Donald Trump is Toast

By Karen

George Bernard Shaw said, “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

That sums up the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was the highlight of Trump’s weekend of being trampled in a Republican stampede for the exits after a 2005 Access Hollywood tape surfaced of Trump talking like a pig about women.

Donald’s dirt is dropping so fast now, who can keep up?

Trump started out more subdued, but it couldn’t last. He was soon pacing, scowling, interrupting, whining that the moderators were unfair and not picking on Hillary enough, and sniffling 80 times (by my count).

Turns out sniffling is his debate style. I noted that he often sniffed when he was about to, or had just, said something untruthful or particularly nasty.

Die-hard Trump lovers think he won, excusing the rehash of threadbare old stump content, complete with the usual exaggerations and boasts, fact-free and plan-free.

Now that Trump is engineering every week to be a bad week, his campaign is down for the count.

In a last gasp, he dug up some women from Bill Clinton’s past. Trump wanted to seat them with his family so they’d be front and center, but it didn’t happen. Sex scandals lose their fizz when all the players are grandparents.

Besides, Bill’s not running for president. Whatever Hillary said about those women, she said as a wife who’d been cheated on. Did Trump really think THEY were the victims?

As a ploy to embarrass and disgrace Hillary, it was a resounding fail.

But in the face of Trump’s blistering idiocy, Hillary showed a leader’s temperament and restraint, even as Trump persisted in slouching around behind her like a bratty kid.

Trump managed to maintain a poker-face while he sang the same old song: Everything’s the biggest “mess” and “disaster” in “the history of the world,” and Trump will make it all rainbows and lollipops for the very people he’s bashed — blacks, Muslims, Mexicans. “What have you got to lose?”

One of Trump’s best lows came when a Muslim woman asked him about labeling Muslims a threat to the country. Trump responded that he’d welcome Muslims if they’d just agree to spy on and rat out each other, then in the next breath he called for “extreme vetting” because Muslim immigration is “the great Trojan horse of our time.”

After the debate, Hillary shook Trump’s hand when she probably could have slapped the spray tan off his face, and then she approached the town hall participants to pose for selfies.

Trump made a beeline for his family because his show was over. Literally.

5 Responses to Donald Trump is Toast

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. catsworking says:

    I think the only reason they shook hands was that last question where they had to say something nice about each other, and Hillary did it brilliantly, as I realized reading something today that pointed out Trump’s kids were all raised by their MOTHERS. But he took it as a compliment anyway because he’s needy like that.

    If not for that moment of civility, I believe they would have turned their backs on each other and gone separate ways.

  3. morganLf says:

    Toast. Done. Toast. As predicted wee Wlillie Bush who egged Trump on…toast. Man the crumbs are getting their own…pun intended.
    For anyone that didn’t understand the difference between ” locker room talk “and bragging about sexual/harassment assault and predatory behavior let’s break it down: Trump bragged to the tiny Willy Bush that his “celebrity” allowed him to touch and invade and behave in a predatory fashion. He just grabs them by their pussies an they let him! He then states he so attracted to beauty he just kisses them doesn’t even ask for permission.
    Then they evaluate a female outside the bus, and Trump takes a tic tac just in case…while Billy Bush the former presidents nephew attaboys the 59 year old on.
    Real men know you can’t grope women..regardless of your celebrity unless they allow it. Right Roger Ailes?
    The entire right wing ethos is based on a group of serially unattractive men who use power to get …trim. And it always undoes them.
    I mean, if I was groped by Bourdain or Clooney or any other attractive guy …I’d probably be complicit. But Cheeto boy? Hell to the nah.
    I was a Playboy Bunny in the 70’s I know a lot about presumptive celebrity behavior and a lot about avoiding unwanted attention and predatory managers while trying to keep your job. I failed I eventually got fired for throwing an ashtray at a customer.

    So Trump is just hanging on so he doesn’t have the most embarrassing loss in history. His simple 4th grade rhetoric to his base of xenophobic, racist, stoopids has not changed nor will they. He is the only candidate whose “words” they understand. His pathetic attempt to rally minorities has confused his base and fallen on deaf ears in the minority communities.
    And while he is so obsessed with Bill Clintons past who happens to not be running… can we seriously envision this…( his current 3rd wife) as First LADY… such grace like Jackie Kennedy, no?

  4. morganLf says:

    Oh and the sniffing. Howard Dean called it in the last debate. And I called it this time that’s a coke thing. He was definitely tweaking.

  5. catsworking says:

    OMG that’s Melania?! Yeah, we need that in the White House to be a role model for young girls everywhere. “You can grow up and strip down and attract a sugar daddy to grope you, but you’ll live like a queen until all his bankruptcies catch up with him.”

    Now that Trump feels totally “unshackled” to be as disgusting as he wants, we can watch his poll numbers sink as he digs himself under the biggest landslide since Reagan v. Mondale.

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