I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Pigsty

By Karen

Gayle King seemed visibly shaken to learn that, after years of her unrequited flirting on CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose had been dissing her behind her back by preying on many other women who crossed his path.

Now, NBC has stuck a fork in Matt Lauer. We should have seen it coming. In 2012, Katie Couric said Matt’s most annoying habit was pinching her ass. That same year, Lauer got Ann Curry fired from the Today Show because they lacked “chemistry.”

Curry karma’s a bitch. Turns out Matt’s the one with no chemistry, or his victims would have thanked him, not ratted him out.

Myriad stories of sexual harassment and assault lately feel to me like women’s bubbling rage at Donald Trump, the proud pussy-grabber who treats his current wife like a serf.

But I think we’ve reached a tipping point. The media needs to recognize that not all these tales are created equal. A fanny grab that lasts the length of a camera click is NOT the same as a rape, and the consequences shouldn’t be equal.

We need to permanently quarantine the truly disgusting pigs and give the mere piglets a slap on the rump and a time out.

Pigs are the ones who fantasize that women share their fascination with their penis. They’ll talk about it, display it, fondle it, and use it as a weapon when opportunity presents itself.

Trump has bragged about his penis size.

Trump identifies with and supports fellow pigs like Roy Moore in Alabama because they both have a thing for little girls. With Trump, it was Ivanka. Moore would settle for any child he could force to touch his penis.

Joining them in the sty are Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, probably Matt Lauer, if stories of his affairs prove true.

Piglets are men like George H.W. Bush and Al Franken. No penises involved, just wandering paws that would have recoiled in shame if any of the stupid women whose bums they touched had simply pulled away or said, “Move your hand.”

These women talking about it years later are being treated with the same gravity as women who were aggressively harassed or assaulted. WTF?

Here’s the infamous photo of Franken that supposedly shows him “grabbing” Leeann Tweeden. See the shadows under both of his hands? He’s not even touching her.

Was he being tasteless? Absolutely. Was she being assaulted? Not even close.

The worst thing Franken apparently did was force an unwanted tongue kiss on Tweeden during a USO skit rehearsal. He says he doesn’t remember it like that, but has the chivalry to let Tweeden’s story stand. He even wrote her a personal, sincere apology, which she read and accepted on The View

Tweeden says she doesn’t want Franken to lose his Senate seat over this. So what’s her point? She’s hardly one to advance this cause. She has modeled for Frederick’s of Hollywood and Hooters, was named one of the Top Hooters Girls of All Time, and has posed nude in Playboy.

Basically, Tweeden’s a woman who was fine with men jerking off to pictures of her posing as a piece of meat, but a kiss from Al Franken scarred her for life. Puleez.

So far, Al Franken has been the only man to strike a tone of appropriate guilt and remorse. He’s even saying more women may claim he did something. He’s no fool. He realizes women are out for blood, and no man who’s ever been in the same room with one is safe right now.

Which brings me to the other story that sticks in my craw and happens to involve Anthony Bourdain’s current girlfriend, an Italian actress named Asia Argento.

Argento was the first to tell her story about Harvey Weinstein to The New Yorker. She claims he forced oral sex on her when she was 21 years old, and she feigned enjoyment to make him stop. Must have been an Oscar-worthy performance because Weinstein was in her life for the next five years. She described their consensual intimacy as “one-sided and onanistic,” but he introduced her to his mother, apparently gave her “fur coats and apartments,” and helped pay for her childcare.

The Italian press didn’t buy it. And I’m sorry, but when Argento dated and accepted gifts from Weinstein, unless he held a gun on her, she was more about ambition than victimhood.

Women who spin their brief encounters with public figures into traumas they dared not reveal until a shot at five minutes of fame presented itself come off as opportunistic and muddy the waters for women who actually suffered harm.

Even worse, they don’t help the cause — which is to make men keep their hands, penises, and tongues to themselves and treat women with the respect we deserve.

9 Responses to I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Pigsty

  1. Morganlf says:

    Agreed, on ALL counts.

    I’m on the record elsewhere in this blog.

  2. Stillmisseszappa says:

    I think Asia should have just shut up and hocked everything HW gave her. She was young and stupid and her boyfriend was a perv.

