Do We Need to Read EVERY Hillary Email?

By Adele

Emboldened by FBI Director James Comey announcing he found 650,000 emails that may or may not relate to Hillary Clinton on, of all places, pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Trump supporter Wayne Allyn Root boldly wished for Hillary and Huma Abedin to die in a car crash like Thelma & Louise. Here’s Root’s outrageous warm-up act for Trump in Las Vegas…

And Trump crept up in the polls again. How on EARTH does Hillary’s email make him any less a paranoid, delusional, ignorant racist?

Trump, in the last week of his national fact-free “Projection 180 Tour,” proclaimed, “We can be sure that what is in those emails is absolutely devastating,” and, “This is bigger than Watergate, in my opinion.”

Talk about comparing apples to aardvarks.

I say it’s projection because Trump knows he’s hiding the “absolutely devastating” stuff in his own taxes. He shoots his mouth off with the assurance that Comey can’t touch those.

Then Trump bizarrely projected that Clinton is a “terrible example” for Trump’s 10-year-old son Baron.

(Baron? Why did Trump shoot so low on that? Why isn’t the kid called Duke, Earl, or even Prince?)

If Baron needs a role model, he just has to look at Dad to see a cheater, groper, tax evader, disreputable businessman, con artist, liar, and all-round ignoramus. Dad’s the whole package.

Everybody’s still wondering why Comey decided to throw shade on Hillary now, without having a single fact to present.

What I wonder is why the FBI stopped at Weiner’s PC. Why don’t they just seize EVERYBODY’S email and read until they can find anything, anywhere, to indict Hillary on something?

That’s what this witch hunt has been about all along. Sure, Hillary’s staff talked a lot of smack, but no threat to national security ever came of any of it.

As for the WikiLeaks email dumps, who knows what’s real?

But no matter what the FBI finds, no minds will change. Anyone who didn’t know who they were voting for before this week is probably too stupid to find their polling place anyway.

And while we’re making comparisons, I’ll stick with Trump and Hitler. On Election Day, as the big screen TVs flashing the election results of doom close in on Trump, maybe he’ll think about what Hitler did when it became clear he was the world’s biggest loser and there was no escaping it.

As Trump himself said when he dog-whistled for some gun nut to kill Hillary, that would be a “horrible day.”

BONUS: Here’s John’s Oliver’s hilarious take on the email connection to Weiner.

3 Responses to Do We Need to Read EVERY Hillary Email?

  1. Randi says:

    We will hear nothing, but all kinds of speculation on what’s in Hillary’s e-mails and whether they will be damaging for her. But this last time, it’s not even HER e-mails, it is Weiner’s!

    I wonder why the FBI director had to tell about them so close to an important election. He really screwed up big time! He said specifically that none of these e-mails were sent by, or sent to, Hillary; that he doesn’t even know if they’re significant! In fact, when he made his announcement, he hadn’t even seen any of the e-mails!

    Why don’t somebody push more to get Trump to reveal his tax returns – that would be interesting! Furthermore, he did promise to do so, didn’t he?

    It’s just incomprehensible that people in your country could even consider supporting that foul mouthed, hateful piece of human garbage!

    Oh, have anyone heard Anthony Bourdain’s view on the election and candidates?

  2. catsworking says:

    Bourdain can’t stand Trump and in the past he’s called himself a Libertarian, although my guess is that he wouldn’t waste his vote on Gary Johnson this time. I’m reading this new cookbook Appetites right now and preparing a book review. Stay tuned…

    I’m tearing my hair out over this email thing for all the reasons you gave, Randi. How can people be so STUPID?

    Last night Rachel Maddow did a story on how many people in the FBI hate Hillary and support Trump. That would explain Comey’s behavior. I think Newsweek is breaking that story today.

    When Hillary wins, I hope high on her things-to-do list is housecleaning at the FBI and Comey becomes roadkill.

    We haven’t seen Trump’s tax returns, nor the documents proving that Melania stayed in this country legally, nor Melania’s proof that she completed even a two-year associate’s degree in college.

    With all Trump’s big talk about deporting immigrants, to have him foist on us a first lady whose accent is so thick she’s hard to understand would be the height of hypocrisy. Not to mention empty-headed. Talk about a puppet!

  3. morganLf says:

    I once tweeted why didn’t Trump name his kid Fido? Donald Drumpf which was his original German name before it was changed to Brit slang for fart. He will tank the economy and thus my portfolio. So I’m scared.
    Scared of the ignorance of my fellow citizens. Comey a republican is part of the rigged system that is fighting for the Supreme Court and will advance a candidate who Politifact confirms tells lies at a rate of over 71% of the time. A vulgar unschooled bully who is capable of clearly unstable behavior due to an addiction that is clear via his 3 AM rants, audible sniffs and clearly erratic demeanor. He is a 5 time service avoider so throw in coward.
    It’s not him he’s high…and in a paranoid manic state exhibiting all the traits of instability a man involved in 3500 lawsuits some 1900 initiated by him. A wife who is a disgrace can’t speak the queens english…neither schooled or a professional of any sort unless escort qualifies. It’s these idiots who will vote for him!!!

    If he wins it will be more than a national disgrace it will be a referendum on a country of stoopids. He’s not a Christian or an advocate for the common man or a politico. He’s an unhinged thug. What about the 22 million emails GW Bush deleted?
    Emails about an illegal war and transgression into a a sovereign nation that in turn created a vacuum and destabilized an already unstable region.
    This didn’t happen because of’s the one concept Drumpf can grip…except stupid doesn’t realize it started in modern times with Russia occupying Afghanistan …pulling out and creating a perfect climate for the Taliban…which morphs to Al Queda…which morphs to Boca Haram which morphs to ISIL and so forth.
    We must all vote like our lives depend on it. They do.

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