Virginia to Trump: We’ve Had Enough of You

By Karen

My head almost exploded with joy when I saw the election returns here in Virginia. Democrats swept the races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and many more.

Even better, Democrat Ralph Northam beat Republican Ed Gillespie by 9 POINTS.

I’ve heard a few desperate Republican grumbles about former felons having voting rights, but I doubt Virginia has 233,179 and they’re all registered Democrats. That’s the margin Northam won by.

That said, Virginia still looks pretty red, including my county, but the good news is that a lot of that ground is farms or wilderness.

Washington Post

If Gillespie had won, he’d have replaced current governor Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe. Trump would be gushing, “Virginia, you love me, you REALLY love me!” even though he lost Virginia to Hillary.

Instead, Trump sulked, tweeting, “Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for,” implying it had nothing to do him.

Steve Bannon spouted similar bullshit. He may be butt-hurt that Gillespie turned down his kind offer to come rally the KKKers and neo-Nazis.

They’re both lying — they both know it — and here’s why.

Ed Gillespie’s opponent in the Republican primary was Corey Stewart.

Stewart fancies himself a southern-fried Trump Mini-Me. He was born and raised in Minnesota, but now embraces the Confederacy, white supremacists, and guns. He served as Virginia chairman of Trump’s campaign but got himself fired after staging an unauthorized pro-Trump demonstration in D.C.

Stewart has previously run for lieutenant governor and senator and lost.

So, if a hardcore Trump-lover like that couldn’t even win the primary, how the hell do Republicans get off saying Gillespie wasn’t Trumpy ENOUGH?

Gillespie never had Trump campaign for him except attack-tweets on Northam and a rambling, last-ditch robocall released on election eve. Mike Pence came to Virginia once. Gillespie did run some Trump-like ads I didn’t really watch because they accused Northam of far-fetched garbage like supporting gangs.

In the end, poetic justice was served all around. Eleven Democratic women beat male Republicans in the House of Delegates. Among the winners are two Latinas, an Asian-American, a lesbian, and a transgender woman who sent the 13-term geezer who calls himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” into retirement.

And a young man named Chris Hurst, who advocates stricter gun control after his girlfriend, a TV news reporter, was gunned down on air, beat a three-term incumbent with an A rating from the NRA.

Good sense and decency triumphed for a change, and things are looking good in Virginia. We have a strong firewall against whatever mayhem Trump tries to unleash before we can get rid of him.

PS: A shout-out to Morgan in New Jersey for replacing toxic Governor Chris Christie with Democrat Phil Murphy.

4 Responses to Virginia to Trump: We’ve Had Enough of You

  1. Morganlf says:

    Christie put Jared Kushners creepy father in jail. Jared made him an errand boy a laughingstock. Let’s see who laughs last.

  2. Morganlf says:

    Any thoughts about Bourdain’s obsessive posting about his new “woman” who was apparently Harvey Weinstein’s mistress for 5 years…against her will of course…while she slept it’s him, he paid her bills, she met his mother..yet he was married with kids.

    Somehow she became a victim of the man who paid for her nannies, trips, rent…she was a rape victim according to her. FOR FIVE FUCKING YEARS?

    Nope. May have started out as a power play..we’ve all been there…but for five years… PLEASE…

    Wonder how Ottavia and HER CHILD WITH TONY are doing?

  3. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I’ve been meaning to write about this whole sex scandal revolution that’s going on, but there aren’t enough hours in the day lately.

    I’m to the point where I feel the women who got a pat on the ass should STFU because they trivialize the women who actually had dicks in their faces.

    Of all the stories I’ve read about Weinstein, I do find Asia Argento’s least compelling. She seems to be trying too hard to justify herself in various interviews because the fact is that she willingly carried on a relationship with him, off and on, for five years. Any pea brain could see that she put her ambition above any distaste she had for Harvey sexually. And I do get a sense that her recent attempts to make headlines about it in the U.S. (with Bourdain’s help) are her seizing on a ploy to get recognized here. I’ve actually been happy to see that the press has stopped naming her along with Gwyneth and Angelina as his big-name accusers. She’s not in the same league on any level.

  4. Morganlf says:

    I agree these “pat on the ass” accusations are diluting the real predators atrocities.

    The claim against Al Franken by “lingerie model” Leeann Tweeden (avowed gun enthusiast and Republican), against a Harvard grad (Cum Laude) diligent, hard working, Senator and best selling author who gave up a lucrative, successful career as a comedian, writer…is disturbing.
    It appears he did a fulface into camera gag “honk, honk”photo inwhich his hands never touched her..through her deeply protective flack vest. A photo she may have been complicit in.

    To say she saw this picture after the tour and felt “violated” is to shit in the face of real abuse.
    This person made her living as a sexploitation object just google her image:

    Really, SHE felt violated? Oh please! Like you said Franken didn’t throw his dick in her face.

    As for Asia…cmon chick. Stop it. You were ambitious and dated your sugar daddy who was fat…AND MARRIED WITH SMALL CHILDREN For five years!!! While he paid your bills!!???

    Weinstein should be flayed, pilloried, jailed. You let him near your kids? Met his mom? Am I missing something?

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