleted my response to you 3 times.)

  138. Lynn says:

    “Or possibly that he left a list of his passwords with someone he trusted…”

    I shudder to think that that person may have been Ashtray. I mean, if you’re buying someone a home and paying off her accuser, what’s a cell phone password?

    Re: third party voting, or as I like to call it, Goldilocks syndrome, Clinton lost the state of Michigan by about 10,700 votes. The number of aholes that voted for a moronic pothead who didn’t even know what, let alone where, Aleppo is (Johnson) was 172,136. Seriously I think Johnson is even stupider than Trump, if that’s possible. The number who voted for Putin lover Jill Stein was 51,463. I can assume Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are similar.

    Think about that – thousands of jackoffs saw a mentally unfit, Putin ass kissing, racist sexual predator for 15 months and instead of doing the only thing that could have stopped him, they voted for a person they knew had no chance in hell. They knew the supreme court was at stake and still did the equivalent of drawing Santa Claus on their ballots.

    Other elections I can see not voting or going third party (e.g., Obama v. McCain) since neither man would have been a danger to the country. But this was different. They saw the orange hurricane coming and chose not to board up. They saw the cancer and chose to refuse the chemo. And even now they defend their choice. I see pundits on MSNBC who I know voted third party raving about how awful Trump is. Are these people serious? They have zero right to complain.

  139. Morganlf says:

    Lynn..the empirical evidence is simple.

    Trump is white.

    I have” lifelong” friends married to racists disguised as cops etc. They are trumper magats…and I tend to avoid them, more and more.

    They never got over a mixed race president.

    I am lucky, I was raised correct. Racism and ignorance not allowed. Dad WW2 vet and son of an Italian immigrant had an elegance that did not allow such talk. My mom smart funny tall beautiful, dreadfully poor during the depression but she was “woke”.

    Trump is the worst thing ever I can recall in a lifetime…why?
    Because he shows up the filthy people who seethed through the civil rights movement and their children, grandchildren, who want a segregated south with noxious monuments and flags …the very symbols of sedition and traitors.
    The Nazi descendants like drumph who came here. These were the immigrants we should have turned away. Foul, hateful, lemmings.

    trump is anti American. He is a Russian puppet. He is foul creepy and with a trail of perversions and illegal dealings (that Mueller is documenting) a woman loather, a bully and a coward.

    He’s a slimy coward and if I ever see him close up I’d bitch slap him and make him cry.

  140. fifi lune says:

    Karen, the actual tweet within that Italian tweet is in English and it’s dated from the 5th of June and directed at Anthony Bourdain.

  141. Mira says:

    Morganif, I agree with your sentiment – Trump appealed to all the open and covert racists.
    As for that tweet, informing AB of his girlfriend cheating on him, I thought you all knew about it, it has been reported months ago…in the aftermath of his death.

  142. jellyblue says:

    I’ve spoken to Trump supporters and third party and non voters.

    In other democracies, a certain percentage of the population has to vote in order for the vote to go thru.. too few show up and they have to do a revote. So in other parts of the world people don’t vote in a protest.

    In this country, it’s like putting a gun to an eligible voters head and then folks get divided over this. I think everyone has the right to complain -at any point- !!! one could argue that if you voted for the candidate than you don’t have a right to complain as you put that fucker in office.

    Fact is the Democrat vote will fracture AGAIN and AGAIN. If the DNC insists on ignoring what happens at conventions and decide to do a coronation instead of a caucus and insist on choosing “center/establishment” candidates the dems will lose again and again. It’s that simple.

    Either democrats have to get their shit together, do their job and stop blaming voters or they’ll lose.

    At some point, the confrontation and realization of the “lesser of the evils” approach will show that it is failing the people.

  143. catsworking says:

    I do believe that Trump in the WH is a racist backlash against Obama, and the third-party candidates splitting the vote didn’t help.

    But the bottom line is that TRUMP LOST THE ACTUAL VOTE BY NEARLY 3 MILLION! We seem to keep losing sight of that. It was the Electoral College that caused this fiasco, and it needs to be abolished.

