Trump Has Already Made Russia Our Greatest Ally

By Karen

Just not in the way Trump thinks.

While Trump keeps minions scurrying to mitigate the damage he inflicts daily on himself, Vladmir Putin watches, waits, and compiles a psychological dossier on Trump. When the two men meet face-to-face, we’ll hear Trump being played with such finesse, symphony conductors will melt in puddles of drool.

When Michael Flynn assured Russia’s ambassador that Trump might relax Obama’s sanctions, he actually sabotaged that possibility. If there’s one thing that terrifies congressional Republicans (besides Trump), it’s being perceived as Putin’s puppets.

After firing Flynn, Trump declared Flynn’s call a good idea, and that Trump “would have” ordered it himself (kind of reminds me of OJ Simpson’s book, If I Did It). Trump’s subtext was…

“Never fear, Vladmir, my future BFF. One of your boys had to go because he got caught, but I’ll make this up to you bigly. Trust me.”

Trump then dispatched Mike Pence to Europe, toting the baggage of being misled by Flynn and kept unaware of it by Trump, with orders to spread more lies like manure around the EU to hide Trump’s true intent to screw Western Europe.

Secretly, Pence just keeps smiling, reapplying his lipstick, and waiting in the wings for Mr. DeMille to tell him it’s time for his close-up, as Trump continues hacking an ever-widening path to his impeachment.

Meanwhile, Putin’s been pushing Trump’s buttons one by one — conducting cruise missile tests, buzzing U.S. naval vessels, trolling off our East Coast with his spy ship. He’s exploring what it will take for Trump’s ego to blurt-tweet that his dick is bigger than Vlad’s. So far, Trump has resisted the bait.

Trump naively believes Putin considers him an equally shrewd operator, playboy, and despot. But after a month of watching Trump boast, bully, and bumble, Putin knows the lying orange man-baby will never be a reliable ally, and he’s waiting for America’s disgust to build to a crescendo of cries for Congress to “DO SOMETHING!” about Trump.

But Congress will do nothing. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will wring their hands and make excuses, while John McCain and Lindsey Graham whimper in a corner…

…Until Putin unleashes the damning-beyond-a-doubt dirt he collected on Trump in 2013 when Trump visited Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant.

Russia will force Congress to end Trump’s reign of terror.

You know, after Trump blabbered for years about being president and building Trump Tower Moscow, there’s no way Putin squandered his “golden opportunity” to spy on Trump on Russian soil and gain the upper hand, in case he ever needed it.

Our part in this is to continue mocking and resisting Trump’s idiocy until Putin knows that revealing his hand will bring lasting results.

Don’t cry for Trump. His own behavior makes his downfall inevitable. To have Putin confirm Trump’s probable financial corruption and possible perversity will be the coup de grâce.

The ultimate irony will be when Donald Trump forces Putin to deliver America from evil and, by default, become the most powerful leader on earth.

10 Responses to Trump Has Already Made Russia Our Greatest Ally

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. catsworking says:

    Since when did Cats Working’s resident troll become a fan? 😉

  3. Randi says:

    Thanks for your latest installments, both brilliant!
    Every time I watch the news on CCN (that is the only US channel I can get), my jaw drops. Apart from all the things you mentioned, Karen, Trump seem to get all his info from FOX News – he simply has no clue what goes on in the World! I supppose you heard about his blunder concerning Sweden. LOL!
    I’m sure you are right when you say his downfall is inevitable, and we wonder when it will happen.
    I have to share what a good friend of mine said when I showed her your blog – I totally agree, of course! She is American and expresses herself a lot better than me.
    “Loved Karen’s blog! She really puts time into her entries, and boy, does she have Trump nailed!!! Looks like his Russia connection may bring him down. The Congress has begun hearings, investigating his and his “team’s” collusion with the Russians, during the campaign. He really has been a hot mess since taking office, and the WH is in total disarray! They don’t know what the hell they’re doing, none of them! Scary!”

  4. catsworking says:

    Why, thank you, Randi!

    Yes, Trump gets most of his news from Fox. And he has mentioned The National Enquirer as a source in the past. The Enquirer is a print tabloid that deals mostly in celebrity disaster fantasy. Trouble is, that’s also where Trump’s most avid supporters get their “news.” They’re clueless.

    Yes, I did see Trump’s foot-in-mouth moment over Sweden. He doesn’t even realize that portraying Scandinavia, the tidiest corner of the planet, as being out of control and plagued by crime requires a new word for “fantasy.”

    It’s been taking me a a long time to put blog posts together since Trump got into the White House (I refuse to say elected because he wasn’t. He’s in on a glitch) because I start writing about one thing, and then a cascade of other things happens and forces me to change course. Some have theorized that this chaos is a deliberate strategy, but I believe Trump and his team of thugs are way in over their heads and flailing.

    Trump is out of shape, we’ve never heard that he exercises, junk is his favorite food, and the doctor who proclaimed him fit looks worse than Trump. Not to mention that his wife appears one step from sticking a knife in him when she’s forced to be in his presence at Mar-a-Lago on weekends. And I will add that he NEVER smiles. NEVER. The man has no sense of humor, no personal friends, and in his off hours, he “relaxes” by watching people on TV talk about him, good and bad.

    I wonder how long his bloated orange 70-year-old carcass is going to be able to withstand the 24/7 stress of it, now that he isn’t surrounded by yes men who carry out his every whim without question. Knowing he’s surrounded by leakers he can’t trust who are working against him has got to be eating at him, bigly.

    I do believe that Russia will ultimately bring him down. Not Congress getting to the heart of Trump’s relationships there, but by Russia exposing Trump as the purely corrupt and deviated sicko he is. And it will be poetic justice.

