French Now Say Bourdain HAD Been Drinking

By Karen

Today should have been Anthony Bourdain’s 62nd birthday, but instead we’re still trying to learn the truth about why the hell he isn’t here to celebrate it, after taking his own life during a Parts Unknown filming in France on June 8. It appears alcohol played a bigger role than we knew.

The day it happened, it seemed almost that the French dispatched Inspector Clouseau to investigate. Bourdain’s death was immediately ruled a suicide with no foul play implicated and his body was whisked off to a morgue.

If only the French knew what fans and those close to Bourdain knew — he suffered from an inexplicable, self-destructive obsession with Italian actress Asia Argento, 42, one of the women who helped launch the movement to take down Harvey Weinstein.

From the beginning, the stench of Argento’s dark, demented existence permeated the relationship, but Bourdain publicly and persistently extolled Argento’s “magnificence” and myriad virtues that few could see.

The two-year affair culminated in two damning series of photos taken by separate paparazzi in Rome of Argento being flirty and intimate with a 28-year-old French journalist. Three days after the photos appeared online, Tony took his own life.

On Friday, June 22, exactly two weeks after Bourdain’s death, the French released statements about their toxicology report, the only known investigating they did — not the report itself…

First it was, “no trace of medicine, no trace of alcohol.”

Then they said, “trace of a nonnarcotic medicine in a therapeutic dose.”

That was amended to, “trace of alcohol.”

Now this morning on the Today Show, NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports the French are saying there were “significant traces of alcohol.” And that “there were signs he drank significantly the night before he was found” hanging in his hotel room.


It doesn’t change the fact that Argento is still likely a major contributing factor, but it could indicate that Tony tried to self-medicate the pain of her publicly humiliating him and then taunting him on Instagram. When that didn’t work, he resorted to permanent oblivion. If he was suffering from depression, alcohol may have been what sent him over edge into the abyss.

At this moment, I’m not seeing corroborating news reports to back up NBC, but I’m just putting it out here as another chapter of the story. To me it indicates there’s probably more yet to be revealed to help us understand.

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  1. Ann86 says:

    She’s doing damage control now, disabling comments on her Insta. Posting at opportune times when she knows people will be Googling her (Like when the toxicology report was initially released). I’m still hoping the story gets picked up by the media and we can all have a discussion about the grey areas about how our actions can push someone into darker places. There seems to be this pervasive idea that no matter how terrible and provocative Asia was, she is free from all blame. How did we get to the point that we can eschew so much personal responsibility for the wellbeing of others? What’s truly darker? Putting some of the blame for someone’s suicide on someone else? Or being able to remove an individual’s actions as contributing factors entirely? To me, that we are able to completely absolve an abuser of culpability is an extremely concerning indicator of where society is headed. Do I believe Asia deserves bullying? Absolutely not. Do I believe we should all (including her) be able to reach an understanding that she owed him better treatment? Absolutely.

  2. Anita says:

    As sad as it is to hear this, it makes way more sense to me than him being cold stone sober and hanging himself. I want to believe he wasn’t in his right mind and he wasn’t.

    I wonder if deep down Anthony knew what Asia really was, as in not good for him, for months. Since his first Parts Unknown show this year he seemed different. I even told my husband a few weeks ago something was wrong with him. I guess the saying the camera never lies is true. There WAS something wrong with him – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

    Only Asia knows what went down with them that night and she will never tell. Still hope the truth will come out someday. And Happy Birthday Anthony. I share the 1956 year with you a few weeks later. I will have a toast to you today.

  3. Mira says:

    By the way, in AB’s last days, Italian press was also commenting on another freshly posted photo on both hers and Rez Degan’s instagram account, of AA holding hands and looking very intimate with Rez Degan, ex model, now documentary maker, it was all over the Italian media, nothing really in English.
    And if you do a bit of looking through AB’s instagram stories- short video clips, his last two weeks, its so bleak, and devastatingly lonely, just recording soul less hotel rooms, airport lounges, with haunting background music, and even just elevators. He was in a dark dark place.

  4. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Anita! It also makes me feel less at sea knowing that, depressive thoughts aside, he was under the influence of something else. But now I wonder this…

    NBC said there were signs he’d been drinking heavily “the night before,” which would imply he got drunk Thursday in his room and missed dinner, maybe because he passed out early.

    But did he wake up later badly hung over, peek at AA’s IG account and see the “Fuck Everyone” T-shirt, and THEN decide to hang himself? Or was there a final phone call? AA wouldn’t necessarily know if the T-shirt was what set him off if they weren’t speaking at that point, although she felt guilty enough about it to take that post down when she learned he had died.

    His electronics may hold all the answers to what role she played, and some day it may be revealed no matter how much she and RMG try to cover for her with lies.

  5. Anita says:

    I’m so happy I found your blog. Thank you Twitter! We live in NorCal but were in LA for June 7 for what was supposed to be a fun weekend. Woke up Friday and turned on local news at 6:30 am and saw he had died. Then that it was suicide. Honestly, like you and millions of others I haven’t been the same since.

    Would it have been better if he had choked on a chicken bone, or died of food poisoning, or a heart attack? Or a plane or car cash? It would still be shocking, but this hurts more. So many of us wish we could have saved him that night. Life would have gone on without Asia. The dawn just needed to break one more time for him to see that.

  6. Daisy says:

    Karen, Thanks for the update. I agree, the alcohol, whether a trace or more is in the report doesn’t change the fact that AA was a significant contributing factor.

  7. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Ann86! Not surprising that AA disabled comments on her IG account. I haven’t looked at it, but I imagine she was taking a pounding, since Bourdain’s fan base far, far eclipses her own.

    I think one of the reasons she seems to be getting a pass in the media is that the only concrete information anyone has is those two series of photos of her and Hugo. What we know about her behavior while Tony was in France filming (phone calls, fighting, etc.) came from justicefortony. He/she may have actually been there and be 100% accurate about what happened, but it’s an anonymous source, so the media doesn’t want to touch it, being accused every day of putting out “fake news.”

    What COULD bring AA into the spotlight would be the family releasing whatever can be found on Tony’s electronic devices. Don’t know that they’d ever go there, especially if it’s totally damning to AA. She’d probably try to sue them and then do something histrionic to make herself the victim. Plus, she’d bask in the attention and drama.

    It’s a real conundrum. She may never get publicly called out, but for the rest of her life she’ll have to deal with people who think she was responsible.

    Kind of reminds me of Lizzie Borden. She was acquitted in the axe murders of her father and stepmother, but had to spend the rest of her life knowing that most people thought she was guilty.

  8. catsworking says:

    Anita, it’s always been in the back of my mind that Bourdain would come to some kind of catastrophic, probably accidental, end while traveling. He wasn’t going to sit around and waste away from lung cancer or any other disease. Or let heart problems slow him down.

    The one possibility that NEVER crossed my mind was suicide.

  9. Lynn says:

    It would seem the French are as casual about suicide investigations as they are marital fidelity. I was surprised when they originally said no alcohol. Tony drank, and according to one of the guys who was featured in the Newfoundland show, there was a lot of drinking on that shoot. So it would appear Tony upped the drinking and smoking a lot in his final months. AA’s influence or just a ‘fuck it’ decision on his part, who knows.

    “There seems to be this pervasive idea that no matter how terrible and provocative Asia was, she is free from all blame.”

    Well, technically/legally she is. Unless there are texts of her to Tony saying ‘just do it, already, kill yourself I hate you.’ If being cheated on and publicly humiliated by someone you profess great love for to the world was all it took, Sandra Bullock would be dead right now. The tinder has to be already dry as fuck for that spark to be the final one. In his case, she along with booze probably were the final sparks, but absent a note, we have no definitive answer.

    I think the media is staying away from the story of what happened between AA and Tony leading up to June 8 is because they’re all terrified of seeming to ‘blame’ or trash a MeToo survivor/movement leader. Afraid the Rose army will come after their advertisers. But that’s just a guess. It truly baffles me. I think any other celeb, they’d be all over this. I can hear it now: “Did celeb x push celeb y to suicide?”

    I have no problem believing Tony knew all along AA was bad for him. That was the attraction. This is someone who smiled at himself in the mirror the first time he shot up. He went willingly and enjoyably into his own destruction many times. Seemed to almost romanticize self damage, and maybe romanticized suicide somewhat. Wasn’t it Nancy who said their drug fueled years were not as horrible as Tony claimed – that he was ‘melodramatic’ about such things?

    And yet watching the Bhutan episode, he’s cracking jokes and goofing around with Darren. That quick wit I always liked comes through. He looks tired, but otherwise seems normal. Darren writes that he and Tony had very long talks on that shoot, precipitated by the fact that Tony was ‘deeply in love’ (Darren’s words) while Darren was ‘recently single’. And yet Darren seems as shocked as we are about the suicide, indicating that despite their friendship and those ‘long talks’, Tony didn’t mention anything.

  10. Ann86 says:

    The Justice for Tony Insta is down. I wonder if they found someone to carry the article or if that is it for them.

  11. Fishy says:

    I agree with Karen with the fake news aspect of it but also, there’s a lot of these Hollywood types that are involved so most likely they want to protect their metoo campaign leader (AA). For instance, I was lurking on AA’s ig before she blocked comments and rosanna arquette who was defending AA on ig not long ago and then she’s pictured with Ronan Farrow and he reported on the Weinstein scandal. Someone reported justicefortony and they hadn’t posted for a long time, just people commenting on previous posts. Idk all sounds fishy to me.

  12. catsworking says:

    Lynn, spot on, as always. The sad thing for the world is that Tony picked such an unworthy to tether himself to existence with. Once that tether was snapped in his face, he checked out rather than face life without it.

    He did dance with self-destruction almost from childhood. He talked about drinking and trying drugs as a kid to rebel against the normality of his upbringing.

    Hell, even his job catered to that self-destructive streak. Sky-diving, getting rolled in that ATV accident in New Zealand on No Res. Traveling to the nastiest, most dangerous places that would allow him entry.

    I don’t recall what Nancy may have said, but she’s presumably still alive, so she survived whatever they did together.

  13. Roberta Mitchell says:

    Does anyone know what happened to @justicefortony IG?

  14. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Fishy. I wonder how much of a #Metoo campaign leader AA will continue to be, or Rose for that matter. I would imagine anyone who knows AA saw the photos of her and Hugo and can imagine how it went down between her and Bourdain, the movement’s staunchest male defender. It’s hardly AA’s finest hour. For AA to speak out and try to damage ANY other man for the foreseeable future would be a discredit to the movement and cement her personal brand as poison.

    Her behavior has been appalling on every level, she’s being called out on it, and now she’s trying to insulate herself from the consequences by blocking comments. She went from “poor little Weinstein ‘victim'” to “probable killer of Anthony Bourdain” in a week.

  15. catsworking says:

    Ann86, I think I recall seeing justicefortony say something about AA complaining about him and he/she expected IG would shut the page down. Sounds like it happened. I hadn’t tried to view it for many days, so I don’t know if anything else upsetting had been said.

  16. Lynn says:

    How’d I miss this? From June 8th:

    “We sat for a few hours at a yakitori restaurant in midtown, eating chicken hearts and drinking beer. The Rome episode of “Parts Unknown” had just aired, and, as we settled into our conversation, I jokingly mentioned his obvious crush on the Italian actor and filmmaker Asia Argento, who had been featured in the episode. At the mention of her name, Bourdain’s large, tanned hand swept over the microphone of the recorder. “What do you mean, my crush on Asia?” he said, and I laughed, telling him his puppy-dog eyes were in every frame—not to mention his Twitter posts about the episode, which fairly breathed with infatuation. He took his phone out and scrolled through his recent tweets, asking me to point out specific evidence. “We’re trying to keep it under wraps,” he said.

    If this interview was from Nov. 2016 as the reporter says, AFTER the statement about living separate lives from Ottavia, why was he still trying to keep it secret?

  17. catsworking says:

    Lynn, thanks that for link! I haven’t seen this interview. One thing I have been noticing in many reports about him since his death is peg his as dating Asia for “two years,” which puts it in the range of filming the Rome episode, rather than when he let it be known in February 2107, about 6 months after his separation from Ottavia was announced, which puts it closer to a year.

    All I can surmise is that he didn’t want the world finding out during the upcoming 2016 holiday season that he was having an affair. The optics would have been bad, and it was the last holidays he’d be able to spend with his daughter as a “family” before AA took over his life.

    Reading other parts of that piece was mentioned that he seemed upset about having his personal life exposed. After the first few years I wrote about him, he became almost slutty about revealing to anybody and everybody what was going on at home. The only thing off limits was Ariane’s face. Deliberately, she was almost never photographed in an identifiable way.

  18. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Roberta. No, Ann86 said it went poof. A “Justice” commented once here. If it’s the same author, maybe they will return and shed some light.

  19. Ann86 says:

    Weird, I can see it again too. wonder what happened.

  20. catsworking says:

    Yes, I’m seeing justicefortony’s IG account, too. Must have been a glitch. I’m glad it’s back up. Question: How do you see all the comments? When I click on “More comments” it just gives a fraction of the number claimed to be posted.

    It was interesting to read that CNN edited AA’s photo out of Anderson Cooper’s tribute. It would seem no major news organization wants to touch her. Kind of the same treatment they’re giving Batali and the other predators exposed by #MeToo. They’re all pigs, but at least we haven’t heard that they ever allegedly had a hand in killing anybody, like RMG and AA have.

  21. izzy1957 says:

    Karen, after one of the two black screens is clicked to access the main poster’s justicefortony message, you then use the scroll bar on the right-hand side and scroll it down right to the end of that initial posted message and you will see “Load more comments” right underneath it, and you have to click on it – BUT, then have to continue to scroll back up – over and over again to bottom of that first poster’s message and repeat clicking on the “Load more comments” until you don’t see it say “Load more comments” anymore. Then you’ve got all the posted comments there to read.

    Here’s yet another “opinion piece” – barf, barf, barf

  22. I have very negative feelings about Asia Argento like everyone here, but for my own peace of mind, I’ve had to move on from that feeling of utter hatred. I wish everything would be reported, but I’m not holding my breath.Too many factors in play to prevent that right now as others have identified. I do know from my personal life that what comes around, goes around. She knows what she did – and will have to live with that the remainder of her life.

    As a psychologist, I am hoping that there is something positive we can take away from this horrible situation. For me, that would be gaining a better understanding of clinical depression. We have identified a number of situational factors that must have negatively affected Tony (toxic relationship, failed business ventures, etc, … there’s a long list ), but the fact is depression, suicidal ideation, and/or addiction had been a part of Tony’s life for many years (first mention of suicide after his divorce from Nancy). In terms of alcohol, adding it to a depressed mind is like adding gasoline to a raging fire. Tony may have stopped using heroine and cocaine, but his alcohol use had always been excessive.

    Last night, my husband and I were watching the Quebec episode (Parts Unknown: Season 1, original air date April, 2013). We were suddenly punched in the gut when we heard Tony say (in his usual brash, but humored way), “Look at this tiny electric four burner stove. At no point in my cooking career could I have worked with one of these without murdering everyone in the vicinity before hanging myself from the nearest beam.” Unfortunately, Tony was known for having dark thoughts and a dark imagination. As others have pointed out, that’s exactly what drew him to AA’s darkness.

    One of Tony’s chef friends, David Chang (of the Momofuku Restaurant Group) has been very vocal about his history with depression since Tony’s death. On his podcast, The Dave Chang Show, he said, “I thought the best way to honor Tony would be to talk about my own struggles with depression”… “I recorded it by myself, like two days after I found out that Tony died. I apologize if you’re a regular on this podcast and you find this s— too dark or too self-indulgent, but if it makes any of you feel a little bit better for seeking help for your own struggles, then it was worth it. I think it was what Tony would want me to do.” At the end of the podcast, he says, “If you haven’t had any help yet, or if you’re trying to find help, or if you need help, don’t lose hope. You have to have hope for a better day. And you have to hold on to that harder than you ever held on to anything”.

