U.S. Elects its First Dictator

By Karen

They’re calling it the American Brexit.

Donald Trump is president-elect and it’s official: ignorance, hatred, and bigotry are the fuel that runs the United States.

And don’t forget deceit. To people who listened to Trump’s year of verbal diarrhea and thought it sounded great, yet lied to pollsters because they were ashamed to admit it, I say, just wait. Your payback is coming. Very soon.

You can’t hand a demented monster absolute power, shored up by BOTH houses of Congress, and expect rainbows and roses.

Trump managed to deliver a coherent, moderately dignified, and inclusive acceptance speech, but we can count the days before he reverts to type. He’s never been able to sustain sanity.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he gloats and announces today that he was being sarcastic.

For a first lady, we’ve got a piece of Slovenian arm candy whose website misrepresented her level of education. In researching her immigration history (which Trump promised to provide but never did), the AP uncovered that she earned $20,000 in seven weeks, modeling in the U.S. before she was legally allowed to. She stole jobs from American models.

Melania announced that her focus will be cyber-bullying. Let’s hope she starts by closing her husband’s Twitter account.

What’s most galling about this revolting development is that Hillary may have won the popular vote.

After Trump has repeatedly bashed Mexicans and all Hispanics, Muslims, blacks, the military, women, and many others, you have to be a real fool to believe he’ll work in anyone’s best interests but his own.

One election won’t turn a profane, ignorant, narcissistic buffoon into a statesman overnight.

I’m going to go curl into a fetal position and cry now. This feels so much more ominous than the Bush-Cheney victories. Sure, that pair started wars, but they had some experience governing and didn’t go around pissing in everybody’s face with personal insults while they did it.

24 Responses to U.S. Elects its First Dictator

  1. Tracy Moses says:

    You nailed it as usual, Karen. The thing that bothers me most is the fact that when all of this turns to s**t, which it will, the Trump supporters will never own it. They’ll blame us, they’ll blame Obama, they’ll blame Hillary. Hell, they’ll probably even blame George W.! Our only hope now (slim as it is) is that Trump was playing his supporters and he’s really a closet centrist. That would serve them right!

  2. catsworking says:

    Thanks, Tracy. Trump’s supporters are in for a lot of nasty surprises. He’s not building a wall, he’s not deporting millions of anybody, and he’s not going to bring an end to crime, to name just a few of his crazy, grandiose promises.

    I predict the “something terrific” he’s promised as a replacement for Obamacare will be an expansion of Medicare to younger people. There’s NO WAY he can control costs and keep private insurers in the equation. Single payer is the ONLY thing this country hasn’t tried, and he’ll present it as an example of him looking out for everybody, like he promised.

    What disturbs me most is that we’re now facing four more years of the screaming cantaloupe because the media is now compelled to follow him.

    He really holds no strong convictions about ANYTHING because he’s too flighty to study the issues, so he’s going to be all over the map with his “fixes,” and Congress on both sides of the aisle will be tearing its collective hair out trying to steer him.

    Fasten your seatbelts. We’ve got a first lady with naked pictures of herself floating around all over the Internet. That’s a first.

  3. Randi says:

    Yes, you nailed it, Karen!! In Europe we’re all shocked and horrified that this could happen – so scary! I doubt that people who voted for Trump know what they have coming! Unfortunately, it will affect all Americans, and Europeans, too. If I was religious I would pray for you, but I send my deepest sympathy.
    Oh, and you have a golddigger “first lady” who can’t even speak proper English.
    Good luck to you all!

  4. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Randi.

    I stayed up until midnight last night watching the returns. It didn’t look good for Hillary from the outset, but since CNN and MSNBC were calling winners in states with only 1-3% of the vote in (and NEVER showing the actual tallies in many cases), I went to bed hoping they were overzealous and she would prevail.

    But no, the worst case scenario has happened, to be followed by Trump filling his cabinet with discredited clowns to advise him.

    Paul Ryan is going to wish he were dead when Trump becomes his Frankenstein monster run amok, destroying everything Republicans hold dear.

    Personally, I’d like to see someone lock Melania in a closet until 2020. Nobody would miss her.

