Asia Argento Holds Nothing but Victim Cards

By Karen

Like Donald Trump, Asia Argento is a fixture on social media. Then when her photos and posts become proof of her depravity, she also says our eyes are lying to us.

Two days ago, The New York Times broke the news that Argento may be the ultimate hypocrite in the #MeToo movement. She quietly paid off a young man named Jimmy Bennett, who accused her of sexually assaulting him when he was only 17, just as she was crusading to bring down Harvey Weinstein for allegedly doing the same thing to her in 1997.

Today, TMZ reported on Asia’s bizarre statement refuting the NYT, quoting, “I am deeply shocked and hurt by having read news that is absolutely false. I have never had any sexual relationship with Bennett.”

TMZ included excerpts from text messages Argento supposedly exchanged with her then-boyfriend Anthony Bourdain about the matter. Since Bourdain’s sudden, little-explained death, these are his only texts to come to light. TMZ didn’t mention a source nor authenticating them, but I assume Argento provided them.

In the exchanges Argento shared, she told Tony that Bennett was the aggressor and she “froze” while he was on top of her.

She also didn’t fight off Weinstein, telling Ronan Farrow in his New Yorker article that she suffered years of guilt over it. “Because, if I were a strong woman, I would have kicked him in the balls and run away. But I didn’t.”

So this women who hangs around boxing rings and keeps her fist perpetually in the air couldn’t fend off a teenager, either?

And which is it? Did she have sex with Bennett, or do we believe her assertion, “I have never had any sexual relationship with Bennett”?

The texts also imply that Bourdain, whose actual knowledge of this legal matter consisted only of his girlfriend’s word, took control of the negotiations although Argento had her own attorney. Tony also decided to pay Bennett handsomely just to help out the “poor twisted goof” and make him go away.

There’s so much about this story that makes no sense, my head is spinning.

When Bourdain died, his estate was only $1.2 million because the bulk of his assets belonged to his wife Ottavia and daughter Ariane. Why on earth would he fork over nearly one-third of his total worth to some kid he didn’t know from Adam if, as Asia claimed, she’d done nothing wrong? Let Bennett sue her and prove it in court.

The photos of Asia and Bennett that day are damning. To prove it, I’ll break my rule not to show her here. Decide for yourself. Does she look and write like a woman anticipating a nice maternal chat with a teenager who looks up to her as a mom figure?

Argento’s statement claimed, “Anthony was afraid of the possible negative publicity that such person, whom he considered dangerous, could have brought upon us. We decided to deal compassionately with Bennett’s demand for help and give it to him. Anthony personally undertook to help Bennett economically, upon the condition that we would no longer suffer any further intrusions in our life.”

The incident happened three years before Tony even met Argento. He routinely locked horns with countless celebrities and hostile foreign governments, and got a visit from the Secret Service over things he said about Trump. What could he have possibly feared from Bennett if he believed the kid was lying?

Based on the media coverage, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office is looking into the matter. Bennett was 17 and the age of consent in California is 18. He says she gave him alcohol before assaulting him, and then published a semi-nude photo of them in bed together. Might Argento face other charges beyond statutory rape?

She can spin this any way she wants and even fabricate texts about how Bourdain handled it. He’s no longer here to set the record straight. But we can keep questioning until we uncover the truth for him or tangle her so completely in her own lies, there’s no escape.

77 Responses to Asia Argento Holds Nothing but Victim Cards

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. Juan says:

    The Orange Janitor is on fire today. Check out his IG.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Did AB know she was a sexual predator? Did he cover up for her?? If so, I’m heart broken. She is a devil in disguise!

  4. catsworking says:

    Roxanne, her statement was all over the place. She told Tony she “froze” when Jimmy was on top of her, that he had a fantasy. Out of the other side of her mouth, she said they never had sex. Who knows what he believed?

    Take that back. He believed what he wanted to. That she was his delicate flower who needed his protection. And out the other side of HIS mouth, he was saying she was the strongest, bravest woman he’d ever met.

    None of it makes any sense.

  5. Pinktenaj says:

    Karen, in that photo you posted…against your better judgment..she looks like a predator awaiting her prey. Looks like no Mother awaiting her “son”.

  6. Dingobeast says:

    That foul, diseased lot lizard could not help herself, she HAS to play the victim even if she has to drag out the bones of the man she bullied into suicide and use them as her personal toilet. So convenient when someone is dead, you can put any words into their mouth you want.

  7. bamboo.skewer says:

    TMZ also says: “A 37-year-old Asia Argento snuggled with then-17-year-old Jimmy Bennett on a bed, shirtless, their foreheads pressed together, her arm over his as they lay with satisfied smiles … that is the photo that Asia paid $380,000 for — a photo TMZ has now seen.”

    The problem with lying is you gotta be like CIA- and KGB-level trained at it to keep track of all your stories, what you said to whom, and ensure all lies align with all evidence that exists. Asia ain’t that.