  23. Laura N. says:

    Anita, I too noticed how low his mood was this season. I’ve only seen about 4 shows this season but he seems like a completely different person, both in personality and looks. That’s why it’s so strange to read about how supposedly happy he was. He looked horrible and seemed lifeless. Even his voice sounded deeper and tired.

  24. bamboo.skewer says:

    Regarding the New Yorker episode and the timing of his interview and relationship with Asia … according to IMDB the episode aired on Dec. 4, 2016. But the writer recalls seeing the episode and talking with Bourdain in November. I don’t know.

    What he does seem to acknowledge is that they were already in a relationship when they filmed the episode? Not just a beginning attraction, but already a couple? I don’t know, could also be read as the relationship blossomed after filming the episode.

    I’m appalled at the lack of specificity by the French authorities. Geez. How hard is it? They know he’s a celebrity so there’s extra interest. The only thing they could do to clear up their mess of words is to release exact findings from the autopsy report.

  25. Anita says:

    Laura, yes it was very noticeable. I tried to watch the Hong Kong episode last night and just couldn’t get through it. Especially after seeing Zack Zamboni in one of the shots and reading (allegedly) that Anthony sent him home because of disagreements about AA and she finished the filming. The Bhutan episode will sit on my DVR for a long time.

    I have watched some No Reservations (Venice) and Parts Unknown 2016 shows. Still cried, but at least I could get through them. Definitely happier times. It was amazing to see how much he aged in just two years.

  26. Morganlf says:

    Justicefortony is down again. It’s still there but no content, no comments. Roses army and AA prob reported it.

    Asia sang at a concert in France this weekend with a band called Indochine. She was all bad assed head banging. Eww douche chills. Posted lots of video.

    Well at least she finally got to France. She sure looks overcome with grief.

  27. catsworking says:

    izzy, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong on IG, not going back to the top repeatedly. I thought when I clicked “more comments” once, they’d all be there. Silly moi.

    As for the ABC piece, the author must not watch the Today Show.

  28. Morganlf says:

    In the Rome episode where he met Argento, the episode opens with a red headed woman singing a song the translation scrolls underneath.
    “ I won’t be happy until I see you hanging from a bridge”

    The purpose of the episode was to define the fuck you attitude of Romans, which he touches on a few times.

  29. catsworking says:

    bamboo, there was no autopsy that we know of, just the tox report. Yes, they could certainly release that, but maybe they already did, to the family.

    As for the timeline of “Bourgento,” I don’t think he’d met her before they started working on the Rome episode, so I would guess onset of the affair was around April 2016. By November or December, they would have had months of sneaking around.

    I wonder if the woman who did the interview got to see an advance screening of the Rome episode? Or, she’s got her date wrong and she actually talked to him after it aired, which would have put it closer to Christmas and even more reason for him, for Ariane’s sake, not to want it splashed around. At the time she would have only been about 9.

  30. catsworking says:

    Opus, I can’t pinpoint exactly where I heard or read them, but I know Tony made more than one joke about hanging. But I can’t recall any about pills or guns or other means as a way out. I’ve got 27 episodes of Parts Unknown stacked up on the DVR, some of them I know I’ve never seen because they were about places I knew I’d never visit or had little interest in and I skipped them, but I’m going to watch them all now, with new eyes and ears. (First got to finish binging season 6 of The Americans.)

    He spoke and wrote about depression, but his public persona was so polished, he always seemed to have things well under control. Who knew he was paddling like a duck the whole time?

  31. catsworking says:

    OK, Morgan, you just gave me chills. It kind of brings things full circle, doesn’t it? And I’ve read in the Bhutan episode, which may be the final one ever, he participates in some death ritual. It was getting closer and closer and no one knew it was coming, except maybe him.

  32. Daisy says:

    Who knew she was a singer too? It is friggin amazing that she is running around doing TV shows and now concerts despite all her supposed grief. I watched a clip of this concert on YouTube and apparently her popularity in France hasn’t suffered one bit. The audience is cheering and seemed to love her.

    To add insult to injury she also gets a pass from the media because of her metoo involvement. Like I said….The narcissist will come up smelling like a rose. They have an uncanny way of doing that no matter how despicable and awful there actions are!

  33. I hear you, Karen. And that is why clinical depression is so LETHAL. Because people hide it – some very, very well. That is why we have to keep talking about depression and get rid of the stigma so that people will go get help. I am so glad that David Chang talked about his own depression. He is a very high profile chef and was dearly loved and respected by Tony.

    I just remembered another Parts Unknown episode that is very revealing about Tony’s state of mind. It’s the Buenos Aires episode (Season 8, aired Nov 2016). Throughout the episode, he is seen talking to a therapist (actually laying on her couch), and then they grab a meal together later. I guess therapy is very popular and common in BA, even with men. I have Netflix so I rewatched it recently – it’s so difficult to watch given his recent suicide.

    At one point in his “therapy session” he says, “I’d like to be happy. I’d like to be happier. I should be happy, I have incredible luck. I’d like to, you know, look out the window, and say ‘yay, life is good'”. “And you don’t?” asks the therapist. “No.” Of course all of this is presented with a mask of humor, but this is a very common defense for depressed individuals.

    Like I said, I don’t want Tony’s death to be a waste – I want people to get help for themselves and their friends, colleagues, and family members before it’s too late.

  34. catsworking says:

    Daisy, I don’t know that I’d call AA a singer, an actress, a director, a writer or whatever else she passes herself off as. Yes, she goes through the motions of doing all those things, but I haven’t detected any art or talent behind them beyond trying to shock. But then, I have no ear for the incoherent screaming to pounding noise that passes for music these days, so I’m not a good judge of that. 😉

    Karma’s going to catch up with her this time. The full story hasn’t been revealed. Just be patient.

  35. Adele Prass says:

    Happy Birthday, Tony, wherever you are! I hope there’s Pappy Van Winkle, some excellent grass, good noodles and the occasional In “n Out burger — and good company, like Louise Brooks and The Ramones.

    I, for one, am glad that the US press isn’t giving much coverage to AA. I know it’s all over the internet, but I’m sure Ottavia monitors Ariane’s electronics. Imagine Ariane flipping through the channels and finding some expose, say on Entertainment Tonight. At eleven, there’s a lot she doesn’t need to know. I suspect the fact that Tony was a CNN personality is helping to keep AA off US airwaves.

  36. catsworking says:

    Adele, what a nice birthday tribute. I’m also grateful we’re not seeing AA anywhere. The Italian press will take care of her. They’re fearless.

  37. feijicha says:

    I would imagine any depression and/or suicidal ideation originated long before he and Nancy ever split, however. He certainly had a darker side to him while they were married, given much of what they did and how they lived. Again, though, it likely pre-dated even that. I was recalling how Nancy went off to Vassar and he followed her there. I said this before, but I see a lot of instances of him shifting his interests and what not to align with those of whoever he was with. I haven’t done clinical work in a long time now, but one of the posts he made with a picture of him and AA and the caption that said something like ‘you made me forget myself’ caught my attention when I first saw it and still sticks with me. It’s as though his relationships provided him some level of ‘escape’ from his own head, which can lead to an unhealthy dependence on them.

    As for AA, everyone grieves differently and all… and simply working wouldn’t necessarily mean anything cold or indifferent (some people cope better by keeping themselves busy, myself included) but the oddness and at times coldness of her social media posts is…..revealing, at least to me.

  38. Daisy says:

    Cats, patience is a virtue and one I need more of! 🙂

    I think Tony was always trying to escape into something or someone else in one way or another. Whether is was drugs, alcohol or a relationship. He said himself that when his relationship with Nancy ended he was suicidal. When you have an addiction like drugs etc. and don’t resolve the root cause that addiction just goes somewhere else. In his case, I believe it was work and relationships. Seems he was always looking for something outside of himself to fill the void and quiet the mind. It’s not all that uncommon.

    As for AA, working in of itself doesn’t necessarily indicate coldness or indifference, in fact, many people escape into work to avoid dealing with the pain of grief but in her case it’s the totality of her actions that does.

  39. Lynn says:

    Bamboo the writer of the New Yorker piece says she talked to Tony ‘just after the election’ and the Rome epi had ‘just aired’ so I think Karen has it right, probably December of ’16. I recall Tony saying, don’t remember which publication, that he ‘met’ AA filming the Rome epi. But, prior to that he had been in touch with her after finding her on Twitter and that he was very attracted to her Twitter feed bc of her obscure film/music references (and bc he was into her dad’s films).

    The end of Bhutan is eerie in its prescience. As he and Darren are sitting in the area where the death ritual happens (it’s basically just offerings placed in people’s memory, little trinkets with pointed tops and incense), a large black bird is seen sitting on a branch and then flies away while you only hear, not see, Tony talking. That was a tough one. Otherwise overall it was far better than that disaster Cajun epi. and it was nice to see Tony not give a vegetarian (Darren) any shit. They come upon an area with tons of penis carvings and hilarity ensues as they select some for purchase.

    Darren: You have one in each hand, what does that signify?

    Tony: Embarrassment.

  40. catsworking says:

    Opus, the episode you mentioned is so eerie. He was always pretty out there with how he was feeling. He said a bad hamburger in an airport restaurant could depress him for days. It was right in front of us all along, but we thought he was handling it. As he said, incredible luck, “best job in the world.” He could do a speaking tour and fill whole theaters just to hear him talk shit. Beautiful wife, adorable, smart daughter, despite his “old sperm.” Charmed life.

    Then his demons meet the perfect lady demon and it seals his fate. I’m sure he would want his death to help others, if nothing else.

    I’ve seen some of David Chang’s comments about this. He’s another one who should be on perpetual watch.

  41. Daisy says:

    This is the article from the Italian newspaper where they interview the photographer who took the photos of Hugo and Asia. Not sure if it was posted here before. It’s in Italian but if you right click once inside your browser and hit translate to english you can read it.

    What stood out for me is the last line and the photgrapher is referring to whether the photos would trigger a suicide and he said, “If Anthony had seen what I saw, then maybe yes … “

  42. catsworking says:

    feijicha, yes, I agree. No doubt AA is trying to keep busy so she doesn’t have time to dwell on what happened and her role in it. But if she weren’t such a total narcissist, she’d put her energy toward helping others in some worthwhile way rather than simply bringing attention to herself. People screaming at her singing in France might be screaming in pain for all she knows.

    What I find most offensive about her is her sheer selfish mindlessness. Activity for activity’s sake, even though what she’s doing contributes to nothing and matters to no one in any meaningful way.

    Bourdain will be remembered for a significant body of insightful, masterful writing, and TV shows that transformed millions of people’s attitudes about the world and their place in it.

    What will Argento’s legacy be? That she was good at French-kissing dogs and feigning sex for a camera. And feigning rape to get herself mentioned in the same sentence with Angelina Jolie in headlines. Oh, and let’s not forget the stunning body art that’s not going to age well with sagging skins and wrinkles. (Just wait, babycakes, they’re coming!) In the end, she’ll just look like a big blurry smear that signifies nothing.

  43. Anita says:

    Karen, my sister is a complete narcissist, so I know the AA type very well. My sister has been married and divorced 4 times with countless engagements. She even tried to seduce my husband with me in the room. There are no boundaries with these people.

    I always felt sorry for any decent guy that became involved with her because I knew it would end badly. She could charm a snake out of their skin, at least for the first 6 months. Then the real person emerged. Demanding, nasty, horrible all the time. Nothing and no one is ever good enough. Ever.

    If Anthony did experience this with AA, I feel very sorry for him. But karma is a bitch and paid a visit to my sister in many different ways. I agree same will happen to AA in time.

  44. Now this is rich … on the Argento & Nicolodi Family IG account antonio_luisi_official… they refer to AA as “the International actress, director, and activist” (Nicolodi is her mother’s maiden name). I don’t know who’s running this account (perhaps AA herself), but it’s nauseating. Yesterday’s caption included #hatersbackoff. Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

  45. catsworking says:

    Daisy, this article has been posted. This guy is supposedly the most notorious paparazzi in Italy, and Asia let him film her, then claimed she would be “ruined” if he published the pics.

    This is the same woman Bourdain extolled as knowing so much about being a celebrity since age 9.

    So one could conclude she knew exactly what she was doing and staged it for maximum effect to devastate Tony.

    The paparazzi at least had the decency to realize what role he may have played in Tony’s death, and to express remorse, which Asia has never done.

  46. catsworking says:

    Opus, congratulations! You have given me my biggest laugh of the day. If Asia is “international” anything, it’s pariah. Talent, no, in her dreams.

    #hatersbackoff will not be happening until karma has its way with her, and karma will be a bitch. She is poison. To her boyfriends, to her kids, to anyone who has to humor her never-ending bullshit in a professional capacity. And heaven help any man or woman who ends up in her bed romantically. Her track record should be a warning about how they’ll end up. In jail or dead.

  47. SLMG says:

    It’s really sad and heart breaking that someone who lived life to the fullest could be so dead inside. I don’t think you can put the blame on Asia. AB is about 20 years older than she is and maybe she never gave him her full commitment. He could be her Father with the age difference. His codependence and obsession with her drove him to drink and downward spiral – is that really her fault? Relationships are extremely hard and age differences are tough to navigate.

  48. Lucia says:

    Morgan, calma con IDIOTI romani!
    Anche noi pensiamo che Asia sia una persona dissoluta, e senza cuore, e soprattutto senza rispetto, ma calma con le offese.

    (Karen here: I took the liberty of running this comment through a translator before approving. Here’s what came out…

    “Morgan, calm down with Roman idiots!
    We also think that Asia is a dissolute person, and without heart, and above all without respect, but calm with offenses.
    Thank you”)

  49. catsworking says:

    Welcome, SLMG! Bourdain’s wife Ottavia is 22 years his junior, so Asia was a bit closer. We don’t know what words passed between them to assess whether she had any culpability in this. What we’ve seen is her behavior, and heavy smoking and drinking were part of that. He may have been trying to keep up with her.

  50. catsworking says:

    Benvenuta, Lucia! Grazie per darci la prospettiva italiana. Vediamo che i media italiani hanno poca considerazione per l’Asia.

    Welcome, Lucia! Thank you for giving us the Italian perspective. We see that the Italian media has little regard for Asia.

  51. L Villeneuve says:

    Thinking back to 6/12 on ER’s twitter page where he stood before an obelisk and wrote, “mysterious, fascinating, beautiful obelisk…ONLY REVEALING ITS SECRETS TO THE INITIATED ONES.” Now this is only days after seeing his best friend commit suicide. This struck me as a very eerie scenario, wondering if this was his covert way of telling us something about AB’s death without actually coming out and saying it. I’m sure he knows how many millions of people have been affected by it, but he is not in a position to talk about it at least for now.

  52. Kay Bee says:

    Well I think there’s been a break through in the mainstream media. U.K. Dailymail posted the initial pictures of Asia and Hugo cheating. 3 days later Anthony was gone. Since the initial Hugo pictures, Daily Mail has censored all negative comment about Asia regarding either her or Anthony. I think maybe to protect themselves from the “blame” of his death. Anyway, sort the comments by “Best” and have fun. People see who she truly is…oh, and there’s now a @justicefortony closed Facebook Group.

