Bourdain Cremated, Coming Home

By Karen

According to People, Anthony Bourdain’s remains were cremated today in France and his ashes will be flown to New York on Friday. There’s no word on whether anyone close to him is in France right now. Eric Ripert was there through the weekend, but he posted a tweet early yesterday morning indicating he was back in New York.

I still haven’t seen any results of the toxicology report. And it would appear that no other testing will be done for underlying illness or cause since the body is now gone.

There’s been no memorial service announced, but I can’t imagine that some celebration of his life won’t happen. Arrangements are in Ottavia’s hands.

Asia Argento and her “spokeswoman” Rose McGowan seem to have gone blessedly silent online about what a victim this has made of Asia, and here’s hoping they remain so.

I’ll share some extras that I or Cats Working readers have found. If you haven’t been following developments in the comments on my posts, these may interest you…

Bourdain’s father Pierre died at age 57 of a heart attack when Tony was 20, and his remains were also cremated and given to someone (presumably to scatter). I would expect Tony to wish the same for himself. Here’s Pierre’s obituary with his photo. See any resemblance?

Zamir Gotta, Tony’s zany Russian friend who accompanied him on a number of adventures over the years, posted a link to a “must read” interview Men’s Journal from the October 2011 print edition. It contains a lot of Bourdain’s philosophy of life, and makes you wonder what changed his attitude about perseverance.

Zamir also wrote his own tribute to Tony for the Hollywood Reporter.

Finally, here’s an almost exhaustive article about his life from the New Yorker. It’s the only one where I’ve ever seen first wife Nancy discuss their marriage (or anything, for that matter). Near the end, it also details how Tony emailed Nancy immediately after he had an earlier health scare while he was traveling alone in France around 2013.

Unless there are new developments, such as a surprise in the toxicology report or some writing Tony left behind that has any bearing, it feels as if we’re finally approaching closure and can be thankful for what little we knew of him, rather than grieve over the loss of what we’ll never know.

The one consolation is that he left behind such a huge body of writing and film to be enjoyed for years to come. Oh, and Netflix decided NOT to remove Parts Unknown from streaming this month as scheduled.

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  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. Donna Pavone says:

    This still isn’t real. One possibility would be that a doctor of his will let slip a detail or two of a recent visit or ongoing visits. Am I left to believe that hitting a snag with Asia sent him of a cliff? I can’t bear it. And,Morgan, “ditch pig”? 🤣🤣

  3. Adele Prass says:

    Well, Cats, that tribute from Zamir, which I hadn’t seen, just about destroyed me. He says in Russian, “Of blessed memory.” This is also said in Hebrew or Yiddish at Jewish funerals, and Tony’s mom is Jewish. But in tribute to his French heritage and a country he loved, let me say, de la mémoire bénie. This is gonna hurt for a long time. I still wish we could all meet in a dive bar somewhere and lift several glasses in Tony’s honor.

  4. SageScarf says:

    Asia Argento is back to posting selfies on her Instagram story. Classy.

  5. iwonder says:

    I read somewhere about an episode where he was speaking with a chef who made a dessert called ‘heartbreak’ and he said something along the lines of that it is terrible and he couldn’t bear to go through it again. If he was really heartbroken, I can imagine the possibility of making a snap decision. The police did emphasised that it was an impulsive decision – I wonder how they determined that, perhaps something on his phone? I just keep thinking that I hope he is out of the pain that he must have felt in that moment. And I am also grateful that the vile lies and obvious justifications from Asia and Rose have ceased.

  6. catsworking says:

    Sage, you have no idea how sick that makes me to hear. God, I loathe that woman.

    I do feel that as the shock wears off, details are going to come out. Just about everybody has an urge to make some sense of this.

    Seems somebody would have searched his phone and computer for his browsing history. Somebody knows when he saw those photos of Asia and how soon after he decided to die. I wonder if Asia’s planning another hot weekend with Hugo this week now that she’s back on the market?

  7. catsworking says:

    iwonder, I posted my last reply about his browsing history before I read yours. We think alike. There may be calls or texts that could tell a lot. Of course, they are probably protecting the family’s privacy, and I respect that.

    Maybe I’ve just been watching too many cop shows, but it seems they always try to establish a time of death. From all the reports we’ve seen, it’s like they consider the time of death the moment Eric found him. We’ve never heard when was the last time he was seen alive on Thursday.

    (Some reports are saying the hotel receptionist who unlocked the door found him, but I can’t imagine her venturing into the room without Eric and nosing around.)

    I guess I’m still hoping for some tidbits to help explain what he was thinking. Yes, he was crazy with pain of some sort, but what caused it?

  8. Morganlf says:

    Oh sorry perhaps ditch pig is harsh. Lying tramp, fuck-knuckle scooter trash more appropriate.

  9. L Villeneuve says:

    Agreed fully Morgan. Heartless so and so.

  10. Adele Prass says:

    Morgan, do all you Jersey girls have such colorful vocabularies. My hat is off to you!

  11. catsworking says:

    I never look at Instagram, but just hopped over there to check out Asia’s stuff. She’s quite the little slut puppy, and always has been. I’m still searching for the “magnificence” Bourdain found so entrancing. Some of the comments were pretty brutal as they related to treatment of Tony. People have certainly got her number.

    Down here in the South I think she would be considered trailer trash.

  12. catsworking says:

    One more thought…

    As next of kin, wouldn’t Ottavia become the recipient of his personal effects from France? If so, she’s going to be the one in possession of his phone, iPad and laptop. Will she look?

    Even if she does, I wouldn’t expect her to share what she finds. Too sensational, no matter what it is. And she wouldn’t want Ariane to see it if Asia was the deciding factor.

  13. Morganlf says:

    I adapted traitor trash to reflect her Roman escapades..don’t they all run around on Vespas?
    Adele…yes. Jersey is the university of colorful put downs…and I studied hard. Just looks at Tony’s cracks pure Jersey….

  14. Donna says:

    Slut puppy? Fuck knuckle? 😆😆😆😆😆

  15. feijicha says:

    how f’ed up is it that Asia posts on her Instagram about a song written by a woman about her bad relationship breakup who ultimately went on to commit suicide. W.T.F.

  16. twilit says:

    I’ll never blame Asia or anyone for another persons suicide. Especially not on someone who already had depression was a former heroin addict who still was drinking and using who knows what other substances. Addiction and depression kill. Not a woman holding hands with another man in a picture.

    It usually takes months for toxicology to come back, it’s not even been a week. For me the headline Anthony Bourdain cremated hit the hardest. So hard to comprehend that less than a week ago everything that made up the familiar person in the photograph was here, and now only some ash remains.

  17. catsworking says:

    Welcome back, Mary. I agree that Ariane couldn’t have been in Tony’s thoughts when he felt the world crashing down on him and he made his last unfortunate decision.

    twilit, I won’t say that I “blame” Asia, but I haven’t found anything she did leading up to Friday that helped the situation. And if she knew he was in a fragile mental and emotional state, shame on her. And to see her bounce back to business as usual and her new career break on X Factor a few days later seems colder than cold. I stand by everything I’ve said about her accumulated life choices and behavior. By all appearances, she’s an ambitious user who latches onto famous, powerful men, only to turn on them.

    The thought of Bourdain being here and so mouthy and alive one minute and then cold ashes in an urn the next is very depressing.

  18. Morganlf says:

    Not accepting he was a diseased morose, depressed, sick man.
    He was nuts for falling under the spell of someone who may be all of the above, she certainly appears manic.

  19. feijicha says:

    No one’s saying she killed him. They’re saying she’s a douche.

  20. L Villeneuve says:

    I hope she didn’t get him back on drugs…

  21. Laura N. says:

    I’m not on instagram so I guess I’m not able to see all of her posts but here’s an update on how the black widow’s getting along.

    She really is an awful person.I know I’ve said this like a dozen times already but I KNEW something bad would happen when I saw he was linked to her. She’s that vile of a human being. I can totally see her sending him abusive texts and emails, causing him to snap.

  22. catsworking says:

    That’s a terrible thought. I certainly hope not, and it would seem unlikely given the high performance that was expected of him every day with all the projects he was involved in. Seems he would have had a meltdown sooner.

  23. catsworking says:

    I was just reading the latest People article which said the family has asked for their privacy. Understandable.

    I can’t shake this bad feeling that there’s another shoe to drop once his electronic devices are in the family’s custody. They probably answer a lot, if not all, of everyone’s questions about what was really going on.

  24. Morganlf says:

    I found this video and text of Poor poor Asia back to work ran in through google translate:

    HomeExhibitions X Factor auditions, Asia Argento mourns for Bourdain: “Thanks to you I’m surviving”
    12 JUNE 2018
    X Factor auditions, Asia Argento mourns for Bourdain: “Thanks to you I’m surviving”
    At the end of the X Factor Italia auditions in Pesaro, Asia Argento stands up to greet the public and the jury members Manuel Agnelli, Fedez and Mara Maionchi. The actress and director is mourning the death of her partner, chef Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide last June 8 in France. Attacked heavily on social media these days, the actress and director wanted to greet so public and colleagues: “These were to be the three most difficult days of my life, but thanks to these people and thanks to you I’m surviving, really thank you”.


  25. Laura N. says:

    L Villeneuve,

    He did not look like himself in the last year. I’d just recently started watching Parts Unknown again and I was absolutely stunned by his appearance this season. The most recent episode I’d seen before that was the Obama/Vietnam episode, where he still looked like he always did. I have my own theory about why his looks changed so much but I could be totally off. I’ll wait until the toxicology report comes out.

  26. catsworking says:

    Asia’s hypocrisy is simply mind-blowing. But playing the victim seems to be her normal operating procedure and I’m sure she doesn’t realize how she comes across. Morgan, in that video clip you just posted, she seems older and harder than I remember thinking of her in Parts Unknown. I’m going to have to revisit that Rome episode.

    Laura, you’re so right. He aged many years, really fast. Well, he did lose 35 lbs. practicing MMA, which would have caused wrinkles. I wondered if maybe all the jet lag was finally catching up with him. And then there are years of skin damage from all the outdoor shoots. His hair was almost completely white. You can look at photos of him from just a year or two ago and he looks 10 years younger.

    There are pictures floating around of him and Asia in bathing suits and he did have a six-pack and not an ounce of fat on him. But he seemed to have slipped from fit to gaunt by the Hong Kong episode, which I think they shot in January?

  27. catsworking says:

    This just in from Asia…

    A bit too late for prayers.

    Since it’s 6 hours later in France, I’m thinking Bourdain’s ashes are probably on a plane right now, heading this way, to arrive tomorrow morning. Still no word to be found on a memorial service.

  28. feijicha says:

    she has the voice of a 75 year old smoker. really, really old sounding. wow.

  29. feijicha says:

    oops hit send too soon. meant to also add that she clearly seems to be making this whole event about HER “i’m surviving the toughest days of my life” blah blah blah. Nothing about “yeah and I told my ‘beloved partner’ to F off on Instagram after breaking his heart to screw some younger guy, who by the way is consoling me now”

  30. Carol says:

    Just want to thank Karen and all the other regulars for posting here. It is helping me cope with his loss. I just started reading a few days ago. Some random thoughts and a question.

    1. I’m glad someone mentioned his appearance… I’m a sculptor, and I sculpt people and I have analyzed and analyzed his face to try to figure out what changed… it appears to me that his face is bloated and puffy. Kind of like he described after the 2013 incident where he blacked out… he covered his face when going out because he looked so bad. So I think that happened again, for whatever reason… but he really did not look like his old self for the past year.

    2. I think it’s good to mention, and I will try to find the link to the article I read, that a CNN staffer who worked in NY on Parts Unknown said in the past few weeks Tony had been “giddy” almost… around the time of filming or perhaps just before airing of the Honk Kong episode… she said he was texting her and emailing her constantly, and she commented that that was something he normally never did. He was literally over the moon for that woman (my words…) inference from his co-workers’ other comments about how he was like a teenage boy and evidently obsessed with her. He had built her up to be some sort of goddess… he was really caught up in her supposed “knowledge” of film and music… so important to him, and he seems to have put her up on a pedestal. If you look at the instagram photo where he captioned it “shelter from the storm” he looks like a baby resting his head on her shoulder… so I think it’s very clear to say he fell, and he fell very hard for her.