  8. Adele Prass says:

    This just gets uglier and uglier. As a social worker, I don’t throw around terms like “good” and “evil” very much, even though I’ve seen some pretty horrible things. I do think AA has a Borderline Personality Disorder, but “evil” now comes to mind with each emerging revelation. I genuinely fear for her children.

    And what was Anthony Bourdain’s level of self-loathing, that he, a man with so many fine, talented people among his friends, not to say his own empathy and interest in others, could have fallen into AA’s web. She makes my gorge rise in the same way as Donald Trump does.

  9. Mi says:

    The second tweet following the one you show here contained even weirder, more inappropriate description of how she was feeling as she anticipated seeing Jimmy again.

  10. Mi says:

    “Take that back. He believed what he wanted to. That she was his delicate flower who needed his protection.” You nailed it. This is where Anthony’s machismo did him in. She appealed to his inner white knight, and when the reality of her came crashing down on him, it was just too humiliating, thus devastating. It breaks my heart that he was so treasured by so many all over the world, yet she in all her putrid glory was his end.

  11. Lynn says:

    “whose actual knowledge of this legal matter consisted only of his girlfriend’s word”

    Are we sure of this? Couldn’t AA have signed some sort of permission so that Tony and she could both discuss the matter with his lawyer?

    “What could he have possibly feared from Bennett if he believed the kid was lying”

    A liar can still make your life hell, full of negative publicity. He prob didn’t want to deal, and more importantly didn’t want his precious little flower to feel a moment’s stress.

    “Why on earth would he fork over nearly one-third of his total worth…”

    I can’t believe his estate was as small as reported. No one who is concerned about having enough dough pays $14k a month in rent for a place they’re hardly ever in. Or maybe as he’s said he didn’t give a shit about money so he was fine giving it away to help and protect ‘loved ones’. puke

    “to some kid he didn’t know from Adam if, as Asia claimed, she’d done nothing wrong? Let Bennett sue her and prove it in court.”

    Because Jimmy suing AA would cause her pain, stress and bad publicity and Tony couldn’t have that (I’m doing a baby voice as I type that.)

    Karen, I think you’ve answered your own questions about why he would pay with this:

    “He believed what he wanted to. That she was his delicate flower who needed his protection.”

    Not just Tony, I’ve found this to be the case of men in general. They want to ‘fix’ our problems and prove their manhood by being able to reassure, protect. Just look at fired FBI agent Strzok, who was texting his girlfriend about Trump. She says, ‘Trump isn’t going to win is he?” He replies, ‘No, we will stop him’. Laughable. He is missing only the red cape or white horse, depending on your preference.

  12. catsworking says:

    Lynn, Tony’s personal worth was $1.2 million as reported. However, any joint accounts he had with Ottavia reverted to her and weren’t included in that figure. So, he walked away with $1.2M to play with. His rent was $13K a month. He only kicked in $200K as the initial payment to Jimmy. The rest is still owed.

    This payment came almost at the end of their affair, although he didn’t know it yet. We’ve heard that he bought her a house and God knows what else he paid for. He’d already invested a lot. True, he wasn’t into amassing a fortune and was extremely generous, but this payoff was just nuts. I can’t believe he’d think silencing some kid was worth nearly 1/3 of his net worth.

    If he was looking for a damsel in distress to save, he certainly found one in Argento, even as he proclaimed her “magnificent.” In the end, the one thing he couldn’t save her from was herself.

  13. Rachel says:

    The first few days after AB took his life and the Clement photos were published, the anonymous poster who became the @justicefortony instagram account (which has since been deleted al though the screenshots remain on other people’s IG accounts, wrote on Asia’s IG account (this is from my memory because I didn’t take a screenshot though now I wish I did): “You (meaning Asia) went to his (AB’s) house, didn’t you? You wanted something from him, but he didn’t want to give it to you ” Now I wonder what that was about. Maybe she wanted more money from AB to finish this payment to Bennett? Who knows. Also ..I think it is time that someone close to Anthony, a friend, someone, say something to stop letting AA control the narrative and smear AB’s memory. The family probably has so much crap on AA from Anthony’s personal effects. It is so disturbing at this point that no one is defending him in all this.

  14. Anita says:

    I have nothing more to say, except if AB shows up in my dreams again tonight I am going to slap the shit out of him!

  15. bamboo.skewer says:

    Bruce Cameron Elliott’s blog today, and his description of Tony’s demeanor in the last few months of his life, is heartbreaking. He would have been going through this shit with Asia and making the first payment. The difference between Asia and Tony is, Tony as a normal human being would have been worn down by any cognitive dissonance about this. If he was an empath it would have weighed him down even more. Asia on the other hand, is probably energized and excited by this. This shit is exciting. It’s twisted, but she probably needs shit like this in her life.

    I think she’s not the brightest lightbulb in the Home Depot aisle when it comes to her lies. You’d think she wouldn’t lie about texts between her and Tony, because wouldn’t the same texts be on his phone too? And hopefully he didn’t delete anything, and his family should be able to see all the texts too? But when it comes to Asia, I don’t know what to expect any more. Definitely the worst. But what gets worse?

