Some News from the Post-Bourdain World

By Karen

It’s now been two weeks since Anthony Bourdain’s June 8 suicide in Kaysersberg, France. He was found hanging in his hotel bathroom by the belt from his robe, and reports now say that he was discovered by the hotel receptionist, not friend Eric Ripert.

The French authorities who investigated found no suspicious circumstances around his death, so the only testing they apparently did was to collect blood and urine samples for a toxicology report, whose results were announced yesterday.

Reuters quoted prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny as concluding…

“No trace of narcotics, no trace of any toxic products, no trace of medicines, no trace of alcohol.”

REUTERS UPDATE JUNE 22: Reuters revised their story to say that a trace of alcohol WAS found, according to the prosecutor, who apparently doesn’t speak fluent English or doesn’t know how to read a tox report…

“‘No trace of narcotics. No trace of any toxic products. Trace of medicines in therapeutic dose. Trace of alcohol,’ he said, listing the findings of the investigation.”

This is what the prosecutor told the New York Times News Service, neglecting to mention the alcohol…

“There were none, save for the trace of a nonnarcotic medicine in a therapeutic dose, Christian de Rocquigny, the local prosecutor in charge of the investigation, said in a text message to The New York Times.”

I remember Tony once saying that he took a statin for his cholesterol. Perhaps that’s what the trace of therapeutic medicine was.

What we now know from this is that Tony’s thought process was not impaired by any substance when he decided to end his life. Exactly what his thoughts were, we’ll never know.

Tony’s brother Chris received on June 15 Tony’s ashes and all of the belongings he had with him in France — this presumably included his electronic devices.

If one of Tony’s last acts wasn’t to erase the history on his devices, Chris may hold the key to whomever Tony last communicated with and whatever writing he may have left behind.

In the New York Times story, Tony’s mother Gladys said she was no fan of Tony’s tattoos, but she plans to have his tattoo artist put her son’s name on her wrist as a personal memorial.

Asia Argento’s behavior on social media has swung between melancholy and defiance. Page Six provided a run-down. She’s working as a judge on X Factor for Sky Italia, filming in Turin.

With input from the family, Chris is arranging a small private service for Tony. No public memorial is planned, but I’ve seen these stories of memorials popping up around the country.

Food & Wine reported…

“New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty of Camden proposed an official Anthony Bourdain Food Trail, which would be established by the Division of Travel and Tourism. In a decision that would seemingly make such a trail authentic to Bourdain’s own wishes, the proposed route would encompass the ten spots he visited during his “New Jersey” episode of Parts Unknown that aired as part of Season 5 of the series back on May 31, 2015.”

Brother Chris accompanied Tony for that episode.

Artists are busy creating murals, such as…

Marcus Zotter in Naples, Florida.

Nathan Lyle and Brandon Barnhart in Pensacola, Florida.

Jonas Never in Santa Monica, California.

Posthumously, Bourdain has been nominated for a TV Critics Award for Outstanding Achievement in News and Information. The awards ceremony is August 4, and here’s who Tony is competing against. He’s swinging against some heavy hitters…

  • “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” – CNN
  • “60 Minutes” – CBS
  • “Blue Planet 2” – BBC America
  • “The Rachel Maddow Show” – MSNBC
  • “The Vietnam War” – PBS
  • “Wild Wild Country” – Netflix

Eater has a preview of the Season 11 Parts Unknown finale in Bhutan. Warning: The opening of the clip is disturbing. And filmmaker Darren Aronofsky wrote about traveling with Tony to Madagascar several years ago, and also tagging along for this shoot in Bhutan.

PS: Tony’s birthday is Monday, June 25. He would have been 62 years old.

79 Responses to Some News from the Post-Bourdain World

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    As an aside, today I saw a comment to an online story where the person called Asia a “succubus”! Quite apt.

  2. Adele Prass says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Karen. I saw a YouTube clip of characters from the original Addams family dancing to a Ramones’ tune the other day. It was pretty funny, and my first thought was that Tony would love it, then it hit me in the gut to realize he’s not around. Aside from that Christmas meal on No Res, I think the first time I saw Anthony with his brother, Chris was on a No Res episode,where they went to, I think, Uruguay to try to trace their Bourdain great great(?) grandfather, who had emigrated there from France. As I recall, it was fun seeing them together, and the show was highly meat-centric.

  3. Bamboo.skewer says:

    Wow, Rose McGowan is not a stranger to people being driven to suicide. Here’s another family recently trying to get their truth out:

    I am sorry AB ever got mixed up with Asia AND Rose. The two of them together must be a twisted formidable force.

  4. Liz says:

    What is disturbing about the clip?

  5. RIP Mr Bourdain says:

    Unconfirmed reports that he was on Chantix, which could have been the non-narcotic in the toxicology report, are very interesting and worth looking into —- many people who take the drug to help with smoking cessation and suffer symptoms like suicidal ideation. Why this isn’t being covered and instead blaming a possible toxic relationship baffles me – suicide is a pathological response to even the most toxic of relationships. A drug changing the neurochemistry in your brain is more powerful than any person.

  6. Daisy says:

    Karen, Thank you for posting an update. I was watching Tony and Eric in Peru and just feeling so sad that he is gone. Thanks for providing a place for us to come and post our thoughts, vent and grieve. I hope wherever he is now he is at peace.