    When someone is that much in love, hormones and neurotransmitters course through their brains similar to those released by an addict when using drugs… they create a euphoria. I’ve experienced it… a constant high and you just live in that fog of love. The comment from the CNN staffer indicated he was in that state not very long ago… and if you look at his instagram posts about the Honk Kong episode… he posted many times about that episode, whereas normally he only posted once about each parts unknown episode… he was so proud that she “directed” and he obviously was very happy to promote her and her career.

    To say he was obsessed with her would not be an understatement from all we have read and from his instagram and twitter posts. So to go from the fog of love to seeing her in the arms of another man just after the Hong Kong episode aired must have been a huge double whammy for him… he’d been promoting her career so earnestly, (supporting her hugely in her Weinstein accusations even!) and posting lovey dovey images with her for months. Imagine how humiliated he must have felt… feeling a fool for his many very public images as well as saying a couple of months before that he had met his “soul mate”.

    I honestly think the humiliation played big time into his decision… and of course the betrayal of someone he loved so much to be canoodling with another man so publicly in Rome… where he had told Ripert was “a wonderful place to fall in love.” It must have come as a big shock to him on many levels… and probably most importantly… caused a very abrupt, abrupt stop in the euphoria hormones he had been feeling for a long time. Immediately shut off. That is a shock to the system. I have been there, but not in so public of a fashion.

    Anyway… I know we all know these things… but I think it’s good to re-state just how extremely “in love” he had been just before the photos of Asia and Hugo were released… and to point out the extreme betrayal he felt and the pending humiliation he would experience. He killed himself before it all became public knowledge.

    3. Does anyone know exactly when he unfollowed Asia on Instagram? Morgan I think it was mentioned that he did that.
    So these are just my observations… and one last question in no. 3. I do think the photos of Asia triggered his suicide…. to me there is a clear correlation. He was extremely happy for the past year and especially in the last few months. His friends and co-workers commented on this… he said so in his interviews.

  31. Carol says:

    Here’s the article with quotes from his CNN publicist about how giddy he was about the Hong Kong episode a week before he died. ‘This is a high water mark. This is the best thing I’ve ever done.’ 😦

  32. L Villeneuve says:

    That’s why she was quoted as saying, “I’m fine.”

  33. catsworking says:

    And there’s a strident quality to her manner I find off-putting. I’m sure it stems from all her crusading.

    Ottavia was the opposite. More like an earth mother when we met her. Very nurturing. In spite of the MMA, I feel certain she’s still a nurturer. She reminds me of women on the Italian side of my family.

  34. catsworking says:

    feijicha, that version IS closer to the truth, I’m sure.

  35. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Carol! And thanks for laying out your theories so thoroughly. I took the liberty of putting in some paragraph breaks because there’s a lot to chew on.

    I think you may have hit on 2 things that have been nagging at me:

    1. Was he on some new med for something that made him look so haggard? Maybe he was having a reaction.

    2. He’s had to own up to failed relationships in the past, but none of the women publicly shamed him the way Asia did. He may have felt she was his last hope of love at his age. And at his age, with more fame than ever before, he just said, “Fuck it,” rather than have to deal with all the questions he’d be asked about the breakup. For him, it was so traumatic, he couldn’t just blow it off with jokes like he had with the others.

    We’ve all been venting and grieving here for the past week, but since about 2007 or 2008, this blog has been a huge repository for Tony’s story from when he was a minor name on cable. As upsetting as it for me, I’m trying to keep it complete and honest by including events around his death, and I must say my readers have been great about helping with that mission.

  36. Carol says:

    Thank you Karen. And thanks for the paragraph breaks… it was a bit stream of consciousness. I have been mulling it over and just wanted to get out the extreme juxtaposition of being so totally in love, calling her his soul mate and giddy one week and then dead the next… some people are saying “oh, he was always depressed.” Not true at this point in his life. It was extremely sudden… Ripert telling him mom he’d been in a dark mood for two days before he committed suicide also gives a big clue… that would be just after the time the photos were published. And a big clue is his unfollowing Asia on instagram. There can be no other explanation in my book.

    With Ottavia, it was a slow breakup and she did not leave him for another man, so that is a completely different situation. from what I understand, you may know more, they broke up because basically of his work schedule. They seldom saw each other and grew apart based on their words, and remained great friends.

    With Nancy, I think it hit harder because of course “20 years”… which is why he spoke of being suicidal afterwards.

    But with Asia… to go from the heights of teenage type, very public lovesickness to betrayal and impending humiliation overnight … especially given the timing of just before the Hong Kong episode aired, I believe it was too much and as you say, he just couldn’t go through it.

  37. catsworking says:

    Carol, all the circumstances surrounding his splits with Nancy and Ottavia are in the archives here. And he wrote about why he and Nancy divorced for the one and only time in his book, Medium Raw.

    Things changed with Ottavia when she chose MMA as her career. It drastically changed the way she lived day to day. She still gave him a home base, but she was going in a different direction. Also, Ariane was in school and so his girls weren’t available to travel with him. That left him more time alone on the road to think.

    And then he met Asia. We’ve worked out that timeline here, and it would appear Asia was the catalyst for the Bourdains announcing they’d been living separate lives. They’d been coasting as a family doing their own things, but once he went ga-ga over Asia, he had to have his freedom to pick sides. The media is saying he met Asia in 2016 and they started dating in 2017. Bullshit. They became an item while they were shooting the Rome episode. Asia’s not one to let a live one dangle for a year when she was desperate to get her face in the news again.

    The link to that article you provided about his co-worker’s perspective was an eye-opener. Seems Asia was poison to him from the minute they met but he didn’t recognize it and let himself be duped. We don’t know yet if something else was going on, but her betrayal seemed to be the final straw.

  38. Morganlf says:

    Carol I agree with you 100%. You have broken it down correctly. I too have been in that “ bubble” looking back I was a besotted fool. But when it ends suddenly, your standing on the edge of a cliff.

    To have it happen publicly, deliberately, humiliatingly after he laid it on so thick about his “ shelter from the storm” was too much.

    But, I have more to add, I have come to believe they squabbled, he stewed, more squabbles, unfriending and the like. Did he grab a bottle of whiskey and some ambien or Xanax to dull the pain and in a haze figure fuck it? The reports don’t mention anything like that, so far.

    The CNN and People articles all but called her out. Ruhlman and Zimmern and others alluded to his “ red flag “love affair.

    Ask yourself this:
    If the love of your life (as she professed many times on instagram),hung himself alone is a hotel room in a foreign country would you be able trot off to work four days later in public on TV?Then make Instagram posts with selfies of you and your gal posse.

    I’d be a sobbing puffy eyed mess, locked in my room unable to speak coherently.

    At the conclusion of the video I I hear the crowd chant “Asia, Asia”? She’s milking this widow act.

    Until the toxicology report is released we won’t know if he was drunk or otherwise.

    We have gathered the evidence and placed it all here detail, by detail and provided incontrovertible evidence that Argento is at fault in some way.

  39. catsworking says:

    And this just in…

    On Asia’s Twitter feed, I found this link to an interview she did with Helen Cho (one of Bourdain’s long-time associates) about filming the Hong Kong episode.

    As a writer, the one line that jumped out at me was the one about how the director shooting a movie is like “writing it all over again.” I took offense. And Bourdain was head writer on his show.

    Shit, he was nominated for many Emmys for his writing and never won, although his crew did for cinematography. Now he won’t have another chance.

  40. Mira says:

    Hi…stopped lurking and chiming in to say I don’t think he unfollowed her on Instagram. Rather, from what I’ve picked up, she blocked him which caused his account to unfollow hers and then re-followed him after his death (which is bizarre, even for her).

    To me that means the two of them had some kind of discussion/fight/whatever that led to her blocking him. Sad that such a talented man was reduced to needing the attention of someone like her. Like the New Order lyric… “The wisdom of a fool won’t set you free.”

  41. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Mira! And thank you for your input. It’s like solving a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

    OK, it sounds like more consciousness of guilt by Asia. She re-opened the following between them once she knew he was dead.

    What we don’t know is what he could have possibly done to piss her off. Help her career? Back her on her bullshit accusation of Harvey Weinstein, her former boyfriend? Praise her to the high heavens as brilliant and magnificent when she was anything but to anyone who wasn’t fucking her? Put her face on American TV screens where hardly anybody knew she existed? (We do now, and not in a good way, thanks to her behavior.)

    Yes, the enduring tragedy of Bourdain’s life will be that in his golden years he fell under the spell of a skank. How sad is that?

  42. Laura N. says:

    Ottavia was on twitter yesterday and liked this tweet by the wife of the creator of The Wire. She wrote a thread about being edited out of her husband’s essay on Anthony.

  43. Mira says:

    Hi Karen!

    Honestly I think she was just never as into him as he was into her. And she saw an opportunity for publicity by being attached to him and took it. The statements from the paparazzo who followed her around Rome make it clear she never intended to be ‘caught’ on camera, at least not yet.

    I was trying to find a picture where she looked at Anthony the way she looked at the French reporter in the street (the one where they are both holding the water bottle) and wasn’t able to.

    But it really all comes down to how the highs and the eventual (very) lows of being involved with her affected his brain chemistry which was already hyper-sensitive. That’s not her fault but it doesn’t get her off the hook for being an all around jerk.

    One other thing… its so hypocritical of her to ask for ‘privacy’ and then post her juvenile ‘artwork’ or statements about how she’s doing. If you want privacy, you lay low instead of drawing attention to yourself.

  44. catsworking says:

    Good catch, Laura. I’m sure Ottavia could relate. I don’t think it was that Bourdain deliberately excluded her, but that her herculean contribution to his well-being usually got scant acknowledgment. Now we know how important it was.

  45. catsworking says:

    Ottavia has been keeping mum, except to let us know that her daughter Ariane is soldiering on like the warrior princess he would have wanted her to be.

    Asia was a disgrace before his death, and she’s making a lurid spectacle of herself now. Maybe her father will one day direct a horror movie about a female vampire who sucks the fame and money out of powerful men and leaves them to die as empty husks. It will be called Asia Argento: Trailer trash blood-sucking skank.

    Sorry, did I just type what I was thinking?

  46. Carol says:

    Coupla questions:

    So Morgan, you say she frequently called him “the love of her life” on instagram? Did I read that correctly?

    And Mira… is there evidence that she blocked him on ig? Or are others talking about that? Just wondering how that could be known? I guess it could be either or… given her apparently tempestuous nature, it might more likely be that she blocked him, rather than him unfollowing her.

  47. Laura N. says:


    Asia is loving this. And yes, the crowd was chanting her name. Giving a damn speech like she’s Jackie Kennedy. What a gross and phony display! But ironically, that was the kind of thing Anthony would absolutely swoon over her for. “Brave”, “courageous” and “magnificent” Asia! Ugh.


    I think when he saw the photos and confronted her. And being the malignant narcissist that she is, she gaslighted him to make it seem like he was the problem, not her. That’s how she could play the “pissed off” game and tell him to shove it. And he likely fell for it like he fell for all of her bullshit. This is just my theory. I think at the end of it all, he was probably both humiliated and ASHAMED, due to her manipulative ways.

  48. Morganlf says:

    Not sure if his comment will show here but follow the link to see bourdains comment on argentos feed on her mothers day post a month ago…its hard to grip.

  49. catsworking says:

    I don’t think the link worked, but I saw a rather horrifying closeup of Asia wearing too many rings, at least one with spikes. Yeah, we’re looking at trailer trash, southern style.

    I need to get up to speed on Instagram. Apparently everybody who’s anybody has migrated there. Just when I was getting good with Twitter.

    Laura, I only hope that any man with a modicum of fame has paid attention to this and runs screaming the other way if Argento approaches. From the looks of her, she doesn’t have much time left as a siren. She’s on the cusp of being a noisy ink-soaked hag with big fake boobs. Weinstein wouldn’t even want her.