    I hope Jimmy talked to someone about the assault after it happened. That’s probably closest to a witness there could be. I wonder if his family member who drove him to the hotel picked up any weird vibes.

  16. Isabel Horvath says:

    Ashtray’s FB account that she uses here:

    Since she blocked myself and many others from Twitter long ago, and her Instagram comments are turned off as well, I believe, I had the distinct “pleasure” of sharing my feelings with her again tonight (probably before she blocks me on Facebook, hahaha).

    Can’t copy and paste actual meme, but this page link will take you to what I direct messaged her. Just scroll right down to the very bottom of the page.

    I must say, it felt good to get my feelings out again, and she should understand completely.

  17. Rachel says:

    She is DONE. Early this morning, TMZ posted the photo of her laying in bed with Jimmy, both appear to be naked, at least from waist up. Plus texts between her and a friend, in which she admits she had sex with him. She also claims she didn’t know he was a minor. And that if she loses her job, she will move to Africa or the Amazon rain forest. If only. How about the South Pole? And it doesn’t matter if she claims she didn’t know how age (a lie, of course) Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. I don’t know who this “friend” is with the texts, but thank you, thank you, whoever you are!

  18. Isabel Horvath says:

    Rachel – agree completely. Love to see she has such great friends like that. One might suspect he/she are concerned for her children, and in particularly her youngest – “her son” with Michele Civetta.

    The TMZ picture clearly, shows them both laying in bed with heads on pillow and his one shoulder underneath hers. Her text messages with her friend say Jimmy was “standing” – but hell no, not in that picture TMZ posted.

    Interesting to look at Michele Civetta’s instagram account. Just within weeks after Tony’s death, Civetta’s sister, Christina, (based in New York) married her long time love, Ed Sheetz. Civetta posted a short video of his and AA’s son speaking to the wedding guests.

    Plus, Civetta’s own parents used to run a popular restaurant in New York frequented by a lot of famous folks, but have since retired to Italy, I believe. So they are, in fact, closer to seeing their grandson than having to travel across the Atlantic, although they’re not based in Rome like AA. I believe somewhere around Turin. There are some Instagram pics of the young lad with them here and there and being picked up at airport ahead of the wedding.

    One interesting comment by a friend of Civetta’s on a throw back photo he posted in April (this year, I believe) of him with the young lad as a baby.

    One might assume that with the current events and climate surrounding AA, this might be all her ex-husband needs to try to get custody of his son from AA. “Civetts” is Christina’s Instagram handle. Also see someone wanting justice for Tony got in there too and left a message.

    Here’s a copy and paste:

    mcivettaTBT on the half birthday to mini me n me. Mickey n Nickey!
    civetts💕💕💕💕my bro and Nicky
    cassidygard@civetts 😇😇
    summerb_1988Take him away from Asia. I know you tried before, but you should try again. She’s an unfit mother. She’s ruining him. She should be kept away from every minor.

    Link to Michele Civetta’s Instagram account:

  19. Isabel Horvath says:

    For some reason there are indeed two links found on Google to what appear to be sort of two (2) separate Instagram accounts for Michele Civetta, although these seem to be “tagged” pictures.

    Here is the link to those, and the first Instagram pic shows the bride and groom, Michele Civetta as MC, I believe, and his and AA’s son to the far right with his grandmother Peggy in the long pink gown (his mother).

  20. Katherine says:

    Lynn, it was later revealed that Anthony had both investments and holdings that rendered him a large amassed amount of money of which needn’t have been reported. This makes sense for a person of his standing.

    Today, as you know, TMZ release the photo of Asia and Bennett in bed, along with texts to her friend stating they had sex.

    Like other commenters here, I have to believe that Tony was broken, depressed and neck deep with this woman as she wore him down with her sociopathic behavior. Perhaps he wanted to believe her, protect her, and just make all of this go away. He had invested so much into this relationship which he claimed was his “safe harbor.”

    Asia knows she’s cooked and done. Her tossed off statement about running away to Africa is emblematic of someone who knows the walls are closing in.

    It’s painful to watch unfold. We who loved Tony want to know the truth, even if it’s cloudy and messy. I feel for his family.

  21. Lynn says:

    “it was later revealed that Anthony had both investments and holdings that rendered him a large amassed amount of money of which needn’t have been reported.”

    Yes, that was my point. The $1.2 million was just what was reported. Thus paying off Jimmy wouldn’t have put much of a dent in his bank account.

    Whyyyy does this idiot woman continue to text about this? Doesn’t she get that her texts are being leaked like crazy? And just as I predicted, she’s saying Tony pushed her to pay Jimmy off, that she and her lawyer didn’t want to, but he insisted more or less. Also that he paid a PI to dig up dirty on Jimmy. I don’t know what she thinks this buys her, however. Even if the payoff was all Tony’s idea and money, she’s the one in that bed with a 17 year old.