  5. Randi says:

    Trump spent about an hour giving his speech the other day at CPAC. It was a very “thin” speech and so incoherent! The subjects he touched on, he could have covered in ten minutes… the wall, immigrants, law and order, defense budget, Nafta, Obamacare and polls. In the first part of it, he complained about “fake News,” as usual. But knowing that he doesn’t like to read, and gets his news from FOX, what can you expect? He is digging himself into a deep ditch and even his followers are starting to realize it. Let’s hope he stays in that ditch! I have to wonder what will happen next.

  6. catsworking says:

    Randi, Trump is never coherent, yet he never misses an opportunity to flap his stupid lips before an audience. He can’t retain the thread of any sentence from the capital letter at the beginning to the period at the end. He’s also starting to sound like a broken record on all his usual peeves. He’s supposed to give a major speech to Congress Tuesday night, which should be interesting because he hasn’t lifted a finger yet to work with them. He just signs orders they don’t get to first review or advise him on.

    I expect the intent of his speech will be to give Congress marching orders on how he expects them to carry out his wishes. It will be full of exaggerations and lies, as always. And the Republicans will applaud him profusely because they’re all too chicken to admit that their emperor has no clothes and is bat-shit crazy.

    Trump’s constant bashing of the media has only inspired the media to keep on digging for his dirt. They’re calling him out on lying. And MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell is attacking Trump’s mental state with all guns blazing.

    Trump’s apologists are saying no medical professional can dare to diagnose Trump without actually examining him. O’Donnell brought on a psychologist who pointed out that the specific name for whatever ails Trump is irrelevant at this point. We’ve got thousands of hours of video documenting his delusional and unhinged statements. Any layman can see there’s something not right with the man, and allowing him to keep the power he’s been given may well prove a fatal mistake.

  7. Randi says:

    Karen, you are spot on!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Like you say, he can’t retain the thread of any sentence, but wanders off the subject to praise himself every few seconds – it’s sickening to listen to!
    I don’t know who writes his speeches, but he/she may as well quit the job, because he just can’t help himself getting sidetracked all the time.
    He is constantly whining that he doesn’t get fair coverage, but to him fair coverage is when the media say nice things about him, which I predict will be less and less. People want facts, but Trump does is trying to divert people from facts, and sadly, many can’t see that.
    Well, the day will hopefully come soon when the Republicans will admit that their emperor has no clothes and is bat-shit crazy.
    On CNN I heard some comments from George Lakoff, Berkeley, who spoke about “Understanding Trump” – he nailed it! Here’s a link:

  8. catsworking says:

    Randi, that was a very interesting article. Even though it was written before the election, you’re right, he nailed much of what’s driving Trump and his supporters.

    Trump’s speechwriter is Stephen Miller, a slimy little weasel who just recently crawled out from under his rock to start being on TV. He wrote Trump’s inaugural address about “American carnage” and is writing Trump’s speech to Congress for tomorrow night. Here’s a bit more about Miller:

    And you’re right about Trump: Any news report that doesn’t praise him to the rafters is “fake news.” And any vote he didn’t get was “rigged.” His incessant need for praise and validation is so off the charts, the only way he can function is to keep himself surrounded by enablers who feed the beast. If ever left to his own devices to face a world in which the MAJORITY of people fear and hate him (I’m including not only the 3 million more Americans who chose Hillary over him, but also those in the many other countries he’s insulted and frightened with his threats), he’d self-destruct on short order.

  9. Randi says:

    Thanks for sharing that article, Karen! That was excellent! I’m sharing it with my political minded friends.

    Why is it that the Republicans don’t listen to Trump’s speeches and ask themselves these questions:
    Was there any substance in what he just said? Any plans of how to pass his horrendous legislations? Will he even be able to get the votes in the Senate and House he needs?
    The many outrageous plans he has in mind will be very expensive to carry out – who is going to pay? He will have to save on other things, but what? Healthcare? This while he will spend $54 on increased military, and giving tax cuts to the extremely rich. And I’m sure there are many other things. Does people think about that?

    I hear that he won’t attend the WH Corresondents dinner. We can all guess why… he simply would not be able to give a coherent speech, and he is probably smart enough to know he would make such a fool of himself!

  10. catsworking says:

    Randi, Trump isn’t going to the WH correspondents dinner because the president is supposed to give a light, humorous speech, making himself mainly the butt of the joke, and Trump is utterly incapable of doing it. He never smiles. He never jokes. The only two interests in his life are the accumulation of money and blind adoration. The closest he can come to levity is to say something truly nasty and then claim later he was just being sarcastic. Any remarks he’d make to that audience would fall flat and embarrass him. Not to mention that he would probably receive a hostile welcome after making the media his sworn enemy.

    None of his plans and policies have any basis in reality. Nothing he says on any topic balances out in dollars and cents. He wants to greatly reduce taxes on the rich, yet greatly increase spending on infrastructure and the military. The only place the money can come from is out of the pockets of little people on Medicare, Social Security, or those who get government-subsidized healthcare or food stamps, or any other assistance.

    IDIOTS listened to him and thought, just because Trump CLAIMS he’s a billionaire (although he has provided no written proof except to splash his name in gold on many buildings), he can magically balance the books and make everything wonderful possible, and EVERYONE will live happily ever after.

    The day Trump voters get fucked on healthcare is coming very soon. He can’t possibly do anything he’s promising and keep for-profit health insurers involved. People are going to lose their insurance or pay even more dearly for it and get no healthcare in return.

    He just said that “healthcare is more complicated than anybody realizes.” REALLY?? We’ve been hashing it out for YEARS with little headway, and he’s just made that earth-shattering discovery. He’s going to screw things up so badly, people will be screaming for his head.

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