Confirmed: Anthony Bourdain’s Apartment On the Market

By Karen

If you’d like to stay connected to Anthony Bourdain and can afford $14,200 a month to rent, his sunny two-bedroom, two-bath apartment is now available in Time Warner Center at 25 Columbus Circle in New York City.

Unit 64F has actually been available since July 31. An eagle-eyed Cats Working reader spotted it within days and sent me a link at the beginning of August when we were speculating in the comments where Tony’s home base must have been. We were following a few clues dropped in interviews about nearby restaurants and a description of his views from a 64th floor.

We concluded he was was most likely staying in Time Warner Center, although it’s actually only 54 stories high. But CNN has offices there, so it seemed logical they would have helped him quietly relocate without it leaking to the media that he was apartment-hunting.

Turns out Cats Working readers were right. TMZ and People magazine have just confirmed it.

He signed a lease on September 7, 2016, for $13,000 a month. His separation from Ottavia first broke on Page Six on September 19.

Here’s the description from the listing with Douglas Elliman Real Estate…

“Apartment features West exposure with breathtaking city and Hudson River views, floor-to-ceiling windows, kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, hardwood floors, washer/dryer and ample closet space including two walk-in closets. Building features full time doormen, concierge service, health club, spa, residents’ lounge, screening room, landscaped sundeck and garage. Moments away from shops, transportation, world-class restaurants, and Whole Foods store.”

You can view photos of the vacant unit and its amenities in the listing.

26 Responses to Confirmed: Anthony Bourdain’s Apartment On the Market

  1. teresa says:

    Yep, those are the views he used to post in his Instagram stories.

  2. bamboo.skewer says:

    Some interesting neighbors he had in the buildings.

    I wonder if they want to give real estate business to Time Warner so it’s less likely there would be media coverage of their doings in Time Warner media properties.

  3. aligee says:

    Speaking of Instagram stories have you viewed the ones from his last days in France. Very haunting.

  4. L Villeneuve says:

    What a soul-less white box!

  5. catsworking says:

    Bamboo, thanks for that link; I skimmed it but want to read the whole article in depth. Wow. Looks like it was the perfect place for Tony to disappear. Compared to who’s buying into that building, he was one of the poor people just renting a hole in the wall. Seriously, his apartment was pretty underwhelming for the price, location aside. The kitchen was pathetic. The master bath seemed to be the best room. But he spent so little time there, it should have suited his needs.

    The article bears out my belief that he was able to slip in unnoticed with no questions asked, before anyone heard of the official split with Ottavia.

  6. catsworking says:

    aligee, I did look at his IG stories toward the end. He was taking video of the walls of his hotel room, wasn’t he? They were disturbing, but who knew what he was really thinking?

  7. Lynn says:

    LV – LOL, that’s pretty much all modern condo apartments in NYC – white boxes. Tiny kitchens. Here’s another example:

    But yes I was rather unimpressed with that particular apartment, particularly the narrow-ish windows and small rooms. The pre-war bldgs and brownstones have much more soul and beauty to them (think The Ansonia bldg from the film Single White Female or Sarah Jessica Parker’s real-life brownstone in the Village).

    You can actually get the same size or bigger for less $ elsewhere, but in that bldg you’re paying for everything outside your apt, from the views to the gym to the mall and Whole Foods in the basement. Plus that is known as a ‘celeb bldg’ which also drives up demand and cost. I’m trying not to puke from the quoted rent. Like many people who live here I’m obsessed with NYC real estate. Sometimes I go to apt showings just to have a look, either to be grateful for what I have or sick with jealousy for what I lack. lol

    This problem with foreign money is one reason many people think Trump is so cozy with Putin – it’s reported that wealthy Russians have paid millions for Trump apartments. One group of Russians was running an illegal gambling ring in Trump Tower.

  8. Mira says:

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again : it’s not conducive to good mental health to live alone in such soulless surroundings, like we have seen on display in his “instagram stories” from anonymous hotel rooms, elevators, corridors, flats…it does not matter how pretty the views are…for a sensitive soul, the prettier the view outside, the more heart breaking the desolation inside…

  9. catsworking says:

    Lynn, thanks for that link. Just goes to show how little a dollar goes in NYC. I’m addicted to Million Dollar Listing New York where they’re selling townhouses and condos for five figures and it boggles my mind. But I love seeing how the other half lives. They’ve even mentioned Time Warner Center.