  53. catsworking says:

    LV, I agree with you. It’s going to take a long while before people who were close to Tony can calmly talk about “how they knew him when…”

    Eric saw it all. If he wasn’t first person find Tony, he was likely the second person to see him because I believe he was the one who asked the hotel to check the room. And he was there through the weekend, and he speaks French, so he was undoubtedly a help to the authorities while they investigated. Out of respect for Tony and the family, everyone is keeping mum until they figure out what happened and have a coherent story to tell. But the story may be so disturbing or damning that they choose never to reveal it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  54. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Kay Bee, and thanks for the link.

    I think these outlets are realizing what a blow it could be to the totally valid #MeToo movement to make a big deal out of AA and RMG as they relate to Bourdain, the movement’s most prominent and vocal supporter. They have weakened the cause and made it harder for women to be taken seriously who were actually attacked and later accepted no perks from it as these two attention-seeking gold-diggers did. I’m sure that’s why RMG posted that ridiculous video of herself sobbing and railing against Tony when news of his death broke.

  55. mrc551 says:

    Born in the same decade as AB.

    As a 60-something grandmother I can tell you for certain two life experiences that are beyond “challenging” to anyone, let alone mentally depressed individuals. 1) Long-distance relationships 2) Age / Generation gap relationships. Couple any one of the later with a depressive mind and the outcome is iffy. But with both? That is just the tip of the challenges he faced in attempting to be with AA.

    It’s almost like all his jokes and sarcastic comments about suicide were a brief release for him. Now it seems we are confronting the fact that he lived in a constant state of mental torment. He sure wore a good mask, and fooled a lot of people as David Choe noted.

    I hope CNN continues to air “re-runs” of Parts Unknown. For me, one of the few truly enjoyable television programs, ever. It made all former previous travel shows look like fluffy-puff tales. AB will be sorely missed.

  56. The Travel Channel is also airing Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on Tuesday nights (maybe they’ve been doing this for awhile – I just found out)

  57. mrc551 says:

    @Opus Soderberg thanks for the tip!

  58. You’re welcome, mrc551!

    In terms of the @justicefortony closed FB group, the exact search to use is #JusticeForTony (sadly, there are several “justice for tony” FB pages and groups for other individuals).

  59. Morganlf says:

    Lucia …calmate!
    It wasn’t my opinion, it was the premise of the show.

    Non era mi opinione che fosse la premessa dello spettacolo.

  60. Here are excellent resources provided by Ashley Ann, the administrator of #JusticeForTony FB Group…

    Crisis Support TEXT
    Text HOME to 741741
    Free, 24/7 support in the U.S.

    Suicide Prevention Lifeline CHAT
    Chat with someone live, or call 1-800-273-8255.


    Thrive After Abuse
    Active support group for those currently experiencing or healing from narcissistic abuse.

    Narcissistic Abuse Support
    Active support group for victims of narcissistic abuse.

    Verbal Abuse Support Group and Awareness
    An active community for verbal abuse support and awareness.

  61. catsworking says:

    mrc551, I haven’t watched the Travel Channel since Bourdain hopped to CNN, but I have been tuning in to Samantha Brown on PBS with her new show, Places to Love. It’s devoid of snark, but I find her likable.

    I’ve got most of No Res on DVD, and all of A Cook’s Tour (recorded from TV, not purchased), so there’s always those if I crave a Tony fix.

    Opus, it doesn’t surprise me that Travel Channel is dusting off the old Bourdain stuff, hoping to snag some ratings from all the sudden attention. But didn’t Zimmern step into the role of anointed king over there?

  62. Karen, it does look like Zimmern takes up most of the programming on the TC. Just happy that our man Tony still reigns supreme on Tuesday nights. And I’m sure Zimmern would agree – he adored Tony. He had a very touching IG post the day Tony died. It was a shot of his feet wearing boots with the following caption: “I’m so angry this morning. Life is @#$% hard and crazy, and Tony I love you. I’m wearing your boots that I never wore because they were yours, and going to work. Everyone should hug some extra people today. My heart is heavy.” (found at @andrewzimmern)

  63. Randi says:

    Since I’m in Europe, I have not yet seen “Remembering Anthony Bourdain” that was sent let week on CCN USA, I believe. On CNN International, they sow something completely different. When they do send something I want to watch, it’s often at 3-4 AM here, so I’m asleep.:( However, I did find this site, where I can watch lots of foreign channels, but that is also live.
    They re-run the old series of “No Reservations” on Discovery, though – today I saw the one from Puerto Rico. Do any of you know a site that shows “Remembering Anthony Bourdain?” And which US channels do you like from the list in the link?

  64. Morganlf says:

    All this preoccupation with Tony’s darkness and preoccupation with death leading to the inevitable or …it could have been a snap decision jump started by a sloppy pig. Tony is mentioned in this article and I agree with the conclusion.

  65. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks so much (Opus Soderberg) for the tip re: The Travel Channel showing “No Reservations” on Tuesday nights! Just set it to record the series. I have nearly all of the episodes recorded already, but know that I did miss a few, so this will be a great way to complete my collection.

  66. With all due respect, I don’t agree Morgan. Tony’s suicide was not an impulsive act as the author of your article defines it. And citing Gladys Bourdain’s comment immediately after the suicide does not support this conclusion. Her comment, sadly, reflects a complete denial of the demons Tony was fighting for most of his life (as evidenced by everyone else in his life). You cannot simply throw away evidence of his chronic dark thoughts, feelings, and actions just to fit your narrative i.e. that his suicide occurred solely because of AA’s behavior. You seem to have an argumentative bent on this blog which brings an unneeded negative energy to an otherwise constructive conversation. As a trained clinical psychologist, I had to address your recent comment because it is sorely inaccurate. I’m actually leaving this blog now because your posts here have become so unpleasant. Thank you so much, Karen, for providing this outlet. I really appreciate it.

  67. bamboo.skewer says:

    Over on Reddit, people are posting comments that AB made about suicide on his shows, going way back. He has commented in his shows several times about suicide by hanging in a shower in a hotel room. !!! He has had a self-deprecating joking manner about suicide, very open about that, but the specificity of the comments, whoa.


  68. Kay Bee says:

    I’m not sure if this has been posted on any of your threads, but The Layover streams on Amazon and is free if you have Prime.

  69. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks for the Amazon Prime heads up re: “The Layover, Kay Bee. We have Amazon Prime & I’ll have to give it a looksee. Never recorded any of “The Layover” episodes, as for some reason never really warmed up to that particular show, but will surely enjoy watching them.

  70. catsworking says:

    Opus, I can’t remember if it was on Zimmern’s show or No Res, but I think it was the first time they appeared together. When he was leaving, Tony leaned into the camera and said, “I give him one season.”

    Then they became actual friends, like Tony did with Emeril after mocking him mercilessly for laughs.

    But the tribute that got to me most was Jacques Pepin. His local TV station in Connecticut went to his house, and he looked about to cry. He said he’d gotten an email from Tony just a few weeks prior, and sent him one of his paintings (he’s good, but pretty abstract). It’s shown in the video.

    So that’s the THIRD painting Bourdain acquired (or tried to, don’t know if he got the one of himself) shortly before his death. Wonder what was up with that? Building inheritance for Ariane?

  71. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Off-topic, but while I don’t know anything about Pepin’s general or mainstream paintings, his watercolors of chickens are absolutely adorable. They feature in a line of dishware, bakeware, & kitchen linens he sells exclusively through Sur La Table should anyone be interested.

  72. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Oh – & the first appearance Zimmern made with Tony was the “No Reservations” episode on New York City.

  73. catsworking says:

    Randi, the CNN special “Remembering Bourdain” was mostly just other CNN personalities talking about him. I didn’t find that it really added anything to the conversation, certainly no details about his death, but gave his co-workers somewhere to vent their sadness. If you miss it, no great loss.

    That’s an interesting website. I watch some series on Showtime. You have to pay separately for it here.

    I believe it was the No Res episode he did in Puerto Rico where he was wandering the streets of Old San Juan and visited a restaurant where they supposedly invented the pina colada.

    I was in San Juan once and had lunch in that same restaurant. It was a hole in the wall, but quite nice and large inside. When I saw the PR show I recognized it and couldn’t believe that out of all places, I had actually picked a Bourdain spot! I didn’t order a pina colada, though.

  74. catsworking says:

    Opus! I will miss you. Morgan does get pretty feisty, especially when it has come to Bourdain, but that’s how she rolls. I’ve only censored a handful of posts in all my years of Cats Working, but none of hers. I have a pretty high bar.

    Thank you so much for your perspective all the professional insight you have brought to the discussion. Know that you are always welcome back any time.

  75. catsworking says:

    bamboo, thanks for the link. I KNEW I’d heard him reference hanging in a shower here and there.

  76. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    There’s a big difference between “feisty” and “insulting/offensive”.

  77. You’re welcome, Karen. Perhaps you should consider not having abusive posters here. Just a thought. I won’t be back.

  78. catsworking says:

    Kay Bee, I do have Amazon Prime. The Layover wasn’t one of my favorite shows. Well, I did like it more than The Taste. I don’t even remember if I bothered to capture it on DVD. Did it last two seasons, or just the one? I remember him saying it really burned him out because the shooting schedule was too grueling, sandwiched in between doing No Reservations.

    I think people would have been happy to see just the outtakes of his regular filmings spliced together, rather than a whole separate concept. Less work, less waste on the cutting room floor. Imagine what a treasure trove of that unused stuff ZPZ must have from ALL his shows.

  79. catsworking says:

    OK, message received. I just deleted a post that crossed even MY line. Sorry.

  80. catsworking says:

    OMG, Opus, I am SO sorry. I was working today and not keeping tabs on the blog. I just scrolled back through the comments and saw several bad ones I didn’t realize were there. I had no idea there was a significant exchange of fire going on or I would have stepped in sooner. I totally apologize to you, and those posts have been removed.

  81. Kay Bee says:


    The Layover is 2 seasons and pretty much the opposite of the other two shows. He sports around town in a convertible, looking very healthy and happy. He introduces us to chefs who he spends more time with when back in that town for the other two shows. He does the touristy stuff and rips it to shreds. Then he’ ll go and do the death tour, or visit an amazing old style book store. It’s been nice seeing him with his ring on talking about his wife and daughter. It’s different, but watching him crack jokes and authentically smile is needed more than ever now.

  82. I really appreciate it, Karen. Thank you.

  83. catsworking says:

    Kay Bee, I don’t remember a lot about The Layover, but it sounds like he tried to make it fun even though it was drudgery for him. Since I’ve got Amazon Prime, I’ll have to revisit that.

  84. Kay Bee says:

    Not sure why my email showed instead of Kay Bee. Let me know if that can be edited. Thanks:)

  85. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, agree. And I’ve addressed the situation directly and removed what did escalate to abuse. I wasn’t aware of the earlier comments until I saw them just moments ago. Did not mean to appear to brush them off.

  86. catsworking says:

    Well, that was weird. I thought you were someone else! I think I fixed it.

  87. Kay Bee says:

    Yes, thanks so much, ☺️

  88. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Re: “The Taste” – that’s one that I disliked even more than “The Layover”. I did watch all of “The Layover” episodes, just never recorded them. But “The Taste”? I think I may have watched 3 or 4 episodes & then stopped bothering. Wasn’t at all surprised when it was cancelled.

  89. Kay Bee says:

    We didn’t like The Taste Either. We stopped dvring after the second episode and I don’t even realize that there was a second season. I may take a second look, but that show seems like it goes against everything he appreciated.

  90. Lenora says:

    I watched only a few episodes of The Layover and never heard of the The Taste until now. The Layover didn’t do it for me however maybe now I should give it another chance. I must admit I was skeptical when AB made the big jump to CNN and feared it would ruin it. Happily my apprehensions were wrong.

    Thank you Karen for sharing the Pepin interview. It was very touching and sad. The art collect is interesting and I wonder if the art collecting was recent or had always been collector.

    Chef Pepin mentions how Tony hated pretension. This is what I can’t still get my head around the attraction with Asia and Rose because they both reek of pretension. Perhaps when the scales fell off his eyes and realized what she was he was deeply ashamed that he fell for her. My son thinks that Tony was such a cinema nerd that he was star struck by AA pedigree in Italian cinema.

  91. Randi says:

    Thank you, Karen, glad I didn’t miss anything important.

    I can imagine your stay in San Juan was interesting. A hole in the wall such places are often the best/most authentic… it reminds me of a trip I had to Dominican Republic, we also had some meals in a hole in the wall (Puerto Plata) owned by a Canadian ex-ambassador, Tim Hall – a really cool guy. Tony would have loved the place!!

    In my opinion, it would have been very unlike Tony not to drink on the day he committed suicide, especially if he was feeling low. He surely had a dark side that he hid very well, plus he was obsessed with AA. I have no doubt something happened with their relationship in the days beforeI No one knows what was said, but it surely affected Tony in a bad way. 😦 Unfortunately, AA was not smart enough to sense what might happen… if she even cared! Tony did have some close friends on the set, but there are things that would be too embarrassing to share, even with Eric.

    Btw, I quite enjoyed “The Layover.” I think that the was first series I watched, and I started searching and found your blog. 🙂

  92. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    “A Cooks Tour” is another fun Bourdain show to watch, & another one wherein I recorded all the episodes when The Cooking Channel was showing it years ago. I believe it was his first television experience, & he looks almost like a teenager in it.

  93. Kay Bee says:

    Ah, thanks! Totally forgot about that one and have never seen it:)! Appreciate the info!

  94. catsworking says:

    The Taste actually lasted for three seasons, and I think there were spinoffs in other countries with other judges. Don’t know if they are still running.

    I really didn’t like that show, although I watched every bit of it and bitched about it here on the blog every season. He must have loved that. 😉

  95. catsworking says:

    Lenora, in all my years of following Bourdain, I never once heard of him collecting paintings until the last few weeks. Maybe he was trying to decorate his bachelor pad.

    I have no doubt that AA’s connection to obscure Italians films was a plus in his eyes. And that she knew about a lot of the out-there cinema that he loved.

    Years ago one of my regulars here, Bob from Winnipeg, sent me a DVD of a very strange film called My Winnipeg that he just KNEW Bourdain would appreciate. I watched it myself and agreed it measured up, so I forwarded it to Tony’s home. To this day, I have no idea if he ever watched it. I don’t think he ever went to Winnipeg, so I assume not.

  96. catsworking says:

    Randi, when the initial toxicology report announcement said there was no alcohol in his system, I figured he must have died relatively early on Thursday and they just weren’t admitting that it took so long to find him.

    But now hearing that he was drinking enough to have it found in his system in quantity, then very late Thursday or early Friday seems more logical.

  97. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, I think it was in this blog’s relatively early days that Food Network reran A Cook’s Tour and I started taping it because we were all curious about Nancy. He mentioned in his book that she came along for a couple of shoots.

    Sure enough, I grabbed photos of her from the TV screen. He never named her, and even seemed hesitant to mention her presence, but I figured out who she must be. Then I came into possession of a big magazine article with a photo of them together lying on a couch and I knew I’d caught the right person.

    All that stuff is probably in the 2008 archives. Or you might find them by searching on Nancy. OK, I just tried it and found exactly what I’m talking about…

  98. Lynn says:

    “My son thinks that Tony was such a cinema nerd that he was star struck by AA pedigree in Italian cinema.”

    I think your son is right on the money. In fact, if I had to pick a woman that I thought was Tony’s ‘type’, it would be Asia. I mean, her mental probs and narcissism aside, just based on 1. Italian 2. smokes 3. covered in tats 4. cinema pedigree 5. weird/into dark, macabre shit 6. eats anything (or anyone, apparently) 7. knows and understands cinema and obscure films/music.

