What’s in a Name? Trump Defies Description

By Adele

Since we finally see the light at the end of this election tunnel and it may NOT be the Trump Trainwreck coming, I’m sharing my collection of ways people have tried to capture the putrid essence of Donald Trump.

We’ve got all paws crossed that the only name appropriate for Trump on November 9 is…

Biggest. Loser. Ever. YUGE! Unbelievable!

He’s also been called…

National disgrace and an international pariah. —Colin Powell

Two-bit racist arsonist. —Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)

Unwitting agent of the Russian Federation. —Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)

Willful and abusive braggart. —General Barry McCaffrey (Ret.)

Dishonest demagogue with an authoritarian character. —Meg Whitman (Hewlett-Packard CEO)

Slick-talking, empty-promising, self-promoting, one-man wrecking crew. —Senator Tim Kaine (Hillary’s running mate)

A black soul. —Khizr Khan (father of slain Muslim U.S. Army Captain)

A cheddar-faced crypto fascist. —Scott Feschuk (Canadian columnist)

Rear Adm. John Hutson (Ret.):

  • Walking, talking recruiting poster for terrorists
  • Not fit to polish John McCain’s boots

Elizabeth Warren:

  • A man with a dark and ugly soul
  • Loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud
  • Thin-skinned racist bully
  • Large orange elephant in the room

Howard Dean:

  • An ignoramus who doesn’t pay his taxes
  • A hate-monger and a fool

Leonard Pitts:

  • Overgrown frat boy trying to masquerade as a statesman
  • Flaming oil spill of a human being
  • Has epic coarseness, brazen mendacity, appalling ignorance, enormous narcissism and utter incompetence

Charles Krauthammer:

  • Boasting, bullying, bombastic, insulting, insensitive
  • An infantile hunger for approval and praise, a craving that can never be satisfied

Lawrence O’Donnell:

  • The most vile creature in the history of presidential campaigning
  • A sociopathic liar
  • Most ignorant and mentally unstable candidate in history

Bill Maher:

  • The tangerine nightmare
  • Whiny little bitch
  • Doing to politics what Bialystock and Bloom in The Producers did to Broadway. Purposely trying to have a flop so he could bilk the investors.

Samantha Bee:

  • A two-bit used hate salesman
  • A dick-waving Berlusconi knockoff
  • A Garfield-colored ignoramus
  • Lecherous lump of earwax
  • Tangerine Caligula
  • Sociopathic 70-year-old toddler
  • Bigoted alleged billionaire
  • Agent Orange
  • America’s burst appendix
  • Least qualified candidate ever to lurch into the public spotlight and shit on Gold Star moms while cradling Putin’s sweaty sack

Stephen Colbert:

  • Screaming cantaloupe (said by cartoon Hillary to Colbert during interview)
  • Big orange coward
  • Angry Creamsicle

Trevor Noah:

  • Racist clementine
  • Traffic cone soaked in raw sewage
  • Cinnamon Hitler
  • Scrubby side of the sponge

Larry Wilmore:

  • Citrus-hued vomit bladder
  • Mango Mussolini

John Oliver:

  • Racist voodoo doll made of discarded cat hair
  • Two-bit bullshit artist conning America to help himself
  • Damaged sociopathic narcissist
  • Used condom filled with orange Gatorade
  • Used diaphragm from the Jersey Shore
  • Sriracha baboon anus

Deranged, narcissistic Oompa-Loompa. —Jordan Klepper (Daily Show reporter)

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. Your kitties are depending on you to do the right thing.

8 Responses to What’s in a Name? Trump Defies Description

  1. Adele says:

    Dorothy, Whiskey and I agree with every single name stated, except we disagree with John Oliver, whom we love, about Trump being a “racist voodoo doll of used cat hair.” We think it’s an insult to used cat hair.

  2. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  3. catsworking says:

    Adele, cats have been using their used hair to good effect in reducing Trump to his proper silliness. Check these out:


  4. morganLf says:

    Bruce Springsteen-flagrant, toxic narcissist
    Mitt Romney- a con man and a fake
    Mark Cuban (real billionaire) u can’t find 10 people trump made money for, more than 10 k he ripped off. I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president. Why aren’t we calling for an investigation into Trumps financial connections to Russia?

  5. catsworking says:

    Absolutely. After tomorrow, Trump’s skeletons will be falling out of the closet so fast, he won’t be able to file lawsuits fast enough.

    Chief among them will be his many financial ties to Russia. No other explanation for his adoration of Putin or his terror of releasing his tax returns. Sweetheart deals for his company, not any understanding of Putin’s politics.

    And revelations of dementia will soon follow. I predict a full mental breakdown as the narcissist goes into withdrawal from being adored at rallies and becomes a pariah at Fox as the whiny geezer screaming the election was rigged, when his own foul mouth caused him to lose Latinos, blacks, Muslims, women, and veterans and sank the GOP.

  6. Adele Prass says:

    I don’t want to sound overconfident, but I do look forward to the bruised orange’s concession speech — if he recognizes the election results. Assuming he loses, he’ll need to be highly medicated — perhaps with animal tranquilizers

  7. Carol Drasak aka Name Withheld says:

    “Used diaphragm from the Jersey shore” and “Sriracha baboon anus” are actually from Trevor Noah, not John Oliver.

  8. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Carol. I was keeping an unscientific list of these names as I watched TV and could very well have mixed up my attributions on those two. Thanks for the correction and the walk down memory lane. Trump has done nothing to earn any improvement in the ways they were describing him before the election, unfortunately.

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