  7. Donna Pavone says:

    This still isn’t real to me.

    (Donna, I took the liberty of editing in what I think you meant. I agree. Every morning when I wake up, my first thought is to remind myself that he’s gone. It sure beats waking up reminding myself that Trump is still in the White House, but what a terrible trade-off. K)

  8. sheilawinona says:

    Its still not sinking to me that he is gone.. it’s hard to move on.. i felt like you lost a family member even though i haven;t me him before 😦
    This is really sad.

  9. jwg22 says:

    Please just allow me to say… I actually have found a few sources which cite there WAS a trace of alcohol… “No trace of narcotics. No trace of any toxic products. Trace of medicines in therapeutic dose. Trace of alcohol.” There is a full stop in front of “trace of alcohol” and the word “no” is absent. Could you please look into this?

  10. Mary Hunter says:

    Thank you Karen for keeping us all in the loop. I loved that show in Uruguay with his brother. They seemed to have a good time together, even though you could see they were really different from one another. Well, that’s how siblings are. As Donna says, this is still real to me. But it is good we are talking about him still. That’s touching about his mom getting a tattoo in honor of him. Saw the Rome episode last night. Asia did not strike me as anything special. The whole family around the dinner table scene seemed fakey, but maybe that’s because of what I know now. I can’t help thinking what Eric Ripert is going through. Again, thanks for all of your, and everybody’s tireless efforts to keep us up to date, with a forum to share and grieve.

  11. Lenora says:

    Damn it Tony the Red Hen in Lexington VA needs you right now!

  12. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Since I have all of the “No Reservations” & “Parts Unknown” episodes recorded on dvr (except for a few that didn’t really pique my interest food-wise), think I’ll run them all day tomorrow while I’m puttering around as a little birthday tribute. Will be sad, but enjoyable as well.

  13. catsworking says:

    Welcome, RIP Mr Bourdain. I did read somewhere years ago that he was using Chantix to help him stop smoking, but this would have been when his now-11-year-old daughter was born and he earnestly tried to quit — and mostly succeeded for years. But at least since running with AA, he had started smoking again, so it seems doubtful that he’d have still been using Chantix.

  14. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Well, I’d say that even if he did have a “trace of alcohol” in his system, that’s a far cry from being intoxicated to the point of inducing or encouraging suicide.

  15. catsworking says:

    Welcome, jwg. Thank you for those links. I’ve just updated the most recent post to show the Reuters revision saying that some alcohol WAS found in his system. That makes sense to me, since he was in France and having wine with his meals.

    The Newser story just repeats what they found in the New York Times article, which I’ve also quoted.

    Unfortunately, there’s no way for anyone to look into it unless the French release the actual report so people can read it for themselves. This French prosecutor who keeps getting quoted can’t either keep his story straight or he’s being translated into English sloppily.

  16. catsworking says:

    Mary, I started chronicling Bourdain’s personal and professional life at least 11 years ago, and I’m just trying to keep it complete now so people can learn about him from start to finish.

  17. catsworking says:

    Lenora, I’m a Yankee, but sometimes Virginia does something to make me proud to live here. We give 12 paws up to the Red Hen in Lexington for giving the lying Sarah Huckabee Sanders the boot.

    Republicans who think Dems and are discriminating unfairly against them seem to have already forgotten the cake-maker who refuses to serve gay couples, the Muslim ban, the transgender ban in the military, and all other the ways THEIR beloved leadership has been striking out at whomever they can hurt.

  18. catsworking says:

    Bamboo, I don’t know why all your comments seem to be getting caught up in the approval delay. Apologies, but I don’t know how to fix it. Thanks for your link to the story about Jill Messick. I remember when she died by suicide.

    Of course, nobody can really foresee these things happening because we’re not mind-readers, but AA and RMG do seem to have utter disregard for who gets trampled in their crusades, and a total lack of remorse in the aftermath.

  19. Daisy says:

    I just find it so odd that the US news media refuses to report anything negative about AA. Nothing about her being with another man and the photos etc. The NY times article states, AB was supportive of the metoo movement with Ms. Argento often by his side. Like she is this upstanding grieving girlfriend. Nothing about her being photographed by Hugo’s side that week, and all the insensitive comments on her social media after his death etc. Is everyone that scared of her? I just don’t get the media secrecy and silence surrounding her despicable actions leading up to and the week of his death.

  20. Bonnie C. says:

    I would think that – photographs aside – the NYT is a reputable newspaper, & they most likely aren’t willing to print anything that isn’t concrete truth. Let’s face it, a lot of our musings are just that – musings. Reputable media sources like to deal with proven fact, thus avoiding libel.

  21. Randi says:

    Daisy, I too wonder why the media don’t report on AA’s despicable behaviour, but it could be to protect his family, or they may be afraid of ending up in court. It could also be that they are working on a huge story right now and want to include everything they can dig up.

  22. Dianna says:

    Just watched the San Francisco Parts Unknown episode that featured Tony practicing Jujitsu. At 59 he was in great physical shape it seemed, going against younger opponents. Just the warmup alone was tough yikes.