    Please Ashtray, pleeeeease go to Ethiopia. I have only been in the airport, which was a “shithole,” so good luck with that. I don’t know that they’ll take kindly to a skinny white ho trying to bed their young sons.

    I watched No Rez Brazil last night. The one where he and Ottavia are in Rio for her MMA match. It was so sad seeing them happy. Seeing them tease each other playfully, making each other laugh. His cute put downs of her and vice versa. Calling her baby. He calls her the ‘love of my life’ in his narration. Interesting how different the dynamic was with Ashtray. He made jokes around her (about other people) and she laughed, but they were never about her. No cute put downs. He seemed intimidated by Ashtray, hesitant, like he was in awe that this goddess would ever bother to look at, let alone be with him. So gross.

  22. Katherine says:

    Agreed 100%. Rose continues to characterize Asia as Tony’s ‘love of his life,’ and this infuriates. In no way was this the case. He may have been obsessed, depressed, infatuated —but in the end he was broken in half, and spent his last hours seeing photos of her with Clement. So much for the love of his life. He was on to her at the end and it destroyed him.

  23. catsworking says:

    Lynn, the investments that didn’t have to be reported were in Ottavia’s name so I don’t think he could have tapped into them at will. Not that she would have begrudged him cash if he needed it, but I think she’d have drawn the line over this particular expense.

    I remember the Brazil episode. Wasn’t she kind of new to competition then?

    Morgan, Adele, and I (Donna, were you with us) met Tony and Ottavia in D.C. when I think they’d been married roughly a year and a half and they made a good team. He was clearly crazy about her, and she was very supportive and laid-back. Comfortable in her own skin and mature. Seemed to be a good grounding influence on him. She was only about 29.

    I would love nothing more than for AA to take a one-way trip up the Congo. Funny that her kids never came up in her longing to go where 90% of people don’t give a fuck about her shit.

  24. bamboo.skewer says:

    She knew his age. She knew his birthdays. Just a few months before the rape date, she tweeted or commented on instagram that she wished she had been there for his birthday.

    Can anyone explain how exactly she was “grooming” him for years? I don’t know anything about grooming and I’m honestly confused. I’ve seen people saying general things like “she’s grooming him just like a pedophile does,” but what does that mean? How? Can anyone give examples of how her tweets to him are grooming?

    Like the thing where she said she wished she could be there for his birthday. I don’t know if that communication is grooming? How would it be any different from any adult wishing they could be there with a young person they liked or loved, where they have a truly healthy relationship?

  25. Lynn says:

    Oh okay, when I think ‘Joint Account’ I think funds that both people can dip into, but if they were in her name that’s different. Still I keep going back to his rent. No one who is worried about having enough cash pays that kind of rent.

    Yes, Tony was super nervous in Brazil (2012 I think) because Ottavia was there to challenge a native Brazilian woman. It seemed to be one of her first competitions, maybe THE first outside the U.S.

    I love how Ashtray has a huge chip on her shoulder about ‘entitled Westerners’ and I think, rich people in general. She prob resented Tony for his wealth and success. I think part of her hated him for it, so it was all too easy to abuse him and feel like she was scoring one for the downtrodden.

    Karen I was eating when you made that remark about your pits, thank you, but still hilarious. LOLs

  26. catsworking says:

    Lynn, my sense of it from what I’ve been told was that he sort of walked away from a lot of assets to make sure Ottavia and Ariane were taken care of. When I think of what the whole family must have spent annually at Renzo Gracie’s Academy on MMA lessons, rent of $13K probably seemed like chump change. He couldn’t exactly slum it. He was famous enough to need some security and privacy, and again, he was probably able to check into that building after merely making his interest known, rather than be seen apartment-hunting and start rumors.

    I had to laugh at AA’s “entitled Westerners” slam. Wouldn’t that include Italy as part of Western Europe? Gotta love it when she pretends to crusade for the little people with one fist while grabbing all she can from her wealthy benefactors with the other.

    bamboo, I’m with you. I’m not sure about the grooming aspect, except that she deliberately kept him close and flattered him with attention until his bones were worth jumping. It’s like what Jerry Sandusky at Penn State did with the kids he coached. Got them to look up to him as a role model, showered them with personal attention, then took them into his basement and pounced.

    Happy to report that my pits are now respectably deodorized. My right boob was a sissy this year, but the left boob said, “You call that pressure? Go ahead, crank your WORST!” So the tech did until I couldn’t move or feel my head.

  27. Dingobeast says:

    It amazes me that we can put a man on the moon, but in order to see if we have breast cancer, our poor boobs have to be squished like a pancake. At least it is over, catsworking!

  28. Adele Prass says:

    Karen, sadly, I think Donna and I were at the DC FOOD FIGHT the second year. Ottavia was planning to be there, but Ariane was sick. I remember Tony coming over and giving you a kiss on the cheek, when he told you.. it was still a great night.

  29. Joanne says:

    read jimmys statement he made on line today it all makes sense poor kid ,. and Karen Anthony kissed you on the cheek ,you bitch LOL so lucky!

