Melania Moves to DC: Too Little, Too Late

By Karen

Melania Trump woke up recently and remembered she’s a U.S. citizen. She’s also an unwilling first lady now, but nonetheless it’s her duty to protect us from her husband if she can. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in fast on Trump, and the orange man-baby is figuratively throwing furniture around the White House, trying to elude capture.

Maybe James Comey’s testimony about Trump’s self-destructive behavior behind closed doors made Melania realize it’s time to get in the game. Or maybe Ivanka’s failure to control Daddy with her insipid whining, or Jared’s looming legal peril for being a naïve brat who thinks he can swim with the sharks, convinced her.

Whatever the reason, on Sunday, June 11, Melania, son Barron, and Melania’s parents officially moved to Washington. Crossing the White House lawn, Melania even let Trump hold her hand for a few moments before pulling away and shifting her purse so he couldn’t. Watch it on MSN. It starts at about 1:00.

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Perhaps that gesture was his early, and only, birthday present.

Within a day or so of Melania’s arrival, Trump did a complete 180 on his health care bill, whose cruelty he had celebrated in the Rose Garden. Now he calls it “mean.” Coincidence? I think not.

Of course, Trump lacks any grasp of that bill to give specifics on what should change. You can almost hear the Trumps’ conversation. This is probably all Melania had to say to change his mind…

“Donald, the people who voted for you, you know, the poor and ignorant ones. Health care is the only thing the government has done for them in many years. If you take it away now, they will say you are mean, and maybe they won’t vote for you again.”

But let’s pause to reflect on poor Barron. This kid’s siblings are all old enough to be his parents and his father could be his grandfather. And now he’s stuck in the White House all summer, probably cramped in one room, not a whole floor like he had in Trump Tower, with only the Secret Service for company. He has no opportunities to make friends his own age before he attends a new school in the fall.

I don’t know if Barron had any friends back in NYC. He reminds me of a stalk of white asparagus — frail, spindly, devoid of personality. I guess that’s what happens to a child when you raise it in solitude, without sunlight or exercise. Let’s just hope he never turns orange.

Back to Melania: Of all the Trumps, I think she has NOT relied on Fox News for intel. She’s been watching CNN and MSNBC to see how Donald’s being attacked so she can play defense.

She probably started packing to move after she watched Dan Coats, Mike Rogers, and Jeff Sessions play coy with the Senate Intelligence Committee and make things worse. But it was already too late. They brought Washington to its senses and Trump IS now being investigated for obstruction of justice.

Happy 71st Birthday, Mr. President!

This feels to me like Chris Christie’s Bridgegate, but with much higher stakes. Trump must agree with me, because his choice to replace Comey as FBI director is Christopher Wray, Christie’s personal attorney, who’s quite familiar with how these setups work.

Trump surrounded himself with established Russians tools Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Mike Flynn because he knew he couldn’t beat Hillary without help — and Russia offered to help.

No other presidential campaign in history ever had so many unexplained interactions with Russians. Trump knew what his minions were doing because he’s a micromanager. Like Christie’s, they operated under orders not to say or write anything tying Trump to their activities.

But once they got caught, micromanager Trump swooped in to stop the investigation, and now he’s in the soup with them.

Obstruction of justice charges may segue into conflicts of interest, illegal business dealings, perjury, and even treason. The snowball is rolling down the hill now. Any Trump attempts to stop it will only bury him, Jared, and their cronies in a deeper avalanche.

Melania can’t save Trump now, and she probably knows it. But she’ll look worse if she doesn’t at least try to stand by her man.

11 Responses to Melania Moves to DC: Too Little, Too Late

  1. I know it’s just a rumor, but it was suspected that Barron might be autistic. I also imagine that the continued resentment from New Yorkers to foot the bill for Melania and her son’s security detail at Trump tower may have also led to her reluctant move to the Whitehouse. I doubt she sleeps in the same bed with her husband nor has she for a long time apparently.

  2. catsworking says:

    In the newspaper item about the new DC school they’ve enrolled Barron in, mentioned was that it has a special program for kids with “developmental issues” or something like that.

    Nobody outside the family seems to know what’s up with Barron, but it’s not surprising that he’s peculiar, given the totally weird upbringing he’s had. What kid gets his own floor so he doesn’t have to see or hear his parents?

    Reports were that Barron freaked out when he saw the pic of Kathy Griffin with the fake severed head. He’s old enough to be able to tell the difference.

    And if you look at pics he’s in with other people, he’s almost always focused in some other direction than anyone else. It’s like he lives in his own world.

    I feel sorry for him. If he needs help, he’s not going to get it from his father. And he couldn’t have a WORSE role model.

