Watching Trump Unravel

By Karen

Donald Trump delivers his first State of the Union address January 30. It promises to be an epic fact-free brag-fest about his omnipotence and imaginary “accomplishments.”

We’ll get to assess how his mental deterioration is progressing. Trump’s falling apart so fast, last week he couldn’t resist dissing most of black civilization as “shithole countries.”

Republicans limply called his remarks “unfortunate” and “unhelpful.” A few even accused Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who heard them firsthand and reported them, of lying. That makes zero sense. Durbin was the only Democrat there. Do they really think he’s so stupid, he’d falsely attribute obscenities to Trump and expect to get away with it?

Basically, Trump has thrown Republicans into a deep shithole they’ll never dig themselves out of, because Trump is incapable of salvaging this situation or his presidency.

The AP reported Trump called friends to gauge reaction to his shithole comments. You know he’s scheming some way to top himself now, so let me offer a suggestion for the State of the Union, when the eyes of the country and much of the world will be on him.

During his closing remarks, Trump should quietly drop his pants behind the podium. Then he should fill both his hands with fresh piles of his own steaming shit. Letting loose with a few contemptuous farts while he does it would be a nice touch and disgust Nancy Pelosi.

Then Trump should turn around and throw the shit into the faces of Mike Pence and Paul Ryan, sitting right behind him.

He would wrap up by turning back to face Congress with a self-satisfied smirk. “See? I told you. I can do ANYTHING! And you STILL support me!”

It would be no worse than Trump jerking off on Twitter, jizzing on whichever person or group he’s singled out to bully that day.

Other leaders now step over and around Trump like the orange heap of roadkill he’s made himself by pulling out of every meaningful global initiative.

For the orgasmic flash of godhood Trump gets in those brief moments when he renounces NAFTA, the Paris Climate Accord, the TPP, the UN, NATO, and every other positive collaboration of mankind, he renders himself more useless in the long run.

The world moves on without the U.S. while Trump plays in his little oval office, pretending he’s president by scribbling his name with big black Sharpies.

Republicans have a death wish in persisting to kowtow to the 30-35% comprising Trump’s “base.” Yes, “base” is the perfect word to describe the deliberately ignorant, racist people he attracts.

I’d give them a pass for voting for Trump, but after this past year, if they still refuse to admit that their bloated, piggy-eyed, deranged man-baby is shitting all over civility and decency, they’re dead to me.

My only comfort is a feeling that the end of Trump’s reign of terror will come this year.

Once Mueller starts fingering Don Jr. and Jared Kushner, Trump’s last mental gasket will blow and we’ll see him swinging naked from the chandeliers, bellowing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Trump claims Mueller has no reason to question him. It’s been said that Mueller’s got Trump’s taxes, and he knows that if Trump is breathing, he’s lying. What better reinforcement for charges of money laundering and obstruction of justice than perjury? If Trump testifies, perjury’s a slam-dunk.

And if Mueller’s investigation drags on, we’ve got the November midterm elections to look forward to. Republicans who continue enabling Trump are going down in flames. Bring marshmallows.

Once they take back Congress, Democrats will start undoing Trump’s legislative damage and then it’s “Laisser L’Impeachment Rouler!.”

There’s no happy ending here for Trump. He’s toast, and probably has flashes of realizing it whenever he takes a break from kicking over the furniture, trying to escape.

Trying to be a rational, decent American is exhausting right now. But I trust we will be delivered from Donald Trump, his trashy, greedy family, and the duplicitous Republicans who enable them. This evil WILL NOT triumph.

5 Responses to Watching Trump Unravel

  1. jonza1 says:

    Good to see you back, Karen! 🙂

    When I predicted Trump would not last more than six months as a president, I was wrong, unfortunately. However, I can’t imaginie this can go on much longer. The media have taken notes of all the lies he has told, and it surpasses everything!

    “Fire and Fury” is out now, and it sells well. Normally, people who are let into the WH are logged, but in this case, Trump cancelled that. Then he could claim he had not spoken to/seen certain people, but it has hit him like a boomerang. He thought this guy was going to write a flattering book. Instead, everyone who works for him at the White House mocked and ridiculed him, calling him stupid, a moron.

    “The Guardian” wrote a review of the book, here’s one paragraph:

    “Fire and Fury also gives the lowdown on the lacquered trompe-l’oeil that is Trump’s hairdo, with those tinted tendrils combed over a cranium that is totally bald and resonantly empty. But beyond such acts of exposure, what makes the book significant is its sly, hilarious portrait of a hollow man, into the black hole of whose needy, greedy ego the whole world has virtually vanished. Wolff deplores Trump, explains the conditions that made him possible, and accuses us all of colluding in this madness.”

    The sad thing is that Trump is well on his way of ruining world peace with his outrageous comments and ignorance. More and more Europeans don’t want to visit the US these days.

    Some ask if Trump will testify in a Mueller probe. Can he really avoid doing that?

    I saw an interview on CCN last week… Jake Tapper interviewing Steve Miller. I mentioned it to a friend in the US, she said: “That guy, Steve Miller, is the worst of the worst of the Trump team, just short of being a neo-Nazi!  He actually had to be escorted out of the TV studio by security after Jake shut down the interview. LOL!

    Btw, I haven’t seen Kate Bolduan on “State of the Race” lately, I hope she’s OK! Does anyone know?

  2. catsworking says:

    I’ve started and discarded a dozen posts since you last heard from me here. Trump’s madness is so frenetic that it’s almost impossible to comment on one outrage before he commits 10 more. I went through a spell of exhaustion during the holidays.

    I’m reading “Fire and Fury” right now. Unfortunately, in the rush to print it’s poorly edited and proofread, and it seems people are finding some factual errors, giving Republicans an excuse to dismiss the whole thing. But the book also teems with descriptions of Trump behaviors we see with our own eyes and, on the whole, will probably stand up over time as a valid account of his chaos.

    I saw the Miller interview with Jake Tapper. The Germans would be embarrassed to have Miller serving in their government. That John Kelly has not been able to get rid of such an obvious Nazi shows that Kelly’s influence in the WH must be slim to none.

    But what is heartening is seeing the media stop giving a pass to the lies and the hate speech. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s hag from Hell, on TV. In print news reports where Trump is quoted (now more verbatim than paraphrased, to show precisely how nonsensical he’s become) they also point out when he’s lying or making stuff up, which is almost always.

    I think the only way Trump will avoid being questioned in Mueller’s investigation is if Mueller amasses such an ironclad paper trail and damning, corroborated testimony from other witnesses that nothing Trump could say would possibly will make any difference in his guilt. But if Trump isn’t asked to testify, rest assured he’ll be screaming that he didn’t have his equal chance to speak when he goes down.

    I LOVE that the Brits made their disgust with Trump so clear that he canceled his trip to London. No golden Queen’s carriage ride and cheering throngs waiting for him there. As time goes on, I’m sure other countries will follow suit.

    By the time this is all over, we’ll be calculating for many years the damage Trump has done to tourism and every other industry his ignorance and bigotry have touched.

  3. Morganlf says: have taken my breath away with your laser focused enlightened, illuminating post.
    For the first time in 11 plus years of reading and posting here..I am speechless!!
    As sistahs may say: CHURCH!!
    Well done girl. Well done.

  4. Morganlf says:

    Oh and jonza1..well said and welcome. Quite astute. We need more like you with the global view of our torment.

  5. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Morgan. Trump has been flinging figurative feces in all of our faces since he was sworn in, so I don’t see it as far-fetched that he will reach a point where he feels compelled to do it for real.

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