  50. iwonder says:

    Yesterday, Asia’s followers dropped from 512,000 to 418,000 over about six hours and then last night jumped by exactly 10,000 at one moment. Someone is buying fake followers… Clearly grieving and not at all concerned about her popularity.

  51. iwonder says:

    I have a theory that in order to prevent a media circus (particularly if Asia and Rose were involved in any way), there will be a quiet memorial service that will be announced after it’s occurred.

  52. Laura N. says:

    Yeah, he was off of his rocker for this woman. I knew he had it bad for her but my goodness. Did he ever fawn over his own little family that way? Christ on a cracker.

  53. iwonder says:

    Also, the photographer who took the pictures of Hugo and Asia said that, when he was eventually spotted by Asia, she tried to get him to delete them and when he refused, she yelled “you’ll ruin me”.
    Not about Tony. Not about hurting him. About herself.
    And doesn’t “ruin” sound more economic / professional rather than emotional?

  54. catsworking says:

    Oh, wow. She becomes more contemptible by the minute. Worried that being implicated in Tony’s death with hurt her puny reputation? May it wither and die as his memory fades. She has earned herself everlasting nothingburgerness.

  55. catsworking says:

    iwonder, I do believe there will be a private service for family and friends and close associates. Perhaps somewhere where they will scatter the ashes. (Or maybe that will be left to an even more low-key later time with Ottavia, Riper, and maybe Chris, his brother).

    But I feel like there must be some public celebration of Tony’s life. The new owners of Les Halles have preserved all the notes that totally plastered the windows, and they say they’ll give them to the family. It’s not on the scale of Diana, but as close to it as I’ve seen this country come to anybody’s passing.

    Bourdain was a citizen of the world, and he deserves a world-class memorial service. I think Ottavia will agree, and she’s probably arranging it right now. It’s got to include the crazy rock music he loved (and I hate). Lining up bands and a venue doesn’t happen overnight. We must be patient.

  56. iwonder says:

    I see your point about the public service. I just dread how Asia will behave before, during, and after.

  57. catsworking says:

    Totally. Asia and Rose have both been very vocal about losing Bourdain as their protector has hurt them career-wise, not emotionally. Users.

  58. Laura N. says:

    Indeed. I said the other day that I wouldn’t be surprised if he was supporting her financially. That’s likely what it was all about for her. Remember, as he stated on Parts Unknown, she lived modestly in a middle class neighborhood just outside of Rome. Just a poor single mother trying to raise two kids all by herself, right? Of course he was taking care of her.

  59. iwonder says:

    Well, it has been rumoured that Tony was supporting her financially, so “ruined” would be the appropriate word.
    Oh and also, if it was an open relationship between two “free birds” *eye roll* – why would she be so upset about being photographed being affectionate with another man?

  60. Lynn says:

    I haven’t been here in years, but have read all the comments on Tony’s death as I’m as desperate for answers as you all are. There’s a lot of speculation and guessing, which I’ve been doing as well. But
    those who’ve pointed out that he was way more into Asia than she was him are IMO right on the money. Seems to me there are 3 likely scenarios:

    1. They had fought but not broken up (as someone on here said, “they squabbled, he stewed, more squabbles, unfriending and the like”).

    2. She had dumped him, or told him she wanted to ‘see other people.’

    3. (Least likely) there was no obvious trouble in the relationship, at least that he was aware of, and thus he was blindsided to see her cavorting with Hugh.

    I’m still not clear from the comments when she blocked or unfriended him from Instagram(?)

    A few things seem very strange:

    1. Asia’s ‘fuck you all’ Instagram – was she referring to paparazzi? And why take it down after he dies?

    2. If the relationship was ‘open’ why would she care if Tony or anyone else saw her cavorting with another man?

    3. If she wanted to keep her thing with Hugh secret why on earth would she show PDAs in Italy of all places where she is well known and sure to be photographed? She can’t be dumb enough to think she wouldn’t be snapped by someone. She was probably hoping he’d see them to make him jealous, but then maybe had second thoughts.

    4. She’s strong enough to give the speech at Cannes calling out Harvey but can’t speak for herself, asking Rose M. to speak for her. WTF?

    I didn’t know Asia existed till the Rome episode, and then I thought, “ohhh, okay, Dario had a daughter.” She seems totally skanky with the tats and constant smoking. And certainly not a woman who could manage monogamy very long. But I get why he was into her. He hated ‘clean, orderly’ countries, he once said. He loved slimy, disgusting dive bars like Siberia in NYC. Well, Asia is the dive bar of women. The opposite of ‘clean and orderly’. She was danger personified, and he likely loved that. He had an obvious self destructive streak, so he was probably attracted to the possibility that things with her could end badly; that by choosing her he was playing a dangerous game with his own heart and mind.

    And apparently she’s also rather messed up psychologically, not that she can help being that way. That probably drew him to her as well. Yet, despite my being a feminist and supporter of #MeToo, I don’t understand choosing to voluntarily sleep with a man (Weinstein) AFTER he assaults you. Also how does a man ‘force’ oral on a woman and hold her down simultaneously? Wouldn’t he need very long arms to do so? I have no doubt that Harvey was abusive to Asia, that’s the kind of man he is, but there appears to be tons of gray area here on her part.

    Rose M – Never liked that she seems to be profiting off her own rape (revived career, name recognition, a book deal and reality show). Weinstein is a monster, full stop. But it feels like Rose is using her horrible experience as part of her ‘brand’ to market herself and get a whole new audience. Not cool.

    Rose’s claim that Tony once said he “had never met anyone who wanted to die as much as he did” till he met Asia sounds a bit like something Rose would invent. But if true, that would seem to contradict the notion that his suicide was a blip or momentary weakness. That makes it sound like wanting to die was an ongoing, rather constant thing in his life, that maybe intensified after his second divorce.

    As for Tony’s physical health, I often marveled how a man who drank, smoked, drugged and regularly ate seriously unhealthy food (red meat, animal fat) could manage to be disease free. He was horribly thin, but jujitsu and smoking will do that. Surely if there was a bad diagnosis SOMEONE would know about it, if only the doctor who made it.

    My money is on the theory that Asia hurt/upset him so much that it was the final spark on a mental state that was already highly flammable. Maybe he was looking for a reason to finally do ‘this selfish thing’ as he once called suicide. However, millions of men are cheated on and dumped, humiliated and cruelly treated by their lovers. They don’t kill themselves.

    Thank you Cats for this forum. It is cathartic for those of us feeling a bit ashamed that we are this sad over someone we didn’t know, when for our friends he’s just another celeb death. I can’t believe there are only 2 more episodes yet to air and after those I’ll never see another. 😦

    Sorry for the long post. The mystery wrapped in an enigma continues….

  61. Morganlf says:

    Laura & iwonder…you guys are so perceptive and so aligned with the cats.

    Karen and I have for the past year privately communicated our, distaste for Argento and our sorrow that Ottavia was no longer his center. She was good for him, and I don’t believe his moving on was mutual. But that’s just my opinion.

    If you can’t find his comment on Argentos post of her & kids when they were younger on mother’s day a month ago it said:

    “I cannot love a photo more two beautiful, brilliant, enchanted and enchanting children, and the most awesome extraordinary mom!
    Happy mother’s day so beautiful all of you!”

    Her response:We love you A

    Too bad he didn’t have a similar gushy post for the mother of his child.

  62. Morganlf says:

    For the record I emphatically agree I find her strident coarseness, extremely offputting.
    I’m a woman and on board with the # me too movement.

    I find a 3 rd rate hack, child of same offensive lecturing the glittering crowd at Cannes. She declared she was raped there 20 years prior by Harvey and pointed out there were colluders in the crowd….

    But failed to mention she fucked him and offered oral favors for 5 he paid her rent, nannies, trips, gifts while she swanned around on his arm. Leaving a relationships ( Vincent Spano) again and again to return to him. Met Harvey’s mom…although at the time Harvey a pig, was married with small kids. He was the most powerful producer in the world. Miramax …produced world class movies.
    He never made her a star, she was coarse, odd looking,

    He knew a star when he saw one and Argento aint one. But she held his attention in the sack…somehow. He had beautiful women all over the word.
    Years later when Ronan Farrow started his investigation and writing about Weinstein’s beastliness..guess who hopped on THAT BUS first? But not after she desecrated herself with the ugliest tattoos conceivable.

    Yeah she’s damaged goods. I’m sorry Arianne will grow up to learn of her. While Bourdain spent much time slavering over Argientos kids, I doubt she ever met his.

  63. Laura N. says:

    The magnificent Asia also failed to mention that she signed that infamous petition in support of freeing Roman Polanski, a child rapist, when he was arrested in Switzerland a few years back. She had the nerve to retweet an unfortunate photo of Alec Baldwin sitting at a table with Polanski and Louis CK, another MeToo creep. The photo was about a decade old and Alec was interviewing the two of then. Asia retweeted it with no context, trying to imply that Alec must also have a line of women out the door ready to tell their stories. He called her out on it and she quickly backed down. But this is the kind of crap she and her BFF, Rose, have been up to. Hinting here and there that this person was a predator, or that other person knew something yet said nothing, etc. Implying terrible things about random people based on a random photo or a random comment, with no evidence at all. They would say and do anything to keep their faces out there no matter how much it hurt the Me Too movement. Meanwhile, she actually dated Harvey and publicly supported Polanski. And Rose also supported another director who was actually guilty of child molestation and was willing to stay quiet about Harvey but he wouldn’t give her seven figures. Sadly, Anthony was right there with them cheering on these antics as acts of “bravery”. The fact that it never occured to him that the reason the audience was not moved by her little Cannes speech was because, unlike him, they were very much aware of her history and saw her for the phony hypocrite she is, astounded me. He simply could not see clearly.

  64. Morganlf says:

    Brava! Laura!
    Your information is meticulous and so relevant.
    I didn’t know how she supported Polanski.
    But Alec Baldwin who I like a lot…had a public twitter spat with Bourdain over the phony claims he wanted to see, litigated.

  65. Morganlf says:

    Just watched Parts Uknown Southern Italy, Puglia the one with Francis Coppola. Asia is heavily featured.

    I’m climbing out of the depths..largely by playing with my grandy babies this last week, to remind me life is beautiful.

    Even with a president who is an abomination.
    Kow-towing to despots. Alienating our allies. Tony loathed trump.

  66. Morganlf says:

    OMG Karen just re-read this post:

    “Ottavia has been keeping mum, except to let us know that her daughter Ariane is soldiering on like the warrior princess he would have wanted her to be.

    Asia was a disgrace before his death, and she’s making a lurid spectacle of herself now. Maybe her father will one day direct a horror movie about a female vampire who sucks the fame and money out of powerful men and leaves them to die as empty husks. It will be called Asia Argento: Trailer trash blood-sucking skank.

    Sorry, did I just type what I was thinking?”

    Breathtaking,succinctly stated, bawdy, accurate..And worthy of a Yankee broad.

  67. L Villeneuve says:

    The thing is, what we think is spectacle, manipulating and destroying people in the most hurtful ways, is something she is utterly proud of.

  68. catsworking says:

    Lynn, welcome back! It’s like you’ve crawled inside my head, expressing all the thoughts I’ve been having. Your description of Asia as “the dive bar of women” is so apt, I’m sure Tony must be somewhere, nodding his head at its brilliance right now.

    Asia is the one who knows what happened between them and exactly how much responsibility she does or doesn’t bear in his reaction. Instead of humbly accepting her role and S-ingTFU, she’s chosen to be defiant and paint herself as a victim — again. To me, that’s proof-positive that she was only ever using him — and Weinstein. And I agree that Tony probably helped her financially. In all I’ve read, there hasn’t been a word about how she supported herself, regular job-wise, pre-Bourdain. He was generous to a fault with everyone.

    The difference between Bourdain and other men who have been abused by skanks is that they don’t have to face endless questions by interviewers about it. Bourdain handled his two previous splits by saying nothing bad about his wives, and it seemed they all remained on good terms. That wasn’t going to happen with Asia. She burns bridges, then dynamites the ashes. And since he was besotted, he wasn’t going to be able to publicly shrug her off and move on. His pain was too real and raw to hide. So…

  69. catsworking says:

    Carol, thank you for that link. It clearly shows how totally smitten he was. The comment that they probably couldn’t “afford” to have her regularly as a director was telling. In spite of the exposure and prestige of being associated with Bourdain’s show, she’d still charge him an arm and a leg.