    I don’t buy this bullshit of, “Well, then only the heavily populated coasts will get to pick the presidents!” If that’s where MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE, what the fuck is wrong with that? This confusion over empty landmass having a say in elections by giving sparsely populated states more “weight” is something that NO OTHER COUNTRY does. One person, one vote. Doesn’t matter where they live. Simple.

    Trump is basically a squatter in the White House. He DIDN’T earn a majority of votes, and those he did win are suspect due to him getting help from Russia in manipulating the rubes he preys on.

    Totally agree the Democrats need to get their act together and find someone younger and more straighforwardly progressive to put out there. If they cave today in the hearing and let Kavanaugh waltz onto the Supreme Court without a bloody fight, I’m going to be bouncing off the walls.

  144. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I would think Bourdain would leave his passwords with Ottavia as his next of kin and mother of his child. Asia would have no use for them because she wasn’t the custodian of his finances the way Ottavia was.

  145. jellyblue says:

    Learning who makes up the electoral college makes me sick. Having said that in this system without the Electoral college we wouldn’t have these United States. If you get rid of the electoral college it means we should break this country up. At this point we are just too culturally different and there is no way we can have equal representation.

  146. Janet says:

    “Trump is basically a squatter in the White House. He DIDN’T earn a majority of votes, and those he did win are suspect due to him getting help from Russia in manipulating the rubes he preys on.”

    Best quote I’ve heard in a while.

    Regarding the passcodes, I too had a fleeting thought (hope) that he may have left them with Ottavia. If AA had threatened him with releasing something, I would hope his family would see the type of person she was by putting someone she supposedly loved in that sort of position in addition to cheating on him publicly. Even if we will never know, at least the family has answers as to why he felt he needed to take his own life.

  147. Ida says:

    Lynn –
    Did AB really buy AA a home? After only having been together for two years? Jesus, he must have been whipped. He does seem a bit like one of those people who kind of lose a bit of their identity in his partners; like with Ottavia he got really into martial arts, and with AA it seems he delved into the darker side of himself (it seems) and got REALLY into the whole MeToo movement – maybe perhaps even too much. A shame if he was so insecure that he needed to take on his partner’s interests instead of just keep on doing his own thing. Of course, it won’t be so much of a problem if your partner has healthy interests or don’t try and manipulate you.

    Does anyone here have an opinion on Ronan Farrow?
    In a way I like him but I really hope he’ll say something about AA and RM – or is he going to keep on supporting them because he feels he can’t backtrack, or because he actually believes them? As intelligent he is, he does seem obsessed with his own looks and with celebrity, so maybe he’s not quite as credible as many make him out to be??? I think I’ll have to wait and find out until I make my mind up about him.

    And then RM is ‘making statements’ again.

    I’m so tired of celebrity statements. Maybe it’s time for these celebrities to step it down a bit and realise that the world doesn’t revolve around them. The idea of MeToo is so much more interesting when it comes to ‘normal’, non-famous women who suffer abuse in the workplace or by their partners etc, than all these celebrity-stories.

    As for all the political comments on here, I try and stay out of them because ‘m not American, but there are a lot of interesting things, so thanks for informing and educating me a bit on American politics 🙂

  148. jellyblue says:


    UGH.. fucking Rose McGowan.
    All of this publicity is just great for her.

    She annoys the living shit out of me.
    She’s such a lying narcissistic hypocrite.

  149. Ida says:

    Jellyblue – UGH, indeed.

  150. catsworking says:

    Ida, I watched quite a bit of this interview with RMG earlier today, but must have clicked off before she got to AA. Have you noticed that RMG has suddenly gone completely gray? What’s that all about?

    As for Ronan Farrow, last I heard was that AA turned on him and accused him of “ruining her life” by not reporting her Weinstein story with all the intense complexity and nuance she thought it deserved. I think someone here said Ronan had stopped following her and RMG on IG. He seems to be letting AA’s crap roll off and he’s moving on with his Pulitzer in his pocket. Those people were apparently impressed with how he wrote it all up.

    Bourdain didn’t take up MMA until the marriage was in its final year or two, although he totally supported her and went to and watched matches with her. Ariane was into it as soon as she was old enough.