  23. Alcohol is a depressant. So if you suffer from clinical depression, even a small amount of alcohol is going to compound brain dysfunction (on all levels – thoughts, emotions, behaviors). As a clinical psychologist, I know that a depressed individual should never be drinking alcohol, not even wine at dinner. Tony may not have started using narcotics again, but the drinking, unfortunately, was definitely present in his life (in excess when it came to his job).

  24. Daisy says:

    Hey Randi, Yes, It could be too protect his family but the Media is so headline/profit driven and not usually motivated by altruism. A lawsuit is possible but the photos don’t lie and you don’t see those anywhere here in the US news. I can understand CNN not reporting it but all the other news media it just doesn’t add up.

    It just occurred to me that it could be her involvement in the Metoo movement. Maybe that is why they are afraid to speak out against her.

  25. izzy1957 says:

    This is the only article (an opinion piece) I have seen in recent days mentiong RG coming out in her letter about laying blame at AA’s feet. Not exactly mainstream.

    “To blame a person for their death is just wrong, because she didn’t know he was going to take his life. We also don’t know what triggered him or what made him decide to end his life.”

  26. ABisWithUs says:

    I understand that the main news outlets are cautious about what news/details they provide. However, in the case of Anthony Bourdain, there is a lot of pieces to the puzzle on this platform, thanks to Karen, as well as other platforms, such as JFT Instagram, etc.

    What we don’t know is if some of the main news media have gone directly to Eric Ripert, ZPZ Productions, etc. and asked those individuals and insiders of what went down. It is also possible, that nobody is talking and keeping mum. We just don’t know. OR, at least I don’t know.

    In any event, I would love nothing more than justice. We need the world to know the truth. Anthony Bourdain was better than this. Anthony Bourdain was hooked in and fell into a trap. Yes, it takes two to tango. However, Bourdain was too good of an individual to get out of that situation. Perhaps, if his support group (Eric Ripert, ZPZ, etc.) around him in France could have just got him through those few days, he may have turned it around and had a second burst.

    I still can’t believe it. I love Anthony Bourdain.

  27. catsworking says:

    Yes, Bonnie, I agree with you. Right now, nobody close to Bourdain is on the record saying anything about Argento’s possible involvement in his final decision. As time goes on and the story becomes one more of remembering his life rather than reporting the hard facts of his death, other angles will probably be explored IF reputable news outlets can interview and quote people who would have something to reveal.

    He may never do it just to spare the family the sordid details, but Eric Ripert is the first person who comes to my mind as someone who could help set the record straight on Tony’s state of mind that week and what happened (the alleged disruptive phone calls, etc.) because he was there and saw things firsthand.

  28. catsworking says:

    Opus, I think you are right on all counts. Losing the dream of Bourdain Market, the drinking, the crazy girlfriend, Trump and his negative impact on Americans’ respect in the world (which Bourdain probably encountered everywhere and felt he had to dispel), possible guilt about not being around enough for this daughter, I could go on and on. They all swirled into a perfect storm. In that clip of him talking on David Choe’s IG account, he mentioned his mini melt-down where “nothing” was right, it was the apocalypse. But he apparently didn’t do enough to help himself out of it and the depression continued to hang over him. Hence, purchasing the sad painting and the “dark mood” Ripert reported.

  29. bamboo.skewer says:

    I disagree, RIP Mr Bourdain — even if AB was taking a drug that is correlated with suicide ideation (there is no proof yet that he was?), it doesn’t mean what happened is an “either/or” thing. For example, EITHER a drug OR psychological torment from a girlfriend.

    It’s possible for it to be a drug AND relationship issues. In fact, a drug that affects your decision-making, well, wouldn’t that drug serve as a playground slide to slide a person right down into an abyss? The relationship issues push a person down that slide? But if you weren’t taking the drug, you could stay standing on your own two feet against everything going on?

    I think people have a tendency to reduce things down to EITHER/OR, one simple cause. Very little in life actually happens like that. It’s often a combination of factors. Reason X AND Reason Y AND Reason Z, sometimes even more.

  30. catsworking says:

    izzy, thanks for the link. The writer of that op-ed is certainly giving AA every benefit of the doubt. We have no idea what AA said to Tony between the time he saw the photos of her with Hugo and when he died. If she had any major concern about his mental well-being, she could have hopped a plane from Rome and been by his side to comfort and calm him down within a few hours. If she wanted to. Just sayin’.

    Two points that keep popping up from RMG’s “defense” of AA almost make me laugh. They are:

    1. The relationship was “open” and knew no “boundaries.” Not only did we NEVER see any photos of Bourdain chumming up to another woman during their time together, but he had to make his split with Ottavia seem more decisive than it really was to assuage AA’s insecurities.

    One of his last little digs at Ottavia came in a recent interview where he enthused about how AA was all about the work. If a job came up for either of them, it was okay to do it, no questions asked. There was no, “But you promised we were going to the beach.” Why that example? I wondered at the time if he felt conflicted over spending every August with Ottavia and Ariane in the Hamptons. Was AA giving him a hard time about that?

    2. That AA got “help” for her own dark side. From what we’ve seen of her these past 2 weeks, does she look like someone with a balanced and positive outlook, thanks to much soul-searching therapy? Hardly.