  5. Tracy Moses says:

    Yes, my big fear is that the ADD Cheetoh-in-Chief won’t be able to focus on any of the issues (too busy tweeting) and abdicate the decisions to Pence or worse. Melania (or Melanoma as Stephanie Miller calls her!) would be amusing if she weren’t now the incoming First Lady. She looks like an alien, which is thoroughly distracting, and it’s obvious she’s only ever been in it for the money. Having Baron (wow, what a name!) cemented her payday. I predicted she would be divorcing the clown if he hadn’t won. Now she’s shackled for at least 4 more years (as are we)!

  6. Koda says:

    I couldn’t agree more. And I really wonder what the gullible fools who support him will feel when they realize he was just blowing smoke. He can’t deliver – those manufacturing jobs are gone. His tariffs, etc., will simply hurt the economy an jobs will be lost. At least with the Nutwit party having total control, when it all comes tumbling down, there will be nobody else to blame.

  7. Koda says:

    Tracy – oh, I don’t think Donald would think twice about divorcing his wife just because he was president. I mean, to his way of thinking, why would that stop him?

  8. catsworking says:

    I’ve been working on the Cheeto-in-Chief’s (love that!) to-do list for his first 100 days. I’ll post it this week and you can help me remember all the empty promises he’s made that are doomed to be broken.

    When he disappoints all his suckers over and over again, I hope he remembers that most of them are armed to the teeth and not afraid to shoot.

  9. Randi says:

    People in the “rust belt” seem to think he can get them their jobs back, that’s what he promised, but he doesn’t relalize that those jobs are done by robots and won’t come back.
    Oh, and I wonder what Melania’s tight face will look like in a few years… I don’t think Donald will like it.

  10. catsworking says:

    Trump preyed on the least educated people in rural areas, who believed everything he told them, no matter how untruthful it was. They live in an alternate universe in a century long since passed.

    I suspect Melania is going to HATE being first lady. Instead of just standing there having idiots ogle and admire her, she’s going to have every outfit and hairstyle scrutinized and dissected. Remember how merciless our Adele was on Michelle Obama in the first term because of her belt habit?

    Melania reminds me of Sophia Vergara, minus the intelligence, charm, and class. Except for serving as a centerpeice at state dinners, I expect Mel to be useless. With her scrabbly past, culminating in marrying a rich geezer, she’s hardly a role model.

    And you’re right. She’s at the age where Trump should start screwing around on her before he replaces her with a younger model. This new gig may buy her four more years. Or she may find herself more cheated on than Hillary or Jackie Kennedy.

  11. morganLf says:

    I’ve been sick in bed all day. Stayed home. This was a racist backlash at the the POTUS or as trump supporters say the the Pickaninny of the US. To those who didn’t vote thanks to those that voted to him thanks..for losing me my savings my health care and shaming our country. Women’s rights gone have you looked at Pence’s record? Closed planned parenthood offices causing a record spike in HIV in his state. A Buffon, a clown who drew huge rabid crowds …largely by racist rhetoric…what could possbly happen? Oh and don’t be surprised when he starts building camps and ovens.

  12. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I agree 100%. Trump won by exploiting eight years of pent-up white bigotry. He says he’ll abolish all crime, but he’s set the stage for hate crimes to flourish, and to condemn them would be to betray his worshippers.

    We can only hope he fucks up enough right out of the gate for the Dems to regain Congress in 2018.

  13. morganLf says:

    He will fuck up and Traci said it they will blame Obama. These yokels don’t seem to realize this “populist” lives in a tower with gauche gilding and crystal everywhere the kind of a place only a Russian oligarch would find inviting or a Slovenian tasteless gold digger. A huuuuge golden tower with his name on it. A 4 time service avoider and what exactly does this have in common with the ordinary man or woman or our valiant troops? There are protests in NYC …and other places. We must regain the house and obstruct this I’ll informed adderal and coke addicted sociopath.

  14. Tracy Moses says:

    Morgan, I feel your pain. I’ve pretty much been paralyzed by grief and shock all day. Beyond Trump’s coming policies and destruction of the U.S., I’m depressed about the level of hate and ugliness coming from his supporters who seem to feel unleashed and unrestrained now. They sound as if they’ve executed a coup and it’s their world now, we just live in it. That’s scary and beyond sad.

    We were already working on retiring to Italy and we would love to go sooner rather than later but I’m concerned our retirement will be wiped out now. We can’t yet live on the income our investments generate (if those investments survive) and no country will let us work as expats (that I know of). Talk about feeling doomed and trapped!

  15. morganLf says:

    Trapped …doomed…and so so sad. I having a really tough day.