    It was nice that he was so supportive of the significant others in his life, but we all know AA seized upon that and milked him like a cow. I’ve seen no definitive proof that he bought her a house, and the latest news reports are all exaggerating how much he paid Jimmy Bennett. The actual figure according to the NYT was $200,000, but sloppy reporting is saying $300K or the full $380K.

    Of course, we don’t know how much of the $10K a month he was footing after that, but the $200K was paid in April, so it could have only been $10K (May) or $20K tops because he died in June.

  151. jellyblue says:

    Karen- AB didn’t buy AA a house in Berlin?

  152. L Villeneuve says:

    Can Ottavia legally cease payment to Jimmy Bennett now that everything’s out in the open? (or is it)

  153. jellyblue says:

    L Villeneuve,

    It depends on how his people wrote/stipulated the will.
    As with most high net worth individuals he sheltered his money so we only know what the court released info about (the court does not need to release info/detail about trusts, certain types of investment accounts) so what we know about is the money he kept around for accessibility purposes.

    In texts between AA and RD (who knows when these texts actually happened and the texts have never been verified because if it was in the same time as the original RD texts that seems ridiculous- like why would she go into that detail? is this before she called RD a monster? and if it was after RD handed the texts over to authorities it’s also ridiculous to think AA would still text away to RD but a point was made that AA isn’t all that smart) so in RD texts- AA claimed life would be hard financially since AB isn’t around to support her.. makes me think AB did not make any stipulations about AA in his will.

    I am unsure if AA and AB signed anything between them so that AA could have claims against the estate.

    AB’s belongings from France were sent to his brother according to some reports. I would think Ottavia and his brother are on good terms since she is legally his next of kin.

  154. jellyblue says:

    Also, we don’t know the exact settlement terms between JB and AA.
    Seems like it was between just the two of them.
    We don’t know who released the info to the NYT and TMZ.
    We know that it is not from the goodness of AA’s heart not to sign an NDA (some reports make her out to be an angel since she doesn’t believe in NDA’s and therefore she didn’t make JB sign an NDA ) but really in the state of California NDAs cannot be part of a sexual assault settlement.

    LOL.. I know far too many details. Ugh.

  155. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, I thought the house he bought her was in Italy. Never heard anything about Berlin, except that she seems to flee there whenever Italy gets pissed off at her.

  156. catsworking says:

    jellyblue, what the NYT reported was that Bennett submitted an intent to sue AA for $3.5 million. Bourdain wasn’t a party to that other than Bennett sent the paperwork to Bourdain’s lawyer because AA didn’t have her own at the time.

    The lawyers whittled it down to a settlement of $380,000. Bourdain paid $200,000 upfront in April, with a remaining 18 installments of $10,000 per month. What we don’t know is if Bourdain was supposed to make those additional payments and if there was any written agreement to that effect.

    I think I read somewhere that AA was complaining to someone (Rose?) about having to pay $10,000 (which will be even harder now that she’s unemployed) after Bourdain died. So I’m surmising she’s either on the hook for that money herself, or she’s suing Bourdain’s estate for the remaining $180,000 but will have to pay Bennett out of pocket in the meantime and hope she wins the suit so she can get reimbursed.

    However, I don’t think there’s been a word about any such legal action reported. She’d have to pay a lawyer.

    I think we may read soon about her selling her house to pay her debts (if indeed Bourdain did buy her one — we don’t know that for sure, either).

  157. Jellyblue says:

    You are correct there’s a lot we don’t know.
    I read House he bought AA is in Berlin.
    But it’s all speculation.

  158. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, I think someone commented here a while ago that there was some record of Bourdain buying a house in Italy. If that were true, then the house was in his name and she may not own it. It makes more sense to me that he would have given her cash to buy a place in Berlin, since that city seems to be her go-to hideout. I haven’t seen anything about her kids relocating to Germany. The boy at least must still be in school.

    So many lingering questions…

  159. Jellyblue says:

    This article is also on dailymail and fox
    Lol all shitty sources.

    Reading this stuff is like picking a scab.

  160. catsworking says:

    Jellyblue, I just saw this. I don’t consider Page Six the most reliable source, but her new lawyer’s site, while not mentioning the payout, confirms other things. I’m working on a post about this new development.

  161. catsworking says:

    Janet, this link is just nutso. I’m not believing it was anything but suicide until some reputable law enforcement authority says otherwise.

