Trump’s a Product of Poor Potty Training

By Karen

Donald Trump’s introduction to the toilet must have been so traumatic it’s influencing all his behavior today. My theory is that Trump’s nannies didn’t praise every boom-boom he made effusively enough to suit him so, as an adult, he wants to force the world to make it up to him.

It would be unseemly and messy for Trump to go around literally dropping deuces for all to admire, although I don’t rule it out in the future as his mind continues to unravel. Right now, his bathroom sessions mostly manifest as tweets.

Trump spends an inordinate time on Twitter. It’s like he’s trying to outdo himself by making every tweet stink more than the last, intended to dazzle and shock and elicit praise for his cleverness.

So far, we’ve seen Trump raise his leg on the established etiquette of quietly getting up to speed on his new job while the current president finishes his term undisturbed. Trump has pissed all over Obama’s recent decisions on Israel, Russia, and Gitmo. He’s sprayed diarrhea in the face of the media and our intelligence agencies. He tries to dominate every news cycle like a petulant brat who can’t stand NOT to be the adults’ center of attention.

He does all this while fomenting the Porta-Potty stench of nepotism, conflicts of interest, and even treason that will hang over Washington for the duration of his term like the rankest aftershave.

Trump obviously believes the more he reeks, the more attention he gets. And if it’s negative, that’s OK. It’s more fodder for his Twitter dumps.

We see Trump strut and preen, smirk and gloat like an evil toddler with a load in his pants, seeking to foul the shoes of the next grownup who crosses him. Just ask Meryl Streep, who decried at the Golden Globes everything Trump stands for…

His closest advisors (his son-in-law?) and billionaire cabinet members — unqualified, lacking appropriate experience, and some even opposed to the very existence of the entities they’ll oversee — are little more than a pile of steaming turds Trump’s shoveling at Congress with glee. We can only hope some get flushed during confirmation hearings.

At this point, it doesn’t matter who you voted for. No rational adult can be watching Trump’s boorish, fact-free, childishly destructive approach to running this country and not be filled with dread.

China already has Trump’s number, and it’s No. 2. To celebrate their upcoming Year of the Rooster, they erected in Taiyuan on Dec. 24 this giant sculpture with Trump’s hairstyle and hand gestures.

© STR/AFP/Getty Images

© STR/AFP/Getty Images

4 Responses to Trump’s a Product of Poor Potty Training

  1. morganlf says:

    Dear President piss queen…..

  2. catsworking says:

    OMG, I hope Alec Baldwin keeps it up as long as Trump lasts. He nailed it again.

    Morgan, I had no idea what your first comment meant because I wrote this post a day or two before I ever saw anything about Trump’s golden showers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Too weird to be fake and totally in keeping with his obvious bathroom obsession.

  3. MorganLF says:

    OH I thought you knew. “Piss Queen” a known aberration. I first heard it years ago about a certain well known character actor/ comic who was closeted gay but clearly very flamboyant.
    So yes do I think there is a kernel of truth to the fact that we have a new PEOTUS? Of course I do. He’s a sick man. With a morbid fascination with humiliating women because he can. Cheated married 3 times mail order brides …women he can buy then disgrace. Never once a woman with a degree or a profession other than “fake model” as in I vill geeve blowjob for green card.
    He’s never married a real A lister. Why is that? Even Nancy O’dell shunned him. ” I moved on her and I failed I admit it I tried to fuck her…..I moved on her like a bitch but couldn’t get there “.

    So even a minor celebrity like Nancy found him repugnant. She didn’t need him.,so he finds mail order brides or D lister Marla Maples a no talent former Georgia homecoming queen who lured him into some kind of relationship. Like citizen Kane he even bought her a Broadway play …failed. In 2013 Oprah had her on a where are they now. Ouch.
    He has never married or dated a high profile beauty or talent. So that means he don’t have the GOODS in the sack. The next logical step is that he buys tons of Russian hookers …and he makes them perform perverted acts while he doesn’t sleep and never drinks. I can sorta understand a drunken weird drug fueled night. This is after all the new president of the USA .
    Therefore I must believe while cold sober this diddler, piss queen, daughter ogler, old man who brags about pussy grabbing…is a DEVIANT. A BIBLICAL SICK NO SLEEP HAVING PORN OBSCESSED DEVIANT.

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