    If the photos of Asia and Hugo show up in any American media outlet, it will be the National Enquirer. This is their kind of story, not any of our major newspapers or TV news outlets. I watch MSNBC, and never heard even an acknowledgement of Bourdain’s passing. Ditto with Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher, who all knew him. Zip. CNN couldn’t avoid it because they lost their biggest star, but they focused on his work and steered clear of the personal. Rightly so, IMO.

  31. Daisy says:

    Thanks Izzy. Definately not mainstream publication and it’s very supportive of AA.

    This quote “While they were in a relationship, the terms of it is a private matter. TMZ reported that Asia had been photographed with a French reporter holding hands and hugging during Bourdain’s time in France filming for his series. The public doesn’t know if they had an open or closed relationship, however, and there’s indication of the former.”

    Where is the indication they were in an open relationship. Maybe in AAs mind they were but looking at all of ABs posts on social media that doesn’t ring true at all.

    There is much more in that article that seems to put the blame soley on Anthony for not seeking help etc. This was my fear that the Narcissist would put so much spin on this as to come out smelling like a rose because noone is printing the whole story of what really happened before and after his death.

    I am not saying she is soley responsible for his suicide, ultimately AB made the decision to end his life. And while It’s true that he did suffer depression for many years prior to AA I do believe what transpired that week was a significant contributing factor in his decision to do it at that time. His work crew and those close to him know this but seems they are relegated to posting things on instagram under pseudo names to get the truth out. Seems to me AA definately has some kind of power over the media.

  32. bamboo.skewer says:

    Karen, I came here also to say, wow Stephen Miller in Trump’s administration — he’s like the political embodiment of what we’re talking about here. I’ll just stop at that!

    I’ve given more thought to the outrage against Asia and why it isn’t being covered in U.S. media. She is barely known here. And actually, let’s keep it that way!!! I remember when the Weinstein story first broke. I remember Rose McGowan because she’s more known here. I now know I saw Asia’s name, but it never stuck, I totally forgot about her, because she has very little reputation here outside of her industry and people who watch movies she was in. They were not blockbusters. She was just “some actress” from Europe. There are singers, actresses, writers all over the world who are famous in their home countries but unknown in the U.S. So U.S. media don’t talk about them.

    I would think any outreach might be most valuable through industry publications. So executives, agents, producers, directors, publishers, editors can decide whether to work with her or not based on what they learn about her. I have NO DOUBT that Harvey Weinstein hurt people’s careers. NO DOUBT. But aren’t there other studios where actresses could get work? You don’t want to blame the victim, no, but as we’ve now seen, some of these women take actions that adversely affect colleagues and people they’re in relationships with. Who wouldn’t want to keep away from that risk? If someone is seen to be enough of a destructive risk, with a long-standing historical pattern of behavior, maybe they don’t get hired because of it.

    Also, those of us who are angry about what happened might want the story out, but right now what’s available to the public is all circumstantial evidence. It can all be explained away. I believe Asia cheated but I have yet to see a clear photo of a French kiss liplock and hands groping asses, you know, CLEARLY outside the friend zone and no one can deny. If the paparazzi saw that, I sure wish they’d say it. Do their cameras not take videos? That could convey so much more than still photos. When you’re up against expert manipulators, it’s hard to win. You might not win in the court of public opinion. And in a twisted way, couldn’t it sully AB’s reputation if so many people cannot understand why a man like him would get involved with a woman like her? We can understand but a lot of people won’t.

    Surely there’s evidence that’s being kept close to the chest. I would think before sharing more publicly, there has to be more concrete evidence so people will not believe pushback.

    (Maybe my comments go in moderation because I have a WordPress account but I’m using my anonymous moniker here.)

  33. izzy1957 says:


    Check out Allison Robicelli’s Twitter account starting with her first tweet on June 8th: “Tony and I were just talking a few days ago and I didn’t see this coming at all and I’m going to be off social media today because I cannot deal with this.”

    More tweets from her following in order from June 8th:

    “Tony and I never really talked before that. I didnt like him much because at one of my first jobs I was mercilessly bullied by Kitchen Confidential disciples. Refused to watch his shoe, buy or read his books. He was as good as those line cooks who made me feel worthless.”

    “But then he reached out to me because his girlfriend had been raped, and he was coming around to the whole truth of what women suffer. And we talked about rape. We talked about my rape, and I’d do so in a very emotionally detached way, bc it was helping someone.”

    “He loved her so much. He wanted to do everything to hold her up through all of this. We talked about what it’s like being raped, how it changes you as a person, how you want to destroy yourself, how you survive. And again, I was removed from my trauma.”

    “I hadn’t talked about my rape for FIFTEEN YEARS, but now I could use it to help someone. All those details we’d talk about weren’t things that HAPPENED to me, but part of a story. “Teachable moments”.

    “We never talked about food. Not once. Nothing even about the industry. We’d talk sometimes about our kids, and mostly about what it feels like to be raped. What it’s like to live your life past that, knowing part of you is destroyed, trying to fix it and survive.”

    “To this day, Tony is the only person I have ever really opened up to about being raped, because he allowed me to be a bit removed from the story. He was so in awe of Asia. He really fucking got it, guys. He really understood the damage that women are used to living with.”