  162. Shannon says:

    RD and AA are tweeting each other today:

  163. Janet says:

    AA has been quiet, using her lawyer as her mouthpiece and now claiming that she was the one who was raped by Jimmy. RD is not having it.

  164. Jellyblue says:

    The new lawyer statement, AA/RD Twitter- is all really tragic and makes me sad.
    I hope Ottavia can shield their daughter
    From this. My heart hurts for ABs family.

  165. Jellyblue says:

    Could you imagine waking up one day and realizing “this” is the love of your life? Sucks for AB. I don’t think he could live with the hypocrisy but what do I know.

    It be nice to if AA, her new lawyer, RM, RD and Donald Trump were on their own private island. Maybe we can add more schmucks to this list?

  166. Lynn says:

    Morgan I agree with you, but my point was not about Trump voters. They disgust me but at least they picked a viable candidate. My issue is with 3rd party voters and stay at homers who didn’t want Trump yet voted for him indirectly through their idiot non-votes. I would love to see a viable third party candidate, but so far that’s not our system so 3rd party votes just ciphon away from the dems (re: Nader during Bush v. Gore).

    As an independent moderate, I am disgusted by both the far far left and the right. I am not liking the trend of socialist far lefters taking over the dem party. Why can’t people like me who dont just jump in feet first with the same philosophy (all lib or all conservative) no matter what the issue find candidates they like? There are people out there who are, for example, pro choice, pro environment, pro gay marriage who may be fiscally conservative or want tougher immigration laws. Those people are screwed. Why is it impossible for a pro-choice Repub, for example, to get the nomination EVER? Or a Repub who shares say, Schwarzenegger’s views on pollution/climate change? It’s quite depressing.

    Karen – totally with you on abolishing the Electoral College. It’s undemocratic. It’s ridiculous that if you’re a dem in Alabama or a repub in California, you may as well not vote for Pres. Why should only a few ‘swing states’ decide our elections?

    ugh, RMG. It’s always about her. Notice how she plugs all her projects which have come in part from her capitalizing on her own assault. And this:

    “When I take my girlfriend, who is masculine presenting, to a gay club, oftentimes she gets grabbed. ”

    LMAO – Rose, if you take Rain to a gay male club, of course she’s gonna get grabbed because they think she’s a dude.

  167. jellyblue says:

    Lynn- That’s why the 2 party system is a failure. There is no way for it to represent the rainbow of ideologies/philosophical approaches. Theres a whole array within left and within right.

    My point is (just my opinion!) dems can’t win being “center establishment” against Trump. They have to go more to the left to “bring out the vote” it’s just the reality.. Dems cannot rely on their pool of voters they must must bring out the vote.. Bernie had a lot of traction- if Trump is to be beat I think we must learn from this.

    Otherwise Trump will win. Of this I am positive!

  168. Lynn says:

    I don’t disagree, Jelly, at least when we’re talking about the Presidential election, but as someone who is no fan of Bernie, it will pain me to have to vote for someone with his philosophy. I will do it of course to stop the orange menace, but it will still be painful.

    I think in the case of Senate/House races it really depends where they are running. Dems in more conservative states won’t do well moving far left, e.g., Beto in Texas. To beat Cruz I don’t think going crazy left makes much sense. Exposing Cruz’s hypocrisy however, is a great idea:

  169. izzy1957 says:

    Not a snowball’s chance in hell!

    Phase II of MeToo? Cant’ make this stuff up!

    “When the true facts are clarified, we know Asia will return to her International prominence as an award winning and acclaimed Actress, musician and Director. She will continue to work on behalf of the silenced, maligned and slighted victims who are afraid to speak out in the face of consequence. Her truth will promote and support both Phase One and Phase Two of the #metoo movement.”


    “Bennett, TMZ reported on Wednesday, plans to file a sexual assault report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department following a statement from Argento’s lawyer that said Bennett attacked her, and that she intends to start the #MeToo movement’s “Phase Two.”

    His lawyer told the news outlet “the attack on my client’s character has no bearing on the events that took place on May 9, 2013. These are statements that are meant to intimidate, shame and insult my client.”

