Donald Trump Reveals His Black, Black Soul

By Karen

I stayed up late many more nights than I intended, watching the Republican and Democratic national conventions. The RNC was a riveting train wreck of D-list nobodies and has-beens willing to glom onto the Donald, culminating in Trump’s meandering, boastful, fear-inspiring, fact-free acceptance speech.

As for the Democrats, I wish they had stuck to Michelle Obama’s strategy the first night, which was, never mention Trump by name. To do so is to feed the malignant tumor that’s smothering this election.

But on the DNC’s last night, before Hillary Clinton gave her acceptance speech, a grieving Muslim father named Khirz Khan, accompanied by his wife, ripped Trump a new one for his many anti-Muslim rants. The Khans’ son was a captain in the U.S. Army in Iraq who died to save his fellow soldiers during an attack.

Trump’s response was unthinkable. He played the victim card, claiming Khan had “viciously attacked” HIM, and then went after Khan’s wife, implying that Ghazala Khan hadn’t spoken at the convention because she’s oppressed.

Trump was butt-hurt because Khan hit a nerve saying that Trump “has sacrificed nothing and no one.” We’ve seen not even a whiff of military or public service in Trump’s whole family.

Trump responded to ABC’s George Stephenopoulos with: “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.”

The man is so blinded by his own sense of entitlement, he has no clue what a “sacrifice” is.

Hillary got a bump in the polls to be in the lead again, but how on earth is ANYBODY in this country still thinking Trump, a lunatic with delusions of persecution and the habit of blindly striking back against every perceived slight, is fit to govern a country?

In what’s become their new daily routine, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell weakly repudiated Trump’s latest bullshit. They seem blissfully unaware that the fence they straddle is picket, and that Trump will say whatever it takes to impale their balls on it. With glee.

John McCain, with his own re-election on the line, denounced Trump in no uncertain terms. For once.

Mr. Khan appeared on Meet the Press over the weekend and expounded a bit on the anti-Trump sentiments Hillary actually asked him to delete from his speech, as well as his belief that Trump’s reaction to it indicates that Trump is utterly lacking in empathy and has a “black soul.”

Trump has shown it to us himself. How much more proof does anyone need?

BONUS: For anyone undecided about Trump, this article in The New Yorker is required reading. It’s about Tony Schwartz, the man who really wrote Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal. (Yes, he did. Trump even put his name on the cover.)

8 Responses to Donald Trump Reveals His Black, Black Soul

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. Koda says:

    Yes, when I think he can’t sink any lower, he does. I don’t know how much clearer he can make it that he is totally clueless. He lives in a different world from the rest of us so how can anyone think he’d have the voters’ best interest at heart?

  3. catsworking says:

    Koda, it’s true. We just don’t know where the bottom is with this maniac. Yesterday he insulted a BABY at one of his rallies. Someone in the audience had a crying infant, and at first Trump went on and on about how it was all right, that he loves babies. In perfect earnestness.

    But the kid kept crying while Trump was talking and he finally said something like, “Somebody get that kid out of here!” and then claimed he was being sarcastic about liking crying babies. Bet the parents of that kid are loving Trump now.

    It was a re-do of the crap he pulled last week with Putin, begging him to hack into Hillary’s server and retrieve the deleted emails, then claiming it was sarcasm when everybody went bonkers.


    Mark my words, now that the judge he dissed for being Mexican has ruled that the suit against Trump University will NOT be thrown out, Trump will be saying the whole judicial system is “rigged” against him.

    Any time he doesn’t get his way, something was rigged. What a pathetic loser.

  4. morganLf says:

    So what I predicted that he was initially a deliberate spoiler for Hillary may be true. What I didn’t expect was that so many undereducated uninformed would take Trump seriously. After all to them his 3rd grade vocabulary and bully tactics remind them of home. I have been worried about a populist ( code for anarchy) movement that grew into a monster…and In turn created one.

    Trump never figured on this and his ego and frankly low wood from the adulation. He does not need a vocabulary…or the intellect to do anything more than capitalize on his fathers millions or collect foreign “models” code for well you know.

    Pictures of Melania the halting speech plagiarizer on the cover of the papers with her tits and ass hanging out…how can that ever be our First Lady? She’s an opportunist that married an aging orange small, stubby pee pee to live in gauche gold veneered splendor. As were the other 2 wives. Only this time he is projecting his insane, sleep deprived, skin head admiring, stupid Racist power mad desires on the poor woman.

    He’s toast. So inflamed by his populist xenophobic, stoopid, supporters that even Newt can’t reel him in. He in his simple mind is infallible in spite of lack of policy and openly racist statements meant to build his cred with the stoopids and there are a lot out there.

    So what’s our job?? Vote dammit vote. JUst vote. It’s the Supreme Court were talking about.

  5. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I’m so glad to see the polls trending in Hillary’s favor. Almost as ridiculous as Trump as president is Melania as first lady. We’ve got nude photos of her. She’s lied about her education. She may be here under fraudulent immigration. And she plagiarized Michelle Obama. As a couple, they are the epitome of what this country is NOT. They should both be deported.

    Just saw a feed on MSNBC saying Trump’s casino in Atlantic City will close after Labor Day and lose 3,000 jobs. Will be fun to watch how the consummate liar spins that.

    Both Trump sons just left the country to go hunting as the big questions are being raised about Dad’s sanity. Very telling. They leave Ivanka alone to have her child-bearing hips massaged by Daddy.

  6. morganLf says:

    And the groveling fat NJ governor..Christie has attached himself to this unhinged maniac. Remember when he was the Republican Party darling I called him out years ago. Groveling sycophant..big business panderer…political toast. Corey Booker tho…

  7. catsworking says:

    Morgan, it must be very gratifying to the suffering people of New Jersey to see Christie become Trump roadkill, lying in a ditch all alone and forgotten by his beloved Donald while he slowly bleeds out from the self-inflicted gash across his throat.

    In all the talk about the GOP possibly persuading Trump to step aside in favor of someone sane, a lot of names are popping up, but I haven’t seen Christie mentioned once.

    I doubt that Trump would ever agree to drop out of the race because his addiction to the attention is all-consuming, and when he loses he’ll be able to go to his grave saying the election was rigged. But I think all the Republicans who continued to support Trump even while he threw verbal feces in their faces (McCain, Ryan, et al) will have to live with the disgusting stench Trump will leave forever on their political careers.

  8. morganLf says:

    Amen the Republican are a disgrace for not cutting this fraud from their ” Magic Christian ” ranks.

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