  16. Many Americans will have many tough days to come. But take strength from Hillary Clinton, a tough, classy, intelligent woman whom I, as a Canadian, feel would have been a great president. I am a Liberal as a political affiliation and as a person. Donald Trump does not share most of my views but Hillary is noble enough to support him. This the only way to hopefully change some of his plans. He may surprise us. I am always an optimist.

  17. catsworking says:

    I’ve limited my news today because I can’t stand to look at that disgusting orange face. I’ve been walkng around like my batteries are half dead. I’m still in shock.

    His supporters may feel on top today, but they will be crushed under his boot soon enough. First, he’ll deprive them of healthcare. Then he won’t create the jobs he promised. When they eventually realize he used them, maybe someone will exercise their Second Amendment rights. Horrible day, as he said about shooting Hillary.

    I’ve been thinking about which countries might offer asylum to a woman and her cats. This has become a country I’m ashamed to live in.

  18. catsworking says:

    brendanlagdon, we can only hope that the gravity of the presidency penetrates Trump’s thick skull and he tries to rise to the task. I believe he has dementia and his faculties are severely limited. If his minions can help him limp through one term without starting another war, we should consider ourselves lucky.

    I fully expect him to have a mental meltdown whenever he creates his first major crisis. It could be foreign or domestic.

  19. Mary H. says:

    Karen, I could not agree more with everything you and others have been saying. When I saw the newspaper this morning I started screaming my head off. (Luckily I had let kitty out first) Then my husband came home from an appt. and he said he decided he wasn’t going to spend the next four years angry and depressed like all the Obama haters did. We love our lives, our house, our friends. Then he added, if it gets really bad, we can always move to Mexico! I’m going to try to stay positive, but I don’t know how much I’ll be able to watch t.v. news with that mental nutcase all over it.

  20. morganlf says:

    Yes maybe the second ammendment rights as he suggested …time to invoke. (Shrug). I dont know ….to quote his Cheetoness.

  21. catsworking says:

    There were multiple protests in Richmond yesterday against Trump winning (which, technically, he didn’t). According to today’s paper, Hillary beat him by 206,514 in the popular vote. Maybe some liberal Trump equivalent will hound Trump every day for the next four years (like Trump did over Obama’s birth certificate), claiming his presidency is illegitimate and call for abolition of the Electoral College.

    What made my hair stand on end this morning was CBS This Morning doing a cheery story about the “new” first family, and how all Trump’s kids will be frequent visitors to the White House and his CLOSEST POLICY ADVISORS!!! As if they know shit about ANYTHING, the entitled snot-nosed bastards who never had to apply for or work a real job in their lives.


    The kids are supposed to be running Trump’s companies in a “blind trust.” Will they be advising Dad on which sweetheart deals he should negotiate with other countries to further enrich the family?

    I certainly hope the media jumps on this conflict-of-interest 900-lb. gorilla from Day One and never lets up, or Trump’s going to sell us all to the highest bidder.

  22. Randi says:

    I feel your pain. 😦 You’re right… he’ll deprive everyone of healthcare, and he won’t create the jobs he promised.
    And just imagine Trump having talks with other world leaders… he is a “reality star” who can’t say anything coherent, unless someone writes it down for him! He’ll make such a fool of himself!
    Karen, I fully understand the people who want to leave… should you decide to move over here, I’ll welcome you! 🙂 In fact, I know quite a few ex-pats here, I’m a member of a Meet-up group called “Denmark Cat-sitting Exchange” – run by a woman from New York.

  23. Tracy Moses says:

    We were planning to retire in Italy anyway and I’ve already been looking at property (just got back last week). If we can swing it, we’ll be out of here sooner rather than later. Just wish we could get jobs over there. I’m going to try to get my daughter married off to an EU national so she can get the hell out of here as well.

  24. catsworking says:

    Randi, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to live in Denmark. If my parents weren’t getting on in years, I would definitely consider the options. Italy would be lovely, too. Tracy you are so lucky to be exploring that possibility. I also have a thing for Portugal and Norway. Oh, if money were no object…

    With the guns, bigotry, and hatred of so many things, the U.S. has become truly toxic and life-threatening, and no model for any other country to aspire to.

    I’m so glad I have no kids. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night worrying about them, let alone explaining how people elected a foul-mouthed, ignorant orange monster and a Slovenian gold-digger to be our president and first lady.

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