    Part of the reason he probably loved the Hong Kong episode so much was that he was sleeping every night with the director for the duration of the shoot. And when it was over, in that little video clip of the crew celebrating, was Asia dancing with Tony? No, she was across the room, trying to rub her tits against Christopher Doyle.

  70. catsworking says:

    Aw, Morgan. I’m blushing. Thank you.

  71. L Villeneuve says:

    You guys are hilarious!!! And amazing.

  72. littlestarchis says:

    All I can contribute is this: i will miss traveling with Tony on Sunday nights.

  73. catsworking says:

    Yeah, we do have our moments of brilliance. Bourdain has always brought out our inner eloquence. There will never be another Tony. (Shit! That Andy Williams song just popped BACK into my head. That earworm had temporarily been replaced by “Where or When” sung by Stephen Davis.)

  74. catsworking says:

    Welcome, littlestarchis. You just said a mouthful. I think we may have a couple of new episodes left, since CNN seems to be planning to air whatever’s in the can finished. I still haven’t watched Berlin yet.

  75. Mira says:

    Not sure if anyone has already posted or mentioned this, but here is the link to an interview with Vincent Gallo about Asia Argento and Rose McGowan’s allegations against Weinstein. It’s very enlightening as he dated AA and seems to have been betrayed by her after standing up to Weinstein on her behalf.

  76. catsworking says:

    Mira, oh wow. Thank you for that link. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Vincent Gallo before all this, but we can add his name to the list of men seduced and duped by Asia. If I were Hugo Clement, I’d head back to France and change my phone number (and locks).

    Gallo does support what we’ve suspected about the motives of Asia and Rose, and he was there. It doesn’t take a genius to see what ambitious little schemers that pair are. I sincerely hope both of their careers, and their credibility, take a hard hit over how they’ve behaved this week.

    Here’s another interesting piece I just found on written by a retired Episcopal priest and Bourdain fan about what elements were probably at work on him.

  77. Laura N. says:

    Asia is “the dive bar of women”. Genius, Lynn! LOL. I always thought she was the poor man’s Marion Cotillard. Like, if Marion were trashy, less pretty, and totally failed in her career.

  78. Dana says:

    It seems like I was the only one to notice this, but even though Ottavia hasn’t made any public statements, look at the Instagram comment she liked on June 9th. (Screenshots are my own from Instagram.) Rather telling, in my opinion.

  79. catsworking says:

    Dana, good sleuthing. I don’t think anybody who’s been paying any attention at all would ever confuse Ottavia with “the poor man’s Marion Cotillard, if she were trashy, less pretty, and totally failed in her career.” Great analogy, Laura!

    Of course, it’s been a hard week, but when I saw that clip of Asia from X Factor looking so brassy, it appeared to me she’s on the cusp of becoming a middle-aged hag, skinny little body notwithstanding. It’s just a short hop from there to wrinkled and stringy. I’m thinking brunette Kellyanne Conway (who’s recently had a LOT of work done on her face, BTW).

  80. Lynn says:

    Vincent Gallo was rather infamous years ago for a horrible film he directed and starred in called Brown Bunny, in which his then girlfriend Chloe Sevigne performed oral on him in the movie for real. Not exactly a classy guy. Actually I think he would make the perfect boyfriend for Asia – two scuzzballs.

    Asia just seems wild. I’ve known women like that. And on top of that some mental illness and suicidal tendencies. She doesn’t seem capable of fidelity. Men to her are like a cafeteria buffet and she’s not an ‘oh I’ll just have the salad’ type chick. Also I should cop to my own personal repugnance for her as I simply loathe tats and smoking, and all my experiences with Italian tourists while traveling have been negative. However, I realize that is bad and that Tony would be the first person to take issue with generalizing about a group or a person who is a member of said group.

    Still I want to try to keep my dislike for her and Rose separate from their Harvey experiences. While Rose annoys the shit out of me (why the shaved head and what is UP with those eyebrows??), I don’t have a problem believing that Harvey raped her. Getting into a hot tub with him was stupid, but it doesn’t give him license to rape. I understand why she took money and didn’t report him. She knew he’d destroy her and no one would believe her – same reason Cosby’s victims stayed silent for decades. Having never been assaulted,thankfully, I have no idea how’d I’d react in that situation. But like I said, it’s the financial gain she is now getting from that experience that bothers me. And the constant media whoring.

    Asia, same thing. I actually want to retract what I said about not believing she could have been assaulted by Harvey given that she was nice to and even dated him after. Reading this gave me more perspective:

    If a woman is self-loathing enough (and perhaps Asia is) and the man is cunning and manipulative, I can see how the woman might think “well at least he’s helping my career.” Or, “maybe I actually lead him on or or deserved it”. I’ve seen this first hand. I have a friend right now who is maintaining an ‘F buddy’ status with a man who broke her heart and cheated on her, and her rationale is that continuing to sleep with him while getting nothing from him in return is ‘revenge’.

    That said, if Asia was in any way cruel to Tony, and it appears she was, that’s a separate situation from her Harvey experience and inexcusable, even if she does have significant low self esteem and other mental issues. Perhaps she gets off on making men jealous or feeling like they are competing for her. Perhaps her self esteem is so low she needs the attention of lots of men. Or perhaps she’s just an evil c***. You can be an assault victim and a horrible person at the same time.

    And like Rose, her constant desire to be in the news smacks of trying to profit from her Harvey victimhood. A. Sciorra and Salma Hayek spoke out in a far classier way and haven’t made being a victim part of their ‘brand’.

    When I think about it though, I can’t see Tony with a ‘normal’ woman, you know? Nancy was, as he has said, a ‘druggie’ who he claims refused to get a job during some of their lowest points financially. Ottavia has her oddities – basically doing nothing but MMA to the point of obsession, which I always found really weird. Can you imagine him with someone classy with a proper, respectable job and resume like say, Amal Clooney? Not his thing. Too boring.

    It would seem he was attracted to Asia the same way he was attracted to heroin in his 20s. I can hear Tony now. “Ooh, is that bad for me?! Yes, please. Gimme some o’ that.”

  81. Lynn says:

    Wanted to share this. Very interesting previously unaired 2017 phone interview by Slate where Tony talks about #metoo, among other topics

  82. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I swear we share the same brain. The article at was very interesting. I’ve never been raped, but I’m sure the aftereffects are very complicated, especially if it was someone you thought you respected. I’m sure it can turn into a sick, symbiotic thing. I’m thinking Fifty Shades of Grey sick.

    One thing he’s reported to have said about Asia is that he’d never met anyone who wanted to die more than he did. And he found that attractive? What did they do, sit around and tell each other what pieces of shit they were? (Well, in her case, it would have been true.)

    Where I separate from Asia is that she wasn’t actually “raped” in that Weinstein was never lying with his full weight on her so she couldn’t possibly escape. Performing oral sex on her, I can’t think of a position he could take, or what limbs he could have had in a death grip, that would have kept her completely immobilized if she wanted to pull away, push him away, or fight back. Who knows what was going through her mind? That she deserved it? That he could help her career if she pretended to enjoy it (which she says she did).

    Adele here has talked a little about that from her work experience with abused people.

    Yes, it was horrible. Yes, he’s a pig. But her story just doesn’t add up for me. And I think all her motives become suspect in light of her behavior this week. When it comes to her and men, there’s a definite pattern.

    Truth be told, with each new tat he got, Bourdain was putting me off. I stopped watching Parts Unknown for a few seasons (OK, I’d let them sit, then watch them months later, skipping places I wasn’t terribly interested in). Part of that was because I didn’t like what I was seeing of him and Asia in his personal life. I was growing disappointed in him.

    I thought last season (10th) was his best. Every show I saw really got to me. So I picked up again this season and was watching pretty must as they aired.

    Haven’t listened to the full podcast because I’ve got work to finish today. But from the few minutes I did hear, he hadn’t said anything I haven’t seen somewhere else. I’ll get back to it at quitting time.

  83. LauraToo says:

    I’m usually just a lurker and not one to post at all online, but thought this might be the push I need to venture into my own Parts Unknown and say thanks to all for sharing their thoughts and insights. It has truly helped me get through this oddly difficult week, trying to make sense of this tragedy that feels like it shouldn’t have happened.

    Like everyone here I have been viewing past shows this last week and was particularly intrigued by how the music was featured in the Seattle episode. There were shots of Tony alone with the sorrowful music and lyrics playing, everyone in the episode was shown voicing the lyrics – very haunting.

    I did a search to find more about the musician (his stated favorite and creator of the music featured) and found Tony’s field notes on the episode. In this strange paragraph below, he’s talking about the origin of the show’ s theme song:

    “When I moved over to CNN and was looking for music for the opening title of Parts Unknown, I called Josh with an idea for a song: something that started out filled with hope and wonder but segued ominously into darkness and dread. A “happy” song, like Joey Ramone’s version of “It’s a Wonderful World,” but more explicit in its anticipation of something … random … and awful.”

    As eerie as that sounds now, I find it kind of comforting – like he was actually looking for his own soundtrack and he knew on some deep level what his fate would be.

    When I shift to this perspective it makes the shallow and shameless Asia insignificant. A minor detail. I agree with the post above that he knew she was bad medicine, but someone was needed to play the villain. Who better to heighten the drama than a phony lying scoundrel like her?

    I can only make sense of this with the thought that this knower of what’s real and right was not duped and he’s having the last laugh. I believe he is.

  84. Morganlf says:

    Ah phooey! Argento wasn’t raped. She gave favors, for a return. When the big career didn’t materialize she cried victim..

    Also as per the Vox article why are so many of these victims abused as children? How do you follow a man to a room and cry rape?

    It never happened to me, and the one time it almost did I threw an ashtray and split.

    I’m not saying it doesn’t happen it does powerful men have bad behavior and it’s encouraged, some just grab pussy indiscriminately.

    Lynn I agree with your original assessment…HW must have really long arms.

  85. catsworking says:

    Welcome, LauraToo. It’s interesting to me that people have been coming here to read about Bourdain and seeing us hash this out has been a comfort. Since I made the first post upon hearing the news, Cats Working has been visited roughly 42,000 times, which is unprecedented by far in it’s 10+ year existence. There’s a lot of anguish and curiosity out there.

    Thank you for sharing that field note. The opening song does start out peppy and turn dark.

    I think Bourdain was haunted by his mortality from early adulthood. As a drug addict, he knew he could OD or get poisoned any minute. In the opening of his first show, A Cook’s Tour, he said he wanted to do it all because “he had nothing to lose.” I thought that was strange because he had a wife. What did Nancy think of that attitude?

    By the time he did No Reservations, he’d come around to being “hungry for more,” which was promising. And when he met Ottavia and became a father, he cleaned up his act and wanted to live for Ariane.

    But then he went down the rabbit hole again with Asia and here we are. Yes, after what she did to him, he probably is having the last laugh because he finally has achieved clarity and knows how fucked she’s going to be in this life because of him and without him.

  86. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I’ve talked to several friends who haven’t been raped about this and we all agreed on one thing. If we ever found ourselves in a situation where the guy was getting out of line with words or hands or we didn’t feel safe, we told him to back off and got the hell out there.

    I’ve had some booze-fueled one-night stands in my life that I wish hadn’t happened. But if I hopped into bed willingly (if fuzzily), there’s no way I’d turn around years later and say I was raped. If I was a victim, it was of my own foolishness. In the end, no harm was really done. No baby, no STD. So WTF?

    I totally support the #MeToo movement. The pigs need to be called out. But using it to blame and ruin men so women with bad judgment can feel vindicated, no.

  87. catsworking says:

    Just found these photos of Ottavia coming home Wednesday evening (the night Tony was cremated) published by the Daily Mail

    Looks like she’s sticking to routine and working out. I feel sorry for whoever she grappled with. She looks very sad. I wish I could give her a hug.

