Trump’s Gaslight Strategy Doomed to Backfire

By Karen

Did you ever see that movie, Gaslight? Charles Boyer tries to drive Ingrid Bergman mad by moving and hiding things, telling her that all her perceptions are wrong, and accusing her of losing touch with reality until she’s reduced to a basket case.

Boyer’s despicable behavior is a recognized thing called “gaslighting.” Merriam-Webster defines it as…

“To attempt to make (someone) believe that he or she is going insane (as by subjecting that person to a series of experiences that have no rational explanation).”

Donald Trump has been trying to gaslight the whole United States.

In the latest attempt, the New York Times poked the administration’s smoldering tire fire until it sparked into Donald Trump Jr.’s email chain documenting his eagerness to hear the Russian government’s dirt on Hillary Clinton — with invitations to Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort to listen in.

We’ve lost count of all the shady meetings between Trumpers and Russians we now know about, but finally there’s rock-solid proof in black and white that the Trump campaign wanted Russia’s help.

I think Junior was more stupid than evil. He doesn’t consider Russians an enemy because they’ve supported his family for years. Quoting from a story in Time magazine…

“‘Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia,’ Trump’s son, Donald Jr., said at a real estate conference in 2008, according to a trade publication, eTurboNews.”

Trump Sr. praised Junior for his “transparency” in releasing his emails in true gaslight style, omitting Junior’s longstanding lies and denials about his Russian connections.

Now Trump calls the whole matter “fake news.”

Uh, when the evidence is written, and the guy who wrote and published it says it’s authentic, it’s called REAL news. And it doesn’t help Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.

Trump probably doesn’t care if Manafort gets toasted; he quit the campaign and made millions from Russians. But Kushner faces serious jail time, and spoiled, baby-faced brats typically don’t thrive in the big house.

You know Trump never read the emails himself nor, if he had, grasped how damning they are. He mistakenly believed if Junior tossed them out there with a defiant, “Now what are you going to do about it?” they would sink into oblivion because Junior doesn’t work in government and he can play with whomever he likes.

But Junior’s role in dad’s campaign may make them something criminal. Lawyers will figure that out.

So, trying to gaslight every U.S. intelligence agency, Trump now claims that Putin really wanted Hillary to win because she’d weaken the military. He doesn’t try to make even a little bit of sense anymore.

Whenever it finally penetrates Trump’s skull that precious Jared is in serious doo-doo thanks to Junior, he’ll be turning up the gas full-blast and Junior may realize Dad has a favorite — and it isn’t him.

That may drive Junior straight into the arms of another father figure, Robert Mueller, which can only be a good thing.

When the truth comes out, this nightmare ends, and justice is served, imagine Charles Boyer as Trump in his last desperate moments and Ingrid Bergman as the American people who are fed up with his games…

9 Responses to Trump’s Gaslight Strategy Doomed to Backfire

  1. Stillmisseszappa says:

    But….BUT…..Trump supporters can reason and “rationalize” all of this away. I don’t think it’s possible to gaslight those that are batshit insane at their very core

  2. catsworking says:

    Good point, but he’s not trying to gaslight them. It’s the rest of us he’s after. He wants us all as bat-shit crazy as he and his followers so we’ll think their demented reality is normal and he’s the Emperor of the Universe.

  3. morganlf says:

    A perfect scene and reference. Did you see how tRump was groveling to Macron & the frog responding in kind? The loving touches embarrasing overly long hand holding.

    No one loves DJT …except this French twerp. I have always loathed the French vichy who turn coated the Allies and offered their collective arses up to the Nazis..Coco Chanel included. They are a fluid people..No moral compass they survive.
    I’d take a red blooded American GI over that limp ugly BOYER and the other collaborator Maurice Chevalier ANY DAY.
    Trump sat alone, ignored and avoided by all the high arcana of the G20 last week. Astute statesmen avoided him as he wandered about lonely out of place bully lip stuck out…incoherent on world affairs…so much so he sat his daughter-wife in his place while he went out to score a bump…sniff..sniff..
    So what is Macron up to heaping flattery in a man addicted to it? A man so besieged by his Russian obligations he forgets to be POTUS . Macron is up to something …and he is surely gaslighting the American idiot. Wait and see.