  3. catsworking says:

    I’ve read a couple of interviews Asia has done about the incident, and with each telling, she seemed to be trying harder and harder to paint herself has a totally clueless innocent who had absolutely NO IDEA what he was doing to her. I don’t believe that for a second. I’ve also tried to visualize the scene and can’t figure out how he held her down while he was attacking her so that she couldn’t somehow pull away. When she filmed the scene later in her movie, she got away.

    Once she opted to see Weinstein socially, that was that. I feel the same way about ALL the women who stayed chummy with men they’re now accusing of abuse. Garrison Keillor became a statistic as I was writing this post. We haven’t heard the woman’s story, but he says he accidentally touched her bare back, apologized verbally and in writing after seeing her reaction, and she remained friendly and told him to forget it afterward, which sounds plausible to me. Now she has a lawyer. Give me a break.

    And now Al Franken has ANOTHER one who says he put his arm around her and cupped her side boob. Did she say anything? No. But she did finally shift away and the photo they took is totally innocent. But why not pile on while everybody else is doing it? He scarred her for life.

    I do think all these women who thought they were being touched inappropriately and didn’t say something on the spot bear some responsibility. I haven’t seen one yet who doesn’t have a mouth.

  4. Morganlf says:

    Agreed. Lawyering up for an embrace in a posed picture? Isn’t that what people do when posing? Especially with a famous person? Unless the guy shoved his hand up my ass, I can’t see how that would be life scarring. As for Asia, she let that pocky, fat, loathsome perv ..NEAR HER KIDS! That’s disturbing. Just feels like sour grapes that after all those years of nannies, gifts, trips, etc. she never achieved fame.
    Rose McGowan was seriously violated then hounded out of the business by the vindictive systematic Weinstein machine. I wish him slow agony and universal shunning. He has yet to own up. I’m glad Asia was a voice in the crowd that led to his downfall but perspective.

    Meanwhile the bloated daughter fettishizing, pee queen sits in the Whitehouse. Disgrace to the nation.

  5. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you just reminded me. In the first photo I ever got with Anthony Bourdain (it’s in the archives here; I’m wearing a red sweater), I think my left boob was touching his chest. Even though I was smiling, should I alert the media that I was petrified because he was standing too close AND he had his hand on my ass (he didn’t, but he could have)?

    Anybody who’s got a photo of themselves with someone famous can pretty much claim anything these days.

    But seriously, I do believe these women’s stories of what happened to them, including Asia. What I don’t always buy is how they’re painting the picture now. In some cases, profit, politics, or attention seem to motives.

    The way Asia kept chiming in, in the aftermath of the New Yorker article had the whiff of a little-known Italian actress trying to keep her name in the same sentence with Gwyneth and Angelina.

    And I wish the ones who were just touched somewhere non-genital would STFU. Shit has happened to all of us. Get over it.

    If there was any justice (or Republicans had half a brain between them all), people would be storming the White House with tar and feathers to deal with Trump.

  6. Morganlf says:

    I remember that picture. If I were you I’d be worried. That boob was aggressively mashing on Tony!

  7. catsworking says:

    OMG! You think he could accuse ME of harassment? Damn this full Italian figure!

  8. L Villeneuve says:

    Any woman over forty can recount some degree of sexual harassment in their life. I hope this movement will offer the “forgotten women” of our society and those of underprivileged countries some reprieve but find it highly unlikely in my lifetime. Hope Argento isn’t using Tony’s fame for her platform, but then they do say karma’s a bitch!

  9. catsworking says:

    I agree with you, L Villeneuve, although I can’t remember a situation where some man went too far with me and I just stood there and took it, without either shutting it down before it went too far or telling the man to his face to knock it off.

    Women shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked, but it’s been a man’s world and swinging their dicks around is how men think they show dominance. I’d like to see that stop, and it’s so easy. They just need to keep the pants zipped.

    I wouldn’t say that Asia Argento has used Tony’s fame in this, but I do think HE has used his fame to try and give her a leg up in this country. When he went to Sicily in his last season of Parts Unknown, there she was, front and center, through quite a bit of it. I can understand him wanting to help his girlfriend, but seeing them having a grand time in Italy together made me think about Ottavia and Ariane. Ottavia may not care at this point, but Ariane doesn’t need her nose rubbed in it.

    I just read this morning that Asia was back in Rome for the women’s march there this weekend, so apparently she’s gotten over being butt-hurt about how the Italian press was incredulous at her confession of being “raped” by Harvey Weinstein — and then accepting gifts and dating him on and off for years later.

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