Watching Trump Play at Being President

By Karen

Donald Trump and his enablers are radiating crazy with LED intensity. When he isn’t preening for the stream of supplicants vying to be on his cabinet, he’s jetting off to “thank you” rallies where he babbles lies to fawning admirers. Like the Carrier workers in Indiana he duped by inflating the number of jobs not moving to Mexico, so as to appear a bigger savior. To bask in their grateful applause, he lied to 300 people’s faces that their livelihoods were safe.

He hasn’t even been sworn in yet, but he’s already re-elected himself, telling Fox that he’s blowing off daily intelligence briefings because, “I’m, like, a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years.”

And now that the CIA is getting warmer on how Russia tipped the election scales, Trump’s calling their investigation “ridiculous.”

I believe Trump knew what Russia was doing, which was why he kept saying the election was rigged. He was pissed because he didn’t think it was working, until it did. Now he lies that he won “by a landslide” and that those 2.7 million more votes that went to Hillary were “illegal.”

Meanwhile, he may ask the head of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, to be secretary of state. Vladmir Putin once pinned Tillerson with a friendship medal, so who other than Tillerson would more eagerly cover Donald and Vlad’s dirty tracks, whether they lead to ill-gotten votes or corrupt business deals?

Trump’s other cabinet choices look like a lead-footed Dancing with the Stars cast, heavy on Wall Street fat cats he dissed during the campaign, and generals for whom he expressed nothing but contempt. Sprinkled in is cannon fodder — Ben Carson for HUD — who will give Trump his first cue to bellow, “You’re fired!” when Trump needs to distract us from some criminal activity.

Two other light-weights being considered are Sarah Palin for Veterans Affairs (341,000 employees serving nearly 22 MILLION veterans when she couldn’t hack governing 740,000 in Alaska), and Rick Perry for Energy, a department Perry wanted to abolish in 2012.

The emerging pattern is Trump’s intent to head every agency with a person who, if unable to undermine by imposing upon it contradictory ideology, to bring it down through sheer incompetence. Trump must think federal agencies threaten his omnipotence, so they have to be crippled or destroyed.

And conflicts of interest with his businesses and family financial interests already feel ingrained in his every move.

Trump plans to continue as an executive producer of The Apprentice, which compromised all NBC journalists, his co-workers. Kellyanne Conway nonsensically compared Trump’s dabbling in Apprentice to Obama playing golf.

Let’s not forget Trump’s other hobby — cyberbullying private citizens on Twitter.

Carrier union leader Chuck Jones accurately said Trump “lied his ass off” about the number of union jobs he saved, so Trump tweeted that Jones had done a “terrible job” representing workers. That was enough for Trump’s groupies to send Jones death threats.

Consistent with his behavior campaigning, our future president incites violence against private citizens he thinks have crossed him. Does this make him a petty, egomaniacal dictator yet?

The world watches while this ignorant maniac assembles a gaggle of racists, hawks, backward-thinkers and know-nothings destined to sow chaos from the moment he’s inaugurated.

My only consolation is that Melania’s not moving into the White House with him. The longer she stays away, the more I respect her. She knows he’s dragged her in way over her head, and to limit her and her son’s exposure to Trump’s insatiable need to be worshipped can only be a good thing.

12 Responses to Watching Trump Play at Being President

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. Tracy Moses says:

    I loved reading that Trump only placed in the bottom 25% of electoral “landslides”! Just too bad that the dupes who voted for him won’t read it (or believe it). We need the electoral college to save us but I’m not holding my breath!

  3. catsworking says:

    It’s driving me nuts that this is being referred to as a “post-fact” period, and that increasingly haggard she-devil Kellyanne Conway is spouting that whatever the Donald says makes it a “fact” because he’s president and can dictate what truth is. It’s like he’s taking us back to the Middle Ages.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Electoral College, if only to stab Trump in the ego in a big way.

  4. Tracy Moses says:

    OMG, the portrayal of Kellyanne on SNL is just the BEST! She looks like she’s about 100 years old so I was shocked to find out she has elementary school age children! She certainly sold her soul . . . .

  5. catsworking says:

    As Trump spins further and further out of control, Kellyanne is forced to perform verbal gymnastics trying to justify him. It must have her losing a lot of sleep because she looks like shit. She’s a fast talker, but these days reporters are nailing her to the wall on Trump’s BS and all she can respond with is gibberish, like Trump is now the final word on what constitutes a fact.

  6. morganLf says:

    As the idiot in chief takes his victory laps while avoiding the responsibilities of office I am reminded more and more of one A.Hitler. All that’s missing are the sieg hails! This attention craving child-man will remake the office of the president in his image. How soon before he becomes “My leader” or fuhrer?

    He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. He inherited from his father, a documented rabid racist. He never made money, he lost a billion!!! He does not pay federal taxes for the last 19 years and counting.

    The million tax dollars a day we pay for his and his family’s security in New York …HE DOES NOT PAY FOR. Digest that.

    I have to pay to protect that fraud? Meanwhile his tribe of know nothings lionize his every move. He lies to them, preens for the cameras, uses his bully pulpit to settle peevish scores.
    Con artist, liar, thin skinned tyrant. NEVER, NOT EVER MY PRESIDENT.

