Let’s Make Laughter Trump’s Downfall

By Karen

I’ve been working on a Trump post for over a week, but the never-ending craziness eclipses what I write one minute with something worse the next.

Good news today is that national security advisor Michael Flynn threw himself on history’s trash heap as the Russian tool he’s always been. One down.

Sadly, Kellyanne Conway only got “counseled,” in lieu of the long suspension without pay she deserved, for giving Ivanka Trump a “free commercial” on Fox after Nordstrom abandoned her brand. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Neiman-Marcus, Sears, and Kmart are doing likewise. Conflict of interest’s loss.

We’ve got a 70-year-old baby rampaging through the White House in a loaded diaper, screaming for attention however he can get it, and nary an adult in sight with the guts to, literally, change him.

Steve Bannon keeps Trump occupied while Bannon foments World War III by sitting Donald at his desk, shoving a big felt tip in his stubby fist, and providing stacks of important-looking papers to scribble on while fawning toadies watch. Trump holds up his handiwork and everybody admires  his cleverness.

“Look, Donald just made a BIG boom-boom. What a gooooood boy!”

“Look, Donald just made a BIG boom-boom. What a gooooood boy!”


Signing his name illegibly is the only job skill Trump has mastered so far.

Getting himself up to speed on North Korea’s ballistic missile test at Mar-a-Lago last weekend in front of country club diners was just Trump seeing a new opportunity to drop a big, fat presidential boom-boom for all to admire, including Japan’s prime minister.

But it wasn’t quite received that way.

As Trump displays daily his ignorance, arrogance, and disregard for facts, Congress rubber stamps the parade of unqualified ass-clowns Trump calls a cabinet. And Bannon churns out executive orders for Trump to sign without reading so Trump can take the fall when Bannon’s overreach and rookie mistakes go public.

What can concerned citizens do? I say we give Trump the Saturday Night Live treatment.

Laugh at Trump and every scumbag who enables him. Mock them mercilessly. Let Trump and his cronies be greeted everywhere with jeers and boos.

Trump’s a thin-skinned bully who can dish it out but can’t take it. Let’s make him take it from all sides, every minute, every day. The incompetent heads who lose face will start rolling out of the White House after Michael Flynn’s. To slowly, relentlessly waterboard Trump with derisive laughter will erode his sanity like nothing else can.

Watch how Trump made his mark on Scotland. They’ll be dancing in the streets the day we’re rid of him…

Every time we’re forced to listen to an ill-informed flunky spew nonsense, let’s respond with this…

Let’s dissect and reject the tactics of his dedicated lie-spewing machine…

I hope TV networks decide Kellyanne Conway adds nothing to meaningful discourse and stop booking her. Trump may threat-tweet, “See you in court!” but nobody’s First Amendment right to free speech guarantees air time. Let her start a blog.

11 Responses to Let’s Make Laughter Trump’s Downfall

  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    You know I have tried to give Trump and his administration a chance. I really have. However, just as I am ready to meet half way, somebody on his staff does or says something unbelievably stupid. The more recent thing that got me was when Stephen Miller literally said that the president should not be questioned. I was like what?!

  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, kwenzqoatl! My favorite was Kellyanne saying something like whatever Trump says should be accepted as the new fact. And then when reporters started questioning her about what he was saying/tweeting, she complained, “You keep paying attention to what he SAYS instead of what’s in his HEART!”

    Honey, we don’t have X-ray eyes. All we can go on is what he says and does.

    The nonsense that comes out of her mouth in defending him is often more offensive and outrageous than his original comments. And I read somewhere that she’s being considered to take Flynn’s place as a top SECURITY advisor, like she knows anything about that.

    The best we can hope for with Conway is that, if the networks don’t ban her, the long hours and what appears to be an eating disorder that keeps her skeletal get the best of her.