    “So that’s it. Tony was my rape buddy. He knew some of the worst parts of me, and I didn’t have to actually feel them again because it was all for him and Asia. And now I’m broken into a million pieces and on Twitter, bc in real life I’ll be “totally fine”

    “I don’t know why I’m like this. He understood that feeling, too. We talked about that. The need to hold your shit together so you don’t break, but letting it out in some way that you have precise control over, like carefully venting steam so you don’t blow.”

    “Literally “creating a narrative”. Living the life we can put on paper, we can use to make some sort of change. Turning bad things into good because this way you never have to face them or live with the hurt.”

    “I literally don’t know what to do right now. I’ve gotten a lot of “if you need to talk” texts but I’m completely unable to do that, and I have this detachment on Twitter that makes me forget there are literally thousands of people reading this. It’s a buffer.”

    “I’m pulled over on the side of the road, underneath a big shade tree, crying my fucking guts out.

    There is no moral or ending to this story. My friend is dead. He opened something up in me and changed who I am, and now he’s gone and it’s on the news.”

    “That’s all.

    “Thanks for being there, anonymous people of Twitter. Including my therapist who uses this account to find out what’s actually wrong with me. I’m sorry I’m a dysfunctional mess.”

    “Please don’t call/DM/FB me for quotes. I get that you have jobs and this is a story you need to cover, but anyone you think could give you a quote is hurting really badly right now. There’s more than enough stuff on Twitter today. I’m turning off my phone. Take care everyone.”

    Her response to Lil’ Poundcake 1’s tweet (below her response):

    “A- my friend is dead. Not “a man”. My friend.

    B- you just made this all about your and your “hot take” on my feelings.

    C- people like you are EXACTLY why more people don’t speak up about their mental health.”

    Lil’ Poundcake1: “She needs to get her shit together.
    Today is not about you. It’s always disheartening to hear about a death and then see the 40 + people who make it about themselves.
    STOP. @robicellis”

    Quite the further outpouring from others to Lil’ Poundcake 1’s tweet to Allison – see the thread for yourself.

    She continues (still on the 8th): “Sometimes Twitter is the best, and sometimes you’re reminded that it’s an ocean of raging cunts.”

    A couple more that day including re-tweets. She continues – read up and all of June 11th, where she explains her own bi-polar depression and how it is for someone like her, who has been suicidal, and provided her own list of what people can do for others who are depressed – quite the list. Plus, how she was responding to some direct messages, which made her see her last DM exchange with Tony.

    A little more insight?

  34. catsworking says:

    Daisy, I don’t think it’s that AA has power over the media, particularly in the U.S. If not for Bourdain, who knows of her? She appeared in a few American movies I’d never heard of. She’s definitely carved out a tiny niche for herself, IMO.

    The Italian media has had her number for a long time. Remember how they went for her jugular after her so-called “rape” by Weinstein came out? They said, you can’t have it both ways. You dated him.

    In a snit over being so misunderstood, she took off to Berlin for a while. God knows what she did with her kids.

    I think our media may be staying away from the AA angle of this story because it diminishes Bourdain’s stature. He’d become the poster boy for straight-shooting and fearlessness. To reveal that a tawdry D-lister like AA could bring him down would be awful. With so many horrific things happening in this country right now, we just don’t need her garbage.

    AA is not going to come away from this unscathed. Once her season on X Factor ends, let’s see where she goes next. I’m thinking lucrative, high-profile offers will not be rolling in (they never were). Between Weinstein and Bourdain, she’s rendered herself toxic to any reputable production company. Plus she’s in her 40s (the black hole for many actresses) yet still behaving like a rebellious teenager. Who needs that?

    Karma’s going to come around for AA, probably sooner than later.

  35. catsworking says:

    Bamboo, I must have been typing my reply to Daisy as you were typing this latest (which did go into approval, which is why I didn’t see it right away). We’re basically on the same train of thought about what AA isn’t getting more attention. As you said, let’s keep it that way. Don’t give her a toehold into U.S. entertainment. Don’t let her sully his reputation any more. She’s lethal, and not even very talented. Sure, she French-kisses dogs, but I haven’t noticed much of a market for that here.

    Speaking of French, the authorities there seemed very laissez-faire about the whole matter. If Tony had died here, I think we’d have had more information, like probable time of death, maybe an autopsy.

    The French haven’t even managed to give straight-forward answers about the tox report. Maybe it’s a language barrier. I have no idea.

  36. catsworking says:

    izzy, wow. Just wow. Thank you so much for reproducing all those tweets. Just goes to show that there must be countless lives he quietly touched in positive ways, and all those people are feeling the loss of him so profoundly now.

    Also, how guilty he must have felt that his book KC contributed so much to what he called the “meathead” culture, and how he tried to make up for it by crusading so vigorously for the #Metoo movement, even though the vehicle he chose (AA) was a pretty weak link. He wanted so badly to believe in her.

    It makes me think that as his marriage to Ottavia was falling apart (which it must have been doing when his loneliness was a central theme of the Naxos, Greece, episode filmed in summer 2015), he went into an even deeper tailspin because he’d now failed with TWO women he adored — Ottavia and Nancy. And Ariane. When AA came along, he was desperate for connection and glommed onto her, maybe never realizing she didn’t return his feelings until he saw those photos of her and Hugo.