    The story also says the photographers who published the damning pictures of Asia with Hugo have taken them down. They seem to feel more remorse than she does.

  88. Laura N. says:

    I found this very interesting little interview with David McMullin, a Montreal chef, and friend of Anthony’s, who’s been featured on Parts Unknown a couple of times.

    The whole interview is interesting but the most relevant part starts at around 07:40.

  89. Carol says:

    I am caught in this surreal do loop… I keep thinking that his suicide was just a part of one of his shows and he’ll be showing up any time now laughing about it… “just kidding!”. I keep wanting to press rewind and ask him if we can get a do-over… can we just talk about this a little please? Work it through? Then the reality hits.

  90. Morganlf says:

    Carol…she may not have said “love of my life” but she certainly posted “ I love you my A”. And I’ll stick with baby for a thousand years, and the lyrics to stand by your man under a photo of him and her.

    So I MAY have taken a bit of poetic license. But is was clear she declared, public love. That’s until Hugo Clement came along..

  91. Mary Hunter says:

    Thanks everyone for all the sleuthing and info. Lynn–“Asia is “the dive bar of women” so well put . You should be a writer. Karen, you have given us all a very important forum to share, think and grieve. Thank you.

  92. Carol says:

    Morgan… thanks so much for clarifying. It didn’t seem in character for her to say that repeatedly. And I guess she didn;t! I did see the “I’ll stick with you for a thousand years through your golden years” or something like that…. shortly before the paparazzis caught her canoodling big time with Hugo. Ballinari said she was like a “possessed doll” while seducing Hugo publicly, and that everyone was watching them. Hugo also apparently attended Cannes with her, from reports. Which is probably where they hooked up initially.

  93. Carol says:

    I, for one, am really tired of focusing on and thinking about Asia… she is what she is and I don’t want to give her any more space in my brain. haha. But I have been reading some great tributes to Tony talking about his kindness. That’s what I’m going to be focusing on now… for me. In my mind it’s pretty clear that she drove him to the suicide in one way or another… I believe personally it was the photos.. the timing fits. But I now want to focus on the whole of his live… that all we have now. Chef Michael White in this article advises us to “Read him. Watch him. Remember him.” And that’s what I shall do. Here’s a great article about him:

  94. catsworking says:

    Laura, thanks for those links. Interesting to hear how it went on the Newfoundland shoot from people who knew him pretty well. He caught a bunch of shit when it aired because someone did a tweet on the Parts Unknown Twitter account calling the people “Newfies,” which is apparently hugely insulting to them. I’ve been to Newfoundland myself for just a few hours, and it did feel like a desolate, isolated place. The waitress in the restaurant where I had lunch was envious that I could get back on my ship and leave, because she wanted to leave, too.

  95. catsworking says:

    Carol, I keep thinking of that Russian reporter who faked his own death recently and sort of wishing that Bourdain did the same thing and he’d turn up again alive and well and laughing at us.

  96. catsworking says:

    Morgan, if you’re talking about that selfie they did together where they’re staring down into the camera and she looks spaced out on drugs, I thought it was Tony who said something about sticking with her for a thousand years.

    But I have to admit that I don’t study anything she puts out all that much because since reading the Ronan Farrow interview with her about Harvey Weinstein, I think she’s usually full of shit.

  97. catsworking says:

    Carol, great link to nice stories about Bourdain. I’m like you with Asia. When I’m not responding to things here, I don’t really think about her. She’s like Fox “News” to me. I don’t want to give her the pleasure of rotting my mind.

    I still feel a pang every time it hits me that he’s gone forever, but I’m getting closer to being able to watch Parts Unknown again without screaming “WHYWHYWHYWHY??!!” at the TV.

    Still not seeing anything about a service. Fans turned his last restaurant, Les Halles, which has been closed, into a shrine. The building’s owners have taken all the notes inside and say they’re going to give them to the family.

  98. catsworking says:

    @AanelVictoria wrote an excellent timeline on Twitter of events leading up to Bourdain’s end:

    There’s a lot more to it than what you can see here. If you can click through to Twitter, it’s worth it.

    Two things of note: There’s a Florence episode they wrapped on May 26. Whether it will ever air is unknown, since Bourdain wouldn’t have had time to do the voiceover.

    Aanel says Tony unfollowed Asia on Twitter on June 5.

  99. Laura N. says:

    Karen, I’ve found that it’s much easier for me to watch the older episodes for some reason. The older the better. When I watched the Berlin episode, it left me feeling very upset. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because he seemed at his best in older episodes. But maybe it’s mostly because there isn’t that finality like there is with this current season.

  100. Morganlf says:

    Karen fascinating twitter post. I used a feed app to gather it up and make it easier to read, let’s see if it works if not delete it. Though scrolling through the comments is pretty interesting, Asia getting pilloried.

    Thread by @AanelVictoria: “TIMELINE of ANTHONY BOURDAIN’s death. What we know: 1. May 26: Bourdain & his girlfriend Asia Argento complete the filming on the penult […]”

  101. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I’m able to see the whole thread. I hope it works for others.

    Laura, I feel the same way about the older episodes. I like to see him pre-Asia, before he became hooked on dependency and despair.

    This afternoon I watched most of the West Virginia episode that kicked off the current season. I didn’t break down, so that’s a good sign.

    OMG, as I was just typing that, I heard Tony’s voice. An ad on TV where he says, “I will be judged by the people who remember me and quickly forget me.” It’s an ad for the Remembrance, which they must be rerunning.

    Then the screen cuts to black and says, “Tony, we will never forget you.”

    OK, now I feel like losing my shit a bit. I haven’t watched the Remembrance yet.

  102. Lynn says:

    Someone asked earlier how do you go willingly into a room with a man and then cry rape (per the Vox article)? Well if you go in expecting ‘normal’ sex and then he beats the shit out of you (like in the Cape Fear scene with De Niro and Illiana Douglas), that’s not consent, that’s a crime. And from what I understand, childhood sex abuse makes a person more prone to being abused as an adult bc your self worth basically goes into the toilet. That’s dif than regretting a consensual encounter and crying rape later.

    For me it’s not so much that I want to focus on Asia. I just want to know what. the. hell. happened. And for now she seems to be ground zero in shit storm of misery for him, and ultimately all of us. Why a man who seemed to have it all would suddenly off himself at WORK, knowing his best friend would probably find him and that a crew would already be assembled waiting for the shooting day to begin. It would make much more sense to do so on his own somewhere, like St. Martin after his split from Nancy. Alone. Not working. Knowing some stranger hotel employee or villa caretaker would find him.

    I don’t know who Bruce Cameron Elliot is, but he’s hilarious and clearly hates Asia (see Aanel Victoria’s timeline above). IF Tony did unfollow A. on June 5, that’s huge.

    But for those who (understandably) want to focus on something else,
    I’m enjoying remembering and re-reading some of my fave Tony quotes. I loved that he spoke out when he disliked someone or something, PC and consequences be damned. And he only apologized when he truly felt he was wrong (e.g., Emeril Lagasse).

    Some were hilarious:

    on Alain Ducasse: an “arrogant fuckwit” with “dangerously uncool dining rooms”. LMFAO. This is prob my fave. I’m laughing as I type it. lol

    Some were principled:

    on harassment: being around men who are cat calling or otherwise talking smack about women is “like being at a table with someone who’s being rude to a waiter. I just don’t want to be with that person.”

    And some political:

    on Henry Kissinger: anyone who is now nice or accomomdating to Kissinger, “you know, fuck those people.”

    While I found Tony’s opinion on vegetarians infuratingly short sighted and ignorant, and inconsistent since he seemed to give people a pass if they were veg for religious reasons, I liked him anyway. I loved his writing, his ‘voice’ in how he wrote for the show, and of course learning new things about places I’ve already been or want to go to, or deciding I want to go somewhere I’d never considered only bc of how he covered it.

    My kitchen knife that I use for all my cooking is a Global knife…because Tony said it’s the best.

    I finally learned how to properly dice an onion… watching a video of Tony doing it.

    I went into the desert on my trip to Egypt….because it looked amazing when Tony did it. (It was.)

    I ate kosheri on that same trip….because Tony did and I thought ‘hey that looks cheap and delicious.’ (It was.)

    I’ve gone on many trips alone even though I was scared, places like South Africa, Zanzibar, Phuket, Holbox Island Mexico….because I could hear Tony’s voice in my head saying ‘For fuck’s sake, just go. Travel is supposed to be scary. Do it anyway.’

    And they were all amazing trips. Not without frustrations, snags, physical discomfort at times, and some scary moments. But still amazing.

    Thank you, Tony.

  103. Daisy says:

    I just found this website in my search for answers. Great commentary, and thank you so much to all who posted. Here is a timeline of events leading up to his death a journalist recently posted on Twitter:

  104. Dianna says:

    I’ve been reading awhile, never commented before but came straight here to mourn with you all. I will miss his intelligent wit so much. I joke he was my spirit animal inspiring me to be more adventurous.

    Truly feel so so sad Tony’s last days were like this. I believe he spiraled after seeing those photos as well. Has anyone seen the Santa Monica Observers online story (6 days ago) that Tony allegedly was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease ? I hate speculation and don’t want to disrespect his privacy but I dont know how they can write this without confirmation. If so, this would also have been a blow dealing with that and his younger girlfriends new relationship. I only saw that one article and nothing since on his health.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences with meeting him. Oh how I wish!

  105. Morganlf says:

    Hi Lynn

    That was me who quoted Vox article and cast doubt on the victim thing.

    I came of age in the 70s and had opportunities to be drunken, high or both in the company of attractive men up for a one night stand.

    The clubs IN NYC were a mix of celebs an characters. At the Mudd club, Studio 54 I met a lot.,

    One night met Jimmy Page & Rod Stewart’ at an after, after hour club broadway & 18 at the Cobra. Jimmy fucking Page …what a night.

    I was also a Playboy Bunny,

    So how do these victims end up with psychos who beat them? Was I that formidable or prescient (even through the haze) to scare them off?

    Here’s my take: My radar never allowed me to follow a psycho into a room unprotected, and if I ever felt threatened, I’d have screamed or fought like a banshee. but I never had to. Thank God.

    Do other people ignore this radar? I sidestepped a lot of shit …do I have special skills, or are some people comfortable as victims

    When I said no. It was fucking no.

    I got myself out of a lot of creepy situations cause I knew better. When Cosby headlined at our club his rep was known and I split.

    Just sayin’ ladies if if smells rotten it is.

  106. izzy1957 says:

    I’d like my daughter and her mom looked after, both while I’m alive and after. They shouldn’t have to worry if something bad happens, so my investments and savings are based on that.


    New to post, here. Touched by a man I didn’t really “know” until he left this realm, apart from a bit of his #MeToo advocacy.

    Unfortunately, I have to agree the timeline of events suck, and he was somehow shattered enough to decide to take his own life.

    One thing that occurred to me is that both his dating/marriage/partner history didn’t seem to have any real gaps. The man, perhaps didn’t realize his own personal value enough despite and perhaps because of the many ups and downs, and highs and lows he went through. Sadly, I do think, she, who shall not be named was the straw that broke him.

    I’m thinking, it will be a very private memorial, which is what I think he would have wanted, and his family will ensure he gets.

    Ottavia, God Bless her, is one strong woman, and he’s probably happy knowing that he picked the right woman to be the mother of his child. Thankfully, she and Ariane will have a lot of support from close friends and family going forward. I wish for them to find peace in their hearts as they learn to carry on without him.

    I also suspect that we won’t hear anything more other than at some point maybe that a private memorial service was held. In terms of toxicology reports – and yes, I wonder too, and I hope not – but I don’t think we’ll find out one way or the other. I believe it will be kept private, if at all possible. If it happened in the States, I could well see that that information would come out, but having occurred overseas and in France, it’s just possible that those results will only be shared with family, and I think in keeping with the privacy for the family left behind.

    If only he knew, felt and believed enough in his eminent value here, and also, to remain here with the rest of us humans, despite when life sucker punches us. He was so loved.