  30. Isabel Horvath says:

    And, the walls are closing in.

    The article states: “The actress claimed Bennett kept sending her nude images, and that she has 80 pages of information on him from a private investigator Bourdain hired.”

  31. feijicha says:

    Bennett has made a public statement today.

    And AA has lost at least one gig, curating an exhibit on feminism (not sure if she was getting paid for this or not)

  32. feijicha says:

    Another key figure in the #metoo movement has publicly not come to AA’s defense – Ashley Judd.

  33. feijicha says:

    Here’s the whole statement from the producers of the XFactor:
    The X Factor Italy producers’ statement reads in full:

    “Sky Italia and FremantleMedia Italia have read today with great attention and in astonishment the news regarding Asia Argento published by the New York Times.

    It should be made clear that Sky Italia and Fremantle did not pick Asia Argento as a judge of X Factor Italy for her commitment to the #Metoo campaign, nor for her personal stances, but rather – as it has always been the case when it came to choose the judges of X Factor Italy – for her musical skills and ability to manage a television role in a show like this.

    Skills and abilities widely proven during the show auditions, recorded in recent weeks, as the large audience attending them could easily confirm.

    That said, we want to be very clear: if the allegations reported by the New York Times today were to be confirmed, the issue would be absolutely inconsistent with Sky’s ethical principles and values and therefore – in full agreement with FremantleMedia – we would have no choice but to take note of it and put an end to the collaboration with Asia Argento.”

    No indication about what meets their criteria of “confirmed” for the allegations. (this was put out before the photo of her in bed with him came out).

    I also had to chuckle at the “her musical skills” and her “ability to manage a television role in a show like this”

  34. catsworking says:

    Dingobeast, I always say if men had a test for testicular cancer that was anything like a mammogram, there would be a painless, less humiliating way found.

  35. catsworking says:

    Thanks, Adele. Those two years run together in my memory. What I remember most vividly is me and Morgan pounding back martinis in the hotel bar to process spending the evening with Ottavia and Tony. Magical night, for sure.

    And don’t forget, when I met him back in 2008, when we took a photo together, my left boob touched his chest! That’s probably what makes it so saucy. 😉

  36. catsworking says:

    OMG, Jorie, is this for real?

  37. catsworking says:

    Isabel, thanks for that link. Well, AA has pulled out of the “Future Feminism” festival, which somebody hear wondered about earlier.
    Glad to see Ashley Judd do the right thing and say AA should be held accountable. I’ve always liked her.

    I don’t get the 80 pages of dirt Bourdain supposedly hired. What was he going to do with that? Use it to smear a 22-year-old kid from his position of international fame? Like that would be perceived as a fair fight?

    I do give Jimmy credit in his statement for saying he thought people would take it wrong way if he went public with what AA did to him back in 2013. I’ve seen a lot of comments online from guys saying, “If I was 17 and had a chance to bang a hot older actress, I’d go for it!”

    What I DON’T believe is that he sent her nudies of himself. That’s something SHE would do, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she did do it after their tryst. Another Trumpian ploy: projection.

  38. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I wonder if the texts that came out today where she admitted having sex with Jimmy have swayed the X Factor producers yet. Also, the LA Times story said she’s now the subject of “criminal inquiry,” so that kicks it up a notch.

    I also had to laugh at the low bar they’ve set for musical and management skills.

  39. Morganlf says:

    Adele…it was a fun night…did that include” the kerfuffle with Brooklyn, who stole my seat when I got up for a minute?

    As I recall…somehow my drink got thrown at her head…poltergeists?

    Poor Donna caught some spillage…sorry kiddo.

    Later, as we left I remeber getting into a cab and seeing Tony & Eric. I asked him if he’d seen the fireworks. Yes that was year 2.

    Karen pounding vodka martinis…and a drive by backpack beaning…
    Pinching ourselves!!! Did we really just sit all night with Ottavia?

    Did Tony keep joining us warning her to “ tic-a-loc”? Yes that was magical. That was the night he told me Scripps had just bought travel channel…and he inferred he’d be jumping ship since his history with the Food Network was not an good one.

    Remember when Ottavia dragged you on stage for the finale? Lol you were so verklempt! Martinis were REQUIRED!

  40. Morganlf says:

    Karen, you are from now on known to me as : “Saucy Boob” lol

  41. Morganlf says:

    Bamboo..a predator grooms a victim by fostering a closeness, then defiling it, like priests do. Getting close to family, stepping in, taking innocent trips of a seemingly healthy nature, a la Jerry Sandusky.

    She played his mother when he was a 7-year-old child. Then the spider waited.

    When he was a nubile teen she had to have him, just like she had a bisexual relationship with a woman playacting at being the damaged JT LeRoy who was supposed to be a boy, even though it was anatomically clear JT was a girl.

    Argento has a sordid history. Boys, gals, gals who pretend to be boys.
    And ALWAYS the victim.