  37. Daisy says:

    Cats, I agree and everything you wrote makes perfect sense. I am reacting out of emotion today after watching a marathon of his shows last night. I am angry that she gets to waltz off and do the Xfactor and make these flippant posts after his death that she is doing “just fine” and then plays the grieving girlfriend when it suits her. Especially after we what we know now and how she played him. It just seems so unfair. I know close friends are keeping quiet to protect his family and I understand that but what happens when she does the tell all book, film or something to make money off his death. I cringe at the thought.

  38. izzy1957 says:

    Six pictures from photographer, Trey Ratcliff of the Grand Cayman cookout with January 2017 starting with the first one, here:

    New Instagram Photo

  39. feijicha says:

    Jesus do we think maybe there was some guilt his mind that he had inadvertently contributed to the misogynistic culture in kitchens and perpetuated the kind of aggression and even violence toward women that he believed AA had suffered with Weinstein? He did make a public statement about regretting his ignorance, and how he deeply questioned why no women he’d worked with ever had felt they could turn to him for help or support all the years he worked in restaurant kitchens. Perhaps that was in the toxic mix in his mind that night.

  40. feijicha says:

    deeply questioned his own behavior regarding why no women had turned to him I meant to say.

  41. Morganlf says:

    Bruce Cameron Elliot, friend to Tony. His blog geriatricgenious was one Tony followed. They filmed together.

    He did a painting of Argento slicing open Weinstein’s neck as McGowan looks on. She features it in her IG photos.

    From his blog June 22:

    “Asia Argento has emerged as a woman of sloth and self-indulgence. She appears to have virtually no credible defenders. In the only recent photo I’ve seen of her, she looked sullen and unreconciled. If she thinks that her actions preceding Anthony’s suicide will soon pass from our memory, she is very much mistaken.”

    June 11:
    “I can just see Anthony scrolling the photos of Argento and Clement on his computer with the sad remembrance of former and more happy times. I grudgingly have to admit I’m impressed by Argento’s bold and daring assumption of importance, which has been derived by not much more than a series of petty enterprises. It must have thrilled her to exercise a temporary despotism over a famous, beloved figure like Anthony.”

    June 12:
    “ It’s finally sinking in that there will be no more of these conversations. This makes me angry. Hopefully, I will not be called upon to be the avenger of his blood, however, if no one else steps forward and exposes Asia Argento for her malicious cruelty, I will do the best I can to make the bitch’s life as miserable as I possibly can. That’s a promise Anthony.”

    Her opportunistic, unethical appropriation of #metoo has rendered her untouchable by the press, for now. She is known to be litigious.

  42. Daisy says:

    Morgan, Thank you for posting these comments from Bruce’s blog and reaffirming it’s her involvement in the metoo movement behind all this strange silence from the media.

  43. Morganlf says:

    Oh and Allison Robicelli is a douche. Of course she has a therapist that follows her twitter feed, of course she’s bipolar & a dysfunctional mess. Pouncake was right she made it all about her.

    -he reached out to me because his girlfriend had been raped. (For 5 years? Hooey!.)

    -he loved her so much..wanted to hold her up through all of this (All what? Argento used the fake story to put her hooks in Tony, played the poor me card. I’m having none of it. She held up just fine as she was blowing Weinstein for rent & trips now, didn’t she?)

    -he loved her so much…was in awe of her..(YECCH but true)

  44. Daisy says:

    Cats, You wrote,

    ” When AA came along, he was desperate for connection and glommed onto her, maybe never realizing she didn’t return his feelings until he saw those photos of her and Hugo.

    I do agree that he was probably desperate for connection but I also believe she most definitely gave him the signal that she returned his feelings. That is why those photos were such a huge blow and humiliation for him because she said one thing to him and then did another. Now she can put a spin on it and say Oh we weren’t that serious and he misconstrued our relationship into being more than what it was….blah, blah blah. This is all very convenient to save face with the public because those photos are so damning. It’s all about damage control now. If I had to speculate I would say she was probably pressuring him for more commitment not less, as in get a divorce.

    Bamboo, There are photos online I saw of her slow dancing with Hugo and her hands are on his behind and also of their heads turned together kissing on the dance floor. I forget now where I saw them but they are out there. Also, The photographer who took the photos reported they were all over each other in the nightclub.
    It is possible that her and AB broke up that week before she took up with Hugo but I haven’t heard that so who knows.

  45. catsworking says:

    feijicha, yes, absolutely. He felt some responsibility for fostering the misogynistic attitudes and generally abusive environment in kitchens. When he was working in them, he accepted it. But when it was brought home how women suffered under it, he wised up.

  46. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I love Bruce Cameron Elliot more and more every day. He is so good at getting right to the heart of this. Summed up AA’s relative non-importance and delusions of celebrity brilliantly. Tony could have no better avenger than Bruce.

  47. catsworking says:

    I went out to Robicelli’s Twitter feed (who I’ve never heard of, BTW. I was surprised to see her description of herself as a “celebrity chef,” although she did qualify it as “D-list”). I couldn’t find the quoted tweets anywhere. It looked they jumped from April 28 to later in June. But my feeds seem to show up in random order, so maybe I missed them. Or she thought better of so much self-exposure and deleted them.