  107. catsworking says:

    Lynn, great comment. Thanks for those quotes. Tony could be absolutely hilarious while telling the absolute truth.

    I definitely move around in my kitchen with much more confidence since I discovered Bourdain (and Jacques Pepin, through Bourdain). My knives are better and I have a little technique for things I wasn’t too good at before. Chopping onions and cracking eggs are two that come to mind.

    The most recent trips where I ventured out alone were to spend a few days each in Lisbon and Barcelona. Whenever I ate something new (like squid ink in Lisbon), I was inspired by Bourdain. I never tasted anything I didn’t like.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do without his example, except maybe reread his writing or watch an episode where he’s visited somewhere I’m going. I’ve been giving Samantha Brown a hard look lately. She’s a different animal, but I like her.

  108. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Daisy! I think I found that Twitter thread yesterday and posted the link here, but contributions are always welcome.

    The archives of this blog contain the equivalent of several books about Bourdain. Scrolling back through, I see that a lot of the links have been broken, but there’s a wealth of info here, not only about his TV work but also his personal life as I could uncover tidbits.

    When I started learning about his first wife Nancy and sharing what I found, he looked up my address and contacted me via snail-mail letter to say he wasn’t too pleased. At that time, he was trying to compartmentalize his personal and professional lives, but I think Cats Working helped him see it wasn’t really possible, nothing bad would come of letting us in a little, and then he became an open book to anyone who wanted to interview him about anything.

    When that happened, I pretty much stopped writing about him unless something special happened because I didn’t feel I could add to the conversation he was already leading.

    Through the years, there’s been a core group of fans who were once regulars here. Some of them even traveled to an event DC where we met for the first time and the Bourdains actually picked us out of the audience and came out to meet us before the event started. Ottavia sat with us while Tony was on stage.

    We drifted apart eventually, but they’ve all come back to discuss his death and try to make some sense of it. So that’s been one blessing in this miserable situation.

  109. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Dianna. I just read the Santa Monica Observer story. It sounds credible, but without corroborating sources, I’m not posting the link because it’s as verified as the rumor that Hillary had Bourdain bumped off because he was about to expose her pedophile ring.

    When we first got the news, I wondered if he hadn’t gotten some bad medical diagnosis because he was looking so tired and old. I thought it might be cancer because that’s what he seemed to mention most often, but maybe it was something else. If so, perhaps someone who knew him, or his doctor, will discuss it as times goes on and everyone can be a bit more objective. Or something will come out on the toxicology report. Maybe he was taking medication for whatever it was.

    I do feel there was a perfect storm of incidents that overloaded his circuits, and Asia was just the icing on the shit cake. In portraying herself as a bereft victim, she may be giving herself too much credit.

  110. catsworking says:

    Welcome, izzy.

    I agree that there will probably be a small service for the family and close friends. I’ve actually thought, if the Bourdains were going to rent a house in the Hamptons in August like they had been doing, that Ottavia would charter a boat, invite the Riperts, Tony’s mother and brother and his family, and maybe some other friends, and take it far out into the ocean and give Tony’s ashes a send off. Nothing could be more private, and the Atlantic Ocean affords nowhere where people can gather like it’a shrine.

    That said, I would expect something for the public. A celebration of his life rather than a somber memorial.

    I think rumors about what happened with continue to swirl, getting ever more outlandish, until the truth needs to be told to put the whole matter to rest. It may take a long while. I expect to see more than one book eventually. But, like with Robin Williams, the passing of a man of that stature in such a shocking way can’t just be pushed under the rug and forgotten.

  111. L Villeneuve says:

    I though I read a story somewhere that years ago he had lung cancer and that’s why he started to clean his act up(a little) by getting into MMA and such.

  112. Dianna says:

    Thank you for the Welcome! I wanted to post years ago when my husband who works in NYC, said Tony passed him on the street and he was in awe of him (not much impresses him, he sees celebrity daily). I always thought one day but I lived vicariously through your Tony meetings. 🙂 When my dad was homebound before his death, we would watch Tony together. My dad was a NYC boy and Tony’s humor would be a bright spot for him. Like he was along for the trip..Did he know how loved he was when you met him? I hope so. A rare celebrity loved for being authentic not glossed.

    I felt the same way about that story, didn’t know if I should mention it. Crazy conspiracy theories going around! But if anyone would decipher it best, it is you. Medication for anything can mess you up on a good day, let alone a series of dark days so that wouldn’t be surprising .

    “Shit cake”. Perfect way to describe that last week indeed.

  113. Laura N. says:

    Sending young Ariane well wishes on this Father’s Day, the first without her wonderful dad.

  114. Daisy says:

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I realized after I posted the twitter link that it was already posted here. Good to know you are all on top of the latest info! I have been doing a lot of reading and getting up to speed. The one thing I find surprising is that more details surrounding his death have not been released. It is very hard to piece together what happened without them. Maybe the family has been able to keep that information private. I don’t know. I am just happy we have your website which is a wealth of information. Hopefully, there will be news soon about a memorial service for the public to celebrate his life.

  115. Lynn says:

    Hi Morgan,

    Wow Studio 54. I envy you. I’ve always thought that place looked so amazing. I had to settle for the Limelight. I think what probably happens to women like the one in the Vox article is that for whatever reason (she mentions there were ‘warning signs’ and knew she shouldn’t go in his house, yet did so anyway and he blocked the door when she tried to leave), they don’t have that radar or ignore it.

    Maybe their self worth is so low they secretly feel they deserve it, or maybe they’re too trusting, maybe a bit of masochism. I’m not a shrink. But it doesn’t give those men the right to rape or beat them. If you leave your car unlocked and get robbed, you’ve done a dumb thing, but you’re still a victim of crime. I recall once at work 20 years ago an IT guy was emailing me animal porn and would talk in detail about sexcapades with his girlfriend or critique to me other women’s bodies in the office. This continued for months. Looking back, I never seriously considered going to HR or telling him to stop bc that would mean I wasn’t ‘cool’ and I wanted to be liked. And the guy looked like he’d done time. He had tats and was a black belt in Karate. I worried what revenge he might seek if I cost him his job. But that doesn’t change that what he did was wrong and it definitely doesn’t mean I was ‘comfortable’ with what he was doing.

    Yes women should act more on that 6th sense that tells them a situation is ‘off’ or ‘dangerous’ but we also should be trying to raise young men who don’t feel entitled to do this to women even if they are drunk, masochistic, naive or make bad decisions. Plus you can’t always tell someone’s a psycho – e.g. Ted Bundy. I don’t want to conflate women who, even if they make bad choices, are actually victimized vs. the few who outright lie about it. Too often our society views men like wild animals and doesn’t seem to expect much more from them than we do from say, sharks. Well you went in the ocean, so what did you expect but to get bitten?

    Cats – Samantha Brown is still on air?? Wow I didn’t realize. I mean, she’s so boring to me vs Bourdain. lol I think she does what he would call ‘pedestrian, capable’ travel television. I enjoyed getting info from her, like where to stay, etc. but it wasn’t inspiring TV.

    Speaking of, great interview here:

    Parkinsons? I almost hoping it’s true; at least it’s an explanation. Granted, people can live a long time with that disease and in some it progresses slowly – look at M. J. Fox. It’s not like getting a lung cancer diagnosis. But better to off yourself over that than an Italian skank.

  116. catsworking says:

    Dianna, I encountered Tony four times. The first time in Durham, NC, twice in DC, and then the last time here in Richmond.

    What always struck me about him was how “normal” he was. If you didn’t know he was a celebrity, you wouldn’t discern it from his manner. He was almost shy. It felt like he was allowing himself to be the center of attention because it was his job.

    And he would stay on the job until he’d signed every book and met everyone standing in line. He wasn’t one of those celebs who’d look at his watch and walk out as soon as he’d fulfilled his contractual time obligation.

  117. catsworking says:

    LV, lung cancer was the thing I think Tony expected to get from the years of heavy smoking. He joked about bad lung scans and not putting himself through a lot of treatment.

    His father died of heart disease, and that seemed to haunt him a bit. He wondered if he’d have the same fate at 57, but when he didn’t, it was as if he’d broken the curse.

  118. catsworking says:

    Daisy, his family has asked for privacy, which of course they should have.

    What’s strange to me is how the French handled it. I’ve always thought suicide triggered an autopsy to determine precise cause of death, but there’s been no mention of that, and now he’s ashes. They just said toxicology report (WITH urine sample, they carefully seemed to add). They instantly declared it suicide with no foul play. Period. OK. But they didn’t even try to establish the actual time of death, nor the last time anyone (who it was, never said) saw him alive, and how he seemed then.

    Not to create a conspiracy theory, but it’s all just too vague and pat. He must had several electronic devices in his room. Smartphone, laptop for writing, and he always traveled with an iPad. Not to mention handwritten notes — he was a writer. We NEVER travel without writing materials. But those were never mentioned. The possibility of a note has never been addressed, although most suicide reports routinely include whether or not a note was found.

    I would think that Ottavia has all his personal effects now. If she has his passwords, she can see what he left behind. Whether it reveals anything, or she will ever share that, we don’t know.

    Everyone close to him — family, Ripert, his crew — have all been SO silent, it feels as if there’s more than anyone is telling. But that’s just my opinion.

  119. catsworking says:

    Lynn, as you were typing this, I was watching that interview with Fast Company, which they did in August 2017 but posted the day he was found. At about 9:50, he talks about looking at himself in the mirror when he was a drug addict and deciding his life was worth moving forward. We still don’t know for sure what changed.

    Yes, Samantha Brown has a new show on PBS called “Places to Love.” I think it’s only 30 minutes, and in the Richmond market anyway, I think new episodes are airing right now. I’ve watched several and like them, although she is like the anti-Bourdain. She’s getting a bit feistier with age. In one, she took a road trip on the West Coast in an RV with her husband (who looks a lot older than her) and their young twins. I prefer to see her traveling alone because I can identify with that.

    If the rumor about Parkinson’s turns out to be true, Tony’s suicide would make so much more sense. He’d seen Michael J. Fox trying to soldier on with it, but knew he couldn’t replace his swaggering persona for craggy, trembly old man. Better to go out still on top and not let the world watch his deterioration. It would totally be in keeping with his philosophy. But still…

  120. Daisy says:

    You echo my sentiments exactly. I just can’t understand why an autopsy wasn’t done either. Do you think it’s possible they did an autopsy and are just not saying so publicly? Like you, I am not suggesting a conspiracy theory at all but I am curious how they declared suicide so open and shut without one.

    Seems there was no investigation done either to determine time of death, who saw him last etc. It’s really hard to believe he is gone. The suddenness and finality of it all is hard to grasp.

  121. catsworking says:

    Exactly, Daisy. Routine facts have been omitted. Why? I can understand waiting until his family was notified. But the longer we go with no word about anything, the more I think somebody’s sitting on pertinent information, for whatever reason.

    I did find this in Wikipedia about autopsies in France:

    “In some countries, e.g., Scotland, France, Germany, and Canada, an autopsy may comprise an external examination only. This concept is sometimes termed a “view and grant”. The principle behind this is that the medical records, history of the deceased and circumstances of death have all indicated as to the cause and manner of death without the need for an internal examination.”

    That said, in the absence of a note indicating a reason, it seems they’d want to see if there’s an underlying medical cause, unless the family said it wasn’t necessary and didn’t give permission.

    Maybe Bourdain himself had left instructions that his death, however and whenever it occurred, should be kept private. Who knows?

  122. Morganlf says:

    If there was an underlying medical reason and his doctors released the information wouldn’t that be illegal?
    I too want to believe there was more to it than a dame, ESPECIALLY, that one.
    I read that if he ever got diagnosed he’d happily return to his heroin habit and had no use for palliative care.
    There were two Limelight’s one in the village and one in a church I was there too.