    I didn’t like The Layover as much as the regular show because 48 hrs in a place just wasn’t enough time IMO to shoot great stuff, and most of it was focused on food. I watched the Taste bc I liked seeing Tony riff – his interactions with the hosts and contestants. I liked how he could be brutally honest but was never a dick, and he was quite sweet as a mentor to some of them. It always seemed like a sellout move to do that show, though.

    Cooks Tour – never seen it. Considering how much lower the production values were then vs Parts, I would probably think wow this looks like shit lol.

    I actually used to hate Tony. I found him on the Travel Channel and thought who is this skinny, too old for an earring, slouching, never smiling asshole New Yorker with the crappy attitude? Who does he think he is? I assumed he was an arrogant, sexist, macho jerk. Then I read the book KC and loved it, loved his writing style, and got back into the show post-earring. I saw how when he interacted with people he was actually polite and shy, he had caring eyes, so I thought OK maybe he’s not such a dick after all. And then after becoming a dad he softened even more.

  99. jwg22 says:

    It’s really unfortunate that this took place in rural France, where the authorities are not quite as explicit as Americans are used to… here in the states, we know that if there’s one thing ambiguity leads to, it’s conspiracy theories. Thank you, Karen, for your continued writing about Tony. In this dearth of information, fans are in a very difficult place. We are very limited in our ability to mourn Tony or know more about his final days, and that really hurts. At the same time, we have to give his family and loved ones space to mourn privately. Someone like you offering your thoughts & research to his fans is really all we have at this moment.

  100. Lynn says:

    Oh I forgot, I also hated the thumb ring. I thought any man over 25 with a thumb ring? Bad news. Was so happy when he finally ditched that, too.

  101. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    I always figured that that thumb ring was his wedding ring from when he was married to Nancy. It disappeared right around the same time he met/got involved with Ottavia.

  102. Daisy says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the #justicefortony instagram page I don’t see it there anymore. Was it taken down?

  103. catsworking says:

    Your description of Tony’s ideal woman gave me today’s big laugh. Yes, very spot-on. It doesn’t explain his attraction to Nancy, though.

    I can’t remember in which country he tossed the thumb ring into a bay or some big body of water. He also said he was losing the leather jacket, although I think that reappeared. It all had to do with becoming a father. Ottavia started dating the bad-boy asshole version you didn’t like. On their 2nd date, I think it was, they got matching tattoos together.

    If I’d ever been on a date and a guy suggested that to me, I’d have run screaming from wherever we were, even a crowded cinema!

  104. catsworking says:

    Thank you, jwg22. I do think more of this story will be revealed, but it will take time. As I always have, I’ll be monitoring the situation and posting whatever truth I can find. Cats Working was once the only place where people could get the best scoop on Bourdain, and in the end, I’ll make sure they can get the complete scoop from beginning to sad end.

  105. catsworking says:

    Daisy, it disappeared for a few hours yesterday. Weird how it keeps doing that. I don’t use Instagram so I’m clueless as to what’s going on there. Keep an eye on it. It may come back.

  106. Boudain Boi says:

    I was a very small part of the “Cajun Mardi Gras” Episode that aired recently. However I know many of the main “fixers” who made the episode happen and further more we helped him with the No Reservations episode that featured the Cajun Boucherie several years ago. We also were featured in David Simons Tremé and that is where Bourdain first became aware of the rural Cajun/Creole food scene that thrives in our area.
    I have followed the posts here and at Justice for Anthony and also on the various reddit pages with intrigue. My heart aches as I have been a fan of Bourdains since Kitchen Confidential, A cooks Tour, and No reservations, so you can imagine my excitement at finally getting to meet my hero and be a part of Parts Unknown as I had missed being part of the No Reservations episode due to work.
    Heres what we observed.
    From the first moment he starting filming in our area, those that had met him and been a part of previous endeavors had noticed a difference in his demeanor. He was low energy, stand offish, and often disinterested. he no longer wanted to be part of the whole event instead showed up when required and left as soon as he could. In the case of the Cajun Tent Party, he took leave before tasting many of the dishes. Some of these guys had shown up at 7am and had cooked all day in the rain without the honor of having Chef Bourdain taste their dish. That is a stark difference from his previous visit where he would stay till the bitter end drinking and puffing on some weed way after he was done with filming.
    Now in fairness, I know how exhausting it must’ve been for him, and he had already visited here before but it was obvious to most folks that he was in a darkened mood, and very irritable. I got to chat with him on 2 occasions about food and music but though he was charming and engaging there was an underlying “don’t ask me for a photo” vibe that I picked up on. Much to my regret I don’t have my Bourdain pic but even more regrettable is we are without our pal, mentor, inspiration and the coolest guy on TV. RIP Tony we will always remember you.

  107. Daisy says:

    Cats, I don’t know much about instagram either. I checked around and there is a post on Reddit that said it was taken down. Not sure why it was taken down. There is a closed facebook group with the same name #justicefortony that has been set up.

  108. ABisWithUs says:

    Hello Karen, how are you doing? Thank you for your continued work here. I appreciate it.

  109. catsworking says:

    Welcome, welcome, Boudain Boi! And thank you for your memories of the last time you were with Tony on the Cajun shoot. I haven’t had the heart to watch the Cajun episode yet, but when I do, I will be keeping this in mind.

    I am very grateful for firsthand stories from people who knew him, especially in his later days. The details you provide lend credence to your story, and it saddens me that he was unable to give the chefs who helped out their full due. You’re so right. It was unlike him not to give everyone his attention and credit for their work, even if it was only to stand in line for an hour to have a book autographed.

    I am feeling so gratified that you decided to share your experience with us. We’re all struggling to understand what happened and why such a vibrant and vital man chose to remove himself from us all before his time. We share your grief.

  110. catsworking says:

    ABisWithUs, as you can see, I’m still fielding and responding to incoming comments. Thank you for your kind words.

  111. catsworking says:

    Daisy, if justicefortony is legitimate, and I have been told by my source that the facts he/she presented are mostly accurate, I don’t get the censoring. It’s not libel if it’s fact. Hard to imagine that AA has such clout she’s able to influence Instagram and Facebook.

    So far, Cats Working has faced no such threats. Woe be to the bitch who tries. We have claws and know how to use them.

  112. Boudain Boi says:

    Thanks Karen. Just as a matter of note. The team of producers, helpers and in particular the folks from ZeroPointZero were unbelievable. Respectful of everybody and at the same time, had Tonys back at all times. No one had a bad word for him, and they were happy to share, stories, anecdotes and interesting info at all times. Great experience I must say.

  113. Lynn says:

    I also appreciate that first-hand account. I noticed in the Bhutan episode shots where the camera caught Tony, reaction shots, where I thought he looked really tired and disinterested / disengaged, like he’d rather be asleep or somewhere else.

    I think eventually more of this will piece together – someone will write a book (one of those Fire and Fury type books where many sources are kept anon). Or a documentary, like the amazing one on Garry Shandling that Judd Apatow did recently (if you haven’t seen it, even if you weren’t a fan, I highly recommend it). Or the one coming in July on HBO about Robin Williams, where people speak out on the record about the good and the bad.

  114. Morganlf says:

    Bourdain was NOT a dark ghoul, lethality obsessed with death as has been suggested.

    His was an impulse suicide fueled by alchohol and an evil woman, Who played him for a fool on the worlds stage.

    He had a neurotic break. It has been estimated a third to four fifths of suicides are impulse driven. These people are not considered at-risk individuals and rarely, if they survive, try it again

    He was curious,highly intelligent, and he loved deeply.

    He loved his child and wife, read Medium Raw.

    Anyone offering an armchair diagnosis that he was unstable all his life, flirting with death as a sick depressive, is projecting their own issues and ruining his legacy.

    His humour was dark, so what? He wrote of deep secrets..he WAS a writer it sold books.

    This will all be a matter of record at some point.

  115. Anon says:

    Watch No Reservations, season 5 episode 4 at 18:40. Tony explicitely states, after having been rescued by some delicious food, “I determine not to hang myself from the shower stall of my lonely hotel room.”
    I think it’s pretty hard to deny that the thought had occured to him before.

  116. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Anon. I think you and Morgan are both right. He had dark sense of humor and admitted that he had suicidal fantasies at certain low times in his life, but his will to live always won out.

    Perhaps if he hadn’t worked himself into a frazzle and stretched himself too thin across continents between his daughter and his mistress, he would have been better able to weather the personal setbacks said mistress dealt him and he’d be making self-mocking jokes today about their breakup and determining NOT to hang himself in his lonely hotel room after he had his devotion thrown back in his face like so much rotten egg.

  117. creiber says:

    I don’t think everyone who uses the phrase “hang myself” is going to do that. I went through a particularly difficult life event 2 years ago… where the thought crossed my mind. It doesn’t mean that I would or intended to follow through with that. And I think some people… when faced with something terrible or humiliating, might think about how much easier it would be NOT have to deal with it.
    I did mention how I was feeling to my husband, and he said “that is the coward’s way out”…and I thought about it, and he was right. It’s hard to articulate the mindset I was in.
    I agree that Tony was in a bad place emotionally and maybe had an alcohol fueled “F*ck it” moment. It might have been a thought in the back of his head but I don’t think it was premeditated, if that makes sense.
    I think the art could have just been Anthony joining into AA’s interests, as he seems to do with his paramours, since she is into all that stuff.
    I appreciate hearing about the Cajun episode, Boudain Boi.

  118. feijicha says:

    We don’t know what was in his head, but it IS curious that the lethal method he joked about so often– “hanging myself in the shower”– in fact became the actual way he killed himself. His method may have just been the result of the options available to him in the moment he decided to take his life, but it does seem like hanging was something that he viewed as a viable option over other methods because he’d given it at least some cursory thought previously.

  119. Lynn says:

    This is great:

    Interesting this is the fourth celeb suicide in recent memory to use hanging as the method (Williams, Spade, & L’Wren Scott). I’d be terrified I’d screw up and end up paralyzed but then I guess not everyone has sleeping pills around, especially if it’s an in the moment decision.

  120. Morganlf says:

    Lynn that essay by David Simon is the best thing I’ve read yet.

  121. Ann86 says:

    Daisy, I’m not surprised the IG account was taken down at all. The original intentions were good but it descended into a lot of emotion, ad hominems, bullying. Anyone who reported on it would have had to do damage control for giving credence to something that became so toxic. I wish people would think about optics before contributing.
    I’m not an Asia fan but I’m tired of seeing the low-hanging fruit of “Asia Whoregento” finding its way into comment threads. How are the masses going to take people seriously who say that?

    I’m hoping the IG is only down because someone picked up the story and had to get rid of the discussion part of the whole thing before it all went public.

  122. Anita says:

    Bourdon Boi, I did watch the Cajun episode last Saturday and thought Anthony looked awful and disinterested. But I felt that way about all the episodes from this season. Could he have been was so lovesick that he couldn’t take being a few days or weeks away from AA? Especially if she was on another continent?

    We’ve all been there and know what that’s like. I married my current husband of 20 years because of that feeling I couldn’t be a day without him. It did pass though. Anthony never got the chance for that feeling to pass.

  123. catsworking says:

    Lynn, David Simon’s essay is amazing. I watched Treme only to see the scenes Bourdain wrote.

  124. catsworking says:

    I’ve been busy all day and not keeping up. Thanks for the link Morgan. News of the inevitable bio came a bit sooner than I expected, but I’m glad it’s being done by someone who worked with him, with cooperation from the family.

    But now the race has begun. Can AA get her book deal signed and her version of events published before Fall 2019? Tick tock…

  125. Lynn says:

    I wonder if the book will cover his final weeks. And yes, re: the David Simon piece, I am mind blown how much Tony knew about those CIA-related topics and history, among many other topics outside his purview. How the hell did he manage to read that many books while working??

    JFT prob took it down either bc AA complained to IG or because JFT had basically said all s/he intended to communicate. You can only go so long with the ‘Asia’s fault’ thing without further evidence beyond a couple of her IG posts and the Hugo photos days before his death. Tho I’m sure if it was reversed (AA suicide after Tony is seen with another woman and blocked her on social media), there’d be an outcry among Rose M, #metoo and beyond.

  126. catsworking says:

    Lynn, if the situation had been reversed, RMG would have made damn sure Tony became the hottest target of #MeToo wrath ever.

    The book will certainly cover his final days because the full story hasn’t come out yet. We know NOTHING about what Tony was doing in his hotel room, besides drinking and making video of the walls. Was he texting or calling AA? Was he writing? Had the bed been slept in? Was the room trashed or tidy (indicating possible deliberation)? That information exists, and is likely to go public long before Fall 2019.

    In the meantime, as she fades from the headlines, AA is probably planning something spectacularly self-destructive to 1) Get back in the news, and 2) Gain sympathy. I can just see the lurid headline…

    Argento’s Desperate Cry for Help: “I Couldn’t Live Another Day Without Tony!”

  127. Daisy says:

    Ann86, Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t sure what happened or why it was taken down. There is a closed facebook group set up under the same name #justicefortony. As far as I know anyone can request to join. There are lots of posts I joined but have been too busy today to really look at the site.

    Morgan, I agree with your post above that this was an impulsive suicide fueled by alcohol and feeling so betrayed/ humiliated by AA. Especially in such a public way.

    Cats, Would you ever consider writing a book about AB? You certainly have the knowledge and skill and would go a great job 🙂

  128. Lenora says:

    Following up with Creiber wrote about people making dramatic statements about ending their lives and not really meaning it.

    Years ago before everyone had cellphones. A very close friend was staying in a hotel. She was in town for short amount of time and we wanted to connect but somehow it wasn’t happening. We both kept leaving increasing dramatic messages for each other You could however leave a voicemail message on the room phone when the guest wasn’t in. I returned her call yet again and the desk must have connected me to the wrong room. I left this rather long seeming desperate message and apparently even said, “I have somehow missed you again. if we don’t connect soon I am going to throw myself in a lake.” I wasn’t being serious at all, obviously, just being goofy and dramatic. I left my phone number in the message. The next day the police dept called me to check on my well being. I didn’t even know what the cop was talking about at first. Then I realized what happened and I was very embarrassed.

    AB was no doubt dark and thought about his death but some of that death talk was just being dramatic gallows humor to make a point. IMHO.

  129. Morganlf says:

    Leonora, spot on!
    I can’t count how many times in frustration I’ve said, “if this happens one more time I’m gonna stick my head in the oven” or “if I have to listen to that person drone on I’m gonna take the gas pipe”. It’s a figure of speech meant to be funny.

    Daisy, thanks. I can’t bear people ruining his legacy for his child by painting him as being eternally chased by demons…we all have them he was no different.

    Well he was a bit different…he was mad smart, funny as balls, and empathetic.

  130. Lynn says:

    I hate to say this but AB fucked up his legacy the second he chose to end his own life. And then on top of that, leaving no note, which increases the speculation and theories as to ‘why’. With Williams we kind of know – he had a horrible disease that affected him mentally and physically. Not the case with AB. Melissa Rivers has talked about how hard it was for her for years with the anger and guilt and she pretty much knew her dad’s motivation – biz failure. Again, not so with AB.

    His daughter will suffer regardless of what people do or don’t say – she’ll feel guilt, anger, want to blame someone, maybe subconsciously will blame Ottavia for the marriage falling apart. She has a tough emotional road ahead and that’s on her father. Is it really going to be any comfort to his kid to tell her, “Your dad was fine until he snapped one night bc his girlfriend publicly humiliated him and he was drinking’ vs ‘your dad had been in a dark place and was depressed, and had struggled most of his life with self destructive tendencies’? It wouldn’t for me if it was my parent, I know that. And I don’t think one is any more flattering than the other.