    Bourdain couldn’t have been that stupid, could he?

    There is more to come out. Must be he was so smart.

    I wish JoanToast or her sister would weigh in.

    I maintain drugs were a factor.

  42. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you just slay me. I totally forgot about the assaults, but the backpack to the head is now coming backing to me. And I remember you being involved in a scuffle in the stands and liquid flying.

    What I remember most about going up on stage with Ottavia at the end of the event was being on the stairs behind her and seeing how HIGH her heels were. I think the shoes were Louboutins (red soles?). It was a miracle she didn’t break a leg walking the DC streets in those things.

    Drinking with you afterward was one of my greatest Bourdain-related memories EVER.

    Saucy Boob

  43. Lynn says:

    Interesting – USA Today contains the first article I’ve read to actually write that Tony’s death may be linked to the Jimmy problem:

    “Bourdain committed suicide in June. It is not clear if there is a link between his death and Argento’s conflict with Bennett.”

    Also just read an interview where Tony says he has an AA tattoo. vomit

  44. Dingobeast says:

    Ugh, Lynn. I think it is becoming apparent that this, along with her general sluttiness and viciousness did Tony in. He invested all of his soul into her, tons of money, made sure she got work, and she paid him back by attacking him. I am fairly sure she was going to attack him publicly before he decided to kill himself. I think we are not hearing from his family for a reason. I hope they take steps to claw back some money from her, and perhaps sue her ass.

  45. catsworking says:

    Lynn, the tat he got in AA’s honor was an ENORMOUS blue chrysanthemum on his right upper arm and shoulder. I was pretty numb to all the tats when his arms became basically black with ink, but found this one horrifying.

    Jimmy is saying that he didn’t know Bourdain paid the $200K until about a week ago (when the NYT contacted him to verify the story?). Now he has to walk around with the guilt of wondering if his demands sent Tony over the edge. Talk about unintended consequences.

  46. Lynn says:

    I’m still dying to know who leaked the story to the Times. Not sure I believe Jimmy didn’t know AB paid. If he knew AA at all he knew she didn’t have that kind of money and his lawyer sent the letter to AB’s lawyer, not directly to her.

    Dingo – yes I’ve often wondered if their last breakup was Tony’s idea. If he was the one trying to get out because he just couldn’t handle her psychodrama anymore, and she began throwing everything she had at him to guilt, shame and threaten him into staying with her. Exhibit A the Hugh pics. And perhaps one of her threats was to tell the world that the payoff was all Tony’s idea. Any such threats would likely still be on his phone.

    One odd thing that’s not clear in the texts – did AB think there was no sexual encounter with Jimmy, or did he think it was consensual? In her texts to AB, Ashtray says ‘Ill never buy his silence for something I didn’t do.’ Here’s where my astonishment at AB’s cult member status comes in. He knew her reputation. She reminds him in the texts ‘I am no puritan’. Yet there was not even a faint whisper in AB’s mind that maybe Jimmy wasn’t lying? That at the very least, she had a consensual encounter with a then-17 year old, aka a crime (even if she didn’t know he was 17, still a crime). Especially since weren’t photos sent with the letter?

    He told Ashtray if she wanted to tell Jimmy to f-off, he’d be with her. But if she’d done that what would have stopped Jimmy from going to the cops and trying to prosecute her? I’m confused why AB did not seem at all concerned with the criminal aspect of this.

  47. Dingobeast says:

    Lynn-I think he was so desperately slavish with her that his critical thinking skills were impaired. He was addicted to her like a drug, and swallowed all the lies she told him until he could no longer do it. I cannot imagine his shame when the scales were ripped from his eyes. His humiliation was what did him in, when he realized that for two years he had basically been paying an escort a girl-friend experience. She repaid him with for scraps of attention when she deemed him servile enough, and when she figured she wasn’t getting any more $$$$ she turned on him viciously like the rabid twat she is.

  48. Mira says:

    The only good that can come out of this filth, is a lesson to all of us:
    if a relationship seems to be to good to be true, it is probably neither good ,nor true.
    Men, beware of ‘femme fatales’. They end up being fatal.
    Women, beware of charming psychopaths.
    The problem is both sexes have a huge blind spot for these people.
    And their immediate family and friends either find it hard to say something about their poor choices, or are not being heard by the besotten fools.

  49. Lynn says:

    “The problem is both sexes have a huge blind spot for these people.”

    Yes because women think they can change the man and men have the white knight syndrome. Sadly Tony’s legacy will be forever stained by this relationship. Just a sampling of some comments on TMZ:

    “Bourdain, by paying off this kid for his gf’s crimes and then offing himself when she messed around on him again, proves that you can be rich and famous and still be the ultimate white-knight beta boy.
    Pay attention men, don’t be a Bourdain – kick the skanks to the curb.

    Bourdain hated himself and only saw value in himself through the attention of a woman. That woman played him, took his money and then cheated on him.”