  123. Adele Prass says:

    How Anthony Bourdain Became a Book Publisher
    His imprint will end once it’s published all books under contract
    by Daniela Galarza Jun 11, 2018, 12:58pm EDT

    Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images
    Those who knew him well know that the late Anthony Bourdain was not only a great writer, but also a voracious reader. That’s basically how he became a publisher: In 2011, Ecco, which published Bourdain’s seminal memoir Kitchen Confidential in 2000, announced an imprint called Anthony Bourdain Books. Right off the bat, Bourdain used his new platform to greenlight a variety of authors, from experts in niche fields to previously unsung critics like Marilyn Hagerty. “We made this arrangement because he always wanted to be a publisher,” says Ecco’s Daniel Halpern, who purchased the rights to Kitchen Confidential, based on a New Yorker essay Bourdain wrote, for $100,000. “He loved working with writers, and wanted to be a part of the publication process.”

    But in light of Bourdain’s death last Friday, the imprint — for which Halpern notes Bourdain hand-picked each author — will end.

    “This is something I don’t think I could say about anyone else with that level of fame: While Bourdain was a celebrity, he was also someone that could be an editor or publisher here,” Halpern says. “He had the access we didn’t have, but also the editing skills, and was a conduit for finding books that really engaged readers. He dealt with his authors in the same way he dealt with cultures around the world: He went into it with an open mind and respect, he wanted to bring out the best wherever he could.”

    Very quickly Anthony Bourdain Books became known as a publishing house that featured a variety of books. “From culinary topics to memoirs to rereleased novels to unknown authors, Bourdain wanted his imprint to have a wide range.” Halpern says.

    The latest book from the imprint is Hawker Fare, San Francisco chef James Syhabout’s deep dive into the street food of Isan and Laos, and personal journey into the history of his heritage. And Bourdain was deeply invested in the success of each of his books. “Each book [he brought in] was a little different in how he was involved in it,” Halpern says. “He was involved in all of the production side; he saw covers, page layouts; if there was ever an issue in an editorial thing, he handled it. He was certainly involved in publicity and marketing… One of the remarkable things about him was that he was tireless about promoting his authors. If it wasn’t a well-known author, he would go down to Barnes & Noble bookstore in [NYC’s] Union Square and be on a panel with them to draw attention to them and their voice.”

    Halpern hopes to publish a final book by Bourdain, under the Ecco label, based on a collection of essays the two men discussed over the past two years. Halpern first told Vulture of the as-yet-unseen manuscript: “There was a book that he was going to deliver at the end of the summer. I know he’s been working on them and I know that he had a bunch of them last summer. I think that it was going to be much more personal. I think he planned to talk about traveling more, what it’s like to be on the road, having a family. But I haven’t seen anything and I’m guessing I’ll hear from his agent at some point. I hope there’s enough for at least a small book.”

    Future books from the imprint include We Fed An Island by chef José Andrés, which is expected out on September 11, 2018. Of it, Bourdain said in a press release earlier this year: “With a fraction of the resources available to the government, huge non-profits or NGOs, José Andrés and World Central Kitchen fed hundreds of thousands of desperate people in Puerto Rico, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria… To say that I am proud to publish this book, and to help tell this vital story, is a vast understatement.”

    Bourdain’s imprint will also release Prisoner by journalist Jason Rezaian next year. Rezaian, a Washington Post reporter who served as a guide to Bourdain during Parts Unknown’s Iran episode, was held hostage in a high-security prison in Iran’s capital for 18 months in 2014 and 2015 after being accused of spying. His book is a memoir of his imprisonment and release.

    According to Halpern, chef José Andrés is also publishing a vegetable-focused cookbook next spring, and several other as-yet-unnamed books are under contract. “With his modesty and honesty, he was a kind of catalyst for people to think about what they were doing, and why,” Halpern says of the late author and publisher, “no matter if it was eating or traveling or fighting or feeling.” There’s no question that Bourdain touched many lives. Among them was a new generation of authors and their readers.


  124. Daisy says:

    Thank you this provides some clarity. So I guess it’s possible they just viewed the body and the scene to determine cause of death. So many unanswered questions. I guess all we can really do is wait and see if somone talks in the days/weeks ahead.

  125. Adele Prass says:

    Sorry to send such a long article, but I couldn’t figure out how to send just a link.In the sixth paragraph, Ecco says they hope to publish at least a short book of Tony’s essays, and they knew he had been writing stuff as far back as last summer — and that it was to be more personal. Let us hope. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

  126. catsworking says:

    Morgan, good point. But I don’t know if the French are constrained by our HIPAA laws. I guess the family would have to give permission to release any medical information. Wasn’t it Robin Williams’ wife who eventually made a statement about his diagnosis that led to suicide?

    I don’t suspect foul play. It seems established that he hanged him. But we heard nothing about the condition of the room. What might he have been doing leading up to it? Was there a mess? Or did he put all his stuff away like he knew he was checking out — literally.

    And he was a WRITER. He left not one word of explanation? He didn’t want the last word to make sure everyone knew what happened? This was the ONE mystery about his life he wanted to leave us all with? Maybe, but I doubt it.

    Yeah, yeah, I hear all the justifications. He was depressed. He was hearing voices. He wasn’t thinking straight.

    I’m sorry, but I think his writing trumped all that. He was a communicator first. He documented everything. But not this?

  127. catsworking says:

    Adele, thanks for the article. I read something about his imprint going away after all the books in the pipeline are published, but I missed the bit that there may be a final Bourdain book coming. Fingers crossed!

    His laptop is probably going to be a crucial piece of this. I read on the consulate’s website that they would make arrangements to return personal effects “if the family wanted them.”

    I can’t imagine his family wouldn’t want whatever scraps of output he left behind.

  128. Adele Prass says:

    Karen, I’m sure they’ll get the laptop — his agent must know about his book deal. I’m preparing to watch the Cajun Mardi Gras episode of Parts Unknown and having a Margarita. I’m interested in Cajun culture, so I’d been looking forward to it. Now, I think it will be very sad.

  129. catsworking says:

    I’ve got 20 episodes backed up on the DVR that aired since he died, and I just watched the CNN Remembering episode. It was very touching. He really changed that network for the better. I hope they can find a way to sustain it. Christiane Amanpour is my best hope for that.

  130. Daisy says:

    I haven’t seen this posted here but today there is more cryptic information from Asia on Instagram about Anthony and the “Truth being revealed”. She is responding to criticism about her actions and cheating etc. She really gives me the creeps.

  131. Lynn says:

    OMG I can’t believe that woman. She is now acting like Trump, teasing what’s to come like this is some kind of reality show. “You will know the truth”. WTF?? What is she waiting for? I wish someone would just ask Asia directly on Twatter or Instapuke (I hate social media) why she was cavorting with Hugh so publicly knowing she could be photographed. And whom was that ‘f you all’ t-shirt supposed to be about? I would do it but I’m not on either of those anymore.

    Morgan – I meant the church. I almost cried when it closed.

    Okay, I rarely do this but I have just fast forwarded through a sequence of the Cajun episode in which these people (sans Bourdain) dance around in the mud. The chicken shooting, bunny butchering and cockroach (er, crawfish) eating were already grossing me out, but then to hear that they are practicing gender segregation, as Tony says, ‘as bad as Saudi Arabia’. Ugh. More Tony, fewer rednecks please. This epi doesn’t seem to have the flair and arty cinematography of prior episodes. It feels more like a No Reservations episode. Did Billy Bob Thornton direct this one? (hehe).

    He looks old and tired, but I’m not seeing anything that looks like symptoms of a neuro problem. He seemed pretty handy with that hammer. I hope this gets better in the final 30 minutes.

  132. Daisy says:

    Lynn, I couldn’t believe the audacity of her posts and reading thru there is much more of is nauseating. Seems there is no end to her cruelty. She is baiting everyone with these comments. I know this is terrible to think but a part of me is wondering if she actually enjoys the notority of it all. I don’t see any remorse coming from her…not one bit. Sickening.

  133. Lynn says:

    Well if he did something to displease her lowness, why would Asia feel remorse? She may even be secretly glad. You have to be really pissed at someone to flaunt your cannodling in their face that way – and not just in his face, but the whole world is seeing her humiliate him after he puts forth shamelessly public displays of his head over heels status online. (Still don’t get why he would do that. I would think he’d want to keep a romance on the DL, esp with a fellow (semi) celeb, just in case it did go to shit.)

    I mean, seeing those pics online would feel awful if you aren’t famous but jeez, I haven’t seen a celeb relationship this humiliating since the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James days. She gushed for 10 mins about how awesome he was at the Oscars and he slept with (fellow) trailer trash behind her back as a thank you.

    Aaaaand no, the Cajun episode did not improve. Wow. I can honestly say that is my least fave epi Tony has ever done across all his shows. Yikes.

  134. Dianna says:

    The girlfriend should totally be off Instagram right now you both are right about it looks baiting, not grief. People all grieve different but Come out and say your truth already, this looks worse. She also posted in the stories section her daughter rapping about death or hell from what I could hear of the words.

  135. Daisy says:

    I agree about the Cajon episode I watched it earlier. Definately not my favorite. I actually don’t think he did anything to displease her…as in that is why she was cavorting around Rome with Hugo. . She just got caught with the photos. I think that is what started the arguments and discord. She also seemed to be teasing the photographer and loving the attention with the photos etc. The Japan show was done and she was moving on.

    If he was In a better frame of mind I am sure he would have moved on from it too but he was already looking so tired and drained the last year. I noticed even his eyes have a sort of blank quality to them, an emptyness there that I hadn’t seen before.

  136. Morganlf says:

    That cunt. I will read through the timeline, but am ever more convinced thee was a part two.
    It wasn’t solely her couldn’t have been, she’s not that relevant, he had a full life and lots of obligations and projects.

    She’s toying with us, willing to play the black widow to garner media attention.
    She must know the truth will out. Then everyone will say ahhhh that’s it!

    Except knowing this,as his closest confidant, whatever it is-she orchestrated a series of events designed to hurt him badly and make her infamous.

  137. Laura N. says:

    That is her mode of operation, guys. She’s now doing to Anthony what she did to various men and women over the course of the Me Too movement. These kinds of cryptic message allows people start to wonder things about Toni and they allow her to stay in the public eye. She is truly an evil human being. He signed his death warrant when he took up with that monster. I feel so so sorry for him. She used him for money and publicity, drove him to his death, and now she’s using him in death. Disgusting.

  138. Morganlf says:

    Disgusting Laura n I agree.

    What else could it be?


    2. HIV? Junkie needles

    3.Gay? Nah..though other than his wives theirs not a lot written.

    4. A#meetoo story..? Always wondered why there was never any accusations, but to be fair Tony would never have to use force to get a woman.

    5.Return to using? See item 1.

    6. Fear of being too old to travel.? Nah he had many talents.

    7. Alzheimer’s..afraid he was loosing his extraordinaty mind?

    Throwing shit out there: Tony forgive me, I admired you so..loved you…just digging for an answer, like everyone else that misses you.

  139. Carol says:

    Laura N… agree with you completely. “She used him for money and publicity, drove him to his death, and now she’s using him in death. Disgusting.”

    The interview above from Canada… interviewing David the chef from Montreal who, along with his partner, were very close friends of Tony and Ottavia sheds some light on Tony’s mental state. At least at the time of filming the Newfoundland episode (When was that?). David said during the filming of that episode that Tony looked very tired and was smoking a lot… he called it “nervous smoking”, and also said that his drinking had increased… that drinking on the shoots started at 10 am and went til 10 pm. Those two things alone take a lot out of a 61 yo guy. And it helps explain how he lost so much weight and aged so much more. Reading between the lines of what David said, I believe he was implying that the behavior was because of his new relationship.

    Plus, the drinking and the smoking on top of the extremely grueling filming/work schedule I think was taking a toll on him… such that when everything came crashing down with Asia, he didn’t have the physical or emotional reserves to cope with it… and in my opinion, it drove him over the edge. He had put SO MUCH of himself into the relationship… given her so much of his support. Gushed over her on instagram and twitter… over the moon about her on mother’s day etc. Seeing the photos literally pulled the rug out from under him.