    I think if one mentions those suicidal phrases and then actually does it, it’s not as easy to sum it up as figure of speech. And AB went beyond that kind of talk, at one point saying “There have been times, honestly, in my life that I figured, ‘I’ve had a good run — why not just do this stupid thing, this selfish thing …” and saying his child gave him “some responsibility” to “at least try to live.” I’ve been pretty depressed at times but I’ve never said or thought to myself well, xyz gives me a reason to “at least try” to live.

    The fact that he’d even need to ‘try’ to live suggests some type of struggle or darkness. Nothing wrong with having a dark side or depression, but it seems to me anyone who smiles at himself as he is shooting up for the first time definitely has some issues with self destructiveness.

  131. Adele Prass says:

    Lynn, I completely agree with your last comment. No matter how you slice it, Ariane has a tough road ahead, but living with the thought that her father’s last alcohol-infused thoughts may have been of his girlfriend, and his misery over her, won out over his desire to live for Ariane, would be much more difficult that accepting that he had a depressive personality. And having demons or indeed a mental health diagnosis (if, indeed, there was one) diminishes Tony’s remarkable talent or legacy not one whit. Warts and all, he was amazing — there are many facets to everyone.

  132. catsworking says:

    Why, thank you, Daisy. No, I’ve never considered writing a book about Bourdain because I don’t have the inside track to him the way Laurie Woolever has. Writing a bio is an exhaustive project that takes years. I’m actually surprised they’re saying publication will be in a little over a year, which indicates to me that Woolever had already started working on it, with Tony’s cooperation.

    On the other hand, having him and the family involved also makes it possible to rewrite history, which I wouldn’t have put it past him to do because he’d done it before. One small example was recently saying that he and Argento had both been married twice, when she had never married her daughter’s father. He said it probably more out of kindness to the daughter, since Ariane was headed down that path herself until he married Ottavia 11 days after Ariane was born. But he was also cleaning up AA’s reputation a bit.

  133. catsworking says:

    Lynn, we don’t know that there wasn’t a note. I know nothing about it one way or the other, but he was a writer and he had his tools with him. We don’t know if he used them. Just sayin’. It’s not a given that a note will automatically be released if the family doesn’t want it to be.

    That’s one of the questions that should get an answer at some point.

  134. Karen, I found something today that I just had to come back and share with you – it’s one of the best descriptions of depression that I’ve ever read. Tony’s ex-girlfriend, Paula Froelich, posted this on Twitter on June 8, 2018.

    “Here’s the thing about depression: it’s a sneaky little, sticky Bitch. You can be rich as hell, totally successful but still lonely AF and the ‘you’re nothing but a fraud’ voice only goes away when the ambien takes effect.

    The problem with that is ambien makes the harsh voice louder in the morning. And there’s only a few you can talk to about it – but even then sparingly because it just gets OLD, doesn’t it? And you become the sad sack … even though you’re normally so FUN.

    And it can take a village of pills, shrinks, empathetic friends, neighbors, to pull you out of a slump – and guess what?! You’re not manic, or some other couch shrink diagnosis you just have. Regular old depression.

    You know because you’ve wondered and went to go get checked out hoping that there was some magic pill somewhere that would make it all better. But no. There’s not.

    It’s lonely, it magnifies everything into something awful, and you don’t know when or if this cycle will end… so it’s also terrifying. And embarrassing. And humiliating – because there’s something wrong with you.

    But take heart in knowing: only the best, funniest, loveliest, most empathetic, wonderful, talented people have depression. You’re in a good crowd. Now. Let’s go fight that black dog. Together.”

  135. Daisy says:

    I saw this posted in the Facebook group and thought I would share it here. Powerful writing.

  136. catsworking says:

    Opus, thank you for coming back with new intel. Paula Froelich is in the archives here somewhere from when she was Tony’s girlfriend before he met Ottavia. It sounds like she has a lot of firsthand experience with depression, which may have made her attractive to Bourdain in the first place. I happen to know that they remained in contact, at least sporadically, long after he remarried.

    I read this when she posted it, but didn’t know quite what to make of it. Is it revealing her own struggles, or is it an attempt to give Tony’s girlfriends a pass on whatever role they may have cumulatively played in his eventual suicide?

  137. catsworking says:

    Thanks, Daisy. Morgan published this link a bit earlier. This writer shares my feelings about how being “raped” with oral sex, feigning pleasure to “make it end ASAP,” and then equating it with actual rape cheapens the whole #MeToo movement. Especially when RMG accepted $100K cash and AA continued to give Weinstein sexual favors for YEARS while accepting his gifts qualifies them as a word I won’t use, but it rhymes with “store.”

    She made many points that we agree on when it comes to AA, RMG, and their self-serving treachery.

  138. Anita says:

    I read the Penthouse article and loved it. I’ve always wondered how is someone raped through oral sex. I’m trying not to judge but couldn’t you just easily give a knee in the throat at that point?? I know he was a big, physical guy, but it’s strange both AA and RMG had that exact same experience with Harvey.

  139. Daisy says:

    Cats/Anita, My thoughts exactly.

    Morgan, you beat me to it. 🙂 I didn’t read thru all the comments to see if it was posted before.

    I read on the facebook group, that already they are having problems with trolls and folks trying to get the group shut down. Amazing the power these people have.

  140. Good question, Karen. My feeling is this – she is talking about Tony.

    She wrote this on the day of his suicide. If you reread it from this perspective, you will see how it describes him very well (some are his words verbatim): rich as hell, totally successful, lonely AF, feels like a fraud, everything is awful, it’s terrifying, just a sad sack but normally so fun, it all gets old, etc. The last paragraph nails Tony: one of the “best, funniest, loveliest, most empathetic, wonderful, and talented people” around.

    Obviously, she knew Tony, and I feel this was her way of making sense and coming to terms with his suicide. Perhaps she struggles with the “black dog” of depression as well, but it certainly appears she wanted to send a message of hope and understanding to those who fight the good fight.

  141. feijicha says:

    I strongly disagree with those who say Tony wasn’t chased by demons throughout his life and that his suicidal depression was a one-off spur of the moment thing. Saying that totally disregards things he has said for years– I don’t mean the hanging comments but his actual comments about being depressed. We got to see part of one of those conversations in the video with David what’s his name Cheong? (sorry, middle age dementia is a terrible thing). And in the series of texts David posted which went back a bit Tony talks about, in so many words, being in a dark place and reaching out to David because he knew David would understand as he (David) had been through that hell of depression himself. Most artistic, creative people struggle with some form of depression and or anxiety throughout their lives. Tony by his own statements (again, not the dam hanging comments but other stuff) clearly indicated that he would have spells of “darkness” i.e. depression. I don’t understand the need to downplay this, to say it somehow tarnishes his reputation, that anyone who thinks this is somehow over-reading the situation. I know it’s easier maybe to think it was just some bad, external circumstance that caused him to do something that was way out of character– but being depressed and in a dark hole was not some new novel thing for him this one time. It was something he struggled with. That’s the thing with depression– people who have it can also be highly productive. Mike Wallace had serious depression all his life, Winston Churchill famously battled it all his life (he was the one who nicknamed it the “black dog” of depression) and many others. Just because other people in his life say “oh I never thought he was depressed” doesn’t mean jack. He very clearly indicated this was something that cropped up throughout his life.

  142. Just to be clear – talking about Tony’s mental health does not in any way give Asia Argento a pass.

  143. catsworking says:

    Anita, exactly. I don’t understand logistically how a man could “rape” a woman with oral sex, since she has her limbs free and his head is within striking distance.

    In a rape, the man’s full weight might be covering the woman and immobilizing her. But during oral, couldn’t she pull her legs up and kick him away by the shoulders? Couldn’t she push him away by the head or shoulders with her hands?

    He could be holding either her legs or her arms, but not both, and she could use the free set to fend him off.

    I’m sorry, but oral sex will never pass muster as “rape” with me.

  144. catsworking says:

    Daisy, anybody who is working on AA’s behalf to suppress the truth is going to come out on the losing end because Tony’s fans are infinitely more devoted — and more plentiful by the millions — than the creepy coven of misfits who must follow her. The story will be told, and her role in his end will be revealed.

  145. catsworking says:

    Opus, my take on Paula’s thoughts were that she is trying to absolve herself of any role she may have played in launching Tony’s final, fatal snowball down the hill. She seems to know she bears some responsibility and is using depression as the all-encompassing excuse for whatever.

    Tony’s real misfortune was to be attracted to people like Paula and Asia who are apparently self-destructive. They fed his insecurities. Ottavia, on the other hand, was always life-affirming. Had he not split with her and thrown himself to the dark side, we’d still have him with us.

    I have little interest in the analysis of other sick puppies who knew him. He tended to run with bad people, and they finished him in the end.

  146. catsworking says:

    Opus, thank you for that. AA gets no pass here.

  147. catsworking says:

    feijicha, you’re right. The suicide may have been an impulse decision, but depression definitely seemed a recurring motif in Tony’s life. He talked about being depressed for days after having a bad hamburger in an airport. Anything could set him off.

    But I don’t think it was depression that brought about his end. It was the cumulative effect of that plus the acute humiliation AA subjected him to. He reached a point of, “What the hell am I still doing here, dealing with this shit? Haven’t I had enough yet?” And that was it. No thoughts of his friends waiting downstairs, having “the best job in the world,” his daughter, family. At that moment, he just wanted out, so he took it.

  148. Morganlf says:

    Karen, agreed.

  149. mrc551 says:


  150. feijicha says:

    Karen, I don’t disagree that in his state of mind he did not have the full range of internal resources available to deal with the AA shit. As you said, she gets no pass from me either, particularly when her behavior seems to indicate some need/desire/pleasure in pushing his buttons on her part. I’m just saying the struggle with depression was very real and ongoing for him, and bad partners, though they may have initially appealed to a certain side of his personality, were a toxic combo for him. He had a genuine vulnerability and that was the “weak spot” so to speak that she appears to have exploited.

    As for the being depressed over a bad hamburger, I kind of always put that in the same category of hyperbole others have talked about. He had a flair for the dramatic. What struck me were his comments in that video, about looking around and seeing everything as apocalyptic and all that. I’m not sure we know when that convo happened…like, was the political climate a factor, or was it more personal.

    I have not been able to watch or listen to any of his shows, etc.since his death. My partner watched the Bhutan and Cajun episodes on CNN last night (he was away on a biz trip) and when he got home tonight he was telling me how different Tony seemed in both episodes. He (my partner) has not read any blogs or been following any developments about AA or anything, so his take on it wasn’t biased by anything he’d heard/read. He just told me that he was struck by how quiet Tony was during the trip– not the voice overs done later, those he felt seemed very much like previous– but on the trips themselves. I told him how many others had said the same thing, and he said it was quite hard to watch.

  151. Jorie says:

    Sandra Ripert retweeted the article. She is Eric Ripert’s wife and Eric was the one who discovered Tony’s body (and Eric was also Tony’s best friend). No doubt whatsoever now that Asia was the instigator to Tony’s suicide.

  152. Great find, Jorie. And the first reply is from Ottavia (below)

    @OttaviaBourdain Replying to @SandraRipert


  153. I think Sandra’s comment with that article says it best: “The world weeps and we pray for our friend Tony and his family. ESP Ariane and @OttaviaBourdain”

  154. Randi says:

    I read the article by Leah McSweeney that Morgan posted… thank you! I totally agree with what is said! And with what Karen says:” It was the cumulative effect of that plus the acute humiliation AA subjected him to. He reached a point of, “What the hell am I still doing here, dealing with this shit?”

  155. Mira says:

    I see a battle of opinions between heartbreak and betrayal and humiliation vs life long depressive tendencies; they are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary, a very lethal combination. He was heartbroken, his judgement was clouded, he was not being selfish, it is tragic what happened, and now he’s gone.

    Enjoy his legacy, the guy was an open book, and you don’t have to look for clues, or read between lines, its all there, in his work, and on screen.
    Be grateful that you can still enjoy his sharp wit and his kind and gentle company.

  156. mrc551 says:

    Yes! I saw Sandra Riperts Tweet last night where she copied the link to the Penthouse article. Ottavia’s “heart” reply was subtle–but still, the affirmative action we all hoped for. I had no idea the article had been in circulation for many hours. I had been taking a 24 hour break from the internet. Tha’s why I got so excited and copied the link with an ALL caps caption—sorry, Karen

  157. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I haven’t watched any of the shows they’ve aired since Tony’s death, Berlin, Cajun, or Bhutan, but I’ve got them. Very interesting that that your partner, who sounds like an objective party, noticed the shift in his demeanor.

    I was just thinking this morning what a loss to the U.S. his death is. He was one of the few world travelers with the manner and a broad enough platform to let the world know that all Americans aren’t cruel assholes like Trump — even as we let Trump lead us around by the nose with his ignorant fucking tweets. Now that job is left up to people like Zimmern and Samantha Brown, and I’m sure a dozen others that I haven’t watched, but it’s just not the same.

  158. catsworking says:

    Jorie, thanks for the Twitter link. I’m very glad that Penthouse article has gained such solid traction. If Sandra Ripert found truth in it, and Ottavia approved, that’s a powerful indication of AA’s true role. I just retweeted it myself to help spread the word.

  159. catsworking says:

    Mira, you said a mouthful (keyboardful?). Yes, we will all get to the point where we can be grateful he lived rather than upset that he died. We’ve got two or three more books to look forward to:

    1. The hardcover compilation of the Hungry Ghost comics, coming in October.
    2. The bio of Tony that Laurie Woolever is working on, coming in fall 2019.
    3. Essays he was working on, if he finished and polished enough of them.

  160. catsworking says:

    Miss Maggie, not a problem with the link. It was cute that you were so excited. 😉 It’s an important article, and the more people who read it, the better.

  161. Mira says:

    Thanks Karen, for being such a gracious host and providing us all with a safe place to come to terms with this tragedy. And thanks for providing the link to the Geriatric Genius blog, he really sinks his teeth into it, and it is a very satisfying read.

  162. catsworking says:

    Mira, Geriatric Genius is absolutely brilliant. It was one of the commenters here at some point who turned us on to him.

  163. Anita says:

    The fact Sandra Ripert retweeted that article and Ottavia acknowledged it says volumes. Whomever JusticeforTony might be, they were definitely on that crew and knew exactly what happened. Eric does too and must have approved Sandra posting a link to the article. Interesting that JFT says AA and AB had broken up before but got back together. Maybe that is why AB seemed so sad on some of the episodes of Parts Unknown this season.

  164. catsworking says:

    Anita, he would have been filming season 11 while they were “Bourgento,” so yes, her manipulations in the personal life could have definitely been preoccupying him.

    I think it was an episode of No Reservations he did in Malaysia when he split from Nancy where he was upset and sad. I think he alluded to it without saying his marriage was over. That shoot was probably the first time he didn’t have a home base to return to.

    And I seem to remember seeing him there again, must have been on Parts Unknown, where he said he was in a very different place the first time he visited. I took it that he associated Malaysia with losing Nancy.

    I may have this completely jumbled up because I’ve seen so much of him in the past few weeks, but that’s my recollection. He wouldn’t usually discuss his personal life on camera except maybe passing references to his daughter, but if you knew what was going on with him, you could pick up on his references to things happening beyond the show.

  165. feijicha says:

    can someone repost the link to geriatric genius? i seem to have missed it and have scrolled back and forth and can’t seem to find it.

  166. feijicha says:

    I was struck by this bit from David Simon’s essay:

    He was bone weary at the moment, but nonetheless, he was going to re-up with CNN and continue wandering and eating and telling stories for at least another few years.

    “Are you getting tired?”

    “I am. But I don’t know that I can stop. I can’t sit still. I know this.”