  4. catsworking says:

    Yes, I totally agree that Macron is gaslighting Trump. I didn’t see it as Macron fawning over Trump, but playing him. He knows Trump is a sucker for flattery, so he’s doing a Putin and pretending they are besties. I think Macron is brilliant.

    Did you see the 29-second parting handshake? Trump was trying SO hard to get one up on Macron, and he refused to let go. I think he would have stood there all day. At one point Trump even brought in Macron’s wife so they were playing Ring Around the Rosie while Melania stood by watching.

    No, the Macrons have that jerk’s number. Now Trump is beholden to them for hospitality, and if he disses Macron, he looks like an even bigger prick, and Macron will use that to assert dominance as the adult.

  5. catsworking says:

    PS: I love my Boyer and Chevalier. Yes, the French are noodles, but they have a je ne sais quois I can’t resist. 😏

  6. Morganlf says:

    So what is young Macron after? Trump already sacked the Paris accords and excoriated NATO.
    The body language from fatty SCREAMS…please love me no one else does! I’m a fatuous douche bag in over my head. Can I sit at your lunch table I’m lonely, old and fat. Do they have nachos here?

    Macron is playing him…hard. I wait to see what he’s after.

    Orange Babooon is internationally known as a scoff-law who defaults on loans using arcane legal strategies to engage in thousands of lawsuits rather than 1) pay off loans 2) pay his contractors. Which is why he railed against the unions. Having to brothers who are contractors in the NYC area I can tell you his strategies of stiffing workers are well known.
    So..New York banks pulled out demanded payment.
    His credit ran out in New the early aughts he sought out alternate financing..provided by the newly insanely rich Russian oligarchs…who were protected in their corrupt endeavors by.. Putin.

    Follow this. PUtin has made billions since his rise to power he is one of the waealthiest men on earth estimate net: $200 BILLION.

    His enemies that he murders or disappears , their wealth property confiscated and held in offshore accounts. Mixed up in this and the money laundering that ensued…one Rudy Guiliani (trump surrogate and HIS ERRAND BOY DONALD J.TRUMP & Family)

    What did they say during Watergate? Follow the money.
    This is bad. Real bad. Worse than you can imagine bad.

    The President of the United States of America is under the influence and being held hostage by a hostile foreign government for debts and financial entanglements and probably damaging tapes showing profligate misconduct.
    THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DONALD J. TRUMP IS A TREASONSOUS PROFITEER…controlled by a low born Viscious, lawless, murdering dictator who despises America and is an enemy of Democracy.

    Trump owes him bigly$$ which is why we will never see his taxes. Putin ordered him to run and ensured a win, so HRC a vociferous Putin critic would never take the office of President. Easily flattered and( probably)hugely in debt to his mentor Trumpov took the bait and ran.Fake news, trolling, Russian hacking got DJT into office.

    How can any real Red blooded loyal American not feel betrayed and ashamed by Comrade Trumov?

    So what does Macron stand to gain? The rest of the EU scorn Trump, justifiably.

    I predict we pick up their NATO tab with a huge financial package and as I write, Macron and his wife are screening pee- pee tape and laughing at the size of Trumps tiny dick.

  7. catsworking says:

    Macron is maneuvering to have Trump in his pocket like Putin has him. Trump is an ignorant buffoon who can be swayed to back whatever you want him to, as long as you stroke him right. I think Macron’s intentions are sane. He wants reinforcement from the world’s former superpower. Trump is a doddering idiot, but he’s running what used to be the world leader, so cultivating his loyalty is wise.

    But Trump is also demented, so Macron’s efforts may be for nothing. In his advanced mental deterioration, the only one Trump recognizes as an ally is Putin.

    It won’t be too long before Trump doesn’t recognize Melania.

  8. Morganlf says:

    He’s not doddering. He’s stoopid. Easily flattered, paranoid and SUSCEPTIBLE
    . Never made a dime. Inherited. Putin owns him. He was stupid enough to become indebted to an enemy of the state. HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING TO THE USA. HE IS A SAVAGE UGLY MAN.
    Don’t give him an out. He’s a puppet doing what he is told.

  9. catsworking says:

    I was just reading about Trump at the parade on the Champs-Elysees yesterday. He was acting like a two-year old, clapping louder than anyone and jostling Melania and Macron. You know he would love nothing better than an excuse to stage a huge military parade in DC. He loves that shit.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, his administration is imploding thanks to Junior’s “transparency.”

    Such a pathetic asshole.

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