Did Trump Even Read the Nunes Memo?

By Karen

If Donald Trump thinks Devin Nunes’ memo about the big, bad FISA warrants on poor little Carter Page is Trump’s Get Out of Jail Free card, he clearly didn’t read the memo. As well-researched, considered, and compelling documents go, it ranks somewhere between a crock and utter bullshit.

What I don’t get is this: If Trump and circle are all innocent, why are they, and anyone willing to play defense for them, like Nunes, turning themselves inside out denying and deflecting?

If they have committed no crimes, they should be coolly confident that Mueller and his team will come up empty of all counts and conclude the investigation’s been a big nothingburger.

Never mind!

Don’t they see they’re behaving guilty and opening themselves to charges of obstruction of justice, even if there were no crimes?

Let’s cut right to the heart of it, the one major point they have yet to explain away. I’ll state it in the hyperbolic terms Trump loves so much…

No president in American history has ever had so many people around him so cozy with Russians, nor have so many Russians been involved in a president’s activities.

If it’s all good, clean fun, why weren’t they playing with England or France, instead of a country hell-bent on destroying Western-style democracy?

We now know for a FACT (just ask Facebook) that Russia flooded the U.S. with pro-Trump, anti-Clinton propaganda. If Trump’s people had nothing to do with that, why are their fingerprints all over the place?

And let’s not forget the tax returns Trump’s been so rabidly hiding. Would H&R Block vouch for them, or do they show a damning history of money laundering, tax evasion and fraud? And since he’s been president, what about Trump’s myriad conflicts of interest with businesses he still owns and profits from?

Trump probably knows his business deals make obstruction of justice the least of his worries. I have no doubt he thinks lucking into the presidency is his financial Get Out of Jail Free card because he mistakenly thinks he’s now above the law.

In the face of Russia and the financial questions, Nunes’ stupid memo as a defense is like spitting into a tidal wave, and now the FBI and DOJ must hate Trump’s guts.

I hope Mueller and his team are working at warp speed to end this madness ASAP. If not, we’ll have to wait until November when voters sweep the Trump enablers out of Congress so the new Democratic majority can begin the impeachment. By then, Trump’s incompetence will undoubtedly provide more grounds than they need.

10 Responses to Did Trump Even Read the Nunes Memo?

  1. Morganlf says:

    Unfortunately the more we on the democratic side mention collusion the more the trumpers will shout deep state conspiracy. Never mind the clatter they made of Benghazi when a few died, one who was an IT guy whose mother was trotted out to decry HRC…the guy was not a soldier enlisted to defend our country..heTOOK A JOB KNOWING HE WAS GOING INTO A DANGEROUS PLACE for money.

    Therefore she is not a gold star mother. Nor are the family of Otto Warmbier they are just grieving parents.

    Hillary is not responsible for either incident. Is Putin a mastermind or a blundering dictator?

    We need to get past his ham handed interference and address the real: trump was a flawed candidate because his screaming mortgaged debt in the 1980’s..was picked up and is now owned by Russia. Like you pointed out, the money laundering and his Byzantine business interests were propped up by the Russians, Putin merely took advantage of a crooked businessman.

    His nativist dog whistle politics are DISTRACTION. trump (actually Bannon) correctly counted on the whitelash against Obama.

    Face it the disgrace of our nation is because a “nigger” occupied the White House. It shames me to the core. We are a nation of closet, now open racists.

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I agree with you that the Obama presidency opened the door for a Trump character to appeal to the seething bigots in this country and make it acceptable for them to express themselves again. They are too ignorant to see that Trump considers them exploitable rubes who will believe anything.

    After Trump defies his lawyers and testifies for Mueller (please, God, PLEASE let it be under oath!) and self-immolates on the obstruction charge, maybe Putin will decide to pile on and show us at least a little of what he’s got on Trump, just to show his contempt for Trump’s incompetence and stupidity.

    Every time Trump says or does something outrageous for this “base” he’s so eager to please, and which hasn’t grown by one soul since he took office, we have to take heart in the fact that there aren’t enough of them to re-elect him, by a long shot. Even if more moderate Republicans put racism and party above country and vote for him, the Democrats are now so fucking mad, we will do whatever it takes to win back every seat we can. I have faith in that.

  3. Morganlf says:

    And now…his son in law, a no nothing inheritor of money from a crooked jailed father is finally downgraded from seeing all sensitive high import sensitive information. Yeah…like trump won’t blab it at least what he retains…which ain’t much.
    Hope Hicks his penile obscession and knee pad “daughter” is out.
    If this was any other president would he still be in the Oval Office?
    We pay millions to fly him to his heavily mortgaged Russian owned properties…yet can’t get health care or gun control done.

