Congress, Face Facts: Trump’s Unhinged

By Karen

While FBI Director James Comey gave damning testimony about Donald Trump’s delusion that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, Trump couldn’t sit quietly in the wings. He inserted himself into the proceedings by live-tweeting.

Like idiots, the committee immediately read Trump’s ravings and tried to make sense of them. When will they learn that Trump’s tweets represent a petulant baby screaming for attention, and he’ll say anything to get it?

The legislative branch (and the media enabling it) need to be adults and tell Trump he’ll be neither seen nor heard until he’s capable of producing factual, coherent thoughts.

Now that Comey has become more threat than ally, don’t be surprised if Comey gets fired, just like Preet Bharara, the New York City U.S. Attorney Trump wanted to keep at first, but canned when watchdog groups requested investigations into Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Remember when Trump claimed he was so rich he didn’t need/want his $400,000 a year presidential salary? Another lie. He’s getting paid, claiming he’ll donate all to charity at year-end. Wouldn’t it be better to donate every payday so he can tweet about that? Instead, he’s giving himself a year’s float for max profits from investing the salary.

Another drain on taxpayers is Ivanka Trump’s new office in the West Wing. She also gets top security clearance. Why? Because, as an ordinary citizen with no diplomatic experience whatsoever, she must be present whenever Trump meets a head of state.

Can’t we just put a shade on Ivanka’s head and call her a lamp?

Trump, the psychopathic toddler, wreaks havoc every waking moment. He isn’t reforming healthcare, he’s letting Paul Ryan destroy it. Trump’s proposed budget is so spiteful, it’s like he’s personally out to screw every person who voted for him.

And helping Trump sow confusion and chaos is his oil-soaked secretary of state and Putin BFF, Rex Tillerson. Tillerson says he’s fine with a 28% budget cut to his gutted State Department because we’ll have “fewer military conflicts” in future.

Out of the other side of his mouth, Tillerson threatens military action against North Korea.

Trump is obsessed with having more Army men, tanks, and guns to play with, oblivious to the fact that the fortune he blows on pointless military buildup and his stupid border wall, to the exclusion of everything else, will bring down, from the inside out, the country he swore to serve.

You know what other country puts its military first while letting everything else go to hell and its people starve and die? North Korea.

Trump’s approval rating is 37%, yet he can still waste more taxpayer money jetting off to some ignorant pocket of this country where morons will cheer him.

When will they wise up? When black gunk flows from their water taps? When they can’t breathe the brown air? When they get cancer and the only hospital has closed — not that they could afford treatment, because the bulk of their income goes to useless health insurance that covers nothing?

Congress needs to subpoena 10 years of Trump’s tax returns. He’s so terrified of anyone seeing them, they must contain enough conflicts of interest and Russian ties to impeach him a dozen times over.

And once Trump’s ass is good and toasty, Putin can pile on his dirt from Trump’s 2013 Miss Universe Pageant visit to Moscow. It’s the last puzzle piece, and Trump will finally be exposed as even more vile than the bloated, arrogant pussy-grabber we already know he is.

Trump himself is leaving us no choice but to cut short his reign of ignorance and terror. What remains to be seen is how much more damage Congress will let the deranged man-baby inflict on us before it steps in and does the right thing.

4 Responses to Congress, Face Facts: Trump’s Unhinged

  1. morganLf says:

    King George lll
    Idi Amin
    Sadden Hussein
    Kim Jong ll
    Pol Pot

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I hope they’re all sprucing up a cozy little corner of hell for him. He’s heading there at a fast clip.

  3. Randi says:

    You are spot on again, Karen! Trump is screaming for attention, and he’ll say anything to get it! He will rather die than admit he is wrong about anything!

    If the health bill is passed, which I doubt, it will surely affect most of the people who voted for him, and many others. How can they not see that? What does it take to make them see sense?

    There’s another thing that has me puzzled… all these Press Conferences where Sean Spicer gets on the podium and try to defend Trump. He is a smooth talker, but most of the time, he avoids questions and blabber on and on about other things, hoping people will forget what they asked. Now, I’m not quite sure, but didn’t Obama speak at his own Press Conferences? That’s how I remember him – a well spoken, intelligent, warm hearthed man.

    But of course, Trump probably can’t read, and he is not able to stay on subject. He will only speak in front of his followers who will cheer him, like the attention seeking, pathetic man he is!

    And by the way, didn’t he promise to release his tax returns – have everyone forgot about that?

    Morgan, he sure belongs in the category of people you mentioned!

  4. catsworking says:

    Randi, Sean Spicer does the daily press briefing for Trump. Obama had various people over his two terms doing the same job in the same room. Jay Carney was the one I remember best for some reason:

    Occasionally, Obama would come to the briefing himself and talk to reporters. I don’t think Trump has dared to do that yet. He’d rather give speeches and not be questioned. That’s why he loves holding big rallies. If he manages to pass his healthcare debacle, I hope he flies to some red state where he thinks he’s king and find himself facing a tiny handful of rubes who still want to listen to his lies.

    When it comes to healthcare, Americans are particularly stupid because most of them get it through an employer who picks the insurer and the benefits for them. A portion of the premium comes out of their salary automatically (employer pays the rest) so they never feel the pain of finding a policy and paying for the whole thing in real money.

    Most people who now get their insurance through the ACA have a little better understanding of their benefits because they had to pick a policy, but the government is paying part or most of the premium, so they are also in La La Land on cost.

    Once Republicans yank away most of the subsidies and people realize the outrageous cost of lousy policies that cover almost nothing (it will take at least a year for the realization to set in when policies must be renewed), that’s when the Trump lovers will be screaming for his head — if he lasts that long, which I don’t believe he will. He’s in a death spiral now with this Russia stuff, which can only get worse.

    The insurance companies have been eerily silent, even though it’s projected they will lost 24 million customers. Why aren’t they upset about that? Because they’re quietly arranging to royally FUCK the rest of us who try to remain insured. They will keep profits nice and healthy no matter how many customers they have to bankrupt or kill. Republicans are doing NOTHING to stop that because the profits are what they personally pocket as insurance lobby bribes. The whole system is sick beyond belief.

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