Who Needs Civil War Statues When We Have Trump?

By Karen

Donald Trump’s only consistency is that whenever he expresses a reasonable thought, he’s compelled to flip it into something bonkers. He can’t help himself, and nobody seems able to stop him.

His flip-flops on the Charlottesville riots are the latest — perhaps most egregious — examples. In my previous post is video of his first two prepared statements. His ad lib in the first one blaming “many sides” set everyone’s hair on fire. Two days later he tried again and read mean things he clearly didn’t believe about the KKK and neo-Nazis.

Then the very next day, in a berserk press conference on infrastructure, Trump insisted the residents of Charlottesville deserved blame because they didn’t have a permit to repel racists who invaded their city with flaming torches. But then he added that “both” sides have some “fine people.”

Yeah, like those few good Mexicans who slip into the country along with the drug dealers and rapists.

The Washington Post has exposed Trump’s KKK tie by resurrecting how his father Fred was an active member who got arrested at a riot in Queens in 1927.

Trump may resent Charlottesville’s residents for picking on what he sees as his heritage. Any of those white supremacists could have been Dad.

At the end of that press conference, he flipped AGAIN on Charlottesville, bragging about owning a home there and claiming it’s the biggest winery in the United States.

Lies on both counts. The Trump Winery website has this disclaimer, where son Eric makes clear who’s the boss there…

“Trump Winery is a registered trade name of Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, which is not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their affiliates.”

And as of 2016, the winery qualified as the largest vineyard in Virginia by acreage, but it lagged far behind others statewide and nationally in wine production.

And now Trump has weighed in on the one piece he knows NOTHING about — Confederate statues. Unsurprisingly, he wants to keep them because he has no understanding whatsoever of what they signify. He conflated George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, founders of the country, with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, who fought to tear it in half for the preservation of slavery.

It’s increasingly clear that the only way to stop attracting Trump’s roaches to the South is to get rid of the bait. Stonewall Jackson’s great-great-grandsons wrote a great letter about his statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond.

They live here and want the statue to go. It’s a must-read.

We could use Charlottesville to take this conversation in a new direction. Rather than dwelling on Trump’s shifty positions and motivations, we should focus on making him answerable for being a racial divider — in addition to his myriad personal conflicts of interest and destructive actions on trade, climate change, and foreign relations.

Yes, I’m talking about impeachment. It’s time to start that discussion.

PS: Richmond just caught a break. The guy who applied for a permit to rally around the Lee statue on Monument Avenue on September 16 withdrew because he doesn’t want the haters to show up.

BONUS: Seth Meyers takes a closer look. #insightful #hilarious


9 Responses to Who Needs Civil War Statues When We Have Trump?

  1. If Trump ever said something true, he’d be the last to know it.

  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Daniel! Totally agree. As Seth Meyers pointed out, when Trump made the excuse that his delay in responding to the Charlottesville mess was because he wanted to make sure he had the facts right because that’s how he rolls, he was lying.

    And Trump on Twitter just called the attack in Barcelona where a van mowed down scores of people on Las Ramblas an act of terrorism. Yet when a kid in a beat-up car did EXACTLY the same thing to kill the residents of Charlottesville (I don’t call them “counter-protesters” because it makes them sound like they bused in like the racists. Most of them live there.), Trump couldn’t bring himself to call it terrorism because he hopes the punk voted for him.

  3. Morganlf says:

    Impeachment is fundamentally impossible given the numbers in house & senate. Besides it would take years. Eye on the prize, Mueller is hot on Trumpov trail. This is a distraction so Americans don’t grasp we are in a kleptocracy. The POTUS is using the office to enrich himself. When his colluding is unraveled and revealed through the money laundering that began in the 90’s. The newly very rich oligarchs is Russia needed a place to launder their billions. Trump tower real estate, check. The Taj Mahal known money laundering tool, check. Suddenly the failing Trump empire was enriched and on its feet. There is so much conspiracy and law breaking in the Trumov family …when the tax returns are revealed ..he will resign.

    Then there’s something more scary to deal with: Pence.

