Trump Exploits Orlando Massacre for Political Points

By Karen

Unfortunately, it’s taken the worst mass shooting yet, 49 victims dead, 53 wounded in Orlando, to show us how Trump as president would respond to a crisis.

First, he took to Twitter to bask in congratulations for “being right” about Muslims, whom he wants to ban from entering the country. For those already here, it was remarkable that he didn’t float the idea of death camps.

Then he demanded that Obama resign for refusing to call the Orlando LGBT massacre “radical Islamic terrorism,” and even suggested that Obama was somehow in on it, or condoned it.

This morning on CBS This Morning, without actually using the word (the sin he so quickly pins on everyone else), Trump essentially called for establishment of an American Gestapo — “intelligence-gathering like never before.” (If you click this link, keep listening after Trump to hear Hillary’s response. Quite a contrast.)

And then on CNN he blamed the victims themselves, claiming they could have avoided being killed had they been armed. As if that’s ever saved anybody in any previous massacre.

Basically, Trump compiled every stupid conservative comeback to a mass shooting to create his own personal “greatest hits” mix of ignorant platitudes.

By hanging on his every eruption of verbal vomit, the media has enabled Trump to eclipse this tragedy and make it all about himself.

Shame on the media. If ever there was a time to pull the plug on a dangerous maniac, this is it. And I’m not talking about the shooter.

Trump is calling for even more guns and predicting more and worse violence. He’s doing everything but issue engraved invitations to the gun-loving bottom-feeders who worship him to kick the carnage up a notch — by implying it’s open season on anyone who might look like a terrorist.

Congress must admit that NOBODY outside the military needs to own an AK-anything and start taking steps to eliminate them. The Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee anyone’s right to bear assault weapons. Enough’s enough.

5 Responses to Trump Exploits Orlando Massacre for Political Points

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:


  2. Mary Austin Hunter says:

    Well said. They need to quit reporting on him so much. What must the rest of the world think?

  3. catsworking says:

    I think it was yesterday that I thought I caught a snippet on CBS This Morning where Charlie Rose may have asked some expert if Trump is getting too much coverage. I was in the other room and missed the exchange.

    As Trump’s rants become increasingly out of touch with reality, I should think those who consider themselves serious journalists would be rethinking how much exposure they give him. In fact, I feel like I’m seeing more paraphrasing of what Trump says and less face time on news shows this week. That may be wishful thinking.

    An ignorant jerk may be running for president, but he jumps the shark when his hateful, uninformed ravings become a threat to foreign relations and national security. I would have no problem if they pulled the plug on his mic.

  4. Cynthia Del Buono says:

    Bravo Karen. Can you copyright, “verbal vomit”? Or is that like, “you’re fired”, and not possible? Just when you think he has said everything offensive, he comes up with more and more. He’s got a knack for insults, I’ll give him that.
    I find what happened in Orlando so heartbreaking, that I cannot be anything but solemn for those families. Trump’s answer, arm everybody! Will he be making an appearance while everyone is shooting their guns like the Wild West, and we all know what happened there.
    Does anyone remember the movie, Dr. Strangelove, when Slim Pickens rides the nuclear bomb to the target hooting and hollering? That’s what I envision a Donald Trump presidency being.
    Please vote responsibly. My 2 year old grandson is counting on us.

  5. catsworking says:

    Cindy, I find it the height of irony that Trump calls for everybody to be armed and respond to shooters with their own shooting. Imagine gunfire starting at a Trump rally. Do you think that jerk would calmy whip out his own piece and take out the shooter with deadly accuracy? (That is, if his tiny fingers could reach the trigger.) Hell, no. He’d crouch behind the podium whimpering like a little girl and let his goons take the bullets meant for him.

    It’s so easy to talk tough when you’ve never actually experienced mass carnage and terror. And you’re 100% right about a Trump presidency looking EXACTLY like Pickens riding the bomb in Strangelove!

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