  3. morganLf says:

    Oh thank you so much. You said everything I’ve been thinking …laid it out eloquently but I’d have added a lot of f bombs and c bombs on account this sick, frankly crazy , very stupid man has hijacked the greatest democracy history has ever created. I ache from this.

  4. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Morgan! And now that one of Putin’s puppets in Trump’s gang has taken the fall, Putin is making moves to see how far he can go and still have Trump defend and praise him. Stay tuned…

  5. st says:

    Different topic – The New Yorker has an article about Anthony Bourdain. Although you probably know a lot about him, there are some interesting comments from other people, including his first wife.

  6. catsworking says:

    Hi, st! Yes, glad you brought that up. The New Yorker article is EXCELLENT and a must-read for any Bourdainiac who still visits here. Here’s the link:


    Nancy is still in the picture, if on the far fringes. And it recounts a trip Tony took to France recently, not work-related, that took a scary turn, among other things.

    Lots of new insight.

  7. Adele Prass says:

    Let’s see if this works. I’ve tried a couple of times to get back on Cats Working, but with no success.Good Trump post — for the first 3 weeks of his administration, I had myself on news blackout, because I was made physically ill, every time I paid attention to what was going on. But the hits have been coming so fast that I’ve had to start paying attention. Every day, I think, “This or that is so much worse than Watergate,” but it goes on. We (or someone) has to figure out a way to flip Congress, because as long as Bannon is the puppetmaster, no matter how insulted the So Called President becomes, he’ll be propped up, and as long as the Repubs have majorities in both houses, impeachment is unlikely. And then there’s Pence . . .

    I, too, thought the Bourdain New Yorker profile was excellent. I was shocked and happy to hear from Nancy. I just hope he maintains a home-based support system for the day when he can no longer spend most of the year traveling.

  8. Adele Prass says:

    Hope you, Adele, Max and Roc are well.

  9. catsworking says:

    Welcome back, Adele! Your two comments came through fine. I don’t know what WordPress has done behind the scenes, but I hear occasionally that someone has been unable to comment.

    I stopped watching the news between the election and the inauguration but, as Rachel Maddow always says, “Now is NOT the time to stop paying attention.”

    Trump is showing signs of cracking already, as evidenced by that bizarro news conferenece he called yesterday. He blabbered on like some Third-World maniac, making little sense, contracting himself, lashing out at everyone.

    The latest gem is that the leaks are real, but the reporting on them is fake. And he’s just hired some billionaire to try to plug the holes, like that’s even possible with technology today. I predict the leaks will be coming faster than ever. The more he complains about the media, the deeper they dig in and the more they find that’s damning. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

    I agree with you on Bourdain. I’m sure he and Ottavia will make sure Ariane has a stable situation and, by extension, so will he. It’s not like anybody’s mad. They’ve just grown apart. I think back to meeting Ottavia when Ariane was a baby. I think she was about 28 and so well-grounded and supportive of Tony, and I feel a pang. But she needed to find her own “thing” and I don’t blame her. By all indications, Ariane is an amazing little person.

    But at some point, someone is going to want to move on and form new attachments. I just hope whoever gets added to the mix enhances it.

  10. Adele Prass says:

    As someone said, “The one thing Trump made great again is Saturday Night Live.” If you haven’t seen Colbert’s riff on the press conference, do — it’s Colbert at his absolute best.

    A friend of mine is predicting that Trump won’t last 6 months. Of course, then there’s Pence — truly a case of picking one’s poison.

  11. catsworking says:

    I tend to agree with the six-month estimate, a year tops. There’s no way this level of insanity can be sustained for his full term. We’re already seeing cracks developing in his orange veneer. He’s used to being surrounded by yes men he can order around. Now he’s seeing how vast the government is and that there’s someone waiting to expose his bullshit hiding in every corner. It’s got to be driving him bonkers to be so out of control.

    Not to mention the strain on his marriage. Melania is seeing how much the country hates him. If she has a shred of integrity, she will take Barron and flee at the first opportunity. Nobody would blame her.

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