Donald Trump’s To-Do List

By Max

Right out of the gate, Donald Trump has set a “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” tone for his administration by insisting that his job applicants disclose all their financial dirt while he continues refusing to reveal his own. But there’s way more on his plate if he hopes to make good on all he’s promised. So, instead of composing nasty tweets when he can’t sleep, he’d do better to work on his to-do list…

  • Day 1: Start construction on the “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful wall”
  • Repeal Obamacare — replace w/ “something terrific”
  • Launch investigation to convict & jail Hillary Clinton
  • Send roses to FBI Director James Comey — owe him one
  • Invite Vladmir Putin to tea
  • Tear up trade agreements, incl. NAFTA
  • Withdraw from TPP
  • Hire deportation force to kick out 11 million immigrants — humanely
  • Inspect all mosques — MUST be hiding something
  • Ban Muslims from entering country — terrorists
  • Suspend Syrian refugee program — mooches
  • Order more Stop & Frisk — profiling prevents crime
  • Get torture gear out of storage — need child sizes for terrorists’ families
  • Eliminate crime — shows my concern for everybody
  • Sue New York Times
  • Sue all women I never groped
  • Clone Antonin Scalia at least 2X — 3X just in case
  • Fire & replace most of the generals
  • Bomb ISIS, seize the oil
  • Bring back all manufacturing jobs
  • Place hiring freeze on all federal employees — except ones I’m hiring
  • Revive coal industry — black gold!!!
  • Cancel Paris climate agreement — who needs polar bears
  • Cancel every executive order Obama ever signed — disaster!
  • Cut off payments to UN global warming programs — winter’s coming
  • Pass biggest tax cut since Reagan — wealthy deserve YUGE break
  • Pass amendment for congressional term limits — get rid of bums who didn’t endorse me

But all work and no play will soon exhaust Trump’s tiny attention span, so let’s add in some spice…

  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Repeal same-sex marriage
  • Grab a bunch of pussies

Women should line up for that last one, since Trump’s now so much more than a tacky reality-show star.

12 Responses to Donald Trump’s To-Do List

  1. morganLf says:

    Reanimate Scalia…I can do it bigly I know more that all the scientists in the world…believe me.

  2. catsworking says:

    Good one! Zombie Scalia is just what the court needs.

  3. Bacardi1 says:

    As horrible, depressing, & uber-frightening The Donald’s election is, it’s a done deal (for the moment, that is), & I’ve decided for the time being to just wait & see how things unfold before continuing to get my panties in a wad. Getting all worked up over what “might” actually happen isn’t worth the dyspepsia.

  4. catsworking says:

    Wise words, Bacardi. I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown today thinking about him and the prospect of having Kellyanne Conway in our faces for the next 4 years, disseminating lies. Someone needs to stuff a sock in her mouth.

    The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that the good people of NYC are swarming around Trump Tower in protest.

    But this morning I read that he’s actually considering a “Victory Tour.” Who the hell does that? Obviously, he’s already going through worship withdrawal.

  5. Randi says:

    Geesh, a victory tour! Trump in a nutshell – he must think he is on some reality show! Well, I doubt he will last long.
    I hear he is considering taking Bannon on as Chief of Staff… can it get any worse?

  6. Randi says:

    How do you delete a post? And how do you put a picture in your profile?

  7. catsworking says:

    Randi, I don’t think you can delete comments on my blog yourself once they post, but if you tell me which post it is, I can delete it for you anytime. Just let me know.

    By a picture, you’re asking about the little orange cat that appears on my comments? I uploaded it to the profile for the blog. To have a profile, I’m not sure if you must be a blogger. If you are registered with WordPress, click around for a profile on yourself. If you find one, you should find a way to upload a graphic there.

  8. Randi says:

    Thanks Karen! 🙂 I just wanted to delete the post I put on twice by accident… I tried to edit it, but the site posted one more, almost the same. It’s the first one I posted at 3:00 pm on Nov. 11th I wanted to remove (I’m sure you can see why)
    I don’t have a blog myself anywhere, so I guess I can’t put an image on. Never mind. 🙂
    Well, Bannon got a job, but not the one I thought he would get. Not sure if this is even worse. What do you think?

  9. Randi says:

    Btw, the orange cat you have in your profile reminds me so much of my Fister, who I lost in 2013 😦 – except he was all orange. You can see him here:

  10. catsworking says:

    Randi, I took care of your duplicate post. I didn’t even notice it!

    The orange cat comes from my book cover, but as it turns out he looks like my sister’s kitten Alfi. Alfi is about 7 1/2 months old and he just had a week-long sleepover here. Roc is 14 1/2 months now, and he and Alfi have been BFFs since Alfi was a tiny kitten. They wore each other out last week, but it was great for Adele and Max to have “the pest,” as they call Roc, otherwise occupied.

    Roc’s got some cute photos and video of him and Alfi, but just hasn’t gotten around to posting them.

    As for Bannon, I don’t think he can possibly last if he keeps up the racist garbage. I’m waiting to find out what Trump’s going to do with Kellyanne Conway. I pray that she ends up where there are no cameras because I want to kick in the TV screen every time I see her.

    Unfortunately, when I clicked on your link to Fister, it gave me an “Invalid Album” message.

  11. MorganLF says:

    The only person more thin skinned and nasty than trump is Guiliani. A person of no morals, wife cheater, coat tail rider, nasty vicious glory seeking lisping colluder who’s companies have earned millions in deals with our enemies. New Yorkers hate him and know him for what he is. Read about this vile man:

  12. catsworking says:

    OMG. The conflicts of interests in the Trump administration are going to be so thick and so deep, nobody will be able to keep up with them. Starting with Trump himself and his companies.

    I’ve also seen John Bolton’s name bandied about for secretary of state. It’s a sad day when that tactless jerk is seen as a saner alternative to Giuliani.

    At this point, I feel like everyone’s just sitting back and throwing out the rope with which Trump will eventually hang himself.

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