  3. Randi says:

    I’m a little behind with everything, including US politics – have had a bad cold for a week. But, I did watch the hearing with Sessions and wrote down most of the names, I think, of the senators who’s questions I really thought were good! Here they are, in no particular order: Dianne Feinstein, Martin Heinrich, Kampala Harris, Joe Manchkin? (not sure), Susan Collins. Kampala Harris especially had some great questions! Wyden was such an a$$hole!! I’m sure you know them all better than me, though. Who are your favourites?
    Sessions, of course tried to give long replies and evade questions to make time pass. And he quite often said, I don’t recall. Blah! The Republicans asked leading questions all the time.
    Oh, and next time Trump gives a speech, try to count how many times he says “Believe me” – that coming from the biggest liar of them all!

  4. catsworking says:

    I watched the hearing with Jeff Sessions. Trump’s crowd apparently thinks if they flat-out lie and pretend to forget enough, the charges will all go away. I really don’t understand why the subpoenas aren’t flying yet. We don’t need months of playing games with them.

    Sessions’ testimony was beyond ridiculous, and every time he provided cover for Trump by refusing to answer because of Trump’s confidentiality or pretending he didn’t remember, he just made both of them look more guilty. I hope one day we see Sessions getting marched off to spend the rest of his life in jail.

    The Republicans were throwing softball questions to Sessions, while the Democrats were trying to get some facts out of him and getting nowhere. If I were a Republican, I’d be very worried right now about being on the wrong side of history. All those who now aid and abet their fellow crooks and traitors may find themselves sucked into the maelstrom when the truth finally comes out.

  5. Randi says:

    You put it so well, Karen! I really enjoy reading your blog. 🙂
    Apparently, tRump seems to get away with being the President who uses only Twitter to inform the nation about his ridiculous plans.
    And Yesterday in Iowa, he said he didn’t want any “poor people to hold economic roles in his administration.” Oh no, he will rather have Gary Cohn, a former president of Goldman Sachs, who almost brought America and the whole world down in 2008.
    Geesh, what more does it take to make people realise who he really is? His main goal is to be a dictator, nothing less!

  6. catsworking says:

    Yesterday Trump was extolling the superiority of the very rich to dictate what’s right for the rest of us, and today he admits there are no tapes of his conversations with Comey — it was all an empty, childish threat from a pathetic bully.

    I really don’t understand how even one person in this country can still think a man who governs with tweets and “campaign rallies” staged to make him feel like a god is qualified in any way to lead. His own family should feel humiliated by his behavior.

    I just finished watching 4 hours of Putin being interviewed by Oliver Stone. Trump should be very, very afraid of Putin. And I think he is.

  7. morganlf says:

    Randi…tRump Is brilliant and my new go to. I’m stealing it…believe me. He gets frustrated when searching for adjectives. Being unschooled and an admitted non reader his lexicon is limited. So he has a tic of repeating simple words. Great, huge, disaster, believe me. No one made him learn, no one loved him enough. His lack of eloquence is exactly what his simple minded tribe of one issue voters love.
    He can’t even invoke the vernacular like his predecessor who could speak brilliantly then sneak in a street phrase..
    tRump also has no sense of comedic absurdity, so ability to toss off a witticism. Oscar Wilde …he ain’t. Its a big tell. To be clever and funny requires intellect.

  8. morganlf says:

    And for the record tRump is on the spectrum. It wasn’t diagnosed in his day. He can’t read. Never ever laughs and became a bully to ward off those who make fun of him. His fathers millions got him through school despite his lack of comprehension. He is high functioning asbergers.

  9. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I agree with you that Trump never laughs, and I can’t think of a single instance where he’s ever made a joke. His humor consists of snide and bullying put-downs, accompanied by a disgusting smirk. That’s it.

    But I do believe he can read, although he hates doing it, and probably doesn’t read well. He can read speeches off a teleprompter, and you can tell when he is because he adopts a sing-song tone and acts bored, as if nobody can write anything as interesting as whatever he pulls out of his butt and spews through his mouth.

    He can also tweet.

    He’s exhibited myriad personality disorders, and some innate learning and emotional disabilities may be in the mix. He has shown himself to be a human being so emotionally damaged and mentally impaired, it stuns me that so many people still think he’s fit in any way to run this country.

    Trump is a lost cause, but the one who really concerns me is Barron. Melania has said the kid likes to dress in suits and ties like his dad, we’ve seen how withdrawn and weird he seems to be, we know he’s growing up with a geezer of a father who doesn’t give two shits about him, and Melania has even called him her “Little Donald.” If that’s not a recipe for disaster for the child’s adulthood, I don’t know what is.

  10. Stillmisseszappa says:

    “White Asparagus” is fantastic!

  11. catsworking says:

    Haha! It was either asparagus or that spindly, pale stalk of celery in the middle of the bunch that never got any light.

    When you consider his position among his sibs, he fits that description as well.

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