Hillary is Her Own Worst Enemy

By Adele

Hillary will probably never explain why she blew her big chance to connect with voters on a human level by announcing she has pneumonia.

She was a bit raspy at the Intrepid forum last week, and she’s been coughing, but she blamed seasonal allergies. Then on Friday she learned the truth.

Nobody could blame her for catching pneumonia. She’s been courting jet lag zipping across time zones, shaking thousands of strangers’ hands, and basically running herself ragged.

All she had to do on Friday was call a press conference and announce she was canceling all public events for a few days to rest and recover. Perfectly reasonable and understandable.

But did she? No. She tried to soldier through it until she made it an issue by nearly collapsing at a 9/11 memorial service on Sunday.

And even then she didn’t come clean, but instead fed the press some BS about being overheated and dehydrated.

Why, Hillary, why? People want to like you. Trump’s a maniac. Why do you keep going shady and making it so hard?

Amazingly, Trump didn’t pounce, calling her Frail, Crooked Hillary, too weak to be president. Instead, he and his babbling she-devil, Kellyanne Conway, focused on Hillary’s secrecy.

Apparently, Conway made Trump understand it would look bad to kick Hillary while she’s down. But as soon as she’s back on her feet, you can bet your last treat Trump will be playing the health card until election day.

Trump is supposed to release results of his own recent health exam on Dr. Oz Thursday, Sept. 15. Trump consults only quacks in seemingly irrelevant specialties. First it was Harold Bornstein, the goofy gastroenterologist who released a ridiculous letter. Now it’s Oz, a cardiologist who had to answer to Congress for dispensing reams of bogus health advice on TV.

Makes me think Trump’s hiding something big. For starters, why does he look like a Cheeto on legs? Who would do that unless they couldn’t help it? He’s also clearly out of shape and overweight.

Stupidly, Hillary has leveled the playing field with Trump on hoarding personal information that voters have a right to know. The stakes for her in the debates are now that much higher.

They both make Libertarian Gary Johnson look more appealing, even if he does think Aleppo is an exotic cat.

5 Responses to Hillary is Her Own Worst Enemy

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


    On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 2:15 PM, “Cats Working” wrote:

    > catsworking posted: “By Adele Hillary will probably never explain why she > blew her big chance to connect with voters on a human level by announcing > she has pneumonia. She was a bit raspy at the Intrepid forum last week, and > she’s been coughing, but she blamed seasonal a” >

  2. Randi says:

    Trump better not play the health card on Hillary, he doesn’t look too healthy himself, he doesn’t get any exersize and he even admitted he ought to lose about 15 pounds. Still, he may not be able to contain himself, and we all know how low he can sink!
    When it comes to his tax returns, he is now backing off – I’m not surprised! Hopefully some jounalists will dig into it and get it all out in the open, and then he’ll be out of that race… hopefully! 😀

  3. catsworking says:

    Newsweek s supposed to be breaking a big story about Trump’s tangled web of business dealings, which will render almost anything he would do as president a conflict of interest.

    His foundation is being exposed as a total sham that helps nobody but Trump, whereas the Clnton Foundation has at least a readily provable record of life-saving charitable projects.

    I haven’t watched the Dr. Oz farce yet, but Trump is considered obese, with a BMI of 30, and he needs to lose at least 30 lbs.

    Oz did ask Trump what he sees when he looks in the mirror, and Trump replied, “A 35-year-old man.”

    Yeah, with an orange ferret on his head.

    His campaign has devolved into Trump taking whatever is said about him, sticking Hillary’s name on it, and parroting it back. He’s not even trying to make a case. He’s just regurgitating.

  4. Randi says:

    That Newsweek story will surely be interesting to read, although I suspect half the population already know what kind of business dealings Trump has been into. I wonder when some of the workers he exploited will come forward and tell us which working conditions/wages they got – that would be interesting, too.
    Now that he has admitted that Obama was indeed born in the US, I can’t wait to hear which charity he will give the $5 millions to that he promised. I didn’t hear any jounalists asking about that, yet.
    Trump is the worst ever candidate for President I can think of… Ozzy Osborne would probably do better.
    Michelle Obama gave another great speech today! She mentioned the word “decency” – a word Trump doesn’t know the meaning of!

  5. catsworking says:

    Randi, Trump’s lies, evasions, exaggerations, and breath-taking flip-flops are coming in such a torrent, nobody can deal with them. I’ve been staying up past midnight every night watching political show, obsessing over it. The network media is mostly abdicating its responsibility to present fact and call Trump out on every bullshit claim he makes. They are screwing the country and empowering his “basket of deplorables” by giving him a pass like he’s NOT a raving fucking lunatic who needs to be repelled.

    He should be getting denounced roundly and constantly every time he opens his mouth. And that also goes for his prime enabler, Ivanka.

    The other night he told Jimmy Fallon that he really doesn’t know anything about Putin and has no feelings one way or the other. Fallon didn’t question why, given such ignorance, Trump’s been engaging in the big bromance with Putin.

    Dr. Oz is in a class by himself for spinelessness. He should lose his license to practice medicine for letting Trump get away with the BS he presented about his health and Oz didn’t question. Trump made a total fool of Oz. More on that to come.

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