  50. catsworking says:

    Lynn, Jimmy met AA at the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey, which I assume is a very nice hotel. I don’t think he had any idea of AA’s financial status. He saw she jetted around the world with seemingly no money worries, showed up on red carpets in beautiful gowns, hung out with celebrities. His lawyer probably recommended asking for $3.5M because he knew they’d settle for a fraction of that, so best to start high.

    And photos were sent with the ask. One was of them looking naked in bed that Bennett gave up copyright to so he couldn’t reproduce it, although it’s all over the internet now.

    I would also like to know who’s feeding this stuff to the media.

    Bennett’s lawyer probably used Bourdain’s lawyer because he could be located and wouldn’t be one to just rip up the document, light it on fire, and take a selfie of himself dancing around the flaming scraps for Instagram, which Asia probably would have done had she received it directly. Asia had to hire her own lawyer to deal with it.

    I really don’t think the intent at all was to shake down Bourdain. He inserted himself into the situation.

    I also wonder why Bourdain didn’t seem concerned about the criminal aspect of it. But then again, we only have texts AA probably leaked, so we don’t know all the facts.

  51. Mira says:

    It also all comes back to his path of self-destruction. In his own words – he wanted to end as a tragic hero; and he was looking for the dark twisted heroine to finish him off. Someone could write their dissertation using AB – AA as a case study.

  52. catsworking says:

    You said a mouthful, Mira. This should end up in a psychiatric textbook someday.

  53. Adele Prass says:

    Morgan, Donna, and S.B. (Saucy Boob),we did have a great night, even without AB and Ottavia’s presences. I do remember the liquid kerfuffle, which taught me that not all Bourdain fans were as classy and high-minded as ourselves. And I’d forgotten about the previous year, when someone was beaned by a back pack.

    Morgan, you described the victim, predator cycle very well. I believe it was something in which AA was well-versed since childhood. Drugs, hmmm. If the French report was reliable, only alcohol was found in AB’s system. Cocaine and uppers are metabolized quickly — within 24-48 hours, so it’s possible that they could have played a role and not appeared in blood or urine at the time of death. Opioids are metabolized much more slowly, but withdrawal lasts for many days — is it possible that some of AB’s depression was fueled by opioid withdrawal? AA seems more like opioids would be her speed.A hair follicle test would have given a history of AB’s drug use for several months; I think it takes a week or two for opiods to disappear from blood and urine — marijuana, much longer. Working in child abuse and neglect taught me so many interesting things. If nothing else, though, I always thought Ariane would make him want to live.

    And Mira, you’re so right. So many tragic love stories are the stuff of literature, but this one belongs as a psychiatric study.

    And the world is still an emptier place without Tony.

  54. Donna says:

    That was a fun night! AB very sneakily bummed a cig off of Morgan because he had “quit” Karen-I still owe you lunch in Richmond! This fall I’m hopping a train down there and taking you out

  55. Adele Prass says:

    Donna, did you ever get another cat, or was Zappa irreplaceable?

  56. Mira says:

    Ah yes, literature…we need a modern day Dostoyevski to use this plot and protagonists.

  57. catsworking says:

    Donna, I would love to see you! Any time. I’ll pick you up at the train station.

    I kind of miss D.C. I’ll always associate it with Bourdain forever and our good times. Right now I’m afraid I’d overhear someone say something nice about Trump somewhere, and they’d be very lucky if all they got was a drink thrown in their face.

    On the other hand, there is a spring in my step this week now that the walls are really closing in on him, although very ashamed of that ass-hat Virginia judge Ellis who basically let Manafort off on 10 felonies by being a dick to the prosecution.

  58. Morganlf says:

    Donna, your memory!!! Yes I gave Tony a Marlboro.

    Another time when he was on a book tour near me at a fancy bookstore( that had recently hosted Bill Clinton) in the very large crowd that wrapped around the block….I got picked out of the crowd and shared a chat with Tony in the back of the store. A Marlboro may or may not have been involved….

  59. Morganlf says:

    Gals ….Donna, Saucy B, Adele…we may need a DC road trip! I love that city. And taking the choo choo from Jersey is fun.

  60. Morganlf says:

    Adele..I think you’re right. If there were drugs, it was the abuse of a prescription.

    I never meant to infer he was back to powders.

  61. Mira says:

    He may have been back on smokes, and probably occasionally cannabis, because his wretched ‘girlfriend’ always looked stoned, but I doubt anything else. He would not have looked that miserable if he were not sober…. He commented often that he is too old to tolerate drugs, and he was frank in that interview about the accidental overdose on prescribed pain killers.
    I’ m afraid that we just have to accept the sad truth. He was getting more and more depressed, and his horrible love interest was just the last drop…a big drop though. (and without getting into unnecessary detail, it is very easy to cut off blood supply by tightening something around your neck, so no mystery there…)

  62. Mira says:

    And you girls should definitely have a reunion, you sound fun 🙂

  63. catsworking says:

    Mira, Bourdain was definitely smoking Marlboro Reds again. They were mentioned in most of his last interviews.