    I watched the first two episodes of Parts Unknown tonight, filmed 5 years ago, and he looks like a completely different person. He weighed more, had a bit of a belly, his face looked great… nice and plump and healthy. Well, he did look hung over a couple of times… but most of the show he looked really great. No comparison to the last photos of him where he’s lost so much weight and is pretty haggard. So tragic. Another good thing about the interview on the Canadian show posted above is that they took some time to comment on how so many people are having a really hard time coping with his death… Howard Stern and Alec Baldwin… and David had a good take on why that’s the case. So we are not alone. 😦

  140. catsworking says:

    Wow, you guys have been busy bees while I was sleeping. That Asia Instagram post was beyond disgusting and a clear grab to regain attention. It also may explain why the family has circled the wagons about the funeral or a memorial. They don’t want Asia or Rose to show up and make it a spectacle all about them.

    As I am going through my backlog of episodes, I’m watching the dates to see when he really started going downhill. Bear in mind that he lost 35 lbs. when he took up MMA 2 (or 3?) years ago. Weight loss ages an older person, causing more wrinkles. Believe me, I know.

    But it seems his behavior became more self-destructive after he met Asia. Not only was he smoking heavily while practicing MMA, a no-no, but he maintained a grueling work schedule. And when he wasn’t doing that, he was shuttling between Ariane and Asia. And while with Asia, probably trying to be a stud. He claimed he didn’t suffer from jet lag, but I don’t buy it for a minute.

    And don’t forget, he and Asia wrapped up the Florence episode together on May 26, just the week before she shacked up with Hugo. So, they were good then (evidenced by that B&W pic of her sitting beside him, holding a cigarette and looking like the cat who ate the canary), but in the ensuing week she decided to cheat on him. So, did some falling out happen the week of May 27-June 2?

  141. Daisy says:

    She reminds me of either a Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Involvement with either is capable of sending you over the edge. I know that first hand with my ex husband. They will torment and wear you down over the course of the relationship. Just my opinion but this wasn’t the first rift between them…..My guess is she was a handful to deal with for the entire relationship. Extreme high and lows, all part of the game for them. This was just the grand finale.

    I looked over her social media. Lots of references to dark, evil satan/witchcraft symbolism, tatoos etc. Bottom line for me is she had a lot to do with his downturn this year and death. Was she the sole cause? No, but a significant contribution. A relationship with a personality disorder can do exactly what you see here with Tony. Age you and Kill you! It can be that bad. Especially for a middle age man who was already prone to depression. He said himself how suicidal he can get when a significant relationship ends.

  142. Lynn says:

    So true, Daisy. If you’re already having suicidal thoughts it can’t be good to fall in love with someone who ‘wants to die more than’ you do. What I meant by him displeasing her is not that he did anything bad, but rather something that would displease only her (bc of her mental problems and narcissism) like failing to kiss her ass enough, not catering to her tantrums or other crazy, childish behavior in attempts to get his attention, etc. She is like a caricature of the most crazy, bad tempered, ‘passionate’ Italian women I’ve seen in movies. The type that threaten to kill themselves openly to a man if they don’t meet their immediate demands.

    But then that stuff may have turned him on, who knows. He didn’t seem attracted to normal, stabilizing women. Shame he didn’t have the girlfriend equivalent of Eric – calm, sane, supportive, easy going.

    Re: the Cajun episode. If these folks want the ‘elites’ in the blue states (aka people who don’t throw animals in the air like footballs) to stop looking down on them, perhaps they should stop acting like drunken cousin/chicken fuckers. Just a thought.

  143. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Lucia. Thanks for the link. It’s an extended interview with the paparazzi who shot Asia in the restaurant, and he says he got her two weeks earlier with Matt Dillon and cropped out Dillon’s wife to make it look more compromising, which made Dillon’s wife mad “like a hyena.”

    To be clear here, Asia was photographed that weekend by one paparazzi, and on the following Monday in the street by another, both times with this guy Hugo.

    Since there’s a a strong tide against her right now, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if she staged her own suicide attempt to sway sympathy in her direction and shift all attention to herself.

  144. catsworking says:

    Lynn, thank you for my laugh of the day. “Drunken cousin/chicken fuckers” is priceless!

    I haven’t seen the Cajun episode, but thanks for all the warnings. There have been many a time when I’ve left the room or fast-forwarded through scenes where Bourdain felt compelled to tell us where our proteins really come from.

  145. Lynn says:

    Cats this isn’t even about killing animals to eat, this is tossing live chickens and letting them slam to the ground, or falling drunk on top of them. And riding horses drunk, making the horses spin around till they’re dizzy and pouring beer on horses’ heads. Oh and shooting a chicken point blank with a gun. As Tony said about people who are nice to Kissinger, I say about them – fuck those people. Where’s the opioid crisis when you need it?

    Meanwhile I would encourage you all to check Asia’s Instagram comments section. Just take care not to accidentally see a nude selfie she took. (My eyes!!) So many relevant comments that are right on the money, like this one:

    teathyme23@asiaargento instead of trying to be such a “badass” during this time w your cryptic messages and your girl time, w singing and laughing, why can’t you actually be a role model and instead of quoting all of these random things give a statement of your own that doesn’t seem fake or shallow or morbid? To me you seem attention hungry #allaboutmetoo that got lucky to be with such an admired person. He made you famous, no one knew about you until him and no one cares about xfactor FYI.. it hasn’t been cool for over ten years here in the USA. I guess what I am saying is stop trying to act like you are a role model and go back to being a messed up piece of shit that you have always been.

    and this…

    I dont know what he saw in you. You’re filthy looking, pure white trash. You used his game to TRY and make a name for yourself. He will be remembered for all the good he has done in the world. You’ll be remembered as his biggest mistake. By the way take down the Saint Francis prayer I really don’t think you’re in any position to pray to anybody. Go slither under whatever rock you came out from and before you do that maybe take a bath.

    LMAO. I almost want to rejoin Instagram just so I can troll this bee-yatch.

  146. catsworking says:

    Lynn, HOLY SHITBALLS!! I think the cats have an Instagram account (and a YouTube channel) we never use. The posters over there waste no time going for the jugular, do they? Wow. And so accurate! 😉

    Asia WILL be remembered as Bourdain’s biggest — final, fatal — mistake. And what she’s been putting out there since his death certainly isn’t going to get her phone ringing with lucrative deals, except maybe mud-wrestling with Tonya Harding.

    I wonder about Asia’s son. She was pregnant with him when she got married, divorced his father when he was 2 or 3. Then at 6 “Uncle Tony” showed up for dinner (God only knows how many “Uncles” before that), Mom spent lots of time away from home globe-trotting and shacking up (which may have been the kid’s best times). But now at age 8, Uncle Tony is suddenly a suicide. Think that upbringing will mess him up for life?

    I was thinking of the differences between Asia and Ottavia. Asia’s life as a kid was apparently a MESS.

    Ottavia’s parents are still married. She grew up in a big Italian family with lots of animals around. When she met Bourdain, she told me her mother knew something about him and was concerned, but trusted Ottavia knew what she was doing and gave her blessing.

    I credit Ottavia with adding 10 years to his life. The way he was going before he met her, he’d have spiraled out in his late 40s. She gave him stability and a home base. Even when they separated, she never completely cut him out.

    I think it was the chefs from the Newfoundland episode said he was complaining about traveling so much. He may have regretted that so much time away gave Ottavia the impetus to move on without him. On the other hand, he was driven to provide handsomely for his family for the rest of their lives. Plus, he was addicted to travel itself. It was a real Catch-22.

  147. catsworking says:

    Crap, almost forgot to address the chicken and horse abuse. Thanks for warning me, Lynn. I agree totally with you. FUCK those people.

    There are ill-informed, uneducated people with wrong-headed ideas. But then there are deliberately cruel people who don’t care that they’re hurting other creatures and actually think it’s fun. I can’t think of a punishment bad enough for them, except an eye for an eye. To grant them any legitimacy whatsoever by treating like “another culture with quaint customs” is bullshit. Bourdain screwed up bigly there.

    This country’s in the mess it’s in by being too tolerant of unspeakable cruelty. Just look at our southern border. Concentration camps for children. WTF is happening to us?

  148. Daisy says:

    Hi Everyone, I have been busy all day with work and just had time to check in on the latest post. Her behavior is so typical of a Narcissist in that it’s not enough to just end a relationship they have to do it in the most hurtful way possible. They will cheat on you and then turn it all around and make you think it’s your fault they cheated! They will not take responsibility for their behavior..ever and forget about remorse. Not happening. In fact, the more hurt you are the more satisfaction they get. All this, ” He killed himself over Asia” feeds into the Narcissitic need to be seen as so important and loved that he would actually kill himself over her. The narcissitic need for supply, as in attention, love, admiration and importance in insatiable. I know this sounds cruel but it is the way a Narcissist thinks. I really hope I am wrong about this but I doubt it. She will find a way to keep inserting herself in the narrative one way or another.

  149. Daisy says:

    Cats, I agree about Ottavia being a stabilizing inflence and it is sad they grew apart. I think you already said this but the problem is Anthony’s work did not allow for a stable home life. As I see it he had two choices. Either pick a woman who was content to wait at home and keep the home fires burning for when he occasionally came back or find a woman who would be willing to work beside him and travel, live a “gypsy” lifestyle. I think with Asia he thought he may have found that gypsy BUT he got a whole lot more than he bargained for with her!

    AB was a very complex man with opposing needs that he couldn’t seem to reconcile. The difficulty was obviously within him which is what made a woman like Asia so appealing.

  150. catsworking says:

    I just finished watching the Parts Unknown on Naxos, Greece, filmed summer 2015. He rented a villa and wanted to rest. It was a gorgeous episode with lots of eating and partying. Only one scene of slaughter: rooster and rabbit. Well, if you don’t count octopus. In the last scene, he said he was lonely and philosophized about that a bit. Then a beach party at dusk scene where someone said to him, “Don’t tell me what you ate. Tell me who you ate with.” Then it closed with him on his lovely terrace, chowing down with his crew.

    But the message was, he was always surrounded by people, but felt alone. He wasn’t wearing his ring. He was incredibly fit but not yet gaunt. And he hadn’t met Asia yet.

    When the full story of Bourdain finally comes out and he becomes just a memory, her name will sink like a stone in the U.S. In Italy, she’ll be known as that Weinstein slut who killed Bourdain. But as a respected actress, director, writer, whatever? I think not. Her best days are probably behind her unless there’s another rich and powerful man out there stupid enough to take her in and let her feed off him.

  151. Daisy says:

    I agree about her best days being behind her. I have no doubt that she will milk this for all it’s worth. Garnering as much sympathy and attention as possible. I saw a post she made over the weekend playing the song, Staying Alive, dancing and giving the finger. Her flippant attitude in the wake of his death is disgusting and I sure hope that when Karma hits she gets as good as she gave!

  152. catsworking says:

    The more she posts defiant, desperate stuff to get attention, the more I think she’s going to do something drastic to get back in the headlines. The only thing that could be is self-harm. All the shit comments she’s getting are validating her low self-esteem and may push her over the edge.

    She’s one sick puppy. I feel sorry for her kids. I bet her 16-year-old daughter holds the home together for her little brother and feels like Asia’s mother.

    “Magnificent” my ass.

  153. Laura N. says:

    No wealthy man will touch her after this. She’s 42 years old and not a youthful looking 42 at that. Wealthy and powerful guys her own age aren’t going to go for her. Only a guy over 55 would see her as “young” and you can bet all those rich guys over 55 are identifying with Anthony right now. Who wants to be 60 years old and publicly played a fool like that. I think that’s an unspoken part of why so many older male celebrities are shaken up over his death. Trust and believe, Anthony Bourdain is her last rich and powerful benefactor and protector.

  154. Morganlf says:

    The whiskey voiced, trash Argento is getting violently trolled on IG. Worse than here!
    Damaged goods.
    I’m with Karen here, she will pull a self harming stunt.

    I still miss Tony.

  155. Daisy says:

    Lots of photos with a ciggarrette hanging out of her mouth and that raspy voice. On his social media you can really see how AB was so taken with her and praising everything. I just can’t see what he saw.

    I agree with you all about the posssiblity of a self harming stunt. She is getting slamned all over the internet for her flippant behavior since his death.

  156. Carol says:

    Just commenting because for some reason I can not see all the recent posts… 😦

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