The GOP Has Trumped Itself

By Karen

Paul Ryan abandoned integrity and decency when he caved to Donald Trump’s candidacy, losing the right to denounce any new outrage that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Trump has been vile since the very beginning, yet Republicans endorsed him anyway. What leverage do they have now to change him? None.

If Ryan, McConnell & Co. are willing to seize control of the White House using a nut job who hides his baldness under a ginger ferret and wears the rust from his own mental disintegration on his face, they will sink the GOP beyond redemption.

Under a President Trump, we might see mass deportations and internment camps (à la the Japanese during World War II) for anybody he finds offensive — Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, women, journalists, judges, fellow Republicans who oppose him. The world will be forced to live under the threat of nuclear war because he thinks the U.S. needs to lead by being more unpredictable.

Our legislative and judicial branches of government will have to devote themselves to keeping Trump from destroying the world. They’ll recall their years of relentless Obama obstructionism as the Gentle Times. Trump will use the presidency only to stroke his ego, while his supporters and the rest of us watch the country fall apart from his neglect.

It’s astounding that anybody can listen to Trump for five minutes and not see a tyrant in the making. No other presidential candidate in history has ever campaigned on a constant barrage of taunts and threats against everyone who crosses his field of vision.

I believe we’re seeing a man who stands on the brink of full-fledged dementia, and his staffers are keeping silent out of sheer terror. But if he loses, the truth will come out before Hillary’s inauguration.

Trump is the worst sort of mentally unstable, narcissistic opportunist, appealing to the worst in those he maniacally thinks will constitute a majority he can exploit. His followers are desperate for a messiah; they’re not picky about who it is. Every time Trump pulls off another unspeakable, hateful diatribe without facing any real consequences, they’re more convinced he’s larger than life. And if they help him get what he wants, he’ll eat their souls for breakfast and pick his teeth with their bones.

Trump is a wannabe despot who aspires to degrade, deport, torture, and nuke as many people as he can in his impossible quest to satisfy his insatiable insecurity. Behind all his bluster, he’s the ultimate no-class loser.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to make America great again. He wants to make America, and the world, his bitch — just to prove to himself that he’s man enough to do it.

12 Responses to The GOP Has Trumped Itself

  1. Francis Alan Wormald says:

    HEAVIEST YET!! But sadly quite on… I do not fully know what to make of our society as a whole..HEAVEN help “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” what have “THEY” wrought????

  2. catsworking says:

    I was just reading an article about how Trump acted more presidential yesterday, using teleprompters and everything. But the cat’s out of the bag already. We’ve seen the real Trump and it isn’t pretty (not even counting the weird hair and orange skin).

    Now his handlers are going to try to get his kids to take turns traveling with him to keep him in line. Rotsa ruck with that. They’ll have to take away his cellphone at bedtime to keep him from sending out nocturnal douche-tweets to make up for all the shit he wasn’t allowed to spew during the day.

  3. Shelley says:

    So, he’s Bond villain. Right?

  4. catsworking says:

    I’d place him more in a Godzilla movie, maybe Mothra?, because it would be so satisfying to see him lose to Godzilla in a smack-down.

  5. MorganLF says:

    In Plato’s republic there is a definition of a tyrant to paraphrase, he is weak, scared, angry and subject to the attentions of sycophants. The man rarely sleeps, tweets inappropriately, sues anyone who “offends” him is a failed businessman has no true credibility and can’t string an articulate sentence together.
    He is not a republican but a carefully constructed populist demagogue.Thus inviting openly the racists, gun nuts, states rights idiots to his cause. He is as stoopid as Reagan who in1980 was a less abrasive but just as bigoted candidate. Reagan was anti women’s rights and pulled nonsense facts out of his ass. His voodoo trickle down economics put us on the brink of a financial meltdown…ummm google it. So there is a precedent for a stoopid to get elected. Trump is really a democrat but his megalomania makes him say things that skin heads and stoopids think are fresh and new so he will revitalize the vote of the ones that hate a ” nigra” in the Whitehouse.
    We have ONE JOB MAKE EVERYONE VOTE IT IS AN IMPERATIVE!!! Hillary has the best advisor possible on her team. Remember ? Bill fiscal hawk, balanced the budget with over 500 billion to spare? A true moderate who kept us out of full scale war in Kosovo yet under the wire attacked al quaeda nests in Somalia? He sacrificed only a few American lives in these efforts under the radar. GW BUSH and his full scale intervention in Irag killed and wounded thousands of Americans and gave Islamist extremists a great. recruiting tool.

  6. MorganLF says:

    500 billion was a typo…the figure is debatable but in the billions.

  7. Mary Austin Hunter says:

    Karen, I could not agree with you more. From the very beginning, I remember telling people he has to have early onset dementia. Nothing else can explain it.

  8. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Mary. You’re the first person to agree with me that something is terribly awry with his cognition. I saw a few minutes of him this morning, on the heels of knowing that he’ll be facing Hillary in November, and he was still spouting the same disjointed, resentful, factless jibberish, saying he doesn’t need to raise money for the GOP because he gets all the free press he wants.

    I’d like to see the media stop covering him 24/7 like a never-ending circus and start reporting on an election where each candidate gets equal time.

    Then the question becomes: If Trump spouts misogynistic bigotry in a room without TV cameras and mics, has he really said anything?

    Morgan, it sounds as if you read the excellent article in New York Magazine, which eerily lays out how history repeats itself. It’s long, but I recommend it:

    Trump routinely makes the worst that George W. or Reagan ever said pale in comparison. Bush and Reagan came across as somewhat likable nitwits, albeit with odious ideas. Trump exudes a calculating Cheney-like evil, but he takes it one step further by proclaiming himself personally the world’s savior with every other breath. Even Cheney didn’t take it that far.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Yes I read it, and it resonated and scared me.

  10. Morganlf says:

    Sorry to say this hideous murder spree by an indoctrinated radical religious Muslim wannabe will put Trump over the top. The radical Islamic are unable to be contained, because they are illogical. They are not being contained by their own. The movement is steered by the unschooled and unread IQ average 74. Roughly the same as Trump.
    Armageddon is on us. Trump will crash the markets entangle us in a war with no borders …Iraq was a mistake trump will make it worse.
    I am sad.

  11. catsworking says:

    My hope is that Trump’s mouth will do him in. As his insane rhetoric escalates, there’s got to be SOMEBODY in the media who refuses to continue giving him a platform, which would cause a cascade effect.

    It was fine as entertainment when it didn’t look like he’d have a snowball’s chance, but now that he actually has the potential to destroy this country, with backing from sheeple Republicans who would rather see Armageddon than a Democrat win, it’s time for decent people to put a stop to him. Otherwise, we’re as bad as the Germans who turned a blind eye to Hitler’s atrocities.

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