Trump Regretfully Renounces Bigotry

By Karen

What the beleaguered residents of Charlottesville, Virginia, didn’t need was for Donald Trump to throw shade on them as one of “many sides” guilty of violence last Saturday.

They had as much justification to turn out in force — again — to repel white supremacists from their city as Trump thinks he has to repel Mexicans with a wall.

The only difference: Mexicans come here wanting a better life. The ignorant scum that oozed across Virginia’s borders thinking they had Trump’s blessing just came to start trouble. Their faux mission — to “save” a statue of General Robert E. Lee.

On Friday night, they descended on Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia with flaming torches in lieu of burning a cross. But their big rally planned for Saturday never happened because the decent people of Charlottesville shut it down.

With pepper spray and fist fights, it got nasty. But when you fight with pigs, everybody gets dirty.

It took a deadly turn when a 20-year-old Nazi-loving coward from Ohio plowed his car into a group of residents, killing one woman and injuring 19 other people.

Virginia also senselessly lost two State Police whose helicopter crashed while they monitored the protests from above to help forces on the ground respond to the worst clashes.

In the aftermath, Trump read this speech, mollifying his base with a bored demeanor and tone that signaled he didn’t share its sentiments…

The KKK and neo-Nazi groups got what they wanted. Trump didn’t call them out by name, but implied that C’villers and even the police bore blame for how it went down.

The outrage from left and right couldn’t come fast enough, but it still took the White House two days to draft the speech Trump should have given in the first place. This time, he kept his eyes glued to the teleprompter to let his base know he was just mouthing someone else’s words, not speaking from the heart…

And what he says today, he may undo tomorrow, or in an hour, with a tweet or some crazy, fact-free statement to a reporter.

Trump said in his first try that he wants to study what happened to “see what we’re doing wrong as a country.”

Is he KIDDING? Someone, please show him the hours of rally footage where he’s been appealing to people’s bigotry all along.

Trump, you created this. You love this. You want adoring crowds saluting you with “Sieg Heil!” Admit it.

Charlottesville is only an hour away. Richmond’s turn may be next. “Americans for Richmond Monument Preservation” has applied for a permit to rally around the General Lee statue here on September 16. May the city say, “Enough’s enough,” and deny it.

Trump ran on shredding political correctness. For once, I agree with him. Let’s stop being so understanding and stomp out this ignorant, hate-filled, violent faction that aspires to live in Nazi America with Trump as their dictator.

Purveyors of chaos and destruction deserve no First Amendment rights. They need to be shut down — online, in person, wherever they skulk — or they’ll just keep on bullying and killing.

BONUS: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe gave a speech on Saturday to show Trump what a leader sounds like…


4 Responses to Trump Regretfully Renounces Bigotry

  1. Randi says:

    I didn’t think it could get any worse with tRump and the US situation, but his response to the Virginia racists, shows exactly where he stands. He didn’t even offer words of sympathy for the young woman killed, at least not in his first speech. It should be obvious to anyone who is to blame for the violence, but oh no, he refuses to call out the neo-Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists by name. However, the minute a truck in England, France or Germany is plowing into pedestrians he’s on Twitter, calling out the “Islamic terrorists.”

    Last week I heard Michael Smercomish, I think it was, say something along the lines of “tRump won because he and his base are passionate” – but so was Hitler!

    tRump is a disgrace to the US and he is escalating violence! He doesn’t know very much, if anything, about world history and he is definitely not capable of the job as President. All he wants, are adoring crowds saluting him – he just can’t get enough of that. A sick man indeed!

  2. Randi says:

    And yes, what a great speech Governor Terry McAuliffe gave. That’s what a leader should sound like! But tRump is struggling to evolve into an adult – and it’s too late!!

  3. catsworking says:

    Randi, I called it when I said Trump would probably reverse himself on calling out the American terrorists. He went bonkers in a press conference yesterday, once again blaming the people of Charlottesville by calling them the “alt-left.”

    It makes absolutely NO sense for him to pander to the neo-Nazis and the KKK. They constitute a fraction of his supporters, which by last polls were down to 34-36%. So he’s infuriating at least 80% of the country to keep the loyalty of a relatively few flying monkeys who are incapable of ever doing anything that will be to Trump’s credit, let alone make him win re-election.

    At this point, we don’t need to debate whether Trump’s position on this has any merit. We need to be discussing how to get such a seriously sick, violence-loving threat out of the White House for the good of the planet.

  4. Randi says:

    It’s good to see that at least some Republicans are distancing themselves from him – and that the polls are down to 34-36%. It will be very interesting to see the next one tomorrow, or Friday.
    I’m often rather annoyed about what politicians do, but with tRump it’s getting really scary! The fact that he doesn’t believe in climate change, although the rest of us watch it happening, and the rhetoric from him and Kim Jong Un has me quite worried.
    I don’t know enough to judge whether it’s possible to get him out of the WH, but I sincerely hope someone is working at it! Unless the Congress and Senate do something soon, it could very well end up in a dangerous situation for the whole world. 😦 As if we don’t have enough problems to deal with already!

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