Hillary, PLEASE Skip Trump’s Inauguration

By Karen

Dear Hillary,

What the hell are you and Bill thinking? After all the poor decisions during the campaign that caused you to blow it with the Electoral College, how can you add this boneheaded move to the pile? NOBODY wants to see you behind Trump as he gets sworn in to the job you should have gotten — except maybe Trump.

Forget the baloney about the “peaceful transfer of power.” That’s Obama’s hand-off to make, not yours, not Bill’s. Obama will have George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter watching his back. Three former presidents kowtowing to Trump will be stomach-churning enough.

Besides, Trump has no interest in peace. He never hesitates to verbally attack countries, world leaders (exception Putin), and even individual American citizens. And on Friday, this country hands him all our bombs and our military might. Do you really want to stand there and condone that?

You know Trump won’t resist gloating and smirking at you as he takes the job you worked so hard for. And when he does, the heads of the 2,864,974 more Americans who voted for you over Trump will explode. It will be the last straw after having the Electoral College spit on their votes.

Your presence in Washington will only stoke fury in hundreds of thousands of people who will be there on Saturday to protest Trump and every abomination he stands for. Do you really want to do that? Don’t you think Trump himself has already given people plenty to be incensed about without giving him the opportunity to diss you one more time?

Dozens of congress members won’t be there, nor will your successor, Secretary of State John Kerry. I’m begging you and Bill to follow their example and stay home.

20 Responses to Hillary, PLEASE Skip Trump’s Inauguration

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:

    will hill rcv this admonition?

  2. MorganLF says:

    She had to go. Bill in his capacity of former president, must attend to show the class of the office. I stand heartily behind the 55 and counting congress people who declined after his attack on John Lewis a man beaten, head cracked open, and jailed 45 times!! As a civil rights hero.
    “All talk” while Lewis was beaten Trump played squash and service avoided 5 times during Nam.
    Hillary is a champ. For Bill Clintons legacy she will attend as his plus one. I would not. But I am not the wife of a beloved president.

    His ceremony is a cringing shame on him.
    The piano guys? Three doors down? Who ever heard of them?
    So morte’d scorn. Disgrazia!

    Obama had U2, Stevie Wonder, Springsteen, Beyoncé, Cheryl Crowe, Usher, Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi…and more all who clammored to be at his inauguration…do you remember what a show it was?
    DUMPKIN has E listers and the Mormon T choir. Should be a great show. HE CANT EVEN BUY TALENT…they all said no. Sad sad little piss queen. Putin’s bitch.

  3. catsworking says:

    No law says Bill has to be there. He’s dissing Hillary to go. His last chance to feel like a president perhaps? Hope she hits him upside the head withnthe nearest cast iron skillet.

    On the other hand, if Bill punches Trump in the mouth when he smirks at Hillary, he’d make history.

    Just saw on Rachel Maddow that Obama has just rushed troops to the Russian border of Norway and Poland to defend them in case Russia tries to annex more territory. Putin is pissed.

    Check and mate on Trump. Does he leave the troops in place to protect our allies, or withdraw them and show the world he’s truly Putin’s bitch? His reaction will tell all.

  4. Cynthia Del Buono says:

    I guess she would look like a sore loser if she didn’t go. I feel bad for Hillary. Bill could care less, he loves the spotlight no matter the cause. I’m more worried about what this guy is going to do to democracy.

  5. catsworking says:

    The only people who would fault Hillary for not going would be the 17% who still think Trump will be a great president — only because they want to see her further humiliated. There is NO GOOD REASON for her to be there.

    Just read that someone in Trump’s coven says they are going for a “soft sensuality” vibe for the coronation. What’s he going to swear in on? The Kama Sutra? Maybe followed by a relaxing golden shower. Because no real celebs want to be anywhere near him, let’s hope half the citizens (1.8 million) Obama drew will turn out to be crickets for Trump (or those with the brains of crickets) and the rest will be protesters.

  6. Bacardi1 says:

    I’ll be brief here, but I agree with others who feel that Hillary attending is a show of class, whether she’s attending of her own accord, or simply as the wife of a former president. Non-attendance would be the equivalent of stomping one’s foot & pouting, & regardless of whether the election loss was legitimate or not, is no way to present oneself & would hardly result in anything constructive.

    And just to clarify, I’m rabidly anti-Trump (although I wasn’t all that crazy about Hillary either).

  7. MorganLF says:

    He’s running video packages offering free seats to his supporters, his team is apparently terrified of empty seats. Meanwhile the women’s March the next day against him is dwarfing his inauguration. This new wrinkle with Putin and American troops will undo him. Well done Obama.

  8. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, if it were anybody but Trump, I’d agree with you. For example, Hillary lost to Obama and attended his inauguration and it was fine because we all knew Obama wasn’t going to behave like an ass about it. In fact, he made her his secretary of state!

    With Trump it will be different. I don’t want Trump getting any photo ops of lording it over the Clintons that he’s got the power now and they don’t. Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah! And you know if he sees the opportunity, he will do exactly that.

    I applaud all the congress members (now 50+, including 3 of the 4 Democrats from Virginia) who are sitting this one out. Trump keeps perpetuating the lie that he won by the biggest landslide in history. The only way to disprove that is to have him deliver to empty space what promises to be his epic lies and exaggerations boast/rant. For previous presidents, it was called an inaugural address.

    I’m also hoping the government worker bees are just biding their time until Trump’s in office to pounce on him with both feet about his myriad business conflicts of interest and legal/ethical issues as a government employee. Hit him so hard from so many angles that he forgets to tweet.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Won’t happen. He has magic or does he? The event tonight with the 5th rate entertainment was embarrassing. As Trump head bopped to bands no one ever heard of, with his silly hair..myriad of children by a variety of baby mamas…I felt shame.
    Karen, I agree it would be a real statement if Bill passed, but it would give the Dumpkins so much to rave about.
    One third of Americans voted. The disgrace is on them.