  48. catsworking says:

    Daisy, I didn’t mean that Asia NEVER cared. I’m sure in the beginning their romance was hot and reciprocal. But she cooled off and let him think things had never changed so she could continue enjoying the perks of being his girlfriend and have him praise her to the high heavens in the press. If anything, he seemed to keep getting in deeper and deeper, although he said near the end he didn’t intend to ever remarry. Maybe that was his last shred of self-preservation talking.

    I have no doubt she would have married him had he been free. For the money and the name. Period. As she proved with Weinstein and Hugo and Vincent Gallo, she’s a user.

  49. Nat says:

    Hi Karen,

    I found your blog through either the_orange_janitor or justicefortony – someone had posted a link on either one of those accounts in the comments section – so here I am, I have lapped up every single comment and post here since Tony’s passing but this is my first time commenting. Thank you for your insight and everyone else’s contributions. Like yourselves I am looking for answers, and truly hope the truth will prevail.

    Like all of you, I am still unable to comprehend the series of unfortunate events that lead to our beloved Tony taking his own life. I have been an avid follower of him for over 15 years – through watching his shows and reading his books for so long, he really felt like a close friend, and his death had such an impact on me like no other celebrity. His voice had become the internal narration to my life, the things I did, the places I went, the food I ate and the experiences I had. In some of my darkest moments I would scream out to the universe, “What would Tony do?” – but I didn’t expect him to do this to himself.

    I never thought much of AA as I didn’t know too much about her, only her father. But as I am active on Instagram and I’ve been following her since they started dating, the alarm bells really started to go off for me when I saw that Sid Vicious “Fuck Everyone” post – then everything else slowly unraveled. I have seen each and every single post and story she put up since he passed, and it shows me exactly the type of person she is. I don’t need to run through it again – you all know what I mean! But to think that she may have pushed him over the edge really breaks my heart.

    I wanted to share with you guys a clip that Joe Rogan put up on the 11/6 called “Joe Rogan remembers Anthony Bourdain”. Tony had been on his podcast a number of times previously – and it seems to me from what Joe said, they were friends. In this clip Joe mentions that Tony told him he’d never been happier, and didn’t know that someone could make him that happy (obviously referring to AA).

    She’s bad news. Really bad news. Looks like this witch cast a spell on him (god knows what kind of witchcraft she’s into, judging from the posts she’s put up recently!)

    I hope the truth comes out soon. Love to you all in this dark time. The world is not the same without our beloved Tony.

  50. izzy1957 says:

    Karen, just double checked Robicelli’s Twitter account. All tweets still there. She has a pinned tweet with thread (from June 11th) – the one with her list of how to reach out to people with mental illness. The copy and pastes of tweets I posted are all from the same day – June 8th – same day as AB’s death, so you have to scroll down a ways to see them.

  51. catsworking says:

    izzy, I scrolled back to April 28 and didn’t see them. As I said, my Twitter seems to display everybody’s tweets in totally random order. I’ll have one from 5M, and the next from 2 days ago. It’s crazy.

    I’m not that interested in this person, so I’ll take your word for it. She was a mess and he reached out to her because he felt guilty.

  52. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Nat, and thanks for that link. It gives another account of someone who knew Tony and saw him drinking and partying and his insistence that he’d never been happier than with AA.

    I had a horrible thought today. I know AA and Tony unfollowed each other on IG, but she posted that “Fuck Everyone” T-shirt selfie 3 hours before his death was announced. What if he peeked at it when he woke up Friday morning (I peek; I don’t follow any of these people but I can look) and knew it was directed at him, and responded with, “Fuck everyone? Let ME show you how to fuck EVERYONE and do it right!”

    This is assuming he died shortly before the receptionist and Eric found him, not sometime after he went to his room on Thursday.

    She may have put him in the addled frame of mind to have that reaction. And when she realized what she had done, she deleted the post.

  53. ABisWithUs says:

    Do we know for sure whether Tony unfollowed AA? Or, did AA block Tony and the re-follow him after his death?

    It’s killing me that we don’t have the answer yet. Well, I don’t have the answer. We may never get the answer.

  54. izzy1957 says:

    I think we’ve seen enough of both versions, and I don’t know that we can believe one over the other, or if we can know for sure what transpired, just that AA apparently was back to following him again on IG.

    I’ve also read that he “unfollowed” Rose McGowan as well, so if that’s true (?), maybe Tony did the unfollowing.

  55. bamboo.skewer says:

    Daisy, I have seen those photos too. They are here:

    They are incriminating. I believe they’re kissing, if not on the lips then their lips are buried on each other’s necks. Her hair is in the way. That’s not what “just friends” do even given cultural differences, I believe, but she has defenders who say male/female friends will treat each other this way. I’d like to know what those people would say if their own significant others were caught doing this!

  56. Daisy says:

    Karen, I misunderstood. Thank you for clarifying.

  57. Lynn says:

    Wow, nobody puts it better than Bruce. I think ‘willing captive’ says it all:

    Anthony must have known what he was getting into when he cast his lot with the Italian slut. He was a willing captive. Incredible as it may appear to those who cared for him, he seemed to enjoy breathing the polluted, nicotine filled air she exhaled. After a long struggle he was smoking again. The two of them strolled around in a cloud of impurities poisonous to not only health, but life. Anthony was certainly no stranger to depravity and drunkenness. He revealed this in his books without modesty or shame. If ever in all her life Argento had found the perfect victim, she found it in Anthony.
    Obviously there was an aching void in Anthony’s heart. (Cliche duly noted.) He was simply unable to reconcile himself to that which is done and cannot be undone. It would appear in hindsight that his entire life was a search for the Destroying Angel Of Hopes And Dreams — and sadly he finally managed to find her.

