Comey Provides the Shovel, Trump Does the Digging

By Karen

Waiting for the dust to settle on FBI Director James Comey’s firing before writing about it, I realized the dust never settles with Trump as he lurches from one self-inflicted crisis to the next. The silver lining here is that he’s brought himself closer to impeachment.

After the uproar over Comey’s dismissal, Trump actually had the nerve today on Twitter to threaten Comey into silence…

For the record, when you’re unemployed, you have no job to leak about. Comey the private citizen can now only reminisce about his good old days at the FBI.

Trump’s treatment of Comey was extremely passive-aggressive for a self-described tough guy who probably nursed boners under his conference table whenever he got to say, “You’re FIRED!” to someone’s face on Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump the chicken even timed it so Comey was on the West Coast and saw the news on TV before the actual termination letter made it all the way to the FBI, just blocks from the White House.

That’s gratitude, Trump-style. He practically dry-humped Comey in public every chance he got after Comey helped throw the election to Trump, but the bromance ended as soon as Comey started testifying to Congress and mentioning Russia.

Writing Comey’s termination letter, Trump’s paranoia surfaced as a plug for his own innocence, claiming Comey told Trump three times he’s not under investigation. No doubt that will soon be exposed as another Trump lie, but Trump will keep swearing it’s true because it’s now in writing.

In the aftermath, Trump’s flying monkeys, including Mike Pence, swarmed the media to declare the firing was Trump’s vengeance on Comey’s unchivalrous behavior toward Hillary Clinton.

Were they KIDDING? Who the hell did they think would be believe that, after listening to hours of Trump chanting his mantra, “Lock her up!”

True to form, Trump immediately threw egg on their faces by yapping to NBC’s Lester Holt, stating the Russia investigation totally figured into his decision to fire Comey —because Trump wants the investigation done more quickly. Here’s a link the interview on NBC, which I assume Trump will be unable to scrub.

May 17 NOTE: I originally posted the entire interview below from YouTube, but it disappeared within days, as unflattering footage of Trump seems to do. The photos I used in an early post about Trump dissing Melania at his inauguration suffered the same fate.

Note these things: I think for the first time ever, Trump refers to himself in third person at 1:04. I believe he’s trying to distance his mind from the disgrace and humiliation he knows is coming. He must separate “President Guy” from “Business Guy” to keep his porcelain ego from imploding when impeachment proceedings begin.

Also watch for sniffling. It started during the debates with Hillary. Now he’s under the gun again and it’s back at 2:12, when he claims the Russia investigation is a Democrat excuse. Again at 2:46 when he claims Comey requested a dinner to implore Trump to let Comey keep his job.

For the record: Comey was in year 3 of a 10-year appointment by Obama. He wasn’t on some list of people it was Trump’s prerogative to keep or discard. He’s only the second FBI director to be fired in all of U.S. history. After handing Trump the election, Comey had no reason whatsoever to be concerned about his job.

I believe Trump fired Comey because 1) He can’t stand anyone stealing the spotlight for even one minute; he even revealed his jealousy by calling Comey a “showboater” and a “grandstander,” and 2) Trump feels Comey was tightening the noose on Russia.

To comfort himself with a treat, the very day after Comey’s firing, Trump filled the Oval Office with beaming Russians, photos of which the Russians promptly published. The Trump White House pretended to be shocked — SHOCKED — at the “leak.”

Putin allegedly insisted on that meeting, and Trump caved. Putin’s now playing Trump for a fool while Trump kow-tows, thinking there’s still a chance of earning Putin’s approval and being considered an equal — if only to keep Putin from releasing his dirt on Trump and his whole rotten circle.

At this point, Trump is a lab rat in a maze whose walls are collapsing, and he still can’t figure out where the exit is.

Trump was baffled that anybody got upset about Comey’s firing because he thought saying it was over Hillary was the perfect cover. But his chronic dishonesty has finally caught up with him. Every time he spews a new lie, he digs the hole deeper.

Congress now has no choice but to bring in a special prosecutor because Trump has lawyered up. His every defensive move indicates there’s much more lurking under the tip of this iceberg.

Just today, his legal team, in a letter probably backdated to March 8, since all of Comey’s paperwork dated this week failed to pass the smell test, said there’s basically nothing too Russian in Trump’s taxes for the past 10 years.

But his law firm, Morgan Lewis and Bockius, happens to be part of a global firm that was named “Russia Law Firm of the Year” in 2016 by London-based Chambers and Partners, a firm that ranks lawyers and law firms.

Nope, nothing to see there. I just hope the taxpayers aren’t now picking up the tab for Trump’s bogus legal consultations.

3 Responses to Comey Provides the Shovel, Trump Does the Digging

  1. Randi says:

    I think you are right, the dust never settles with Trump, he is contradicting himself left and right, and he is delusional about his support. His staff will hopefully soon realise who they are dealing with and jump ship. The ones who don’t, but can threaten his position, or don’t follow his exact orders, will be fired. Perhaps that’s not so bad, because who knows if they will be loyal to him forever. Everyone have to face it… Trump is an aspiring dictator and totally unhinged!

    The way he fired Comey, also showed what a wimp he is. Surely he was scared that Comey was getting too close to exposing him – no doubt about that!

    While Trump is in office, he will spend as much of taxpayers money as he possible can, and stove away the rest in a tax haven somewhere, hoping no one will find out.

    He simply doesn’t have the competences and knowledge of the world to run a country, and he seem to think he can run the US from a Twitter account!

  2. morganLf says:

    So this post was a few days ago and now we know. Dump revealed state classified secrets to the Russians by way of yet another boast. He revealed Israeli secrets. He fired Comey because comey was investigating him and refused to back off of Flynn..memo to that effect confirmed by Ny times, Washington Post. And soon Comey. He interefered with investigations and committed treason.He fired Sally Yates because she knew via the surveillance of Flynn he also gave away classified information. He is tampering with our laws and believes he has the right to do so.
    As he has the right to fetishize his daughter, grab pussy, make us pay millions for him to golf 21 times in 100 days way more than OBAMA who he decried for spending our money, not to mention Court Russians disclose intelligence to them while banning our press and allowing Russian press. Mary 3 women have litters of children we pay for..Did Obama do that? He is crazy because he knows we will find out about his laundering of Russian money through Dutch shell companies with Guilianis recommendation?
    Here is just one article :
    So when do we lock him up?

  3. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Trump in orange (wardrobe, not skin) is a prospect that got me so excited tonight that I opened a bottle of wine to watch MSNBC and celebrate.

    His leak to the Russians pales beside the obstruction of justice that Comey has apparently documented. Talk about the shovel!

    If Trump’s allowed to leave the country and shoot his mouth off, and show his abysmal ignorance, to other world leaders, should drive the next nail in the coffin. He’s toast.

    Any Republican who thinks it’s a good idea to defend Trump to court his impossibly brain-dead apologists has a death wish.

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