Trump Condemned Evil in Las Vegas. Evil Laughed.

By Karen

We should have expected the Las Vegas massacre when we did nothing about guns after a sick teenager took his mother’s weapons and slaughtered a classroom of little kids, and have come to accept almost-daily mass shootings as normal.

But will 59 killed/527 wounded be the magic “Enough’s enough!” number that finally makes us put a stop to the NRA and its members who think every lunatic has the right to own unlimited assault weapons and ammo?

You won’t hear it from Trump. He couldn’t even muster one sincere word of condolence, relying instead on his teleprompter to describe the Las Vegas attack and to recite, with no apparent irony, “Our unity cannot be shattered by evil, our bonds cannot be broken by violence.”

Fine words, coming from the man who condoned the evil visited upon Charlottesville and who tweets and says whatever stokes divisiveness and violence here and abroad. Watch his response to Las Vegas…

His speechwriters had Trump spout Scripture, but carefully omitted any mention of guns that might be construed as dissing the 2nd Amendment. Go ahead, give God a fit, but whatever you do, don’t upset Wayne LaPierre.

Authorities are frantically trying to determine why the shooting happened. The gunman had no criminal record and apparently no beliefs that would send him over the edge, according to friends and relatives.

I suspect they’re going to find something that links this atrocity directly to Trump’s words or behavior.

There’s a remote chance the gunman was a Trump voter who wanted to take out “Libtards” en masse, but that’s a stretch.

It’s more likely the shooter loathed Trump. No better venue than a country music concert where there might be a high concentration of Trump-loving rubes, a man at the end of his rope might generalize.

Maybe he’d grown sick of watching the world hang on Trump’s every tweet, or Trump’s feeble attempts to ruin as many lives as possible through legislation. Maybe the last straw came when Trump tried to hijack NFL football because he couldn’t stand the players getting TV ratings he had no part of.

I think Trump may be at the center of this simply because of its overwhelming scale. Trump is always claiming that everything he owns or touches is the biggest, best, greatest, most “whatever” in the history of the world.

This gunman, said to be an avid gambler, may have used human lives as chips to call Trump’s bluff and raise him.

The truth will eventually come out. When it does, if an obsession with Trump turns out to be the catalyst, we’ll have to ask ourselves, “Have we had enough yet?” and make Trump answer for the evil he has unleashed by embracing and exploiting people’s most ignorant, selfish, violent, and racist tendencies.


4 Responses to Trump Condemned Evil in Las Vegas. Evil Laughed.

  1. Randi says:

    Sadly, it doesn’t look like this newest massacre will change gun laws one bit. In fact, tRump won’t even mention it! He seems to think that problems will go away if he ignore them. Have you noticed that he often says… “we’ll see what happens.” I just don’t get that Americans can’t see that something HAS to be done about gun laws! But then, the Republicans are in the pockets of NRA, or they would lose their financial backing. Shameful!!

    If tRump had any feelings for the victims and their families, he would change the gun laws immediately! His spokesperson says it is not the right time to politicise guns…when the hell is the right time, if not now??

    Oh, and an American friend said this: “Can you beileve he tweeted ‘WARMEST” condolences to those killed? What a jerk. “Warmest condolences” is what you say when your hair dryer dies!” Mine just did.

    And when we talk about Puerto Rico… “The idiot didn’t even know that Puerto Rico is American territory, that Puerto Ricans are American citizens!  Ugh!”  

  2. catsworking says:

    Randi, we’ve been having a major catastrophe every few days for weeks now that attracts international attention. Without exception, Trump has shown himself incapable of grasping the situation or showing empathy for any of the victims. He just wants to behave like a total asshole, insulting people who are suffering, while demanding they praise him for his stellar performance in saving them. He has no idea what anybody is doing to provide aid.

    It’s inconceivable that there is a single person in this country who still thinks that brain-dead psycho is a president in any way, but we’ve still got millions who do. Just goes to show how our educational system has stopped teaching people to reason.

    Trump has reminded us repeatedly that Puerto Rico is an island, surrounded by water, big water, ocean water, as if no one knows. It reveals he had no idea PR is part of the U.S. The people speak Spanish, they live in the Caribbean. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t start tweeting about deporting them. He also doesn’t seem to recognize the U.S. Virgin Islands, which were also destroyed but never get a mention.

  3. Morganlf says:

    Too bad” two doors down” a supergroup no one has ever ever heard of wasn’t playing that night.

  4. Morganlf says:

    Three Doors Down, was the “supergroup” Trump touted. One of the only groups that performed at his lackluster under attended inauguration. BLOTUS has failed dreadfully in his response to the Vegas massacre.
    Too distracted tweeting against NFL and Mayor of San Juan. Any suggestion that now is the time to try to address the availability of military style automatic weapons is shut down as being TOO POLITICAL.
    BLOTUS…giving this a shoulder shrug…addressed it briefly last night during roll out of insane tax policy then pivoted to how good he is administration in the history of the office. The hubris.
    A sick, sad man. I can no longer blame him. He is Nero. His base are anti American, anti democracy, anti constitutional, amoral and complicit as fuck.
    This is how empires die.
    The great experiment of 1776…is in its death throes.

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