    Bourdain’s apartment looks very mundane, but it is a rental, which explains why he was buying art to cover the walls. He was starting over from scratch, and he wasn’t there much, so it probably felt like a hotel suite to him.

    Bethenny Frankel’s on-off-BF Dennis just accidentally died of an opioid overdose in Trump Tower last week. Never a dull moment there. (Am I outing myself as having a Bravo addiction here?)

  10. catsworking says:

    Mira, I think he got himself into a Catch-22 situation. He longed for the connection of family, but the career he lucked into precluded that. Remember how over the moon he was to be included in Ottavia’s large Italian family? Said it was what he always wanted.

    He loved spending August in the Hamptons with his family and the Riperts. He loved cooking a feast for Thanksgiving.

    But the life that gave him the most financial freedom and fed his addiction to travel forced him to be alone. As more time goes by and we all process the elements of his life and death, the more the red flags seem to fly.

  11. Karen, as you can probably tell, I’m reading/watching a lot of Bourdain-related things lately. For the first time, I watched the “Where it all Began” episode of No Reservations. Bourdain was followed by a documentarian during the first year of “A Cook’s Tour”. The documentary was never released but Tony tells the filmmaker that he hates the travel and being recognized in international airports.

    He expressed a wish to return to the kitchen. If what he said reflects his true feelings, I can see how it could wear on him. How do you turn down TV money and go back to living paycheck to paycheck? Anyway, it’s an interesting episode for those who haven’t seen it. And he looks so young!

  12. Morganlf says:

    Hob is that the one where he met Ripert the first time? It’s out there somewhere I saw it years ago. he was dark haired with a pronounced NY accent in his 40’s right after Kitchen Confidential.

    In that “white” apartment in the Time Warner, he filmed Instagram stories. Mostly slow pans of the skyline..sometimes in the reflection of the windows you’d see him faintly cig butt hanging out of his mouth.

    Once he posted a video centering in on that marble bath..the camera lingered outside… recording a croaking, basso profundo,”singing of sorts” in Italian. He then opens the door to reveal Argento wrapped in a robe.looking over her shoulder..and post shower still looking greazzy.

    The translation to the song I believe is:

    “I fucked an old man Tony, he gave me a house and millions. I’m laughing on him as I fuck everyone else, while the idiot pays. I smell of sardines, my father touched me…I’m in New York and don’t care about my children..I love desecrating my flesh…yeah, yeah, yeah…”

    *Google translation *

  13. Morganlf says:

    Karen your Outed! Me too..I didn’t know Dennis overdosed *suicide* damn that Bethenny is toxic!!

  14. That’s the one, Morgan. Also, the translation was hysterical.

    The episode:

  15. Mira says:

    That was a great episode; it was especially sweet how smitten he was with both Eric, and his fancy French restaurant.

  16. catsworking says:

    Hob, this is pretty shocking. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of or seen this video, and find it hard to believe he’d say he wanted back into the kitchen once he started his show. Maybe he was having a bad day with Food Network wanting him to feature more BBQ. Or Nancy was giving him a hard time about being gone so much. I can accept that he hated being recognized because I think he always did, although he worked at being gracious about it when it happened.

  17. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you have my ROFLMAO at AA’s “aria.”

    Dennis was taking Oxycodone for a back problem he’s had since surgery in 2014(?). The dose he was prescribed was legal, but apparently he had heart problems and it was too much for his heart to take. When he took the med, he realized something was happening and asked an assistant to quickly give him a shot of whatever counteracts opioid OD, but he lost consciousness and died before it could kick in.

    Bethenny wasn’t around and had nothing to do with it. In fact, I read she’d told some interviewer recently that she and Dennis had reached a point where they were going to try to make a go of it.

    In the long run, Dennis may have dodged a bullet dying when he did if he thought he could get serious with Bethenny. NO ONE can stay on her good side for any length of time, man or woman.