    ALSO, I haven’t watched the final episode on Bhutan yet, but here’s an excellent article about why it’s “heartbreaking”:

    And this is really good:

    Director Darren Aronofsky, who appears once again in the Bhutan epi, on what it’s like to travel with Tony (Tony would rather go 36 hrs without food than eat airplane meals. Damn.)

    Not surprised at all that Tony liked Aronofky’s film “Mother!” and felt the criticism was overblown. It’s dark and depraved. I enjoyed the mind fuck aspect of it, could have done without the baby eating, but I totally get why Tony loved it.

  58. Morganlf says:

    Oh for fucks sake!!!
    Stop this blather. Stop this toying and unraveling nonsense.

    I have posted evidence, backed by sources, timelines.

    We know what happened, when it happened, and why it happened.

  59. Morganlf says:

    Lay the fuck down! And stop with the long irrelevant posts forcing me to respond.

  60. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    On a kinder note – Happy Birthday Tony (or what would have been). Am sitting with my coffee enjoying one of my many recordings of “No Reservations”, which I plan to have running all day today while I putter about.

  61. catsworking says:

    Thanks for the links, Lynn. I haven’t had the heart to watch either the Berlin or Bhutan episodes yet. My DVR is filling up also with reruns aired since Tony died. However, I was checking last night and noticed that the Rome episode where he first teamed up with AA wasn’t on the list. He considered that one of his finest shoots, for obviously reasons. He was most likely getting laid by a she-devil the whole time. Just the sort of thing to appeal to his sense of adventure and danger.

    Once again, Bruce nails it in describing the unholy alliance between Tony and AA. Here’s hoping she never finds herself another “perfect victim.”

  62. catsworking says:

    Now, Morgan, be nice. We’re all processing this in our own ways. This morning, I was surprised to find this comic in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, running on Bourdain’s birthday. Check it out:

  63. izzy1957 says:

    Karen, there’s some suggestion of the possibility of CNN having a blackout on any shows that AA was involved in.

  64. catsworking says:

    izzy, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit, especially if it’s true that she has been haranguing CNN by phone. It’s ironic that she might be the instrument that causes what Bourdain considered some of his best work to be disavowed. Not exactly a career-booster for her either.

  65. Lenora says:

    There is no doubt that Hugo and AA were more than friends because Rose admitted to their affair in that relationship with no boundaries letter posted after Tony’s death which was written with AA consent because she was sitting right there. Rose and AA even posted pictures of themselves together. Furthermore there were photos of AA and Hugo leaving a hotel together. And to add salt to a wound, hotel that Tony and Asia had stayed.

  66. catsworking says:

    Lenora, good point. If Asia’s relationship with Hugo was innocent (which it clearly wasn’t), no need to claim an “open” relationship with Tony.

  67. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Just saw that this was announced on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning:

    “On Sunday, two weeks after the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain, CNN aired a town hall about suicide as well as the season finale of Bourdain’s show, “Parts Unknown.” Meanwhile, French authorities revealed that no narcotics were in Bourdain’s body when he died, though a significant amount of alcohol was. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.”

    So now the alcohol content has gone from a “trace” to a “significant amount”?

  68. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, something weird IS going on with how you’re seeing this blog. I did a post this morning (Eastern Time) on the front page about this new info, which you should have been able to see hours before you wrote this comment repeating what I said. Just letting you know.

  69. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Wow – that’s odd. I just went through all the posts here from the very first one of several days ago & still don’t see one where this is mentioned at all.

  70. feijicha says:

    Bacardi/Bonnie it comes up as the lead article on the home page.

  71. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks feijicha – I didn’t see that “Related” section & the new article/comment/page. Thought it was a post on this page.

  72. Dianna says:

    Thanks for the updates and honoring Tony as he should be. I come here rather than Instagram especially after I saw AA clip of her singing onstage with Indochine yesterday.

  73. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, maybe you need to clear the cache on your web browser. Sounds like your computer is holding on to an older version of the site. There is a new post today.

    This is just a stab in the dark, but worth a try.

  74. Bacardi1/Bonnie C. says:

    Okay – everything cleared. Will see if that works.

  75. Thx says:

    I have been periodically checking on various instagram accounts noticed that both @dukefeng52 and @sandraripert have since unfollowed AA.

  76. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Thx! And thanks for that bit of intel. I can understand Sandra Ripert dropping AA (actually, I’m a bit surprised she followed her, as Ottavia’s good friend — maybe it was a spy mission).

    But it looks like Christopher Doyle has chosen his side. I applaud him for that. He was in Hong Kong and knows how it went down with her and the crew during that shoot. Just one more indication that justicefortony is credible.

  77. feijicha says:

    In another group there was a post that someone who works in a newsroom had a blind item come through that a certain French journalist is being offered money to spill the beans on his relationship with a “certain C-list Italian actress” and he’s apparently going to do it.

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