  7. MorganLF says:

    Oh and NYC ..hopelessly crippled by his occupation. Can’t get in or out. Is it allowed for a president to decide where he will reside? A tantruming child man is doing just this. He presumes to rule me from his gilded tower? The man is so insulated yet the IDIOTS who voted for him think he will be the answer to uppity niggers, Jews, sand niggers and more. Could they be more wrong? He ran to bask in adulation, he cares less about the stoopids cause he is way stoopider thus self absorbed.

    Quiz who was the only president to not live in the White House?
    George Washington who died before it was built.

    Our first President was a brilliant general who served in war and refused to be named a monarch. Trump a coward who service avoided 5 times, wants to be a monarch. Anyone else getting sick?

    He is a fake tin soldier populating his cabinet with REAL soldiers, facilitating the military industrial complex named by Eisenhower and prevented by the Constitution but he don’t care cause he don’t know.
    A service avoider who can’t wait to play at soldier.

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, what makes me hopping mad is seeing Trump wining and dining Romney at one of his OWN restaurants — with taxpayers likely picking up the tab.

    I read that the Secret Service is now forced to occupy a floor of Trump Tower — and I’m sure taxpayers are paying the rent.

    Other countries are booking rooms and throwing lavish parties at Trump’s new DC hotel, further lining his pocket while they hope to curry favors.

    Side note on Romney: I assume he was hoping to get the secretary of state job so he could be the adult in the room and spare the world the 70-year-old baby’s tantrums. Instead, he walked into Trump’s trap. After rightly calling out Trump as incompetent and a fraud during the campaign, Romney was forced to play nice and praise Trump while he hoped to get a job. If he goes back to criticizing Trump now, it will look like sour grapes and be dismissed. Trump essentially kicked Romney in the nuts and muzzled him.

    Trump’s nepotism and conflicts of interest are coming in such a torrent every day, it’s impossible to track them. Cumulatively, they should ALREADY disqualify him from taking office, and it’s only going to get worse.

  9. Randi says:

    I haven’t had much time to follow the US news lately, but then it hurts my eyes just to look at his stupid face. There ought to be a law that prevents people like Trump to even run for President. He is not only ignorant about world affairs, he is also a liar, a rabid racist, a thin skinned tyrant and the most incompetent person you could ever find for the job!

    Somehow, I still find it hard to believe that he will be the next President of USA. There has got to be something that can be done about it! I honestly believe that many of the people who voted for him regret it already and within a year, I predict they will miss Obama SO much!

    I’ve seen Kellyanne Conway on CCN a few times recently – she does look like shit and has a hard time defending what he stands for. LOL!

    The fact that he is wining and dining etc. in Trump Tower, in his own restaurant, is that even allowed? I mean on taxpayers money, and before he is President? And can he choose to live where he wants? If so, it is outrageous!

  10. catsworking says:

    Randi, I’m still keeping the TV off mornings because I can’t stand to see or hear that rotting Halloween pumpkin.

    People have a wait-and-see attitude now, even as he picks one unqualified dipshit after another for his cabinet. Most hold personal beliefs contradictory to the mission of the departments they’re being asked to run, or they have said they would abolish it altogether. With any luck, Congress will weed out the worst during approval hearings. But if not, once in, they will create nonstop chaos that Trump will have to answer for.

    And don’t forget China and Russia, both poised to meddle in our government and economy in huge ways. Trump wastes no opportunity to insult China, seemingly unaware that they will retaliate as brutally as possible. And he’s Putin’s puppet. It’s believed he has great business interests in Russia. Putin won’t hesitate to expel or seize them if Trump doesn’t dance to Putin’s tune.

    Even Turkey is poised to blackmail Trump. They arrested an executive from one of his businesses there, claiming he helped try to stage a coup, because they want the U.S. to extradite some guy living here whom they want to jail or kill for allegations of involvement in the coup. The executive is the bargaining chip.

    With tangled business interests all over the world (many of which the American people are unaware of because he refuses to release his tax returns), foreign governments will quickly realize the quickest way to get whatever they want is by threatening Trump’s associates or worse, and seizing his assets. Trump loses either way. If he capitulates for personal gain, the voters will be screaming for his head. If he doesn’t, he’ll watch his business empire crumble and anybody associated with him jailed or killed.

    But make no mistake. The American people DID NOT elect Trump. He lost the vote by about 2.8 million. He’s president only because we have this crazy technicality called the Electoral College that was created solely to make sure the people DO NOT directly elect their leader.

    Kellyanne Conway was offered some job like press secretary in the Trump administration, but she turned it down, saying her young children need her. I give her credit for having enough brains to know she can’t continue defending the indefensible for 4 years, or she realizes there’s no way he’ll last that long and she’ll go down with him.

  11. MorganLF says:

    Correction she was holding out for a top position ….and the hag got it. At least we know she’s not blowing the Great Trumpkin…he only likes mail order types.

  12. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you are so right. When I heard that news, the thought of having to see her spout gibberish for four years made me throw up in my mouth. We can only hope some family crisis makes her resign at some point.

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