    I watched her in that one season of Bethenny & Frederik, the agent from Million Dollar Listings NY. They teamed up on buying and renovating a condo. Frederik’s a diva, but a very sweet and considerate guy and she put him through the wringer. So it’s not just the Housewives she loves to shit on, it’s everybody. It’s her brand.

  18. Morganlf says:

    Hob thanks for the link, I’ve been looking for it for years. I saw the full documentary I think. I too was touched by how smitten he was at meeting Eric at Bernadin. I’m going to watch and savor it.

    He was so handsome.

    Karen Remeber when Bethany started she was broke, looking for a man…man has that arc changed. She is a fame whore, she was on the apprentice.

    Speaking of..Omarosa is shredding trump. She is laying him out to filth. Can’t wait to see how that ends up. Pretty sure the FBI has already paid her a visit. But if anyone can tangle its Omarosa. She is articulate, calculating, and throws shade like no one do!

  19. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I think I must have that No Res episode on DVD. I’ve seen it before. He looked so healthy and happy, and it was only eight years ago.

    I think Bethenny and Omarosa competed on The Apprentice together and they now hate each other. Bethenny invited Omarosa on her talk show and it got ugly. Check it out. (Bethenny was very good as a host, but it got shut down because Ellen DeGeneres was the producer and Bethenny somehow managed to piss her off royally. Go figure.)

    Omarosa is a viper. It speaks to Trump’s infinite stupidity that he hired her into the White House thinking she would never turn on him. He didn’t recognize his own type — dishonest, with an insatiable need for attention.

    Unfortunately, while I think Omarosa probably does have all the dirt she claims to have, I think a lot will backfire and be discounted because of her reputation as a ruthless, bath-stabbing bitch who will do anything for fame.

    Once the initial book hype dies down, I think she’ll fade away until her next reality show gig (Dancing with the Stars maybe?) because of how she controls interviews and scolds interviewers like Mother Superior. (Although I did enjoy watching her mop the floor with Savannah Guthrie the other day.) Her style is very Kellyanne Conway, except Omarosa actually makes sense.

  20. Lynn says:

    Don’t forget Tom Arnold is also on the case re: the N-word tape, so we can all rest easy. lmao

    People don’t seem to grasp that these tapes won’t really help beyond maybe getting a few more independents and fence sitters to the polls in Nov. Maybe motivating more black voters to vote? Not that this wouldn’t be important for Dems but it will do nothing as far as getting Cheeto’s ass out of office. He uses a tanning bed. Why the hell hasn’t he gotten melanoma yet?! He’s like a roach, nothing does him in.

    Karen, MD Listing is one of my fave shows. Frederik is fun to watch but can be a jerk at times. If I was buying or selling an expensive apt I’d probably hire him. ‘Weee!’

    Morgan your’e forgetting the companion piece to that vid, where Ashtray confides to her girlfriend that even though Tony is not her idea of a ‘real man like Mussolini or Harvey’, whose average size pud cannot possibly satisfy her Lincoln Tunnel of a vajay (all that heavy traffic!), she’s willing to deal with it for the directing credits and real estate. She then hands her youngest kid a lit cig.

    Question – do all mothers in Italy have cig burns in their birth canals, since everyone there is apparently born lit cig in hand?

  21. Morganlf says:

    Lynn, I forgot that piece. Yeah she hands her son a cig, while he was eating fruit loops.
    🎶 My House, my House smells of sardines🎶 🤮

  22. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I fully expect Trump to start throwing around the N-word to get out ahead of any release of tapes. He’ll do it at one of his rallies, where he always feels big and bad and safe. It will be like the verbal equivalent of shooting someone on Fifth Avenue. He will lose none of his supporters. They will start using the word themselves because he will have made it OK. I can hear him leading the chant now.

    I do believe Trump’s just that bat-shit crazy that he thinks he will pull it off and be a big hero and win Putin’s approval. The chickenshit Repubs in Congress will remain silent.

    But what it WILL do (fingers crossed) is mobilize people to vote Dem in November out of sheer disgust. Surely, it should light a fire under blacks and other minorities, and maybe even white women.