  170. Mi says:

    We don’t know that Tony saw the photos. They were texting about it so he was somewhere else.

    All we know is that Jimmy’s attorney sent a letter of intent to sue to Asia through her attorney; he was Tony’s lawyer too, but the letter was to Asia & the case was between her and the attorney. Attorneys don’t talk about a case with anyone but their client for legal protection of their client.

    I think Asia HAD to find another lawyer because hers was Tony’s lawyer first and he refused to represent both of them in case it blew up and he needed to protect Tony. If it did, he couldn’t represent Tony and her at the same time over the same case because of conflict of interest. She hired a new attorney and her attorney would have done the work.

    All we know about Tony’s involvement is what Asia’s claimed. She’s a proved liar so no reason to take her version of it being “our” problem because Tony was concerned about his own reputation (remember, Tony wasn’t involved at all at that point so he had no culpability that would hurt his reputation.) and Tony helping Jimmy with the understanding he’d no longer interfere in “our lives” as the gospel. The fact that he wasn’t even there when they were discussing the problem makes her story that much more suspect.

    It’s just as likely his involvement was from long distance, that he didn’t see the photo or the settlement agreement, at least not then, but just agreed to provide her the money if that’s what she wanted. It’s also more likely the settlement was negotiated by her attorney, not Tony. That’s how that usually works.

    She’s saying it was Tony’s doing, that he was in control and made the deal, to deflect blame & to pathetically invoke his name in the hopes the public who loved him will think if he did it then it must’ve been okay.

  171. Mi says:

    I’m confused about Asia’s claim that Jimmy’s been paid $250,000. He was paid $200,000 up front. The $10,000 a month payments were to begin in April. Tony died in early June. That would have been three months of payments if a June payment was made, totaling $230,000. If another two $10,000 payment were made in July & August, Tony must have had it set up as an automatic payment and it went out before Ottavia had time to look at his accounts, see it, and stop the payments. There’s no way those payments would’ve been sent out if Ottavia knew earlier.

    The only way Asia could know what was paid from Tony’s account is if Jimmy’s lawyer told her lawyer he’d been paid, or not.

  172. Mi says:

    I checked out the link with the conspiracy theories. They’re nuts. Weinstein would have no reason to kill Asia or Tony. Neither were a threat to him. The women wo’ve filed criminal charges against him and the women suing him are his threats. Oh, and Hilary Clinton had no motive either. Except for accepting political donations and attending a few functions as a reward for those donations, most politicians and celebrities live in different worlds and Argento & Tony were no political threat to anyone.

  173. jellyblue says:

    Mira- You insult pickled turnips 😉

  174. catsworking says:

    Mi, the media reports have been wildly jumbling the numbers, saying Jimmy initially sued for $7.5M when it was really $3.5M.

    The first $200K was paid in April. If the $10K monthly payments began in May, then it’s been 5 months (May, June, July, Aug., Sept.). That’s $250,000 total. And now AA says she’s not paying any more.

    We don’t know if Bourdain set aside the extra $180K for the monthly payments, or if they were coming from AA. She just lost her job. She has no income. Now she’s not paying. I’d say there are dots to connect there.

    And it seems only fair, since Bourdain had no culpability at all, that he would say, “I’ll pay $200K, you pay $180K and we’ll call it even.” After all, he believed she was this great star with mega-earning potential. He said he couldn’t invite her on his show more often because they couldn’t “afford her.”

  175. joan lazzerini says:

    dear karen and the cats, do u have any information about gladys bourdain’s feelings about either of tony.’s wives im sure she knew nancy since they were together since high school i’m wondering if she met ottavia. i’m sure she never met asia because i bet she would have seen right through her! joan l

  176. catsworking says:

    Joan, of course Gladys knows both of Tony’s wives. She probably knew Nancy from the time she was in high school. And there would be absolutely no reason for her not to spend some time with Ottavia, the mother of Tony’s only child. How they all got along, I have no idea. One thing that family is good about is not bashing each other.

    I have no information, but I would be surprised if Tony ever brought Asia to meet his mother. Asia might have wanted to, to seem more “legit,” and since she met Weinstein’s mother, but I doubt Tony would have agreed. Just my opinion.

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