Post-Debate: Donald Trump’s One Chewed-Up Cheeto

By Adele

Hope you tuned in for the debate last night to see the beginning of the end of Donald Trump’s run for president.

He started out fairly calm, but with no teleprompter to keep him grounded, Hillary soon got under his hide like a cat burrowing into a warm blankie. That caused him to retreat to his comfort zone, which means interrupting, bragging, lying, repeating himself, and mostly keeping a safe distance from facts.

And sniffling and guzzling water. What was up with that? Does cocaine need a chaser? I couldn’t take my eyes off his nose, waiting for a bat to escape the cave and gross out Lester Holt. “Joe Blo” on YouTube kindly compiled Trump’s nose action…

Later, Trump nonsensically claimed his “defective microphone” was the culprit. How? Did he get confused and try to snort it?

His hapless running mate, Mike Pence, claimed today on CBS This Morning that he never noticed Trump’s labored breathing. Sure, the world began tweeting about it simultaneously last night because Trump WASN’T sniffling.

Another hilarious moment came when Trump said, “I don’t believe she does have the stamina. To be president of this country, you need tremendous stamina,” while hanging onto his podium for dear life with both hands. He used his podium to prop himself up through much of the debate, while Hillary stood under her own power.

Hillary did a masterful job of holding her ground, letting Trump’s monosyllabic grunts and rambling accusations roll right off. You knew from her smile that she was picturing some idiot child playing grownup in a suit and tie whenever she looked at him.

I stand by my prediction that Trump won’t do any more debates, and his BFF, Rudy Giuliani, agrees it’s a bad idea. Trump knows now that he’s incapable of doing the prep necessary to get the best of a policy wonk like Hillary. To beat her, he’d have to become things he’s not — reasonable, rational, and coherent — and sustain it for 90 minutes.

Here are two other analyses of the debate I agree with. Seth Meyers brought out some great points…

And so did Trevor Noah…

6 Responses to Post-Debate: Donald Trump’s One Chewed-Up Cheeto

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. MorganLF says:

    He tanked. Allowed himself to be led by the nose and not present policy any policy. Hillary said “you never paid government taxes for the Vets, the bridges, the military.”.. His response ..that makes me smart. No douche that makes you a tax-evading, loop hole loving, many bankruptcies having, wife cheating , 3 wife having lying bitch. Anyone who votes for Trump is more this stoopid…they are criminal.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Watching My President inVietnam with Tony. Dang that man like a fine Thorobred …

  4. catsworking says:

    And now he’s got the nerve to go around saying he WON the debate. And next time he’s going to bring up Bill’s impeachment and Monica, etc. Like that matters to anyone. I guess it’s easier than actually mastering some pertinent facts.

    On the other hand, if he won, he thinks he doesn’t need any prep for the next one and he’ll go into it just as cocky and clueless, and this time Hillary will be even more prepared to flatten him. One bad showing, OK, he was having bad night. But twice?

    If he actually shows up for a second debate, I’ll revise my prediction. There will be no third debate. He’ll declare everything’s been said and another match-up is unnecessary.

    I’m surprised that the Miss Universe he’s been constantly bashing all week hasn’t filed a defamation lawsuit against him. He really thinks he’s going to win the women’s vote by saying this girl was fat and had a bad attitude.

    But what amazes me is how he’s not getting called out on his consistent strategy of turning every negative about himself into one for Hillary. This week he said something like, “If she gets into the Oval Office, she’ll sell it.”

    REALLY, Mr. Real Estate Mogul??!! Who’s the one with the for-profit conglomerate with so many conflicts of interest with foreign policy, you’re terrified of anyone seeing your tax returns?

  5. morganLf says:

    And that cretinous Rudy Giuliani…who can’t make a statement without referencing 9/11..with his florid waving, lisping demeanor who shamed his wife Donna Hanover while banging his bad eye lift girlfriend Judith in the mayoral mansion then announced his split in the media without telling his wife. So this paragon of virtue is referring to the Monica Lewinsky episode? Let’s not forget Trump is a serial cheater and there was a famous hair pulling incident between his then side piece Marla Maples and his wife Ivana in Aspen. Again who is Trump to point a finger? Hillary didn’t cheat in office, so what does Bills past behavior have to do with HER candidacy? Splain that to me please.

  6. catsworking says:

    So true. Trump, Giuliani, and Gingrich have no right to speak on infidelity. I think Gingrich may be the only one who may balk at going there. Not that what Bill did decades ago matters. It’s become a big joke now because Clinton looks like a frail old man.

    In fact, they’re ALL geezers now. They just look silly talking about sex.

    I heard the next debate is town hall format, with regular people asking questions. Trump will get crushed on body language. In the Commander-in-Chief forum, he stayed plopped on his stool, while Hillary stood to address people directly. And she had pneumonia.

    And Trump’s going to have a hard time squeezing in accusations about Bill because nobody’s going to ask the question. He’ll have to go off on a tangent and it will look very mean and ugly and pointless. Just like his recent Miss Universe rants.

    Hillary’s probably got her fingers crossed that he tries it because it’s more likely to blow up in his face as sympathy for her.

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