    I’m furious with the way the media is reporting these latest primaries. They only report on who got what percentage of the vote. What they NEVER mention is that if you look at the raw numbers, Democrats are outnumbering Republicans at the polls by tens of thousands, even in red districts. The momentum is there, but it’s just not being reported.

  23. catsworking says:

    Lynn, thanks for the link to this news. If by “making it exquisite” for Tony, CNN means whitewashing or omitting whatever is known about his death beyond the facile cop-out that, gee, he must have been depressed, they can take their documentary and stuff it.

    This is CNN, allegedly the world’s most trusted news network, reporting NOTHING about the unexpected and mysterious death of their biggest talent while he was ON ASSIGNMENT. It’s journalistic malpractice.

    It’s been 10 weeks, and it’s still like he suddenly went poof without a trace.

    Bourdain was an internationally influential public figure, this country’s most well-recognized ambassador promoting goodwill for this country. We lost his voice JUST when we have a maniacal dictator trying to provoke war with whoever will take his bait.

    We’ve seen a lot of spontaneous memorials popping up all over the world to honor Bourdain’s memory, but we’ve gotten zip as to WHY he’s just a memory except a few unconfirmed stories by unverifiable people who claim to have known him. WHAT IS GOING ON?

    I think in my grieving process, I have entered the anger stage.

  24. Morganlf says:


    CNN is treating him as a commodity. I don’t care. As long as his death is investigated.

    But I fear CNN won’t tell us the truth about his descent into the rabbit hole of sadness, alcohol and drugs Argento led him to.

    His legacy is being monetized by CNN. I don’t blame them, but tell the truth. His drug addled girlfriend pulled him back into that world.

    Look at his physical desiccation after hooking up with Argento. She’s an addict and he returned to the well.

    I don’t think he hung himself…I think he overdosed.

    Despite the French coroners report…which is suspect, there is the immediate cremation. It ends all inquiries, and kept Argento away from media outlets she craves.

    There is something more ugly, nefarious here. Argento is the key.

  25. Lynn says:

    Karen, Morgan – Agree. There’s about zero chance they will touch the 3rd rail of what really happened. Ashtray probably won’t be mentioned at all or only tangentially. CNN is capable of awesome hard-hitting docs (e.g., Blackfish), but on this topic I can’t imagine it.

    Karen I’m with you in the anger phase. Any other celeb and there would be digging. It’s amazing – not even a news blip about the funeral? I wasn’t expecting a Joan Rivers type affair but jeez, typically a celeb dies there is some sort of funeral that other celebs attend. I get that he wouldn’t want a spectacle, but not even ‘friends and family gathered today for a small ceremony in NYC remembering Anthony Bourdain’?

    CNN probably feels as if the topic is too tabloidy for them. They’re too busy covering real ‘news’ like Cheeto’s latest Twitter feud with insert celebrity name here.

    And who’d be willing to speak on camera about what went down with Ashtray and AB? Perhaps Bruce Elliot, since he’s been doing so on his blog, but crickets otherwise. I don’t get the mealy mouthed anonymous Instagram/Twitter accounts that disappear after two-days schtick from the rest of them – JFT, OrangeJanitor and others. What are they so afraid of?

    You mean to tell me Omarosa can spill on the PRESIDENT (and record convos in the situation room?!) but Tony’s peeps are afraid to spill on an F list Italian skank? These people disappear faster than the opposition party in Russia. They act like they’re operating in Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale. There’s no way Ashtray has the funds to mount libel suits against everyone who could speak out regardless of her threats.

    Perhaps Karen your theory is correct that there is pending litigation involving CNN keeping everyone quiet. It would certainly explain the silence of ZPZ crew and Ashtray’s sudden weeks-long disappearance from Instagram.

    Drugs is an interesting theory but then why would the French lie about the toxo report? What motive would they have to protect AB’s reputation?

    “There is something more ugly, nefarious here. Argento is the key.”

    This I’m in total agreement with. But I don’t think it was drugs. I think she encouraged him to kill himself in their final fight. No doubt he was drinking that night. And perhaps the evidence is on text or voicemail.

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