Trump Tweets to Draw Sharks

By Karen

I bet Donald Trump dreams a lot about sharks — their fins breaking the surface while his fevered brain screams, “Get ready to JUMP!”

During his fourth weekend in a row at Mar-a-Lago at taxpayers’ expense, Trump threw chum into the water with his most unhinged tweets yet. Early Saturday morning, Trump accused Obama, without one iota of proof, of wire-tapping phones in Trump Tower in NYC during the campaign, labeling the former president a “Bad (or sick) guy!”

Pot, meet kettle.

What will Trump tweet next weekend? That Obama’s taken out a hit on him? That he needs to hire a taster because Obama’s trying to poison him? That Obama tried to run him over with a cart on the golf course? That Obama planted a bomb in the Oval Office?

We’re seeing Trump unravel as, one by one, his cronies’ ties to Russia are exposed, like layers from an onion with a Trump core.

If the ever-growing list of Trump associates’ Russian connections were truly irrelevant, Trump could immediately, completely prove he’s clean by producing his tax returns showing no profits from or indebtedness to Russia.

But he doesn’t, and each day he looks guiltier. Or perhaps he knows that his taxes aren’t enough. That Putin’s got dirt to finish him off, and Putin will use it whenever Trump proves himself a weak, useless puppet. Trump tweets to distract, in a vain attempt to keep the other shoe from dropping.

Last week, Trump managed to read to Congress from a teleprompter for an hour without a meltdown, leaving many rejoicing that he was finally acting presidential. But within days he once again reverted to the ignorant, pathetic, frightened little man he really is.

Trump seems bewildered by his new political world. No longer the unquestioned boss, he’s surrounded by enemies he earned, and others who won’t sit by while he flushes America down the toilet. So they leak and speak on condition of anonymity. Trump himself created every reason he has to be very, very afraid. His constant bashing of the media looks increasingly like a death wish to have them expose all he’s been hiding and get it over with.

But back to the tweets. To close Trump’s account would violate his First Amendment rights. So the next best response is none. Report only on his words and text that come through official channels. Reduce his Twitter audience to the crazies who still think his mental diarrhea makes sense.

By using tweets to flirt with the sharks, Trump doesn’t distract, but forces the country closer to a decision to oust him and regain its sanity. Sad!

5 Responses to Trump Tweets to Draw Sharks

  1. Randi says:

    Indeed, he has to get ready to jump, it can’t continue like this much longer, I would think. I have no doubt that if not Putin has some dirt to reveal, then someone else has. It’s just a matter of time when before he will crack up – he certainly appears to be very vulnerable. Any critique, and he will tweet like the maniac he is.

    Trump had probably not expected to “win” and it seems he didn’t even have a plan of how to cope. He seems to think that if hired the “right” crew, they would do the dirty work for him.

    Now, I don’t know if there is anything that can be done to remove him from his position within the first two years, but if there is, I’m sure lots of people are working on it. 😀

  2. catsworking says:

    Randi, Republicans finally have a healthcare plan and it’s a hot mess. Will make many, many people (including me) worse off than before. Giving small tax credits and making people fund their own health savings accounts are bullshit when you can’t afford insurance in the first place, for which older people can be charged 5 times as much as young. It spits in the face of Trump’s repeated promises to provide “something terrific” that will cover “everyone.”

    You’re right that Trump has no plan. He didn’t expect to win. He didn’t win. If you count the independents who voted for third-party candidates, Trump actually lost by about 10 MILLION votes. He was all for abolishing the stupid Electoral College until it put him in the White House.

    His new attacks on Obama (the latest being that Obama released 122 prisoners from Guantanamo who rejoined the terrorists, when George W. Bush was really responsible for 113 of those releases) are indications that Trump is becoming seriously unhinged. The Obamas were nothing but kind and supportive to the Trumps, and now they’ve become his punching bags when he’s desperate.

    He’ll end up treating the saps who voted for him the same way.

    Well-researched reports about his myriad shady business deals with foreign crooks and Russian connections are coming out, indicating why he’s absolutely terrified of anyone seeing his tax returns.

    There seems no way he can ever turn this around and serve a full term. He’s already made too many enemies in our government and around the world. Everyone knows that when he’s breathing, he’s lying. His word means nothing. He never knows what he’s talking about, and he prefers staying ignorant. And to top it off, he has NO IDEA how to govern except to sit at a desk and scribble his name on papers for the cameras.

    Between his sordid past and botching healthcare, he’s toast. It’s just a matter of getting Republicans to face it and deal with it.

  3. Morganlf says:

    His supporters are vocal and while In the minority, Congress and Senate are afraid of their seething racist masses. Next to these deliberately “deplorable ” vicious haters of all things Obama the tea party is …a party. Don’t you see? Trump wants to fuck his daughter has heavily implied it. He is a service avoider during a war in which he was called to service, but is more knowledgeable than all the generals. Remember he’d end ISIS IN 30 days ..guess not. He is illiterate, can’t read and don’t care who knows. He lost a billion dollars when he was supposed to be a real estate savant.

    His supporters DON’T CARE AS LONG AS HE IS NOT BLACK!!!

    It is clear he lied about the wall. He wants us to pay for it even tho he pays no federal tax so it won’t cost him nada.

    The Muslim ban is failed. The revamp of healthcare is a cluster fuck. He will repeal coverage for a disproportionate amount of His supporters.
    They don’t care. He is white. (Orange).

    Our racist, now not so closeted white Americans. Will support him. No matter what.

    What an ugly country we are. It is now clear Trump allowed and courted the Russians to intervene in our process of democracy. Is that not enough to depose this idiot?

    He is defunding hundreds of programs for the old and poor. Yet ensconced his mail order bride (numero 3) in a tower at our expense $500,000 A FUCKING DAY…can no one else see he uses Air Force one like a shuttle at 1 million a pop? Mar a lago every weekend and many Hitler rallies in between to wherever they will have him. He does not live at the White House!!! His inauguration crowds were thin and pitiful so he uses our money to fly to where he can bask in adoration.

    He lied about being wire tapped. They don’t care. He can’t speak on policy he does not understand it.

    It’s our fault. Not enough of us voted. Oh and if you think Hillary was worse …go fuck yourself. I hope you get all you deserve. I resent having to share in that.

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. His ignorance and hypocrisy are off the charts. Hard to imagine that he managed to attract enough people even more so to support him. It IS scary beyond belief.

    Nobody can say they voted for Trump in my presence and not have me go totally off on them.

  5. Morganlf says:


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