    Then he talked about the ongoing battles with Harvey Weinstein, about his girlfriend and her public stand, about the cost of it and his pride in her. His tone was of someone who had been through a grinder, but who was now certain that Weinstein and all of his lawyers and private investigators and threats would be vanquished.

    “Asia,” he said of his girlfriend, “is incredible.”

    What I get from this is first, re the CNN show– he was getting tired of all the travel, he was getting older, while the places were interesting the process of doing the shows– constantly on airplanes, in airports, in hotels, was wearing thin.

    Second, he had gotten sucked into the energy-draining Weinstein crap with AA, and because he took it seriously that also sapped his energy.

    Imagine being that worn out from everything going on in your career and life, then taking that on because you genuinely believe in your new partner, and then finding out it the whole time you were being played. What a c—.

  167. Lynn says:

    So happy to read that Penthouse article and see its endorsement by Ottavia and Sandra R is huge! But then not surprising that JFT’s account is probably accurate – pictures don’t lie! That’s why it’s been mind blowing to me that AA thought she could get away with the whitewash that all was well with her and AB and she’s the grieving girlfriend when we all saw the photos. WTF? She’s acting like Trump – believe me, not your own eyes. Does she really think we are that dumb?

    Also great point about humiliation. Some take it better than others. It’s not unreasonable that with the exhaustion and drinking, Tony simply couldn’t bear having to face the world knowing he got played by someone he so openly loved and championed.

    But I am still baffled as to why no one other than the writer of the Penthouse piece and Bruce Elliott (not Sandra R, no one on the crew, none of Tony’s pals, no crew members) are speaking out on this using their real names. How can they be THAT afraid of AA? I assume it’s fear of lawsuits and accusations of slander, being seen as sexist and anti-#metoo? Of course if emails and texts come to light proving all this, she wouldn’t have a case.

    Equally baffling (and the Penthouse piece touches on this) is if AA is so brave and tough (that’s her brand now, no?), why the hell did she have Rose write that letter FOR her? Why didn’t she speak out herself, as she clearly had no problem doing about HW at Cannes.

    That’s really odd to me. Maybe so that later when the truth comes out she can claim Rose got it wrong; she can technically claim ‘I never said that’ about the open relationship, etc? That Rose took liberties? I wouldn’t put it past her to toss Rose or anyone else she claims to care about under the bus. She seems incapable of loyalty.

  168. catsworking says:

    Feijicha, here’s one of them. Once you get there, you can wander around the blog.

  169. catsworking says:

    Feijicha, that little exchange about him being so tired jumped out at me as well. In an interview he did back in February, he was asked if he’d ever retire and he said he expected to “die in the saddle.”

    He’d become a travelholic. He couldn’t stop. He’d said over the years that if he were at home for too long, he’d be antsy for the road. At that time, he loved hanging out in airports.

    The thrill of that had to wear off. Travel is grueling, 95% sitting around, doing nothing. ESPECIALLY on the long-haul transatlantic trips he was constantly taking.

    Someone here asked where he found the time to read so extensively. While he was sitting in airports, on planes, in hotel rooms. The only things you CAN do are read or watch something on your device.

    I had always hoped he’d hang up the TV thing one day and concentrate on writing.

  170. catsworking says:

    I believe the reason no one close to Tony is speaking is out of respect for the family, waiting to see how they want to handle it. They have a lot to deal with just wrapping up his affairs and wrapping their heads around any information he may have left behind.

    The dam may be starting to break with Sandra Ripert posting that Penthouse link and Ottavia giving it approval. But whether they will ever directly share what else they know is anybody’s guess. They’ve got Eric’s firsthand account.

    I believe AA’s logo on her social media is “the fist of no shame” or something like that, so it seems unlikely she’ll ever admit any fault.

    I think AA is afraid of Ottavia and always has been. She was afraid Tony would go back to O. And now O has the upper hand as his wife, raising his child. AA is reduced to the piece on the side who humiliated Tony, and his family has shut her out.

    These likes we’re seeing from Ottavia indicate she’s monitoring things, but also signal to AA, “I’ve got your number.” Only AA knows if there are any damning texts or messages on Tony’s phone that could be used to destroy the remaining shreds of her reputation.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Asia’s Plan B is to go Trump on Rose. Perhaps she used Rose as her mouthpiece precisely to have someone to disavow and scapegoat later if she thinks it will vindicate her.

  171. Morganlf says:

    From geriatricgenious:

    I particularly like one of his followers very intuitive comments:

    “Fantastic article! Yet again, You hit the nail on the head. Tony committed suicide on impulse driven by feelings of betrayal, humiliation and despair. However, there is a case to be made that even hooking up with a woman like AA was a suicide mission, especially for a man who was a hopeless romantic, she was only going to bring heartache and pain. I do believe there was nothing anyone could have said to change his mind. Tony seeemd hell bent on pursuing this extremely improbable and toxic relationship.”

  172. burningbright says:

    Ab’s agent of 20 plus years retweeted the penthouse piece

  173. catsworking says:

    Welcome, burningbright! Do you mean Kim Witherspoon? If so, I’m very glad to hear the good women who were in his life are coming together to get some truth out there.

  174. Lynn says:

    Bwaaaaaaahahaha! I LOVE Bruce. Pulling zero punches.

    Karen I get what you’re saying but if Ottavia is following JFT and retweeting the Penthouse article it seems that she is more than ok with the truth coming out; that she WANTS it to come out, but realizes she can’t or doesn’t want to be the one to do it, so why would she mind someone else who was close to Tony coming out on the record? Unless she is planning to do so herself at a later time. If I were her I wouldn’t be able to be so restrained. The anger and disgust she must feel.

    It’s like I’ve been saying – Tony took one look at AA, the human equivalent of heroin, and said “Oooo, bad for me! Yes, please!” I’ve been attracted to men I knew were bad news. It’s not that hard to spot. They give off negative vibes. I find it impossible to believe he didn’t realize the type she was. But then you can’t really help who you’re attracted to. It just hits you. And once you’re in that luuuv vortex it’s really hard for anyone to talk you out of it. It’s chemical.

    My armchair psychoanalysis of AA is that her self esteem is low as shit. Kinda like Trump, a total narcissist with a paper thin skin. She once said she always wonders why a man is with her. Like why would he want me kind of thing. People like that have a need to ‘test’ the relationship so the person can ‘prove’ to them they really love and want them, but it’s never enough. They create drama, push boundaries (and cheat) to provoke, hoping the person will have a strong passionate reaction such as anger or jealousy to fuel their narcissism. Well, she got her strong reaction from Tony.

  175. catsworking says:

    Morgan, thanks for that link. I have focused more on Tony than on AA because I think condemnation of her coming from a man packs the power and is what’s needed most. He’s saying everything I have been thinking but largely restraining myself from putting in black and white.

    He also thinks she will seek book and movie deals. If there’s any justice, no publisher or studio will touch that skank if she peddles anything to promote herself at Bourdain’s expense. May she be forced self-fund any projects that exploit Bourdain, may they bomb, and may she go bankrupt.

    After her season with X Factor is over, it’s my sincere wish that she sinks like a stone to the footnotes at the bottom of the D-list. Without the Bourdain connection in the U.S., she’s already as good as gone. Few knew of her before him, and without him, few will ever think of her again. Her body of work so far is nothing but depraved freak shows, unworthy of consideration or preservation.

  176. feijicha says:

    I hadn’t seen this bit from Bruce Elliott’s blog posted here but it is revealing:

    “The first time I met you, you were still working at the Travel Channel, you told me you had a chance to make a lot of money for two or three years, and then when it was over you might move to Singapore or some other Asian country and write books, but there’s no end in sight. You get bigger every year. You never stop moving — ”
    “It’s interesting that you should be the one to tell me this. Yeah, everyone except my wife thinks I live this glamorous life. At night when we’re done taping the show I’m holed up in my hotel room all by myself. It’s like I’ve spent my whole life running away from something, but I don’t know what it is that I’m running away from. When I was working in a kitchen it was the only time I really felt at peace — it was as if I was a religious ascetic. And I don’t mean this ironically. I’ve been successful beyond my wildest dreams, but now I don’t have the courage to pull back and reflect on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And worst of all, lately I really don’t give a fuck. More and more I find myself sinking into a cold and unfeeling indifference.”

  177. Daisy says:

    The facebook group was shutdown. You can rejoin but you will need to answer questions to ensure your not a troll etc. Seems the forces that be are hell bent on controlling the narrative about AB’s suicide and suppressing AAs role in it!

    I am amazed at the lengths these people are going to prevent the truth from coming out. The more they try to suppress it the bigger it grows. Hopefully, more will have the courage to stand up and speak out. Grateful that we have your blog cats and that we can speak freely here without worry of being censored.

  178. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I agree with everything you said about the fatal attraction and about AA having no self-esteem. Totally.

    I don’t think Ottavia retweeted the Penthouse link. She just liked the link her friend Sandra Ripert tweeted. I haven’t been stalking her online, but I’ve seen nothing indicating that she has said a word publicly.

    It serves no purpose for Ottavia to speak out now. It would just sound like sour grapes toward the woman who stole her husband. And it would give AA an opening to play the wronged victim and post disgusting photos of herself flipping Ottavia the bird and dancing around like a maniac with her tongue hanging out. Ottavia knows MMA and when to pick her battles. No sense rolling in the mud with that pig.

    Actually, I think the way she’s handling it is pretty brilliant. Asia must be Googling herself every 10 minutes, and she probably sees where Ottavia pops up approving of negative press about AA. AA must know what else Ottavia may be holding back about heer and wondering when O’s going to let it out and destroy her.

    For whatever reason, Tony’s family has decided to say nothing more right now. But they are letting the rest of us express our opinions, and they greenlight the ones that hit home.

  179. Hi, Cats. Found this blog on Reddit.
    It’s a breath of fresh air reading all of it, and, despite the beyond sad events, somewhat comforting to see there are more people on the same page. I’m going to post here some things I wrote on Tony’s sub just in case there’s someone here who is not there.

    I believe the sudden realization of the true reality he found himself inadvertently immersed made him snap. He did not kill himself out of love, like oh god, I can’t live without her!. He killed himself out of embarrassment and deep, deep, unforgivable regret. He fell in love with her, bought into her me-too “cause”, promoted her “work”, fired a long time colleague because of her. Tony worshiped her, to the point of embracing her rocknroll edgy self destructive lifestyle. He stopped martial arts, started to smoke again and increased his alcohol consumption, forgetting that while she was still 42 he was already 61. He lived 200 years in 20, and aged 20 in only 2 years. Tony let his guard completely down. And then reality kicked in, and kicked hard.

    You see, it’s easy to lie to yourself when your girlfriend doesn’t answer the phone for 8 hours, even though you know this same girlfriend of yours is so addicted to social media that when you’re together she just can’t let that goddamn smartphone rest for a single fucking minute. But yeah, maybe she forgot to recharge it. Or maybe she felt a sudden need for soul and mental clarity, so she deliberately turned her cellphone off so she could meditate for eight straight hours. Yeah, that’s what’s probably happening. She’s meditating. Or maybe she’s reading a book, such a culture vulture she is. My beloved goddess would not cheat on me. Right when our especial Parts Unknown episode is being aired? The one I let her direct? How could she? No, she’s incapable of it. I’m just paranoid. Let me get another drink and wait for her answer.

    Unfortunately for him and the world, that was not the scenario. A paparazzi revoked his rights to lie to himself. This time he simply could not do it. She was not a goddess. She was not his friend. She was just a vulture, a cold blooded person who used him to promote herself. There was no love. No companionship. No trust. There was only lie. The smartest man on earth found himself playing the dumb. How could someone like him come out of this?

    I do not buy the idea that drinking is something all or nothing, or that those who drink are necessarily alcoholics, therefore slaves, impotent victims of the monster alcohol. However, I do believe that through the years the excess of alcohol he consumed watered and nurtured the already conducive terrain that allowed the idea of ​​suicide to grow and, ultimately, flourish when the black stars aligned. Yes, I know according to him that he did not drink at home, only when he was filming, but even if that’s true we have to remember that he was shooting about 200 days a year. That’s just too much.

    The link between alcohol and depression is well-established, It affects ones mind chronically and acutely. We all have been there at Shitfaced Town. Different laws operate. Pessimistic, regretful winds go strong over ourselves. The enemy lurks around confidently – and this time the enemy won.

  180. catsworking says:

    Daisy, I’m not following the logic of this Facebook drama. Are you saying there are pro-Asia forces running FB and shutting down pages critical of her? I find that hard to believe.

    What’s going on over there that’s so controversial? Do they have info on her that we don’t have?

    I’m asking because I’m useless with Facebook. It’s the last place I would ever look for anything.

  181. catsworking says:

    Welcome, manoelthebarros! For some reason, this post went to spam. I’m glad I checked. What you write has the ring of someone who may have some inside knowledge. For example, I haven’t seen anywhere that he had quit MMA. Do you know when that happened? Maybe he was just too exhausted to keep it up.

    Your description of how she manipulated him with her phone is also new intel. That she was with Hugo on the same weekend the Hong Kong episode aired was, to me, the ultimate “fuck you” move on her part, especially after he’d gone on record calling it some of his best work and saying he wanted to hire her to direct regularly, if he could afford her.

    Thank you for reading. I hope you will stick around and contribute more. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. There’s more to this story than we know about Asia’s role in it. I feel it.

  182. Anita says:

    Karen, this made me laugh which is little I have done for the past 3 weeks. Thank you! And yes I love cats too!

    “And it would give AA an opening to play the wronged victim and post disgusting photos of herself flipping Ottavia the bird and dancing around like a maniac with her tongue hanging out.”

  183. Lynn says:

    Yes, Karen, I mistyped. Ottavia did not retweet the Penthouse story, she tweeted a heart in response. But my point is that not wanting to step on the family’s toes so to speak can’t be the reason why people aren’t speaking out on the record (except for Bruce) when, by liking and following the truth-tellers, Ottavia is clearly saying she wants the truth out. So the only reason left that I can think of is fear of AA and the Rose army. I agree that Ottavia can’t speak out, but someone on the crew, someone who was there to see/hear the disturbances she caused on the shoot and how it affected AB.

    I re-watched the Rome epi. God, how did he stand that old lady witch voice??

  184. catsworking says:

    Anita, my mother’s name is Anita. We have so much in common. (Glad I gave you a good laugh. One of you guys give me one or more every day.)

  185. Morganlf says:

    manoelthebarrows, Perfectly stated:

    “Unfortunately for him and the world, that was not the scenario. A paparazzi revoked his rights to lie to himself. This time he simply could not do it. She was not a goddess. She was not his friend. She was just a vulture, a cold blooded person who used him to promote herself. There was no love. No companionship. No trust. There was only lie. The smartest man on earth found himself playing the dumb. How could someone like him come out of this?”

    You made some revalotory, vivid points.


  186. catsworking says:

    Lynn, Bruce got together with Tony when he visited Chicago, and his writing about Tony is fearless and brilliant, but he seems to be an outlier. His blog doesn’t seem to get heavy traffic. Ottavia may not have been aware of him. I don’t know.

    I’m sure she wants the truth out, but maybe not all the truth, all at once. She has an 11-year-daughter who probably knows how to surf the ‘net to think about.

    And as I’ve said before, Tony’s electronics probably hold the key to everything. Our new poster tonight, manoelthebarros, alluded to AA playing phone games with Tony. Right now, the story is that Tony just up and killed himself without leaving a word to anyone. I don’t buy it until we get a definitive statement to the contrary.

    It could be a legal issue. It’s one thing for all of us out here to be shooting out mouths off with theories, and quite another for people close to Tony to go on record regarding AA. AA is known to be litigious (anything for a buck, right?). She would become a nuisance, but I hardly think the Bourdain family has given the slightest thought to retribution from the mythical Rose and Asia Army. If anything, their behavior over Tony has deeply hurt their cred as leaders of the #MeToo movement.