  10. catsworking says:

    People did manage to shame him into working on Friday, after the said day one on the job would be Monday.

    Unfortunately, he thinks he’s just going to sign a bunch of orders he hasn’t even read and start sowing chaos right out of the gate. Heaven help us. His impeachment can’t come soon enough.

    And, yes, shame on the American people who voted for no one or wasted their vote on a fringe candidate with no chance.

  11. Morganlf says:

    The disgrace! An old fat man swaying with Melania..he never learned to dance! No one turned out 40k to Obama 400k. Wanna see a first dance? Google Obama first dance while Beyoncé sang AT LAST while sobbing, makes me cry to this day.

    The evil orange whale with his oversized jacket meant to cover his mortal fatness just delivered the worst inaugural address ever. A dark menacing message that attacked all the presidents and incumbents on the dais. No message of hope. A dark campaign speech no eloquence..a message of fear an hate. He wrote himself.
    Are we scared yet?
    But this fat no suave havin, orange, shoulder part wearin, hairspray hoggin, can’t dance fat, no attendance havin, lowest approval rating ever havin, Daughter creepin, tax no showing, lyin liar who lies…the lowest approval rating of a president elect EVER!!!!!!

  12. Morganlf says:

    My…I got carried away… To finish my thought . Should be abolished impeached done away with by any and all means.obstruct vote against this unhinged liar and service avoiding coward!!

  13. catsworking says:

    Well, Hillary did show up, looking none too pleased, and Trump did seem to avoid looking at her on the dais as he took the oath, before he proceeded to trash every former president who came to support him, against their better judgment.

    Nice touch that it started pissing rain as soon as Trump started talking. And it was the only time Trump didn’t look totally bored during the whole ceremony, while ranted his lies about the country being in a total shambles that he will fix by giving everybody factory and construction jobs.

    Read today that at the luncheon afterward, Trump “appeared” to shake Hillary’s hand (which she now has to amputate to get the orange off), and had the Clintons stand and be applauded. THAT’S when he would have given the big smirk. “See? Now I have everybody following MY orders! You’re nobodies without me!”

    Now we’ve got to grit our teeth and just get through every day until he’s impeached. He won’t last 4 years.

  14. Randi says:

    At the church ceremony today, he didn’t have a clue how to behave, he looked like a lost child. But at his speech at the Intel, I really cringed! He was rambling about himself most of the time and was SO incoherant. What a disgrace he is to the US… and the whole world! His family must be embarrassed about him!
    The only positive thing is all the marches around the country… and the world.
    I don’t believe he will last even the first 100 days in the WH.

  15. catsworking says:

    Randi, during the closing of the inauguration when all the clergymen were offering prayers, Trump was the only one on the dais to applaud one after he said “Amen.” Who applauds after a prayer?

    Trump’s relationship with his maker doesn’t bear scrutiny. He swore on two bibles in case one burst into flames.

    At the CIA, he bragged about how the rain timed itself around what he was doing, when the truth is that God lifted his leg and let loose a gentle golden shower just as Trump started orating. TV showed the Clintons trying to cover themselves. I was hoping it would start pouring so we could see what Trump looks like just out of the shower, but God spared him that humiliation, probably because He knows much worse is to come.

  16. catsworking says:

    PS: I don’t care what he says about never touching alcohol or even coffee. He’s doing some substance, and it involves his sinuses. He was sniffling loudly at the beginning of his inauguration rant, and he was markedly listless at the CIA today.

  17. Randi says:

    It’s funny you should mention his sniffing… I did too while I watched it with a friend. And yes, he was definitely not comfortable in that church – and what was that banging his chest continuesly all about? Did you notice that?
    He definitely needs to learn how to give a speech with some substance, instead of praising himself all the time! I’m sure even his followers will soon get fed up with that poor perfomance!
    I guess the worst that could happen to him, is if all the media totally ignores him, but of course the nation need t know what he is up to.

  18. catsworking says:

    I wish he would stop raising his arm with a fist out. All he has to do is extend his tiny little fingers for it to be a Hitler salute.

    Well, they’re saying that hiring his son-in-law as a close advisor isn’t nepotism because he’s somehow not a government employee, although I’m sure the taxpayers are paying his salary.

    By the time we finish with Trump, every rule and law this country has to keep politicians from being total crooks will be stretched to the limits like a worn-out pair of pantyhose.

  19. Morganlf says:

    Saw a tape today of Joy Behar interviewing Melania years ago on her show where Melania was insistent that the people deserve to see Obamas birth certificate. Joy reminded her that the certificate of live birth WAS issued by Hawaii and had been released.
    What about the tax returns? Don’t we deserve to see them? We need to demand to see what he is hiding. And for the record her immigration status. They are already lying to us about his numbers. We are in trouble.

  20. catsworking says:

    Working on a post about Melania today.

    Because of his staunch refusal to ever release his tax returns, it seems certain they’re full of dirt on his ties with Russia. There’s no other valid justification for his behavior, unless it’s his actual net worth.

    Trump has been lying, exaggerating, and doing his best to wipe out every sign that Obama ever existed, not out of any reasoned consideration of the issues, but mostly just for spite. And he must love the photo ops of himself signing executive orders, surrounded by fawning sycophants. Meanwhile, we all sit helplessly by and wait to see how much havoc Congress will let him wreak. We now know we can’t count on Marco Rubio (who proved how “little” he is), Lindsey Graham, or John McCain to lift a finger to stop Trump. After rolling over on Rex Tillerson, they can all STFU now. Any concerns they may have are moot because they’ll rubber stamp anything.

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