  4. catsworking says:

    And today Trump is tweeting blame at Obama and Hillary for Russia. His tiny shreds of sanity are clearly unraveling.

    Once he no longer has hot, young Hope Hicks beside him to “stroke” away his tension, the end will be near. Mueller is brilliantly turning the screws on everyone around Trump, creeping closer and closer.

    If Hicks really did keep a diary, it will either give Mueller more corroboration to bury Trump, or a wealth of new leads, with the same result.

    Even Putin seems to see that Trump is toast and he’s joining the pile-on with his “my dick is bigger than your dick” announcement of invincible nuclear weapons.

    But I think once charges are brought against Jared, and they are certainly coming, and Ivanka’s in legal trouble for using her First Daughter role to grow her business, Trump will cut and run to save himself.

    To answer your question, no, no other president could have all this scandal and survive this long. It just shows how low Republicans will sink for the sake of holding onto power, even though having it is getting them nowhere because they’ve hitched their wagon to a demented moron. May they keep it up until Trump’s led away in a straitjacket. They’ll all be a pile of rotting carcasses after the mid-terms.

  5. Morganlf says:

    Imagine Hope Hicks, and Jared are in a past news cycle…in the past few weeks since this post:
    Secretary of State Tillerson..fired..Andrew MCCabe deputy director FBI fired 2 days before he was set to retire. A disgrace of petty revenge.
    Meanwhile, a porn star, a playboy model, and a former reality star moved and filed lawsuits.
    No one cares about that..we knew he was gross.

    But ,what he did is extremely disturbing: trump the schoolyard bully, cadet bone spurs, who picks a fight with EVERYONE…called a murdering dictator enemy of the state, avowed dismantler of Democracy…and congrstulated him on an “”elected “ victory..when there was no election only a despot fake emulation of one.

    Trump is placing our safety, Democracy and country in harms way to save his own interests.
    If you voted for him you are complicit.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I haven’t had the heart to even try to put something together since the last post, the shit is flying out of the White House so fast and furiously. Firing McCabe 26 hours before he could collect retirement was a petty dick move of a magnitude that defies description. And it goes on and on and on as Trump conducts this vendetta against all his enemies, whom HE is creating with his own criminal behavior.

    Except for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who will faithfully keep that Trump dick stuffed as far down their throats as they can until he’s marched off to jail, all in the name of keeping the Republican party “on top,” homophobes that they both are.

    I don’t think it will be Stormy Daniels who brings Trump down. It will be his finances and obstruction of justice. But she will start a third snowball rolling down the hill as the revelations about Trump’s behavior during the coverup come out at trial. And then when it’s looking that Trump’s disgrace and downfall (and, fingers crossed, prosecution) are all but certain, Putin will deliver the coup de grace by revealing HIS dirt on Trump.

    Putin is just toying with Trump now, like a cat with a cornered mouse. Putin’s got 6 more years in office, Trump is still stroking him although he knows Trump will never be of any use to him because the Republicans will get trampled and Trump’s rule will become impossible. No, Putin is just letting Trump swing in the breeze now, loving that Trump worship because it infuriates us and the rest of the world.

    My prediction is that Putin’s next assassinations will occur in the U.S., just to show Trump he can do it and that nowhere is safe if you get on Putin’s bad side.

    And when Trump’s fate is sealed by Mueller and Daniels and he’s flailing about like an impotent madman, Putin will finish him off with a quick snap to the neck via his own dossier.

  7. Morganlf says:

    Every word correct. Only rule of law will bring down this bizarre administration. Putins pictures of trump in a diaper being peed on will only be brushed away as fake. His base won’t care as long as trump is white.

  8. catsworking says:

    And I wrote this before I knew that Trump was hiring the ultimate right-wing ass-clown, John Bolton, to be his new “security” advisor. The last thing either of them want is security for anyone. They think they can blow up the whole world be the only ones to survive, like a pair of cockroaches.

    What Trump doesn’t realize is that once he’s destroyed all of humanity, all his wealth won’t mean shit and there will be no one left to worship him.

  9. Morganlf says:

    Yeah,but he’s fucking with my retirement portfolio. The market is reacting to Trumpenomics. A far cry from the Obama recovery of 2008.
    And if my dollars are down..so is every other non millionaire. These trumpets are cutting there collective noses to spite their stupid faces. Assholes.

  10. catsworking says:

    I hear you. I just got a statement on one of my accounts and it’s just churning with all these stock market drops that bastard is causing. And now he’s frying the people who live in Trump Tower because he was too cheap to install sprinklers and BRAGGING about his great construction!

    I think of the morons who voted for him as Truppets. They’ll let him pull their strings until he makes them lose everything. It looks like his tariff pissing contest is going to wipe out the farmers first.

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