    Bourdain used to be a headliner at a big charity event every November for the DC Food Kitchen. Morgan and I went twice (2008 and 2009?), Adele and Donna joined us the second year. One year he appeared with Eric Ripert, I think. And the second year, was Jose Andres there? And Carla Hall from The Chew was there at least once, maybe both times. Guys, did we also see Tom Colicchio? I feel like we did.

    Morgan and I took the train into town and met at the hotel. We had some great food. Just don’t ever go near Morgan with mayonnaise or you may not survive it.

    The various food causes that Bourdain supported are going to have a hard time replacing him as a draw for donations.

  64. Mira says:

    They can still do events in his honour,…his name will attract the fans to the causes he was associated with…he certainly is turning into a legend, just look at all the posthumous hunger for anything Bourdain related…and I firmly believe all this rubbish on the periphery will not really affect his legacy. Even though we have all pretty much concluded a lapse of judgement when it comes to a choice of a female companion, he was an honest, straight forward man, who pretty much said what he thought about anything, not worrying about offending anyone. I cannot see him as being willfully deceitful; he would have been feeling sick to his stomach, if he did indeed find out towards the end, that he was duped.

  65. Morganlf says:

    Karen we went 2010, 2011. Everyone was there. Name a competitor on Top Chef, Richard Blaise, Spike Mendelssohn, Ted Allen of Chopped. Tom Colicchio, Jose Andres, Eric Ripert, Carla Hall, Ming Thai, Mike Isabella..not to mention, All the food! There were at least 60-70 restaurants, we hardly touched a bite year one. No way we were getting up and leaving Tony & Ottavia. I grazed a little, you wouldn’t budge! $200 a ticket …

    Year two I made up for it.

    2007 or 2008 I went to see him at Ceasar’s Palace and that’s when I saw Ottavia for the first time.

  66. catsworking says:

    Well, I sure don’t remember my history! I thought it was so much longer ago than that. I’d been ragging on Ottavia for a couple of years by then. Thank God she didn’t slap me off the bleachers when we met! No wonder I was afraid to turn my back on her. 😉

    Mike Isabella came to Richmond and opened a restaurant here not too long ago, but it didn’t last and is now closed. Graffiato it was called. Never ate there.

  67. Adele Prass says:

    I was going to say, the year I went, the Food Fight was quite star-studded. I remember as we were leaving, Bourdain, Ripert, Colicchio and I think Jose Andres were not far from us, flagging down a car. I almost took off after them, but I didn’t want to embarrass everyone. I also remember that Carla Hall was really pretty (and tall) in person. And Morgan, my knee was bad, and you brought me some most delicious oysters. There was so much steam rising from the cooking, that even though we we sitting very close, I could really only see the cooks on the big screen.

    BTW, the final season of Parts Unknown is being shown in September at the Tribeca TV Festival. Now that would be a road trip, but my September is filled up. I have found myself wondering if AA would have the cojones to show up on the red carpet.

    If you all ever come to Chicago, i’ll take you to the Old Town Ale House to meet the geriatric genius.

  68. Mira says:

    I found a new hobby – google translating from italian to english,…anyway, looks like AA has been already kicked out of the X factor Italia, that is what the media is reporting, but its still not official…
    and according to her father , the horror film director your dear friend Bourdain so admired , his daughter is in hiding and not responding to any calls , at least not from him.

  69. Mira says:

    *…I hope you can make sense of my poor english grammar…

  70. M’lynn says:

    My god, it just keeps getting worse. News reports regarding an interview that comedian Jeff Leach on June 2nd where he says he received nude text messages from AA. Leach, a recovering sex addict, was with his girlfriend at the time. He replied to AA ‘you can’t send these to me’ and when she became angry at his response he told her to ‘get fucked’. He said a week before Tony committed suicide that she was not the best spokesperson for the #metoo movement.

  71. catsworking says:

    Mira, if that X Factor news is true, that is VERY good news. Now I don’t think there’s anything stopping her from moving to Ethiopia or Senegal where she won’t be subjected to us “entitled Westerners” and nobody gives a fuck who she is or what she does.

  72. catsworking says:

    Welcome, M’lynn. If THIS story from Jeff Leach is true, it’s no wonder AA has gone into hiding. Sheesh. It sounds like she was going after anything with a dick.

  73. Donna says:

    I would love a girls reunion here in DC! Karen, not to worry, you won’t hear anything nice about 45 in my ‘hood
    Adele P. Zappa was indeed irreplaceable. I’ve been cat sitting a lot which is fun, but if I’m ever chosen again as a human companion I won’t say no

  74. Morganlf says:

    A reunion in DC..done! Saucy, Donna…let’s get on that. A memorial to Tony.
    Adele, brilliant…I’ve never been to Chicago proper. Lots of flights into Ohare and business meetings Oak Park.

    I’d love to visit the Ale House…and meet the Geriatric Genious!!! He’s my kind of peeps!

    Something to think about ladies….

  75. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I agree. A reunion is in order.

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