    What I’m beginning to wonder is why you are so rabid to have everything about AA exposed right this minute. She’s not going to walk away from this unscathed. No way. It has only been three weeks and we don’t even know if they’ve held the private service for Tony yet.

  187. Daisy says:

    Cats, I don’t understand what is going on with the faacebook group either. Last night I was a member of the group and looking at the posts. I didn’t see anything there that would have the group shutdown. There were no articles that hadn’t been posted here.

    I went to go on tonight and I was no longer a member of the group. I had to rejoin and answer questions before my membership would be approved. They did make a post last night saying they were getting trolls. I don’t know who is doing what or who is behind it. It is very strange.

  188. feijicha says:

    I am on the FB page and haven’t been bumped out. I do know that a number of AA’s trolls jumped on the IG/twitter and other social media pages of people who are in the FB group. I believe they posted very recently that indeed a number of such AA trolls had either actually infiltrated the group or had tried to. The admins there have reported they are working constantly to hold back a barrage of people trying to crash in. People who have posted contra-AA posts on IG and Twitter have also reported that their posts are being reported as offensive or whatever and have gotten post after post on people’s pages removed by the hosting platform, even things that were supposedly benign.

  189. feijicha says:

    CAUTION on the link above– there are a couple of NSFW pics of AA about half way down. A naked, pregnant, smoking AA at that.

  190. Mira says:

    Wow. Just checked out the indexmagazine link. The mind boggles.
    How can any person see those photos, not to mention read that interview and fall in love with her?
    …both AA and AB spent so much time on the net, I cannot envisage him not googling her at least once, not stumbling upon any number of deeply disturbing photos, commentaries…he so lost his mind…and life.

  191. Morganlf says:

    You will find in 2006, on the No Reservations episode on South Beach about 17 minutes in he is asked to invoke a wish, he says Rosario Dawson and Asia Argento.
    That’s at least how long this fetishshizing of Argento has been going on.
    I cannot say more…my jaw is paining me…as I pick it off the floor.

  192. feijicha says:

    The content of the interview pretty much includes her saying she uses and discards men she works with.

  193. Mira says:

    Well…be careful what you wish for. I guess its hard for his rather mainstream fans, myself included, to stop idealising him and excuse his choices. Such a self destructive impulse that has been driving him all his life…

  194. Mira says:

    Having said that, still don’t get the attraction, she is beyond trashy. Empty, shock value, I can’t see anything remotely artistic or creative in her cheap ‘gothic’ aesthetic.

  195. catsworking says:

    feijicha, how the heck did you dig THIS interview up? Even though it was 17 years ago, it shows that mentally she hasn’t matured at all. There’s so much foreshadowing to the monster she has become (although she said she was okay with being one).

    Funny how off the bat she compared her upbringing to The Addams Family, which I compared her to several days ago before I ever saw this.

    And the photos — well, now we know what she looked like before she injected her body full of ink.

  196. catsworking says:

    Morgan, brilliant! So he was tuned in to her 12 years before they actually met. That’s the same time he and Ottavia were an item, so maybe he was conjuring the names of another hot Italian he knew of.

    But the fact that her output at that time was already so dark and twisted and he he was into it is disturbing.

  197. catsworking says:

    Mira, I agree with you on that. Smoking while pregnant (although she claimed she wasn’t drinking), posing nude like a piece of meat. She’s what we’d call “trailer trash” all the way. As someone who has always respected Bourdain’s intelligence and insight, I’m finding it hard to swallow that he was enthralled by her work, which, from what I’ve seen of it, all looks like low-budget garbage.

    From the way she dissed Vincent Gallo, he apparently didn’t do his homework before getting sucked in, either. Even though she talked trash about him, she didn’t kick him out of bed when she found him useful in helping her get in tighter with Weinstein.

    Interesting to note her stated lousy work ethic. She said she’d rather do one good gig and live on that for a year than work steadily. So, she didn’t come from money, and sugar daddies were probably always welcome.

  198. feijicha says:

    so… the article is 17 years old, she would have been what, 25? his mention of her was 12 years ago…. only 5 years after the article. Gad, you wonder if he saw it. Oy Tony.

  199. Laura N. says:

    So she was one of his dream girls going back 12 years. I’m sure that had a lot to do with his school boy obsessiveness. She was even more openly gross back then so that says a lot too. The “dive bar of women” is right.

  200. Mira says:

    Yes, the interview itself and her sad pathetic musings are more off-putting then even the photos. And there is another interview, if people have not stumbled on it already, and are not sickened to death of reading about her , in Rollingstones years ago, its easily googled.
    Just more of the same trashy content.
    I try not to be too judgemental, as I dare say most of us had made some questionable choices in life, but this is just so sad. I guess he was just blinded by some sick obsession with her.

  201. catsworking says:

    Opus and Bacardi, just letting you know I’ve deleted 3 comments today. There’s no need to tattle to CW readers about FB spats or to continue the fight here. I don’t do FB myself, so I have no idea what went on.

    I directly addressed what you were upset about several days ago and it appears to be under control. That poster has been a loyal CW reader since the beginning and is an even more loyal Bourdain fan and Ottavia’s friend. I’ve been with her at Bourdain events and know her personally.

    Many theories about what led to his suicide are floating around. I feel we’ve covered the mental health/depression aspect thoroughly here, in large part thanks to Opus’ contributions. If readers want more, they can read the mainstream media, who’d rather focus on that than the messy personal issues that may be more pertinent.

    Opus has said she’s leaving, and I wish her well. Bacardi, you’re also a long-time reader and I hope you stay, but this sniping has got to end now.

  202. catsworking says:

    For the record, another one of Bourdain’s fantasy girls was the actress Louise Brooks, who lived during the Flapper era.

    He particularly liked the haircut she brought into vogue, the bob, which happened to be very similar to Ottavia’s style.

    The writer Anita Loos said that gentlemen prefer blondes, but Bourdain preferred brunettes.

    No telling what he thought of Asia’s locks, which look like they’ve been combed with a hand mixer. Oops, was that catty?

  203. Lenora says:

    Those pictures of AA smoking while pregnant are revolting. What a selfish cow. I didn’t even need to read the interview to be completely turned off and want nothing to do with anything she’s selling.

    It seems AB created in his own mind that Asia was the perfect muse. And really if Asia didn’t come from a famous family the most creative job she could get would be a window dresser at Hot Topic where her cheap cliche Gothic style would be appreciated.

    And this is pure speculation based on absolutely nothing other than my over active imagination … is it possible Asia was blackmailing AB? He saw the pictures, they had a huge fight, broke up and she called him on Thursday and told him, “Give me money or I will make your life a living hell?” He was already in a dark place and may have come to the conclusion there is no other way out and wanted to leave his daughter the inheritance intact. He didn’t want to be further humiliated and wanted his daughter to get all his money. I suppose if Asia comes after the estate we will find out if she tried to pull a stunt like that.

  204. Lenora says:

    Cat very interesting about Louise Brooks. I would say AB certainly had a type! Maybe his love of silent movies sparked his love of brunettes with bobs.

    Asia sort of has a bob. A bob by a food processor. 😉 Trying to keep with the culinary hair theme. Meow.

  205. feijicha says:

    The thought of living with this woman made him happy.

  206. catsworking says:

    Lenora, so true that if AA didn’t have famous parents, nobody would have ever heard of her. If she hadn’t gone into retail, she’d probably be a sad little junkie working the street corners of Rome, if she even lasted this long.

    I don’t think, outside Italy, maybe France, she has enough fame to touch Bourdain in a scandalous way. Her history online with interviews and her own social media gives ample evidence of what a trashy, user type of person she is, and his reputation INTERNATIONALLY was golden (okay, not with the governments of repressive countries that banned him).

    The way I imagine it playing out is her being defiant and claiming to be proud she humiliated his manhood, which was a big part of his persona, at least with his young bro fan base. That brought him down to her level in her eyes. In the end, rather than have to defend or excuse her behavior to save face, he decided, “Fuck you, bitch. YOU live with this humiliation you brought on yourself. I’m outta here.”

  207. catsworking says:

    Lenora, you just made me spit water through my nose LMAO!!

  208. Anita says:

    I had also thought maybe AA insulted AB’s manhood directly by telling him that Hugo was a better lover. She seems to be very much into herself and her sex kittenness. (sorry cats) . I hate to go there, but I could see her saying it. AB wanted a fiery Italian woman and likely got way more than he could handle. Obviously.

  209. izzy1957 says:

    Anyone ever contemplated that maybe some of this entire mess with AA was fueled in part by a mid-life crisis of sorts for AB? I mean the normal age for men to go through a mid-life crisis maybe really didn’t happen for AB, because at that point in time in his life he had just started to experience and enter the turning point in his 40’s where he started to find success, so for him, that whole “dissatisfied/disillusioned with life scenario” may have started to creep in more much later.

    He still loved and had his dream job, but the years of filming, some of which were heavier than others may have started dragging him down too. He knew he was too restless of a person to really stop – had to keep busy – it was safer – yet he may have been pondering the more of what’s life for question and his role in it and where he fit in to some degree.

    Could explain why his radar and judgment were not in tune when he met AA, and clearly got so caught up in the initial attraction he found he had for her and got swept up and lost in it all until it was much too late to extricate himself. He discovered too late he had only been looking through rose-coloured glasses all this time?

    Just a thought to help explain our loss at why he didn’t see AA more for who she really was/is. Many intelligent people put blinders on and dismiss some of the obvious when they think they’re looking for something and then that maybe they found the answer or missing link to quell or quiet their discontent and for him, the depression and its ups and downs were part of that. So, he believed and felt he was in love and this took him to such a high, that when it started to unravel for him it landed with such a thud – burning and crashing down on him – he was beyond the point of no return. Time to just check the hell out, and literally end his agony.

  210. Lenora says:

    It would seem the Penthouse article has gotten under Rose’s skin judging by her Twitter response.

  211. catsworking says:

    izzy, you’re probably on to something. He was 61, she was 42. Despite the fact that MMA had gotten him into great physical shape, it wasn’t going to keep him studly. Couple age with alcohol, and it doesn’t add up to wild, extended romps between the sheets. Not like Hugo could probably give AA.

    So, there was probably some insecurity on his side as well, which became inflamed when he thought of what AA was Hugo were doing that maybe he could no longer do. We’ll never know.

    But, being with a sexy younger woman had become part of the Bourdain persona, so he found himself literally between a rock and a hard place (pun unintended) with someone who was wrong for him, but craving the companionship and not knowing where to turn next.

    Just another reason for him to say, “Fuck it.”

  212. catsworking says:

    Lenora, it doesn’t surprise me that Rose would be miffed at being painted with the same damning brush as AA. All she did was be AA’s spokeswoman and tell lies for her. That’s the Trump methodology at work. Stick your neck out and compromise your cred to do a narcissist a favor, only to have them screw you with it in the end.

  213. Daisy says:

    feijicha, Thanks for the facebook update. They did approve my membership last night. I am not that up to speed on all this facebook, instagram, trolls etc. That article you posted on AA is something else….Wow. All this outrageous stuff just for shock value and attention. If she weren’t so destructive it would actually be very sad. Her instagram page looks like that of a 22 year old not a 42 year old. Apart from the hyper sexuality she seems very immature, like an out of control teen in an adult body. No concept of responsibility, conseqences, impulse control and rational decision making.

    On another note, I was on YouTube today and there was a video done by a man called MGTOW. I have no affiliation with that at all but what attracted me to listen to it was the title, Anthony Bourdain, A broken heart. He makes some key points but I don’t want to post the link here because he makes a lot of inflammatory statements about women in general and there is a good amount of cursing etc. I wouldn’t want to offend anybody and I certainly don’t support his ideas about women. But all that aside he posted that video right after ABs suicide and It is interesting to hear a man’s point of view on this whole situation. Essentially he says, that men will understand this better women, but AB killed himself not because of a history of depression etc as the media would have you believe but because of humiliation and a broken heart…nothing more nothing less.

  214. Lenora says:

    Rose and Asia are both narcissistic. This friendship probably isn’t going to end well. And Rose certainly has it in for Alyssa Miliano. I guess because Alyssa actually tries to advocate for others rather than promote herself 24/7. Which always brings me back to the same question, that will never be answered, what did AB see in these two. I’d be driven to drink just spending an hour with them. And I am getting annoyed/angry at AB again as result of really enjoying his shows/perspective throughout the years I now know way more than I want about two has been C list actresses.

  215. Lenora says:

    Daisy, That was the response from my 26 year old son when all the facts became clear, AB found the humiliation unbearable. My son also added Anthony Bourdain could have had his pick of beautiful women. Any guy would have told AB he should have found an “older” supper model. One who is in her 30s with a very active Instagram account and that what of have really gotten under AA skin. This is the sad twisted part and probably true my son also added that with narcissistic woman like Asia her ego is further inflated that a man killed himself over her. BTW all my son’s insight into this drama has given me pause as his mother and made wonder what kind of girls he has been dating. 🙂

  216. catsworking says:

    Daisy, thanks for your discretion. I appreciate it. I’ve come across a few things so “out there” about Tony that I’ve chosen not to spread them by linking from here.

    What this MGTOW said sounds very much like the Geriatric Genius, as far as motivation.

    I found a video called “Anthony Bourdain. What Happened?” that fits your description. Yeah, this guy is generally misogynistic.

  217. catsworking says:

    Lenora, it does sound like your son has been around the block a few times. 😉 Hope he ends up with a good one.

    A woman in her 30s would have been too young, but I get his point from an arm candy and social relevance perspective. I was holding out for Nigella Lawson. ;-(

    Earlier today if you were reading without blinking, the chronic depression theory came to a head here, as it apparently did yesterday at FB. I deleted it because it seemed too intent on casting Bourdain as a lifelong closet basket case, which he wasn’t.

    More pressing and immediate forces at play, I believe, were: humiliation over behaving like a lovesick boy and putting his own cred on the line to support someone so duplicitous, and betrayal at having his generosity and devotion thrown back in his face in such a demeaning, vicious way.

    I do believe that once the emotions dissipate, Asia will carve another notch in her bedpost and feel proud that she brought him down. Maybe one day she’ll give another tearful interview, recalling it as Tony forcing himself on her during filming in Rome and then hounding her until she was afraid to say no to being his girlfriend. Harvey Weinstein will get a great sense of deja vu. (BTW, is Weinstein sitting in jail right now? Anybody know?)

  218. bamboo.skewer says:

    Karen, I am curious to know why would it be better for a man/men to speak out:
    “I have focused more on Tony than on AA because I think condemnation of her coming from a man packs the power and is what’s needed most.”

    I wonder, because I was thinking the opposite. That it was good that a female wrote the Penthouse article. Imagine that written by a man. It could be reacted to very differently. It seems to me that women who see the facts about AA should say, I do not want you to represent me, or any woman.

    Because AA will never see any fault with herself, the point isn’t really to target the message to her. It’s to show others in leadership in the movement that even women don’t want the potential good of #metoo and Times Up to be sullied by AA and what might become known about her in the future. I’m not sure that would come across good if it comes from men. But maybe there is something I’m not seeing that I should see!

    I think more recently those movements took on a life of their own and maybe AA was one of the few who originally pushed a ball down a mountain, but in recent times any leadership by her might have been self-proclaimed, in her own mind?

  219. catsworking says:

    bamboo, I said that because I think many people tend to dismiss women calling out other women as cat-fighting that doesn’t really mean anything.

