Will We Let Trump Start World War III?

By Karen

What did I just say about the consequences of praising Donald Trump for dropping bombs on Syria?

While everyone sat around trying to figure out if Trump has any coherent long-term plan to actually help the Syrians, in his typical ADD style, Trump lost interest in Syria within days and dropped a bomb on Afghanistan.

Not just any bomb, but the “mother of all bombs,” a 21,600 lb. monster carrying the equivalent of 11 tons of TNT. They say you could see the mushroom cloud from 20 miles away, which must have given Trump the biggest boner of his life. Too bad Melania was in New York.

How effective was the bomb? So far, no reports of civilian casualties, which is miraculous. But it only took out 36 ISIS fighters. That’s about 610 pounds of TNT per fighter.

And the bomb itself cost about $16 million.

American taxpayers just killed 36 terrorists for $444,444 apiece, and that doesn’t include fuel for the plane. Trump has said he LOVES spending other people’s money, the more the better. Launching indiscriminate attacks anywhere he thinks he sees a squirrel, wasting military resources and millions of dollars for minimal gain, is one of the few campaign promises he’s actually following through on.

So what’s next? Trump’s been talking smack about North Korea, and they’re saying if Trump wants nuclear war, they’ll be happy to oblige him.

Will Congress stand there and let Trump obliterate the planet in his sick obsession with diverting attention from his bromance with Vladmir Putin? That’s all these provocations in the Middle East amount to.

Trump has no convictions and no strategy for resolving any conflict anywhere. He just likes bombing things because he thinks it makes his dick look bigger.

What we’ve got is an egomaniac with no moral compass who won’t hesitate to kill masses of people — innocent or not — just for attention. Even better if anyone praises him for it, especially if it’s Putin.

Another well-armed maniac, Kim Jong Un, is playing “Chicken” with Trump right now, and Trump won’t let North Korea come out ahead. If someone doesn’t find a way to pull the plug on Trump’s new bomb habit, now that he’s proven beyond a doubt that he thinks war is a game and he can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, we may all be toast.

5 Responses to Will We Let Trump Start World War III?

  1. morganLf says:

    The tin soldier is preening, yet still showing thin skin about protests against him and his taxes returning again and again to tweet his victory. He is wrong a liar and dangerous. Had no concerns for the babies who were gassed in 2013 by Assad, screaming at Obama not to interfere in Syria.
    The fat kid in North Korea is more than up to a feces throwing match with the orange baboon in the White House. Speaking of spending hasn’t he so far spent more of our money on travel than Obama did in 8 years?

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you’re right. The situation with North Korea has been reduced to a feces-throwing match because that’s the highest level of negotiation Trump understands.

    Trump has already played golf 14 times in the 3 months he’s been president, and he’s on track to spend more on travel this year than the Obamas spent in 8 years. He acts as if the greatest thing about being president is no longer paying for heavily guarded vacays for him and his whole damn family, but sticking taxpayers with the expense. And what do we get in return? Chaos and global instability.


  3. Randi says:

    The situation is getting more dangerous by the minute, it’s scary, even to us in Europe. Trump does not have any coherent long-term plan for anything! He seems to believe that others will solve the world problems for him, and I’m sure he sees the bombings as a game. And you’re right Karen, he won’t hesitate to kill masses of people — innocent or not — just for attention. All while he is playing golf at his luxury resort in Florida… on taxpayers expense.

    Oh, and he doesn’t believe in climate change, either. Within the next few decades. the ice has melted and polar bears will be extinct. The mess in the world will affect all species, including Trump’s children and grandchildren, but does he care one bit? Sickening!

  4. Morganlf says:

    A disgrace. Shame on those who put him in office. He won’t live in the White House . We have no seat of government. Bizarre. Spending our health care dollars on his lavish travel and familys travel and security. A stupid man. Won’t learn can’t be told. His racist followers don’t care.

  5. catsworking says:

    Trump and his family will see poetic justice on his climate change denial when Mar-a-Lago and his golf course are under water. They’ve got the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway on either side of them. Our Coast Guard has to protect BOTH bodies of water when Trump’s in Florida, so it’s not like he’s staying at a simple beach house. His utter disregard for the drain his family is on taxpayers is beyond disgusting. Clearly, he thinks he’s king with a bottomless treasury to keep him and his whole family in luxury.

    What’s really scary is that, in this North Korea situation, we’re forced to hope Kim Jong Un starts acting like an adult and backs down because he’s up against a crazy man-baby with nukes. Trump is itching to get into the history books for starting World War III. He’ll waste the military power we’ve so stupidly given him to gratify his insatiable ego, and he doesn’t care how many he kills. He’s too stupid to realize that any of this is REAL.

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