Putin Steps in to Provide Cover for Trump

By Karen

Donald Trump must be positively giddy that Vladmir Putin has decided to lie like a rug to buy Trump more time in the White House.

Putin was interviewed by former Fox News bimbo, Megyn Kelly, who has jumped ship to NBC in hopes of attaining legitimacy as a journalist. To launch her new Sunday night show, she snagged Putin. What’s even more amazing, she managed to keep blood from coming out of her “wherever” during the whole segment.

Putin looked bored or shifty through most of it, and went out of his way to seem almost as ignorant and out of touch as Trump, which we know he’s not. His eyes never register vacant incomprehension, he speaks in complete, coherent sentences, and I’ve never seen him trying to conceal his baldness with a head ferret.

To cite just a few of Putin’s assertions…

  • He got seated beside Michael Flynn at that dinner at random, had no idea Flynn was an American general, and had virtually no interaction with him beyond a greeting.
  • He has no clue what Kislyak, his U.S. ambassador, does with his time, who he meets with, nor what’s discussed. Kislak doesn’t run to Putin with every little thing.
  • So many American executives visit Moscow, there’s no way his intelligence-gathering agency could keep up. He asked, “Do you think we’re gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something? Have you all lost your senses over there?”
  • When Kelly asked if he has any damaging information, the former KGB foreign intelligence officer replied, “Well, this is just another load of nonsense. Where would we get this information from?”
  • He also said the accusation that Russia meddled in the U.S. election is ridiculous, and all 17 U.S. agencies who agree it did are wrong.

Putin essentially gave Trump a pat on the back from a safe distance for his stellar performance as a boorish ignoramus in Europe, where Trump behaved as if he was working under Putin’s direct orders to sink NATO and the G7.

On the flip side, it means Putin thinks there’s still milk in the old Trump cow, so the puppets in the White House will be dancing on Russian strings until Putin starts seeing Trump’s henchmen marched off to prison in handcuffs.

Here’s the full interview…


4 Responses to Putin Steps in to Provide Cover for Trump

  1. Stillmisseszappa says:

    Wasn’t he KGB leader some years ago? I’m not buying that he didn’t know who Flynn was based on that alone

  2. catsworking says:

    According to Wikipedia, Putin was a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB, serving for 16 years, so he didn’t run the whole outfit.

    He played Megyn Kelly for a fool in that interview, knowing her as the blonde bimbo from Fox that Trump hated. His lies came out of his mouth as fast as Trump’s on a good day.

    Of course Putin knew who Flynn was. Does anybody believe the people sitting at his table at that event were picked at random?

    The next big event after the Comey testimony will be Michael Flynn on the hot seat. I believe he will tell the investigations whatever they want to know in hopes of staying out of prison, where he is undoubtedly headed. I think he was already committing treason as an agent of Turkey’s and not reporting it before he even got mixed up with Trump.

    PS: Welcome back!

  3. morganlf says:

    Hi Zappa! Noticeably absent is the name of Giuliani. Lets do a little reading shall we? Shell companies his firm in bed deeply with russians & Money laundering for trump. Now trump said he will testify ( lie) under oath.
    Why come Trump never asked Comey about the Russians never not once. Because he knows already. He colluded and obstructed.

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, spot on. Trump didn’t have to ask abou collusion because he already knew how it was going. If that’s not telling, what is?

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