    That said, I think Leah McSweeney at Penthouse wrote an incredible article, presenting points that can’t be ignored. She nailed it. And you’re right. A man couldn’t have said what she did and come across the same way.

    I’m still mulling over what I want to say about AA on the front page here. In the comments, I’ve made my digs, but I hope to rise above that in a real post. I agree with you that both men and women who have any sort of platform need to stand and speak up against people like AA or RMG who are exploiting #MeToo and Times Up for their own glorification. They’ve cheapened the movement with their behavior. They’ve rendered themselves irrelevant.

  220. Morganlf says:

    Leonora your son sounds like a smart cat. How I wish Tony would have snatched up another chick like Rosario Dawson who he had a thing for and swanned her around..

    Geriatricgenious has said AA is reveling in this attention. It won’t last forever there’s a lot of bad press coming.

    Karen..thanks the chronic theory was …incomplete only part of the narrative. I believe you and many others, (including Bruce Elliott) manoelthebarrios (who posted here) have captured the complete story.

    I don’t think Harvey’s in jail yet.

  221. Daisy says:

    Cats, No Problem. This video is definitely misogynistic. I saw the one you’re referring too as well. The motivation is very similar to what Bruce says but then they heap all the misogynistic stuff on which IMO invalidates the core message. It’s why I like Bruce’s blog so much he makes the point without disparaging the whole female gender.

    Lenore, Yes, it seems the men had this figured out quickly. It does make you wonder what is going on out there in the dating world. I do believe personality disorders are on the rise and they are definitely talked about in the media more than ever.

  222. Mira says:

    Karen, thanks for the link to Louise Brooks, it does help explain his fascination and all the possible fantasies he projected onto AA.

    And I agree with Izzy1957 ‘s comment/analysis.

  223. Lynn says:

    Oh maaaaaaaan just when you thought she couldn’t get any viler. LMAO smoking pregnant, yea why doesn’t that surprise me. And of course her wanting to do a beastiality scene in a film that her dad and uncle produced but they ‘wouldn’t let’ her. And this gem:

    BRUCE: Do you ever have affairs with your co-stars?
    ASIA: Yes, even though they’re the most boring affairs. It’s okay while you’re shooting the film, especially if you’re on location. You’re tired, you’re stuck with these people. But I would never be able to spend time with them outside the set.

    [Just in case anyone still doesn’t get that AB was a fun distraction for her but she didn’t really give a shit about him.] This is the third interview I’ve read of hers where in so many words she says she doesn’t like relationships and intimacy, certainly not for very long. Talk about significant psychological problems.

    And to learn that AB was into her 12 years ago?! Jeez, I’m beginning to feel less and less sorry for him. Talk about making your own bed. Those who still are baffled by his attraction to AA, go back and read his description of Siberia bar. You’d have had to pay me to even enter a shit hole like that, and to actually sit on that sofa? I literally could not. He loved it. The man’s taste, in bars, women, music was….questionable.

    Karen, I wouldn’t say I’m rabid but I am not a patient person. I want to know what happened and I don’t want to wait years to find out. And the longer it takes the less anyone will care. Stories get cold. Also I am just mind-blown that we have a celeb who kills himself 3 days after his celeb girlfriend was caught cheating and then…crickets. Media perfectly happy to join AA in the gaslighting. Photos? What photos? He was my rock and protector! I find it impossible to believe if this was any other 2 celebs the media from TMZ on up and down wouldn’t be all over it. Just seems so odd. I think my sense of logic and fairness just can’t stand it.

  224. Lynn, I agree with you. AA never ever hid her toxicity, but instead wore it like a badge of honor. Smoking while very pregnant? Beastiality? On and on.

    And yet, AB crushed out on her FOR YEARS. She was his dream girl. She never pretended to be sweet or good or even decent. That tells me he was attracted to the dark side, the destructive abyss. It is still devastating, of course. But he was deeply attracted to what seems to be a sociopath.

  225. izzy1957 says:

    Oh, there’s much more out there Lynn, if you go digging. AA definitely has a pattern.

    For instance, and I quote below from two articles
    (from Italian to English and not a perfect translation of course)


    “Asia Argento and Max Gazzè broke up (November 2013)

    It seemed like a story destined to last between Asia Argento and Max Gazzè , especially judging by the messages that were written on Twitter every day. But the words, you know, take away the wind and the facts write the word “end”. Or rather, the actress writes …

    In fact, it was Asia Argento who wanted to break and the goodbye arrived directly on Twitter: “I do not like men anymore, I do not want to exchange my body fluids with them for quite some time. most men disgust me “.

    Clearer than that you can not . Message received from the singer who immediately disappeared from his profile and obviously also from his life. If men disgust them so much, perhaps we should start thinking of a “she” next to Asia Argento.”



    “Asia Argento: “Goodbye men” (May 2014)

    Asia Argento leaves Max Gazzè: “I do not like men anymore”

    He has had enough Asia Argento , but the search for the soul mate does not interest her anymore: “Men are just a waste of time and energy for me” he told “Gioia”.

    The actress, who will present at the Cannes Film Festival her latest directorial film, ” Incompresa “, has already warned: “I will dress as a boy, I will be much more comfortable”.

    In short, Asia Argento seems to no longer want to look after the appearance , even if only a few days ago there was another tattoo ( a large necklace on the chest ): “I do not want to know more about having to be beautiful, rigged like a doll, with skirts and heels After the short story with Max Gazzè, I have not had any boyfriends and I do not even look for them, enough.I have other things that make me feel good: my boys, cinema and music “.

    And, when I look at the pictures of her and AB on either her or AB’s Instagram, I’ve always been a bit bothered. And, it hit me more so tonight after looking at more pictures and articles of her where she’s with an ex-partner of some kind. Now, I realize maybe it’s just my perception here, because it’s a short moment in time captured on film – and even though she may be cozied up next to AB more so in some pictures of the two of them than others, she still has this air of indifference coming through to me. As if she’s half in the picture and another half isn’t – kind of disjointed in some manner, like she’s not 100% engaged like AB. I mean in some, one could maybe think or say she’s acting or posing more for the lovey/dovey shot and it’s for the camera, but when you start to compare – Hugo being the most recent, and then past relatiionship shots that I’ve seen with partners, there are some where she does seem to be more engaged and real as far as real can go with her that comes across to me than I’ve seen with her and AB. Similar to the intimacy that comes through in the shot of her and Hugo Clement – ie: the pic with Hugo’s back to us, and her with her arms wrapped around his neck. That was a candid shot captured by the paparazzi, not one she sat down and posed for, which to me makes me question and think she was much less invested in this so called “open relationship” with AB that RM came out with after the fact – and what seems to be after the relationship was somehow done and over IMO – although not stated and confirmed anywhere by anyone.

    Like she was almost making sure that the usual relationship/boyfriend/girlfriend pictures were immortalized and posted to “social media” more for exposure and for appearances, and perhaps as much for AB to feel he was indeed special to her (for the moment). Not once did she say on social media that she was in love – nothing mushy – one post about something golden, but yet after had the nerve to call AB her love, when he was perhaps more closer to being like the flavour of the month for her.

    Maybe I’m overanalyzing things too much here, but those pictures on social media seem more for pretense and display on her part than anything else. Even the picture she posted of him now being gone for two weeks, which I believe to have been taken in Italy on one of his visits to her there based on something else I had read somewhere. AB looks genuinely happy – it shows. There’s something genuine there on his part. Her part? Not so much that “i see”. She’s the one taking the selfie of them, of course, and yet again, it strikes me that it’s more for the “picture album” than anything more. She could have as easily been taking a picture with her uncle or grandfather or a relative – there’s no warmth of love and relationship happiness when I look just at her in the pic. Look at her smile with closed lips and no teeth. It’s just for the camera – look here we are together for some R&R on a beautiful sunny day, just enjoying life – a little bit of fishing – out in a boat on the water Snap – there we go. I’ve seen more “couple personality” from other people’s pictures.

    And, when you read what she’s been quoted as saying above, I really wonder what she said to AB on the phone calls those last few days between them, if not also conveyed through their text message exchange as has been already mentioned. I somehow can’t help but think she was very cruel and heartless with her words too.

    AA helped extinguish what was a bright light (AB) down to a unsteady flicker which ultimately dwindled, and then went out.

  226. Mira says:

    Also, what no one has really paid much attention to, a few days before he killed himself, she posted a photo of herself and another documentary maker/ex male model somewhere in Africa filming a documentary, holding hands, looking at each other unmistakably romantically. If I was AB and saw that photo, my heart would be crushed. Of course, she removed it, but it is still easily found if you search AA and Raz Degan.

    This shoot would have occurred at the same time he was miserable in Cajun country, just after the infamous Hong Kong shoot late January, early February, and both RD and AA posted it at the time when the documentary was probably about to be screened.

    Callous, cold, hideous behaviour. He was utterly foolish to trust her, and she ripped his heart out. I have no doubt in my mind that he was sitting in his hotel room, checking out her posts and punched in the gut. A guy as impulsive as he was, in that tunnel vision state of mind, with his world collapsing, after spending months digging himself into a hole by supporting these hideous manipulators, I am not surprised anymore at his fatal choice.

    And he would have sensed it coming for months, he would have suspicions that niggled, but he was too keen to deny. Reading in retrospect all his tweets, him upping the ante in ‘protecting her honour’ against all the ‘enemies’…the humiliation, even for a worldly anticipated male like him, that would be too much to bear, at least in that brief fatal moment, when he reached for the bathrobe belt.

  227. Adele Prass says:

    So I was watching Bill Maher, tonight, and as he was bemoaning (with good reason) the state of the country, he said something like, “But white people just keep talking about the death of Anthony Bourdain.” The audience was not overly amused, and I recalled that several years ago, when Tony was on Maher’s show plugging maybe Medium Raw, I thought Bill was less than cordial to him.

  228. Mira says:

    I just watched the Armenian episode of Parts Unknown. He was in his gentle, attentive, kind mode, modest and humble, gracious guest at the family’s table, listening to their stories of hardship. It just made me so sad, that those kind eyes have chosen to shut forever.
    I feel like he was everyone’s favourite uncle, or brother, coming over for a visit.
    I hope he knew how much he was loved by so many.

  229. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I totally hear you. And you’re right, the story will go cold before the summer is over, surely. I think things will come to a head sooner rather than later, especially since we’ve got two fiery Italian temperaments involved.

    Although I loved Bourdain’s books and TV work and was in awe of how well-read he was in good literature, I always thought his taste in music and film was for shit. I’ve already said I have NO ear for modern music, and anyone who ever listened to my iPod for five minutes would probably puke. And Tony did admire a lot of great movies, but he also wallowed in a lot of obscure stuff. Seriously, anybody who could watch Asia in anything and call it art is deluded as far as I’m concerned.

  230. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Dallas Noon! This recollection that Tony was fantasizing about Argento as far back as 2006 is very disturbing.

  231. catsworking says:

    Izzy, I read somewhere this week that Asia had an affair with a woman. Can’t remember the details, but it had to do with a movie. The woman had something to do with it that Asia wanted.

    Someone also posted a great comment on the selfie that Tony took with Asia where they’re both staring into the lens and she looks stoned. The light is all on her, and he’s behind her right shoulder in semi-darkness. In almost all of their photos, he’s behind her.

    They used to make a big deal out of body language in photos of Charles and Diana. Same thing here. Asia’s always front and center, looking like she doesn’t particularly care about the man behind her, supporting her. It’s all about her. Always.

  232. catsworking says:

    Mira, thank you. I hadn’t seen that photo of AA with Raz Degan, but here’s a link to a montage that includes it:

    The more we learn about AA, the more senseless Tony’s death becomes. That he wasted the last few years of his life trying to convince the world that trailer trash is a work of art is tragic.

  233. catsworking says:

    Adele, I hadn’t been this comment this morning before I wrote my newest post about Bill Maher. It’s up now. I was appalled.

  234. catsworking says:

    Mira, the Mike du Jour comic strip has been running a series about on the characters being upset by Tony’s death. I think the strip that ran this morning finished the series. Here’s the link:

  235. ABisWithUs says:

    Can you provide a link to the Miami No Reservations link where AB mentions AA? I couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you.

  236. Mira says:

    gee, I hope I don’t start quoting Oprah…super cute strip, thank you:)

  237. izzy1957 says:

    Yes, Mira you are right! And Karen, thank you for posting a link that includes the picture.

    Reports say AA and Raz Degan posted that pic the same day – June 4th – taken in early February though RD’s account shows June 5. What is also of significance is that AB’s very last instagram post was posted on June 4th as well! My God, one has to think just what kind of torment this must have caused him, and as mentioned before would also correlate with the dark mood that reports say Ripert told AB’s mom about AB’s last few days.

    And, the whole world knows following this, THEN the pictures of her and Hugo Clement started to come out. Most people might see all this as being the smoking gun.

    “If” this was supposed to be or show there was an open relationship of some kind between them, when everyone especially AA knew how enamoured AB was with her, and without any real care of thought to another person, how that could affect anyone let alone AB – and so very publicly here – someone that was her – champion – advocate – defender – protector – and to only further post after his death about always being kind, I’m only left to think just how very, very cold the blood is that runs through her veins.

    Food for thought:

    I came upon this: “How can you cause so much pain (and not even care) to another human being if you are not full of pain yourself?”

  238. Mira says:

    Thanks Izzy for pin pointing the dates, and thanks Karen for posting the link to the photo, it has been bugging me since I saw it, and how no one is giving it any weight. And I feel it was the deadliest of blows.

  239. feijicha says:

    Asia pretends to be an ‘auteur’ but is nothing more than a dilettante. She dabbles. She flits from thing to thing. The only thing she is committed to is herself. Every photo is a narcissistic selfie. She’s got the maturity of a 13 year old girl. She is a Paris Hilton– all self-promotion and no substance. She’ll be all into something one minute and then the next “I’ve moved on; I’m bored; it’s all crap”. She’s like those Eurotrash chicks who just travel around the world from one vapid scene to the next, glomming on to others who actually do things with meaning, using them for money or collateral fame or a fling and then on to the next. She’s totally utilitarian in her relationships. I bet Tony was miserable after HK initially because he was missing her and wanting to find a way to arrange his work etc to spend more time with her. Then she made it publicly very clear she’d moved on and wasn’t missing him at all.

  240. catsworking says:

    ABisWithUs, it comes from a very old episode of No Reservations. Season 2, I think someone said. I doubt it would be available online.

  241. izzy1957 says:

    ABisWithUs says: Found the episode by digging through Reddit for deets.

    Daily Motion – Fast Forward to around the 17:30 mark – AB’s in a shop, and from there goes to the fellow’s house to do a ritual where he makes a wish, and in the voice over mentions both Rosario Dawson and AA by name!!

    My good God!

  242. catsworking says:

    Wow, ABisWithUs and izzy! The internet is an amazing thing. That’s wonderful. I have it on DVD, but it’s easier to check it out online myself. Thank you!

  243. Lynn says:

    “The more we learn about AA, the more senseless Tony’s death becomes. That he wasted the last few years of his life trying to convince the world that trailer trash is a work of art is tragic.”

    Amen. A quick google search and anyone could see that AA is not capable of monogamy or truly caring about a man, at least not for more than millisecond till she’s on to her next victim. So unless he was so arrogant he thought HE would be the man to finally tame her, I don’t get it.

    Have fun with her, use her for sex, whatever, but to fall so deeply in love?? And Izzy you’re right. She never said anything remotely as gushy about him as he did about her while he was alive. Then suddenly he was her “rock.” Bitch, please.

  244. ABisWithUs says:

    Thanks Izzy. Thanks Karen. This is crazy. Anthony mentioned AA in 2006. What’s wrong with Tony??!!! I feel so bad.

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