  4. catsworking says:

    I agree that he will resign rather than face impeachment or criminal charges. That’s how a gutless, corrupt coward operates.

    And it may come before Mueller gets to Trump himself. If they start putting the squeeze on Junior, which they seem to be preparing, Trump will try to bargain to keep the kid out of jail.

    Right now Trump’s grasping for any war he can start or escalate as the ultimate distraction. He obviously has some infantile fantasy vision of himself as a warrior president whom everyone will love and trust to keep us safe, and who gives a shit how many he gets killed as a result.

    Pence is scary, but Mueller could nail Pence for aiding and abetting Trump in obstruction, perjury, etc. Then we’d be looking at Ryan as prez.

    When this thing collapses, and it must — there’s no way we’re sustaining this level of chaos for four years — the body count is going to mount fast.

  5. Morganlf says:

    Can we comment on Bourdain …enamored of his own self legend.Panting after this hideously inked self defacing woman Asia Argento? Her father a third rate director of Italian horror films? Italian horror films that’s righ up there with directors Slovenian model videos. Bourdain slavers over the ” master” of what no one has ever seen as if he’s Hitchcock.
    He’s douchey. Chasing after this whiskey voiced trim he cheated on his second wife with. She has kids and he drops in on his own now and then. A prince.

  6. catsworking says:

    Wow, Morgan, it sounds like you really hate the guy now.

    I’ve been following his doings, but who can really keep up? The Rome episode of Parts Unkown that Asia was in has an Emmy nomination, giving them a chance to make the ceremony a date.

    Boudain’s nominated for writing — again. He’s the Susan Lucci of that caregory.

    Was reading something where somebody was praising Asia for being so “accessible” during filming. Yeah, “accessible” was a classy way to phrase it.

    I’m still holding out hope that he comes to his senses and ends up with Nigella, but I guess he has to get through this phase. Asia strikes me as a trashier Ottavia. I’ve never heard of her father, but his genre is not my thing. Bourdain’s praise can only help his reputation.

    Speaking of O, I think they still took their vacay together in the Hamptons in August. So, whatever they’re doing separately, they still seem to be somewhat of a parental unit when he’s around.

    I predict that Ariane is soaking in all this crazy behavior and will become a real handful very soon.

  7. Morganlf says:

    He’s an old satyr with predictable behavior. It’s gross, arrogant. He has a child. Look a pic from his instagram same pose this time with tattooed wonder.
    Just cross out one replace with another. Can he not be more discreet? Always from one dame to the next..he doesn’t even let his balls dry. childish. She posted same picture of them on red carpet quoting the lyrics from” stand by your man”. Treackly douchebaggery.
    Absolutely no regard for his wife. It’s like he has a point to prove.

  8. Morganlf says:

    I don’t hate him; deeply dispointed. I defended him here many times about his ending 20 year marriage to Nancy. I feel like a fool.
    As you well know Ottavia was very pleasant and gracious as was he …then.
    I’ll get over it. He DID eat noodles with my President in Vietnam, so he’s still got my admiration…but it’s waning.
    Perhaps I’m being peevish. Nah..he’s acting like a tool.

  9. catsworking says:

    Morgan, no sooner had I responded to your previous comment about Bourdain than I came across the pic of him and Asia on the red carpet at the Emmys.

    I’m disappointed that his marriage to Ottavia didn’t make it, but every story has two sides. Sure, he’s been photographed canoodling around with Asia, but his fame now is such that people can sell photos of anything he’s doing.

    I was catching up with Ottavia’s Twitter feed the other day and she posts pics of herself with all her hunky MMA guys. They’re not kissing, but still. She looks like she’s enjoying life.

    Maybe they’re rubbing each other’s noses in it a little. Had she not become immersed in MMA and instead kept the home fires burning, I think he’d still be happily married to her. But I’m not saying that would have been fair to Ottavia or that I’m blaming her for getting tired of being the dutiful wife raising a child mostly on her own. She’s much younger, she needed to find her path, and it wasn’t his.

    I think they’ve both moved on as well as they could, yet they still seem to be friends for Ariane’s sake. I’ll just hold my nose until he gets over this rebound fling.

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