Should Taxpayers Pay to Secure Trump Family Business Trips?

By Karen

In two words: HELL, NO!

Security and embassy staff accompanied Trump’s son Eric to Uruguay on a business trip, and we taxpayers got stuck paying $97,830 for their lodgings. That doesn’t include their salaries and travel expenses.

This was business Daddy Donald claims to be divorced from, even as any profits presumably keep flowing into his bank account.

My question: How did Trump’s adult children keep themselves alive before Daddy got the Secret Service, and why are we protecting them now like they’re heirs to the throne?

Donald’s supposedly a billionaire who claims he doesn’t need to collect his $400,000 annual salary as president, so why aren’t he or his adult sons footing the bills for security on nongovernment-related business jaunts in Trump’s name?

After all, Trump’s already squeezing taxpayers to secure his house, golf course, and the freaking Atlantic Ocean every weekend he spends at Mar-a-Lago — which is to say, all of them.

And since Melania doesn’t want to be first lady, New York City pays anywhere from $150,000 to $500,000 a DAY to keep her and Barron in the digs they’ve grown accustomed to at Trump Tower, although the setup is wreaking havoc on Tiffany’s and anybody else unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity.

Our government lets Trump bank profits he rakes in on the D.C. hotel near the White House that he leases from the government in a conflict of interest so clear, it’s a disgrace that the feds didn’t confiscate the property on Inauguration Day. Why doesn’t Trump donate those to defray travel expenses?

Trump’s alleged forfeited salary amounts to chump change when he and his family are on track to siphon off hundreds of millions in travel and security expenses if he completes a term. The Trumps treat the U.S. Treasury like their piggy bank to finance trips wherever their fancies take them.

Meanwhile, Congress watches this ritual rape of the taxpayers and does nothing.

When Trump speaks to Congress tonight, any words he says about cutting budgets or saving money are meaningless so long as he and his family swan around, personally enriching themselves, while the rest of us pay for them to do it.

2 Responses to Should Taxpayers Pay to Secure Trump Family Business Trips?

  1. Randi says:

    Of course tax payers should not pay for Trump’s familys’ business trips or luxurious lodging and restaurant bills!! No way! They shouldn’t even be allowed on AirForce One! But as long the Congress consist of Republicans, I guess no one can do anything about it.
    He says he’s billionaire, but no one really knows, because he won’t release his tax returns, as he promised a long time ago! In any case, if he has the amount of money he claims, it would be becoming to donate to charities and other less fortunate people – he might even get some respect. But he would rather give tax cuts to the rich, and lower drug cost (OK, it’s good for the sick and poor, who really need their medicine), but I bet his ulterior motive is to drug people so they can’t think straight.
    Once he gets the boot from the WH, he will of course benefit from the Corporate tax cuts he. He is the kind of person who has ulterior motives for everything he does, just like his slimy, greedy team!
    Does anyone believe he’s in it to make things better for ordinary working class people… then think again!

  2. catsworking says:

    Trump acts in every way like a common money-grubber rather than a billionaire. When the taxpayers aren’t paying for him and his whole trampy family’s travels, Trump’s taking his guests to his own restaurants, so whatever the meal costs, the taxpayers pay it and the profit goes straight into Trump’s pockets.

    He stays at his own resorts so the Secret Service has to rent rooms to stay close to him. The taxpayers pay that rent — and the profit goes straight into Trump’s pockets.

    He’s bilking the taxpayers for millions by forcing us to pay for government employees and foreign guests to patronize his businesses.

    He did the same thing during the campaign, forcing the campaign to pay HIM to hold rallies at his properties, or having his own companies make goods used for the campaign. If he had a fundraising dinner, do you think he would DONATE Trump steaks or Trump wine? No, he’d SELL it to the event and pocket the profit like a scumbag.

    All this is well-known, and yet nobody in Congress is lifting a finger to stop it. Because most of them are just as crooked and wish they had similar opportunities to profit from their position.

    When Trump made his big speech to Congress last night, Melania came in black sequins, which I think was a first. She stuck out like a sore thumb among everyone else in business clothes. The Trumps must have been planning a big cocktail party back at the White House afterward.

    Of course, Ivanka was seated right behind Melania, wearing a more appropriate, but bright red dress, which drew all eyes toward Ivanka. Ivanka is showing a pattern of hogging attention from her stepmother. At the inaugural ball, Melania showed up in a plain white sack and Ivanka’s huge gown was straight out of Cinderella.

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