France Refused to Trump Itself

By Karen

France has signaled that the United States under Donald Trump has become a model for the world — to reject.

Yesterday I watched on CNN the celebrations in Paris with tears of relief and gratitude, thankful that, by an unquestionable margin of 32 points, French voters rejected the bigotry and hatefulness of their Trump-in-a-skirt, Marine Le Pen.

Unlike their more gullible American counterparts, the French people weren’t swayed by the last-minute dump of hacked documents and fake news intended to steer votes to Le Pen. This meddling has already been traced to Russian hackers based in the U.S., and Le Pen, during a debate the night before, hinted that it might happen. Déjà vu, anyone?

France has elected an intelligent, inclusive, well-organized centrist young leader named Emmanuel Macron. By comparison, he shines a spotlight on how far we have let ourselves sink.

Our so-called “leader” is a bloated orange narcissist obsessed with his “hair” who squats in the White House and tries to govern via demented tweets. He aspires to bromances with every brutal despot on the planet, and imagines himself the greatest ruler in history.

In reality, Trump is bilking our treasury to finance his whole family’s lifestyle while they all add to their fortunes through foreign powers who patronize the family businesses to curry favor. For good measure, Trump tries to piggy-back tax breaks for himself and his ilk on every bit of legislation he proposes to Congress. There isn’t enough money in the world to satisfy his insatiable greed.

Earlier this year, Austria and the Netherlands also rejected politicians cut from Trump’s cloth. It’s good to know some countries still have a majority of decent people.

No, wait. SO DO WE!! I have to keep reminding myself that Trump LOST by nearly 3 million votes. The map he can’t stop gloating over shows vast expanses of red covering “YUGE” swaths of unpopulated terrain.

We can thank the obsolete Electoral College for visiting this plague upon our house. Until we get to the heart of Trump’s Russian ties, or he commits enough other crimes to make his removal inevitable — and he will — we’ll have to look to the anti-Trumps governing in Canada and Europe to remember what sanity, integrity, honesty, and justice look like.

Vive La France!

3 Responses to France Refused to Trump Itself

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    Vive la France. Vive la resistance!

  2. Randi says:

    I know this s a little off topic on France’s election, but great that people there saw sense and didn’t vote for Marine le Pen.
    I watched the hearing with Sally Yates the other day… what a bright woman!
    Trump has praised Comey for his investigation on Hillary’s e-mails – and now, when Comey gets a little too close to exposing Trump’s Russian connections, he is fired. It’s SO obvious that the investigation into his Russian connections was too close to home for him! However, FBI, the Democrats and even some Republicans won’t give up – they’ll get to bottom of it sooner or later. It’s going to hit Trump in the neck, and hopefully soon!
    I also just heard the questions on the Intel hearing from the senator in Oregon… his questions weren’t answered, but I don’t think he’ll give up. I can’t wait for your input on this incredible mess, Karen.

  3. catsworking says:

    Randi, I am still chewing on this Comey situation and may have something tomorrow. All I’ll say now is that Trump is getting some terrible advice if he really thought saying he fired Comey to avenge Hillary for what Comey did to her before the election would pass the smell test with ANYONE. We’ve got literally hours of video of Trump praising Comey for “exposing” Hillary, all while keeping the investigation into Trump’s dirt with Russia concealed.

    It’s unfortunate that Comey’s effect on the election can’t be quantified because, like Flynn, it adds up to treason.

    Trump said Dems will be “thanking” him for firing Comey. That’s true, but not why Trump thinks. He just handed Dems the weapon to take back Congress AND ammunition for his inevitable impeachment. It will be the gift that keeps on giving. Nixon is probably laughing his ass off in hell over Trump’s stupidity.

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